All About Starseed Markings On Body and Birth Chart

Have you ever wondered if you’re an alien soul, a Starseed?

Are you curious if there are any signs on your body or birth chart that show that you are a Starseed?

 Or perhaps you’re looking to find more information about your Starseed origins.

Before I knew that I was an Andromedan Starseed I had the same questions.

After reading this article, your frustration will be over!

Let’s dive in!

Starseed Markings – Everything You Need To Know

starseed markings

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are individuals whose soul originate from another star system, and many people are waking up to the realization that other dimensions exist.

Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings and are known as traveling souls because they’ve experienced several lifetimes on other planets and different dimensions before settling down on Earth.

Once they settle down, they forget their origins. But, along the line, they begin to long for the stars. 

What are starseed markings?

Starseed markings (or Starseed alignments) are celestial body characteristics in birth charts, ie the position of astronomical bodies – the sun, moon, stars, & visible planets. Different Starseeds come from various star systems, such as Andromeda, Arcturus and Pleiades. 

How to find your starseed markings

Each individual has a unique Starseed marking based on their birth chart. Starseed markings may be physical or abstract.

Physical markings can be identified based on body parts like the eyes, face, build, etc., and abstract markings are present in character traits.

Physical characteristics of Starseeds

“Some Starseeds find unusual markings on their bodies which are often from past lives.”

starseed appearance

  • Eyes – They are usually large, tilted with irises lighter than earthlings. The saying, “your eyes are the window to your soul.” is a perfect analogy. When you look into a Starseed’s eyes, it feels like they hold so many secrets, and they can see through you.
  • Face shape – Starseeds often have long, thin, narrow faces. According to experts, this is because their skulls must enclose larger brains than that of the average human being. Having traveled across the universe, it’s no surprise that their brains are advanced.
  • Body – They are often tall and slim. Many Starseeds have good eating habits, often being drawn to plant-based diets and avoiding alcohol because they’ve learned over time what works best for their bodies.

Some Starseeds find unusual markings on their bodies which are often from past lives. Their birthmarks sometimes form significant patterns.

Their bodies often feel like an entrapment so they long to be free.

It’s important to note that while Starseeds often share these traits, there are exceptions who don’t fit the physical characteristics. So if you do not identify with all or some physical traits, there’s an alternative identifier – the character traits!

girl in sunset

Questions to help you identify abstract Starseed markings

  • Do you often feel out of place here on Earth? 

Experiencing feelings of not belonging here on Earth is a strong indicator of Starseed markings. Starseeds often long to be among the stars. They are often adventurous people, looking for their purpose.

They often find it harder to adapt to Earth because of the lower vibrational energy.

  • Do you feel like you have a purpose? 

The ultimate goal of Starseeds is to collectively advance their societies to the peak potential – morally and spiritually. Not all Starseeds become fully developed in their time on Earth.

Those who achieve optimum potential are spiritually aware and can explore all perks of their journey, for example, telepathy, channeling, and healing.

  • Does your body work differently from that of the regular person?

Starseeds are often a challenge for medical doctors. Their body systems don’t work the same way as others would. They tend to have experiences that challenge science.

A typical example is their body temperature which is warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

  • Are you very intuitive and observant?

You find that you are a good judge of character, and often at first sight. You find yourself noticing things other people tend to ignore.

Starseeds are highly intuitive. They can sense things before they happen.

  • Are people, plants, and animals drawn to you?

Starseeds feel at home when they’re around nature. Growing plants, interacting with people and animals are easy tasks for you.

Flowers bloom when you’re around like they’re speaking to you.

girl in a field

  • Are you smarter than most people (not necessarily academically)?

You realize that you’ve got a high IQ, which makes you more intelligent than most people. You solve your problems differently from the norm. You take an unconventional approach to your tasks.

You always feel like you know something others don’t know. It’s not uncommon because Starseeds have traveled through different planets before landing on Earth.

For most Starseeds, it’s not their first journey on Earth; they keep returning till they master the environment and fulfill their destiny.

  • Do you think deeply?

Do you think about things from a deeper perspective? When you form your thoughts beyond surface information, you’re likely a Starseed. They are wise beyond their age; people often refer to them as old souls.

 Starseed marking types

Starseed markings can also be alternatively sub-grouped into two main groups;

Origin marks and Incarnation marks.

  • Origin marks are indicators of where you’re from – your first birth
  • Incarnation marks are indicators of your multiple past lives. The history of all the places your soul has journeyed to is present in your Incarnation markings.

The personality traits of each Starseed type differ. Starseeds can be grouped based on different categories. There is grouping according to star origin, soul age (old and new), aura, etc. 

  • Old Souls are Starseeds whose origins date back to the Atlantean times. They’ve existed in several incarnations.
  • New Souls are Starseeds who are on Earth in their first incarnation.

Starseeds can also be grouped based on auras, and each one carries a different set of personality traits. The auras are named according to their colors – Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow.

  • Indigo Starseeds: Strong-willed, stubborn, rebels, intuitive, hippies, adventurous, etc. They have firm beliefs.
  • Crystal Starseeds: They are artistic, emotional, creative, pure-hearted, compassionate, etc. They enjoy solitude because it helps them think.
  • Rainbow Starseeds: They are generous, loving, energetic, optimistic, cheerful, brave, etc. They see the world through rose-colored glasses. They always have positive vibes and bring out the best in the people around them.

They can also be grouped according to which star system their soul originates from:

  • Pleiadian Starseeds: It is also known as the Seven Sisters; from the Pleiades. They are usually creative and family-oriented.
  • Arcturian Starseeds: They are from Arcturus which, is an advanced civilization planet. They’re mentally and emotionally advanced in their ways.
  • Andromedan Starseeds: They are from Andromeda, the planet of Pure transcendent love. They are often benevolent and have the gift of telepathy. Their nature of love does not limit their abilities to innovate. Andromedans are the most scientifically advanced of all the planets.
  • Atlantean Starseeds: History has it that this is the first settlement of Starseeds on Earth. Their home planet (Atlantis) is lost in the depths of the earth sea. They’re philosophical people who crave knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and healing.
  • Sirian Starseeds: They are from Sirius. Their interests are education and spiritual laws. They tend to be more rigid in their beliefs than other Starseeds.
  • Orion Starseeds: This is most common after Pleiadian Starseeds. Orion is the planet of wisdom, science, and research. They’re not good with heart matters because of their scientific nature.

General characteristics of all Starseeds;

  • Emotional awareness: Starseeds have a high Emotional Intelligence Quotient. They are very often empaths who understand other’s feelings. They have a conscious awareness of their surroundings and everything in it – human, animal, plant, etc.
  • Intelligence: The purpose of Starseed’s mission here on Earth is to spread knowledge and wisdom, and help humans make the Earth a better place.
  • Otherworldly feelings: They feel their bodies are restrictive. They’re very open-minded people. They are not bound by the pettiness of Earth’s labeling (race, sex, age, etc.).

man watching the stars

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is a picture of the sky at the exact time of your birth. It’s an astrological chart representing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial bodies.

Planets movement trigger life-changing transformations so, it’s significant to know your birth chart.  

The zodiac was created by dividing the sky into 12 parts which represent a house. It maps the journey of the planet around the sun. The position of each zodiac house at the point of birth is significant in understanding personality traits.

Your Starseed markings are based on your birth chart.

How To Calculate Your Birth Chart

The formula is – Birthdate (Day/Month/Year) + Birthplace (city) + Birth time (exact time) = Your birth chart.

There are online birth chart generators that require the above information. These online generators are mostly free but, some charge a minimal cost.  

An example of a birth chart calculation;

Birth Date (17/May/1997) + Birth Place (Houston) + Birth Time (12:00am) = Placidus Houses

The Sun in Taurus, Ascendant Capricorn, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Virgo. Each of these signs interacting with each other is significant to the starseed personality. 

The Earth + Sun directly aligned with Pleiades = Pleiadian line up

Reading a birth chart is a learned art. Star systems have personality traits that are important in understanding yourself.  The positions of the celestial bodies with each other at the point of your birth make up the star systems. 

The celestial bodies and what they represent;

The Sun – Personality (Leo)

The Moon – inner experience (Cancer)

Mercury – logic, and rationality (Virgo)

Venus – Beauty, Love, and Money (Taurus and Libra)

Mars – Determination (Aries)

Jupiter – Spirituality, Insight, and Fortune (Sagittarius)

Saturn – Resilience, Hard work, and professionalism (Capricorn)

Uranus – Innovation and Technology (Aquarius)

Neptune – Intuition and Imagination (Pisces)

Pluto – Power and Transformation (Scorpio)

House occupation determines Outer Planet markings. Houses 1 – 6 represent daily activities and 7 – 12 represent abstract ideas such as philosophy. 

Planet + Sign + House = Birth Chart significance


Starseeds are extraordinary people whose presence here on Earth in these times of ascension. There are traits (physical and personality) that reveals if you’re a starseed or not, and you can also see signs in your birth chart.

The next step is to do your shadow work to shed what doesn’t serve you, so you can awaken to your psychic gifts and starseed nature. 

Do you think you’re a starseed? Let me know in the comments!

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