Are You A Reptilian Starseed? 15 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Do you often feel strongly motivated to save and heal the world?

If so, you might be a Reptilian starseed.

Reptilians sometimes have a bad reputation.

However, higher dimensional Reptilian races are a force of good; they play an important role in the evolution of Earth and the human race.

“Reptilian starseeds reincarnate on Earth to heal, bring consciousness, and restore balance.”

If you are wondering, ‘what starseed am I?’ or you suspect you might be a Reptilian, but you’d like to learn more about this race, you’ve to come to the right place.

You’ll discover the mission, characteristics, and physical attributes to look out for in a Reptilian starseed.

Let’s jump right in!

reptilian starseed

Are You A Reptilian Starseed? 

There are thousands of Reptilian starseeds on our Earth. These old souls originate from the Draconian Royal lineage. They reincarnate to reverse the evil deeds of dark Reptilians, restore peace and balance, and bring healing and prosperity to the human race.

Before we talk about the mission and traits of Reptilian beings, let’s take a look at the origin of this race.

If you would like to learn about other starseeds, you can check out an article about starseed types I wrote some time back.

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Origins of the Reptilian Starseeds

The Reptilian race, also known as Dracos, Orion, Lizzies, Archons, Reptoids, and Shapeshifters, entered our universe from another universe.

They discovered a passageway in the Lyran Constellation and used it to make their way into our universe billions of years ago.

“The early race members were a menace, creating chaos, evil, and imbalance in other worlds. Unfortunately, they also brought this influence to our universe.”

They settled in the Orion and Draco constellation when they left their universe. From there, they set out to dominate and enslave other worlds.

The early Reptilians were of a lower dimension; we are talking about 3D and below.

They were extremely aggressive and evil. The many wars and tragedies of the past can be attributed to the early Reptilian influence.

Fortunately, this race has evolved over billions of years. Many of its members are advanced 5D to 12D beings and are evolutionarily millions of years ahead of us.

These advanced beings are a source of Light, just like the other starseed races.

They play a critical role in guiding creation and helping our universe evolve toward higher consciousness.

Reptilian starseeds originate from the advanced Draco race.

“They reincarnate here on Earth over many lifetimes to heal, restore peace, and lead humanity to a higher quality of life.”

Starseeds from the Reptilian race are endowed with strong attributes because of their work and purpose in our world.

Finding out your soul’s purpose can be one of the most profound experiences.

Luckily, you don’t need years of meditation or anything like that to find out. You only need to take a quick soul reading.

Now, let’s learn more about the traits of Reptilian starseeds. 

15 Traits of Reptilian Starseeds

If you are of the Reptilian lineage, you will identify with many of these characteristics. 

  • You have lizard-like features

Not all reptilians have reptile-like features, but some do.

You might not have much body hair and have a tall, thin body, thin face, and brown lizard-like eyes.

I wrote an article on how to find your starseed markings on your body for hints on what your lineage might be. Do check it out. 

reptilian starseeds

  • You have plenty of energy

You always feel physically driven.

Your stamina levels are high, and you are at your best when working on important projects.

You take pride in leading projects and vocalizing as an activist for important humanitarian causes.

Intense activities such as physical exercises and competitions appeal to you.

  • You have a lower body temperature

When it comes to starseed blood types, yours tends to be on the lower end of the temperature spectrum.

You are, therefore, more drawn to the sun and warmer climates.

You feel alive, productive, and like you belong in warm places like tropical islands, coastal cities, and sunny countries.

draconian starseeds

  • You are highly intelligent

A major Draconian starseed confirmation is that others describe you as a genius.

“Reptilian starseeds are drawn to sciences, technology, engineering, and math.”

The world depends on them to provide solutions to difficult problems.

They are the innovators and bureaucrats, technologists and theorists, researchers and architects.

Like indigo starseed types, you can fully remember that your purpose on Earth is to use your intelligence to help with the evolution of the human race.

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  • You like to challenge authority

Few things or people scare you, including powerful authority figures.

You are unafraid to stand in front of the masses to convey your bold, unconventional ideas.

“Reptilian starseeds can sometimes come off as arrogant due to their immense courage.”

But, underneath this guise is an empathetic person passionate about a specific course.

  • You easily influence others

Reptilian starseeds don’t use weapons or force to get others to rally behind them.

Instead, they use their smarts and powerful communication skills to influence others. They share this characteristic with indigo adults.

You might find that people listen to you more and willingly accept your ideas.

Those from this lineage tend to be drawn to politics, corporate, and entertainment. There is nothing wrong with these fields.

Instead of using your ability to influence others negatively, you channel your energy toward leading your followers toward the Truth and Light.

female president on the phone

  • You are loyal to a fault

You will fight to the bitter end for what and whom you believe in.

Reptilians are believed to be shapeshifters.

But, old soul, advanced starseeds stand for one thing and consistently defend their circle and ideas.

Because of their loyalty, the council of creators entrusted the enlightened Dracos with bringing the Earth’s evolution to fruition.

  • You feel a strong need to protect others

Reptilian starseeds were reincarnated to be guardians of the Earth.

As a decedent, you feel a strong need to protect the marginalized and speak up for humanity.

This is an undeniable starseed code for Dracos.

You are motivated to use your gifts and talents to bring justice and alleviate the suffering of others.

Many philanthropists and well-known innovators show a strong protective instinct.

They mobilize funds and develop advanced technological solutions to protect humanity against disease, famine, tyranny, and poverty.

  • Your strong instinct is one of your best qualities

Advanced Reptilians have impressively strong telepathic skills.

Their strong instinct is part of their intelligence.

The strong instinct can also be a powerful tool for attracting your starseed twin flame when used intentionally.

Speaking of twin flames, I wrote an article on the signs you have met your twin flame. You should totally give it a read.

As a member of this lineage, you can quickly detect good from bad and make the required decisions accordingly.

“Your telepathic mind enables you to develop impressive solutions to problems easily.”

As a result of these skills, many people look up to you as a leader, whether at home or workplace.

starseed traits

  • You are good at fitting in

Reptilians are known as shapeshifters for a reason.

Like a chameleon, you can take on another personality or traits to fit in a group when the need arises.

But, you don’t try to fit in out of peer pressure. Rather, it is your way of showing empathy.

Coming down to other people’s levels allows you to be a better, more influential leader.

Even then, your own evolutionary path might feel lonely and confusing. But, know that you are not alone.

I speak about feeling lonely during spiritual awakening in this video. Do check it out for tips on how to cope during this time.


  • You are motivated to work hard all the time

Reptilians are some of the hardest-working races.

Your purpose for reincarnating here on Earth was to work for the betterment of humanity.

You spend most of your waking hours building, creating, seeking, leading, and producing.

“You are motivated by the fact that whatever you are working on will contribute toward the ultimate evolution of the Earth.”

The only downside is that you can easily become a workaholic and prone to burnout.

girl in front of laptop

  • You come off as aggressive or cold-hearted

The mission that brought you to Earth is an all-consuming force.

You are extremely passionate about your cause, whether in politics, technology, banking, architecture, or science.

You understand that your work here has great consequences for other universes because everything is interlinked.

“You will move mountains and cross oceans to finish what you started.”

Most might not understand you, save for the person you are in a starseed love relationship.

To others, you can come out as being aggressive, demanding, or overbearing, especially when pursuing your cause.

Getting caught up in all this can be overwhelming.

I recommend learning more about the secret depths of your personality and relationships to understand yourself better. Taking a moon reading is a great place to start.

angry girl

  • Your emotions can be too intense for those around you

Members of this race are prone to intense emotional outbursts and starseed depression.

You feel very strongly about things you care for. So, you tend to express yourself strongly.

Your intensity and passion for humanity can come out as defiance and anger.

Witnessing injustice and other low vibration events can set you off, sometimes pushing you to aggression.

This kind of sensitivity is equally common among indigo and rainbow children.

  • You crave order around you and in the world

Dark Reptilians have a reputation for creating wars, tragedies, and all kinds of imbalances in our and other worlds.

Reptilian starseeds are on a mission to reverse and stop this mayhem.

As their decedent, you have a strong desire to create order where there is chaos.

You are drawn to leadership positions, research and development, policymaking, mediation, and even politics.

You believe in using your position to contribute to eradicating human suffering.

  • You are always looking out for ways to uplift others

Reptilian starseeds reincarnate to lend their hand in fighting injustices and imbalances on Earth.

As a starseed empath, you believe in lifting others.

Whether you are creating a product, leading a team, or advocating for a course, you do it for the betterment of humanity.

You believe the only way to fight and win against evil forces of war, poverty, and underdevelopment is for people to help each other.

This is the message you try to spread on your platform.

Reptilians are outwardly oriented; their passion and mission is to serve others.

But, in return, they can be quite authoritative and will demand respect at every turn.

People in positions of power are usually part of the Reptilian race. These positions naturally command respect, for example, leaders, CEOs, clergy, and politicians.

A strong desire for respect can make you seem arrogant or self-absorbed.

But, deep inside, your true wish is for people to acknowledge and respect your work on Earth. 

draconian starseed

Reptilian Starseed Mission

Reptilian starseeds incarnated from 5D and higher consciousness races.

Their mission is to reverse the negative influence and history of past low vibration Reptilians.

As a decedent, you have a strong duty to help in the evolution of Earth by awakening the consciousness of humans and spreading unconditional love.

Reptilians may come off as cold, serious, aggressive, and domineering.

But, they are also heart-centered.

As such, they make for excellent leaders, organizers, coordinators and will successfully spearhead an initiative that aligns with their values.

A core part of their mission is to elevate the human condition.

They can detect other people’s talent and lead them to attain great success in their lives and community.

As an evolved Reptilian, you will be drawn to roles that allow you to use your leadership, organizational, and strategic thinking skills.

Their ultimate mission and purpose for reincarnating on Earth are to heal and alleviate suffering.

These old souls came to create prosperity and advancement and improve our experience here on Earth.

By the way, I wrote an article on how to tell you are on old soul. I highly encourage you to read it as well.

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Reptilian Starseed Appearance

Starseeds of the Reptilian race who reincarnate on Earth look no different than human beings.

Everything about the physical attributes of these souls is quite similar to Earth humans.

Regardless of what you might have seen in movies, 5D evolved Reptoids or Dracos do not look like half-humans and half lizards or dragons.

I am sure you have never seen such creatures walking in broad daylight in your neighborhood, street, city, or country!

But, it is believed that some Reptilian starseeds can shapeshift. This means they have the power to change from human to Reptilian form and back.

History also tells us that at some point, Reptilians and humans mixed sexually, against the approval of the Guardian Council.

This mixing led to human Reptilian hybrids. Many people debate whether some of these hybrids co-exist with humans on Earth.

Some evolved humans with special capabilities can detect the Reptilian souls among us.

As a starseed from this race, you might also be drawn to other reincarnated Reptilian starseeds.

That said, the early members of the Reptilian race took on the appearance of dragons.

Indeed, this race was responsible for creating dinosaurs billions of years ago.

The early Reptilians were large with equally big wings, limbs, and a tail.

starseed appearance

Are Reptilian starseeds evil?

Some members of the Reptilian race who incarnate on Earth can be extremely wicked.

They can cause wars, create disease, and bring great suffering. But, higher dimension Reptilian starseeds are making their way to our Earth.

They are helping to raise our consciousness, restore peace, and fight the influence of Dark Reptilians. 

How do you tell you are a draconian starseed?

Generally, draconian starseeds are leaders in their field. They don’t take authority too well and cannot stand being anywhere at the bottom of the hierarchy.

You have strong leadership, organizational, and analytical skills. Science, math, technology, politics, community leadership, and architecture appeal to you.

A strong Reptilian starseed confirmation is you might have lizard-like features, including lizard-like eyes, a thin body, and a long thin face. 

Are Reptilian starseeds real? 

Reptilian starseeds do exist among us. You might not pin-point one by their looks or traits only, but they are real and have taken on a human form.

If you have noticed a wave of consciousness taking over the world bit by bit, it is because of the work Reptilian starseeds are doing round the clock. 

girl holding a snake


Reptilians are among the most misunderstood races.

Sometimes, there is a negative connotation around anyone who identifies as a starseed from the Reptilian lineage.

But, as we have seen, not all Reptilians are bad.

Early members of the race were extremely destructive, chaotic, and ruthless.

Thankfully, evolved 5D starseeds made their way to Earth and are fighting hard for our healing, elevation, and success.

As one of them, you might find yourself drawn to leadership, politics, technology, science, architecture, and analytical fields.

You help others and contribute to improving the world by your ability to see the love and potential in others. 

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Do you think you are a Reptilian starseed? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Merlin

    What a wonderful article, this is not a perspective seen before.

    I have traced my Origins back to being a mix of Dragon and Draconian, I resonate with more than 80% as I do not have the physical characteristics. I am one of the 5D Reptilians this article talks about, and what you say we are here to do awakened memories from another life.

    The only thing you didn’t discuss is the Rh- blood, I will be copying this to my Facebook page and acknowledge the source.

    1. t

      “what you say we are here to do awakened memories from another life.”

      i litterally started crying and saw my house and reptilian mother…i felt longing like i never have in that moment…..this is not bullshit….

      1. Tim

        I like know if half reptillian and annukai and pledian. I like be able to unlock my chakras. Astral projection and lucid dreaming.

  2. Cadence

    No matter what our liniage is, aren’t we conscious to some degree, and make our own decisions based on what we perceive as valuable?
    And ultimately come to a realization that war begets more war, and the only way to end the cycle is to heal the self and figure out how to coexist will all, and in balance.

  3. Brad

    Great to see some positive information on the reptilians; it’s rare.
    I’ve got Draco/Nagas lineage. Ended up in the Sirian star constellation for most of my lives.
    I enjoyed reading your article. I have 9/10 of the traits.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings πŸ’•

  4. Jen

    This article was VERY helpful. As I have become more awakened, I got the feeling that I am supposed to be “making up” for something – it could turn out to be past mistakes but the feeling has a tone of a higher purpose mixed with sadness.

    I NEVER intentionally choose darkness, although I have fallen into it and climbed out several times. I get told that I am “a light in the darkness” during readings, and that my higher self is very involved with the power of the cycle of life, destruction to rebirth.

    About 90% of the characteristics apply to me.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing Jen! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings πŸ’•

  5. Lee michie

    I’m a draco reptilian birthday is 8/26-69


    I do not put anything outside of being beyond the chance of possible. I am open to all logic if you can make sense to me I can accept any idea or principal so long as you can show your logic. And I can accept this in any instances I am wrong but will never accept it you can’t logically explain it.

    What I do know to be fact of myself it’s like this article, what you described fits me so well that I am uncomfortable in a way I can’t explain having read this. I can not sit here having no knowledge or say that any of what you said exists is true. I have no memory of another life but I have literally almost every trait be it physically or emotionally , intellectually , and even spiritually. It seems the more Knowledge I seek and gain I also come to as well find how much more I don’t know.

    I am not sure about any reptilian race. Or anything beyond this dimension. But I feel compelled to tell of an experience I had herre once. With our higher power use what name you will for it. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t hear anything. But I had an over whelming feeling and sense of presence One day I was alone in my apartment. It made cry I couldn’t stop crying the whole time. Like I said I didn’t hear or see anything yet it was conveyed to me a message. I was told there is hope.

    I don’t go telling alot of people of this experience. I feel as if they aren’t available to hear it like they are to preoccupied or walled off. I have also went through every single possibility in my mind to find a convenient logical explanation or even if an outside event or influence facilitated my minds creation of this experience. And I’m telling you that’s not it.

    I was just told through a means i can’t explain. That there is hope. Hope for everything and everyone. Without question. And In all possibilities. There is hope.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome πŸ’œ

  7. Steven

    Steven was supposed to be the name of that comment^

  8. Lolita B Kuyper

    I was told by an intuitive that I am a mantis starseed. Little is known about them and hardly anyone has written of them. Do you know anything of this race of starseeds. I was told they are from the Reptilian star system and are closely related, thus. I do find a lot of similarities in my personality to a reptilian. While we are hard workers and are very focused individuals, we are very fun loving and humorous as well. We enjoy sciences and quantum physics, math and DNA structural systems. If there is anything you may know as well, please shed some light on this little known species.

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