All About Starseed Markings On Body and Birth Chart

Have you ever wondered if you’re an alien soul, a Starseed?

Are you curious if there are any signs on your body or birth chart that show that you are a Starseed?

 Or perhaps you’re looking to find more information about your Starseed origins.

Before I knew that I was an Andromedan Starseed I had the same questions.

After reading this article, your frustration will be over!

Let’s dive in!

Starseed Markings – Everything You Need To Know

starseed markings

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are individuals whose soul originate from another star system, and many people are waking up to the realization that other dimensions exist.

Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings and are known as traveling souls because they’ve experienced several lifetimes on other planets and different dimensions before settling down on Earth.

Once they settle down, they forget their origins. But, along the line, they begin to long for the stars.

They start to wonder “Who am I really, and why am I here?” A good start is to do a numerology reading, I recommend this free reading from Numerologist.

What are starseed markings?

Starseed markings (or Starseed alignments) are celestial body characteristics in birth charts, ie the position of astronomical bodies – the sun, moon, stars, & visible planets. Different Starseeds come from various star systems, such as Andromeda, Arcturus and Pleiades. 

How to find your starseed markings

Each individual has a unique Starseed marking based on their birth chart. Starseed markings may be physical or abstract.

Physical markings can be identified based on body parts like the eyes, face, build, etc., and abstract markings are present in character traits.

Physical characteristics of Starseeds

“Some Starseeds find unusual markings on their bodies which are often from past lives.”

starseed appearance

  • Eyes – They are usually large, tilted with irises lighter than earthlings. The saying, “your eyes are the window to your soul.” is a perfect analogy. When you look into a Starseed’s eyes, it feels like they hold so many secrets, and they can see through you.
  • Face shape – Starseeds often have long, thin, narrow faces. According to experts, this is because their skulls must enclose larger brains than that of the average human being. Having traveled across the universe, it’s no surprise that their brains are advanced.
  • Body – They are often tall and slim. Many Starseeds have good eating habits, often being drawn to plant-based diets and avoiding alcohol because they’ve learned over time what works best for their bodies.

Some Starseeds find unusual markings on their bodies which are often from past lives. Their birthmarks sometimes form significant patterns.

Their bodies often feel like an entrapment so they long to be free.

It’s important to note that while Starseeds often share these traits, there are exceptions who don’t fit the physical characteristics. So if you do not identify with all or some physical traits, there’s an alternative identifier – the character traits!

girl in sunset

Questions to help you identify abstract Starseed markings

  • Do you often feel out of place here on Earth? 

Experiencing feelings of not belonging here on Earth is a strong indicator of Starseed markings. Starseeds often long to be among the stars. They are often adventurous people, looking for their purpose.

They often find it harder to adapt to Earth because of the lower vibrational energy.

  • Do you feel like you have a purpose? 

The ultimate goal of Starseeds is to collectively advance their societies to the peak potential – morally and spiritually. Not all Starseeds become fully developed in their time on Earth.

Those who achieve optimum potential are spiritually aware and can explore all perks of their journey, for example, telepathy, channeling, and healing.

  • Does your body work differently from that of the regular person?

Starseeds are often a challenge for medical doctors. Their body systems don’t work the same way as others would. They tend to have experiences that challenge science.

A typical example is their body temperature which is warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

  • Are you very intuitive and observant?

You find that you are a good judge of character, and often at first sight. You find yourself noticing things other people tend to ignore.

Starseeds are highly intuitive. They can sense things before they happen.

  • Are people, plants, and animals drawn to you?

Starseeds feel at home when they’re around nature. Growing plants, interacting with people and animals are easy tasks for you.

Flowers bloom when you’re around like they’re speaking to you.

girl in a field

  • Are you smarter than most people (not necessarily academically)?

You realize that you’ve got a high IQ, which makes you more intelligent than most people. You solve your problems differently from the norm. You take an unconventional approach to your tasks.

You always feel like you know something others don’t know. It’s not uncommon because Starseeds have traveled through different planets before landing on Earth.

For most Starseeds, it’s not their first journey on Earth; they keep returning till they master the environment and fulfill their destiny.

The concept of “Starseed markings” is a belief rooted in metaphysics and spirituality, suggesting that certain individuals have unique characteristics or “markings” indicating a connection to other realms or star systems. However, it’s important to note that such beliefs are not grounded in scientific evidence.

Bringing the idea of Starseed markings into the context of online casinos is likely to be more of a personal or spiritual interpretation rather than something widely recognized in the gaming industry. Online casinos operate based on mathematical algorithms and random number generators, and the outcomes are typically determined by chance.

If someone believes in Starseed markings and feels a connection between these markings and their experiences in online casinos, it’s a subjective and personal belief. However, it’s crucial to approach online gambling with a realistic understanding of chance, probability, and responsible gaming practices, irrespective of any metaphysical beliefs.

  • Do you think deeply?

Do you think about things from a deeper perspective? When you form your thoughts beyond surface information, you’re likely a Starseed. They are wise beyond their age; people often refer to them as old souls.

 Starseed marking types

Starseed markings can also be alternatively sub-grouped into two main groups;

Origin marks and Incarnation marks.

  • Origin marks are indicators of where you’re from – your first birth
  • Incarnation marks are indicators of your multiple past lives. The history of all the places your soul has journeyed to is present in your Incarnation markings.

The personality traits of each Starseed type differ. Starseeds can be grouped based on different categories. There is grouping according to star origin, soul age (old and new), aura, etc. 

  • Old Souls are Starseeds whose origins date back to the Atlantean times. They’ve existed in several incarnations.
  • New Souls are Starseeds who are on Earth in their first incarnation.

Starseeds can also be grouped based on auras, and each one carries a different set of personality traits. The auras are named according to their colors – Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow.

  • Indigo Starseeds: Strong-willed, stubborn, rebels, intuitive, hippies, adventurous, etc. They have firm beliefs.
  • Crystal Starseeds: They are artistic, emotional, creative, pure-hearted, compassionate, etc. They enjoy solitude because it helps them think.
  • Rainbow Starseeds: They are generous, loving, energetic, optimistic, cheerful, brave, etc. They see the world through rose-colored glasses. They always have positive vibes and bring out the best in the people around them.

They can also be grouped according to which star system their soul originates from:

  • Pleiadian Starseeds: It is also known as the Seven Sisters; from the Pleiades. They are usually creative and family-oriented.
  • Arcturian Starseeds: They are from Arcturus which, is an advanced civilization planet. They’re mentally and emotionally advanced in their ways.
  • Andromedan Starseeds: They are from Andromeda, the planet of Pure transcendent love. They are often benevolent and have the gift of telepathy. Their nature of love does not limit their abilities to innovate. Andromedans are the most scientifically advanced of all the planets.
  • Atlantean Starseeds: History has it that this is the first settlement of Starseeds on Earth. Their home planet (Atlantis) is lost in the depths of the earth sea. They’re philosophical people who crave knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and healing.
  • Sirian Starseeds: They are from Sirius. Their interests are education and spiritual laws. They tend to be more rigid in their beliefs than other Starseeds.
  • Orion Starseeds: This is most common after Pleiadian Starseeds. Orion is the planet of wisdom, science, and research. They’re not good with heart matters because of their scientific nature.

General characteristics of all Starseeds;

  • Emotional awareness: Starseeds have a high Emotional Intelligence Quotient. They are very often empaths who understand other’s feelings. They have a conscious awareness of their surroundings and everything in it – human, animal, plant, etc.
  • Intelligence: The purpose of Starseed’s mission here on Earth is to spread knowledge and wisdom, and help humans make the Earth a better place.
  • Otherworldly feelings: They feel their bodies are restrictive. They’re very open-minded people. They are not bound by the pettiness of Earth’s labeling (race, sex, age, etc.).

man watching the stars

What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is a picture of the sky at the exact time of your birth. It’s an astrological chart representing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial bodies.

Planets movement trigger life-changing transformations so, it’s significant to know your birth chart.  

The zodiac was created by dividing the sky into 12 parts which represent a house. It maps the journey of the planet around the sun. The position of each zodiac house at the point of birth is significant in understanding personality traits.

Your Starseed markings are based on your birth chart.

Your moon sign is especially interesting as it reveals your personality and purpose in this lifetime. To learn more about your moon, I recommend this quick personalized moon reading.

How To Calculate Your Birth Chart

The formula is – Birthdate (Day/Month/Year) + Birthplace (city) + Birth time (exact time) = Your birth chart.

There are online birth chart generators that require the above information. These online generators are mostly free but, some charge a minimal cost.  

An example of a birth chart calculation;

Birth Date (17/May/1997) + Birth Place (Houston) + Birth Time (12:00am) = Placidus Houses

The Sun in Taurus, Ascendant Capricorn, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Virgo. Each of these signs interacting with each other is significant to the starseed personality. 

The Earth + Sun directly aligned with Pleiades = Pleiadian line up

Reading a birth chart is a learned art. Star systems have personality traits that are important in understanding yourself.  The positions of the celestial bodies with each other at the point of your birth make up the star systems. 

The celestial bodies and what they represent;

The Sun – Personality (Leo)

The Moon – inner experience (Cancer)

Mercury – logic, and rationality (Virgo)

Venus – Beauty, Love, and Money (Taurus and Libra)

Mars – Determination (Aries)

Jupiter – Spirituality, Insight, and Fortune (Sagittarius)

Saturn – Resilience, Hard work, and professionalism (Capricorn)

Uranus – Innovation and Technology (Aquarius)

Neptune – Intuition and Imagination (Pisces)

Pluto – Power and Transformation (Scorpio)

House occupation determines Outer Planet markings. Houses 1 – 6 represent daily activities and 7 – 12 represent abstract ideas such as philosophy. 

Planet + Sign + House = Birth Chart significance


Starseeds are extraordinary people whose presence here on Earth in these times of ascension. There are traits (physical and personality) that reveals if you’re a starseed or not, and you can also see signs in your birth chart.

The next step is to do your shadow work to shed what doesn’t serve you, so you can awaken to your psychic gifts and starseed nature. 

Do you think you’re a starseed? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Alisha

    I am Sirian. I am a 7.

    1. Aya Farouk

      Hii, I want to know my starseed origin

      1. Julia Lundin

        I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
        Have a beautiful day!
        Much love, Julia

        1. Pleasant Burnes

          Julian I was born in February 19th 1964 in Elizabeth City North Carolina at 11:30 at night and I would like you to tell me which star am I from, and I know I am a star seed because I felt this way all of my life I’m 58 years old now and I still feel the way to start seeds feel but I need to know what house I come from can you help me out

        2. Sherri

          HI Julia
          Interesting though I don’t necessarily agree that Adromadans are the most advanced in scientific matters or Atlanteans were the first Starseeds to enter the earth plane… checkout Debbie Solaris website that has extensive information of these Starseeds… but we all learn what we are meant to … thank you for being!

          1. Julia Lundin

            You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

      2. Arin

        Yes Liakish and orion… Thank you for all the wonderful information…much love an light to you on your journey 💜☄️

      3. Summer

        Greetings, I am I feel an Anunnaki Starseed. I have always known that I’m not from this place and in comparison my lives here on this earth are the longest thing I have ever done.. planet earth ground zero I’ve been here, this is my final incarnation here. I was born this life on July 17 1975 at 3:53 pm in Arcadia Florida. I am beginning to remember so very much and seek higher source knowledge.

        1. Ro

          Hi, I’m an Andromedan.

          I met my Twin Flame begin of juli, which I didn’t know at that time. I sort of disconnected with her. It felt like in 5D, the loving connection often feels like you are in love with everybody.

          Two weeks ago we met again and it was a really ecstatic connection. Since then we connect on the phone and in energy every day.
          It’s hard because we are both married and have kids and we live two hours driving from each other, which is close compared to others.

          What a magnificant energetic connection this is…never thought this could be possible.


    2. Shawn

      I believe that I am a starseed….

  2. Ann Sommardahl

    Absolutely! I’m an old soul and feel connected to most if not all of the starseeds. I’m an every healer/ worker. I also connect with what most call archangels. (They have very interesting personalities)I have a huge crystal connection and love to learn about anything that has to do with spirituality. I’m not sure what brought on my awakening this time… but I’m living it and loving it. I’m a level 2 reiki practioner, a medium, channel and read tarot and angel cards. I’m a big advocate for the planet and what is being done to her and what we need to do to stop it! Thank you for this. I’ve been wisdom(as my ears pop) if I am a starseed. Now I can finally put into name where I came from.

    1. Donna

      I think I’m Possibly PLEIADIAN (?)
      Venus @ 2°Gemini
      Asc 29°Sag with Capricorn intercepted 1st house.

      1. Amy

        How do I find out exactly? I’m think I’m the same as you x sun sagi moon Leo 🥵

      2. Cl;aire

        none of the positions you mention align with Pleiadian birth chart indicators but who knows?

      3. Casey

        Why do you think this is the case..just wondering..

    2. Jason

      Chriron in 1st House. All other planets are in 7-12. Moon Libra and True node is Cancer. Anyone have some insight. Vega is what speaks to me, Lyran?

  3. Me

    Oh…I think I connect with atlanteans

    1. Elizabeth

      Alisha, my goal in life was to overcome fear and because of this I believe I may be a starseed from Andromeda. I was born in 1962, first wave of volunteers.

  4. Christian

    Before I had someone from the Starseed hot line website do my Starseed lineage star chat, which showed I’m origination from Orion, I had a reading done by a supposed channeler where I showed the palms of my hands and my eyes where they channeled and they said the mer-people from Sirius B came forward to claim me as theirs. I’m just wondering if they could both be accurate? I’m just wanting to know what’s legit and what the possibilities are

    1. Shay

      Your mother and father of different descents perhaps?
      What if we are all a bunch of mutts now? Lol.. not as strong as we should be at one thing but instead, little pieces of each… hmm

  5. Josephine

    Im a Pleiadians starseed

    1. Jumbom

      Indigo here 🙋🏻‍♀️

      1. Crone

        Arcturian here. Tnx for sharing this insight. You can also do meditation and visualize to where your origin is. If you have Clair skills this can be shown to you and felt.

        1. Julia Lundin

          Amazing, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏😊

    2. Josie West

      As am I hello sister seed ♥️ I am a Leo ♌️ sun, Aquarius ♒️ moon and a Scorpio ♏️ rising.

      We are here because we were invited. Everyone has a mission and it’s tied into an individual’s passion and when we tap that. Stick to what brings us good joy, high vibes and strong positive energy then hey man! You win! Be bright in the light ♥️

  6. Lori

    I am an Orion Starseed, found the mark of Orion on my left arm. I am born under the Moon rising sign of Aries, and am a 4th generation witch, and empath. After doing the charting am Leo Ascending.

    1. Jo

      I have onions belt on my arm and rhe big dipper on my chest I’m am Aquarius every thing in my life points to orion but I can’t help think pleiadian ???

      1. Josie West

        You are from the Pleiades Jo, as am I- your purpose is to do that which brings you great joy and thus show humanity the possibilities of having a beautiful life as hoped by our Universal sources of Love and Intelligent Energy – call on their help when you need help Jo, they are itching to help you and us with the upgrade we are helping to flush out to the masses. Do you get headaches and ringing in your ears?

  7. Luciana

    Which does the infinity symbol connect from?

  8. John Papapavlos

    I’m pretty sure I am a Pleidian Starseed. What does “do your shadow work” mean. How do we do it?

    1. Josie West

      Yes John!!! You are a fellow Starseed from the 7 Sisters clusters – greetings and well wishes to you brother seed♥️

  9. Brooke


  10. Kathy

    Earth Angel

    1. Krystal

      Andromedean as well, I found out in a reading.. Do you know anymore info plz & ty

  11. Glenn

    Hu Julia.
    Great article. I have learnt i am a starseed (not sure which type) and i have found and connected with my Twin Flame in this lifetime. 2.5 years apart we are both figuring out our souls journey.
    Exciting times.
    Take care.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Happy to hear the article resonated. Exciting times indeed, thanks for sharing your story. Sending you lots of love and blessings!

  12. Stefanie

    This was mind blowing to me! I am Sirian. I really feel a connection, both good and bad, with the moon. I am also empathetic, telepathic, and psychic— I am an old soul.

    I am new to numerology and astrology so this discovery has me believing! Thank you!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  13. Jennifer

    I’ve come to realize I am a Starseed. I have my birth chart. How do I find out what type I am? I know of a couple types from watching videos and hearing what to look for on my birth chart, but I feel drawn to others that weren’t listed in the video also.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Jennifer!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  14. j

    lol… my last name, translated, means ‘Sirious’…
    how can i learn more about this?

    1. Julia Lundin

      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  15. Lori Giorgio

    I’m an 11 – so i decided more info was needed. Definitely a starseed. When I asked my guides what my connection to Atlantis was…they said, “You ARE Atlantis”. What does that mean? My entire life I felt like I was outside looking in, even in my family. When my ‘gifts’ began exposing themselves I pushed them down for lack of understanding. After my father’s death in 2016 the flood gates opened. Right now, I say out loud and don’t care who hears me…”beam me Scottie, I want to go Home”. People just don’t care about this Planet and it hurts me to my core – the cruelty is devastating and painful.
    If I don’t find a platform/soap box to scream from with an audience of like minded or just find my own people I fear I will whither.
    Any suggestions?
    As a side note: I moved to Hilo last year, the Earth’s heart chakra, looking to make a difference and find my purpose.
    What I have discovered here is Nobody is in Charge of this beautiful Rock and Everyone takes, takes, and takes some more without ever giving back. It’s sad.
    Any help or suggestions are welcome

    1. Stina

      Hi Lori–
      I’m also an 11~ Master Number. We have a few things in common~
      I resonate with the connection to Atlantis, and my father also died in 2016, opening a floodgate of emotion. My mother just died last March, so now I really feel like an “orphan” Although I admit that I was always pretty much an outsider in my own family.
      I am struggling with how to use my gifts, and in discovering my purpose/misdion. I vascillate between “knowing” everything will work out, and moments of sheer panic , where I fear I’ll never know what I’m supposed to do and I’m wasting my life.
      I’m searching for meaning, I know I have a message to impart and gifts to share. I feel like I need a soapbox or platform as well, and I want to find my people and like-minded souls who would like to share info and I’d like to collaborate and help each other. I’m hoping we can help the planet we’ve found ourselves on in this lifetime.
      So I don’t really have any answers for ya~ sorry lol but wanted to reach out to say I very much relate and am sending you positive energy and love from Minnesota ~
      ~ Stina

      1. Linda

        I’m a Blue Ray being

        ♊️ Sun sign, ♏️ rising & my Neptune is in ♏️ also. I’m an empath & chosen one.


    I think I am a rainbow starseed but I did not know if from Andromedan or Atlantean starseed…

  17. jaime

    jaime 11:16pm

  18. Batte. Louqman

    Thanks alot for about starseed origin. But am still trying to know where i belong .

    1. Julia Lundin

      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

      1. Franklin Russell

        Mahalo I’ve always felt like a stranger on Earth. Vega is possibly my starseed. I want better understanding.

  19. Darran stacey

    I think I’m a Orion or pleidian maybe atlantien
    I’m drawn by the moon and light very sensitive to light and dark energies I’m sad by war violence and death live animals children are drawn to me
    Start projects ideas but move in to next easily distracted
    Very young hands women like and small but strong
    Sense things in others and keep to small groups large crowds drain me
    Had partners who needed my passion and warmth to grow
    So help me I’m confused I feel protected by archangel Michael and need to meditate to find inner peace often alone as a child and fascinated by stars moon skye so very unsure what I am plesee advise have a unusual birth mark in fore head third eye
    Love and light

    1. Julia Lundin

      Hi Darran!
      I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here:
      Have a beautiful day!
      Much love, Julia

  20. Angela

    I am an Andromedan Starseed and my mission is to adopt all childeren without parents and want to help people in need. It is all Starseeds mission to help me to get my childeren save!

    I am working on a dance never seen before for that reason!

    As a Starseed we all got talents that we all worked on in our past lives and know we all have to combine our strengt and use it!

    What is your mission as a Starseed? Ask yourself is the world we are now living in heaven on earth? I believe it could be if every child reborn again get what they all deserve and that is a fair and loved one the minute a baby opens his/her eyes.

    I hope to earn money with my dance to built houses for them and I want all childeren to have there own room. So they can fully express themself and teach them to learn what there own skills are.

    I wish all my Starseed brothers and sisters a blessed life


  21. JAYNE

    What is a Madge starseed?

  22. Andromeda Ayala

    My real government name is Andromeda Ayala. I’m 25 years old. Born on May 3rd, 1997 in New York City, NY. Do you think I am a starseed from Andromeda?

    1. Santeria Banks

      If your name is that, then there is a possibility.

  23. Kevin

    I’m a country boy,lol

  24. Lotus


  25. Mike

    I don’t really know my starseed, but I know for sure is that I have almost the traits in every starseed,
    Am more creative, thus I do music and I do overthink,, and a times I read mind and think what someone might be thinking and even my sir name “Ochieng” means when the sun is out shining
    I was born November 15th 1999 In Nairobi, Kenya
    Kindly help me know my starseed.

    1. Den Br

      If that is your name then you could be from Kepler 22b. You are probably a seed for many systems or a mix. Kepler has or had an ancient creator race that I think might be superior to many and also designed many races in our heavens, including humans. I think alot of them reincarnate as older Eastern Earth races such as Asian. You should focus your time here on spiritual and ascended ideologies.

  26. christina Alvarez

    I’m an 11:11 or 1:11 ~ Master Number. Ive seen these numbers many times a day for many years. I think I’m an Arcturian/Pleidian hybrid starseed from the Seven Sisters Star System. When I was born in 1971, every planet in the solar system (9) at the time, was present in my house. 🤔

  27. Rose

    You all are amazing 🌹My name is Rose, My Birthday is 10.29.1979 born 4:53am in Tulsa, Ok. I have been trying to figure this out for a while
    Scorpio Sun
    Aquarius moon
    Libra rising

  28. 2foxx

    Are there support groups to help journey. Long story short, I feel a awakening, spiritual feeling and feel I don’t belong here, always attracted to Pleiades. Worked 31 years since a teen, always empathetic, always comforting, straight shooter and pretty smart. Just a normal guy. So this is very new and a bit lonely and intimidating. I feel so alive this year, and just know, hardbto explain, but have no guidance or comfort, feels a bit like being lost while around so many friends and family just living life.

  29. Robert

    I don’t have basically any of the physical traits such as height, thinness of face and body, but I seem to have a boatload of character traits that resonate, like 90% ,not exactly sure what category I fit in

  30. wanderer1948

    Greetings from Canada – I came out of darkness into the light on Groundhog Day, the midpoint, or pivotal point of winter, when Earth’s energies begin to turn to nurture new life in great abundance, once again [The Hanged Man Tarot Card illustrates this pivotal moment nicely]. I have studied and learned many of the secrets of life and death, the regeneration of life in Earth’s womb [the ground], how trees act as a conduit between Mother Earth and Father Sky, and how each human spirit possesses multiple bodies or sheaths, each with an important role to play as we travel the cosmos to serve in various ways. I carry an etheric thread of ancient wisdom from the cosmos, to connect with Gaia’s planetary networks, to feed her spiritual needs as she transforms and heals herself again…..We came here to work, so let’s shake off our amnesia, roll up our sleeves, and get to work…

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!

  31. Marta

    Hi my name is Marta can you help me from which starsseds im,please.My date of birt 11/december/1977 town Nitra country Slovakia time of birth 11 am morning,i love ocean very much it keeps calling me feel like home when im at ocean,would love to move there with my family,thanks lot Marta

  32. Martin Tesinsky

    Don´t leave a detailed comment and be a little careful! it´s a trap! There are people and other entities trying to hunt us! Don´t let fear shed your light. Love and light! Taurus

    1. 🔺

      This would explain the weird things I’ve been experiencing. The gifts have been awake for a while now. I always learned about Pleiadian never really doing the research. It aligns with my star chart. And definitely aligns with the happenings I’ve been going through. It’s funny how it is all so real, so unbelievable, yet so easy to explain and understand.

  33. Lee michie

    I am a star seed indigo one from series born 1969 August 26th Virgo is there anything else you can tell me thank you

  34. Rachel

    Hi iam born September 27 1989 in Greenfield park at 6:15am what my birth chart please

    1. Vivien

      Rachel you can get a free birth chart from many sites. A good one is Another is You put in your date, time and place of birth and you get your chart free. Both of these sites have basic explanations.’s is under Astro click. Astro-seek’s comes up under the chart. Astrology King usually quotes VivianRobsons work on the positions of the fixed stars. Positions of fixed stars can also be found on both the sites I mentioned. That said I know lots about astrology but nothing about how it connects with star seed origins. I resonate with Mintanka from Orion’s Belt but my chart doesn’t show this. Instead Spica in Libra and the Royal of the East in Taurus are accented. I think that perhaps this has, maybe, more to do with this life’s gifts and challenges than soul origin. So I am also waiting to find someone who can read my chart more deeply! Good luck with thd search. In the end your inner guidance will count most. V

  35. Shelley

    I think I’m a starseed. Sirian and Lyran resonate with me. I’m a Leo sun, Taurus moon, and Scorpio rising.
    Life Path 11.
    Hoping this is my last incarnation on this planet. I am…tired.

  36. Bastian

    Is there any community for Andromedans?

    1. Tahirah Abubakr

      I been told that i am Arcrurian and had a reading that gave my starseed name.. most of my life i have felt out of place with those around me including the family i am birth to.

  37. Michael King

    My name is Michael, born December 10 1974 in Honolulu at 12:37pm I’d like to know my birth chart please

  38. Adria

    The part about body temperature is interesting. For me personally, if I take my temperature by putting the devicevon my forehead verses my clavicle or heart area, half the time my clavicle and heart area are 100 to 102 degrees while my forehead is 97 or 98. I also noticed that if I work out or do aerobic exercise, my clavicle heart area will not have a temperature of 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit which is odd considering one feels warm after a workout.

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear the article resonated 🙏❤️

  39. Linda

    This seems to be common but why is Gemini left out? I see this happen in other place as well.

  40. Diana McManus

    I’m a starseed, but I don’t know which constellation my soul is from. Someone did my astrological chart and said it was Orion, but I had 2 prior lifetimes in the Pleiades. I feel a connection to the Pleiades more than Orion. Someone else did a reading for me and said my soul is from Sirius. I’ve had spirit guides from Sirius. One was a little girl I encountered when I was 6 when I had an imaginary friend. Then recently I was taken to an Arcturian Starship a week ago when I was dreaming. Now I feel a connection to Arcturus. How does one really know where their soul is from?

  41. Dalon

    Julia, I am a Heyoka Empath with several abilities that I have learned! It’s not always easy or a walk in the park. I can use it to heal others by taking their pain and feeling it as my own so they don’t have to feel it. I am used to pain and being sick so it doesn’t bother me to cry for someone else! I am a Cancerian too with the Moon as my ruling planet! I am pretty sure that I am a Pleiadian Starseed, but not 100 percent sure. I would like to visit them one day if I am, if possible since I think they are my earliest ancestors! I have felt like an alien since I was in my late teens! I just don’t get humans. I think I am a very advanced starseed, because I have so many psychic abilities and can’t manipulate energy to heal. What is your take on this?

  42. Rubi

    Physical characteristics vary because I’m a Pleiadian star seed and don’t look like what it is described here.

  43. Rakeem Cash

    Yea I believe but need to learn more please thanks

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  44. Belinda

    I’ve always wondered why I have this light mark the outline shape of a half moon on my chest. As well as always was different and felt like I was from a different universe. I have a different way of thinking.

  45. Jeannie Hudson

    I would like to know if I belong to any of these origins. I am becoming more aware of the world around me and my curiosity is growing exponentially. If there is anyone knowledgeable in this area who could give me some guidance, I would be extremely grateful.”

  46. Joe

    Since i was a child i knew all about Sumerian & surrounding cultures! – I have only recently stumbled on the “Lightworker, Starseed” origins. From what little i have learned; Sigma Empath (indigo) Pleiadian starseed… 👍☮️👽🌍💞
    Cool Site ✌️

  47. Linda

    I’m a Blue Ray being

    ♊️ Sun sign, ♏️ rising & my Neptune is in ♏️ also. I’m an empath & chosen one.

  48. Jenny Hansen

    I guess I never replied to this article…
    Solar Gem ♊, Libra Moon , Aquarius Rising ♒
    (Triple air sign, lol)
    I have been approached by 5 different star seed groups that I have worked with/been with in previous lives: Arcturian, Aldebaran, Pleidian, Sirian, and Andromedan
    I consider myself a blue ray as I was told these have multiple backgrounds? We faciliate the other groups of star seeds in their work, I focus on containers, light energy and transitions in my shamanic soul and energy work…

  49. Sherri

    I think I’m Pleiadian and Andromeda Starseed… they both hit me close to the heart.

    I’m a Libra, Oct 3rd, 5am, Portage WI 53901
    My Sun sign is in Libra House 2
    My moon sign is Sagittarius in House 2
    My Ascendenant Sign is in Virgo

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