Are You A Pleiadian Starseed? 16 Signs, Mission & Appearance

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

– Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn

Are you sensitive and absorbs other people’s emotion like a sponge?

Do you feel like you have a big healing mission on Earth?

Do you ever look up at the stars and feel homesick?

Then you could be a Pleiadian starseed.

It may seem unlikely, but actually, it’s not.

There are currently billions of starseeds on Earth, from different constellations and galaxies around the Universe. But most starseeds on Earth have their soul origin in the Pleiades.

After reading this article you’ll know:

Am I a Pleiadian starseed and why am I on Earth? 

Let’s dive in!

pleiadian starseed

What Is A Pleiadian Starseed?

A Pleiadian starseed is a soul whose origin is from the Pleiadian star system, right next to the Orions belt. Just like other starseed races, Pleiadian starseeds are old, highly evolved souls who have come to Earth to help transition humanity from 3D to 5D, also called New Earth.

There are many types of starseeds on Earth, including Sirians, Arcturian, Lyrans and Andromedans like me.

If you want to learn more about starseeds in general and find out whether you are a starseed or not, check out my article 5o Starseed Signs.

Pleiadians and The Pleiadian starseed

Pleiadians are multidimensional beings, existing in several dimensions including 3D to 9D.

They are from the Pleiades star system, in the Taurus constellation.

Pleiades is a soul healing station with visitors from other star nations for the purpose of studtying, relaxation and healing.

– Eva Marquez, A Starseed Guide: Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius

They have been assisting Earth and humanity since the birth of Earth. And currently, they are helping more than ever, now that we are transitioning to the Golden Age.

The Pleiades

The Pleiadians are also called Nordic aliens, due to their Scandinavian appearance – they tend to have long light blonde hair with a tall white and slim body.

According to Barbara Marciniak, the author of Bringers of The New Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, their mission is to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation.

16 Clear Pleiadian Starseed Signs

Ready to find out if you’re a Pleiadian starseed? Watch the video to learn the 7 major signs, or scroll down to learn all 16 signs.

Note that you don’t have to “tick off” all signs to be a Pleiadian starseed. Just pay attention to how you FEEL as you read these signs. Do most of them resonate?

YouTube video

  • You love to love

You make decisions from your heart, rather than from your brain.

This is because Pleidian starseeds’ primary chakra is the heart chakra. Contrary to for example Andromedan starseeds, whose primary chakra is the solar plexus.

This makes Pleiadian starseeds likely to be a great parent and caretaker.

You crave love and you are romantic. You love romantic movies like The Notebook. Your worst nightmare would be losing your loved ones.

“That desire to be of service is coming from a genuine place of Love. The love vibration is more active today on your world today than it has ever been, and it is far more powerful and influential than any other vibration that you may see be acted out. So pay attention. Pay attention to what is of service to you to witness.”

– The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

  • You are honest

You value honesty and would never lie intentionally. Lying is not something you have ever felt comfortable with.

  • You are a powerful healer

Pleiadian starseeds are masters at healing others’ wounded souls. And it happens almost unconsciously, you might not even be aware of it.


  • You are a giver

You are a kind and generous soul that would never take advantage of another person. You LOVE and thrive on helping other people.

If a Pleiadian starseed was on a flight that was crashing, they would put on the mask on their kid before themselves.

“You put other people before you to such an extent that you often forget to take care of YOURSELF.”

The throat chakra, therefore, tend to be their weakest chakra.

If you have a weak throat chakra it means you might find it difficult expressing your needs and wants to other people.

Pleiadian starseeds are therefore prone to burn-out.

They need to focus more on self-love and realize that they need to help themselves before they can truly help others.

When you believe in and love yourself, everything starts to go your way. The most difficult thing for most of you is making that commitment to believe you deserve love. No one has to love you. You are not here to go around gathering love from other people to convince yourself you are worth it.

The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn

pleiadians on earth

  • You try to fix other people

You easily worry about people around you and want to help them.

Unfortunately, this often results in you attracting partners with emotional issues, narcissists and energy vampires, which you see as your mission to solve (more on this later).

You might also worry if you notice your friends change and you’re not sure it’s for the better.

This never ends up well.

One of my friends is a Pleiadian starseed and she has been trying to fix her depressed boyfriend for a decade now.

As she saw me changing my political opinion and certain interests she started to worry about that too and “change me back”.

A lesson Pleiadian starseeds are here to learn is to let go of their need to save everyone. Take care of yourself and your ascension first.

A good start is to do a soul reading – I recommend this one by Soul Manifestation.

starseed awakening

  • You are empathic

Your strong heart chakra means you are empathic and absorb others emotions easily.

Most Pleiadians are therefore introverts and charge their battery by being alone.

This can be confusing, as you might confuse others feeling for your own, or your own feelings can become amplified by other people’s emotions.

This can easily lead to overwhelm, anxiety attacks and depression.

  • You are highly sensitive

You are very sensitive and can pick up on things other people can’t.

You feel all the senses more strongly than others.

When you’re happy, you’re over the moon happy, and when you are sad, you’re laying on the floor crying.

Pleiadians have sensitive minds, but also sensitive bodies.

You might have had a disease when you were young and had to take medicine.

Unfortunately, Pleiadian starseed’s sensitive bodies don’t handle western medicine well and their heavy side effects well, so you might never have quite recovered or still get flair-ups.

  • You had a traumatic childhood

You experienced abuse as a child. You were a victim to life and wondered: Why me? 

This eventually triggered an awakening, and you claimed your power back.

star child

  • You are a loyal partner

You are a loyal partner and would never cheat or betray your partner on purpose.

You wouldn’t break up until you had tried everything to solve the issues in your relationship.

  • You hate conflicts and criticism

Pleiadian starseeds tend to struggle with bad emotions and hate conflicts and arguing.

This can sometimes lead to passive aggressive behaviour. This can be avoided if they express their feelings to the person as soon as they come up, instead of letting it boil inside for days and weeks.

  • You are highly intuitive

Since the heart chakra is Pleidian starseeds’ primary chakra, they tend to have a strong intuition.

This doesn’t mean that you always know exactly what to do, but when there is a decision that needs to be made you can often FEEL what the right thing is to do.

The same thing with people, you can easily sense what their true intension is.

  • You are good with animals

Just like Lyran starseeds, you love animals and their unconditional love. Any pet you have or will have is very lucky to have you!

girl carrying a goat

  • You are feminine

Most Pleiadian starseeds choose to incarnate as women. However, their energy is usually not submissive, like many associates with femininity, but strong and empowering.

  • You can’t stand cruelty and want peace on Earth

You want peace and love and are very idealistic.

It breaks your heart seeing all the injustice in the world – poverty, wars, racism etc.

You might argue that few people like these things, but for Pleiadians it’s so painful that they are more likely to donate to charities, volunteer or get a job that allows them to make a difference.

  • You are charming and likable

Pleiaidan starseeds are very charismatic due to their beautiful, pure and child-like energy.

However, most Pleiadian starseeds have no clue how attractive they are in the eyes of others since many struggle with self-esteem issues.

pleiadian abilities

  • You are a great communicator

Pleiaidian starseeds make great leaders and speakers because of their charisma and beautiful message they have to share.

However, they first need to get over their low confidence before they can see success.


How do Pleiadian starseeds look like?

Although Pleiadians tend to have a Nordic or angel-like look with blonde hair and white skin, it doesn’t mean all of them decide to incarnate in the same type of body on Earth (although many do).

So if you have darker skin, don’t worry – you can still be a Pleiadian starseed.

However, I’ve noticed most Pleiadian starseeds have an angel-like energy.

So if you’ve ever been called an angel or that you have a positive child-like energy about you, that’s a sign you could be Pleiadian.

starseed purpose

What is the mission of Pleiadian starseeds?

Pleiadian souls incarnated here to help humanity in these times of awakening. Specifically help them remember who they are, their power, divinity and gifts. Pleiadians are soul healers, and most Pleiadian starseeds have some kind of healing mission.

This could be in the form of coaching, energy healing, holistic medicine.

The healing mission could also be in form of art. Just like Sirian starseeds, many Pleiadian starseeds are highly creative and end up as artists or jewelry makers.

If you want to get more clarity about your mission, I recommend this free Numerology test.

What are some common starseed types and which one am I?

YouTube video


Pleiadian starseeds are beautiful souls with a beautiful mission – to heal and help humanity wake up in these times of ascension.

They have a strong heart chakra and radiate unconditional love which makes them highly likable and powerful healers.

However, being on Earth is not a walk in the park for Pleiadian starseeds, as they tend to attract energy vampires and struggle with giving their power away and self-worth issues.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most.

If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

Are You An Arcturian Starseed?

Are You An Andromedan Starseed?

Are You A Sirian Starseed?

Are You An Orion Starseed?

Are You A Lyran Starseed?

Do you think you are a Pleiadian starseed? Let me know in the comments if the signs resonated!

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Julia Lundin

Julia Lundin

Julia is the founder of The Spirit Nomad and helps lightworkers step into their power and soul mission. Read more about Julia Lundin...

This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Iskra

    Super nice and super true!!!
    Thank you , Julia !

    1. Chantal K Love

      Wow !! You got it down to a T except the physical and I agree that we may be blond slender etc there!!! but here we have all chosen races who needed much healing Love and dont fit that descriptif.
      I was also very sick as a Child with tonsilitis, throat and stomach issues, absorbed the pain of the world and tried to fix and bring peace ,can’t take any pharma drugs or drugs period(it’s even in my birthchart) I have a high capacity to LOVE everyone and everything! Romantic and Child like super connected to animals especially dogs, can feel them, it’s more a knowing !!! I have long time friends from childhood, I am a faithful friend, forgive easely, I have been told I was an angel by people, friends, intuitives … I have always felt connected to them and talk to them, AA Michael has helped me several times through life at very difficult moments, i have a collection of Angels all through my house !!!!
      Fixing people but not to my expense, with time I have learned
      I am an LMT , energy practitioner going into coaching….. I have always known in my heart I was here to Love and help heal hearts 🥰💗💞💫🙌💚💙 I have had cobalt blue sparks come off of people as I Work on them for a long time and lately I have seen a formation of the blue lights hovering in a rectangular Shape near the ceiling, I feel it was à download of some sort …. weirdly enough I dont wrap my mind around that I just let it be and trust it is so for a reason. SIMPLIFYING in every aspect is what is needed right now.
      Love, light and gratitude Julia and all starseed friends 🥰🙏💫🌟

      1. Amy Dharma

        Thank you for sharing! I feel your words deeply, as I feel like they are being written by my own hands. It feels so good to be not alone on this planet. Love to our pleiadian starseeds out there with bleeding hearts ♥️

      2. Danny Hobbs

        I have every single one of them. I was born September 17 1953. I am thought a awakening at the moment and have a twin flame she’s a runner. They say that there will be a union soon.🙏😇👽👽🤗😁

    2. Dave P

      Love this post. Have been told repeatedly by others that I am a Pleiadian star seed. And I can say with total honesty I identify with every single aspect you listed for Parisian’s.

      1. Julia Lundin

        Amazing! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

    3. Seema

      Im Pleiades starseed thanks for information ❤️🙏

    4. Halina

      I fit being a Pleiades Starseed, except I have dark hair, so am I not?

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you this was vary help full!

  3. Tan

    Thanks for sharing , and yes , i know i am a pleiadian , and what you describe is simple and accurate , surely helps many !
    Much love !

  4. Harriett

    Every single thing on this is true of me except for the fact I’m mixed race with dark hair and dark features but literally every single thing is me I’m such a sensitive little soul I feel everything and love so deeply usually ends up with me hurt and not being able to move for days on end, nice to know I belong to somewhere I often feel lost and look into the sky and ask to be taken home, I hate it here on Earth I find it so frustrating to the point I’ve tried to stop trying to open people’s eyes as I become soo stressed, I also often cry about the state the world is in but I’m feeling hopeful with the constant awakenings I’m seeing happening around me x

    1. Aaliyyah

      I’m a black, round cheeks female and KNOW that I’m a Pleiadian. I wish they’d stop describing us as blonde hair blue eyes and slender because it can’t be further from the truth. You can incarnate in ANY firm as a human, remember we are having a HUMAN experience. Anyhow just wanted to throw that out there. Good post, EVERYTHING resonates besides the features.

      1. Coco

        Same here I was thinking the same thing. I’m black but I totally Check all of the boxes as far as the characteristics.

      2. Neptasy

        Thank you so much and you are very right. I have been trying to find other physical characteristics that are not associated with the common features they have mentioned. However, this article was very enlightening and helped understand my Pleiadian origins more. I am very happy and glad to have come across this article.

      3. Jason

        They are describing what some okie Asians look like there and not exactly what their earth incarnation will look like. “Pleiadian” could mean a lot of different things. There are nine major inhabited systems in the Pleiades Star cluster and many different types of people there. In maya, they look very Native American, the engans of Electra have red hair and the men wear long beards something like “space vikings”, in taygeta it’s mostly women who look like your average Caucasian girl from Southern California although there are some who look Latina with dark brown eyes, dark hair and olive skin. The elohi have long conical heads and a very alien look, the solatians are albino looking with white hair. But the appearance of the star race doesn’t have much to do with your incarnation on earth. Yes there are black pleiadian starseeds. Absolutely.

    2. Paige

      I definitely relate, stay strong you gorgeous wonderful creature, you’re needed here & you do so much more than you even realize for good. We’ll be home again someday.

  5. Megan

    This resonates with me so much!! And I just was on Google looking up spiritual things lol. This is me to a T! Wow! And my whole life whenever I was sick it was in my throat!? I had my tonsils removed at age 9.. this is really tripping me out ! Thanks for posting

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m so happy to hear the article resonated with you!

      1. Muheirwe

        Very acurate and helpful. Thank you so much beautiful. Blessings. ✌🏿🖤✨

  6. diane

    Yes! I believe also, that dolphin’s are from this star system too! I connect deeply with them and they were the one’s, who recognized me first! They were our companion’s and helped usher the soul, into the human vehicle! Blessings to ALL of you, as we are creating, “Heaven on Earth”. The Lemurian memory, that makes me long so DEEPLY for home! Love and Light, Diane


  7. Chris

    Yes thank you for your article. I’m researching more on Pleiadian starseeds. I have this ability to feel one’s energy. I can be close range or ten feet from a person and feel if they are angry, sad, happy, bothered etc. it’s something that I could always feel but I didn’t understand why. I have red hair blue eyes. My family is from Ireland and I found out my name dates back to even 950 bc. I love you all
    God bless

  8. Christina M.

    Well, this explains a lot! Not only I am a Pleiadian starseed, but I am an April Taurus (4/25).

    1. Jill

      I am also a Pleiadian starseed born on April 25! I

    2. Coco

      Are April Taurus’s associated with Pliedians? My son was born on the 26th that’s interesting.

    3. Helen

      I’m realising I may be Pleidian starseed and I’m also born 26th April. Crazy

  9. Claire

    Goid article . I’m a mixed race paladin,possibly . Cried reading results.i thought I was a mystic angel .Guess u can be hybrid same thing comes up on personalities test . Always the care giver. Pepole say I’m different and have a great warmth about me

  10. Sherron

    Yes this is true although I am brown skinned my ancestors are Indian I am short medium weight with dark brown hair.

    1. Nydia

      My daughter has the same birthday as you! Every Taurus I’ve ever met has a beautiful soul. I believe my daughter & I are both Pleiadians.

  11. Holly

    …peace be with you all…
    …until we meet again…

  12. Tsianina

    I really believe I am a Pleiadian Starseed. I’m a Taurus(May 4th!) and resonate with everything besides the appearance…I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m Caucasian. I can’t wait to meet people like this, oh my goodness!!

  13. Mikk´Anik

    I just had some huge problems on the awakening but now it all makes sense. Life its a river that follows to the sea and on his journey we just go on the flow.

  14. 2igh7

    makes me wonder.. this describes me accurately right down to appearance. people think i am an alien, angel, some even went as far as to think i am a reincarnation of jesus..which was super strange.. i usually attract people in need of help, but i hope to meet another like me some day

  15. Angie

    Fantastic article. I believe, now more than ever, that I am a Pleiadian Starseed – thank you 🙏🏼

  16. Liz Comewell

    Hi, Great reading 🤗 💖 I am a Sirian and a Pleiadian starseed, I am on Instagram and Facebook.
    Cheers Liz Comewell Norway 😊 💕 I am an empath, natural born Healer

  17. Gemma

    Every single one resonates deeply…..

  18. Heidi

    Thank you for helping me understand who I am. I know I’m a Pleiadian. I always knew I was different never feeling in place here. I was awake all my life but am completely awake now. I have my whole life been abused and hurt by many up till now. I have always been a sick person with low white blood cells which they could never figure out way. I always try to fix ppl but now know with my age to do in a different way. I am a healer. Animals seem to be drawn to me and I do love animals. All that was shared I definitely resonate. As I’m older I’m much different as I try to do things for me so I can be more healthier to do better to help others. Such a blessing and I’m drawing or being drawn to my true family. My parents showed no love even up to this day and never felt even as I resembled my dad I never felt either were my true parents. I’m at complete peace and love this which I had gone through an ending of what my husband put me through that during I was at peace which most would of lost their mind. I also have RH- A- blood and I have blonde hair unusual but my eyes are dark brown which most blondes as a child I was a toe head and they are blue eyed. So that was odd. I am slender but only 5’3” and definitely fair and white. Also seems I’m being very protected during what has been going and through out my life. I’m very spiritual in pictures I have lots of white orbs around and on my hair and body. I have ppl say how I glow and I have silver around my hair. My eyes if I look at anyone the comment about my eyes. I love to give but not get. I love the joy that when ppl get what I give. Im a healer that has a gift of helping others heal. I also have a gift of sight, sense, wisdom & discernment. I get very quick visions like instant.

    Love & Blessings too all 🙌🏻✨❤️

  19. Serafine Tyrspil

    Yes indeed, I always new this, and it has indeed been a struggle to be in this low vibrating world and not to be sucked into the malstroem of low vibrating beingness. As of now, where I am in my senior years, my heart truly rejoice over the fact that so many young pleidian star seeds are able to come forward in full force, now that the whole planet has ascended to a level when this is possible to show your truest colors without the fear of being attacked by all the predators still ruling the world. Thanks for this very accurate and most important article

  20. Michelle B

    Hi Julia,
    OMG !!! I resonated with every single one. It was like you were describing me personally. Crazy !!! I have always been in tune with my spiritual gifts and have known my purpose is to help people in any way I can and know how. I’m a former Massage Therapist and used to love that profession. It has been in my spirit to get my Reiki Master Certification or become A Holistic Practitioner. I will do one or maybe both 😁 I’m also very driven about what I’m passionate about. Thank you so much for the wealth of information. When people.rwalize who they are and the power they hold it is the most freeing and exciting place to be. Love you all. 😇🥰💞🙏

  21. C.V.

    Most people can relate to the feelings of “not fitting in” and wanting to leave this planet for another. I have been experiencing a great awakening. My whole life has been like a jigsaw puzzle that is finally coming together. I too fit every single characteristic of a Pleiadian Starseed. But, unlike most, I was “activated” at the age of 15 when a strange blue bolt of apparently lightning entered my right hand/arm in slow motion and I instantly became psychic. I would experience “sudden visions” of disasters and knew people were going to die just by having them walk past me. My abilities frightened people so I learned to keep it to myself. I also developed a super-human reflex in my right arm that shocked witnesses and seemed to act independently from my brain. With no training, I could master reproduce Renoir and Rembrandt paintings. Though “activated” at age 15, I remember at the age of one understanding the English language but having no self awareness that I had a mouth or voice until I was shown how to say the word daddy. After my father passed away in 1996 I saw a vision of a blue glowing crystal-like hand in a ball of white light about 3 feet in front of me. I thought at the time it was a religious experience. But, apparently now, it fits the description of a Pleiadian hand. I felt it was trying to comfort me during my time of sadness. I have so much to tell, it cannot possibly be done here. I will leave you with a word of warning, a prophecy that came to me in 1995: “and all the peoples of the Earth shall mourn. For civilizations will succumb and fall victim to a plague called ignorance”. I see this happening today in so many ways.

  22. Paula

    Hi Julia, thank you so much for this article. Today I had a card reading and the card which came out was pleiadian, I started to find out what it was and OMG I cried when reading everything and feel at the same time a sense of fear of knowing I can be a starseed. I’m very sensitive and feel a lot other’s people’s emotions, I am a natural empath, love animals, drawn to vegetarianism/veganism and can’t stand violence. I’ve had constant headache one I started to read and realise I might be a starseed and a pleiadian. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome, Paula. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  23. Mike

    Thank you so much Julia, I only heard about starseeds, on Saturday night from a friend for the first time and tonight im knee deep in awakening,. Having read your article I realize I actually am all the qualities/attributes you just shared, physically emotionally and spiritually I tick all the boxes along with the life I live and the huge drive to ease the pain I feel in this world that hurts so much, I really feel tonight like I am coming home and remembering, its so exciting.
    I live only a Few miles from Newgrange in Ireland which is older even than the pyramids and I am always so incredibly drawn to this beautiful magical place especially at the winter solstice and anytime I need to heal my emotional wounds
    Thank you so much for helping me on my journey, hope your enjoying yours too.
    P.s Totally true about the emotional vampires haha, that is definitely my starting point 🙂

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  24. Kim featherstone

    Hey! This is spot on! Every sign resinates with me🙏🏼 I’ve been through my deep healing and continue as our healing journeys never end lol. I have icelandic lineage on my fathers side and believe both my father and grandmother were possibly pleadian but weren’t ready to do the work. My grandmother in spirit cheers me on as I keep healing. I had an amazing meditation yesterday with a guided akashic record meditation where I met my pleaidian mother. She’s very old. I felt so much sadness when I realized how much I miss her. I felt such unconditional love and acceptance from her which I’ve never felt from my earth parents. It was so beautiful ♥️ I truly know accept and acknowledge who I am and my purpose here on earth 🌍. Love you all! Sending you lots of love, healing, courage, strength and positivity! We’re gonna need it

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for sharing your story! 😊 Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  25. melandria

    I wanted to know whether I am one, dream about pleiadian and i was drawn to learn more about them.

  26. Marta

    Hi ,Im Marta i recently found out im pleiadian which was huge relief form me and my husband ,we went thrue lots of strange life situations .What should I do now I knew who I am. Thanks love Marta

  27. Madison Kessler

    My birthday is May 3rd (Taurus)
    I think I might be Pleiadian.
    I resonate with 15/16 signs, I have dark brown hair, a light-medium skin tone, dark brown hair, Puerto Rican and Eastern European, and I might be Taygeta Pleiades. This is so wild!!!!

    I just haven’t had a spiritual awakening but I REALLY believe in supernatural and spiritual beings. I’m only 15 and will be 16 on my birthday!!!!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏😊

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