Are You A Mintaka Starseed? 20 Signs, Mission & Appearance

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

David Icke, Author of Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

Are you drawn to bodies of water like oceans and rivers?

Do you feel a great sense of longing or homesickness?

Do you feel isolated, misunderstood, or depressed?

If you answered yes to these questions then you might be a Mintaka Starseed. 

But first, what is a Starseed?

“Starseeds are beings from other galaxies who are incarnated here on earth to help humanity. There are currently billions of them here taking the form of a human body.”

Discovering that you are a Starseed and knowing which type you are could be a life-changing experience.

It could shed light on a lot of confusion that comes with living your life here on planet earth. 

“Why do I feel this way a lot? Why do I act like this? What is my purpose?”

If you’re reading this, there’s a big possibility that you are one and if you want to know for sure, here are 50 signs to look out for.

Mintaka Starseeds are beautiful, innocent beings. By the end of this article, you’ll have the answer to these questions:

Am I a Mintaka Starseed? And if I am, what is my mission here on Earth?

mintaka starseed

Mintaka Starseed Origin

Mintakans are one of the rarest of all starseed types and also one of the oldest non-native inhabitants on earth. 

They originated from a star called Mintaka, which is located in the Orion constellation. 

It was a utopian water world but their waters were less dense than the ones we have on earth.

It is said to be airier in texture and are more crystal clear because the density allows light to transmit to it a lot easier. 

Mintakans mostly lived underwater. They swam up for air from time to time but they could go without it for up to three days.

Their planet was perfect, a  paradise filled with love and light. 

However, it’s sad to note that it no longer exists. It was destroyed by negative beings in the local galaxy.

This is why Mintaka Starseeds feel a sense of homesickness and feel drawn to live near beaches.

If you want to know if you are indeed a Mintaka Starseed, then here are some signs!

20 Signs That You Are A Mintaka Starseed

  • You are drawn to water

You love visiting or daydreaming about places that are abundant in bodies of water such as Hawaii.

You may love to swim especially on beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters because it resembles your true home.

  • You have a positive outlook on life

You came from a planet that is full of love and light, that’s why you have trouble understanding negativity.

You may ask questions like “Why can’t we all just be happy all the time?” and try your best to avoid negative circumstances.

mintakan lightworker

  • You see the good in people

You have trouble seeing people’s true intentions because you have rose-tinted glasses on.

Mintakans are full of love and compassion and so you like to support and uplift everyone around you. 

  • You end up getting taken advantage of, hurt, or disappointed by people

Negative people did not exist in Mintaka. Betrayal and bad intentions are foreign concepts to you.

You have to learn to set boundaries if you still haven’t, and realize that not all people have the same heart as you.

  • You end up getting drained

You are naturally a giver and have the tendency to help people who aren’t really willing to help themselves and so, you end up getting exhausted.

  • You feel isolated

It could be hard, especially in the early parts of your life, to find people of the same energy as you.

Since you aren’t really human, it’s normal to feel like people don’t really understand you and your visions for earth.

  • You love adventure

Mintakans spent most of their time exploring their vast underwater world.

You might come off as childlike because you believe that the world is your playground like Mintaka was to you.

girl sitting in forest

  • You love learning new things

Mintakans are free spirits and they like to direct their energies on things that spark joy.

While other people try to establish their careers, you have a lot of passions and may have trouble focusing on one thing. 

You are very curious and you find joy in learning new things. This gives your life variety and meaning.

If you’re having trouble knowing your passions, this article will help you find your passion in 5 easy steps.

  • You like living in the moment 

Because of society, you might be having trouble living in the moment. Fear and anxiety often fill your days.

But as Mintaka Starseeds awaken, they figure out that the present moment is all they ever want to live in. 

  • You are highly empathic

Mintakans are highly sensitive and they feel the energy of people in their bodies.

There are groups of people you hang out with and feel drained afterward, so it’s important for you to recharge alone in nature. 

  • You feel a sense of homesickness and melancholy

There are times when you feel like you don’t belong here and you feel a sense of loss or even grief. That’s because Mintaka, your real home, no longer exists.

It’s hard to adjust to a new home that is so different from the one you were used to, especially if that home was paradise.

  • You can be controlling

You came from a planet that is so perfect and organized so you try to replicate that in this chaotic planet.

This desire for perfectionism might come across as controlling to other people. 

  •  You have the potential to be a leader or someone with great influence

Because of your desire to create harmony, you may find yourself inclined to lead. 

You have strong opinions because you’re functioning on a higher level of consciousness and you might feel like you have a big mission to influence people.

female president on the phone

  •  You don’t really like technology

You like being surrounded by water and you like to live in the moment.

You don’t enjoy technology as much as your peers and would rather spend time with nature. 

You hate it when people are always on their phones and you might even be compelled to get off social media.

  • You believe in the power of natural herbs

Mintakans have a deep connection with nature and are aware of its healing properties. 

You don’t really trust big pharma medicines and might even feel like your body rejects it.

You are drawn to studying and making your own natural remedies.

herbs in a jar

  • You have strong intuition

You have a strong intuition and are highly interested in crystals and astrology. You easily feel when things are off. 

You have trouble knowing people’s true intentions – not because you have a weak intuition, but because you choose to see the positive side. 

When Mintaka Starseeds starts to listen to their intuition, they will realize that it’s very on point. 

  • You feel drawn to veganism

Whether you are vegan or not, you have a deep level of compassion towards animals, especially sea creatures. 

You have this innate desire to be vegan and feel a connection with sea creatures, especially dolphins who used to be one of your best friends in Mintaka. 


  • You are spiritual

Mintakans are very close to Source. Maybe you are interested in or are already learning more about spirituality and engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation.

 If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already had your spiritual awakening. 

  • You like the idea of living on a faraway island

Your perfectionism might lead you to resist residency here on earth because of its toxic and chaotic nature. 

You may get frustrated trying to put everything in order and feel the urge to just be away. You’ll most likely choose to live a peaceful life on an island far from the noise of the city. 

  • You are a wise, old soul

Mintakans are said to be one of the first non-native inhabitants on earth and so, have spent many lifetimes being reincarnated here.

They have so much experience and that’s what makes them so wise beyond their years.

To find out more, check out this article 50 Signs You Are An Old Soul.

girl with glasses in a field


What is the mission of Mintaka starseeds?

Each Mintakan starseed has his/her own unique mission. But ultimately, it is to help elevate the consciousness of humanity and create peace and harmony on earth.

Most Mintaka Starseeds end up in island nations and find themselves in green causes such as environmental sustainability, etc. 

They are usually advocates of peace, harmony, slow living, and holistic medicine.

It’s important for you to learn to lead by example instead of by persuasion.

This will help you influence a lot of people to follow their curiosities and their little excitements. 

What do Mintaka starseeds look like?

It is said that the image of mermaids in the collective subconscious is rooted from the appearance of Mintakans.

They have a tail, webbed arms, gills, and their skins are dark brown to light green. 

They could reincarnate in any human body so their physical appearances may vary now but most of them have long torsos and arms perfect for swimming.

girl in a lake

How do I know for sure which of the starseed types I am?

Check out this webinar below where I reveal how I found out my starseed origin and you can too.


If you are a Mintaka Starseed, I understand that it is difficult to adjust in a world ruled by reptilians. It is hard to miss a home that no longer exists.

Just remember that you came here on earth with a purpose and that you are not alone.

We are at a time when most starseeds are having their awakenings and are starting to take control of their missions here on earth. 

You are beautiful, innocent, playful, and a natural leader. You may feel different now, but you will have influence on people and you’ll find your tribe soon.

The time will come that peace and harmony will rule earth, it will be filled with loving, compassionate individuals who are following their joys in life. 

Like I said, you have to realize that it is much more effective to live by example. So chin up Mintaka Starseed, keep doing what feels right for you, be unapologetically you.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most. If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you think you are a Mintaka Starseed? Let me know in the comments below! 


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Breech Mae

Breech is a freelance creative whose passion lies in writing about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the metaphysical realm. She combines her experiences and research to share knowledge about these concepts. Read more articles by Breech here.

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  1. Glitterfairy

    I always felt I was sirian as I thought this planet of sirians mintaka which all resides well but I like swimming under water an my arm s aren that long yet my blood is rh neg ab which I’m sure with annukki I know I know what I. Am as it is or if that’s makes me a hybrid

    1. Lucia

      Mintakan here. Born in landlocked country Slovakia. Moved to Canary Islands currently working as surf instructor. I am too much 9f a gentle creature even here. Still longing for places like Polynesia.

  2. Glitterfairy

    I always felt I was sirian as I thought this planet of sirians was destroyed in Sirius……nibiru is very strong with me. Also mintaka which all resides well it all is harmonically feeling with out the ear pain but I like swimming under water an felt o breathed thru my eyes till I came up or out of water idk an my arm s aren that long yet my blood is rh neg ab which I’m sure with annukki I know I know what I. Am as it is or if that’s makes me a hybrid just curious at least I know what I am won’t change but I will transform any living being I can till??????I’m done

  3. Lakshmi

    Wonderful. Today I found a tarot card of mintaka and ended up searching for info and landed here. I find myself having all the above mentioned traits.

    1. Lakshmi

      You had me at ” most mintakans lived under water ” .. I had this strange desire to meditate under deep water always
      Now I know why

      1. Dyuthi

        Wow, me too

    2. Vitória valente

      This is so beautiful, thank you. I’ve always felt very connected to the arcturians because of their loving nature but I knew i wasn’t from there. Today I found out I am from mintaka and I have tears in my eyes because I know this is the truth and I feel good to know that the love I feel in my heart is also felt by other Mintakans. – Vitória from brazil

  4. Lara

    I am Mintakan, although I have incarnated on many different planets. I do miss my home so very much!! The earth is on the brink of nuclear war. Human greed and ego is destroying this planet along with the human race. This makes me very angry and scared. I feel sad for them because they have pain that they use on others that was brought on by them being hurt as children. It’s a vicious and never ending cycle that has destroyed almost every civilization on earth. It saddens me that they don’t feel the unity of the light, of oneness, of freedom of judgement. My fear is that again they will destroy each other once more.

    1. Paul

      Nuclear war will not happen. The leaders that cling to power today are just lackies of their masters who have already left Earth in defeat.

    2. Kari

      Words have power. Think and speak with love and hope. 💜

  5. Steven

    I live many carnations in many a multiverse. I relate most to Arcturian, Mintaka and Orion. All of which I commonly get on tests and divinations. From my inner knowing though I am Enochian.

    1. Vanessa

      Please elaborate

  6. Sandhya

    I had an akashic reading during a spiritual awakening yrs ago. It was revealed to me that I was a mintakan starseed, after tons of research, I found so many answers to what I couldn’t grasp or understand since childhood. Everything suddenly made sense! This is one of the best articles I’ve come across, it’s so spot on , I possess all of the above traits 😀 love and light Sandhya 🇿🇦

  7. Lorie

    I finally found out that I am a Mintaka Starseed today! This was so spot on It was hard to believe.

  8. Jenny

    I’m a Mintaka StarSeed…. I fit almost 100% all those traits…. I’ve always told people I’m a mermaid too 🌸
    I have awakened over years and ascended this last week .

  9. Lisa

    have traits of Arcturian but more Mintakan Astral travelling is natural to me I have learnt many modalties as i have 2 levels in reiki can read the cards and learnt aromatherapy i can shift my light body through sound waves as i found out today think i’m abit of both Arcturian/mintakan

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!

  10. Roxana

    Wow I just found this today, I was searching a picture with mintaka appearance to a friend, we were talking about past stars life, and planet earth past lives. I found this. Yesterday I had a day dream and I was on orion in a battle, defending the home, and we screamed as a last team alive For Orion the few left but still went there for the last battle for peace love and light. And I found today this information, that my home is not there anymore. I always feel great near the Sea, and when I was in bora bora with cruise ship work and saw that place I was filled with joy I felt home, with cristaline waters swimming with stingrays, I felt at peace and heavenly I wanted just to remain there and not to live from that place, when I went back on ship and I left I was crying so strongly like never before, then I didn’t understand why I was crying like someone died. I loved that place more than all places on Earth that I visited. Now I understand why. Thank you ♥️🦄

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  11. Susana

    Thank you!!! I always be connected with Orion… I was doubting because the most part of Orion its polarized in negative… I leave at the beach and I totally belive the best I can do it’s by example.. thank you so much!! Yo give me peace .. I’m so grateful 🙏💜🌌 sending waves of love ❤️

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏😊

      1. Marzia

        Sono di mintaka scoperto da una lettura akaschica..i mintaka devono stare molto attenti a proteggersi da persone che svuotano la loro positività ☺️☺️☺️per il resto stare sott acqua ricarica la mia anima ,❤️

  12. Inari

    I was wondering why my starseed oracle deck has always been so cheeky to me, I’ve never identified as a starseed because none of the others fit me. But I’ve never heard of Mintaka/Mintakans and now suddenly things make sense and my deck confirmed it for me. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  13. Linn

    Yes now I understand my fascination for dolphins that I’ve been having since I can remember (grow up in a suburb to the capital of Sweden, no we dont have dolphins there). Love love love water

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for your comment! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  14. Laura

    Hello. It is so wonderful to see this post. I am so happy to feel at home. Although I feel as if I am more of a “we” as in a collective consciousness.

    So, we are concerned of the pattern here of the fear and destruction of the planet. Please be so excited because in our ascension to other dimensions we are now at this moment calling in healing on our core level, on our genetic level, on our historic Akashic record level and our Soul level.

    This includes our timeline in ALL dimensions, times in space because in healing and ascension we ARE healing the Akashic records to validate the truth that all their is – is love. And we are so happy that there is so much chatter about connection. It feels like heaven being near this thread.

    One helpful personal ascension tool that has been helpful is knowing that our parts, our collective parts are all accepted and loved. There are none to extinguish. We are all welcome and loved.

    Second, when feeling lonely, looking at our star is filling. :0)

    With all our love, and this human little lady, Laura who is trying her best to understand all of this. Lol

  15. Nancy

    18 of 20 traits are totally me. I was told a few years ago that I originated in Mintaka and your article really confirms that for me. I used to dream that I could breathe under water. While I don’t have a mermaid body in this life, I do live very close to a large body of water. I can feel it even though it’s a couple of blocks away. Thank you for the article. And nice to read the comments from my fellow Mintakans!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  16. Anaïs

    i was told by my light brother Sy, who is a beautiful reiki healer, that i come from Mintaka. prior to receiving this information, i felt like i had some form of connection to Acturius. i have always been so fascinated with Orions belt, and would catch myself staring at it longingly without understanding why. however, now understand why. i even have a ring from my 18th birthday, and it took me 9 years to realise that the alignment of diamonds (my birth stone) represented Orions belt! 3 is also the most significant and impactful number in my life, confirmed by source itself. i also have a deep knowing that i have participated in a galactic war :/

    i feel a great sadness in my heart, because i know i have no home. even on this earth, i have travelled through and across several countries, and i would class myself a a nomad. coincidently, i am moving to a Portugese island in August! i was even born in a town by the sea! it brings me great peace in knowing that i will be close to water and nature very soon.

    interestingly enough, i know that i have lived several different lives where water was the primary element, but i also know that i drowned at a young age, and i therefore have an underlying fear of deep dark water due to the flashbacks of sinking and struggling for breath. i have partially overcome this with breathwork, but i know that fear is something that i need to overcome, as from my understanding, water is a part of my past, and who i am in this lifetime.

    i love reading and knowing that my soul family are waking up, and that i am not alone. even meeting people of different starseeds fills my heart with joy. we are a family of light, and we are all one. much love to you all

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  17. Chaima

    This is it feels amazing I always didn’t understand why people always misunderstanding me or why they don’t understand me , and I always felt that I am different and I don’t like to fit it with society , this is my home , it’s really hard to leave with people who are not your tribe , I really wanna find my own people and help eachother to grow and heal , if you read this let’s talk together and help eachother because we are family

  18. James

    This whole thing is spot on for me. I was told I was from Mintaka today, which led me to searching for answers. Thank you for writing this and sharing this with the world!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  19. Lyly

    Je suis tombée par hasard sur un article d’une coach spirituelle qui avait découvert qu’elle venait de mintaka, je ne connaissais pas cette planète mais le nom raisonner en moi… J’ai fais mes recherches et Whaouuuu ça vibrait dans tout mon corps !!! Une très bonne description de qui je suis!! Merci pour tout 🙏

  20. Pam

    I cried when I finally read this Starseed. This is me to a tee! I even have a dolphin tattoo, was a swimmer and use to think I could breathe under water when I was a kid. I don’t feel I belong anywhere and definitely don’t feel my age and think I should still be in my youth. I finally feel some sense of belonging and direction…my heart if filled. Thank you. 💕

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing that you even have a dolphin tattoo! 😍 Happy to hear it resonated Pam 🙏

      1. Scarlett

        You should know that the planet still exists, but in a higher dimension, and mintakans are energy beings’s a paradise 💜 I saw how my parents created me, and i was literally shot like a shooting star, it’s exactly how it looked, somewhere else, which I know it was here and I feel so bad about this, because they didn’t asked me do I want to go, they just send me here and I really hate this place, it feels so wrong, I really don’t understand why can’t everyone just love each other and be good 😢

  21. Virginia

    This is a very close description of who I am. I have gone through a lot but I still try hard to keep my positive thoughts feelings and understandings so far of the earth and multiverses. I really need to connect with my soul family and friends. I am especially lonely right now but I think I hope think and feel I will soon be very connected to my special lives as we will exponentially heal Mother Earth and cosmos.
    I love everyone and everything soo much.
    Love Always
    Ginnie 🌈🥰🤣😜

    1. John

      Wonderful and Insightful article!
      Hello, fellow Mintakan.
      I would love to share info as I have lived the actual life of a nomad and wanderer, searching for my tribe, only to discover myself in so many ways. Reaching out to you if you would like to converse. I have much info, knowledge, & books that will help to illuminate all of this understanding and our cosmic future as we shift to 4D,5D,6D.

  22. E.I.S.A

    Hello! While I’m not new to the concept of starseeds, this particular one never showed up until it found me. I’ve felt so lost but driven for the entirety of my life, so misjudged for my very being, thank you so much for this! Much love to all!

  23. Patricia

    Finally, I found a full description of my entire being. I even cried a lot when I read your text. Especially the homesick part. Since my early ages I am so connected to the ocean, the shelves, and dolphins .. oh I am a dolphin freak..haha, I became a Marine Biologist and now it all falls into the place. I feel like creating Mintaka right now in my life! I hope I can meet my Mintakans tribe soon because it has been so hard to fit in around humans.

  24. Karolina

    Thank you very much for posting this insight.
    It was a shock for me because I can relate to everything, even the comments below.
    Staring at Orion, breathing underwater, nomadic lifestyle, connection to dolphins, talking to animals.
    Missing home and belonging nowhere.
    On the other hand I have always had this inner feeling that Mother Earth is on my side. I am drawn to strong animals like tigers, bulls and stallions and feel really safe at the same time in their presence….unlike others.
    This article found me by accident and I can easily admit that it is a breakthrough moment for me. I feel being deeply understood for the first time in my life.
    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Karolina! So happy to hear the article resonated. There’s nothing like the feeling of discoving your soul origin 🙂

  25. Xoa

    Yayyy every single point resonated with me as a remembering ✨ I feel so very connected with Mintaka 💞 Can anyone point me in a direction which tells the story of how and why Mintaka was destroyed? All I ever find is “Mintaka no longer exists”… But why, who destroyed it and why? And how? And destroyed in which way, does the star no longer exists and what we perceive on earth is the reminance of it’s light, or is it simply no longer inhabitable? So many questions about it’s fall hahha much love my family

  26. Sylvia

    As a teen I visited the pyramids near Mexico City, Teotihuacan, the place of the Toltec, where”Man Becomes God”.(see The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz). I climbed the Moon pyramid, alone, and at the apex a monarch butterfly circled around and around me. The pyramids are on the” Avenue of the Dead”, and in that culture butterflies are represent the souls of the dead. I have studied astrology for 50 years. In the past 6 or 7 years I came across the information that these Mexican pyramids and the Egyptian pyramids, and other pyramids and holy sites are EXACTLY aligned with Orions Belt. And the moon pyramid at Teotihuacan is aligned with Mintaka. The astrological degree of Mintaka is said to be at Gemini 22-23 degrees. Which is the degree of my natal moon! ( You can look up constellation and fixed star signs and degrees at “ astrology king”).Starseeds could find lots of info and clues with their accurate natal birth chart, in my opinion. And yes, all the Mintaka traits are me for sure. Anyone else resonate strongly with more than one starseeds type? I also have such a blue bird theme in my life!
    🌲❤️ Sylvia

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  27. Sheila

    Wow! This resonates….I even named my daughter Ocean. My question is how do we create boundaries with others while staying in alignment with our true light ? It all resonates so deeply!

  28. Jennifer

    Hi Julia, thank you for this article, it’s so very helpful. Could you guide me please as to how I could find out for sure of my starseed origin though I’m pretty sure I’m from Mitaka.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  29. Bianca

    Thank you for your lovely article, I had a reading and was told I’m a Mintaka Starseed. Your article is pretty spot on to the reading I had.

    Here’s an extract of my reading:

    Divine Energy/s: Divine Love and Healing 38% and Divine Order 22%
    SoulGroup: Mintaka
    Love and Healing – acceptance and non-judgement, unconditional nature (boundaries help so you do not overgive – just say no… it’s ok)
    Order – blend beauty of form and functionality through organisation and simplifying things for others (perfectionism, or obsessive planning need to be released)
    Mintaka – see the positive potential in others (let other’s manifest their potential for themselves)

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear the article resonated 🙏❤️

  30. Shem

    I always tell people that being underwater gives me the most clarity. I get it now! Mintakan, I AM.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  31. Jewelry Meow

    Yes, finally I found it. I have searched these messages for 10 years. I know I come from Orion Mintaka, I know my hometown was destroyed by the old Empire, and I fled. I came to the earth at the end of Atlantis. I witnessed the fall of Atlantis. But… I haven’t found anything about this planet until today. I never forget my home, I miss it very much. I love the ocean, when I saw the dolphin around me in 2015, I was crying, I can’t help myself crying. Mintaka the planet deeply engraving in my spirit. Now I find it,

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  32. gina

    O wow I’m in tears I’m speechless but I do no what I have to do now thank you so very much on point with everything even the long torso I’ve always wondered compared to most an my long neck wow answered a few things I’m amazed please don’t stop doing your hard work much love

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  33. Barb

    Beautiful and so timely for me. I was divinely guided to this post l. Thanks for the insightful information. 💕

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! 😊
      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  34. Angélique van Bilsen

    Jaaaaaaaaa, ben een Mintaka Starseed,……yes!

  35. Mintakan Starseed Mom

    I have always felt that, no always known that my youngest daughter is a new soul, that thus is her first time here and that she had come from a planet of water. She is 16 and neuro divergent. Reading your article to her made so much sense to both of us. Strangely enough, I had never spoken to her about this. I didn’t read it before I read it to her, we read it together and I could see her having light bulb moments. Thank you for such a lovely article, very well written and perfectly descriptive of my Mintakan Starseed.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  36. Annie

    Namaste 🙏🏻
    As usual, these sites pop up when needed 🥰
    Many years ago I came across a post about Mintakan starseeds that caught my attention. It resonated deeply, but I was a little sceptical.
    Backtrack to childhood. I have always been entranced by the Orion constellation and often found myself outside gazing at Orions Belt.
    Post reading about Mintaka I went searching for where it sits in the universe. When I realised where it was I laughed, and finally accepted.
    It’s been a lonely journey, but every now and then we find each other and I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone.
    Blessings to all 💕

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  37. Ami

    I have just been told I am a Mintakan! I have a long torso and long arms! Strangely enough as a child, I was scared of beach water and could never even drink enough water, which got me into health problems. As an adult now, I love the beach. Crystal clear ones especially- I feel so elated watching these places let alone being there.
    So strange- how can a Mintakan incarnate into human form- especially for those of us who don’t believe in reincarnation. Is there some other way to explain our connection with this place?

  38. Tattianabelle

    Mintaka for sure. It was the last one read and every word resonates. I feel such joy to discover, at last, my roots and it is so comforting. So ready to move forward in my quest of peace and love for all mankind. Thank you endlessly for your devine guidance . ❤️✨

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

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