Best 21 Starseed Books You MUST Read In 2024

Are you seeking starseed books to progress in your starseed journey? 

Do you have the desire to find out as much as possible about starseeds but don’t know what sources to research?

Are you an avid reader who is searching for the perfect books to indulge in?

If you’ve answered positively to any of these questions, then you’re ready to dive into the best starseed books that you need to check out.

Finding the ideal starseed books to get valuable information from is essential to developing your understanding of yourself as a starseed.

At the moment, there are numerous books written by people who are incredibly gifted in the knowledge of starseeds, including some starseeds themselves.

As hard as it may be to find the perfect book, there are so many starseed books that were published with the hope of helping you along your starseed journey.

So sit back and get ready to explore the world of starseeds as we unwrap the best books written on the topic!

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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Starseed Books in 2022

Why should you read starseed books? 

Reading books about starseeds is the best way to stay informed and receive guidance as a starseed who is just beginning on their journey.

These books are packed with valuable insight, messages, and revelations that are essential to tap into as a starseed.

What is the spiritual meaning of a starseed?

A starseed is usually an old soul who is very spiritually aware.

They come from various solar systems or star constellations outside of Earth.

These souls have incarnated in other star systems incarnating on Earth at various times.

If you’d like to know whether you’re an old soul, be sure to look at this blog post on 50 clear signs you are an old soul. 

The children of starseeds are known as the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, who have incarnated fewer times.

This doesn’t mean that they are newer souls than starseeds, but just that they’ve incarnated on Earth fewer times.

What is the purpose of a starseed?

A starseed’s mission is to be sent back to Earth to raise the world’s vibration so that it turns into “heaven on Earth.”

As such, starseeds may embody spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience.

They can also usually read minds, feel others’ emotions or predict future events.

If you’re unsure about what kind of starseed you are,  be sure to check out this webinar entitled “Which Starseed am I?” to find out the exact type of starseed associated with your specific traits and purpose. 

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Best 21 Starseed Books You Must Read in 2022

#1 Dear Universe by Sarah Prout

dear universe book

This is one of the best starseed books to read when you are feeling strong emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

It consists of 200 mini-meditations and manifestations that aid you in letting go of negative energy and increasing positive thoughts and vibrations.

The author mentions 100 negative feelings and 100 positive feelings that humans usually tend to have, and gives you personal stories of how she experienced and dealt with them herself.

She compliments every story with a mini affirmation that helps you raise your vibration, which is essential to your role as a starseed in shifting the energy of the planet into a higher one.

#2 You Can Heal Your Life Louise L Hay

you can heal your life book

This is an amazing book that helps you turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

Filled with self-help exercises and half-affirmations, the book helps you attract the energy that aligns with your wishes, such as physical illnesses or diseases. 

If you’d like to practice more positive affirmations, feel free to look through this blog post on 100 confidence-boosting affirmations. 

The author states that physical illnesses tend to be formed by negative thoughts.

By abandoning negative thoughts, we allow ourselves to love ourselves in all the ways that we deserve.

As a starseed, one of your desires is to adopt a healthy thought stream, and this book is the ideal one to read for that.

woman reading one of starseed books

#3 Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

light is the new black book

What is so memorable about this book is that the author portrays a number of letters and affirmations that help you pinpoint your soul’s mission.

As a starseed, you are opened to the realization of what you are meant to do on this planet.

The book aids you in combatting all the pain, sadness, and loss that can be felt throughout our world and instead focus on your actual purpose and why you are here.

#4 Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell

letters to a starseed book

In the pages of this book is your actual potential as a starseed, filled with various messages that allow you to enter a high vibration.

As you start to feel a part of a much bigger starseed community, this book provides you with the comfort and guidance you will seek.

#5 Warrior of Light by Paulo Coehlo

warrior of light

This work is an excellent reminder that tells us who we are as a starseed or Warrior of Light.

Each passage in it encourages you to realize your dreams, appreciate all the blessings and challenges of life, and craft the destiny we know we were born to experience.

#6 Enneagram Life by Elisabeth Bennett

enneagram life book

The unique aspect of this book is that it portrays an explanation of each enneagram that helps you comprehend your own enneagram type, how you can handle various situations, and your strengths and weaknesses.

This information is essential as understanding and controlling your emotions is vital as a starseed.

#7 Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

animal speak book

This starseed book is great to have when you dream of animals as you can search for that specific animal in them. 

As a starseed, you may be curious to find out about the animal’s history, meanings and symbolism. 

It also highlights messages they bring along which are meant to encourage you to abandon old habits and implement positive changes.

#8 We The Arcturians by Norma J. Milanovich

we the arcturians book

In this book, the author introduces us to the enlightening messages given by the Arcturians. 

We are reminded that we are a part of a bigger force that is seeking to reconnect with the Divine, or the “Great Central Sun” as they call it.

As a starseed and multidimensional soul, you’ll find more support and a deeper meaning behind spiritual practices such as meditation and a healthy diet.

If you’re curious about whether you are an Arcturian starseed, make sure to check out this blog post on 11 signs, mission, and appearance of Arcturian starseeds. 

#9 Great Human Potential by Tom Kenyon

the great human potential book

In this book, Earth indicates an experimental place where humans are undergoing an ascension of the soul.

Inside it, you’ll find valuable details as to the vibrational level you aim to reach, inspiring you to unearth your highest potential.

starseed facing the galaxy

#10 The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call For Humanity by Patricia Cori

the cosmos of soul book

This work attempts to help you understand war, disease, and other dark aspects of the world we are in.

The way to combat these, as the author suggests, is to tune into the more meaningful qualities of our life.

Using her psychic links with more evolved beings, the author delivers a better understanding of crucial yet controversial topics. 

Topics of interest include cloning, the Internet, genetic engineering, and various galactic events, all of which is valuable information you can acquire as a starseed.

#11 The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll

the twelve layers of dna book

Get ready to delve deep into the world of quantum physics and DNA.

This book provides fascinating insights into the possibility that our DNA is more than just coded DNA, as shown by studies made by the Human Genome Project.

The author asks the question of whether or not it is possible for our DNA to be mostly quantum instructions, and the content we should expect to find in those instructions that contain over 2.7 billion chemicals per strand.

The book goes so far as to say that the whole Akashic records may be stored in our DNA. 

starseeds stargazing at night sky

#12 The Beginner’s Guide to Starseeds by Whitney Jefferson Evans

the beginner's guide to starseeds book

Indulge in this book to discover the origin of starseeds as spiritually aware souls who have strong psychic abilities and are driven to help the Earth heal and advance.

It takes you into the world of starseeds and uncovers where they originate from, their natural skills, and their spiritual gifts. You also get to find out if you are a starseed yourself!

For a more detailed guide to help you discover if you are a starseed and what to do if you are one, make sure to read this blog post on 50 clear starseed signs.  

#13 Beings of Light by Shannon O’Hara

beings of light book

As a starseed seeking to understand their journey better, you can treat this book as a meditation that lets beings of light enter your life as you become more aware of entities existing within a higher vibrational plane.

#14 The Ascension Manual – Part Two by Caroline Oceana Ryan

the ascension manual part two book

This is one of the most comprehensive starseed books that act as a trusted guide to accessing your highest self. 

The book teaches you how to abandon your worries, place faith in the Universe, tap into abundant energy, and let go of feeling responsible for all the problems being faced by the world.

Overall, it allows us to let go of trying to be in control of everything and instead flow with the magic of nature.

#15 Awakening Starseeds by Radhaa Nilia 

awakening starseeds book

This book chronicles the changes that are taking place in our world today, and how we can take a collective step that will foster humanity’s advancement and shift in consciousness.

It aims to help starseeds still stuck in darkness to reach the light and find their soul family.

It is filled with vulnerable experiences that depict the real-life stories of authors who recognize they are on the way to reshaping old belief systems.

With strength and encouragement, these authors expose their inner weaknesses as they signify that the only way to heal the planet is by first healing oneself.

If you’re curious about how you can unleash your soul’s purpose, you can try out this free personalized numerology report to explore the deeper meaning of your life’s events. 

starseed contemplating

#16 Extraterrestrial Life – Galactic Humans by Jefferson Viscardi and Rob Gauthier 

extraterrestrial life galactic humans book

The story traces Viscardi, a meditator and student of the Monroe Society’s OBE (Out of Body Experience) technology. 

While he meditates, he manages to create contact with multiple extra-terrestrial beings.

Throughout his interactions with these beings, Viscardi comes across fascinating discoveries such as a planet that only has men (who are genetically engineered and cloned). 

On this other planet, money, crime, government, religion, and other institutions are completely abolished. 

This leaves much room for speculation as a starseed who dreams of helping encourage a more spiritually advanced society.

#17 Ocean of Love by Patricia Grootjans

ocean of love book

This work dives into the world of what lies beyond life and consciousness, between life and death.

It begs the question of whether it’s possible to become one with everything else without having a near-death experience.

You are also invited to see how healing sessions can lead you to tap into collective energy, Source, and Love. 

#18 The Lost Lands by Lucy Cavendish

the lost lands book

Add this book to your to-be-read list if you are a fan of soul adventures.

You can travel through time and space and access the planet’s most mysterious and inspiring lands.

Some of the explorations to be made are the connections between different realms and energies. 

The book uncovers ascended masters, dolphins, whales, mermaids, elementals, Lost Land sacred sites, ley lines, and energy vortexes.

You’ll also make a wonderful discovery of where you come from in the galaxy and learn how to find which land you connect with the most.

mythology as presented in starseed books

#19 You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up by Elizabeth April

you're not dying book

All spiritually aware people should read this book, as it invites them to explore humanity’s entry into the age of Aquarius.

As a starseed, you are called on to progress in your awakening journey, as you grasp your inner purpose much more profoundly. 

If you are looking for ways to advance in your soul journey, check out this free moon reading to understand what stage your soul is at and unlock new opportunities at this moment in your life. 

#20 Opening to Light Language by Jamye Price

opening to light language book

The world is constantly evolving, and so are humanity’s natural gifts of intuition and spiritual growth.

This book makes a case for Light Language, a method by which you can tune into meaningful, conceptual, and unifying language.

This can help you increase your healing and accentuates your understanding of the unconditional love that exists within you.

More than allowing you access to the Language of Light, this book helps you learn how to speak it as a starseed.

When reading it, you learn to expand your multidimensional self and connect with your higher self, using the latest scientific theories to nurture your mind and heart.

#21 The Starseed Dialogues by Patricia Cori 

the starseed dialogues book

The author uses this book to address how life on Earth would change after 2012, including what would happen to humans as a collective during ascension.

Many questions about the ascension process are answered, and there is a solid connection created between humans’ evolving DNA.

The inner world of Agharta, and the changes in Earth and human consciousness are also discussed. 

The book also mentions the importance of visiting sacred regions such as Stonehenge in order to perceive celestial signs.

Ultimately, we are told not to be afraid of the future, and that we are experiencing a grand shift toward joy and clarity. 

starry night sky


What are some physical characteristics of starseeds?

Starseeds tend to come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them may preserve a few starseed traits as human beings, such as large eyes, longer necks, and more angelic looks, yet nothing that is too distinctive.

What are some starseed awakening symptoms?

Some of the strongest symptoms of awakening as a starseed are that you feel like you don’t belong on Earth. You feel that you originate from another part of the universe, and feel very intuitive when it comes to people or situations.

What are starseed birthmarks?

Starseed birthmarks (or Starseed markings) are body characteristics in celestial birth charts. These indicate astronomical bodies such as the sun, moon, stars, and any planets you can see.


Starseeds carry an essential role in encouraging the advancement of humanity.

When reading these starseed books, you are able to gain crucial insight into the origins and purpose of starseeds, as well as guidance on how to progress in your starseed awakening journey.

These starseed books give you the opportunity to learn more about who you are.

They are very important to read as they help guide you through your mission as a starseed.

All in all, these starseed books will make you feel more seen and accepted as a starseed, as they raise your vibration followed by the rest of the world.

They guarantee you that your existence as a starseed on Earth is not by coincidence. 

You were sent here to help people uncover the truth and tap into their full potential as they abandon any negative or self-limiting beliefs.

If you’re curious about the characteristics of a specific starseed, have a read at these starseed signs articles below to see which type of starseed you connect with the most:

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Are You An Andromedan Starseed?

Have you read any of these starseed books? Let me know in the comments!


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