What Is A Starseed & 50 Clear Signs You Are One (2024)

Do you feel like Earth is not your true home?

Are you fascinated with extraterrestrials and space?

Do you feel different from those around you?

These are all signs you are a Starseed.

Being a Starseed on Earth today is pretty exciting.

We are in times of ascension, a very crucial point in Earth’s history, where we are going from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions of existence together.

Starseeds play an important role in helping humanity through this exciting but chaotic transition.

So sit down with a hot beverage of your choice and let’s get into the starseed signs!

starseed signs

What Is a Starseed?

Starseeds are advanced souls living in human form on Earth but their spirits originate from another planet, galaxy or Universe.

A call for help was sent out into the Universe to help Earth conquer the negative forces that long have been in control here, and help humanity transition into the golden age/fifth dimension.

If you are a Starseed, it means you said yes to the call and came here as a galactic volunteer!

You are literally a real-life Avenger.

However, most Starseeds are not aware of their unique gifts and that they are not even human souls.

Just like any soul who incarnates on a third-dimensional planet like Earth, they had to go through a veil of forgetfulness.

“We forget we are spiritual beings living temporary human experiences.”

starseed test

The Starseed awakening

Most Starseeds are old souls and have lived several lifetimes on Earth to prepare for the time of Ascension that we are in now.

However, they will not know their grand mission until they have had their awakening.

This awakening can be instant or gradual, but it always includes a “Dark Night of the Soul” where they temporarily go through a depressive and chaotic period if their life, before they rise from the ashes and awaken.

Most Starseeds on Earth are from the Pleiades, Sirus, Orion, Arcturus, and Andromeda.

You might think that it’s pretty unlikely that you are one. However, Starseeds are not rare.

There are currently billions of Starseeds on Earth now, and the fact that you are reading this now makes it even more likely that you are one.

girl holding a light

My Starseed Story

I have always felt different like I don’t fit in.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been wise beyond my years and because of this, I didn’t enjoy playing with the other kids at school. I preferred being in my own little bubble.

Many times I would pack my bags and leave home (although I was always back in time for dinner).

As an adult, this was replaced by an urge to travel and a quest to find my home.

I never understood how people could be stuck in cubicles all day long and I craved freedom.

One day it lead me to Peru where I attended an Ayahuasca ceremony and had an ego death.

I realized that I am more than this body and that we are multi-dimensional beings, living a human experience.

Just like many other people, I first came across the concept of Starseeds on Youtube, and it resonated deeply.

I wasn’t sure I was a Starseed though since the most common sign of being a Starseed I could find online was paranormal experiences.

I hadn’t had any paranormal experience in my life, not even in my dreams, and no psychic starseed abilities were to be seen.

One day I decided to have a Starseed origin reading done on Etsy and to my surprise I “tested positive”!

It said I have lived on several planets, however, my origin is Andromeda.

I decided to do a Starseed activation with a starseed healer.

Together with the Arcturians she did an activation and read a channeled message to me:

A message from King and Queen Andromeda

“Dear child, we have waited a long time for this reconnection. You have waited a long time in the wings, and now it’s time for you to be a big girl and step out from the shadows onto the stage. You have so much to show, teach and share with others.

There are blocks though, doubts, many doubts at times and today we will work with our close and dear cousins, the Arcturians, who are your dear protectors on this journey. To clear some of your blocks in your solar plexus. So you can start to step into your power.

Dear child, we will introduce ourselves in your dreams soon. So be excited, not afraid.

All our energy of love and divine light we will send to you today with our friends from the angelic realms, so you can accelerate faster, into your gifts which will come soon. When you are ready, reconnect to the channel in time, and you will be ready for the next stage.

Eternally love,

King and Queen Andromeda and your Andromedan family”

That same day, just before falling asleep, an extraterrestrial DID appear.

I felt an electric current sweeping through my body and into my hands. It was so powerful that even my twin flame, who was in another country, felt it too!

I became obsessed about starseeds and binge-read books about the topic.

Are you curious if YOU are a Starseed? I have put together 50 common Starseed signs and traits below.

50 Clear Starseed Signs

Note that you don’t need to resonate with ALL signs to be a Starseed.

I would say if you have around half of them then you are very likely a Starseed.

Let’s get into the starseed signs!

starseed test

1. You are highly sensitive

You easily feel overwhelmed and drained when you are in a place with many people and with intense stimuli – like shopping malls, clubs, and networking events.

You might also be sensitive to stimulants like coffee, alcohol and even dark chocolate.

You are sensitive to scary and violent movies and video games and make a point to avoid them.

Pleiadians especially, are very sensitive in both mind and body and don’t respond well to Western medicine when they incarnate on Earth.

2. You have always felt like you don’t belong

You find it difficult to fit into groups of people and you often felt lonely in school and at work.

You probably have a few close friends you vibe with and can be yourself with, but you are not one of those people with hundreds of friendships.

Many people are drawn to your light, but you are very picky with who you spend your time with.

3. You find society hostile

You feel sad about how we are damaging the planet, poverty, the debt-based economy, greedy leaders, fear-based media, etc.

4. You are intelligent

Starseeds are usually smarter than the average, however, this doesn’t always translate into good grades in school.

In fact, many starseeds did not enjoy school and are not fans of Earth’s school system.

5. You are going through or have gone through a spiritual awakening

Like we mentioned earlier, you have probably gone through a “Dark Night of the soul” at least once.

6. You are into holistic health

You don’t trust Big Pharma and only resort to Western medicine when you have to.

You prefer to use herbs, sound healing, reiki, acupuncture and other natural options, that don’t have the nasty side effects and go deeper than just hiding the symptoms.

7. You are peace-loving

You don’t believe wars are the way to solve problems. You don’t understand why people would sign up to the army.

8. You are highly intuitive

You usually make decisions based on your intuition rather than logic or common sense.

9. You are good at reading between the lines

You can easily spot when people are lying and see behind the mask people hide behind. Genuineness is therefore something you value highly.

10. You have a fascination with flying

Perhaps you enjoy flying in your dreams or are into paragliding or skydiving, like my twin flame Stef.

11. You are into conspiracy theories

Or should I say – conspiracy facts? You probably love the movie The Matrix, and if you were in the movie you would pick the red pill any day. Ignorance is NOT bliss according to you.

12. You are wise beyond your years

You are an old soul. You’ve always felt more mature than your age group, and might have older friends because of this.

This made you stand out as a kid and you might even have been bullied in school because of it.

13. You love sci-fi and space

You might be a big Star Wars or Star Trek fan, or simply always been fascinated with the moon and the stars.

If this is you, I highly recommend this moon reading.

14. You have had an out-of-body experience

You might have had a near-death experience caused by an accident or out-of-body experiences like astral projection and sleep paralysis.

15. You feel like you have a mission in this lifetime

However, you might have zero clue what it is. You just feel an urge and responsibility to help the planet and humanity in some way.

To get more insights into your soul path, Soul Manifestation has a beautiful free soul reading you can try.

16. You have psychic or paranormal abilities 

You might have had dreams that came true, a third eye awakening, experienced astral projection, seen ghosts, had encounters with angels or extraterrestrials when meditating etc.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t NEED to have had any encounter or psychic powers in any shape or form to be a starseed! But be prepared for these things happening later in your life. Exciting! 

17. You love nature

You feel very drawn to the woods and feel it’s important to be in nature every day. You love camping or going on forest walks.

You might not thrive in big industrial cities for this reason. 

18. You feel drawn to a vegetarian diet

You think it’s important to eat foods that are natural, preferably organic and alive.

You can’t help feeling guilty when eating meat and are strongly against factory farming.

19. You have unexplainable memories, where something makes no sense or doesn’t add up

20. You are spiritual AF

You believe in God and that we are all One, but you don’t adhere to any specific religion.

You love talking about the supernatural and paranormal and you keep people close who you can have these types of conversations with.

21. You love animals, and animals love you

Sometimes you even prefer the company of a pet to humans!

It’s an unconditional, non-judgemental kind of love you rarely get from humans. Animal cruelty is one of the biggest frustrations you have with the world.

22. Sometimes you feel homesick, at home!

When you look at the stars you feel a sense of home and belonging. Sometimes you feel homesick, even when you are at home!

This is because Earth is just a temporary home and you have had incarnations in different star systems. 

When you were a child you might have had the urge to escape from your family.

I packed my bag several times as a kid and left, but when dinnertime came along I always caved in…

23. You are constantly searching for your life purpose

You have tried tools like astrology, numerology and tarot cards to get closer to finding it.

24. You have had dreams about aliens and spaceships

You have had paranormal dreams and sometimes they have felt very real.

25. You believe in extraterrestrials and that most are positive

26. You read about Starseeds

The fact that you are reading this is a big indication that you could be a Starseed. You wouldn’t be attracted to this article otherwise.

27. You have seen UFOs 

You’ve seen spaceships in the night sky and maybe you have even had visits physically, during psychedelics or in a dream state.

28. You are an empath

You are an energy sponge and can easily pick up on others’ emotions. Even if someone says they are fine, you can pick up on what they really are feeling.

29. You have memories or a feeling you have lived on another planet

30. Sometimes you feel disappointed by your body, it’s so dense, heavy and fragile!

You wish you could do telekinesis, levitate, fly, etc and you feel like you used to be able to do that.

The reason why many Starseeds feel this is because their consciousness actually comes from distant star systems, where existence operates on much higher dimensions.

For example, in Andromeda, where I come from, there are beings who are 12 dimensional!

31. You love reading

You are especially fond of spiritual books like The Power of Now and Conversations with God, and if you are more into fiction books, then you might be a big fan of the Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings sequels.

32. You are very good at problem-solving

At least better than the average person. This is especially true for Lyran starseeds.

33. You have low blood pressure and low body temperature

You easily get cold. Or the other way, you easily get hot and don’t need to dress up as warmly as others in winter.

34. Sometimes you feel that your biological parents are not your real parents

Or you feel you have another family in the stars and you miss them.

35. You had imaginary friends as a child

36. You are sensitive to electronics

Your supercharged energy has led to electronic appliances breaking in your presence, lights flickering, electric shocks often, etc.

37. You have a feeling you have lived many lives

You strongly believe in reincarnation.

38. You have experienced deja vus several times

39. You are a dreamer

You daydream a lot. You have big dreams for your future. You might also be into lucid dreaming.

40. You believe in karma

“What goes around comes around.”

You make sure to not create more karma and follow the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated.

41. Touch is one of your primary love languages

You like being touched and hugged.

42. You are a lone wolf 

You have no problems being alone for long stretches of time.

Most Starseeds I know are introverts, including myself. This is especially true for Lyran and Andromedan starseeds.

43. You are highly creative and full of ideas

You always have a new passion project you are working on. It doesn’t have to be an art you pursue, but could be an instrument or coming up with business ideas.

44. You enjoy being nude and barefoot and prefer non-restrictive clothes

45. You feel drawn to crystals and own a few (or many)

You love going into crystal shops and touching the different crystals and feeling their energy.

46. You are into healing

You might love to listen to Tibetian bowl sound healing, have taken a course in Reiki, attended an Ayahuasca retreat to heal traumas etc.

47. You love to travel more than the average person and value freedom

You might feel tempted to go off-grid or become a nomad.

48. You have a special fascination for ancient civilizations

Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and the Incas for example. 

49. You want to meet extraterrestrials 

Abduct me to your starship, please!

50. You have a desire to find people of your kind

The last of the starseed signs (but not least important) is that you feel a need to find your tribe. You might join (or start) meetup groups, Facebook groups, retreats in high energy places etc.

starseed purpose


What is a starseed’s purpose?

The main purpose of Starseeds is to serve humanity at this time of Ascension, with their unique gifts and wisdom.

A lot of the work is happening when you’re body is sleeping but even when you are just going about your day you are anchoring divine light into Mother Earth and affecting everyone around you.

You are doing Earth a huge favor, just by being here!

Like I’ve said earlier, Starseeds have incarnated on Earth many times to learn how humanity and Earth works and how it is to be human.

We all come in with a life plan, planned before birth, on what we want to accomplish this lifetime on Earth.

This mission will look very different from Starseed to Starseed, but it always involves spreading your light to humanity in your unique way, like:

  • Creating art
  • Blogging
  • Healing
  • Cooking
  • Composing music
  • etc.

As you see, your soul mission doesn’t have to be in the spiritual field, so don’t worry if your job is not in this field. If you want more insights into what your mission is I recommend you take a numerology test.

starseed abilities

What is a starseed soul family?

You are never alone as a Starseed. Starseeds are incarnated with other Starseeds that they reunite with along their life, who help and support them.

This is also forgotten due to the veil of forgiveness. However, your Starseed soul family is easy to spot.

Not only because you now have a list of common traits, but you will also feel like:

  • You have known them many lifetimes
  • You can have deep, spiritual conversations from the heart with them and they will not judge you
  • You feel you can trust them completely
  • You feel these people are here to help you on your mission

starseed family

How do I know for sure my starseed type?

I reveal the steps I took to find out which starseed I am and the starseeds signs for the different types in this webinar:


I hope you enjoyed the starseed signs resonated and you got clearer on whether you are a starseed or not.

I would say one of the most important Starseed signs is simply that you are reading about Starseeds (you even made it to the end of the article!).

Feel free to share this article with someone you think could be a Starseed.

Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most.

If several starseed types resonate with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you think you’re a starseed and which starseed signs resonate with you? Let me know in the comments!


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      Hello i have always felt different, had a longing to go home, very empathic, sensitive and a great love for animals and never understood this world, always felt a heavy energy with what was going on in this world. I just had a tarot card reading with a shaman and she said i was a guardian angel and didn’t need to be here and need to get off the karmic wheel, then she pulled some cards to find out why i am here and Starseed came up. She said this is only the 3rd time in her 18 years of doing this that this has happened and very rare. She told me i am a protector of the light and here to share truth.

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        I am shocked. I always thought this was silly new age nonsense. I figured it’s harmless, and it’s actually helpful to the planet because these people believe they’re on a mission, but I didn’t think it was a real thing. And then I literally saw myself written in these pages. I am also pleadian. This is wild I don’t know whatTo think now. You know under the article for pleadian where it said you are spiritual AF but you don’t like religion.. That’s literally me. I follow Jesus- he said love God, love your neighbor. And if Americawas loving their God and ALL their neighbors, not just the ones they agree with every single issue in earth would cease to be an issue. We don’t hurt what we love.. there’s a lot of hurting, not enough love. And I finally found a church that says they’re tearing down the walls of religion and preaching love of Christ and I’m 100% certain its the place for me, They operate like the early church of the new testament in Acts. They do have a preacher but everybody steps up with the word if they receive 1. Men, woman and even children stand at the pulpits share what holy Spirit told them, and its always in agreement, despite it being spontaneous. They pray with the sick. They feed the hungry. They don’t judge and they meet people right where they’re at. It took me 40 years to find a church home that wasn’t full of judgmental hypocrites. I’m confused. I 100% believe in the love of Jesus. But I also believe there’s a lot we don’t know, many books and things removed and hidden, knowledge has been hidden and rewritten to favor the villain….and 2 things can be true at the same time right? I can love Jesus AND be a starseed? Is this blasphemy? I’m shook.

    5. Ronda

      Hi Sher!

      I am most definitely a star seed! Astral planing, homesick animal communicator, know things, know when someone is lying or about to, most people do not like me, I have been told by many different people I have a bright white light around me, I love to help people, I get bored easily, I am an empath, I read oracle cards, did I mention I am very homesick???
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    I wouldnt say im peace loving, of course i perfer peace. I really cant be around a lot of people, i feel like im gonna have a heart attack when i am. I dont get along with anyone besides my mom, i definitely feel like i cant get along or fit in with other kids, of course i never really wanted to fit in or be like anyone else. I feel that i am very wise and charming and i can use words very well. im 14 now, and im searching for my life purpose, actually when i was so young i can barely remember, i remember asking my mom "momma why am i here, whats my purpose?" Now that i look back that was probably a weird question for a 6 year old to ask…lol. i definitely have more compassion for animals than humans. (Maybe im just a psychopath?) I have crazy deja vu and dreams that come true. I love to hug and touch people and animals, but on my own accord. From a very young age probably about seven or eight i was always thinking "why do i have to live according to god, if god made me like this why cant he just accept me?" ( im being raised in a Christian household although i have strayed far away from Christianity) i started to get tears in my eyes when i found out about starseeds and im still not really sure why. i have never had a paranormal experience in my life and i really have trouble meditating and connecting witch makes me feel so sad and useless. I really would like to know what you think, because as a 14 year old i cannot go out and contact people to give me a reading. I wanna know who and what i am and why i feel this way how to fix it and how to know if i am a starseed im really desprate to know.

    1. Gloria

      I feel as if information keeps finding me and it all connects together. Now I need to take the next step and am unsure of how to do that. I would enjoy speaking with you so that you may share your wisdom in that regard.

    2. Melissa

      That is really awesome that you are reading starseed info at such a young earth age. I used to ask my mother “who are we” or “why are we here” when I was very young and I was told about reincarnation and how we are here to do our best and love even when you might not want to love. We didn’t have the internet when I was a teenager. I hope you do well in all your travels throughout your lifetime young one! Fare-well!

    3. Tammy

      Dearest Abigail…YOU ARE the paranormal experience!! Welcome to the family of light!

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      Amazing; I relate closely with everything you have said, but get this, I am a 79 year old man.

    5. Ronda

      Hi Abigail!

      I can assure you that I feel your star seed energy. It’s a really cool vibrating floaty feeling!
      I am at work right now, however I can do an oracle reading for you if you would like.
      Sending Peace, hugs and love ❤️

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    I believe I am a Starseed and I am going through a lot mentally and physically right now that correlates with articles I’ve read. Doctors are stumped with me because as soon as they figure out one issue another appears. I am also on lots of psych medication,and it helps but makes me feel like my head is clouded like I’m trying to block out thoughts and emotions from others around me, which I was starting to get overwhelmed with before I was on meds. I dont know what to do, I feel lost.

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    Most definitely a star seed all of the above fits me I’ve had contact with a being from sirius some years ago while meditating and he told me he was like partials of light and not like us..

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      Hi Mari…Elena Danaan did a recent video on Alpha Centauri. That must be where you are from! So exciting! 🤩 I remember that video resonated with me and I wondered if that was also my real home. I will ask tonight to find out. 🤔🤗😴

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    WOW! Thank you! I have always felt I might be but just not sure.. i was told I am a wayshower but I resonated with 99% out of the 50 signs.. When I got to the end it was like a weight had been lifted and I just know. Now I need to find out where I am from, my soul lineage. THANKS ????

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    I feel immensely happy and overjoyed it’s like a weight is lifted of me bu also that I have a quest to do now. I don’t know much about a star seeds and spiritual guidance. I know the basic and would loveeee to get into everything. The awakening, crystals, and my quest. At the moment I felt as if I have a family (of course) but not my biological family, My spiritual family. I feel as if they’re there and I need to find them. It’s an urge to just jump in their arms and cry but I don’t know why or where or how to even start. I’m so so so so soooo proud of everyone who commented and everyone to come here. Welcome and I accept you fully. I’m happy for you all and I hope we can form some bond, throw around some questions. I would love to form a bigger family while on my quest. Thank you so much for this article and please can you email me I’d love to learn more and more.

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    Wow reading this I’m shocked. I couldnt believe what I was reading. I have 47 out of 50 signs. I have always felt we lived our lives b4 and that’s deja vu. I am an old soul have been told since a child. Never belonged questioned my true parents love space love looking at the stars I feel home. The Crystal’s and energy. I always believed in extraterrestrials, it’s so dead on with me.

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      Congrats!! ❤️

      1. Michael

        My wife and I were talking about various things and I expressed some feelings amd visions that I’ve never articulated to anyone. She looked at my hands for some reason and I guess I have an “M” on both hands. She stated that I’m a starseed and briefly explained what that means. She then sent me this article. Many of the signs you listed do apply to me and others are totally opposite. I’m 44 and I’ve always felt different and alone. I don’t like crowds and don’t much care for most people but I consistently find myself in situations or positions of leadership and training. Ive always been able to absorb and process information quickly. From 1st grade through college I’ve always tested in the one percentile. I was raised Roman Catholic but never took to religion and at 19 or 20 developed an acute disdain for organized religions as a whole. I find them controlling, contradictory and hypocritical. And I agree with a previous comment that if I’m made in God’s image then why should I ever feel shame or sinful for what and who I am?. I seek and appreciate knowledge and critical thinking and while peaceful existence is preferred I have always been combative and resistant to control. I am innately good at and comfortable with violence and fighting. I’m drawn to ancient cultures, specifically warrior culture. The solitude of a warrior suits me. I resonate and live my life by warrior ethos based in honor, principle and the willingness to fight and die for an ideal or to protect that which I love. I’ve always felt that I’m meant for something great and as long as I can remember have hsd 1 recurring dream that I am standing alone on a battlefield facing an enemy in the thousands and I lay waste to everyone. Physically I’m built like a tank and have survived several things that should have killed me or left me severely injured but I’m not. I.e. I crashed a motorcycle at 105mph on the freeway and I had my Tahoe run me over after being ejected from hitting a red light runner which broke my c6 and c7 vertebra. Both cases I walked out of an ER within hours and completely recovered from serious injury. I was exposed to anthrax when in the Marine Corps and I’ve walked away from countless bar fights without any damage of note. I also played football for 10 years and rugby for UofA for 2 and was never injured. Over the years I’ve always wondered with growing inquisitiveness why I’m impervious to damage like I am. What is my purpose, why was I imbued with the gifts I was, what am I meant for? Why do I always gravitate towards violence and feel the need to constantly test myself? Why do I always feel unfulfilled even after achieving a goal? Why is my spirit always so unsettled and I feel the need to roam or leave even though I love my wife and kids? I love being a father and husband… But why don’t I feel grounded and permanence? I have read psychology books, philosophy, history etc… trying to understand myself. I went to ayahuasca 3 years ago looking for answers and awakening and while I gleaned a ton of information, had huge personal grow, killed my ego and fear and developed a new sensitivity to energies as well as an ability to see through people and feel their true intent I am no closer to discovering my true propose or why I have the questions I listed above. I could continue but this is already long winded. This article has sparked my curiosity and any insight you might have on a path to answer these questions would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Petra Slabbert

    Hiiii again

    Andromedan Starseed I am. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am elated to meet all of you here. I have found my purpose…my belonging…my destiny. It was about time ????????????????????????????????

    1. Julia Lundin

      Jaaay beautiful!! 🙂

  18. Rebecca

    Okay. I think I’m a Starseed. I’ve always been interested in stones and stars and I’m more introverted than the rest of my friends, who I only have very few of. I love nature and find myself outside most of the time, and I want to make an impact to help Earth become a safer environment too all animals. I have always regretted eating meats and fish, although I do enjoy it, but I enjoy salads more. To add, I’ve always had a special connection to animals. I’ve never been harmed by any creature before and I’ve always spent most of my time around my dogs and cats. It’s them that I can talk to and tell my deepest secrets and pains that I can’t even tell my parents.
    I’ve always hated the hot weather, and I love the cold. I don’t get chills easily and can go outside barefoot in the snow for a while.
    I love talking about space and extraterrestrials! I love watching ghost shows and shows about the unknown worlds around us and the mysterious phenomenons seen on Earth. My favorite star is Arcturus. It was the very first star I’ve ever learned about and the first one I ever knew the name of.
    Art has always been a huge passion of mine along with reading. I’d decline hanging out with friends if it means I get the chance to read a good book!
    Most of the time, I get deja vus and have flashbacks to both happier, sad, and even random times.
    Every night I go out and reach for the sky. I’ve always had a connection to it. I also imagine what it’s like to fly, to be able to go to the stars and protect others from afar and in multiple dimensions.
    That’s only a small fraction of myself. But how do I find out my Star? I personally believe it’s Arcturus, although I’m unsure on how to check.

  19. Rebecca

    Ha! I actually found a Compass and got the traits of different Starseeds, and I’m more Sirian than Arcturian! While Arcturians like mathematics and care about humans, Sirians love the Earth and try to protect it. They’re also more introverted than the Arcturian Starseeds. And for Sirians, they tend to feel like the black sheep of the family, exactly like me. Heck, even my parents call me an alien! I also barely sleep and pull multiple all nighters, and when I do, my mind wanders. I think about the stars and how far space reaches.

  20. Heather

    Okay the low body temp/ blood pressure GOT ME. I’m like WHAT HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hahaha I just know! ????

  21. Therese

    i just recently found out i am a starsee. i am going thru many ascentions symptoms right now. A woman who lives in my building that i met 6 yrs ago and never really “got” I called her today and she is i think a light teacher. I want to know so much more and going through manic research phase right now and I want to know EVERYTHING! I want to find and connect with others like me. It is such a relief to know that I am not alone. I thought I was alone for 60 years and couldn’t understand why I felt like I was an alien. Please contact me to help me through this transitiion/awakening. Love. Therese Ann

  22. marla tyler

    Been this way my entire life! And now I’m 55 I’ve always defined myself an empath but I feel thats just glossing over the other major things I experience! I am very intuitive I feel and sense things clairvoyant sometimes more than I’d like and definitely I’ve always experience deja Vu I’ve been places that I assumed I had never been and then I can pretty much describe them in detail even though I had supposedly never been there before?! Even as a child when I went to my aunt’s house the very first time I know exactly where everything was I knew where the pool was located I knew where the dishes went where the betting was and I was only six my grandmother and my aunt looked at me like I was crazy! I’ve been on psych meds for as long as I can remember and doctors have always told me it was by active imagination and that’s how my parents always described me as a child but I always knew there was more to me! I am still feeling lost and confused even after 55 years on this planet I know I’ve been here before probably more than once but I remember one of my life times in graphic detail! I remember being an adult when cars first came out on the line I remember being around during the prohibition I was in my early twenties and I was working at some type of underground speakeasy I remember serving liquor from a mason jar and I remember getting in my car and trying to drive away very fast while my boyfriend was shooting at people?! people said how would had to have been a dream from a movie I had seen but I had this room as a small child and I’ve watched my life or past life I should say through out the years and now when I see that same woman she’s old and in an ocean institution because she has been categorized senile! I’m afraid that’s what’s happening in my current situation my husband looks at me like I’m crazy and so to my parents and so do many doctors the meds don’t help anymore in fact most of the time I try not to even take them. What does one do when they get to this fork in the road

    1. torria

      detoxification. i can help you.

    2. Valeska

      Wow really all makes sense …was searching for how to know cause I did a meditation yesterday to meet my guide wish is helping me through this life and an Andromeda appears…so since yesterday I have been doing my research…and I think now that I’m really a star seed cause all resonates with me and I’m understanding myself even more on my spiritual journey…thank you for letting us have a clearer way of knowing 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. Amelia

    I’m totally a Starseed and believe with Lyra and Andromeda roots. The letter from the King & Queen of Andromeda made me BURST into tears and even typing this now makes me emotional just thinking about it. I also feel weirdly connected to you even though I just found this article on google and never heard of you before. I also think I just recently met my Twin Flame! ???????????? Where do you recommend getting a Starseed and Twin Flame reading?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Amelia! I was crying so much too when I got the channeled message, so beautiful. I recommend StarseedUnite on Etsy for readings 🙂

  24. Lehi Dominguez

    I had my awakening as well very similar to yours my death of ego was 7 times over. I’d love to connect with all of you lehidominguez444 on IG come find me family there are a few others there.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for sharing. Just followed you 🙂

  25. Lauren C

    Hi Julia,

    Are you able to share the name of the person who did your starseed activation and/or suggest any others who specialize in the same? Also, any book recommendations specific to starseeds? Feel free to email me directly ????????⭐️

  26. Maria DC Chorman

    Wow, thank you! This information fills my heart with joy and confirm all these non-sense I have been feeling and I couldn’t understand since I was little girl. Now that am a Reiki Healer Master, I perfectly see clearly my purpose of my life. I would love to know which planet I am coming from and to have a starseed activation. As Lauren C is requesting, I would love to have one. Would you recommend one?
    Namaste! Always in Gratitude.

  27. julie p

    This all started 4 months ago in April, it felt as if my consciousness shifted, i felt something was different all of a sudden i started meditating, religion became fake feeling, like it was programmed and com-formative, i started leaning towards spiritual, and researching how to become a reiki healer. I started having visions when i meditated visiting a place that i never been before but seemed familiar, a balcony next to a river that turns into a waterfall that right next to the balcony area with some tables, it overlooks a beautiful valley, but the colors are wrong, like they don’t belong here, i slip away more and more when i meditate, not sure what this means but i hit about 37 of the 50. Just looking for answers, but this is a scary journey, could i be a star seed?

  28. Carlo

    Well i think i am.

  29. Anonymous

    I am since i am quite interested with starseed, have most of the signs of starseed and have finished reading the article. I am a starseed.

  30. Shauntelle Thompson

    What stood out for me the most was about the near death accident and the love of Science Fiction. I was in an accident when I was 5 yrs old headed to my day care preschool center. I didn’t have my seat belt on and I was in the front seat, my mom was in hurry. We rear ended an off duty fireman!! I hit my forehead on windshield on the passenger side! Thank god I didn’t go through the windshield. I know my mom was terrified and fireman was shocked in disbelief as well that it wasn’t worse than it was!! I was scared to ride in ambulance without my mom. So she took me to ER, but when you mentioned that in the article! I had chills all over my body!! Many people that are close to me, don’t know that story about me!

  31. Robyn Brown

    Woww. Yes. I am a prophetic abstract artist. My paintings have have images and messages unbeknownst to me until I observe and realize the images that actually come true. For example, I created Avery vivid ly colorful painting and for some reason I named it Michael (Jackson). It looked like the letter m. It had a presence of sadness and fire but very dynamic. Then years later, the painting came to life. He was brilliant but his life was one of the loneliest and unhappy emotionally damaged on earth. As a musician from earth… My mother said I could sing before I could talk. Michael Jackson was my first singing mentor. I truly believe he is one of my closest soulmates. I loved him deeply and still do.. I also did a painting that has an image of my twin flame years before I met my DM. Didn’t know until I happened to be looking through my artwork.
    I majored in Theatre and Music Education on college. I started writing plays in 5th grade. I having been composing music at 9 yrs of age . I am becoming a record producer. I have a most beautiful song voice. I have big big dreams to do something great. I was never taught to read. I started reading on my own. Green Eggs and Ham was my very first book. I was read to a few times then stated reading on my own. I have excellent writing skills. I hear music melodies and entire orchestrations in my head. I am a very good cook. I make jewelry getting into crystal jewelry making and my mother told me I am a healer. She would only me to put my hands on her when she needed care on her wounds. I did a most prominent past life reading with an Egyptian Oracle someone had given me years ago ( always interested in such ). I was a Healer and builder in that life… I am very kind and overly generous I give my all. All but maybe 2 or three of the 50 starseed signs I fit the bill. My body has TRANSFORMED and healed on the cecular level. I lost almost 100 lbs after being on medications which caused me illness and weight gain of 100 lbs… I learned about starseeds from after hearing a twin flame reading and while on my journey, begging to know who and why I am. Now I have to know where I came from because I feel very alone on earth. This place is lonely and hostile. I hate it here to be frank. Not really knowing love . I really crave to unite with my DM . I know I’m supposed to be a certain degree of self worth and self loved but if we unite I don’t want to be here. Sorry to say. No one has any interest in me.. After all the things mostly unpleasant I have endured on this planet I finally have the opportunity to do my mission through my music in a big way and healing that is all I care about and hopefully to unite with my DM. I want to go home or wherever I can actually be loved. I cry all the time. hurts so bad. My twin is in another country, big age difference and he is doing awakening at this time . He is fearful of this connection. I have no one in the physical world to talk to especially someone like me.

    1. Nadine

      I’ll talk to you Robyn. You sound amazing. Nadine cole Facebook.

  32. Surya

    Hi Julia ! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s crazy because while I was reading I was like : “hey that’s me !!”
    I have always been introvert and I don’t mind. I have few really deep soul friends and I am really picky with friendship. I was born in India , my mother is German and my father is French. I have lived in many places since young. I traveled a lot and I also ended up in Peru at some point and I also had and ayahuasca journey where I experienced an ego death ! Like you Julia ! That was the beginning of my awakening journey. Wow !! I could write fore hours. We are living amazing times even if it’s not easy to find our purpose and place in this life. So I validated 95 % of the 50 !!! So I guess I am a star seed !! It’ conforming what I feel inside.
    Thank you again Julia ! Sending you love to you and to all the beautiful beings on this planet and off.

  33. Minuri

    I am a starseed

  34. Angie

    Hi Julia, I’m a starseed, Creative and solitary. Weary from the long journey. I wondered if any starseeds resonate more with specific time periods. Like do some prefer or influence the renaissance era? When I see my soul she is dressed that way.

  35. Charlene

    Thank you so much for this article! I’m going through my awakening and I have been feeling so weird lately! When I read “you feel home sick even though you’re home” it just made sooo much sense! This is how I’ve been feeling lately. Also, reading this article reminded me that I did saw spaceships when I was around 13 or 14 but at the time I decided to shut down these thoughts because I was afraid of what people could think of me.
    It feels so good to finally remember this and realize that I’m a starseed.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Jaay!! Shutting down thoughts from our younger years is very common as we get ridiculed by parents and friends.

  36. Phillip

    hi julia! it’s me again! i love reading your articles! they feel like home. thank you for all that you do

    – phill ????

    1. Julia Lundin

      Aww I’m so happy to hear that 🙂

  37. mjlambie

    Hi Julia,
    I wonder, are there people here on Earth now who are NOT starseeds? How many people that come to you to understand if they are, turn out not to be?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Almost all people who come to me are starseeds, as they were guided here to learn their soul origin. However, there are billions of people on Earth who are NOT starseeds, but they are not guided to my articles and think I’m crazy haha (like my family).

      1. Nadine

        My family has always thought I was flaky. I also realize that I was being raised by a narcissist and didn’t know until recently. But it Made me stronger. Would love connect with you julia.

  38. Ismael Navarro

    Wow everything there was extremely on point.. but still in a way intimidating.. and unsure.. thanks

  39. Nadine cole

    Wow 100% accurate. Thank you. I’m definitely having the urge to connect with other star seeds at this time. I need to discuss things with people who really know me. Please send me my true soul mate/friend. I feel very lucky to have found my Twin flame. He is neither awake nor sleeping. Neutral. Is that possible?

  40. Vicki

    I’m definitely a star seed, I went through a very traumatic start of a spiritual awakening after losing everything, then 7 months later my mom and I were barely on speaking terms, and she passed away of cancer(very quickly) and that too shot my awakening into overdrive!! I have been hospitalized twice due to this awakening, the first time I reported seeing spirits and demons, and having premonition of my mom’s face at death. I am beyond connected with animals and always have been. I now help rescues with troubled animals. Also upon my reincarnation here on earth, I had a black cat that belonged to my family whom always watched over me while I slept!!

  41. katsu

    Why do I feel like I was the only startseed dropped on the ride over? Or it was FedEx that delivered me instead of amazon… and the package was marked as fragile. I have many questions if you could please email me, Julia. If your wondering I got 40 out of 50.

  42. Yes I AM a star seed, and at this moment going through a dark night of the Soul, in that at 92 I am on a mission and at times, like this moment 1.10 am PT, I feel like the burden is just a little too much lol; in my writing to my family (not published?)I used the term star seed without knowing what it meant I until I googled it, and it fit like a glove so to speak.
    My mission is to tell it like it is which is contained in my website but we have not divulged it at the moment just waiting for the right time and I believe that time is now.

  43. Terri Harris

    Hi Julia,
    I want to thank you for this article. Where do I begin..? I am the youngest of 6 kids. I was born in a different generation than my siblings and have never really felt like I was part of the family, I never fit in, I was different than everyone else. Except my oldest brother. My oldest brother and I were like bookends, and totally on the same page, spiritually. He succumbed to the cancer that ate him alive in 2013. And I am still looking for “home”. It doesn’t matter where I am living, nothing feels like HOME.
    The night of the day he passed he came to me while I slept and helped me to see “his heaven”, as he called it. I traveled outside my body with him, listened to his joy, saw the absolute beauty of what he showed me. That vision, beauty and what he said is always with me.
    I have had other experiences with my dad, as well. My dad must have “seen” something in me because he always told me that I could heal with my hands. I didn’t know what he meant so I poopooed that notion. My dad had had a stroke (he survived for 14 1/2 years after that) and had some health issues that landed him in the hospital a few times. I literally saved his life 3 times just by being there. One time while he was in the hospital, he was intubated and in a coma (unresponsive) after a procedure. I was at home and extraordinarily tired, so I laid down to take a nap after the kids went off to school. And like a movie, scenes started playing out in my mind…it was like watching a movie of what I was supposed to do…I drove to Holy Hill (a place in Wisconsin), a deer was in the driveway there, I was to go into the store and get some holy water, and a cross, then drive to the hospital and bless my dad with the holy water. No sooner did the “movie” fade, I was up and out the door. It took me an hour to get to Holy Hill. But, no deer…hmmm…maybe just a weird dream. I got the cross and holy water and it was exactly like the “dream”. Got in the car, started down the driveway and a deer stepped out into the driveway, just like in the “dream”. OK…definitely spooky, every hair stood up on my body. I drove to the hospital in record time. It was the fastest I ever got through that traffic. It was like someone was moving the cars of out my way and turning the lights green as I went. Found a parking spot close by the entrance. Walked into the ICU area at exactly 12 noon according to the clock above my mom’s head. She looked up and said, “I was just praying for an angel.” I told her I was compelled to be there, and to bless my dad. I had to glove and gown up, but I took the holy water and blessed him and held his hands and just prayed. He then opened his eyes and looked at me. Within 24 hours of me being there he was back in a regular room and released the next day. I doubt the holy water or any of that had anything to do with it. It was a conduit and what my parents understood and believed in. It was for their benefit. After the trip to Holy Hill and the hospital I went home, shaking. I wobbled into the house and just asked, “What am I?”. A window rattling response just said one word, “HOPE”. I have been searching for meaning, trying to find answers. I thought I was crazy! I went through a very difficult time after that and seemed to have lost my way from that. The thing that hurts the most is that I was not able to be there to “save” him the last time. My hands had been burning hot for about 2 weeks. On one of my nightly visits on my way home from work I thought I would see what would happen if I put my hands on his shoulder (he had fallen, broken his shoulder and was in a rehab facility at this time). He said he could feel the heat all down his left side (the side that was partially paralyzed from his stroke) and in his shoulder. I could feel my left side tingle too. I don’t know if I did something wrong, not long enough, or what, but he passed a few days after that. I lived many years with guilt about that. I thought I had something to do with his death. But have come to be at peace knowing that I was not supposed to be there to “save” him, nor did I have any control over what he did with what I gave him.
    I felt something was terribly wrong with my marriage. I couldn’t figure it out. I was restless and went to attempt to sleep on the couch one night. As I was grumbling to myself, and asking Universe what was wrong, what was going on, an extremely bright light shone in the corner of the room. There was a faint outline of ‘someone’ in it. The light was so bright, but did not hurt my eyes…I thought that was strange. But after the light faded, it was like I had super-intuitive powers! Through the entire ordeal I was always 2 steps ahead of him. I KNEW to go to my husband’s emails, phone records, receipts…and found the evidence of what he had been doing for 2 YEARS! With 4 other women. I was on the phone the next day and the day after that started the downhill slide into the most tumultuous and painful nearly 2 years of my life. I really didn’t care about me so much but wanted my kids to be with me, they did too. Nearly 2 years to completely sever that soul-sucking relationship and into a new world of self discovery and self-healing. I am still on that journey and it has been over 11 years.
    But, in that time I have been educating myself and trying to discover what, where, when, why…I have books about “Hands of Light”, self healing, beliefs…trying to figure out how to “fix” myself because I was having a hard time trying to gain self worth and self confidence. I trust my chiropractor only. We always look for natural healing methods for whatever comes up.
    A little over 2 years ago I met my current husband. That was amazing in itself. I can see his beautiful heart. We were married within 5 months of that first meeting. When you know, you know. He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me. I asked Universe for him and Universe delivered and gave me exactly who I needed.
    Now, during the current world turmoil going on, I think I am getting closer to realizing why I am here. I mean, why would I be here at THIS time in the world’s history? It has to be for some reason other than drawing air into my lungs. I am still searching and educating myself. Looking for information on ascension. And, just like Kundalini, there are symptoms of ascending.
    I came across this article and my mind hummed. I actually started reading about 5D ascension and the symptoms of it because I have been felling awful lately, and SO tired, headaches, achy and just out of whack. Then I did my numerology and that resonated. Then I read about the Angel numbers and meandered through more links and now I’m here pouring out my heart and soul to strangers. I am not a vegetarian, although the last 6 months or so my stomach turns when I think about eating meat. I actually don’t like veggies. LOL! I love them raw, but not cooked, just to clarify. My dream is to have a place of healing for people who are in dire straits while they figure their lives out…like I did while going through my divorce. It is a farm…animals, garden…it’s own “village” to help families heal while learning how to live and earn, but just a stepping stone on their way to their own lives of fulfillment. I am an avid reader, love music and to sing, and my passion is to feed people…feeding people is to nurture and love them…it’s my thing. Everything but the vegetarian and near death experience in your list is ME. I was working in a job that I hated and it hated me right back…it was in foreclosures…it hurt me a lot. The first time I had to send a property to evictions I cried in the bathroom for nearly an hour. They claimed I cared too much…how could I not?! That was during the bad years where everyone was losing their homes and no one could get a job. Thankfully, they fired me! It took me an hour to get over my fear of having lost my job and into elation that I wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore!
    Julia, I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have more words of inspiration or places to look for help in navigating this journey. How do I connect with my Star Family? I would love to connect with you! Thanks for your articles!

  44. Erin

    Nailed it!! Definitely a Starseed. 49/50. I just did not have an imaginary friend.
    Every day I have this overwhelming, relentless calling to break out and heal Earth!
    Sounds like it is time to get started. Excited now to figure out which star system. 🥳
    I very much appreciate your article. Powerful info. 🙂 Hope after a year the discount code for your store still works…I feel the need for a wand lol. 😉

  45. Megan

    There is a reason we are all “waking up”, my friends. There is a war waging out there, and every one of us with our talents/expertise is needed. We need to unite and stand against the forces of evil that is shaking our beloved universe. We may not know one another by name or face, but we know each others’ hearts. I believe in each and every one of you. See you out on the battlefield. ❤

  46. Adam

    I am 47 of the 50 you have listed. What are next steps? I am pretty sure I am Andromedan as well. I have noticed another rare trait. Some of us can not stand body hair. Being a male. I only like hair on the top of my head. The rest of my body it feels unnatural to be there. I constantly feel that my own body hair is annoying me and I don’t even have that much. How do you do this activation?

  47. Lucy Webster

    I have most of the features you described. (low body temperature and blood pressure, wanting to fly or have telekinesis, feeling guilty when eating meat, loving ancient civilizations, wanting world peace, feeling close to nature and all humans, hating racism, loving animals; i talk to them and they reply back lol, wanting to meet extraterrestrials and believing that most of them are good people, frequent deja vu’s, feeling that I have a bigger purpose, loving every being on earth etc) The list goes on and on.
    One problem is I am Buddhist and don’t believe in the existence of a soul. But I do believe in karma and reincarnation and that we can have past lives on other planets. I love meditation and practice mindfulness. I have always felt a bit odd, like I don’t quite fit in, but not as strong as some people have described here. I have very vivid dreams, beautiful ones, where I visit the same place several times and help people, going on adventures and stuff. Just my hyperactive imagination I guess.
    Thank you for helping me to clarify the reason behind my unusual interests. I will try my best and make the world a better place!

  48. Maria

    I think i’m a starseed, but i’m still not completely sure. I resonated with around 45 or so signs but on a mild degree, and i don’t know my starseed origin either even after watching the video. Could you please advice me on other signs of being a starseed or which place i originated from?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Maria!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Hope that helps! 😊

  49. Regina

    I have always felt off, like I don’t belong. I remember crying behind my house when I was 13 because I just couldn’t fit in. Even now, normally I would not respond or comment on an article, but I feel so compelled to do it right now, it’s odd. I have turned off streetlights by passing by them at least 1,000 times, they don’t turn off all in a row, but just one will turn off. I’ve lost count of how many times that’s happened and I always thought it was super weird and I’ve asked other people if it happens to them and they think I’m nuts. I finally realized that they turn off because of light and that somehow I have light surrounding me or I have an angel that is with me that emits light. Most of the signs resonated with me, at least 45 of them. And I feel deep in my soul that I have a greater purpose than this daily thing. I question money and all this nonsense of being indebted to other people and companies, there has to be more. I am very sensitive to people’s emotions and have a tendency to take on what others feel, and I try to alleviate other people’s anger, anxiety, and sadness. This all just seems so surreal. The other thing is that I am very religious in that I believe in God, however, I don’t attend a church as I don’t feel a connection that way, like I strongly believe in Him and I don’t want to mess up or make mistakes for His sake. Honestly, typing this out feels so weird, I’ve never wanted to write something so badly. I’m skeptical, but I want to know more and I want to know what I’m supposed to do.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

    2. Michael

      Thank you for this. Can very relate and the streetlight thing crossed my mind as I was reading the article. Very glad to see your comment and know I’m not alone in this regard. Also a nonchurch going Christian here and trying to figure out the advanced instructions before leaving earth…

  50. Deb

    Thank you for sharing. Do you know much about Blue Ray Starseeds? My pendulum says this is what I am.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Deb! I don’t have a blog post dedicated to that topic at the moment, but thanks so much for the suggestion! Sending you lots of love and blessings ✨💕

  51. corinne

    Thank you for sharing, I deeply need more info on EVERTHING.

    My lymphatic healer told my last week that I wasn’t from here, that my soul was gold with a crystal third eye. Since then I feel like I have to know WHERE I came from. I never ever fitted in, I don’t look like my family physicaly and mentaly, i’ve always try to find my path without luck… But since last week it’s like my life as more sense now. And then I read those lines … EVERYTHING FITS… But where do I come from, What is My mission. I deeply need to know.

    thank you again


    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Corinne!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here: https://youtu.be/0Xzzn0OKOCc
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  52. Los

    This article shocked me id say about 95% of this I can relate to and yes I I’ve always felt like an old soul I feel as though I’ve been here many times before. I believe in karma I’m an empath I sense emotions and can see behind the fake smiles never feel right in a room full of people because I can sense their emotions when I was a kid I thought everyone felt this way. I always use my intuition for every decision I make and it bothers me that some people are so blind to the truth. Also anyone that has ever caused me harm or has said hurtful things to me always suffer from really bad karma , I feel like the universe or something is protecting me (guardian angels ? Ancestors ?) I’ve had dreams of aliens I can astral project and I’ve seen ufos literally everything on this list this is amazing .

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  53. Michelle Ovadia

    Yes!!!this explains so much ! I am from Lyra. I want to know more though.

  54. Nell Baeten

    Julia, I find that I have traits of more than one Starseed description. I took detailed notes while you were speaking & I seem to fit into 2 to 3 descriptions of different Starseeds. It does seem that I may need a Starseed Activator. Do I Google that title to get a referral? OR do you have particular Activators you recommend? Thank you for your valuable information.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beti Kotevski is amazing! If you google her name you’ll find her website. She just work with certain starseeds though, so if she can’t take you on, I recommend starseedsunited.com and their chart reading to find out your origin.

  55. Mellissa

    I vibe with everything except the vegetarian diet….. not sure why that just doesn’t appeal to me

  56. P Canady 19 aug 2022

    I believe in karma, past lives. Also see my self as living in Egyptian times. I have seen myself in past lives. I have dreams that do come true and I do get messages in my head that not a dream . A lot of this has slowed down but it can come at anytime I don’t know why it comes sometimes but not as much as it use to.

  57. David Grooby

    Im an Andromedon starseed im also a twin flame if I told you everything that has happened to me in this life and many previous lives you probably wouldn’t believe me I think we only come to earth to see how much suffering we can take im hoping that this is my last life on earth so drained so tired and feeling so old at 47 in this life im not sure if this will be my last life here because of my twin flame because when she found out we were twins she went off and slept with someone else and I feel like I have no purpose here now

  58. Joseph

    Todah Rabah Julia = Thank you very much Julia.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  59. Cristina

    I wanna know where did you have a Starseed activation with a starseed healer?
    Can you give an information please?

    1. Julia Lundin

      Beti Kotevski is amazing! If you google her name you’ll find her website. She just work with certain starseeds though, so if she can’t take you on, we recommend https://trykeen.com/spiritnomad and their chart reading to find out your origin.

  60. Elsie

    Y im crying while im reading the king and queen message!
    And all memories of my childhood is suddenly remembered..
    I remember the nigth im sad and looking to the stars. And i wish was a star.

  61. Elsie

    im crying while im reading the king and queen message!
    And all memories of my childhood is suddenly remembered..
    I remember the nigth im sad and looking to the stars. And i wish was a star.

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear the article resonated 🙏❤️

  62. Rhonda

    When I read the name Venusian Starseed, I knew that was me even before I read the characteristics! I have a question, do or can starseeds that originate from different star systems incarnate together or travel together? My friend is a Vegan Starseed, from Vega, and it feels like we have traveled together before. When I visited Italy, the tombs, I had a memory of she and I together at the tombs in ancient Italy.

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear the article resonated 🙏❤️

  63. Current Earthling

    Would it be inconceivable for you all to accept that you are just born on Earth? Consider that it is much more conceivable that advanced beings are visiting this planet who are hostile and causing the mass confusion, false beliefs, insane narratives which harm our existence to the point we will annihilate ourselves by these kinds of influences.

    Only believe in what is tangible, concrete. Personality groupings will always resonate for a large group of people—it’s always easy to find aspects which correlate to our traits which are really quite common in being human.

    Be careful and diligent for what you allow yourself to believe. There’s a war going on and truthfulness is at odds with our tiny sliver of false beliefs unfortunately learned at a tender age.

    Question all your beliefs because that’s the only way to become cognizant of how little truth you really know. Admit you don’t know why we’re here; accept that you don’t have the answers to everything…the lies you believe keep perpetuating the madness in this world.

    There’s strange things going on but we all need to stay real by staying humble, admit to ourselves we’re only here for a short time—and most importantly, be here now as our real selves in the kindest way possible.

  64. Astrologer Devanand

    I totally cherished perusing this article! It’s so interesting to investigate the idea of starseeds and the signs that might show one’s grandiose beginnings. I reverberated with a few of these signs, and it’s consoling to realize that numerous others are on this unimaginable enormous excursion as well.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  65. Berta Lopes

    100% Pleiadian, with some reasonance with Lyra starseed!! WOW!! And almost 100% of starseed signs resonates too!! Indeniable!! So much is making sense now!1 Thank you!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  66. Elynna

    Wonderful article! Most of these traits really resonate with me a lot. ~From an intergalactic starseed. ❤️

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  67. Bruce chita

    Am Bruce chita,from zambia africa,and to happen to come from the same dimension with you,thanks alot for opening my eye,I love you for this.

  68. Wendell

    Thank you Julia
    I’m from Brazil.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  69. Elaine

    Hi, I am definitely an Andromeda’s started. I have at least 90% of the traits mentioned. Beam me up Scotty or Abduct me please definitely doesn’t resonate. Thanks for your post.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  70. Joseph equality

    Julia you came to me on Youtube about 2 weeks ago, the moment i saw your face & smile i knew your video would be soul food as opposed to others that put up a mystical image & tend to not reflect the posts content title! Your radiant energy was immediately recognized to be absolute & pure of heart.
    I as many others with spiritual & other life questions truly appreciate your dedication & wisdom. You are both beautiful inside & out, the very type of person i miss & have not crossed paths on my search in over a decade on my quest!

    I had posted “starseed” details (i think) from what i had learnt, but cannot find where i posted as you have many blogs. (perhaps you could add a way to ‘find our posts’, sry to make a suggestion as im sure it is probably only myself who is currently lost due to overwhelming factors in my life. (Global dark cult) attacking my ability to spiritually progress for my activism’s for sharing truths to the people regarding establishment based hidden occultism secrets & control etc! My purpose was not of ‘ego’ but one of a stepping stone to ‘Awareness’ & the power of unity for all by ‘oneness’ as we are all connected.

    My Birth sign (stuff!); Aquarious (uranus), 1st Feb, sigma empath (not sure if thats relative), letter “M”, & “Crest” on palms. I cant think of other related details that may assist accuracy atm.
    Sry for the long post, but my urge to seek your advice to many more relative info i have “not posted” knows no bounds! (feel free to pm me if u have time & i will share the lights of my history & its (guided) journey. > What is the 13th Zodiac sign? <

  71. Joseph Born-equal

    My post is no longer awaiting moderation, is it not approved? 🤷‍🤞✨

    Julia you came to me on Youtube about 2 weeks ago, the moment i saw your face & smile i knew your video would be soul food as opposed to others that put up a mystical image & tend to not reflect the posts content title! Your radiant energy was immediately recognized to be absolute & pure of heart.

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