Are You A Mintaka Starseed? 20 Signs, Mission & Appearance

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

David Icke, Author of Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

Are you drawn to bodies of water like oceans and rivers?

Do you feel a great sense of longing or homesickness?

Do you feel isolated, misunderstood, or depressed?

If you answered yes to these questions then you might be a Mintaka Starseed. 

But first, what is a Starseed?

“Starseeds are beings from other galaxies who are incarnated here on earth to help humanity. There are currently billions of them here taking the form of a human body.”

Discovering that you are a Starseed and knowing which type you are could be a life-changing experience.

It could shed light on a lot of confusion that comes with living your life here on planet earth. 

“Why do I feel this way a lot? Why do I act like this? What is my purpose?”

If you’re reading this, there’s a big possibility that you are one and if you want to know for sure, here are 50 signs to look out for.

Mintaka Starseeds are beautiful, innocent beings. By the end of this article, you’ll have the answer to these questions:

Am I a Mintaka Starseed? And if I am, what is my mission here on Earth?

mintaka starseed

Mintaka Starseed Origin

Mintakans are one of the rarest of all starseed types and also one of the oldest non-native inhabitants on earth. 

They originated from a star called Mintaka, which is located in the Orion constellation. 

It was a utopian water world but their waters were less dense than the ones we have on earth.

It is said to be airier in texture and are more crystal clear because the density allows light to transmit to it a lot easier. 

Mintakans mostly lived underwater. They swam up for air from time to time but they could go without it for up to three days.

Their planet was perfect, a  paradise filled with love and light. 

However, it’s sad to note that it no longer exists. It was destroyed by negative beings in the local galaxy.

This is why Mintaka Starseeds feel a sense of homesickness and feel drawn to live near beaches.

If you want to know if you are indeed a Mintaka Starseed, then here are some signs!

mintakan lightworker

20 Signs That You Are A Mintaka Starseed

  • You are drawn to water

You love visiting or daydreaming about places that are abundant in bodies of water such as Hawaii.

You may love to swim especially on beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters because it resembles your true home.

  • You have a positive outlook on life

You came from a planet that is full of love and light, that’s why you have trouble understanding negativity.

You may ask questions like “Why can’t we all just be happy all the time?” and try your best to avoid negative circumstances.

  • You see the good in people

You have trouble seeing people’s true intentions because you have rose-tinted glasses on.

Mintakans are full of love and compassion and so you like to support and uplift everyone around you. 

  • You end up getting taken advantage of, hurt, or disappointed by people

Negative people did not exist in Mintaka. Betrayal and bad intentions are foreign concepts to you.

You have to learn to set boundaries if you still haven’t, and realize that not all people have the same heart as you.

  • You end up getting drained

You are naturally a giver and have the tendency to help people who aren’t really willing to help themselves and so, you end up getting exhausted.

  • You feel isolated

It could be hard, especially in the early parts of your life, to find people of the same energy as you.

Since you aren’t really human, it’s normal to feel like people don’t really understand you and your visions for earth.

  • You love adventure

Mintakans spent most of their time exploring their vast underwater world.

You might come off as childlike because you believe that the world is your playground like Mintaka was to you.

girl sitting in forest

  • You love learning new things

Mintakans are free spirits and they like to direct their energies on things that spark joy.

While other people try to establish their careers, you have a lot of passions and may have trouble focusing on one thing. 

You are very curious and you find joy in learning new things. This gives your life variety and meaning.

If you’re having trouble knowing your passions, this article will help you find your passion in 5 easy steps.

  • You like living in the moment 

Because of society, you might be having trouble living in the moment. Fear and anxiety often fill your days.

But as Mintaka Starseeds awaken, they figure out that the present moment is all they ever want to live in. 

  • You are highly empathic

Mintakans are highly sensitive and they feel the energy of people in their bodies.

There are groups of people you hang out with and feel drained afterward, so it’s important for you to recharge alone in nature. 

  • You feel a sense of homesickness and melancholy

There are times when you feel like you don’t belong here and you feel a sense of loss or even grief. That’s because Mintaka, your real home, no longer exists.

It’s hard to adjust to a new home that is so different from the one you were used to, especially if that home was paradise.

  • You can be controlling

You came from a planet that is so perfect and organized so you try to replicate that in this chaotic planet.

This desire for perfectionism might come across as controlling to other people. 

  •  You have the potential to be a leader or someone with great influence

Because of your desire to create harmony, you may find yourself inclined to lead. 

You have strong opinions because you’re functioning on a higher level of consciousness and you might feel like you have a big mission to influence people.

female president on the phone

  •  You don’t really like technology

You like being surrounded by water and you like to live in the moment.

You don’t enjoy technology as much as your peers and would rather spend time with nature. 

You hate it when people are always on their phones and you might even be compelled to get off social media.

  • You believe in the power of natural herbs

Mintakans have a deep connection with nature and are aware of its healing properties. 

You don’t really trust big pharma medicines and might even feel like your body rejects it.

You are drawn to studying and making your own natural remedies.

herbs in a jar

  • You have strong intuition

You have a strong intuition and are highly interested in crystals and astrology. You easily feel when things are off. 

You have trouble knowing people’s true intentions – not because you have a weak intuition, but because you choose to see the positive side. 

When Mintaka Starseeds starts to listen to their intuition, they will realize that it’s very on point. 

  • You feel drawn to veganism

Whether you are vegan or not, you have a deep level of compassion towards animals, especially sea creatures. 

You have this innate desire to be vegan and feel a connection with sea creatures, especially dolphins who used to be one of your best friends in Mintaka. 


  • You are spiritual

Mintakans are very close to Source. Maybe you are interested in or are already learning more about spirituality and engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation.

 If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already had your spiritual awakening. 

  • You like the idea of living on a faraway island

Your perfectionism might lead you to resist residency here on earth because of its toxic and chaotic nature. 

You may get frustrated trying to put everything in order and feel the urge to just be away. You’ll most likely choose to live a peaceful life on an island far from the noise of the city. 

  • You are a wise, old soul

Mintakans are said to be one of the first non-native inhabitants on earth and so, have spent many lifetimes being reincarnated here.

They have so much experience and that’s what makes them so wise beyond their years.

To find out more, check out my article 50 Signs You Are An Old Soul.

girl with glasses in a field


What is the mission of Mintaka starseeds?

Each Mintakan starseed has his/her own unique mission. But ultimately, it is to help elevate the consciousness of humanity and create peace and harmony on earth.

Most Mintaka Starseeds end up in island nations and find themselves in green causes such as environmental sustainability, etc. 

They are usually advocates of peace, harmony, slow living, and holistic medicine.

It’s important for you to learn to lead by example instead of by persuasion.

This will help you influence a lot of people to follow their curiosities and their little excitements. 

What do Mintaka starseeds look like?

It is said that the image of mermaids in the collective subconscious is rooted from the appearance of Mintakans.

They have a tail, webbed arms, gills, and their skins are dark brown to light green. 

They could reincarnate in any human body so their physical appearances may vary now but most of them have long torsos and arms perfect for swimming.

girl in a lake

How do I know for sure which of the starseed types I am?

Check out my webinar below where I reveal how I found out my starseed origin and you can too.


If you are a Mintaka Starseed, I understand that it is difficult to adjust in a world ruled by reptilians. It is hard to miss a home that no longer exists.

Just remember that you came here on earth with a purpose and that you are not alone.

We are at a time when most starseeds are having their awakenings and are starting to take control of their missions here on earth. 

You are beautiful, innocent, playful, and a natural leader. You may feel different now, but you will have influence on people and you’ll find your tribe soon.

The time will come that peace and harmony will rule earth, it will be filled with loving, compassionate individuals who are following their joys in life. 

Like I said, you have to realize that it is much more effective to live by example. So chin up Mintaka Starseed, keep doing what feels right for you, be unapologetically you.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most. If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you think you are a Mintaka Starseed? Let me know in the comments below! 

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