Are You An Arcturian Starseed? 11 Signs, Mission & Appearance

Are you curious if you are an Arcturian starseed? Then you are in the right place. 

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.”– Nikola Tesla

When you first discover that you are a starseed, confusion is turned into certainty, and peace replaces anxiety. 

The answers to questions you had about your relationship with the world or your purpose in life are revealed to you.

The more you learn about your starseed, the more you can navigate your way through life with self-assurance.

Arcturus is a huge orange star which is around 25 times the size of the Earth’s sun. It can be seen just beyond the Big Dipper in the night sky.

Arcturians are said to originate from a blue planet that orbits the star of Arcturus.

By the end of this post, you’ll know the answer to the questions:

Am I an Arcturian starseed? What is my purpose on planet Earth?

arcturian starseed

Arcturus and the Arcturian Starseed

Before we get into everything you need to know about Arcturian starseeds, it’s helpful to know what a starseed actually is. 

What is a starseed?

Starseeds are souls, beings, and spirits that choose to inhabit planet earth from far away parts of the Universe.

There are many starseed races on Earth and they all come here with a specific purpose.

Usually to pass on the lessons they have learned when establishing their worlds, and to help us transition through periods of change.

At the heart of a starseed’s power is their deep-seated knowledge of connectedness to all beings.

They have learned, through realization, that separateness is simply an illusion, and the impact of planet Earth’s collective actions spans much further than we are aware of. 

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

– Carl Jung

Who are the Arcturians on Earth?

Planet Earth has reached a pivotal stage of transition. To navigate this period successfully, humans must reconnect with their true nature, and blend their external worlds with the inner world of spirituality.

The Arcturian race has its origins in a star system known as Bootes.

It is thought that this constellation is over 35 million light-years from the solar system that encompasses planet Earth.

Arcturus is known to be the brightest star within this constellation, and this is where Arcturians first came from.

Due to Arcturians being naturally good at communicating and sharing ideas, they have chosen to do so on our planet.

Arcturian starseeds are direct descendants of these amazing beings, and have personalities and positive traits that mirror those of the Arcturian race.

Most Arcturians feels at home on planet Earth. Although they may not be conscious of their origins, they are aware of a deeper meaning to their existence and this is reflected in their work.

Arcturian starseeds have an incredible ability to use their physical senses.

This makes their experience on this planet rich with color, vibrancy, experience, and memories. For that reason, they generally have a pleasant life in human form. 

Although Arcturians are hard to tell apart from other humans, their difference becomes apparent when you analyze the way they carry themselves.

Arcturian starseeds have all the necessary human faculties needed to bring about positive change, and this is often their main calling in life.

These starseeds are blessed with vast foundational knowledge, gained from their time in their star system.

Their skills translate perfectly onto Earth’s physical plane, and they take very little time to adapt to their new environment.

If you feel that you may be an Arcturian starseed but you’re struggling to reach your full potential, it may be due to blocked chakras.

You might find my how-to guide on successfully unblocking chakras to be helpful.

arcturian starseed signs

The Main Traits of Arcturian Starseeds

Here is the “Arcturian starseed checklist” you could say – ten signs that clearly indicate that you are an Arcturian starseed:

  • You feel drawn to the sky at night

Astrology and extra-terrestrial life forms are a source of constant fascination for Arcturian starseeds.

You find yourself fantasizing over faraway galaxies.

The vast nature of space intrigues you beyond words.  

Many Arcturian starseeds remember their origins. Subconsciously, they long for the freedom and peacefulness that the night sky symbolizes.

You believe in astrology and its effect on us, and you often use it as a guidance tool.

If you have not yet seen success with astrology, I highly recommend you find out where the moon was when you were born.

This reveals a lot about your true self and hidden strengths, which your zodiac sign doesn’t (contrary to popular belief).

Here’s a free moon sign tool to find out your moon placement and what it means.

arcturians meaning

  • You feel detached from social status

You might feel that social hierarchy is simply a human construct that breeds inequality.

At the core of your belief is the feeling that all beings are equal, and social status simply distorts this.

You don’t think of yourself or any other people as being superior or inferior to each other.

You have no interest in consumerism and showing the world that you are a “success”.

This is a result of your deep feeling of empathy, and your ability to put yourself in someone else’s position rather than categorize them based on their circumstances or society’s view of them.

  • You are interested in ancient civilizations

Much like your interest in aliens and space, you find yourself wondering what ancient civilizations were like.

You believe that a lot can be learned by studying the way these civilizations lived their lives and structured their societies.

Just like Andromedan starseeds, Arcturian starseeds naturally romanticize ancient times.

You might feel the connection between those times and the modern-day, and try to implement the lessons of history to create a better future.

girl looking at the pyramids in Egypt

  • You enjoy scientific discussions

Rather than talking about everyday trivialities, you prefer to discuss scientific topics.

Your ability to understand these concepts comes naturally, and you can apply your spirituality to the facts of science.

You believe that by implementing science and advancements in technology, the future of planet earth could be extremely positive. 

  • You have strong opinions

Arcturian starseeds form their opinions based on experience and acquired knowledge.

Due to the long process, they go through to form their opinions, they become firmly set and rarely change.

Although you don’t go around projecting your opinions on others, if the opportunity arises you love to argue your point and try to get the other person to agree with your logic.

This can sometimes result in heated debates if someone disagrees with one of your strong opinions.

Arguments and discussions don’t faze you. You are willing to dig your heels in and stick to your guns if you think you are in the right.

  • Your memories are strong

Arcturians are blessed with strong, vivid memories.

You may find yourself slipping into daydreams of the past frequently.

Your childhood memories are still accessible, and you can remember sights, smells, and people with great clarity.

Arcturian starseeds are likely to remember feelings from the past so vividly that they can be triggered by external stimuli like a particular song, someone’s accent, or a scent.

starseed abilities

  • You feel empathy

Just like Pleiadians incarnated on Earth, you frequently put yourself in the position of the underdog.

You are likely to feel a strong urge to help another being that is in need.

If you don’t help someone who you feel needs it, a strong feeling of guilt is likely to follow you, especially when you are alone.

As an Arcturian, you want to help all other beings connect to their divine, universal nature.

This quality makes you a naturally caring person.

You understand that life is something to be shared with others, and therefore feel that if you make someone else happy, you in turn will feel happier.

arcturian starseed sings

  • You are good at planning

Arcturians tend to operate on a physical level, and therefore are very good at drawing up plans.

You may feel drawn to architecture or design, and the act of bringing plans into physical reality.

Due to Arcturians embodying the energies associated with the throat chakra, they are great communicators and can present their plans and ideas to other people clearly.

You use your natural skills in science and mathematics to come up with ideas that can improve the lives of other humans.

  • You are organized

You are a person of your word, who sticks to a routine.

You feel stressed when things are left to chance.

Organization is a skill that comes easily to you, and you use it to enhance your productivity.

Arcturian starseeds are well adept at taking their spiritual knowledge gained from previous incarnations and implementing it on planet Earth.

This quality makes them great communicators of innovative ideas.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

  • You are focused on a better future

Due to the forward-thinking nature of Arcturian starseeds, they are optimistic about the future of Earth and its inhabitants.

You are often thinking of ways to make a situation better for yourself and those around you.

People often come to you for advice about decisions that will impact their future.

You are able to visualize the desired outcome, then take the necessary steps to manifest it in the physical realm.

arcturian healing

  • Ideas flow to you with ease

You believe that technology is a positive thing for planet Earth, and if it is used responsibly it could solve many of the current problems.

You truly believe that human potential is unlimited and there is no ceiling on the level of progression that can be made on this planet.

If visualization is a process you enjoy or would like to explore, you can try my guided meditation here.

If you want more information on starseeds in general, you’ll find this detailed post that I wrote a good place to start.


Are there any physical traits of Arcturian starseeds?

Arcturian starseeds are sometimes susceptible to having low blood pressure. They are also very sensitive to the cold and feel it more than others.

This makes them more likely to settle in warmer climates.

The reason for their sensitivity to cold is unknown, but it is commonly reported amongst Arcturians.  

arcturian eyes

Do Arcturian starseeds struggle to form relationships?

One of the main issues faced by Arcturian starseeds is that they find it difficult to get close to other humans.

They can come across as distant, due to their active minds and constant thoughts on improving their futures.

However, when Arcturians do form a close bond with another, they are likely to value the friendship or relationship very dearly and will remain loyal to the other person for a long period of time.

What is an Arcturian starseed’s mission on Earth?

Arcturian starseeds came to the planet Earth to innovate and guide it into a new, better future.

They are pioneers, constantly looking for ways to inspire positive change by applying their natural cognitive and practical skills.

They came here to bring about a harmonious reality where technology and community are intrinsically linked.

If you want to learn more about your specific mission, strengths and weaknesses and future, I recommend getting a free numerology reading

Arcturians are not simply idealists – they follow through with their plans.

By using a mixture of their divine knowledge from the spiritual realm, and implementing it into the physical reality of planet Earth, they can achieve incredible things.

arcturian starseed mission

How do I know for sure where my starseed origin is?

In the video below you will learn everything you need to know about your starseed awakening including:

  • The answer to the common question “Am I a starseed or lightworker?”
  • How I found out my starseed origin and you can too
  • The most common starseed types and their common traits

Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel too as I post new starseed videos regularly.

For signs you are a starseed, you can also read this blog post on how to find your starseed markings.


Arcturian starseeds are generally happy on this planet, as long as they are utilizing their natural starseed abilities to their fullest potential.

They are here to remind fellow beings on planet Earth that change is a good thing, and with proper consideration, we can create a better world for every life form.

Let me know in the comments if the Arcturian starseed signs resonated and check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most.

If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems. 

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  1. Yunusu Ceasar

    Thanks for sharing this was very helpful to me as I continue to dig deeper why I’m often interested in issues of spiritual life and nature.

    1. Marcy

      Totally resonated. I’m always cold and people keep telling me o have something wrong. I love the hot Florida weather. All the other characteristics are right on point.

    2. Jim Homyak

      Jamestown Colorado was the first place it was ever demanded of me verbally that I must be some kind of alien. The foothills were chilli and the night sky was expansive. I now know the man questioning me was spot on. I am Arcturian.

  2. Aaila

    This is amazing!!! Thank you!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You are so welcome dear 🙂

  3. Marsha

    Did not resonate nearly so much as the Andromeda facts. Those were spot on for me and so helpful. Thank you so much. I do struggle with feeling alone on this planet earth and always have. I tend to travel out of my body often at night and thanking have a 2 spirit soul weavers who help return the bits of my spirit I tends to leave behind when traveling to other galaxies weaving them back into my physical body on this plane. All the things about being a healer and holistic teacher is how I have lived my entire life. I m just turning 70 and have raised my Starseed son to live the same way. Again thank you so much, Shanti.Marsha

    1. Julia Lundin

      You are so welcome dear 🙂 Happy I could help xx

  4. Cynthia

    My perspective of humanity: “Those stupid humans”. Why, at such an early age, did I conclude that I was not one of those stupid humans-feeling that I don’t belong? Yes, my blood pressure is 90/60. My body temp is usually between 96-97. I despise the cold. I relate to animals (and animals seem to come running to me, much to the dismay of their masters, as the wild ones I feed don’t run from me when I appear) with much more ease than I do to stupid humans. So why do I CONTINUOUSLY sacrifice my resources to help those stupid humans? I have experienced paranormal and psychic activities since about the age of 4-vividly. Although I loved my parents who treated me very well, I’ve never known a sense of belonging, not even with my own child. The one exception, my husband, who I met at the age of 15. Being 7 yrs my elder, he avoided my declarations of love and certainty that we would be married some day. When I turned 19, he stopped running from me. He died on our 28th anniversary. It’s been 20 yrs and I love him even more.
    Sometimes, when I gaze at Bootes, like a nutcase, I blow kisses and say, ” I love you, I miss you, you’re so beautiful. Please come get me. ” Not every time, but sometimes, Bootes pulses a bright, warm response. It feels like a wink or a gentle hug. That’s what drove me to seek information about this beautiful star. I can’t decide if it’s all starting to make sense or if it’s just my imagination.

    1. C

      Uhhhh 😅 so I’m NOT the only one hahaha. How crazy..

      1. N

        The universe is just so beautiful🤩💫

  5. kat

    i relate to all of this and esp CYNTHIA completely… Except, no kids.. gay person here… alone, an orphan.. no family… had many contacts and comrades in the film industry in the 90s.. but after 2000, all collapsed.. Still working for 20 years, on MY PLAN, finding goat farm, learning to make cheese, learning from old farmers, be friendly old craftsmanship people..looking at helping animals / build a shelter / sanctuary / and SERVING BY HELPING YOUTH GET MORE INTO THE INTERCONNECTIVITY of nature / and empathy / kindness / mindful of nature.. but too many years in the planning… i cannot do it alone… moving into FINDING FELLOW COMRADES.. to create some cool cheese, cool podcasts from the middle of maybe NORTH SPAIN, old ghost towns, or italy.. or france… maybe greece.. ?? many of us are trying to find our way.. out of BIG CITY with “our” people.. who understand also this “STAB” FIASCO of falsity… us “outcasts” who reject the stab will not have many options in cities… so the land is where we are going… but we need comrades.. we have all we need to heal and to be healthy… there are many of us out here that have been in the BACKGROUND. slowly learning, evolving, meditating and moving to higher realms… we need to find each other .. how??? where are the websites to united us.. in usa, in greece, in germany etc??? this would be a brilliant project.. yet i am non a digital mensch… just an idea.. so we can unite our forces, our light and our powers…

    1. Delaney

      I love your post, I want to live on a commune with nature all around and just living for the genuine human connection that is at its most pure form. and being able to go out into the world and show others that there are safe places like that around the world for anyone who is called to true happiness and love.

    2. Chris

      Just think peace love gratitude we all are conscious creators so let’s create heaven on earth. Iam the light Iam the love Iam the truth. Everyone is this mantra so let’s find out who and what we really are

      1. Barb

        🙋 hi Julia!
        I am a Judeo-Christian. Adopted at nine days old. Today I am 64 years old. I feel I’ve never bonded with anyone. Although I can be very social, engage in a plethora of topics, I usually feel somewhat detached. I feel deeply, am honest want to be loved, but won’t let you too close. Was taunted and molested by brother (also adopted, 2 yrs older and 6 foot tall in 6th grade) from 3 or4 until I was 12. Generally happy, kind, compassionate and love to communicate and learn! Once I contacted the ‘Intergalactic Council’. It seemed to be made up of very kind beings who were court officials and seemed generally concerned about earth. Hope you have gotten a glimpse of my being and can offer some insight! I would be so grateful. People say my energy is really high.
        Thank you for sharing your beautiful knowledge. Last thing, the Acasic Library … Your thoughts!

        1. Julia Lundin

          Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  6. Rima

    I’m not sure why, but I cried all the time I read this. Wanting to go home to the stars.. I felt it since being little girl..
    All signs are that I may be for sure acturian starseed, but for the one that I really hate heat and heat weather, in prefere more subtle cooler climate, I live in Israel and suffer so much during it’s summer..

    1. Harinda

      Me too like you, all the said signs are with me too except the heat thing…I too hate heat weather.

  7. Navy Sisomphou

    I found an astrologer on etsy who is able to map my starseeds, and she helped me realize you can be “descendant” from more than one star system! This makes sense to me when I think about the uncountable number of incarnations a soul could experience in the 14-billion-year history of the universe. Thank you for sharing this blog and reaffirming my path as we transition into this new age!

  8. Sheri

    Thank you for sharing this helpful post. One fact correction “It is thought that this constellation is over 35 million light-years from the solar system that encompasses planet Earth.” I think you meant over 35 light years from Earth. Our galaxy diameter is just a little over 100k light years.

  9. Beatrice

    I remember that when I was a little girl I liked to climb trees and play all day relaxed in the branches. He really enjoyed being in nature, where he lived was an oil field in Venezuela. I also explored nature. There was a lake nearby, so i used to play on nearby rocks. I know I’m a Starseed, but although I don’t fit with the Arcturians, I feel like I love them deep in my heart and identify myself with them and their channeling and messages. In fact I am sure that my soul mate is an Arcturian being. I look forward to reuniting with my Galactic family in the 5D soon. I always follow my intuition..and I feel like I knew about what was happening on Earth, like it wasnt nothing abnormal to me.. One thing I like to do is to look and stare at the clouds on the sky ,same thing I do when flying on a plane..I imagine myself flying thru the clouds, I feel that we are Angels on Earth and we used to have wings..bedore coming to Earth. God lives inside of all of us! The Great presence inside of us, its God. Thanks! Namaste.

  10. Dan

    Thank you for this. My curiosity has peaked more and more over recent years based on my life experiences and this truly hit home. There are so few resources available that finding any affirmation is such a lift to my spirit. Again, my sincerest gratitude for allowing me to understand my Patna bit more.

    God Bless.

  11. Andrew Graham

    I make what I call souls stones I also made a talisman that is a white stone but glows blue in transmitted. Light for my throat Chakra but shaped intoanpineal gland so my verbalized ideas can be seen.the stone it self literally rolled down a hill to me I wear it daily I am just learning of the significance and I’m shaking

  12. Sanna

    It seems that I am from every star.
    I loce freedom and teavelling and I do not like governmebts. Ivthozght that I am Andromedan. Well, Pledeian, naybe Ivam not so motherly. But then, I coukd be Arcturusn. I am an architect by my occupation and so on. But I coukd also be Lyran: I have three cats and talk with birds, birds are my friens…

    This is impossible!

    1. Desolate lake

      I too feel connected to every type I read although I don’t particularly posess every trait. I think it might be possible. Just go with the life’s flow, trust the oneness, live with the guidance of soul and align with soul, you’ll realise the answer one day.

  13. Delaney kasun

    Wow! I had a energy reading and she told me I needed to look into arcturian because that was possibly one of my spirit guides. I don’t think I resonate well with arcturian, but I believe I am a star seed and you’re video gave me the chills and made me cry because I have always felt like I’m here to do something special and help others but I am a very introverted person. I have always hated giving myself any self worth because I have felt selfish by doing that but I really feel that I have a new found sense of worth. I felt very connected to a lot of the sign of being a starseed and I have always been a very self aware person who tries to always put myself in someone else’s shoes. Even saying this makes me feel somewhat arrogant when I know I shouldn’t because this is a calling to help and I don’t have an ego to get in the way. All I really wanted to say was thank you for posting this article and video because you are helping more people recognize their true potential! Also I’m not sure what starseed I am so I will definitely have to look into getting a starseed chart read. Thank you again so much for this powerful message.

  14. Lorie

    I feel I am Mintaka but you didn’t cover that. Can you tell me more about this please?

  15. Edward

    Wow. I just read about msyelf lol. I also did a past life regression that showed me a blue avatar and that I was Arcturian. Seems like it might be true.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!

  16. Drew

    Julia, thank you for this. I am 64 and this is the first I have heard of this. I most clearly identify with the Arcturians. As I’m reading this, I am reading about me. The first thing I read that grabbed my attention is always being cold. I am a big ol’ boy and when others are wearing shorts and tee shirts, I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. I feel comfortable when it is 80 degrees outside, and I have always been that way. I have always been fascinated with the stars and aliens. I read Erich von Däniken’s book Chariots of the Gods in 1970 when I was 12. I didn’t just believe it, I knew it was true. I love ancient civilizations. I am a good communicator, I have a published book, I have taught college classes in the classroom and online. I try to help people as much as I can. I am good at planning and visualizing, and putting those plans in action. Friends often ask me for advice. This is amazing! Thank you.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing your story, sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  17. Cristian Montelongo Tovar

    Just what i needed to confirm thankyou

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  18. Dustin

    I feel like i identify with Arcturian more but when i analyzed my own chart it showed I had more Plaeidian indications, but I don’t really identify with them. I had someone analyze my chart for me and they said i have 3 past lives as Arcturian, 6 past lives as Andromedan and 3 past life as a plaiedian, and my origion was Andromedan. I only partially identify with Andromedans but mostly feel like im Arcturian so not sure if her analysis was correct or if i just posses traits from all my past lives. Any insight?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Dustin!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  19. Taru

    Definitely resonating with Arcturian starseed traits. Can feel that connection to higher knowledge, definitely via the top back of the head.

  20. Gaurav

    Thanks much, Julia! Never knew such knowledge existed, and that Arcturian starseed can be exactly (almost) related to my nature/thought-process. Would love to follow you more on this.

  21. Kiren

    A psyschic told me I was of Arcturian descent, however I’ve not seen the actual traits that I match up to portrayed so accurately as in this article before. Nice 🙂
    And the explanation of being born in other systems in other lifetimes makes sense as I have other characteristics from Orions as well (pragmatic except I hate rules).

  22. John White

    Is everyone on Earth a Starseed or descendant of one?

  23. Anthony

    Im starting to believe I could be Arcturian. As i read your post, i was reading about my self. But still i thought maybe its just a coincidence until u said that Arcturians have the ability to relate Spirituality and Science. That was the smoking gun for me since we’ve all been brought up here on Earth being told that Science and Spirituality has nothing to do with each other. Like for example the endless and useless debate in academia whether its the Theory of Evolution that holds true or is it the Theory of Creation. To its the most useless debate ever since I have always believed that Evolution and Creation are of of the same. Here’s how, when we invented the wheel, we did not keep reinventing. When we invented the wheel, we then used it as a tool to create other thing. Same thing with the light bulb, we used it as a tool to create other things after it’s invention. Then as we advance to a certain point by using these tools, perhaps we may want to automate things like what we are doing exactly in our factories today with machines. Well, it’s exactly the same thing when creating a universe. You create a mechanism called Evolution, then use Evolution as a tool to create other things. Simply put, “Evolution is automated creation happening in real time”. So you see, to me there really is nothing to debate there. Evolution is Creation itself. I don’t understand how academia couldn’t get their head around that shit. I’ve only read your post yesterday but I’ve had these beliefs my whole life and i didn’t know where they were coming from. All the other traits too are spot on, like you have no idea how much fascination i have concerning past civilization and extraterestrials. I also now know why i don’t like winter and why spring is my favourite season. It’s because it symbolizes the end of winter and the start of summer. I can give you good examples of all the traits you mentioned but u get my point. Im starting to believe im ARCTURIAN in essence. Well, if i am, what can i say, Life goes on. No matter how hard they say life here on Earth is, I do love Earth, yes. It has great potential and it can have so much to offer. I want to master this human thing. NOW I’M WONDERING ABOUT OTHER GALAXIES. WHAT FASCINATING RACES DO THEY HAVE AND HOW WE COMPARE?

  24. Larry W Brown

    Extremely helpful! Thank you Julia! 💛🌹
    Lar (PoetLARRYeate™️)

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  25. Gabriela

    They have a different technology than we do. All star seeds are here to stop the merge with AI so there is no excuse in claiming we can use the current technology for lighter purposes

  26. Daniell

    This should feel creepy but it feels comforting and reassuring. This isn’t the first website I’ve come to looking for information on Arcturian star seed. The others have resonated so deeply with me I’ve been looking for more information. Everything resonates with me even down to the low blood pressure and hypersensitivity to cold. It’s something I always thought was odd and maybe pointed to an underlying health problem. I actually worry a lot that I might have some weird health issue as to why I can’t gain extra weight and I have slightly low blood pressure UNLESS I’m pregnant. As soon as I’m pregnant I have normal blood pressure and gain normal amount of weight. I’ve had 5 children and every single time after I have them I go right back down for seemingly no reason I don’t exercise or diet. Every time I get my blood pressure checked the Dr or nurse makes a comment about my blood pressure being low and when I inquire if it’s too low they ALWAYS say “it’s better to be a little low than a little high” and never say it’s an issue. Also throughout my life I’ve always noticed that I get start chattering and shaking while other people are fine. 50° and wind is still freezing to me. But another random thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere that I wonder if it is related to this or just happens to me. I will wake up in the middle of the night extremely hot. My hands and feet just everywhere and it’s not a sickness or fever. I have to touch something cool like the wall or the floor and take my clothes off. It’s happened since I was a kid. I can remember being about 7 and waking up and my hands and feet were just so hot I was up against my cool wall moving from place to place as I warmed up the spot I was in.

    1. Sasha

      I get the chattering and shaking too along with low blood pressure. I went to the Dr. and found out I have low iron, so I’m on iron pills and vitamin D. Be sure to go out in the sunlight often because we need it! Good luck ❤️!

  27. Neil Shankar Ray

    Hi, Ms. Julian… I read your well researched thoughts and would love to share that I am an Arcturian starseed. I love to connect and communicate with every being through touch. Even, I long for to go to my home many a time. I love this Earth as I have been learning many things that have been helping me for my spritual growth directly.

    I would love to hear your thoughts more about my origin later.

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing and informative post.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks so much for the suggestion! Sending you lots of love and blessings Neil✨💕

  28. Sasha

    I was doing a tarot reading and the Arcturian card kept coming out, so I found this article. Every single fact was spot on for me even the low blood pressure and coldness. I’m under a blanket right now and it’s 77 degrees outside 😂.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

    2. James

      I think I’m from the Blue Planet around Arcturus, Just a few hrs ago. I put it together I remember seeing the Earth Pass away in to the distance(many years ago). Then Saturn passed away. I looked at a star map and their is was. I was behind Saturn like a well concealed place on the dark side then it passed away. I went back to Boots. Like all natives who are light workers. Back to the Pledies. I Like my Blue with brown on top eyes. the Blue Planet. I too am also fit the Arcturian profile. JHS

  29. Nathan

    Such a. Good read! Thanks for this!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  30. Martina

    I did Radiesthesia and I was told I am arcturian and that is what brought me to this article. Omg reading it it’s incredible as I always said to my mum that I don’t belong here, I remember all my early childhood memories which everyone else finds crazy and I am always cold. I am extremely compassionate and want to positively impact the world and I also always felt I have a purpose. I am attracted to the spiritual and always been interested in astrology.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  31. Martina

    Omg I just listened to the video and all the 10 signs are an yes 🥹

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  32. Martina

    Ok I am confused. The andromeda starseee was very spot on too….

  33. Dee

    Here I stand with my telescope 🔭 and low pressure reading this and I’m like………wow! It’s like it was wrote about me! Every single tiny part!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  34. Henri Bourse

    OMG I feel you were talking directly to me in your article. Thank you 🙏

  35. Henri Bourse

    Julia, the video just blew my mind. I can’t tell if I’m Andromeda or Arcturian. I resonate with Andromeda most but only just. And I resonate with certain parts of the others also.

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