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Meet Julia

  • Julia is a world-renowned spiritual teacher from Sweden, who quit her job at Google to pursue her dream of becoming a digital nomad.
  • She has been to 50+ countries while running her successful company The Spirit Nomad, with 2.2 million YouTube views and a following of over 50,000 across her social media channels.
  • She is a Soul Meet Strategy certified Spiritual Coach
  • She is the founder of Nomad Freedom Academy, the most comprehensive program for starting a spiritual online business around your purpose.
  • Julia is certified in Transformational Yoga, from the respected GN Reiki Meditation Center in Nepal. A yogic system that synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation within the mind, body and spirit.
  • Julia is co-founder of Twin Flame Guides, one of the biggest twin flame brands in the world. Together with her twin flame Stef they teach you how to find The One. Their online school Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track has over 1500 members and their Youtube channel over 27k subscribers.
  • She has devoted over 10,000 hours of tireless writing and teaching to raise the vibrations of Earth, empowering millions to find their purpose so they can step into their power, freedom and abundance.

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My Story

I was stuck for years in dead-end office jobs working in digital marketing.

I would work the whole day, drive home, make dinner, watch Netflix, sleep and repeat.

I was miserable, but I thought that when I fulfill my dream of getting a job at Google I will be happy.

After climbing the corporate ladder for years I finally landed a job at Google, and I was over the moon.

FINALLY I will be happy.

Or so I thought.

It was a beautiful office, but again it was the same life:

Work all day, drive home, make dinner, watch Netflix, sleep and repeat.

No freedom to travel or decide my own schedule, and most importantly:

I didn’t feel FULFILLED.

I wanted to feel passionate about my work and make a difference in the world.

My soul was screaming:


So I quit…

I tried everything from creating a dropshipping store, a social media agency to community management and becoming a translator.

I found it hard to stay motivated, because I didn’t really enjoy any of it.

So I asked myself: 

What would I do if money wasn’t a thing?

My big passion is everything spirituality – meditation, yoga, navigating spiritual awakening, starseeds etc. So I started The Spirit Nomad blog and it was the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

I realised the secret to fulfillment is crazy simple – share your passion with the world!

So I created my flagship program Nomad Freedom Academy to teach other souls how to create an online business around their passion or purpose. You can join the program here.

“Working with Julia is super inspiring, fun and productive. Julia is a highly driven coach that really engages with her clients. She is very warm, personal and a good listener. I have only been working with Julia since this Summer, but she has already motivated me to do some life-changing decisions. She pushed me to challenge my biggest fears and she has given me the courage to do so. I’m living my dream now, I’m happier than in a long time and I have a lot of that to thank Julia for. ”