Are You An Orion Starseed? 10 Traits, Mission & Appearance

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”– Socrates

Discovering that you are a starseed can completely revolutionize your experience as a human being.

Suddenly the things that may have seemed confusing to you become clear and you gain a new level of self-understanding. This understanding leads to less stress and more confidence in the purpose of your existence on planet Earth.

Orion starseeds originate from one of the best known and most significant constellations in the universe. There are hundreds of stars within the Orion system, with Rigel and Betelgeuse being the two biggest.

Orion represents the tale of a brave hunter who was ultimately a victim of his own pride.

After reading this comprehensive article, you’ll have the answer to the following questions:

Am I an Orion Starseed, and if I am, what is my purpose?

orion starseed

Orion & the Orion Starseed

Before we get into everything you need to know about Orion starseeds, it’s helpful to know what a starseed actually is.

What is a starseed?

Starseeds are ancient beings from certain parts of the universe that choose to come to planet earth for a particular reason. They are deeply spiritual and connected to the pure field of consciousness from which all life forms are created from.

Starseed’s physical qualities are born out of their realization of self. This allows them to access deep reservoirs of knowledge that can help planet Earth and all of its inhabitants remember their true nature as spiritual beings in physical bodies, and therefore raise the vibration of the whole planet.

“Doing little things well is a step toward doing big things better.”

– Vincent Van Gough

The planet Earth is undergoing great transformations in the modern age.

For this reason, the wisdom and guidance of starseeds are highly beneficial. Humans have become so preoccupied with the external circumstances of their planet that they need help to reconnect with their spiritual nature. 

The constellation of Orion is thought to be responsible for the development of many advanced societies. It is said that within these societies, advanced technology was used to control the thoughts, emotions, and spiritual aspects of the beings.

As these beings became increasingly disillusioned by the constraints put on them in the Orion societies, there was a growing desire to leave the Orion incarnation cycle. This desire manifested itself into the possibility to escape Orion’s shackles and enter Earth’s incarnation cycle.

Many Orion’s carried the trauma of their experiences, which were deeply embedded in their subconscious minds.

Regardless of whether they have come to realize it yet, Orion starseeds have an important role to play on planet Earth. They are here to inspire humans to get back into alignment with source energy, and the Universe.   

Planet Earth’s physical dimension presents starseeds as 3D beings, so Orion’s closely resemble humans in terms of appearance and mannerisms.

The disguise is so convincing that many Orion starseeds themselves get lost in the drama of the world, and forget their true nature.

Orion starseeds continue to teach and inspire humans even when they are unaware of their origins as spiritual beings.

Orions are focused on improving their surroundings, and helping others to fulfill their worldly potential. They balance spirituality with practical action, and for this reason, many people admire their ability to manifest results in the physical realm.

If you think you may be an Orion starseed and want to raise your vibration to share your gifts and knowledge more effectively with the world, you might find this video I made helpfully. 

The Common Qualities & Traits of an Orion Starseed  

Here are ten strong signs that you are an Orion starseed:

  • You think logically

When it comes to making a decision, you like to think through all of the facts and made a calculated judgment.

You lean towards listening to your head, rather than your heart.

Orion starseeds possess a great understanding of the mind. They are aware of the power of decision making and using the information to navigate their journey through life on this planet.

  • You enjoy challenges and completing tasks

You thrive under pressure. Your emotions don’t get in the way of getting things done.

Discipline comes quite easily to you. You are able to set goals and enjoy the process of gradually moving towards them.

You enjoy structure and planning things out meticulously to get the best results.

Intellect provides you with solutions to any roadblocks that may greet you on your journey.

You get great satisfaction from achieving what you set out to do. This is also evident in your ability to stick things out to the very end regardless of how you feel.

  • You have strong opinions

Due to your ordered nature and logical thinking, you believe wholeheartedly in your opinions.

This may cause tension between you and other people. This is unintentional on your part, as you genuinely can’t understand why the other person fails to share your well-thought-out views and beliefs.

Orion starseeds become most powerful when they realize that the world needs variety. It is not their job to convince others that they are right, but rather to lead by example and allow other points of view to co-exist with theirs.

  • You seek knowledge

You feel most fulfilled when you are learning new things.

You may hold the belief that through knowledge, you can find the answers to many of, if not all of life’s questions.

This love for learning leads you to many varied interests, and others admire you for your knowledge on a wide range of topics.

  • You have relationship issues

Just like Pleiadian starseeds, you are prone to struggle with relationships. However, the reason why you struggle is very different.

Pleiadian starseeds struggle because they are “fixers”, putting their partner before themselves.

Orion starseeds struggle because of their logical thinking. A logical way of thinking may serve you well in professional and academic endeavors, but it can lead to friction in relationships.

Emotions aren’t of great importance to you, and partners may feel neglected because of this.

You struggle with people who make impulsive decisions based purely on their feelings, and this can make it hard for you to get close to another person.

  • You need plenty of alone time

Orion starseeds are sensitive beings, and therefore require time alone to process their thoughts and newly acquired logic.

When you spend too much time around other people, you start to feel stressed and the urge to retreat overcomes you.

You might feel that after a social situation, you must allow your mind to sift through the conversations and events that have occurred, to make sense of them.

Orion starseeds do enjoy being around others, especially if the conversations are intellectual and engaging. However, small talk and trivial matters tend to make them feel tired after a short time.

orion starseed traits

  • You have entrepreneurial tendencies

Money is not your ultimate driving force, but you have no problem creating financial abundance.

You are unlikely to spend money unnecessarily.

Instead, you prefer to invest wisely in tools that will help you expand your business, or improve your craft.

As someone who originated from the Orion constellation, you have deep-seated memories of the hardships faced by your beings. This drives you to inspire others to make good decisions that will secure their futures.

This is perhaps Orion’s most practical quality on planet Earth. Business ideas come to you and you use your logical mind to bring them to fruition.

  • You are compassionate

Although you are mainly concerned with logic and facts, you still care deeply about your fellow inhabitants on planet Earth.

This may drive you to invest your brilliant mind into activism, aiming to bring peace to the world.

Your past experiences in the Orion constellation have taught you what it is like for beings to be manipulated and to live in fear.

Therefore, you are blessed with an inherent desire to ensure that all beings on this planet are free as they possibly can be.

  • You have a great sense of humor

You use humor to escape the serious nature of your thinking mind.

You are blessed with razor-sharp wit and can make light of any situation.

You possess the ability to make groups of people laugh, and this draws them to you.

Orion starseeds use their logical minds to link things together and create humor out of the seeming absurdities of the world.

As the brilliant American writer Mark Twain once stated: “Laughter is the greatest weapon we have and we, as humans, use it the least.”

  • You are fiercely independent

girl in white dress

Orion starseeds don’t need the approval of others.

They trust their judgment and are happy to go it alone.

You may find yourself becoming agitated when someone else tries to advise you on your life path.

This is due to your inherent belief that only the individual truly knows what is best for them, based on the rationale of their past experiences and future predictions.

You are unlikely to join a large crowd or be influenced by peer pressure.

The only people you ask for advice are those who have gotten the results that you desire to achieve.

This independence and drive can be intimidating to less confident people. But to others looking for inspiration, it can ignite the spark that convinces them to go down their path and ignore the naysayers.

If you know that independence and being your boss is the best way for you to earn a living, you might find this article I wrote on digital nomad jobs useful.


Do Orion starseeds have a strong sense of ego?

Orion starseeds are unique beings. They are very aware of their duality, that is to say, they understand that a little ego is required to survive and function in the physical world. They, therefore, enjoy the competition and rise to the occasion when a challenge is presented to them.

For more information on the nature of starseeds and their relationship to life on planet earth, check out this article I wrote on the subject.

Why did Orion starseeds come to planet Earth?

Orion starseeds have deep reservoirs of knowledge, both about the physical world and the spiritual plane. It is thought that they came to planet Earth partly to flee the oppressive conditions of their societies, but this also coincided with Earth’s need for guidance in its formative period.

Orion starseeds can be extremely powerful teachers to other beings on our planet. They lead by example, and show that with perseverance and compassion, there’s no so-called “problem” that cannot be solved – and learned from.  

How do I know for sure where my starseed origin is?

In the video below you will learn everything you need to know about your starseed awakening including:

  • The answer to the common question “Am I a starseed or lightworker?”
  • How I found out my starseed origin and you can too
  • The most common starseed types and their common traits

Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel too as I post new starseed videos regularly.


The world can seem like an overwhelming place for Orion starseeds. But when they remember their true essence, all of their pain and confusion are transmuted into great strength and courage.

Orion starseeds provide much-needed inspiration to the inhabitants of planet Earth.

They are able to see solutions to all dilemmas and show people that they can live freely whilst still functioning within the parameters of societies and structures.

If you’re interested in gaining more insights into your starseed and purpose on this planet, you can download my free guide here on how to find your purpose in 2 hours.

Do you suspect that you are an Orion starseed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Jennifer Ransfield

    Thank you so much, yes I resonate definitely an Orion Starseed & love to learn more……please

  2. Jess

    Thank you for this. I always felt drawn to orions belt and recently looking into starseeds I decided to research the traits. Every-single-thing-you-said-was-true-for-me. So I sincerely appreciate this and aswell, feel a bit
    Violated xD but a relief to have answers to the ‘why’ of ‘me’ and how I was so different. So, again, thank you.

  3. Deanna

    Super cool read! I found this article after hearing that Starseeds have both marks shaped like the constellation they’re from! I have Orion’s Belt on my face 👀 & I resonate with every part of this article! Thank you for the confirmation ☺️

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m so happy to hear the article resonated with you 🙂

      1. Senga

        Hi I’ve witnessed something I can’t stop thinking about, I can’t tell anyone else incase they think I’m mad, but I have seen a warrior kind of figure in the sky around November 2021, I got scared and ran indoors, bit it was very clear and left me baffled

        1. Victoria

          Maybe You are Seeing Something that is there, Maybe in the 5th Dimension, but that the Great Majority of us in the third Dimension is unable to See with the Naked Human Eye.

  4. Stelio

    I have the Orion constellation on my face. Pretty sure I’m from Orion. So crazy!
    Help. More info please!

  5. Bani

    I’m so happy to find you! All these years I’ve been trying to explain to myself what it is that is different from others, and now I’ve found the answer … just to determine exactly which star seed I belong to. I go again to read everything you have selflessly prepared for us. thank you! this morning I woke up much happier than usual. thanks again!

  6. Healer124

    Thank you

  7. Fallback

    I have recently had my spiritual awakening and had a very specific dream which said “ anything that doesn’t resonate with orion doesn’t radiate” I still don’t fully understand this but I immediately searched the web and found out about orion starseeds and I swear being a scorpio, under the sun sign with the water element born under the year of the horse and an astrological number 9. Points me to Orion origins. I dug deep and it gave me goosebumps.

  8. Mikku

    After reading the article, everything seems connected .I don’t know what to do ,I have wisdom exploding in me ,when I try to teach or tell people about something they laugh and move on . Some times I feel why people are like this why they are not like me ,well I think I got my answers now ,thanks to the author.

  9. Chris

    An angelologist recently told me I’m an Orion… I researched and it fits like a glove. I’ve been doing astral travel for some time now, but never knew my true potential. My path is becoming clearer.

  10. Cyndi Lenz

    This totally resonated and also answered the question of why do I go outside every night and wave at Orion.

  11. anthony wilson

    i have orions belt exactly as it is in the night sky 3 white moles the 3rd being slightly off line and slightly smaller at the base of my left shoulder/neck..ive never ever felt part of this world and that my ‘parents’ were just guardians of my physical being.

    1. Anne

      Anthony, I too have freckles/tiny moles at the base of my neck on the left side that seem to be exactly like Orion’s belt and the nebula!

  12. Lanie

    Amazing – I knew from a young age that I was here for something bigger than myself. I also know 100% that I have walked through lives time and time again and am very averse to fear based life. Anyone that uses fear as a tool has been my enemy within seconds. If the person used threats to control me I left. I stared at the Orion constellation and always knew by just a glance where it was. I showed my husband this uncanny “trick” one day by closing my eyes, breathing and turning until I was positioned. I opened my eyes after I pointed up. And sure enough it was exactly where I pointed. I have a very cold, detached persona to many that some call arrogance due to my deep knowledge base and ability to obtain and retain information, similar to a computer. I dislike technology as I see that it is manipulated for control of thought and freedom. My love is Ancient Philosophy and Mythology and I can draw parallels easily. Thank you for writing all of this out.

  13. Brian

    Well, I actually remember coming from Orion. This was very problematic for me as a child because I thought everyone came here the same way as I did. Here is my story as I told it to my parents: My first memory is of standing on a spacecraft wing in space. I looked at my hands as I stepped into the canopy opening and sat down. The canopy closed over my head and I looked over my right shoulder to see the three suns of Orion’s belt they were massive in size and height so I was very close to them but still far away. When I turned to look forward there was a tunnel like object opening in front of the craft that had lights around it, the craft entered and exited simultaneously at the moon. The craft was surrounded in all directions by ships with plasma cannons pointed away from the stargate and into space. These craft seemed to be protecting the stargate from some type of menace. Once here, I remember the sun being very bright and seeing the moon and several other space stations around this earth creation. The craft went to the darkside of the moon and then I do not remember anything until I am in line in front of an entity with a very bright face that told me to show you the light. After that was said I was instantly ejected from the moon as a soul and sent to earth free falling. Once I made it through the atmosphere I was picked up in another craft and dropped through the roof and ceiling of my chosen parents home. Once in the kitchen I observed my new parents as they talked about moving. After, I accepted them I floated into my new mothers belly. Then I remember waking up in the hallway in a walker I couldn’t touch the ground in. At this point I was aware I had made it onto the planet as a human. I became aware at four months old and then things started getting weird. Because I thought everyone came here this way I naturally assumed we were all the same. I was wrong, very wrong. I was sent here to show you the light the man with the bright face told me to do that here. I’m not sure how to teach you the truth or even if the truth is the light he was referring to. People here are mean and evil. They do not see what is clearly in front of their eyes to see. I feel unduly burdened in my endeavors to help humanity and feel it is too late for you to understand now. What I have read here is true about me. These are my ways. Did I come from Orion? I do not know for sure. Did I leave an oppressive society? I do not think so, but I do not know. Did I speak with God or an Artificial intelligence? I do not know only that he had a bright face and I was not allowed nor could I manage to look at him directly, just as Enoch described. If you have any comments I would be happy to read them, except for the moronic one’s. Let me just answer those now. Your opinions don’t change facts, never will.

    1. itzel

      i am absolutely fascinated by this response, it gave me chills

    2. Alex

      Hey Brian, so what are you doing to better the world? Or do you just feel to burdened to utilize your Starseed gifts and abilities?

    3. Cindy

      That is amazing!! And thank you for trying to help humanity. I resonate with being a Pleadian Starseed, and feel so many people have no compassion and are mean. But there are people who do blow me away with how giving they can be. I am trying to remember! I wish I would. Do you remember any of your path lives? Or other journeys as a spirit?

  14. Cassie.

    I completely resonate with this! I’ve been drawn to the stars in Orion’s Belt my entire life. Whenever I look to those stars they feel like home to me. I talk to them and say hi regularly. I’ve never been able to explain my attraction and affiliation to those stars until now. I just
    googled “which beings originate from Orion’s Belt and found your article. You described me perfectly!! Thanks for your insights.

  15. Vijay


    Is there a way like minded Orions can connect with each other. Its easy for one Orion to understand another. What do you say?


    1. Maria

      Never comment or leave replays online. But this time i feel the strong feeling to connect with my family. Hi bros and ais…🤗

      1. Julia Lundin

        Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  16. hunter

    yuppp orion been calling my name for years now and i didnt even know… until now🤯 didnt even look up any other star seed.. i just knew.. orion. sheiosh

    plus my names hunter lmaooo

  17. Tammy

    Hi Julia,
    I just read my profile on Starseeds from Orion as I found out recently I’m from Beta Leporis so I wanted to find out about people from Orion and your blog came up in the search bar!!
    I am in awe at your accuracy!!
    I said YES out loud so many times at EVERY point u wrote bout Orion Starseeds as it described me to a tee!!!
    I laughed so much also at the humour in their traits as I so related to it all!!
    May I ask did u receive all your information via downloads from your spirit guides/Divine team?
    I’m just in awe at your accuracy!!
    Thank u with so so much gratitude for your insight and share. Truly invaluable to what u have provided 🙏❤️🧚🏼‍♀️😇🫶💃🏻
    Thank u from Australia!!🙏

    1. Maria

      I used your same expression before i read you but because i am not first language english i spelled wrongly hahahaha it just sound so strong in my head that even i didn’t know the spelling i decided to go with it.. described me to the tip 🤪

  18. Lala

    Like many, I seemed to arrive on Earth with a vast bank of knowledge I don’t remember acquiring. People don’t want to hear “wisdom” though, they want to see how you’ve assimilated it into your life. Part of incarnating on Earth requires learning the hard lessons of being human- then waking up and applying the wisdom you already have. The work is to remind people they are not the voice of the ego. They are part of Intelligent Infinity.

  19. George King Fernandez Ferrer

    Welcome, fellow Orion Starseeds. I am here to send a message that we have a mission while we are all here to claim that planet earth has out of focus and generation of technology has become a source of destruction. Instead, we need to implement LOVE to align h tune or center mind and heart to their highest self.
    George King
    Orion Starseed, AKA Old soul

    1. Rebecca

      When I was a child I would talk to Orion. Even if it was just a hello I had to have that moment. It gave me peace, made me smile, and made it easier to breathe somehow. It still does. There’s a familiarity there I never understood until recently when I discovered it was actually home. I was saying hello one evening and it just clicked. Then coming across your blog and everything describing me 100% confirmed what I’d come to believe. It feels good to be able to make those connections and know there are others like you. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Julia Lundin

        You’re welcome! 😊
        Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  20. Lisa Leach

    At age 22 right before my son’s birth I was reading the book of Job and as I read did not the Lord lay the foundation of the heavens the word ORION became magnified as large as the page itself so I looked up and said ok God I guess I’m gonna name this boy ORION and I did he was born in Corpus Christi Texas and 3 years later the city hired and artist to erect a monument the artist chose Orions arrow and my mother felt that this was some how linked to my son it does seem so to me my child never cried not even at birth just never it worried so I took him to see the doctor at. 6 months old but found nothing wrong he barely whimpered getting shots he was reading at 2 years old I was shocked told my dad he informed me that I was reading at 2 .I’ve always been drawn to the stars I’ve been reading tarot since 18 and feel only happy when I’m helping others animals too at 8 I felt sure my real father was on another planet and one day he would come take me home I even wrote a fairytale about it titled it STARCHILD imagine that

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing your story! 💜😊

  21. Maria

    This morning i sat for the first time in my new home terrace. I looked up and i said mentally… the starts…. i heard in my head… where you belong… where i belong?… orion. From where did i get orion. I know it exists but never watch videos or read about it at all….so i googled startseeds from orion and i just find out this article that describes me to the tip. I found my family ♡

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  22. Eternal spirit

    To all who truly feels like an alien first commer on earth is not alone im almost 39 and i feel that soon we orian starseeds can finally reside back to our indefinite spiritual form and life that truly feels right. No more of this world and the way we feel being here. I love all creatures and beings with pure love and loyal energies. The darkness is a must but can be understood so no fear or pain love and light

  23. Jacqueline

    I have been fixated on the Orion constellation for as long as I can remember. Now that I have awakened I am curious to know if I am a star seed (born in 1952) and if that star is in the Orion constellation

  24. Jacqueline

    I have been fixated on the Orion constellation for as long as I can remember. Now that I have awakened I have wondered if I am a first wave star seed (born 1952) and if so, if I am from a star in the Orion constellation.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

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