About The Spirit Nomad

If you…

  • Are you going through a spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul, and are wondering – where do I go from here?
  • Want to expand your consciousness and open up your psychic gifts
  • Are yearning for a life of more freedom and purpose so you can make an actual difference in this world
  • Want to manifest a life of YOUR dream, instead of living a life other people is expecting of you

Then you have come to the right place.

The problem is… You have no idea HOW.

You are asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I actually find out what my purpose in this life is?
  • Starseed, lightworker, earth angel, crystal child… Which one am I and how do I know for sure?
  • I can’t just leave my job and suddenly be a soulprener, how can I earn money spreading my light?

I help spiritual seekers like you step into their power and experience more freedom and purpose. You can read my story here.

So where do I start?

A good start is joining my email list here

It’s set up so you always get a gift. Currently, you get How To Find Your Purpose In 2 HoursIt’s a to-the-point guide on how to find out your soul mission in 5 simple steps.

Work With The Spirit Nomad

I’m open for:

  • Interviews on podcasts, articles, TV, radio etc
  • Writing guest articles on your webpage
  • Other collaborations

My favourite topics to talk about is spirituality, twin flames, starseeds and nomad life.

Email me at contact@thespiritnomad.com or connect with me on social media: