Are You An Andromedan Starseed? 10 Signs, Mission & Appearance

“I love Andromedans, you are deeply wise, but very measured. So there are nothing egotistical about you whatsoever. You just want what’s the best for the planet. And that’s actually why you came in. You heard the call of Earth needing help. You came here as galactic volunteers. Literally Avengers.”

– Beti Kotevski

My life changed when I found out I was an Andromedan starseed.

It explained so much about why I’ve always felt different from people around me. 

I would love for you to have the same aha moment, that’s why I wrote this article.

When you have read this article you will have an answer to the question:

Am I an Andromedan starseed and why am I on Earth?

andromedan starseed meaning

Andromeda and The Andromedan Starseed

What is a starseed?

A starseed is a highly advanced and gifted soul who are incarnated into a human body, but whose spirit originate from another planet, star system or Universe.

They choose to come to Earth to help humanity and Earth in some way.

Starseeds, also called star people, are old souls that have lived many lives, and often have a big mission on Earth.

If you want to know if you are a starseed, check out my 50 Starseed Signs post here.

Before we jump into the signs, here is my starseed story, and how I found out my soul origin is in Andromeda:

Who are the Andromedans?

“Andromedans are Beings of Light who are dedicated to bringing new technologies and holistic forms of healing to the whole Universe. They also strive to assist other star-nations to live in pease and unity. “

– Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Starseed Guide by Eva Marquez

Our planet is going through a transition period now, from a third dimensional planet to fifth dimensional.

It’s a big moment in our Universe’s history. Mother Gaia needed help and a call was sent out.

Souls from all over the Universe signed up, by incarnating on Earth in a human body to help humanity through this transition.

Including our neighbouring galaxy Andromeda. This spiral-shaped galaxy that you can find in the Northern sky, is around 2.5 million light years away.

It’s a very diverse galaxy and is the home of not only Andromedans, but also Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans and the intelligent Silver Dolphins.

Andromedans exceed in many areas, but especially in science and as healers of the body.

The Andromedans are a beautiful, heart-centred race and most are 12th dimensional.

Yet, when they incarnate on Earth, they become 3rd dimensional, just like everyone else.

Andromeda is watching us.

The Andromedans believe starseeds and their work is very important, because what happens on Earth impacts other galaxies.

Andromedan Starseed Traits

Without further ado, here are signs of an Andromedan Starseed:

  • You have a good balance between your masculine and feminine energy

We all have both the Masculine and Feminine energy inside us, but for most people on Earth, there is an imbalance.

For example, if you are a man and are in touch with your emotional side, that is a sign you have a good balance between the energies.

The reason why Andromedan starseeds usually have a good balance is that many are 12th dimensional, and when a soul have ascended that high they have an androgynous energy.

If you want to learn more about your specific energy, it’s worth looking into your moon sign – I recommend this free moon sign reading

signs of andromedan starseed

  • You crave freedom

Freedom is something you value a lot in life.

Spending your days in a cubicle, working for somebody else makes you feel trapped, and you feel probably called to start your own business.

You are not a big fan of the government and how the government is set up.

You believe most governments are corrupt and that it’s better to give citizens the freedom to choose how to live themselves.

You don’t think anyone should have to pay high taxes and you try to minimize your tax bills as much as possible.

Because you value freedom so much you might have been moving around a lot, changed friends and switched partners a lot in the past.

However, as you ascend you stop moving and going from partner to partner, since you realize true freedom comes from WITHIN, and settle down.

girl laying down on grass

  • You appear confident but may struggle with self-love

Just like Pleiadian starseeds, you may be struggling with self-worth issues.

You appear confident to the outside world, but you might struggle with self-love.

You might be afraid that nobody cares what you have to say, so you are scared of speaking up.

However, as you continue on your spiritual path you eventually overcome this and step into your full power.

  • You are strongly connected to nature and water

You are one of those people who could never live in a land-locked country (unless it was full of lakes).

You also love dolphins and other ocean animals, as it reminds you of your home world, which is mostly covered in water.

It is therefore a good habit for Andromedan starseeds to listen to the sounds of nature and dolphins, meditate with ocean sounds and visit the beach and nature to revive your energy.

girl looking over a lake

  • You love travelling

The reason why Andromedan starseeds love travelling is because they love freedom and because it reminds them of being back on their spaceship, travelling at the speed of light.

Many Andromedan starseeds are long-term travellers and nomads.

Both me and my twin flame are nomads, that’s actually why we ended up meeting each other in Spain.

We have always loved travelling, and felt restless when staying in a place for too long.

  • You are an innate teacher and guide

You are good at inspiring others and are deeply wise.

Galaxies are of different ages and Andromeda is one of the oldest. They are therefore very wise and want to share that.

You love reading and learning new things, and you constantly want to grow and improve in every area of your life.

You might have heard that the Pleiadians are our future selves visiting us. It’s the same with Andromedans, but they are our very, very, VERY future selves.

  • You are both creative AND logical

Just like Pleiadian and Sirian starseeds, you are highly creative and always full of ideas.

You are drawn to acting, writing, and other creative work where you can express yourself freely.

You are good at decorating and combining colours.

However, Andromedans are not only creative but also masters of science.

This is why you as an Andromedan starseed also is very also analytical.

This combination means you have a good balance between the left and right brain. This is a very rare but good thing, and very much needed today.

  • You are drawn to ancient civilizations

You are drawn to one or more ancient cultures, such ad Ancient Egypt, Atlanits and Sumeria.

You might feel called to travel to spiritual destinations with high energy, such as Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

You probably have watched documentaries and read books about the topics.

The reason why you feel drawn to these places is because you might have previous lives in these civilizations.

It is actually speculated that the winged humans in Sumeria, depicted in reliefs and statues, were Andromedans.

My spiritual awakening actually started when a colleague introduced me to the book Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.

I ended up travelling to the places mentioned in the book, like the Nasca Lines and Tiwanaku in Bolivia.

andromedans and Egypt

  • You are not egoistic

You are not the type of person who have a need to manipulate or control people.

You just want to be of service and wants what’s best for humanity and Earth.

If you are (or in the future become) a public figure, the fame would not easily get to your head.

Andromedans are extremely union consciousness-oriented, much more so than other races, and that’s because it’s so far away from other places (=no enemies and conflicts). So they are very spiritual and loving without much ego.

My star family actually told me I have too little ego, and should be proud of being a starseed and my gifts.

“You don’t have to go around bragging to everyone that you are a starseed, but just have that inner knowing and confidenct that you are special, talented and have an important mission on Earth.”

  • You feel tempted to live off-grid

Sometimes you feel it’s really frustrating living on Earth.

Most people around you seem brainwashed by the media and blind to what is actually happening on the planet.

The reason why Earth life is extra difficult for Andromedan starseeds is because Andromedans are the Reptilians worst enemies.

So to live on a planet that is literally ruled and enslaved by Reptilians is very frustrating to Andromedan souls.

The worst is when people are silenced for speaking the truth, and warning people about the dangers of 5G technology, vaccines etc.

Just like Lyran starseeds, you HATE authority, and sometimes you just want to break out from the system, and live off-grid.

Perhaps as a nomad or in the mountains or countryside, growing your own food.

Me and my Andromedan twin flame have had this thought many times, to move into a tiny house free from social media and tech.

But we never end up doing it, as we also know that it would be very difficult to influence and guide people without these technologies.


How many Andromedan starseeds can be found on Earth?

There are around 800 000 Andromedan starseeds on Earth, making it one of the more rare races. In comparison, there are MILLIONS of pleiadian starseeds incarnated on Earth right now.

What is the Andromedan starseed purpose?

The mission of Andromedan starseeds on Earth is to finally bring peace to Earth, so it’s no longer enslaved by the reptilians.

The exact mission varies from starseed to starseed, but usually it’s some sort of guiding or science mission.

In a channeling I was told that my mission is to be a guidance counselor for humanity, and combine creativity, wisdom and knowledge. I suspect many Andromedans have a similar mission.

To learn more about your mission, I recommend this free numerology reading.

How do Andromedan starseeds look like?

There is no set Andromedan starseed appearance, but most Andromedan starseeds have an oval-shaped face with a thoughtful look on their face.

Many Andromedans starseeds are thin and have a hard time putting on weight.

They are not afraid to stand out. This is not true for all Andromedan starseeds, but for many.

They are a bit rebellious and this if often reflected in their style. For example, my twin flame has his body covered in tattoos.

This being said, there is no sure fire way of looking at somebody and knowing that they are an Andromedan starseed. Just like any starseed, physical appearance can vary.

andromedan starseed appearance


Being an Andromedan starseed on a reptilian-ruled planet like Earth can be frustrating at time, but we are in very exciting times now.

The negative forces are loosing their grip as more and more starseeds are stepping into their purpose and sharing their light.

Andromedans are a very loving, wise and beautiful star race, and the Andromedan starseeds play an important role on Earth.

Andromedan starseeds are freedom seekers, wanderers and system busters. What many people would consider heroes – but still they don’t have much of an ego and just want to be of help.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most. If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you think you are an Andromedan starseed? I would love to hear in the comments!


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  1. ariana

    This article brought me so much joy it made so much sense while reading this thank you so much !

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear that! 🙂

      1. ali

        i’m having my starseed awakening and i feel mad and so much traumas in me and i knew that something was going on my whole life and why i got through that shif but like i’m having hard time my country sucks everybody here also they’re so low even my mom is a starseed and the doctors said she is schizophrenic and i thought i was like here when i first start changing before i knew suddenly and idk how but something made me watch a video and everything starts changing and a bird came to my house and visited me and all my psychics starts to come out i’m 20 years old and my dad died at 9 years old i was raised like shit in an indoorm school which i used to cry alot and used to crave for freedom just like now and even when i was with the best people in my life i still can feel their shitty emotions cz i’m also a heyoka empath i know i’m extremely gifted but what can i do with my gifts when everybody is oppositely gifted ????????????‍♀️ and yes i’m laughing because i feel like if i died and never made my dream come true at least i knew some truth ???? and thank you for your page that made me know and yes i’m not depressed i’m so strong it’s just that i’m super bored i got dreams in my mind just my environment don’t support but it destroys the dream so yeah let me laugh until mericals happen if you can help me with some guidance so i can at least know how to master my energies and emotion so i can know which are coming from ego and which intuition because im having an ego death and healing from traumas and crown is opening i can really feel the pressure and there are chackras above the crown like i can know that i’m literally when i’m focusing on the moment with my powers i can know things before they happen for like 2 days later it’s just insane but i’m just less than a beginner soo help ????????

        1. Julia Lundin

          Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you’re going through quite an intense awakening, wow! Meditation and grounding (being barefoot in the grass, salt baths etc) will help a lot. I can also highly recommend you see a starseed healer. I go to Beti Kotevski, you can find her online. She can also tell you information about past lives and a general idea of your starseed mission. Best of luck!

          1. Christine

            I will do a report to “Confirm” that I am Andromedan, but, I’m Andromedan ! 😂 I am interested in what other races I have incarnated as, and will do a Starseed activation soon. My awakening has been gradual, so no crying “ah hah” moment, just confirming what I have always known. So happy though to get to this point where we are connecting and getting down to our missions ! Love and light to you all !

            1. Lee friday

              I am leaning toward thinking I am andromedan, although I can not be certain. Last year I was given a wonderful batch of images via QHHT which (long story short) told me that this is my one and only life on earth. That I was/am a red skinned giant adorned in minimal Hindu god type attire living on a red planet. Our space brothers picked us up in a large wedge shaped stone carved starship that travelled to this solar system, parked up in the rings of Saturn and we then projected into human bodies. That is as far as I got, and I know of no one else I came with. If anyone has a similar memory I would love to hear from you

              1. michelle

                Super cool and interesting memory. I believe that I am andromedan as well because of an experience I had during a shamanic journey. Four years ago I enrolled in a shamanic journeying class in my locale. In our final class, each of us were assigned a different destination to journey to as emissaries for the class. My assignment was the galactic council. When I landed, I was on what seemed to be a spaceship with a large viewing window behind me; my eyes never completely adjusted to the dark in front of me, but I could see the outlines of figures seated before me. No one seemed startled, but I felt that I had literally just dropped in and that the group before me was not surprised at my appearance. I began to announce why I was here, but my own personal curiosity bubbled up as I seemed to sense a presence familiar to me on deck. So, right in the middle of my announcement, I interrupted my own introduction to ask “is my family here?” I heard someone answer “yes”. Then, I asked “where am I from?” The reply was “Andromeda”. When I came back to my group to report, no one had much insight about Andromeda. Even so, I’ve never forgot this experience. Thank you for the opportunity to share and relate.

          2. George Stone

            Hello Julia, greetings and warm hugs. My name is George. I absolutely resonate with Andromedan starseed every aspect you shared in the article above totally on point. Which is refreshing and exciting, have you heard of Alex Collier a long time contactee and spokesperson for the Andromedan Council since the early 90’s a must to look up online if it resonates with you to do so… great work he has done over the linear timeline of almost 40 years. I wanted to express my gratitude and blessing to the both of yourselves (twin flames) on your earth plain journey! Continue to help humanity and I also will do my best to assist aswell with my gifts and traits also. Keep up the good energy and soulful work. Kia”kaha

            1. Tina

              George, I just found this article and your comment on Alex Collier…Thank You! I am going to look him up right now! I crave connection, information and guidance as this is new realization for me! Many blessings to you and to Julia for this article!💖

        2. Harmony

          I feel you honey…uhhhhggg. I too am just coming out of the Dark Night of the Soul…blessings Sister. Checkout how light codes can be magnifyed though Lighthouses. The Mirrors…the glass…the mercury…the shifting…the materializing ❣❣❣

          1. denia

            I’m not saying I believe or don’t believe, but I came across information from different sources that have me considering the possibility of Andromedan Starseeds, and I was really thrown by some of the information in the article. 1st is just really simple and neither here nor there, but I don’t think body type is really a way to tell, but if it was, I would say it would be the body type and shape like the self-proclaimed Andromedan Starseed, Lilli Bendriss. Secondly, Andromedans have no opinions on things like vaccines and whatever else is listed in the article. Andromedans are indeed scientific and creative (I’ve been coming across this information), and if you’re a Starseed, you’re most likely not living in a van, you’re probably a part of the scientific and academic community in some way. You’re most likely not talking about twin souls and instead reading scientific journals. I’m not trying to be rude or anything like that, but it seems to me that Andromedan Starseeds assume and feel obligated to assume a lot of responsibility and life purpose.

            1. l

              don’t you think that perhaps different starseeds present differently including specialty and specificity of creative or scientific knowledge, not to mention area of strength considering application method(s)? some starseeds of a given origin (andromedan or otherwise) may prefer fixed community and place to propagate work and some may prefer variability and vagrancy to expand experience. there may be popular tendency toward one general lifestyle within a starseed race but exceptions are part of being human and free will, and that’s just 3D living and optimally diverse cooperation. i almost think such an inflexibility of definition, including regards to physicality, is ironically an example of the opposite of what I perceive to be andromedan POV — freedom of choice, freedom to be who/what is desired/needed at a given time(space)?

        3. Racheal

          This has been the most EPIC 5 days of my life… like what?!?! How does one connect with my soul family? Just put all of this together today…

      2. mj

        Hello, I’m on the process of awakening and it’s very hard I’m lost and don’t know what to do with my life. But I know everything will be okay. Thank you for this article!

        1. Samantha

          Me too. I’m with you on this. We were made to believe in other things. Love and light.

          1. Julia Lundin

            Magical! You’re welcome 💜

          2. Victoria L Hall

            Thank you. You have given me a positive direction. You also helped me with certain questions and feelings I have.

      3. John hamilton

        I would like to contact other uk andromeda starred feeling lonely can you help thank you

      4. rEi nAx PLURR

        I actually feel like I am a combination of Andromedan and Draconian. Yea very opposite but in realizing and accepting the different parts of me it actually works quite while if I can maintain the chaotic balance

        1. Julia Lundin

          You’re welcome 💜

      5. Min

        How do we find Beti?

      6. Brendon klun

        How are you? I recetly come across a video, that gave meaning and insight into the colour of our eyes, and from what starseed each color represented! My eyes are hazel, which stated that im Andromedan! Not real sure how to interpret all of this information, however this reading about andromedans truly blew my mind. Most things described me to a tee, with uncanny accuracy, and has even made some sense as to why I feel and act the way I do. Im almost 50yrs young, not religious at all, but I do strongly believe in spirituallity, and that we all are connected to source regardless who we are or what starseed we maybe.. Will research some more into this, as im curious to learn and see what comes of it. I feel somewhat more enlightened, which is refreshing… just wanted to share this.. thx🙂

        1. Julia Lundin

          Amazing, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏😊

    2. Judy

      Hi there! Just recently found out that I am an Andromedan and everything started to come together. My whole life I have had strangers walk up and start a conversation. People have always been drawn to me and it has always confused me. I often wondered why are they asking me questions or looking for answers. I’m a nobody why come to me. But as time has gone on I have found that I am to teach them. I just didn’t know why. I’m so ready to explore more about my purpose and do good in the wirld.

  2. Tazzy

    Eyes everywhere

  3. Kathryn

    I’ve known I was an Andromedan starseed for a very long time but whenever I feel discouraged or lost I go back and look at all the signs that I am this eternal spiritual and it’s just amazing. I always tear up and get tingles all throughout my body when I come across articles such as these. Much love <3

  4. Nikola

    I am Andromedan, even I dreamed of a being which was bold, with bright face, and blue uniform. And I also saw the motherships.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Wow amazing!

      1. Zef

        I had a dream yesterday, I met aliens in my dream, and they mentioned andromeda. I really had no idea what they mentioned and I was very curious why they showed up to me. so i searched the web and here i came to your blog.

        Another one that caught my attention was the alien I met whose body was full of tattoos. it’s just funny because you mentioned here about the tattoo. It’s funny and im amazed!.

        I don’t know if my dream predicted what would happen or if the dream became a guide for me to know the races of starseed espcially the “andromedan”.

        And yes, I can relate to everything you mentioned. because I’m at a point in my life wondering if I’m going to go back to my career or just go into business because I want to be alone yet successful.

    2. Azucena Jiménez

      Me too🧐I had a dream about me being abducted.i saw myself of shiny table with my open legs and saw a bunch people,with enlongated eyes observing.they inserted in my uterous a very cold thing . After that I don’t remember and the I woke up all dizzy and nauceated . If this has happen to any body ? Let me know 🙏🏽I just want to know this isn’t created in my own mind . Since then I see spaceships very often .

  5. Amelia Forest

    I’ve had an Akashic reading and am aware that I am an Andromendan Elemental from the Andromendan Galaxy. My soul essence was etheric in form. I live over water and am very connected to nature. Very good article.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Awesome to meet another Andromedan Starseed! Thanks for sharing and happy you liked the article

  6. Jaylakshmi Sinha Roy

    I guess I am…????

    1. Sam


  7. Lily

    Ooft! Reading this felt like coming home….thank you.

    I meditated recently and was on a starship. I looked at my feet which were very large and long and My body Was very tall. I was almost translucent in colour too. I stood tall with a group of other beings and had the feeling of not wanting to “stand out”….very non egotistical. Iturned my head slightly and I saw very fine wings! I knew nothing about Andromeda until researching today and BOOM…..I have been in the travel industry 30+ years, married 3x one husband was Egyptian and I lived in Egypt where I KNOW I’ve lived many times before lol…..loving all the resonance.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Wow that’s amazing!! Happy to hear the post resonated with you

    2. Sarah

      I’ve just had a similar experience. I meditated and found myself on a starship. Like you I was translucent,winged, with a blue hue. I communicated with one of the other beings there, they looked like I did but glowed white. The communication was telepathic. She said ‘welcome home’ I told her I felt weird, she said that was because only part of me was there. There’s more but I can’t type it all out in a comment 🙈💫👽

  8. Ariel

    I just received an email confirming starseeds in my birth chart and my soul comes from Andromeda. I just read through all of this and I have never felt so understood in all my life. Everything makes so much sense, especially the part about finding life on earth to be difficult. So many times throughout my whole life I’ve said "Ok, I’m ready to go home now. I’m tired of this planet" – even as a child. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Julia Lundin

      That’s awesome! Happy to see a fellow Andromedan here and glad you liked the article 🙂

      1. Sabrina

        I feel so connected while reading this. Therefor I think I’m an Andromedan but I don’t really know if it’s true. Most relates to me as wel but I’m not thin or thick just inbetween both, this is the only thing I’m worrying about. I’m trying to find myself. Someone told me that I’m a starseed and needed to discover. Much love

  9. Molli lou

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is amazing how much this resonates for me. Even in my natal chart, my venus and mars are conjunct as part of a 12th house stellium! (Along with Uranus and Neptune) this article makes me very homesick as well as soothes a little of my lifelong home sickness. I do not regret coming here, but deeply crave my community. ???? thanks again for this connection.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Wonderful! Happy you liked it 🙂

  10. Alagu

    I was find out I am an andromedan star seed and while I browse about my star seed, I end up here. I read inch by inch and 100% everything matches. Impressed!! Thank you very much for reminding me 🙂 It is a nice article as well as a wonderful guide for our star seeds.

  11. Naomi R. Thompson

    I really enjoy reading your article. You where very informative and nom discriminatory. As a star being I don’t know my origins but it’s about my purpose but I’ve seem people get so caught up in the hype of who’s star planet is better or stronger and I get confused on mission. I’ve never resonated with any other writer like yourself because of the emphasis on physical traits. Star beings most likely aren’t separated with skin color like humans but most star seed descriptions I’ve read describe similar features of Caucasians and isn’t this part of the problem on this planet right now and breaking down the old beliefs are superiority. Well thanks you and hopefully I can read more of your work soon.

    1. Julia Lundin

      I 100% agree. Happy you liked the article and that it resonated with you, Naomi!

  12. Ida Nissle

    Dear Julia and thank you so much for this article and for the work you do. I have known for many years that I am “special” and my ascension process has been intense. But it was today when I pulled the card “star ancestors ” and in the following meditation I was “brought home” and was told I am an andromedan starseed. After that I was guided to your page and it makes so much sense now everything. All the aspects rang true, even the the description of apperance. And the same för my Twin flame. Again thank you so much. Lots of love/Ida

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing! Awesome to meet another Twin flame andromedan starseed 🙂

  13. Anna B

    Was guided here… Fits perfectly! Thank you ????????

  14. Jake

    I am an Andromendan Star seed . I just learned about them 5 min ago.

  15. Julia Wagner

    I’ve been curious where my partner is from. I knew he loved the water, was both creative AND analytical, and service centered. This really resonated with him! Thanks for writing, sharing and guiding us to this!

    1. Julia Lundin

      That’s so cool, happy to hear this resonated with your partner 🙂

  16. Patrick

    I always thought I was Pleaidian but this is sooooo me! First time I heard about Andromeda was from Star Trek. Pretty sweet that I am from there! Do the van life and trying to break free everyday. Love dolphins and am definitely an empath. Thanks 100x

    1. Julia Lundin

      Awesome to see another Andromedan here 🙂 I really want to do the van life one day, it sounds amazing. The only problem is I hate driving haha

      1. Ashley Bundy

        It is funny how I have joked practically all of my life about being from Andromeda…. Turns out I am!!

        Have always hated authority, needed freedom. My blood type is O+ with rH- blood factor….rare right?

        1. Cookie

          Please educate me. I’ve always understood the + or – after the ABO type to indicate the Rh factor, either + or -. Your statement indicates your Rh factor is BOTH + and -. Yes, that would be rare, indeed, but how is it even possible?? TIA.

        2. Lee

          Thats not possible. Either youre + or -, not both.

  17. Janet

    Hi Julia,

    I have just seen this post, thank you so much, it completely resonates with me and every part of it applies, I have no idea what starseed I am, but have been and still lost to my purpose, my best and most incredibly peaceful meditation was when I was in a space ship, completely loved and at peace, I don’t feel that anywhere else and feel completely misunderstood, I feel I need guidance and direction but also feel I should be getting this from myself but don’t seem to be making any headway,

    I must be in some way though as I seem to have been guided here, don’t know if I am Andromedan but would love to know what starseed I am


    Janet Askew

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Janet! Many people who have been guided to my blog post are Andromendan starseeds, so very likely if it resonated. You can find out your starseed origin if you order a birthchart reading on StarseedUnited on Etsy. Let me know afterwards how it went! 🙂

  18. Alva Gaskey

    Thank you so much for the loving and centered clarification! I just learned that I am a Starseed and Andromeda was once my home. I have connected telepathically with my galactic family and I couldn’t be happier!

  19. Breanna

    Thank you. This resonated with me on so many different levels. I have always had trouble settling here on Earth and most people never truly understood and I felt rather odd saying I felt so far from home while laying in my own bed. But I was brought to your post and things are continuing to click and I’m remembering things I completely forgot about. It feels amazing, and as if I’m being reminded, if that makes sense. So, thank you.

  20. Nicola

    Every single part of this resonates with me. I am so sad that I am only now finding this out. due to what is happening in the world .Whilst I have been spiritual my whole life , I have suffered here on Earth enormously and I want to go home. I have drawn spirals my whole life and Ive never understood the cruelty here on earth, especially towards animals . I have had to create a kind of ‘shield’ to live behind otherwise it’s too much. I have felt many times i want to leave but I know I cant commit suicide. I just want to leave. I want to find my family. I am living in a country where all freedoms have been taken away, we are forced to wear masks and it is insane, as it the world. Taking away my freedom has challenged me to my core. I have no nature , no ocean and no galactic family here. I have found my freedom within , and I am managing ok but I am over whelmed by the disclosure , about the children, the betrayal, the lies, the vaccines , and the total deception that has taken place here on Earth and the aqueisence and blind trust of human beings. Thank you for writing this article . I am going to contact Beti for a session as I feel I need to connect now with my Galactic family. It has been a very lonely journey here but I know I have so much to give and teach and share. I am an actress, writer, teacher , nature lover, nomad and healer. Thank you for writing this article Julia.

    1. Mathew

      I went through a guided meditation to find out where I was from and two places came to mind Andromeda and a planet starting with aM that for some reason I could not make out the name or hear it right. What I saw was a red planet with a earth like atmosphere. Very tall almost opaque skin that communicated with our surah. More through touch and thoughts. Does that mean I’m a adromadean?

  21. OG

    I love this article


    after having soul retrieval ive discovered the andromedans have been actively making contact

  23. Sarah

    The past 2 years have been a whirlwind of an awakening for me. I always want to learn more, but then get in a funk and don’t believe anything I’ve learned. I’ve read of other starseeds and none of them resonated with me until I read your article. WOW. I have always felt different and also wanted to be different since I was a young child. In the past few months I’ve gone through times that I regret reincarnating on earth again, because it’s just not “normal” to me, but I know I decided to come here to help change the world. My mediumship/channeling has been coming through recently and I’ve done hypnotherapy sessions where I’ve been told and seen past reincarnations multiple times (which has been a very prominent figure in history). It all is making more sense now. Thank you so much for this article!! I still have so much to learn 🙂

  24. Ryleigh

    I don’t know if it’s just me I know I am starseed but there are so many I’m having a hard time identifying with one fully, how can I be sure?

  25. Novy

    Now I understand why did I interesting with the word “Andromeda” . This is my home town.

  26. Lokesh khanna

    By reading dis i m sure i m a Andromedan.

  27. aria

    Wow I’m still not sure if this is me but I connected very deeply with this, I saw some pictures of places that made my heart drop. I found out that if I reacted strongly to these images I might be an adromedan star seed. When I read this I started crying for some reason.. I feel very connected to this.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Happy to hear the post resonated with you! It is not a coincidence that you were guided here 🙂

  28. Hebe Edwards

    the fact that this describes me exactly.. especially i have a VERY VERY strong connection with the ancients. more so imperial japan and ancient greece. my name is Hebe, like the Greek Goddess of Youth, and I think that was meant to be my name so one day i would delve into the delights of spirituality. people always tell me i need to be more respectful of authority, which is true i suppose, but i just can’t. I hate all type of authority. even something as simple as a teacher and student. i am very connected with nature. i am mad that we are harming earth and no one talks about it. how does one not have empathy or remorse when dumping oil into an innocent ocean?! i hope when i die i can go back to ancient times and live more lives there. i think i reincarnated into later in time to see what it’s like, and i hate it. i also want to become a scientist. thank you for writing this article.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Happy to see another Andromedan starseed here 🙂

  29. Andrea V

    Thanks for this great article. I was incarnated in Arcturus for sure and and also Andromeda. I always felt Im more arcturian, but reading this article sounds pretty much like you are talking about me. And Im pretty much surrounded by Pleiadians in my life. My son is rainbow child, but he got starseed reading and says he is from Andromeda. How that can be related? And, yes, he is a little angel

    1. Julia Lundin

      My boyfriend is actually an Arcturus Andromedan mix, so that’s really cool to hear! 🙂

  30. Christine

    I’m new to all of this. But it’s like, one thing lead to another and i found this (i believe it’s fate). Now everything that i have been doing or how i have behaved since i was a child makes sense. All the feelings i’ve felt made sense. It feels right. And i know it. And i’m grateful and I accept this, fully. Thank you.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beautiful! I believe it’s fate too 🙂

  31. Tessa

    Just found out that I’m an andromedan starseed from Mirach about 20 min ago and this is the first articl I’ve read since. 100% reflects my personality and mission. Thank you for this!

  32. Jackie

    Hi! Young andromedan here, glad I found this article. I’m just so new and need some time to orient myself, my goal is as clear as crystal. I want to create safe zones where people can live free from the reptilians. Just a place where I can be connected with nature and vibe out with other earthlings and starseeds. A place free of labels and judgement. When I have completed my purpose I will enjoy life for its beauties and leave for home, for I have no interest living until I die naturally.

    1. Julia Lundin

      That’s a beautiful purpose you have ????

      1. Laura

        Reading this felt like I was the author. I’ve always known that I’m an old soul. From infancy I’ve always spoken like someone much more advanced in age. I know things I shouldn’t know. I have a strong connection to nature and water.

        Recently I’ve been consumed with the urge to research my spiritual ancestry and coming across this article has been massive help. Looking forward to reading more

    2. affan

      i’d love to connect with you!!
      my ig: @affan_daadiwale

    3. Jolie

      Hi Jackie, I have just become aware of that I am also from Andromeda and my mission is to raise the vibration of Earth and to help save it. This is all new so new, and I am getting all of these downloads It’s mind-blowing. I’m home sick and I miss my tribe. Reaching out to connect

  33. sophie

    i don’t look like an andromedan starseed but I do act like one I’m not tall that’s it I’m not tall I’m very short so does this mean I’m not one or???

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m not tall either, it’s not necessary 🙂

  34. Julia Lundin

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing your story ????????

  35. Ray

    This is incredible. I’ve known I was a starseed. I Just meditated, channeled, and asked where I’m from and Andromeda came to be as clear as day.. I got online and found this site. I am all of this. I’m a writer and I work in IT… I value my freedom over almost anything else. I can not handle being put in any box. Sleeve of tattoos… I can go on.

    Thank you!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! 🙂

  36. Angelina

    Hi I just had a reading and found out I am from Andromedan and Sirius star systems And your explanation describes me exactly….. I know I am here for my mission but feel not from earth , I dream of my starship coming to pick me up often …. I know I came for Mother Earth as I care for her deeply …. it is frustrating and I am glad you mentioned this .. all I want to do is travel And be free so I have unconsciously started more astral travels in my dreams …. thank you soooo much it helped me so much as I just discovered my star origin

  37. Amelia

    Can you be more than one star seed? I related so deeply and emotionally to this but also very much so to your article about Lyran star seeds…

  38. Tisha Nicole Bryson

    On 6-6-06 I had what doctor’s say was a psychotic break and believed I had died and gone to hell..

    Somehow the sun came up the next morning. May I mention June 6th is the birthday of my 2and cousin who just sent me the star seed quiz.

    The only thing that got me out of bed the next morning, was getting pissed. I didn’t deserve to be there. If your goin thru hell….keep on goin.

    I thought my dad was the devil. Unsolved mysteries was playing on the tv in the living room..stating my sins. And kept implying the physical pain would start soon. And hell is eternity right?

    Well…I got out of bed and dad said let’s go. I turned to get my shoes. And he said you don’t need shoes where we’re goin.

    Trembling…scared shitless. Can you imagine?

    We got in my Mustang and headed to Tuscola IL…ro Subway, of all places….for a tuna sub…but before turning east…radio talking to me…my eyes freaky as hell in the rear view….devil wouldnt look me in the eyes….I pulled up to Rt. 36 and there was a truck full of signs…just like that movie with Jim Carey and jennifer Aniston..

    He points left. I turn. And ….. I never got hurt. I just kept running.

    Long story short. I’ve spent from the age of 18 to 27 in n out of mental hospitals… diagnosis pretty much stayed Bipolar type 1 with psychotic features.

    Shortly after things started settling….hell wasnt so bad…I was introduced to The Divine Comedy. Dante. How his love for the woman…was his love for God. So my “psychosis” seemed like heaven.

    And it scared people. My loved ones called ambulances cops on me too many times to count.

    Then it happened. I got pregnant. My baby girl <3 Miss Kyla.

    I went off my meds bc they are poison duh. And after I had her I became manic. Was threw back in a hospital. Thrown out tripping . Got chained up thrown in a cop car and charged with a felony and told I might have to serve 14 years! In prison! I spent 2 1/2 in McFarland mental health center. The state hospital after pleading NGRI.

    Took the dcfs case to the illinois supreme court and they wouldnt hear it. My wonderful aunt has had her the whole time and I have a great relationship with her.

    Anywho… mom died when I was 13. My sister died at the age of 24 while I was in the hospital. I'm sick of all this evil. I want to come home.

    I believed my mission was to face the devil.

    But I believe God has forgiven him.

    Now it's the government that has been brainwashing the people for years. Has made the people so awful. I've always felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. How can I help better.

    I am a mental health advocate and look public speaker. And now I now where my soul is from.

    Just looking for some more advice.

    Thank you so much!

  39. Tracy Jones

    I am andromedan but I am overweight and having trouble losing. I have many health problems and cant seem to make money no matter what i do. what can i do?

  40. Nubiana

    I am too an Andromedan!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Wohoo!! Happy to find another andromedan here 🙂

  41. Ashley

    Wow! So many signs led me to this article ! While meditating last night and seeking out my spirit guides, andromeda appeared. I’ve been having relationship issues. The man has a lizard (reptile) guide. I’ve been feeling very unsettled in this relationship and within myself, so I took a trip to the mountains. I played in creeks, lakes, and rivers to revive My soul. So many other signs too…reading this article turned on a light for me. Thank you so much!

  42. J.Z Sanz

    I knew it. Huge and intense spiritual awakening lead me here, to finding out who I really am. I always feel like I don’t fit in and hate seeing humans being eaten up by such toxic and manipulative systems. I don’t like religions, I always want freedom to create and explore the world, and I always have questioned myself “Is this really my family?”

    1. Julia Lundin

      That’s beautiful 🙂 You have a star family who is always guiding and supporting you

  43. Henrik Petersson

    I have always been different but never knew why. Have been suffering almost my whole life from anxiety disorders but finally (in my late 30s) I started to wake up. I have been experiencing (and still are) an amazing yet sometimes scary awakening and finally I am becoming more and more balanced. I am guided by spiritual beings and today I just followed my intuition which led me to investigating the subject of starseeds. I now know I am an Andromedan because everything is just so spot on.

    I love freedom and I have always felt trapped in a normal 8-5 job. Actually just quit my dayjob to start my own business as a coach and Reiki healer. I have always been looking a bit different from others which in my younger years led me to being bullied. I am tall, thin and unusual long lims. Even my face shape looks like the ones of andromedans (I actually look quite a bit as an alien).

    I have always been drawn to space and seen many UFOs throughout my life, the last ones just a couple of weeks ago. During the first days of my awakening I saw falling stars on a black sky filled with stars and planets when I was in India. Even as a young child I was interested in space and was having philosophical discussions with friends about the origin of the universe.

    I have always felt a need to help people and many thinks I am too kind, but it is in my nature. I happen to find situation where humans and animals are in need of help and 4 years ago I heard a voice calling for help out in the ocean, which led to me and my cousin saving an older couple from drowning. However, I am not much for taking credits for my actions and like to stay in the background.

    Unfortunately I have been struggling a lot with the low vibrations from Earth and due to anxiety disorder and depression I have been suffering a lot during my life time. I have also had alot of difficulties with loving myself and it has led to addictions, which last year led to a major breakdown. Because of that I lost the love of my life, a girl who I have come to realized is a very high vibrational being (she may be an Andromedan herself). But I am perfecly sure we met so she could put a seed of enlightenment inside of me so I could finally wake up. During my awakening I have seen her as a guide in my mind because I have come to understand her perspectives in a new light as I have progressed. This has given me the courage to go on and understand I am not crazy. What I have been experiencing during my awakening would otherwize have me question my sanity and I would be to scared to move on. This has actually been the reason for me not waking up earlier, even so I have seen 11:11 and other synchronicities throughout my whole life.

    The awakening is finally taking myself up on the high vibrations where I belong and I have come to experienced really high vibrations, pure love in my whole body. I know I have a mission here on Earth that is of greater value than my own satisfaction here. I have met so many people during my awakening that has been leading me where I am now, and I am sure many of these are beings I met before incarnating on Earth and we have all this mission of having more and more people waking up on earth. In October I will leave Sweden with my housecar and travel down Europe. I have had a feeling this is what I should do, but what will happen we will see.

    I love you for writing this article and wish you all the best.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hej Henrik! Happy to meet a fellow Swedish Andromedan 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. Van life in Europe sounds amazing, every Andromedan’s dream 🙂

  44. Reza

    Hello , thank you for this topic . How can i understand which kinds of starseed i am ?
    I remembered in a dream that in my privious life i were a famouse general of persian kingdom when cyrus was the king of hakhamaneshian in 2500 years ago . I remember that i was carried by a space ship to earth an there was a red star .
    And alse years ago when i was back from london to tehran i was in some kind of dream for some minute that i had access to anything ( past , presant , and also future ) when i thought about help humanity by those unlimited knowledge i backed by a loud noise that i could not remember my name for half a hour .
    By those things do you have any idea who i am?

  45. Shine Painter

    I really needed to find this today. ♥️

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m so happy to hear that, Shine ❤️

  46. Liane

    Wow, i just had this aha moment to know who i m, and not only indigo.

    1. M31 Lil

      This is absolutere me 🌞
      I‘m knowing since 2003 my M31 Andromedan Origin.My soul is from there, I had very special dreams and visions and felt like drawn to the Central Sun of the M31 Galaxis. It was like bathing in pure, fluid, metaphysic light.
      Hard to imagine.
      I knew my whole life my soul is from there.
      What Julia wrote, is 100% me.
      Thank you so much, Julia.
      It would be great if we could get connected more or see a lot of original Andromedan souls on a big event for Andromedans

  47. Julie

    Thank you for this fabulous information. I am an Andromedan Starseed and the description resonated with me deeply. I do have a question as to why Andromedans are the Reptilians worst enemies? could you explain this further.

    Many thanks!


  48. James Colbert

    I am in every way an Andromedan except for the weight part: I am over-weight and not thin. Could that mean I am not a true Andromedan? I enjoyed your post. Thanks for posting it.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You can still be Andromedan. Take the appearance part with a grain of salt – Andromedans can come in all shapes and sizes and colours as humans.

  49. Vishnu

    My home is definitely Andromeda. This is literally the only place I can accept naturally as home. Every other time, I am told my home is within. Freedom is the most essential thing for me, love travelling and excited about science. I only use technology but not really into it. But fundamentals of science is my pleasure.

    I saw my neurons making connections when I was intensely concentrated and felt the evolution in my cells when I was asking why I was crazy over this one guy. And oneness is important to me, I cringe when ppl are not inclusive in their talk and actions but I have learnt to not hold them responsibly for that. But I cant sleep if i am not inclusive in my way of life.

    When I was going through a strong awakening, I was asked: even if I am a fully powerful soul and my dreams of telekinesis is true, if everything is my choice, and i have the power to hurt others including reptilians, what will i do? A part of me strongly answered, “no if my presence has to hurt someone for me to live, annihilate me. Stand in my way and never give up if my presence is hurtful to anything. Make me remember as many times i need to”. I was shocked by that response because i have been living in pleiadian energy (feminine for me) dominantly until that. After that, i was told i dont have any contracts and i volunteered to help a family break ancestral patterns and my presence here is enough.

    After that experience, I was upgraded to andromedan dominant energy. In mediation, I did ascend to 12 dimensions. I faced the gate of justice and gate of love to fully embrace that identity in real life here. Those guides were very kind but damn firm until i meant every word i said. They were making sure that power comes with responsibility and i got it ingrained consciously. I was actually amazed at the andromedan soul that spoke through me when i didnt know what was happening. Because that’s me, i would go out of my way to do everything peacefully when i am conscious. But when angry, my words would bleed with power and my mother had warned me that it is ominous when i speak that intensely. After that experience, from then on, I have a strong balance between masculine and feminine sides. And my anger has come into full control. Now i make powerful conscious choices that support all of the ppl involved instead of being angry. I have to take a moment to ensure that i am not making any egoistic choices, that clear word crom myself is a necessity for me to act. I had always been conscious where my actions and words come from.

    My prayer since 5 years old has been: may my presence be helpful for the highest good of me and the highest good of all humanity. I thought everyone felt the same. I cant compromise, leaving one for another, like freedom for security. I am against this policy of one man’s fall is another man’s success. I was intensely rebellious in my childhood and roamed around streets raging how can this world exist on the foundation of suffering. I vowed that if i had the power, i will create a world that is full of love, peace and joy for all. All that makes sense now.

    Today i realized the gates that i passed and the commitment I made to those guides were Andromedan councils and entry. They specifically told me that I am not being tested but I am being made aware that hurting anything on planet earth is off the table, thats what this mission needs. And I felt such congratulations in the air for the whole month and the guides themselves were pleased I made it through. I think those guides were family too, because in Andromeda there are no boundaries of who could be family. There, heart is what matters, no other rules.

    Thank you for writing such a non-discriminatory article. I loved that part. I will get a starseed reading soon. Glad to meet beautiful hearts like yours 🙂

  50. Margarida

    Oh my god!! I’m on vacation at the beach and just yesterday I was alone on the sea and I was like “damn this feels like home”! And sometimes I just disconnect from all technology because it gets so impossible to breathe, also always wanted to do a trip around the world. I knew I was a Starseed, just didn’t from where exactly… This explains a lot! Thank you for this post and will definitely start to meditate to the ocean sounds.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Glad I could help 🙂

  51. Vilborg

    This resonated so much within me. I know now I’m an Andromedian Starseed. My entire life has been about freedom and selflove. As a child I always went down to the sea in my hard times to seek comfort. The ocean means so much to me. Now I’m waiting for my freedom, I’m planning to get me a campervan and live in that, but I have to finish my obligation as a mother first????

  52. Eli

    Going through a turbulent Kundalini awakening right now. couple of times in the last week I had a glimpse that I could be Andromedan. Your article sums me up 100% . I am Andromedan. Thank you Julia…..!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Awesome to hear!

  53. Sol

    Hello! I am new to this world of starseeds, I know I am one, and I made my birth chart and I have the main ones, but how do I know which one I really am? I am not really understanding. Thank you 🙂

  54. Sandy

    Julia I think the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was a Andromeda star seed and he was murdered 3 months ago today by the Bollywood Reptilians because he was going to expose the international child trafficking racket.

  55. Cat Arriola

    I just received my Starseed Reading, which said that I am originally from Andromeda. Super-elated to finally confirm my hunch. The starseed traits you wrote here of this alien race fit to a T!!!! I hate authority–this IS my pet peeve since childhood…I was branded a black sheep, the family rebel, even anti-social, the latter which is quite unfair IMO. About having little ego, I was told this by a Chinese astrologer. I’m an ancient history fan. YES MY FIRST BOOK on alternative history was Graham Hancock’s Fingerprint of the Gods!!!! Your article RESONATES. TOTALLY. I’m so happy to come across your site. It feels validating…

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! Happy to hear the article resonated with you 🙂

  56. Kenny

    I always knew I was a starseed but never knew from where. I ended up believing I was a blue avian, but reading this really confirms I come from Andromeda. 100% to the T this article described me, really interesting read. Even the part about putting on weight was true, I have an oval shaped face as well lol and I wear blue quite often. Even in my astral projections I saw beings made of plasma, they were whitish in color and they may have been elderly andromedans giving me a message I’m still deciphering to this day. Thank you for this.

  57. Schnice

    This is absolutely amazing.
    This article helped me find my purpose, never have I ever felt more at ease knowing I am an Andromedan soul. I have never felt like I fit in on this earth, I have been through so much and I keep going stronger than most, I’m so wise for my age. Now I know. What an absolute blessing.

  58. Jodie

    Very nice topic.. And your conclusion? Will one day be answered from the prayers and the power within. The choices we makes until we all eventually awake to see the second coming of consciousness and the universal dimension we are shifted into divine timing 11,22,33 will rise again????????????????

  59. Heather

    The beings that I channel just told me I was adromedan! So happy to know others with all the same attributes.

    That is me for sure!! I also felt starseed energy as well.

    Is there a way to connect more?


    1. Julia Lundin

      That’s amazing Heather! Yes, feel free to message me on Instagram, The Spirit Nomad 🙂

  60. Karen

    I have just received a channelling and was told I have an Andromedon guide and I have been on that planet in a previous life .That resonated with me straight away and after reading this is my exact personality , I have always felt different right from an early age . Thank you for my awakening , other readings I have had now piece together and I know what my purpose is on earth now . ????

  61. Ronnie lund

    Jo hi julia lundin
    My name Ro lund. I just recently had a soul reading telling that I’m or should be a andromeda starseed. Found your writing ever compelling and I sure could relate to every bit. I sure would like to know more about this and myself. Do you have a place/website where like minded starseed people meet?
    Love and best regards Ro

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Ro! I don’t, but that’s a good idea. Perhaps a Facebook group?

  62. elizabeth

    Soooooo many of us waking up to our truths!!! I love the comment thread especially and thank YOU SO MUCH for this article. You have helped many people confirm their true origins <3

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you! Yeah such a beautiful comment thread 🙂

  63. Lisa

    I recently found out 2020 I am a starseed yet I’ve known since a very young age like 3 yrs old I was very very different then other’s. The Human Mother I had an RHNEG blood type never bonded to me as I was told much younger I had tried to kill her coming thru the womb and birth canal. She held my face to a stove when I was 6 mths old very long story but that abuse along with much more from a.variety of other humans. I was beat because of who I was how I was different she would beat me horribly then She would prosper an uneducated woman was able to walk into a pile of crap and come out smelling like a rose. But was able to thru my yrs of being around her . The reason I spoke of this because the things I understand now. When I realized they weren’t my family. I mean my brother and sister had differnet mother then I did but in reference to our father when they spoke of him it was my dad not our dad. Like I was a friend. My whole existence I have walked alone abuse mental and physical until 8 months ago. It never changed my heart I still always help those that came to me showed love when I was led to . Love children and still love those that hurt me . But I learned to walk away from the negative. I wished I would have had known this so much earlier. if my eye would have opened but I know it happens in Devine timing i use to pray all my life to just take me home the pain I feel here overwhelms me that it lowers my vibrations an opens me to dysfunctional because I feel the pain around me I use to feel I didn’t deserve better then anyone else. I’ve gone without food to fed others none relation I’ve taken care of ppl that wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire . All I wanted was guidance. I left home 25 yrs old pregnant to a state I knew noone . ,24 yrs later I’m figuring out who I am I’m still confused but I get download when I go searching . I still don’t have anyone that helps me to understand other then the internet . I had a vision of a new tribe , peace, I am highly intuitive, I have always saw myself as a sage I’m Cherokee Shawnee indian with Irish gypsy. My birthchart is in alignment almost perfect and I have since about 12 yrs old craved to understand the religion of this world. Never feeling like everyone claimed. I unfortunately had three experiences with three of the top corrupt preachers televangelist. So truly showing me the truth of the corruption . But as I pick up things I let go of because I was taught I was bad I didn’t feel comfortable in my gifts but I’ve always had other come to me for 51 look about 30 yrs old I don’t feel old unless I get overwhelmed with negativity. Then it drains me . I’m learning to protect my energy. But still wish I could find a baby helper through the rest of this process if not for Devine Guidance I would probably still be asleep. I’m pulled to share my life I feel that’s the lesson for humans . To See thru my eyes, I’m a tarot reader but mostly Intuitive read the cards are there to clarify to them visually what I say. Actually what spirit speaks thru me cause sometimes I dont remember. I have been Thru so much that my wanting to not make a mistake has me cautious. Perhaps overly. I know when there are elements wanting to take me out this is a battle . And I am hated just for being me . I speak truth on everything from political to your inner self ppl ask for the truth but they dont want the truth. Like I said devinely led so I share what hits me as I need to try to open ppl wake them. See like now I feel perhaps I’ll be judged for this but I’ve reached a point I don’t truly give a shit. I’m disgusted by this site around us the human race acts of negativity I’ve literally had to lower myself just to survive many time thru my years. So I guess you can say out of 51 yrs I have saw the true beauty of this place perhaps three times in my life but the illusion fades away and turns.into what is the reality of cause and effect, fear, pain and suffering negative ball of energy The world has been dark since 1969 but if humanity doesn’t pay attention it will be lost to far worse effect because of the cause. Mother is sick and purging the negativity. Love n light brother and sisters. #sometimesiknowthenidontknow. #wastaughttodoubtme #2dayIrise

  64. Elis

    I’ve recently started my awakening, but i’ve had psychich gifts my whole life. Astral projected for the first time when i was six. The night i had my awakening i was terryfied because when i looked in the mirror i saw something else than myself. a white/blue-ish being. And i’ve been visited by the galactic federation of andromedia. I didn’t know it at the time and got scared, chased him away. This high white/blue ish being with this white flip beard, he was riding something that looked like a dragon. Before my awakening started i felt like i didn’t belong here. It wasn’t suicidale thoughts but a need to go home. Wonder why he visited me though.

  65. Raven

    I had a dream once, many years ago of being on a different planet with different beings, as though I was returning home to them, rather than Earth being my home. Reading this article, I cried tears of joy as well as laughed about how much it all finally made sense to me. The funny thing is, when I was with my husband, I was very depressed for a time because of abuse. I went to a stargazing party with him (his way of trying to cheer me up) and saw the andromeda galaxy for the first time. Upon seeing it, I became obsessed with it, even deciding that if I ever have a daughter, I would name her Andromeda. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was so obsessed with the galaxy. I felt a sense of wholeness upon seeing it, I felt complete for the first time in my life and it never made sense until I read this article. Turns out, I was seeing my home. Thank you for sharing this, it has brought me great comfort as well as a sense of purpose.

  66. Jenna

    Woooowww! This resonates so unbelievably it’s nuts. I was told I’m a Mission Realmer from Andromeda and this makes it even clearer. Thank you! ????????✨????

  67. Crystal

    Omg ???? that explained me very well! I was shocked ! I believe I am an Adromaden. I was told I was, but then also was told I was a pleaidian . Your explanation of that in this article was awesome and made a ton of sense ! Thank you so much for this article I loved it.

  68. Sylva

    Can you share more info about other starseeds. Like Reptilians, do they really rule the world and do they know their purposes? I’m so confused and need to know more about starseeds…

  69. Nona

    …reptilians? Care to explain?

  70. Janet

    Amazing. This felt like I was reading my life story. As a child I was obsessed with Egyptology. My favourite colour is purple. I want to help humankind so I became one of the 1st women mechanical engineers. I had a long career designing lasers so that we could make Miniature electronics and cell phones Possible. These technologies will advance humans on planet Earth. I always refuse to work on defence projects. In my twenties I did a long walk about travelling. I’ve had so many Good relationships. I have always been interested in mysticism and spirituality and alternative healing. I hate the way the government spends/wastes our tax money. I am often wanted to live off grid But know that I need to be involved in Life here. I have been viewed as a person who is androgynous. Thank you for this article it clears up a lot for me. I knew I was starseed I just didn’t know where from.

  71. Simona

    Thank you so much for writing this! I just recently started my journey and have been wondering for a while if I’m andromedan or not. I was just afraid of being wrong but a lot of the things you mentioned resonated deeply (got a lot of tingles go through my body). Since I was really young I was always interested in ancient Egypt and bought and read a lot of books on it. I’ve always felt different from the other kids and never managed to fit in, making only a few friends. My biggest dream has always been to live high up in the mountains where I can make art for a job and be surrounded by nature. I still have to graduate high school but this is one of my ultimate goals and the first thing I’m gonna do once I get outout(besides going around the world).This article has really helped clear up a lot of my doubts about where I’m from and what my purpose is so thank you!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beautiful! I also get tingles when something deeply resonates me. Happy to hear the article helped you 🙂

  72. Jefrey

    Thank you kindly for this information, I knew I was an Andromedan and this article just furthered that resonance!!!

  73. Nimi

    I’ve always been curious about why any star race looks the way they do. If they are us in the future what made them look the way they do. Is there genetic engineering that will take place in the future to alter the looks from human to star race?

  74. Mary

    I had a dream, a few years ago. I wss in a spaceship and i was light. I said that i wouldnt stop loving and then went down this golden liquid light portal, i think this was when my soul went into my unborn body… I really resonate with this article and description. Interested in archurians also..

  75. Jennifer

    Your article is on point! Thank you for this! Been lonely for so long especially in my younger years that my personal peace only started when I got married, I suppose started to feel secured and finally had the time to slowly think my life thru and slowly healing all past traumas. But I always had ET related experiences since 2002 so I had always post questions in my mind as to what was happening. It was a very very very crazy journey but at age 34 it seemed I am so close to finally finding out my truth. Thank you for this piece. Brought peace to my heart and mind.

  76. W Lin Oo

    according to the signs that you told, I am 100% Andrommedan starseed. Sometime in my live, I felt that I am not 100% belong to this planet.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Happy to hear it resonated and awesome to hear from a fellow Andromedan! 🙂

  77. Sharon

    I have a Telegram account and always read the posts from Darkness to Light. He/She brought forth an article about all of the star-seeds and I was thoroughly intrigued!
    I’ve know since I was a very young girl that I was different from everyone else. My grandfather told me that I would become what I was meant to be in my my later years. My father always told me I not only danced to a different drummer, I danced to a completely different band. NOW I understand what he was trying to tell me!
    I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and have always known that it was what would make me fulfilled.
    Reading the article made me feel that I belong. I’ve always been quite the loner however; have put on a smiley face and greeted others to make them feel good. I would love to live off grid, love living by the ocean and fight everyday for freedom and free thinking.
    Thank you for your information because it has given me the ability to really wake up to my true purpose is! It all makes sense now . . . . . .

  78. Laura

    I did a starseed meditation and came to the conclusion that I am Andromedan. After reading this I think my experience might have been right.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! I’m so happy to hear that the article resonated, fellow Andromedan 🙂

  79. affan

    omg!! this post so much resonates with me!! i wish there was a way for all the andromedan starseeds to connect 🙂

  80. Samuel Hugo

    Wow! I didn’t even know what a star seed was an hour ago and I already found myself. I am absolutely an Adromedan. It just fits. Thank you for describing it so well😊

  81. Nicole

    For a short while I thought I was solely Pleiadian, but felt drawn to more. Stumbling across this knowledge, I feel that in addition to being Pleiadian, I am also Andromedan, as it holds so much resonance for me.

  82. Lynda

    I just happened to come across an article about starseeds. I love looking at the stars, love the beach, I could swim underwater before I learned to swim on top. Fell in love with snorkelling, being underwater feels like home. I dreamt about the arkaishic records, actually visited there and saw all the records. I am a nurse and love helping people, love all animals and nature. Love to draw and paint. I am adopted so don’t know my birth time. Wish I did. This all made so much sense to me. Thankyou and blessings to you.

  83. Kristyna

    Im so grateful I’ve been guided to your article. It’s what I needed to read so thank you for putting your words out in world.
    Only recently I’ve been told I’m from different planet but didn’t get much information. In sence it wasn’t really surprising but all the new information I keep getting is very overwhelming and joyful. And reading this gets me closer to discover who I’m 💓 thank you 🙏

  84. Marta

    Thank you for your article, it made me feel like home! I know I am a Starseed since a longer while, but recently someone told me that I might be the Andromedan Starseed and shared this article with me. I am now during a major change in my life and stepping into my mission and what I came here to do and so it was incredibly helpful to have this confirmation. Thank you and bless you 🙏🌍💧💚

  85. Cassandra Lyons

    I have discovered that I am very certainly an Indogo child (with General Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD), and 100% an Andromedan Starseed . I have done tests as a child and am alomost exactly the same right brained and left-brained inclined. I have a very scientific and questioning mind, constantly seeking knowledge. IQ 148. I am extremely analytical but also a very very highly intiuitive empath, with a recently affirmed natural and automatic ability to heal and enlighten and spread one-ness and non-understanding through communicatoin. I cannot cannot tolerate lies, deception or partial truths. I have no manipulative bone in my body and struggle to understand how some do. The wisdom that I empart is sometimes very surprising to me as I am sometimes only then realising the wisdom myself, as I am imparting it… no previous current life experience to draw it from… I have strong Claire” abilities. I spent my teens and twenties trying t blend in t a world that I am not at all from, but am finally free of that fear. I cannot believe how accurately and completely I identify with Indigo and Andromedan. Except for one thing- I have a fear of open, still bodies of water and am not at all a beach person, and am afraid of the ocean and also on water with there being no land in sight. I am a forest person and literally feel energetically connected to trees especially. i am finding it very difficult with two young kids, a narcissistic partner, and living in an economically challenged country, to follow and practice my true purpose (which is feeling overwhelmingly urgent at this point) and so I am very conflicted and feel very trapped/restricted, unhappy, empty, lost and unsure of how to change my life to accomplish this. I also am unwavringly set on the need to change and help humanity on a very large scale. Always thought I’d have a very far-reaching influence. All the ideas and knowledge and wisdom are in my mind, however I am not even a blip on the world’s radar and do not know how to start towards my purpose of reaching people globally with my light and energy and communication ability. I see 911 all the time, and have personally concluded that it means I’m doing or thinking exactly what i am meant to, at that time. Have had a celestial dream where I’m gazing down on earth from clouds alongside 2 male celestial beings who communicated via claircognizance, and the profoundness of the dream was so strong and overwhelming. It basically imparted that I can believe all of my lifelong search for proof of spiritual existence and phenomena.
    I am so analytical and detailed in my thinking that I can 99% categorize everyone I meet, and basically have a blueprint to their minds. it’s therefore very disarming when there is a rare person who I cannot immediately categorize/figure out. (meaning generally, of course, because people are infinitely complex. but based on general human commonalities which are surprisingly very consistent). I have an IQ of 148. thank you for this amazing blog. lots of love and appreciation <3 <3 <3

    1. durmus

      you described from a to z thanks

  86. Cassandra Lyons

    Gosh my comment above sounds so self-ritious and almost boastful, but please know that is not at all how it is intended!!!

  87. David Chisolm Jr.

    Hello everyone here on earth👋🏼. I do believe that I am an Amdromedan star seed that has come here to save the planet from frequencies that initiate sadness and despair. It is important to not be alarmed by these frequencies that initiate contact with you as they adding love light energies to the planet in order to balance out the frequencies of the planet. Therefore be one with these energies that initiate you into oneness with the creator as they prepare you for upcoming events in future timelines of the planet. Peace, love, joy, happiness and light love to all infinite creators here on earth✌🏽.

  88. Mike

    Very interesting. I had a pretty rough “dark night of the soul” after an incredible awakening. I was feeling like I needed to get into the Akashic records to release some karma after my karmic soul mate relationship finished its course. People wanted $250 for a reading and were booked weeks out. I figured “hell, they’re open to everyone right? Why don’t I just go in there myself and take care of it?” So I did. I went into deep theta state meditation and went right in to the records and took care of everything. I didn’t know that wasn’t something people can just do.

    It’s funny reading some of the generalized stuff about Andromedan star seeds and finding stuff to be true – like being skinny and having a hard time putting on weight, or having a hard time not daydreaming of other places or whatever – because really that could be a lot of people. But when I identify with EVERY bullet point, including just accessing the Akashic records like it’s no big deal – I’m pretty sold on Andromeda as my home world. Thanks for the great summary!

  89. Mike

    p.s. I used to be an underwater videographer, shooting all kinds of scuba footage all over the world. You’ve got to be technical and scientific enough to run a shoot in an unnatural human environment – and creative enough to make watchable videos out of it. Honestly – what else would an Andromedan do with their life, right?

  90. Corina

    Wow, I knew I came from somewhere else. Never fit into anything around me, always wondered why people are not interested in the soul, rather than just the physical plane. I know I’m a healer, I came here to heal people. It’s almost like an obsession, I know there’s gotta be a way to heal the physical, mental body!! Also, I just want to see humanity happy, healthy and thriving!!!
    I wasn’t sure why I was so different, now I know where I came from!

  91. Renata

    Thank you so much for these articles! I loved reading them all!!
    I can relate to all of the starseeds, which makes me think that I might have experienced them all at some point. I could relate a bit more with your description of Andromedan starseed. Even though, one lady told me I was an Arcturian starseed, but I never strongly connected to that one. While I was receiving Access Bars, I had a vision of the light being coming to me and whispering my name, and saying Andromeda. I had no idea what all that was, but after I read this article, it made more sense. <3

  92. GG

    Yes, I resonate strongly with this.

  93. Lord Roy Storey

    Hi thank you for your most informative article I’ve always known I AM an old soul and I’ve always loved Ancient civilisations such as Sumeria, Atlantis, Lemuria & Pangea especially now I know and understand why. I Achieved Self Realization on May 21st 2020 and AM now well on my way to full Ascension with MY Higher God Self “Ra”. IP didn’t even know I was on the Spiritual path until I achieved Self Realization and then I just knew and re-remembered that I’d been on the Spiritual path both Subconsciously, unconsciously and more importantly Subliminally MY whole life. Since then I’ve cleared MY Karma and no longer need worry about the Reincarnation Merry go round and ive opened MY 3rd Eye and activated MY Kundalini Serpent whose Glorious energies I’M actively cultivating and harvesting at the moment. I’m also An Empath, Alchemist and natural Savant. I’ve always known k was A star seed but never knew exactly which one until reading your article feeling it resonate within in ME and now j know! Many thanks! AMUN-RA Out!🙏

  94. Gabriela

    Can ou Tell me If Alpha Centaurus has something to do with Andrômeda??? (Sorry for my english)

  95. Sushmita

    Yes , I am one among you and I’m glad that I am so . Its difficult at times , but I proudly stand my ground and am ready to heal mother earth .

    1. El Allen

      I recently, maybe a year ago; found out I am in fact Andromedian, but I also been sirian in my past lives as well, at least two differ times, but my primary is Andromedian, I’ve carnated there more times than I can count. I want to know how to get on track and find myself find out my Andromedian mission.
      Maybe even contact my Andromedian guides and fam to get a better innerstanding of things.

  96. Dhiyora

    Literally cried of joy while reading this. I resonate with every single one of these and looking back on my childhood etc things make so so much more sense now e.g I struggled with self love and now I’m a confident woman stepping into my power! Thank you so soo much ❤️ PS Getting a starseed tattoo soon lol!

  97. Joanna

    Thank you so much. I recently found out that I am from Andromeda and was looking for information to find out as much as possible. This post is wonderful – the whole truth about my life and me. I live in Poland and the fight for awakening continues. I try to help in it. Now with even more happiness and commitment. Thank you.

  98. Sabrina

    Thank you for explaining. I have discoverd that I am a Andromedan starseed. Someone who does healings told me I am one. Wich makes me feel so relaxed, that I finally belong somewhere. (Black sheep of the family, never felt like I belonged in my family) But I’m still not sure maybe someday I will be, still new at this❤

  99. Manuela


    I have a question if anyone has an answer to it.
    Do Andromedans also appear as golden-shining entities?

    Btw, thank you for the beautiful article.

  100. astrid

    Thank you for this valuable information. I know I am an Andromedan. 3 nights ago while I was falling asleep the name Andromeda kept coming to me, and I thought ok I will look into that in the morning, I forgot, next night same thina and in morning I forgot again. Then next night my partner suggested we watch Nova and it was about the Andromedan Galaxy and I instantly remembered, did some google search, found you and watched your video! Hi sister!!! So excited about this journey!

  101. Jacqueline Pergolizzi

    Hi Julia,
    I just read a little about you today. I had a 6 1/2 year relationship with my soulmate who I believe was an Andromedian Starseed.
    He passed away Dec 18th 2020. I’m sick without him and he definitely fits the description in your article.
    I love learning about this stuff.
    I’d love to meet you one day.
    Thank you in advance for sharing all this information.
    Respectfully yours,
    Jacqueline Pergolizzi

  102. Mary

    Grazie per l’articolo bellissimo! Ho fatto una canalizzazione e so di essere un andromediana…..tutti i segni che hai descritto mi appartengono …sono un insegnante, amo la libertà e il mare gli animali in particolare gatti . Amo l’Egitto, i cristalli , la musica e l’arte Sto lavorando sulla mia autostima, con meditazione e radicamento, e grazie al tuo articolo so che siamo davvero tanti su Madre Gaia ❤️

  103. Hobby

    I am an andromedan.

    But I have also been on Orion and Polaris.

    I have always known that there was something important that was going to happen in the near future and that the balance of earth will change into something breathtakingly beautiful.

    Blessings to you, your twin and all the starseeds working on raising mother Gaia and all her children to glory.

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful article.

  104. Vicki aka Aydhen

    I just had an Akashic reading today and she told me I was from Andromeda. She said look it up and you’ll know. I just read your article and it’s totally 100% spot on like me exactly! So much of it resonated with me. My cosmic name is Aydhen (pronounced I-dean). It means starlight. I am here on a mission to help heal the world, which I’ve known for years. This was such a great description and I embody an Andromedan proudly. Thank you.

  105. Adam

    Hello fellow Andromedan 😊 your explanation rings true. For years I questioned my soul origin always knowing it wasn’t human from my first encounter of et’s watching over me as a young child. Much confusion in my teens led to considerable questions I found answers to in spiritual groups and was fortunate to have been given guidance from respected mediums, the gifts I have this time round that I’ve been aware of since childhood no longer frightened me into my 20’s and for the last 30 years I am most settled accepting who & what I am although I feel I don’t use the gifts to their potential but I’m also ok with that.
    Would love to meet other mission realmers
    Love n light

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  106. Richie Reyes

    Hi, my name is Richie Perez Reyes from Cebu City. Philippines. I have been having this weird feelings for years now and I wasn’t so sure if I was the only one experiencing this. I always feel like though I’m living my life just like a normal human, there are times that I would feel like I am different, like I was born somewhere outside the earth. I have this tremendous care towards earth and humanity and I always feel sad whenever people are oppressed especially by the people in the higher-ups like the Government. I always have this goal to help anyone in my own little way without asking something in return. I also love traveling which helps me to meditate and re-energize my soul. Sometimes I am confused though about my true purpose here on earth. I am a member of LGBTQ and my goal is anything that’s best for the humanity. I have a lot to say but for some reason I am running out of words. I would love to consider my self as an andromeda starseed. Manifesting <3

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Richie, thanks for sharing your story! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  107. Katie

    Hi, I’m just wondering can a normal psychic find out if you’re a star seed? Or do you have to go to a certain kind? I made contact with a dark blue skin alien through meditation, he says he was from Andromeda. His name was Zanfar, he also brought a female (I forget her name) and she was very curious about me. Zanfar revealed to me that their hybrid race from another planet is on Earth already. Sorry if this sounds completely unbelievable, but it’s what I experienced! I’m curious if I am a star seed from Andromeda.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Katie!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  108. Libby

    I’m a bit overwhelmed but mostly with joy and gratitude.
    This is all still fairly new to me and its happening really fast.
    I’ve been waking up over the past few years and, I just heard the term starseed the other day upon researching something related to ascension. I came across all this information and data by accident, but I’m guessing it wasnt really an accident now.
    This starseed type really stuck out to me for multiple reasons I wont go into here.
    I’m really grateful to have found this article and appreciate all of you for being here.
    I’m going to meditate on this later in hopes that I can connect with my starseed family!
    I pray the universe blesses you all and all the lives you touch!
    Until we meet again!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome, Libby. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  109. Rebecca

    Star seed this, star seed that.. (totally enraptured by the thought as it makes so much more since of my life and childhood…

    Reptilian what? And why are we magnets for bullies? Thieves?

    I’m just beginning to Come into my own in this idea.
    I’m curious how star seeds relate to humanity… in general
    Are reptilians human incarnate…
    Is all humanity alien inCarnate, here to just fight another planetary race outside their universal zone?

    Where does plain simple humanity fit in?

    You know..


    What is the big picture?
    What is the purpose.

    We are here to help who exactly?
    Alien human half breeds?
    new star seed seekers?

  110. Andrea

    Oh my god..I’m crying..I believe that I’ve found my star family (Andromeda) 💙

    I’ve just recently done more exploration into what type of starseed I am and I suddenly came across your YT video about starseeds and now this post.

    I still don’t know much abt starseeds but the fact that I’m feeling overwhelmed signifies there is a resonance and a remembrance.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  111. Bente

    Hi. I think im andromedian to. I feel so lost in this world and can’t understand why people are so mean. But can we be some kind of hybrid? andromedian and mintaka feels both right for me

  112. Leni

    Dear Julia, amazing article. I match all Andromeda traits. I am 65 and my life is a bliss. I discovered all traits naturally, although it took me years. Spent 25 years in an office but in my career I had a lot of freedom. When that was restricted, I started my own business in 2009. I am retired now and lately discovered my artistic side, wrote a book , musician for quite some time, painting and drawing. Now on a spiritual path, wondering what future will bring……thank you for the insight. Love Leni

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  113. Taylor

    I feel so much confirmation from this article. When reading this I just felt that every point was talking about me. And to be honest I had suspected before reading this that I was from Andromeda and the biggest of the confirmations was how you described it as a planet mostly covered in water… Just the way I saw it when I first started remembering!!! Reading this I looked back on some events in my life and realized they made so much more sense now.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  114. Arta

    Thank You Julia for what you do. Yours youtube video give me a lot answers and sometimes more questions. You inspired me to be me (Andromeda) and alow others to see it. This is amaizing.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  115. Sofia Misha

    I looked up 3 of the star seed types so far..and read them all.. I resonate with all of them. I’m wondering if I’m potentially some type of hybrid..??

    1. Julia Lundin

      It could be that you have incarnated in many different star systems. I recommend and their soul origin reading to find out which one if you are unsure

  116. Julia Lundin

    Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  117. Terribilis eSt locus iste

    Hello, thank you for the info. When i was on my 21 years of age, i made a scholar trip, after some days with the group i leave them and ended up on Paris alone 2 days and 3 nights, that was my awakening, i felt on a different reality, i was protected (i feel that), but very confused, during that time i was in comunication with voices that i can listen in my head, but one thing very important, that i no longer forgot, was, they told me, we and you are nomads, we travel the space. At that time, i didn’t know the meaning of nomad. I’m 45 know, my life since then, was on the purpose of knowledge and love, i have a thirst for knowing, but i didn’t start yet making what i have to do on this planet. Love and knowledge is the best weapon against these dark/negative/psycopatic beings. Love for all of you.

  118. Melissa

    I was pretty sure I was but after reading I’m
    Convinced! Thankyou . The description fits me to the last letter

  119. Jackie

    Hello, I have known all my life that I was not pure human. My experiences as a child told me that I was destined for more, a mission I must complete, on earth.. I have recently been receiving a lot of mental information and this morning, during meditation, I had contact with my Andromedan family.. I have felt a kinship with Andtomeda for years…my human condition has bogged me down over recent years, taken hold of me, causing negativity within me… But I fought back, even lower dimensional beings tried to take me, I fought them.. And I won.. During this earth time where these lower vibrational beings have been trying to take over Humanity, I have been spreading love, joy and compassion to all beings… It has not always been easy, but my inherent knowledge has supported me… I love all Nature, ALL BEINGS… the Andromedan description is all me…
    It is time… I had confirmation from my Andromedan family this morning, my path is true, all of us in human form are a kind of experiment, to see if we can change the course of Humanity for the better.. We have the power, through Love, Compassion, Justice, Respectfulness, Kindness… I have been very suppressed as a human being through experiencing trauma from other humans in my life. But I walk forward now, the world is far brighter today… I believe as a human, I needed to experience these things, to be able to understand the true path of Humanity….all has been confirmed and revealed again to me…my only wish is to spread Love and Compassion… For all beings here on this beautiful earth.

  120. Neroli

    Thank you and hi. I have known who I am for about a decade now, but I felt quite alone in that knowledge. This is beautiful and affirming thank you, and I feel so comforted by knowing there are others, aside from my twin star…

  121. denia

    Part 2

    A couple of more things, Andromedans are kind of elf like, they’ll have elf-like ears or they’ll have large ears. No joke. haha. They also have a high sense of morality and anxiety about following the rules even though they dislike authority. Andromedans will very likely do things with great enthusiasm and care that are unique to humans, like design, architectural engineering, fashion design (think of haute couture and other costume like fashion, not always ready-to-wear). They have a lot of respect for planet earth, and they have a lot of anxiety because being human is actually extremely difficult, we are very unlike sentient life forms on other planets. On the one hand, Andromedan want very much so to ingratiate themselves in very human like activities, but will also deeply feel how futile it is to be involved in what is, in actuality, of no importance. They’re living oxymorons.

  122. AT

    Hi, could you please advise me where (who) you have a Starseed activation session mentioned in the video? Can be remote?

  123. Question Mark

    Um thank you for the read. I honestly have no clue why I’m here. Someone told me I should be an Andromedan due to all the signs she was seeing in me and hence why I searched for it. I personally even find it hard to believe in these kind of non-supported stuff but almost all the signs told about these people matches with mine too, even in this article except that I need to always be in the middle (but not involving) of the civilization to feel well and I am very much for science and vaccines and etc. Also I got very confused with a lot of the terms you used such as Reptilians. Are these … races (?) in a hyerarchy in that other realm you spoke of? And if yes, then why are some of them hostile to one another evidently if all of them are supposed to be made of light? And then, are you saying that the human race doesn’t really exist and we’re all aliens that got born here? Then what are animals? I’m just so confused about all this. And not like irl it’d help me to find out if I am this or not since all I want to know would then be what I’d be able to actually do here with or without those titles.

  124. Pat

    I broke a lot of ground with dealing with trauma and shadow work. I went through an ego death, and I feel I am becoming my True self. Because of this, maybe I am tapping in to my spiritual gifts? I originally was searching for answers as to why I am intensely receiving energy from others. Some people when around them makes me feel like I’m cradled with this warm electrical shower. It releases tension and all worry. These people I interact with are all the ones I get along with. Anyhow, there is also my ability to know when things are about to happen. They are random things and some of them aren’t of any use. But I don’t know how to harness it . The other one that surprised me was my ability to take a role I didn’t know I possessed. In the process of dying of my grandmother, I rose out of my fear and became the one to direct everyone in hopes to calm the energy for my grandmother to transition. I felt so responsible to help my grandmother who by this in the last moments of her life. I knew the importance of creating a moment of peace for her to easily let go. I felt the shift and could imagine the energy as it became something else? I don’t know how to describe it. Sorry for the long message. This showed me that I wasn’t a weak person, but within me I had the ability to help others and be a guide? So now I am much more confident in a humble way. I struggle with gender identity on a deep level. I don’t feel feminine and not necessarily masculine. When I see myself it is human but more childlike and other worldly. I also have once had a deep experience where I was in a place that was pure light. I could feel the way things would be seen but not in a visual sense. It was as if my ability to see this world was through vibration or energy charge. These beings I felt had human like quality but there wasn’t a distinct physical attribute . There shape was created by warm light. This place was like a gate of rainbow color and translucent shimmer. Apparently something I said while in this state was I could feel the pain of all the people in the world. Lastly, I have said and always felt this” I feel like a stranger in a strange land, and I’m just visiting and observing”. I sm starting to understand multiple consciousness within myself. I feel one is deep and the other is the network of biological processes that keep me alive. Anyhow, my mom has always said I was a star child so that is why I am here. Looking for answers .

  125. Gregory Anderson

    Wow this article sparked my attention because I been looking for answers my whole life, I felt like I was crazy I always saw things in people nobody else did, I especially felt out of place almost all the time, I was very emotional as a child cried a lot whether happy or angry sad didn’t matter and I was wasn’t afraid to be emotional, one thing I did to control them was be involved with aquariums I love the oceans lakes rivers and streams I live aquatic life I crave the sounds and the sun off the water I love the smell. I never understood why, I always was told my instincts and intuition were above normal and my senses were heightened I never want bad for people even the ones that did harm to me I can handle myself but would only inflict harm as a last resort I have been more calm as of late and my anger and frustration seems to be lessened lately and after reading this I understand why I’m bound to the old ways and like and feel what I do why I need the sun and to be in the open thank you I do believe finally I know why I am here and what I really am and am profoundly grateful for this article
    Thank you!!!

  126. Emma

    OMG!! So I reconnected in a big in 2012 ~ but I never asked where I came from, with all in information I received ~ I just asked “andromeda” googled – found this page…. This article wildly accurate 🙏✨✨ thank you ❤️

    1. Emma

      Wanted to elaborate a bit ~ when I woke up it was INTENSE, but very particularly I perceived in vibration (particle form) and started to recognise it as science (like from school physics) I was given updates on my physical body changing structure etc… everything I have learned I have experienced (i recieve through experience and then ground understand and integrate) I understand from energy to manifestation and was always shown the science side – my particular interest has been with the body and understanding how to heal it – and see the energy and how it works, and have that science understanding at the same time!
      It’s cool because now I can actually understand quite complex science without any university type education. Also the other things I was taken towards was ancient technology and shown how it works etc…

      Shown the times we are in and that it’s not about money, that there are beings that understand humans more than we do ourselves, and keep ppl in a low state of awareness. I was shown things from a world perspective and what was to come…
      Down to the vaccines – blew me away that it’s all been unfolding!!

      So thank you for sharing, first page I have come across since the ten mins ago receiving andromedas (I actually don’t know anything about), and it really resonating 🙏🙏

  127. Rosanna

    One thing that got me from this list or another list is made me realize I’m andromeda (I think it’s called Andromedean).
    I healed without blood transfusion from meningitis. Which its common with this type starseed, they able to heal on own way easily.
    Also name itself is always been familiar to me, like I knew this name very well. And I often hear from others I can be very creative but also very analytic and very curious to science/mystery/history.

    I’m proud to be Andromedean 😀

  128. Rovi.Elle

    Yes I know I am from Andromeda galaxy because a few years ago even before hearing the galaxy name…I channeled for my friend and I. Her true name was revealed to her and I wrote it down. But I was also given the name Andronela from Andromeda. I didn’t know what these words meant until I researched a few months down the track and found the galaxy. Now I communicate and meet with my Andromedan family that visit me at home every now and again…It’s pretty out there!

  129. Terry B. Ford

    My ears are ringing right now lol. I had a reading and I find out I was an Andromedan starseed light worker. I’m violet with indigo traits. I believe I’m also Arcturian. Anywho! I love learning about this stuff! Thank you so much for sharing this great info to help me learn more about myself!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  130. Mary

    OMG, I am crying right now. Thank you 🙏🏻 Everything is more clear now. 💖

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  131. Whitney

    I would love to learn more about the Andromedan and Reptilian enemies thing.
    I have sensed this fo years but this is the first I’ve actually heard.
    Is there anywhere to learn more about this?

  132. Tamara

    Hi there!

    From the beginning, I felt like Andromedan, but I wasn’t that sure, until I checked my fixed stars in my birth chart!

    So now I know for sure!
    Thank you for sharing!

    God bless you💕
    light & Love

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing Tamara! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  133. l

    thanks for writing this, julia! it was nicely informative and easy to digest, which is something i really appreciate, being a super newbie. hoping you and yours are doing well!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  134. Rogier(Rainbow) van Ritbergen

    From a young age I already discovered I was different from other children more wise but also more sencetive to forces and people around me that closed me of from negativities that were overwhelming so that it looked like I was outhistic some doctors even tried to indicate me with that but by closer inspection and analyse came out I wasn’t at all (high intelligent and being heyoka emhath) aware of diverse past lifes ,having healing abillities and drawing on the age of four years old a complete flower with its various segments while othe children that age only draw circles and name it a flower. ,my first understanding in my search which was more familiar is the term indigo star child but was this not quite clear by what means untill people start talking about starseeds and their various types of starseeds on which I could not vigure out what type as it looks like a mixture of pleiadian, lyrian and arcturian untill I heared about andromedan it fell all in place to where I actually came from. My love for nature need for peace and harmony with others the urge to teach others about our holistic and spiritual nature for which I choose to study bio-dynamic gardening accourding to R Steiner’s teachings at one of his schools de warmonderhof ,and my few to how politics and economics should be ,triving for a non capitalistic whealth based society and live in oneness to practice dharma on a large scale .

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for sharing your story! 😊 Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  135. Maris

    Hola! Soy semilla andrómeda! Mi familia andrómeda me dió un lindo mensaje canalizado por una chica, me hizo llorar! Ahora entiendo todo. Mis comportamientos, mis tristezas. Extraño mi familia, mi lugar! Pero entiendo porque estoy aquí ! Ellos me felicitaron por ser tan valiente y venir! Gracias x este artículo

  136. Raelene

    Thank goodness I’ve finally found who I am ..this makes perfect sense. Thankyou lovely xxx

  137. Faye

    Hi, Julia. Thank you for all the information regarding starseeds. I was not aware that this information existed. I have always felt out of place even with my family and have not felt a sense of belonging anywhere. I have always worked in service positions helping others. I answered yes to 9 of the 10 traits for Andromedan. Thank you and many blessings.

  138. Faye Roman

    Hi, Julia. Thank you for all the information regarding starseeds. I was not aware that this information existed. I have always felt out of place even with my family and have not felt a sense of belonging anywhere. I have always worked in service positions helping others. I answered yes to 9 of the 10 traits for Andromedan. Thank you and many blessings.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  139. Sue

    Hi Julia,
    I am Andromedan via Mintaka.
    After Mintaka was destroyed I decided that Andromeda was the next best fit for me because of my love for my Dolphin friends and water. I was born on an island in this third dimension, and I try to visit my island home when I can.
    You taught me today something about my ego…I realized too that I don’t have any! This may be causing me not to bring a special gift I have to the world because I feel somehow that it is not a big deal so pushing this gift into the spotlight is difficult. I also feel the Reptilians do a lot to sabotage my endeavors like suddenly blocking my content.

  140. MMM

    Andromedans are not 3D beings like everything else here or worse even when they incarnate here, that’s why they are unique and very high vibrational, they carry their vibration to some extent on earth, its very difficult for them to match Earth frequency, additionally they can awaken here on this plane. Also, being a starseed or other being doesn’t depend on a “feeling”, you either are one or not, surely it doesn’t come from so called forced imagination or symptoms like seriously….

  141. Stacey Kaze

    I am a 7th dimensional Andromedan light being. Sent here to assist with the great awakening. Would love to connect with others 💕✨🕊️♾️

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  142. Robyn

    Thank you Julie 🙏💖. Definitely my aha moment … enternally grateful!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! 😊

  143. Jenn Millen

    Hi Julia! Thank you for this lovely post! I’ve been doing a deep dive in finding out which starseed I am and realized I am indeed a fellow Andromedan starseed!! Nice to meet you!! This is me to a tee and I found so much joy and gratitude reading this so thank you 🙏🏽 . I’m obsessed with the ocean and nature and my favourite marine animal is a dolphin🐬 !! I’m also so obsessed with ancient Egypt and Atlantis. If you saw my book shelf you would laugh! I’m also an entrepreneur and love travelling. Very balance feminine masculine energies. Even the signs about past partners and friend groups. It’s just crazy. I’m so happy. Everyday day as I do more research and inner work learning and remembering who I am, I feel like I’m closer to my true path and have known for so long that I have a big mission here on earth and this path year I have figured it out and this post has just confirmed it all even more. I have been searching for answers for awhile and I feel like now, all my questions are being answered! I have done Ayahuasca and mushroom ceremonies that have connected me with my past lives in Egypt and Atlantis. I’ve even taken a stroll into the Akashic Records for Horus which was wild. And now learning to see all of this on my own with no crutches. Harnessing my inner powers. I’m an empath as well and everyday my abilities and gifts are getting stronger. I feel like I’m also drawn to mediumship and when I was a kid i feel like I didn’t live in this reality, I would see spirits. Always was and has been a wanderer. I was telepathic with my mom when I was a young young child. I lost my gifts when I turned 10 because I think I was living too much out of this world so I had to learn to live in this reality and now that I have. I am 30 now and I’m well on my way of my mission here on earth!!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  144. Jeremy Sims

    I have never felt completely at home with family or friends. I haven’t understood why I didn’t fully fit in. People would still invite me to things and seek out advice but I was never the coolest kid in the room and I didn’t really like the attention. I like working in the shadows but I haven’t felt worthy to be the voice or face of things unless I’m forced to do so. I literally have said so many times that people wouldn’t care about what I have to say so I try to limit my words. I had a past life regression a few weeks ago and found out that my home was in the stars. Everything is lining up to figure out who I am and hopefully there will be more clarity to completing my work on earth. Also, people on earth really grind my gears but I do want to help them. Supposedly my twin flame is also a runner and I just received a video call from her on Friday but she said it was a little kid who accidentally called. She’s not trying to talk unfortunately but hopefully one day that will change. Much love to you all!! I look forward to seeing you all again when we make it home back to Andromeda!

  145. Thomas

    Thank you for helping me on my journey to discover who I truly am. Now that I know I’m going to do my best to help those around me discover there true meaning on this earth. Thank you for all that you do and much love to you and those around you.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  146. Birna Bjornsdottir

    Thank you for this knowledge it opened many doors for me! I never felt to belong on earth
    Now I know why. I’m an Andromedan and it was shown to me as a kid. Still just last year everything became clearer to me.
    My meaning an purpose on this planet..

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  147. stanley

    have you ever heard of agnihotra, part of the five fold path?

    stay safe, fellow star seeds

  148. Jenny Hansen

    Still not sure what to do with my lineage! I have been contacted by 5 different groups: Aldebaran, Arcturian, Pleidian, Sirian, and Andromedan. I am some sort of coordinator, although I have not worked with any of the groups formally here. Thanks for the article, I appreciate the insights from my far-flung home…

  149. Elaine

    I most definitely resonate. I was told by two people that I am one but didn’t have the chance to research until recently. I am also a twin flame Heyoka Empath amongst other things. Very interesting article. Thank you very much.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you! 💜

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