About Julia

“Working with Julia is super inspiring, fun and productive. Julia is a highly driven coach that really engages with her clients. She is very warm, personal and a good listener. I have only been working with Julia since this Summer, but she has already motivated me to do some life-changing decisions. She pushed me to challenge my biggest fears and she has given me the courage to do so. I’m living my dream now, I’m happier than in a long time and I have a lot of that to thank Julia for. ”


My Story

I haven’t always travelled the world working from my laptop.

I was stuck in low paying office jobs for years working with digital marketing and felt so trapped and miserable.

Being an introvert and HSP, I felt so drained every day after work, that I barely socialised at all. I would just go home, eat, watch TV and sleep. 

My big dream was to get a job at Google. I started studying the Law of Attraction and it didn’t take long before I manifested a job at Google!

I was over the moon. Finally, I will be happy and fulfilled!

Or so I thought. After a month I just wanted to leave.

Now she’s just being ungrateful. How could she want to quit a job that includes unlimited food and sleeping pods?!

I was surprised too. But I realized that true happiness doesn’t come from company perks.

I didn’t feel FULFILLED – I hated my job and having other people telling me what to do. We weren’t allowed to work remotely, so I felt just as trapped as in previous office jobs.

I felt so lost. Ever since I was a little girl, my biggest dream had been to work at Google. Now what?

I came across the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. He was travelling the world, working from his laptop. And he was only working a few hours per week. Now that is what I call work/life balance!

I quit my job at Google and decided to backpack through South America, working as a freelance translator. Goodbye forever, the corporate world!

I failed.

It was so hard to find remote opportunities and I had zero motivation to work, so I ended up spending all my money. I had to return to my hometown Stockholm, and I got an office job.

If you’ve been to Sweden in Winter, you know it can be dreadful. It’s only light outside for a few hours. I woke up 7am and went to work when it was pitch-black. And when I walked home after work 6pm it was dark again.

I was miserable. However, my crappy situation really motivated me to leave the rat race for good and to do it right this time.

Figuring out how to become a digital nomad became my obsession. I read all the books, took all the courses, read all the blogs – everything I could find. I started freelancing on the side as an online Swedish teacher and a translator.

Eventually I was making just enough to be able to quit my job and live cheaply in Southeast Asia. I booked a one-way ticket to the digital nomad hub Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was so inspiring to be around successful digital nomads.

I got so many ideas, and I tried everything from creating a dropshipping store, a social media agency to community management. I found it hard to stay motivated, because I didn’t really enjoy it.

So I asked myself: what would I do if money wasn’t a thing?

Help other people live a life of purpose and freedom too. So I started this blog, and I never had trouble staying motivated again.

2019 I met my twin flame Stef, a cute digital nomad and entrepreneur, in the Canary Islands and we fell in love. 

Now we are travelling the world together as digital nomads, and I have never in my life felt so fulfilled and happy.