Are You A Lyran Starseed? 15 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Am I a Lyran starseed, and what is my purpose in the physical world?

After reading the information in this article you will have the answer to this key question.

You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately, you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.

– Eckhart Tolle

Finding out which starseed you are is a transformative experience.

It allows you to understand your purpose on earth, and gain a level of self-awareness which forms an unshakable inner peace.

Lyran starseeds are a rare starseed race that have existed long before the history books of this planet were first written.

Let’s begin!

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lyran starseed

The Lyrans And The Lyran Starseed

Before we get into everything you need to know about Lyran starseeds, what actually is a starseed?

What is a starseed?

Starseeds are essentially souls from alternate worlds that have chosen to incarnate on planet earth.

They are ancient souls who have deep spiritual wisdom, and have been dormant before choosing to share their gifts and knowledge with the beings of this planet.

Through spiritual awakening, starseeds activate their powers.

This process of connecting with source energy allows them to fulfill their Earthly purpose and bring chance to the reality of the planet, through action, compassion and teaching.

If you suspect that you are a starseed but want to know more about the subject, there’s a video I made below which explains it thoroughly.

What is the Lyran race?

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself. 

– Alan Watts

In the pivotal times which we face on our planet today, it’s become clear that we need help to navigate the unknown territories that change thrusts us into.

Now is the time for old souls to make their way from the depths of the universe to Earth and guide us through this transitional period with their pure spiritual wisdom.

The Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy.

Their knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as the element on fire.

They come from a number of planets that are linked with the Lyra star system.

They now exist in several different galaxies and thousands of different planets on dimensions all the way up to the 9th dimension.

These ancient humanoids are very humanlike in appearance, although many of the Lyran race have cat-like features and air about them. Others have more bird-like features.

They are said to have recently transitioned to this higher plane, which is one of the reasons they are interested in helping planet Earth evolve its consciousness.

The Lyrans appear to be the same as everyone else due to the physical nature of planet Earth, where everything is experienced as three-dimensional.

Lyrans are here to help us realize our true nature.

The Lyrans understand that the level of consciousness on planet Earth has an effect on every other part of the universe, as everything in intrinsically linked.

For this reason, they volunteer to come to our planet for the blossoming of creative energy.

girl watching stars

Common Lyran Starseed Traits

Below are 15 signs that you are a Lyran starseed incarnated as a human being:

  • You’re adventurous and not fearful of the unknown

Lyrans have an adventurous nature which makes them lack the fear of change.

You do not understand why some people around you seem to live in a state of constant fear of what tomorrow will bring.

The reason Lyran starseeds are confident and fearless is because they have a deep understanding of the transient nature of physical reality, based on their ancient wisdom.

This could mean that Lyrans feel alienated from the masses.

You may wonder why people get so upset about trivial things.

You understand that fear is a part of life, but you can CHOOSE to let it govern you or use it as fuel to push forward.

Maybe this adventurous nature will lead you to travel to gain experience.

If you feel the draw towards travelling, you may be interested in visiting some of the most spiritual places on earth to deepen your connection with your Lyran starseed self.

You might even be a bit of a daredevil and feel drawn to skydiving, climbing and other extreme sports.

girl climbing mountain

  • You come across as serious 

To people who might not know you very well, you can come across as aloof or serious, but as they get to know you they see you are actually sensitive and passionate about helping others and being of service.

  • You embrace your masculine energy

You are a “doing” person who like to go all in. This means you can easily excel at work, but also that you are more prone to burn out.

  • You feel that you have a purpose and you pursue it fearlessly

You may not know exactly what your purpose is, but you strongly feel that there is a reason for your existence on this planet.

This sense of purpose probably first materialized when you were a young child, born out of a deep curiosity.

“The main reason that Lyrans have such a strong sense of purpose is because they have recently reached a higher plane of existence, and are here to show the human of Earth how to do the same. This is essentially the Lyran starseed mission.”

Once Lyran starseeds know wake up to their mission, they pursue it fearlessly, and nothing can come in their way.

If you’re not sure what your soul’s path is, Soul Manifestation has a tool I think you will like.

  • You are a natural leader

Just like Pleiadian starseeds, you would make an excellent leader. And contrary to Pleiadians who tend to shy away from the spotlight due to self-worth issues, you actually LIKE to lead and spread your light.

You are assertive, and feel comfortable giving orders.

female president on the phone

  • You are drawn to the stars

Looking out into the vast emptiness of space at night is extremely enjoyable for you.

You might feel a sense of connection when stargazing, a deep spiritual bond that is difficult to express through words.

You feel a sense of inner peace when looking at the stars.

Doing so brings questions to your mind, and makes you curious about the nature of existence.

This connection to stars may manifest itself through an interest in astrology or science fiction, as you reconnect with your spiritual Lyran self.

lyran starseed

  • You are a problem-solver

Lyran starseeds are very solution-oriented and are good at getting things done, as you absorb information very quickly, like a sponge. It also helps that they are extremely intelligent.

  • You sense an underlying truth in art

When you watch a movie or listen to music, you feel that there is a deeper value than mere entertainment.

Maybe you feel strong emotions when a certain song plays.

This is because Lyrans see the beauty in every part of the universe, and feel a deep sense of connectedness to the creative energy that music, books and films are produced by.

  • You believe in human potential

You are optimistic about human nature.

You accept that there is good and bad in the world, but believe that humans have the potential to be much more than they are currently.

You get excited when people succeed, or try to better themselves.

This is a strong indicator that you are a Lyran starseed, because of the link that you feel to Humans and how strongly you want them to fulfill their potential.

girl holding fairy lights

  • People trust you and gravitate towards you

Like Pleiadian starseeds, Lyran starseeds have a quiet confidence about them which humans naturally gravitate towards.

This doesn’t mean you look for attention – quite the opposite in fact.

It means that you are self-assured, and people trust you because they can sense the deep wisdom within you, even though they may not know that in terms of feeling rather than knowledge.

  • You dislike authority figures

Just like Andromedan starseeds like myself, you are not a person happy to obey authorities.

From time to time, you may feel an aversion to people who have authority.

This is due to Lyran starseeds knowledge that the only way for beings to evolve their consciousness is by seeing past the ego. Authority is essentially a byproduct of ego, as it makes you believe you should have power over other beings.

You see things from all points of view without casting judgment, and so find it hard to tolerate people who are convinced that their worldview is the right one.

Lyrans tend to sympathize with the underdog as they understand that anyone’s wrongdoings are due to their association with their ego, which is encouraged by the collective state of consciousness on this planet.

girl with black face painting

  • You are quiet and reserved

You have probably been labeled as an introvert or loner.

You get energized by spending time alone, and don’t care about being the centre of attention.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy company, but that you enjoy meaningful company rather than trivial conversations.

As a Lyran starseed, you have a deep self-assurance which means you have no interest in boosting your self image or making yourself popular among others.

This particular trait is a gift, as it allows Lyrans not to get sucked into the toxic, self-obsessed nature of some societies on Earth today.

shy girl holding hat

  • You can cope with challenges

You may feel initial discomfort when a challenge presents itself, but you find the inner strength to overcome it.

You may feel compelled to help others solve their problems.

You probably enjoy learning new skills and the obstacles that come with such a process.

The reason you can overcome challenges is due to the millions of challenges Lyrans have faced in their long existence.

As the Buddha said:

Life is “Duhka” which translates as suffering or stress. This is referring to physical life, but your spiritual grounding allows you to transcend these challenges.

  • Your happiness doesn’t depend too much on external circumstances

You feel a strong sense of inner solidity regardless of your life situation.

You are able to detach from manmade constructs like money, status or possessions and instead derive your happiness from within.

This is one of the main reasons people gravitate toward you.

Due to their ancient wisdom, Lyrans are aware that everything in life is impermanent except the soul, and so transcend the egoic state of human beings.

You see the experiences of life as something to learn from rather than dwell on. This curiosity keeps you moving forward rather than getting hung up on things which you wish could be different.

monk looking at sunrise

  • You are very independent

You are very independent and don’t like being controlled by your parents or society. You know the importance of saying NO and you are selective about relationships.

To learn more about your personality I highly recommend doing a moon reading. This free moon reading was life-changing to me, and I found it very interesting that my starseed twin flame’s zodiac sign is my perfect match (Pisces)!


Are Lyran Starseeds drawn to animals?

Yes, Lyran starseeds are likely to have an affinity to cats and birds. This is thought to be due to their origination from the Felines, one of the two primary races in our universe.

It is said that 45 Felines volunteered to come to this universe to observe and set up the Universal gamer that they had completed in their universe.

The idea of spirit animals, which I have covered in this post, is strongly linked to starseeds.

feline starseed

What is the purpose of Lyran starseeds on planet Earth?

The underlying purpose of Lyran starseeds is to inspire others to realize their true nature and transcend the limitations of the human experience.

Different starseeds have varying purposes on earth, but their general reason for coming here is to help us evolve spiritually and realize that we are all part of the same source energy.

Lyran starseeds are known for their healing abilities but must combine this with time alone to reflect and learn from their experiences.

If you’re interested in gaining more insights into your soul and purpose on this planet, I can recommend this free numerology reading.

What is the physical appearance of a Lyran starseed like?

The majority of Lyran starseeds look very similar to your average human being on planet Earth, but on average are slightly taller. What often gives them away is their Lyran eyes. Many Lyran starseeds have cat-like eyes, and are often green. 

It would be difficult to tell one apart from a human.

Due to their individuality and self-confidence, they may present their appearance in a unique way and are unlikely to follow trends.

Appearances can be deceiving, and Lyran starseeds are more identifiable by their inner characteristics than the superficial way they appear to the human eye.


Although being a Lyran starseed can mean some feelings of loneliness and sadness initially, these introspective traits are likely to evoke an awakening of some sort.

Lyrans are here to show others that their inner state is the only thing that matters, and through transforming that, they are able to move the planet Earth toward a new plane of existence.

Lyran starseeds are caring, strong and compassionate.

People are drawn to them because of their gentle nature, but they should be cautious not to be taken advantage of by others exploiting this loving side of their personality.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most. If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you suspect that you are a Lyran starseed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Jasmine

    Hej Julia tack för din Article. For the longest time I suspected to be andromedan, just like you, although it dawn to me, the more I get to know myself I’m realizing I’m likely a lyran incarnated in many previous lives.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Jasmine! Happy to hear you liked the article. It could be that you have had previous lives on Andromeda or that you are a hybrid of the two, and that’s why both feel familiar 🙂

      1. Sam

        Hi! I have been doing some research now and feel very connected to the Lyran Starseed! Are there any resources you recommend for more information?

        1. Joëlle

          Being a Lyran starseed is so recognizably to me! I just awakened to Light Language and it is amazing… I was reading all of these articles and can relate to the Lyrians.

          Thank you so much for all this beautiful and truthful information💙

        2. Mt

          Really good info here, excepting that Lyrans have no connection to felines what so ever.

        3. Özgür

          Im here also … from where ? 😉 been the World .. im a Lyran … my imagine ; one day we ll together something here .., ı dont know whats but i feeling … who is Lyran and we can talk abouth our kind …

      2. Zaran

        Am so amazed, your article explains my life, sometimes sometimes I see things in my head and I begin to question if it’s hallucinations or some 1970s starwars franchise going on in my head, most amazingly I came across esoteric ebooks and I feel so connected like most of the events happened before my very eyes

        1. Stephanie

          Aho, I share the same sight 🙏 multidimensional vision. Peace and abundance Zaran 🌏

      3. Lauren

        I am most definitely! That being said, I have discovered that I have incarnated from every single one the planets you list! I just awakened a few months ago, however I do not have any memories yet from these times. The only thing that has been happening is a lot of Mystic ability letting me know along with my numerology chart! Wonderful article and I love that you are trying to help others! As I know my mission is the same💜💜💜

    2. Rache

      Thank you for the work you do. The insight is the perfect piece at the perfect time. When your in alighnment with the all of everything, the All of everything is in alighnment with you. Life is a reflection.

    3. Leigh

      Hello! 🌵 I recently started to meditate asking what my origin was and a few days later my Mother told me she had a vivid dream about myself. She said “You were a big beautiful lion. I knew it was you because it had your face!” I am now taking that clear message and feeling excited to learn more. Thank you for this information. This is all very fascinating 💫

    4. Bianca

      Lyran starseed resignates with me I see lions in the clouds during sound therapy in my dreams and a connection w cats lol

    5. Patrick Asti Aesteii

      I worked with Doctor Gordon Patrick Flanagan on many projects involving the recovery of Ancient Extraterrestrial crafts (Fallen Angels) and I wonder if you have heard of the nightly flights of UFOS in Mirim Brazil? When I was in Tunguska back in 91 I was granted full access to the Classified Russian Report on the Lyran base at the bottom of the North end of Lake Baikal.
      I wonder if You knew that Emanuel’s DNA is Lyran? Grail markers in his descendants DNA are Lyran.
      One more thing that my interest you about the colonies of the Lyran Mining Guild the Pyramid and Temple complex of Abu Sir as seen from the air is the shape of the Pleiades star cluster.
      I am writing a book about the lifetimes of the Lyran who created humanity from his twelve strand DNA. The Advocate of Humanity.

      In Tunguska I unearthed an eight thousand year old artifact used my a Bo Shaman to call
      Lyran Craft. I would like to show it to you
      I wonder what you might feel something when you see it in a photo.
      Its made of petrified seeds and baked clay in the design of two beam ships.
      I am using it to call Lyran star crafts but Kevin Ryerson , the Trance Channel says I need work with an other Lyran Star Seed if I want a craft to land.

      I believe You really are a Lyran Star Seed.
      Perhaps You have dreamt of the Lotus throne on Lyra prime.

      1. jennifer

        I would love to hear more about your book or learn how I could purchase it? I have known I am a lyran for some time now but always come across such conflicting information, I would be so interested to read what you have discovered!

    6. Richard

      Im in Sedona AZ, i had a great reading my intent was to identify my spirit guide, my reading went very strongly into my Lyra star child connection, when i heard cats i knew, i have two i love i have a tattoo of a mountain lion, its just so on. Im considering moving to Sedona, ive never been in a place with such clean loving energy, its for real, now w my curiosity i will seek why:) best hope and support, our making an effort and then getting close to help others is a true gift.

      1. Debra Del Valle

        Super interesting about the Lyrans creating humanity from their twelve strand DNA and being advocates. How did you come to know this? Thank you, Debbie

        1. Darknetwork

          You all wandering souls will be collected back into the soulsagar soon and will put back into the mainframe.

    7. Kodie

      Hi there, I can relate to the beautiful Lyran species, I had a reading done and the lady who knows absolutely nothing about me.. explained alot and hit alot of truths then she went to explain I’m apart of the Lyran Family.
      Also that my spirit animal is a Lion & also I have had so many comments on how my eyes look so different from normal. Burgundy/Light brown in the sun. I connect alot with my masculine energy but the only hing is I’m small not tall. Haha
      But she said my Lyran family expect ALOT from me. And I’m wondering what they expect from me. Someday I want to do a past regression aswell as a deep meditation to connect with my lyran family. Aswell as my spirit animal which I will not name for private purposes (((:

  2. Valerie

    Hey! Thank you so much for this article….
    Reading about these characteristics gave me shivers all over my body and tears in my eyes… and although this should speak for itself I’m still doubting and continue to read everything I can find about the different starseed origins and try to figure out which one I am – so ridiculous! – although I actually feel I just have to be Lyran! – Also because I have a strong connection to lions and to the leo star sign as well… also with regards to my physical attributes… Well, maybe I’ll overcome my doubts someday 😀 Either way, thank you so much for sharing! <3

    1. Julia Lundin

      Glad you resonated with the article Valerie! 🙂

      1. Kris

        I am Lyran, what was left of my family after the destruction we went to the Pleiades, I guess I chose to come to Earth, I was dropped into a dysfunctional family and when I was 5 I was visited by my feline family and they told me I had to bring love & light into this crazy family, I tried my best, now I’m 64, I live alone, ppl drive me crazy, I want to spread my knowledge but I’m tired and isolating. I am a retired International Flight Attendant and recently a retired Registered Nurse, so I feel I’ve done my duty, but I know I have more to give 🦁

    2. Andie

      Me too,thank goodness I have someone who loves lions.
      I’m also trying to figure out my own origin too although I have a feeling I’m a lyran.

  3. Valerie

    Oh, and there’s something else! Because you put an Eckhart Tolle quote on top of this article – I always felt that he actually could be Lyran …might this be the reason that you chose it, too? Or what would you think? I’d love to know 🙂

    1. Julia Lundin

      Oh really, you too! Yeah he has that energy, but I don’t know for sure 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    I’m definitely not just one Starseed race and many humans aren’t, as the origination point is always Source- that “I AM”. Everything else is just an identity 🙂
    I’m a very old soul (I have learned) and have incarnated in so many different star systems that I identify with more than one, which has been confirmed through the specific starseed markings in my astrology chart and channeled readings from a few people of these many different incarnations. Our souls are thousands of years old. If anyone resonates with more than one, feel into that and follow your intuition <3

    1. Ryan Mark Golez

      Hey! I’m Ryan.
      As far as I can remember, since when I was 15 yrs old I started recognizing my zodiac which is Leo. I’m 28 yrs old right now and I am still seeking for my true identity. I agreed to what you said that “we knew we have a purpose”
      It’s just so weird that I feel like I don’t fit in, there’s something wrong and it’s like I’m just an observer of what happening around if that makes sense.
      After reading this article I’m not feeling well with my first name anymore😂 It just missed the “L” then it could resemble the word Lyran😂😂😂

    2. Vera

      Thans Stephanie, I can relate to this so much, I am just puzzling the pieces that I start to remember. the most vivid ones These past weeks. So thank you for this. 😉♥️🙏🏽 It all helps. Could you share where you had your readings done? & your astrology chart.

  5. Maggie

    I have been having a wild spiritual awakening. I connected with someone and they have been talking to me about it. I developed a weird pattern on the back of my neck and they pointed out that it looked like a Lyran. I have all of these qualities.

  6. Nici

    Hey, thank you so much for this article…
    I had connections to the pleiades, arcturians and sirians…but felt not to fit in there…. the last days I got some clues from the universe…and this article was my confirmation.
    Did you know that two planets where lyrans live are ‘now’ just storage-planets? Maybe we are more than we think 😉
    Lots of love, nici

  7. SJ

    I was given a reading that said I was Lyran from planet Shreliak. I relate to all of the characteristics you noted in your article. I have found peace with being alone. Many do not understand me but I no longer am bothered by this. I am happy to be of service to others in their awakening. Thank you for giving me some more insight!

  8. Lisa

    I am not really sure who I am, but my son is definitely a Lyran. It is absolutely fascinating. He was off to a difficult start very early in life, yet was always a “force” of some type. I have so much more to learn.

  9. LaShawn

    Nice article overall. I would like to add that there is a deeper reason why we are here. If you’re interested in chatting, feel free to email me anytime.

    1. Terral

      I would love to connect with you.

    2. Kia Tho

      I would like to know the bigger reason why we are here. Felt like I should be reaching out to you because the day you wrote this comment 9, 15, I’ve been seeing this every where I look during this transcending to 5d. Hope to take to you soon

  10. Samantha

    Sooo I have been deeply compelled over the yrs of my life that I just felt as if there was something more something greater that I had some sort of great reason of being here well the last few yrs I’ve gotten into this starseed thing and things pointing to the stars and just great feelings of beings not of earth and I read up on starseeds last couple yrs and more in-depth this yr of the different starseeds such as this one lyran starseed well I was on fb and someone asking if people needed help finding there planetary family and told me to check out the cat family as my last name is gatto close to cat in spanish lyran starseeds and reading this right now is litterally me to a tee not a note off I am in to astrology and usually fits my but nothing like this this is insanely me crazy thank you for the article

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m so happy to hear it was helpful, thanks for sharing, Samantha 🙂

      1. Hugo Bas

        I sent an email aswell, looking for more information on the bird kind of lyraeans.
        Kind regards

  11. karen

    I thought I might be sirian, but the cat mention has changed my mind to lyran. I can not even bare to think of being alive without having cats in my life. I have a very strong connection to them. I have one now that the connection is both ways. I look out for them all the time and will happily stoke any random cat i come across, even the supposed unfriendly ones. Id love to have connections with tigers and if it ever becomes real to have a tiny miniture tiger the size of a cat to live with me, count me in. Ive managed to( “brainwash” so my daughter says) my grandchildren to be cat people too. So maybe im not a crazy cat lady after all but lyran instead. Of course the other traits fit me too.

  12. Leon

    This a good article which I’m resonating with a lot , so I’ll research further . I don’t have little ones but have a very paternal and protective nature .

    Thank you Julia .

  13. Bradley

    Hello Julia , I was actually sent this information by someone else, after reading this I have to think you are talking about me in every way possible. I also spent time alone, my passion for life has been thought of by myself to be An emotionally intense person. I’m taller and don’t get fooled by the materialistic things we experience in this life. I’m allergic to cats though but find them interesting, I’m guessing the physical body I am using In this World was given to me and not from the true self. Do you have any other information regarding Lyrans?

  14. Phillip

    Hi Julia!

    Thank you so much for this article! I really enjoyed it, so much that I’ve decided to leave a comment. (which I usually never do lol) I’d like to share my experience of realizing that I’m a Lyran Starseed! I was stargazing via an app called Night Sky (great app btw) and came across ‘Vega’. The name sounded so familiar to my soul, but I’d never heard of it before and if I had I certainly don’t remember lol. I instantly went to look it up. I was blown away by the traits! I thought was a Sirian Starseed, but the traits seemed a bit off and I didn’t fell a genuine connection to that constellation. I finally found out where I’m from, lightyears away lol! How cool! I hope you don’t mind me leaving my Instagram in case any Lyrans would like to connect with me there! If not, it’s @isthatphill 🙂 This article is as amazing as you are!


  15. Ryan

    I was led here by searching for answers to something I saw when i was a kid. I was about 10 years old and it was one of the first times I had ever been left at home alone. I was watching TV, we had satellite because it was the early 90s, and as soon as my mom walked out the door, the TV went to the old static no signal screen or the “snow” screen as I’ve heard it referred to, and in the upper corner of the screen a very small head appeared and then it moved 3 dimensionally in a downward arch and got closer which made the head larger too. It was a lion head with flowing hair like a mane. It also had what looked like a crown on it’s head. I stayed on the screen for about 45 seconds looking at me. I finally got really freaked out and went outside and heard my mom driving off so I stayed outside unitl she got back a half hour or so later. The TV had turned off too. I first learned about the Lyrans a few months ago and was reminded of it today. All of the characteristics describe me perfectly. Not just these, but every single site and video that lists them describes me as a person exactly. I learned a lot from reading this. I really want to know if this kind of thing has happened to anyone else. Thanks!

  16. Kyla Kennedy

    I. Am. Speechless. I did a past life regression last night on the 11/11/20 because I knew it was a strong manifesting day and I’ve been yearning to find my starseed since I realised it was a real thing and described me exactly. In my regression session one of my very close red headed friends were present in the form of a red cat. Knowing us very well, it made an intense amount of sense. I also started writing a story weeks ago where everyone takes shapes of different beings and mine was similar to myself but with cat ears, a tail and toned nails. The ability to fly was added for personal enjoyment. I told my bestest friend, who is andromeda, about all of this as our spiritual journey is forever developing together and so she mentioned Lyra. My heart filled and sang to me while reading this. Thank you, Julia.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You are so welcome Kyla 🙂

  17. Brian The Lion

    I have been drawn to lions my whole life since I can remember. Every trait that is mentioned I encompass. I have always wondered why I love cats soooo much. When I discovered about Lyra lion beings I just knew that’s where my soul is from

  18. Luis

    How do you find out if you are a Lyran or get a spiritual awakening?

    1. Julia Lundin

      You wouldn’t be here if you’re not going through a spiritual awakening 😉 I have made a video how you can know for sure which starseed you are here:

  19. Latina

    The first word that comes to mind is one of awe…..WOW! This was so insightful! Ive had others comment on my lyran personality before and never knew what it really was. I hold a Violet flame type aura. I am a healer and checked all of the points in this post. Could it really be? Am I truly Lyran?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! I have actually made a video about how you can know for sure which starseed you are. You can watch it here: Sending you lots of love and blessings!

  20. Bex

    Think I’ve finally been shown my more primary origin. I feel very Lemurian and finally deducted I am Lyran and one who built and enjoyed Lemuria a lot. I evennabed my new kittens Gaia and Lyra, not even connecting my Lyran self. Thanks for this. There’s high resonance for me!

  21. Michelle

    Wow. Cried several times reading this, an overwhelming feeling of coming home. I’m 36yo and have spent my life looking for myself, and at the stars 🤩😂always felt like an alien but love earth and humanity so much. I connect with the Vega/lyra constellation last night, or rather it connected with me, and then here is this and I see it’s everything I’ve been looking for. 🙏🙏 Now I see😍😍 looking forward to deeper meditations and connections to come❤️❤️

    1. D

      That’s so beautiful. Good for you! 🙏

  22. Amy

    Wow, although I knew I was starseed… I did not know I was Lyran until now! I felt myself get so excited reading your article. Other than height (I am not tall) and the deep feeling of connection to the stars, this entire article describes me! I also learned recently that Lyrans will have a marking somewhere on their bodies the shape of a lyre and I do! A very distinct birthmark on my knee!

  23. Bella

    Hello Julia,
    Your articles are really helpful! They have been adding intense knowledge to me. I like your explanations and deephnes.
    Thank you so much!!!

  24. Sheliel Angelo

    Hello! How are you? I hope everything is ok with you! I would like to say that I loved this text! I can not explain it in words… I feel that there are wonderful vibrations in the text. I can not explain in english, what I felt when I read this infrmation… I hug from my heart to your heart, dear light!

  25. Richard

    Have you any information about what happened to the Lyrans that caused many of these starseeds to take shelter in other systems such as Orion? I have reason to believe there was a great sacrifice involved and wondering if you have any insight on that? Thank you so much for all your work getting this information together for many of us. Love and Light!

    1. Sandy

      Sometimes there is more truth in (science) fiction than we realize. I remember when I saw the original “Star Wars” movie as a teenager in 1977, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness upon seeing the “death star” blow up planets without knowing why. Years later I discovered that a couple of planets inhabited by the original Lyrans were destroyed in a galactic war with the Alpha Draconians and many Lyrans were forced to escape to other galaxies and assimilate into their new cultures. That is why so many of us Lyrans feel connected to more than one star system. George Lucas is a starseed too although I don’t remember which kind. He channeled the script as a way of sharing with us some of our galactic history. I don’t know if this will resonate with anyone but I hope it helps. <3

      1. Larry

        Hello Sandy,
        I was living on one of the original Lyran planets when the “Lizards” landed and attacked. Very few of us survived. A Pleadian scout ship saw me and landed to pick me up and got away in all the confusion. They later let me know that the Draks had blown up the planet and the stargate there. You can Google “Lyran War” and find out lots of different versions of what happened across the constellation. I simply went on to fight in the Orion Wars and never connected to other refugees.

        1. KS

          Hi Larry! From another Lyran warrior who had the same experience you did. Almost didn’t survive it. Lots of dreams about it, but, like you, I never connected to others like myself. Guess that is our independent nature, though. Blessings to you, brother!

  26. Yesica

    Hi! I was told by my guides that I am a Lyran, who also lived in Lemuria. I came across your article searching for more information on Lyrans. And to my surprise everything in your article resonates with me. Thank you!

  27. Joseph Sowa

    I just feel very connected to Lyrans can i have more information.

  28. Marien

    OMG… this video is so spot on… I just can’t believe it! (I can, but as way of saying :p)

    I am very new to all this but everything you say is just right. I am dazzled, and my body is vibrating and tingling.

    And you feel as from the same ‘blood type’… very interesting.

    The thing now that I don’t understand is how this relates to the continents like Lemuria and Atlantis and stuff, that I can often come across. Sometimes I hear people say that they are from ‘there’. Well, enough left to explore…

    Thanks for the beautiful help ^_^

  29. Hùng

    I Love You 😘

  30. Sharen Freeme

    I am a Lyran with characteristics from other Starseeds as well. Reading this made my energy escalate to the point that my Hannes felt like they were on fire. Would live to connect with other Lyran Soul Family, and find out more about them

  31. Sanna

    How many times peole have said that I like cats too much? Where ever I travel, there is a cat or more waiting for me. At home now, I have three cats! I have a deep connection with them. And yes: in nature, birds are my friends! When I lived in Berlin, I used to go in summer time at 5 am by the Spree river to eat my breakfast. I always had sumflower seeds with me and when my friend-birdscame to me, they came to eat from my hand. I learned to know them personally and seemingly they waited me every morning.

    I am also always happy, not jealous, when people reach their goals or dreams. Unfortunately, I do not get that back from them and I often feel that they want tojust to keep me down. Especially my bossees: they seem to like my work that benefits them, and of course, they like when I encourage them – but they do not give the same in return. They seem to want to keep me stuck with them. This has dine that I must change my job some and then. And then again, the same happens. I cannot stand that someone else tells me, what is best for me and what I want – without asking me first! My present boss did it to me recently and I know, it is the beginning of the end with her. Nobody else than me can know what I want from my carreer, my life, what I like and what is the best for me. Even if I am an employee, I am a boss of my life. So it is. So it will be.

    I want to work as an entrepreneur. Then I’d be most happy.

    But now I understandbetter my difficukties with people and can go on happier. Thank you very much!

    Definetely, I am Lyran. I did not know this before! I feel that indeed, I am Lyran starseed. I had no idea before that such a starseed excists. I thinkm tgat my present boss also is Lyran. She should take a Pledeijan to serve her. I am not a good fit in this role she wants to give me. I am leaving soon! We two cats need space around us! 😻😻

  32. Louis

    I have susoected Im Lyran because of a dream I had many years ago. I was either a lion, or was being eaten by a lion, but was in no pain and had no fear whatsoever. The lion in my dream was me and the human being eaten was me. But I woke up emboldened.
    So for the last several years I am navigating my own awakening, have been reading, and searching and seeking. I have had the sense that I am a very old soul my whole life. When I learned that Lyran humans might have been the first, prior to Dragon Anunaki, it led me to your youtube post. I remembered the syncronystic lion dream from my youth, and marveled as each Lyran characteristic you unveiled resonated like a perfect fifth inside me.
    So i wanted to say thank you and please keep up the work you are doing. It is helping collective consciousness, and thus humanity. 🙂💙

  33. Sandra

    Recently have had some spiritual awareness…that I have witch traits, dealing with the paranormal and a Lyron starseed with green cats eyes…I think I’m scared of myself.

  34. Donna B

    Didn’t the Lyran seed the Arcturians and the Arcturian seeded the Pleiadians. I have a deep connection to this group. I have characteristics of all three. I can say for sure that this is my family group and I love them all.

  35. Mariana R.

    Everything you’ve written in this article relates to me. In a proportion of 95%, I might be a Lyron Starseed. There is any way we can activate the actual soul, our true nature? And from your studies, do Lyrans have the ability to predict the near future or be able to talk to the lost souls? Coz that will make me 100% Lyron. thank you so much for sharing such an interesting article.

  36. Jay

    Do the lyran starseeds know that they are such? Or just that they are different within this matrix?

  37. Debra harder

    I was told I was a lyran starseed and everything it describes is me to a T. I read everything that u had written about it on here n I was really surprised..I’m really glad to know this..thank u for this information..

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  38. Amanda-lea

    Oh my if I hadn’t been more understood…….. this was such an interesting read thank you so much for sharing sending so much love and light

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

      1. Trenton

        Consider: It is often said that the “Elohim” were the first to seed this planet with 12 root races, , but the Elohim themselves are of Lyran decent.

        In this context I find the term “Starseed” as somewhat of a misnomer in that unlike the waves of souls, referred to by Deloris Cannon, arriving here recently to help free humanity, many so called “Lyran Starseeds” have been here from the very very beginning and in many ways have created this planet and it’s civilizations in order to balance ancient Karma manifested from the wars that destroyed our planet.

        Unlike other races that feel they are “just here to help,” true Lyrans do not feel the belong elsewhere, or have a sense of “missing our home.”

        This is our home now and WE ARE as much human as we are Lyran and don’t really consider being separate from humans as other races might; rather we are the ones who asked for the other races help; rather than someone, or something, asking for ours.

    2. Shawn aka Uriel

      Thank you for your service, love and light dear one. This was just one of many confirmations I’ve received. I wonder how rare are we lyrians. I may only have ever met one person I resonate with. I’ve always looks at the stars and Orion system with longing and sorrow. Until my awakening I struggled with many emotions I knew not their source. After some remembering I was able to forgive and let go of those emotions from so many life times. It changed my life. Love and light beautiful one

  39. Venus


  40. Uki

    Badass Multidimensional masters.

  41. Patrick

    Just today I began hearing/feeling my guidance more clearly. I started by asking for more love and light be sent to each chakra by my Higher Self. I have been taking notes as I receive answers. I thought my girlfriend was Lyran from what I heard but it matches me more closely. Thanks for the knowledge!

  42. Dawn Buck

    I recently came across someone that channels the starseeds and I was told my main lifetime I was eliphaunt people and my other life was lion people I can’t find much on eliphaunt people I have found some interesting info on lion people I do remember as a child having bad dreams of little people tying me down with ropes every night unless I slept in my grandmas room so I slept there a lot as a young kid.. thank you for this beautiful info hopefully I can connect with more people like me and maybe fully connect all this better❤️

  43. Heather

    This was a great read. I am from Vega. In the Lyran Star system. I learned this in a past life regression.

  44. Steven

    A lovely post!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  45. Susan

    Having just used the galactic astrology site, it suggests that my most recent off world incarnation was Lyra. Having read the description above it fits very well, except for my height, 5’3″. I am a problem solver, leader, have been told I inspire, come across as aloof and don’t push for limelight. Really very interesting. Many thanks,

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  46. Nichole

    Loved your article. The people you are describing are commonly known as INFJ personality. Also describes those with water moons (you are a combination of sun, moon, rising not just sun). I wonder if starseed share specific astrology traits.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you! 😊💜

  47. Ilija

    I always knew I was different from others…….I found out about Bovis Life Force by chance……..I measured my energy……and my energy is between 10-50 B. ……Lyran Exalted Masters……..normally I see things that others don’t……..also feel things…… I Lyrana Starseed

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing, thanks for sharing!💕

  48. Annamaria

    I am drawn to Lyran Starseed the most. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  49. Ayesha

    Omg!!! I have just had a reading done of someone telling me I am a lyran starseed and this write up is me to a T, other than I have Hazel eyes.
    Also I went through a faze 2 years ago where I was seeing birds everywhere, it was getting ridiculous how many birds I was seeing my husband found it amusing when I kept seeing kites!
    Thank you so much, i feel seen! 💜

  50. Marek

    Hi Julia,

    First and foremost, THANK you dearly for writing this article and making the video alongside. I think you just made it full circle for me. You might get this a lot, or not often enough, but literally EVERYTHING you wrote and said resonates with me. I have not felt such resonation for a very very long time. I’m a 190cm tall male, a Sagittarius that came to this world in 1988, green eyed hunter/cat eyes, can’t stand injustice, defend the ‘less fortunate’ (poor, weak, minority) am brutally honest, can only click with people that are ‘real’ (no pretending), cannot stand all the ‘service to self’ people, (and as a result as nobody can trigger those frustrations) I am happiest ALL alone even though I’m by nature outgoing and social. Whether its you saying about me watching your video has to mean something as it’s title, your ‘glow’ and/or the content of what you’re actually saying, it just all ‘clicks’. I’ve been asleep towards the ‘inner’ for nearly 35 years, but started to awake to the 3-D duality we live in since 2020. I actually have been, for my life before that point, been a very positive, outgoing, energetic, humorous and fearless, being of light type person, but from that wake up call moment, a dark period ensued. Ever since that awakening moment i’ve been going through the process of unlearning everything that i’ve been taught and learning everything else (such as GF, Family of Taygeta, soul missions (as well as ordinary history etc. etc. etc.)) which all has led to this. All resonates with me because even though I’ve been ‘asleep’ most my life, now that I know, I know I always knew, but just not WHY. It wouldn’t surprise me if other souls’ awakening has accelerated around that time, due to the experiences we faced. By ‘nature’ I cannot stand injustice and resist authority, and what happened in 2020 and tyranny that followed was the last straw for me and I ‘broke’. I actually awoke, but it started by going through what you could describe as a mini-depression until I hit rock bottom. And though this might sound crazy, but I literally broke down in tears whilst I was sitting outside (June 2023), the lowest i’ve ever felt and then what felt like from the Skies they spoke to me. *I have to cry again writing this down just now (so I know it’s real). It’s like how somebody would describe God entering their life. Now I know WE that GOD, but anyway. The voice or strong feeling I got came from the skies, a beak of sunlight struck my face and I ‘heard’ something along the lines of; … Okay that’s enough!!!! or Okay, I’ve seen enough!!!! Like a father figure type voice that you have great respect for and He to you, but at the same time it felt like He was shaking me profoundly as if it was trying to tell me I’ve been led astray and need to Wake the Heck Up!!! From that moment i’ve made REAL life changing decisions. Quit the 9-5 I always felt trapped in and working on creating financial independence so I will never had to go back, start inner work etc etc. You start with ordinary therapy, as it’s what you seem to need to be doing in this reality and if ‘depression’ is what it feels like at first when you awake, that’s where I start. The more time passes however, the more I start to realize it’s all much bigger then that.

    I feel I can go on and on and on, so I hope it’s okay here to vent a little. And in the end, if someone will ever read this and feel it resonates with them too, you’re not alone my dearest soul. Hang in there and never give up. Peace is within reach, you just need to focus on within, not try to find it externally!


    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  51. Pete

    Is Lyran the same as lemurian?

  52. Aaron

    Just thought to myself today wow I have a lot of bird spirit. Animals just found out one of mine is built in Kingfisher, and that has led me to a vision in the clouds, showing a Lyron of a lion or feline appearance., So I looked up Lyon and apparently I am a Lyron Star, nice!

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