10 Starseed Types Explained: What Starseed Are You?

Do you often experience a deep feeling that there is a purpose to your existence here on earth?

Discovering your starseed type brings a great deal of joy into your life, and leads to a series of significant realizations.

It’s natural to then want to find out exactly which starseed you are.

There are several types of starseeds, all with various histories, traits, and unique missions on our planet.

After you’ve read through this definitive guide, you’ll be left with no doubts as to which unique starseed you are. You’ll know the answer to the following questions:

What starseed am I? What is my history as a starseed, and what is my innate mission on planet Earth?

Identifying the type of Starseed that you are is easy, providing you have all of the necessary information at your disposal.

Let’s get started!

Which Starseed Am I? The Ultimate Guide to Starseed Types

Before we get into the different starseed types, it’s helpful to know what I actually mean with a starseed type. 

What are starseed types?

The term “starseed types” is used to describe a collective of spiritual beings that originate from different locations in the Universe.

They are sent to our planet to carry out a certain mission, and mostly to help guide the inhabitants of Earth through transitional periods. They do this using their deep wisdom gained from the experiences in their worlds.

Starseeds understand the interconnectedness of all life-forms, and this inspires them to come to our planet. They know that no being is separate from the whole, and therefore aspire to help us on planet Earth, promoting unity and improving the state of our planet.

“The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realize the Self. There is nothing else to do.”

– Sri Ramana Maharshi

As our planet enters a vitally important transitional phase, human beings need guidance to ensure that they don’t repeat past mistakes and to create a worldly environment where all beings thrive.

Your starseed type indicates the star system that you originated from, and also gives you a clear idea of why you chose to come to planet Earth.

The list of starseed races is extensive, but there are some that are more likely to show up on this planet, while others are more likely to incarnate somewhere else within the Universe.

starseed confirmation

How Do I Find Out My Starseed Soul Origin?

Figuring out which starseed type you are shouldn’t be too difficult, but it does require some deep self-reflection.

You will need to analyze your personality and be honest with yourself about your inner world to truly know which type you belong to.

By having the suspicion that you are a starseed, you’ve already taken a significant step towards realizing your true nature.

“You are physical beings in this physical dimension – because you have intended it to be that way. As you are experiencing this life experience, you are fulfilling that decision that you have set forth prior to your physical birth.”

– Abraham Hicks

Knowing your starseed type is a transformative realization. Suddenly, you are blessed with a feeling of clarity, a deep-seated knowing, and a desire to go out into the world and do exactly what you came here to do.

Check out the video below or continue reading to find out your starseed origin.


Starseed types are often very well hidden beneath the veil of form that we call a “human being”.

Learning your starseed type is a personal experience, but you might find that you begin to recognize other starseeds once your awareness increases.

It’s a revelation that can have a similarly powerful effect that learning about numerology does.

However, it is not your job to decide whether other people belong to a certain starseed type. Their realization must come as a result of their natural curiosity, just like yours did.

Certain practices can inspire the deep self-reflection that leads to realizing that you are a starseed. Meditation is one of the most effective methods, and you can learn how to meditate correctly in my Youtube video.

What Are the Different Starseed Types?

girl and a night sky

Here are the 10 most common starseed races and their main characteristics:

Orion Starseeds

Orion starseeds come from a variety of planets and stars within the Orion constellation. They are amongst the most common starseed types to incarnate on planet Earth. Here are the main signs that you belong to this starseed type:

  • You have a natural interest in scientific matters.
  • You sway more towards conceptual, rational thinking over emotions.
  • You are optimistic, even when times get tough. This is reflected in your sense of humor and tendency to stay positive no matter what life throws at you.
  • You are disciplined and have good self-control.
  • You are entrepreneurial and have a desire to inspire others through your achievements.
  • If you feel like you might be an Orion starseed and would like more information, you can find an in-depth guide in another post I wrote. 

Arcturian Starseeds

Originated from the star Arcturus within the Bootes constellation, Arcturian starseeds are frequently incarnated on our planet. If you belong to this starseed, the following will likely resonate with you.

  • You believe that advancements in technology are highly important for the human race to thrive.
  • Death doesn’t scare you, and you feel at peace with transitioning from your Earthly form.
  • You are mathematically-inclined and enjoy solving numerical problems. 
  • Despite guarding your feelings, you feel deep compassion for others.
  • You tend to become angry when negative emotions overcome you.
  • You are highly sensitive to external stimuli, such as bright lights, loud noises, and certain scents.

Sounds like you? Read all about this starseed race in my Arcturian starseed article

Pleiadian Starseeds

Hailing from the Pleiades star system, which is made up of seven glowing stars, Pleiadian starseeds can incarnate on Earth from multiple dimensions. Their traits include:

  • Introversion, and shyness especially when meeting new people.
  • Feeling a strong pull towards humanitarian endeavors.
  • Having physical traits such as a defined jawline and cheekbones.
  • Having a strong sense of the importance of family, and a desire to help their loved ones.
  • Being prone to be taken advantage of due to their people-pleasing tendencies.
  • Feeling that there is a deeply important mission for them here on planet Earth.

If this resonates you can read more about this starseed type in my Pleiadian starseed signs article

Pleiadian starseed

Sirian Starseeds

The Sirius star was a source of fascination for the Ancient Egyptians. Sirian starseeds originate from this dual-star system, which is known to be the brightest star visible in the night sky. Here are some tell-tale signs that you belong to this starseed race.

  • Spirituality is a big part of your life, but you balance it with worldly beliefs and pursuits.
  • Anger is a state that you rarely experience, even if people try to provoke you.
  • Rather than having a large group of casual acquaintances, you prefer to have a small selection of true friends.
  • You are closed off in relationships and come across as closed off to your romantic partners.
  • You have an especially great fondness for dogs.

If this sounds like you, then you can find out more about Sirian starseeds by reading my comprehensive guide.

Draconian Starseeds

The Draconian starseed type is intrinsically linked to reptiles and dragons. They hail from the Draco constellation and posses several distinctive characteristics, such as:

  • Having a strong dislike for authority and being controlled.
  • Ensuring that they complete any job, task, or project that they undertake. Draconian starseeds hate leaving things unfinished.
  • Having a lower-than-average body temperature, and a strong preference for warmer climates.
  • Tending to slip into being overly financially motivated if they are out of alignment.

Lyran Starseeds

Those that are of the Lyran starseed race come to Earth from the Lyra constellation, which contains a few stars that originated from the Vega planet. The first human-beings are thought to have come from Lyra, and if you share some of the following traits, it’s likely that you did too. 

  • You don’t shy away from hard, physically-demanding work. You enjoy it!
  • Your sleep requirements seem to exceed the average person’s.
  • You are a balanced person, but when the opportunity arises, you like to fully commit and take a risk.
  • You tend to start new projects with vigor and excitement, but when you get bored you struggle to see them through.
  • Travelling is essential to your happiness.
  • Your facial features might have feline or birdlike qualities, such as slightly upturned eyes or a pointed nose.

If you’re a Lyran starseed, it’s likely that you will feel like an old soul. In this video I made, you can find more information on what being an old soul means


Martian Starseeds

It is believed that Martians incarnated on Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago, to aid us in our evolutionary process. Although there is less known information on this starseed type, we know the following:

  • They feel strongly drawn to the elements, particularly water and fire.
  • They have vivid dreams that feel like past experiences.
  • Often, Martian starseeds feel a strong desire to push the advancement of the human race through progression and invention.

Andromedan Starseeds

Those who belong to the Andromendan starseed type originate from the far-away galaxy, Andromeda. Although they are quite rarely found on planet Earth, they can be identified by the following traits:

  • People find them easy to talk to and communicate with.
  • In their behavior and appearance, they are likely to come across as child-like. This makes them seem innocent and unique amongst the crowd.
  • They are inclined to make radical decisions to pursue their truth. This might include quitting a well-paid job to travel the world or dedicate themselves to the arts.
  • Freedom, both of choice and action, is highly important to Andromedan starseeds.
  • They are often tall and thin in terms of physical appearance.
  • They are drawn towards artistic and spiritual endeavors, like wiring, making music, or becoming spiritual teachers.

If you suspect that you might be an Andromendan starseed, you can find out more in my detailed guide. 

girl in the snow

Polarian Starseeds

Coming to Earth from the “North Star” Polaris, Polarian starseeds are thought to be beings from a higher dimension. Their main qualities include:

  • A strong curiosity for the origins of humanity and the evolutionary process.
  • Naturally empathetic towards others.
  • They feel that they are strongly connected to the energy field of the earth.
  • They struggle to find their purpose on our planet, but nonetheless, they know deep down that they do have an important mission to carry out.

Venusian Starseeds

Originating from Venus, the Venusian starseed type is intrinsically linked with the ancient Egyptian cow-goddess, Hathor. Some of their strongest characteristics include:

  • Being very tall.
  • Having a sensual nature, and enjoying many romantic relationships.
  • Placing great importance on their spirituality, which sometimes leads them to neglect their worldly responsibilities.
  • Feeling a deep sense of connection to the universe and everything in it.
  • Enjoying the encouragement and nurturing of others.

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What starseed am I when several types resonate?

If you find that the traits of multiple starseed types describe you, you can use meditation to get a definitive answer. Simply read through the descriptions, then gently ask the question “what starseed type am I” before entering into your meditation. The answer will come in due course.

If you’re curious to learn more about starseed awakening and find out if you are a starseed, you might benefit from reading my list of 50 starseed signs that I previously wrote. 

What is the main purpose of starseeds on planet Earth?

Starseeds incarnate on planet Earth to provide some kind of guidance to their inhabitants. You might have a gift for lifting people’s moods or feel pulled towards a humanitarian cause.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as inspiring others through your actions.

How can I fulfill my purpose as a starseed?

Depending on which starseed type you are, and the specific time that you chose to come to this planet, your purpose will be different from anyone else. The main thing to remember is that you are here for a reason, and if you follow your intuition and trust your nature, that purpose will be carried out.

A great way to learn about your mission here on Earth, and to discover the deeper meaning of your existence is with a free numerology reading

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Discovering your starseed type can change everything.

The areas in your life that seemed to be holding you back are transformed into strengths, as you see yourself from a new perspective.

If you are a starseed, your existence is highly important.

You came here for a specific reason, and I’m sure that you will carry out your purpose on planet Earth, no matter what it takes!

I hope you enjoyed this article about finding out your starseed type. If you still want more clarity about your starseed origin, check out my article about how to find your starseed markings.

Which starseed type do you think you are? Let me know in the comments!


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