About The Spirit Nomad

If you…

  • Are you going through a spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul, and are wondering – where do I go from here?
  • Are yearning for a life of more freedom and purpose?
  • Want to learn how to truly love yourself or perhaps attract your soulmate? 

Then you have come to the right place.

The problem is… You have no idea HOW.

You are asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I actually find out what my soul’s purpose is?
  • How can I create more freedom and peace in my life?
  • I’m ready for my divine counterpart, but how do I actually attract them into my life?

I help souls like you find purpose, love and freedom through down-to-earth spiritual wisdom. You can read my story here.

So where do I start?

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It’s set up so you always get a gift. Currently, you get How To Find Your Purpose In 2 HoursIt’s a to-the-point guide on how to find out your soul mission in 5 simple steps.

Work With The Spirit Nomad

I’m open for:

  • Interviews on podcasts, articles, TV, radio etc
  • Writing guest articles on your webpage
  • Other collaborations

My favourite topics to talk about is spirituality, twin flames, starseeds and nomad life.

Email me at contact@thespiritnomad.com or connect with me on social media: