50 Signs You’re Suffering From Low Vibrational Energy

Do you feel like you’re suffering from low vibrational energy?

Have you felt yourself feeling tired or exhausted for no reason lately?

Do you find yourself feeling less inspired as time goes on?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then chances are you’re experiencing low vibrational energy.

The Law of Attraction states that your vibrational frequency represents everything you do in life.

In other words, your frequency determines the way you live your life.

Naturally, low vibrational energy means that you are more prone to going through a harmful and unhealthy life.

Before continuing to read this article, it’s important to note that there is a big difference between occasional sadness and low vibrational energy.

So, in order to shift your life for the better, we will be looking at 50 signs to identify whether you’re experiencing low vibrational energy, and how you can reverse it.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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What is vibrational energy?

Vibration is a kind of rhythm.

Rhythms exist in the form of the change of seasons and the ebb and flow of the tides.

They can also happen to your body, such as your heart rate, respiratory rate, and circadian rhythms which are physiological rhythms that you can see, feel, and measure.

But there are also smaller vibrations in your body. In each cell, molecules vibrate at characteristic velocities.

Using atomic force microscopy, researchers have detected nanoscale vibrations.

This is much smaller than 1/1000 the diameter of human hair.

These vibrations create waves of electromagnetic energy.

The electromagnetic energy produced can cause changes in cells and affects how the body functions, which in turn affects how one perceives and feels about their surroundings.

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What is the relationship between thought, action, and vibration?

Researchers have long known that thoughts and actions influence the body’s rhythms.

For example, anxious thoughts trigger the release of stress hormones, making your heart rate go up and down.

The sound vibrations of music also affect thoughts, emotions, and bodily systems.

Vibrational energy experts believe that our actions and thoughts can change even the smallest rhythms.

According to the Law of Attraction, you can accelerate or slow down the vibrations that occur at the cellular and atomic levels by altering your thoughts, actions, and environment.

These nano-vibrational changes are thought to spread outward and affect our mental state and physical health.

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What are the advantages of vibrational energy?

A growing body of research suggests that there is a powerful connection between the mind and body.

It is not yet known how vibrational energy fits into the relationship between the two.

Some believe it may be possible to alter your body’s vibration in order to change your mood, improve physical health, and help achieve goals and intentions.

Vibrational energy experts argue that certain emotions and thought patterns such as joy, peace, and acceptance generate high-frequency vibrations, while other emotions and thought patterns (anger, despair, fear, etc.) vibrate at low frequencies.

There is not much scientific evidence for this correlation.

But there’s plenty of evidence that positive emotions and thought patterns are associated with better health and more efficient goal achievement in general.

Researchers have found that many types of vibrations such as electromagnetic, sound and light can be used to promote healing and stimulate growth in a body that is experiencing low vibrational energy.

50 Signs You’re Suffering From Low Vibrational Energy

1. You feel lost in life

Others seem to have found a purpose, but you don’t understand why you haven’t yet.

This doesn’t only apply to your purpose, but also the fact that you may not have any particular hobbies.

All in all, you seem to simply venture through life without interest, and even if you do have interests, you just mimic the routines of your loved ones.

2. You can’t tolerate anything

You tend to be impatient and easily provoked when someone does or says something you don’t like.

You don’t have the patience to see where someone else is coming from or choose to understand another perspective.

3. You get mad at happy people

Happy people may get on your nerves because you feel that these people are just faking it.

You tend to believe that no one is happy, so you might find yourself criticizing happy people often.

Instead of believing that they are truly happy, you may believe that they are only pretending to be happy for the benefit of others.

4. You think you’re not good at anything

People with low vibrational energy cannot find good things, and the same concept applies to you.

They tend to focus on their mistakes and misbehaviors and fail to appreciate some of the skills they are actually good at.

Hence, you’re constantly questioning and doubting yourself, resulting in a low-vibrational life.

5. You’re waiting for a turning point

You are currently in an unhappy stage of life, desperately waiting for a turning point.

You are waiting for something big to happen, desperately wanting to change your life but doing nothing about it.

You leave everything to fate, a chance, or a miracle.

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6. You complain every morning

A high-vibrational person is trying to find something to be grateful for, while a low-vibrational person does the opposite.

So you may always find something to complain about, like getting up too early, even if it’s a small issue.

As such, people assume that you tend to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

7. You don’t plan the future

Life goes by and you may not feel excited about all the milestones you have yet to achieve in the future.

Your friends may be getting married or getting promoted, even though you think you may not be experiencing anything exciting or meaningful.

You may have been in the same stage of life for so long that you feel that nothing good will come of you in the future.

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8. You’re always trying to prove yourself

We’ve all been told at some point that we can’t do something and are encouraged to prove it wrong.

The case for low vibrational people is that this is a habit.

You don’t really know when to let go and are always trying to prove something to someone, even when you don’t have to.

9. You see everything negatively

Being happy and seeing things positively doesn’t apply to you, because you tend to consider the worst-case scenario.

While you may think that this is to protect yourself from disappointment and pain, this perception can exhaust not just yourself but others around you.

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10. You often think about death

Any average person wonders about death and what it’s like. That’s perfectly normal.

However, if you make it a habit, it becomes unhealthy.

Thinking about it regularly means that one no longer understand the meaning of anything, because they know they will die, and that becomes the consuming thought superseding all others.

11. You panic when good things happen to others

Low-vibrational people panic because they are not used to the good things that happen in their lives.

Even when good things happen in your loved ones’ lives, you still panic, as you fear being left behind in life.

12. You panic when something good happens to you

You are not used to it, so when good things happen, you find it unusual and strange.

Maybe you’ve had a great date with someone and secretly think they have red flags. Or maybe you think everyone will want to betray you.

You always think that happiness is not for you because you are accustomed to living with low vibration.

13. You think people don’t like you

People with low vibrations always think that people are trying to take something from them.

They value shortcomings and toxic behavior so highly that they quickly assume that everyone dislikes them or is just pretending to get along.

14. You cut off people

Losing friends left and right is a normal part of life.

However, the difference between low-vibration people and others is that the energy is very low and people can feel it.

In fact, that’s why you may feel so tired, causing people to not want to socialize with you anymore.

You may also have cut yourself off from others because you’re too negative toward them.

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15. You have bad habits 

Your habits can make or break the entire quality of your life. 

So if you tend to have harmful and destructive habits, this is one of the signs you’re low vibrational. 

Maybe you’re smoking or drinking too much, or you’ve incorporated practices that destroy your wellbeing. 

This is just further proof that your energy is low because otherwise, you should have healthier habits. 

16. You cause people to assume you’re closed off

You may think people are nice, but only if they don’t ask you so many questions.

Your walls are so high that people find it practically impossible to break them down in order to reach you.

This is also why you feel alone, and you fear that the minute you let others in, they’d see your flaws for what they really are.

17. You feel nobody gets you

There are times you feel misunderstood and lonely since nobody gets you.

No matter how hard you try, they can’t seem to make people connect and understand you.

This may have more to do with your low vibration than you realize, as people can’t understand you when you’re focused on showing your negative traits.

18. You cause people to tense up around you

You genuinely feel the air around you changing when your friends are around you.

One minute they’re all smiling and laughing, but the atmosphere becomes stiff and tense the minute you join them.

It’s possible that they even walk on eggshells around you, and this is because of the low vibration that they can evidently sense from you.

19. You’re close-minded

When you believe in one perspective or side of the story, that’s the only side you stick with.

When someone gives you a different opinion or belief from yours, you ice them out entirely or only stick with what you know.

The only people that could only make you open your mind are those you trust but other than that, you’re relatively close-minded.

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20. You assume you’re smarter than everyone

We all want to be right and seem like the best person in the room.

However, part of growth is the acceptance we never will be.

Low vibrational people haven’t come to this stage yet, and they perceive themselves as people who know everything. 

You may think that intelligent people don’t have many friends, and so feel lonely. 

21. You hate shallow and superficial people

Okay, shallow people can be undeniably annoying at times.

However, you don’t hate them because of their lack of knowledge, but because they’re too happy and carefree.

You seem to envy their energy and approach to life because as we said earlier, you find it too fake.

You find shallow people too basic for your taste, and it frustrates you.

22. You hate people who want to get rich

You see rich people as those who live sad lives as money is all that matters for them.

As such, you assume that all they do is take and take without giving in return.

You don’t want to be associated with them, and this is one of the primary examples of how low vibrational people can be so closed-minded at times.

23. You enjoy debates

You love any situation where you can flaunt your intelligence and your need to be right, which is the case for any debate.

As such, you may also have no understanding of why people tend to take debates seriously when it’s a healthy exchange of conversation between people.

You don’t get why or how people can take offense so easily.

24. You feel people often violate your boundaries

Boundaries are essential for anyone as it shows others how to respect and care for them.

Low vibrational energy can make you feel like your boundaries are being violated or disrespected even with minor things such as oversharing. 

This is another reason why people can find it draining to be around them. 

25. You like to gossip

You may feel drawn to places with gossip and drama.

You may also gossip at every meal and never get tired of it. In fact, unwittingly talking about someone else’s life can even give you a thrill or an adrenaline rush.

You love knowing other people’s dirty little secrets and exposing them.

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26. You always say negative things

Remember when we said that there is always something to complain about when your vibrations are low?

Low vibrational energy will always cause you to complain, big or small.

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27. You suppress toxicity

We all have toxic qualities, whether we admit it or not.

One of the most obvious signs of low vibration is when we try to hide our toxic and negative traits in order to be more compassionate toward others.

But the more you hide your shortcomings and weaknesses, the more you get stuck in your ways.

28. Obsessed with correcting others

When you have low vibrational energy, you make other people your projects.

Even if they are not responsible, there is always a need to repair, modify or save them.

You may love to point out flaws in others, even if you’re not so perfect yourself, and point out how they can do better.

29. You have various anxieties

Living a low-vibrational life means you have many anxieties and fears that you try to hide.

You wear out those around you because you lack the self-esteem and self-confidence you naturally desire.

Ultimately, you are fully aware of your mistakes and insecurities, but can’t seem to get over them.

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30. You doubt your success

You may feel stuck in your path and feel like you’re not achieving anything in terms of your goals and achievements.

You feel like others are achieving milestones while staying where they were.

Eventually, you reflect this mood on others by projecting your doubts onto others, destroying their hopes and dreams.

31. You feel like everyone is having more fun without you

This is another of your insecurities being shown out loud.

After all, you feel that people would have more fun if you weren’t in the picture.

You continue to believe that they are just pretending to like you and laughing around or behind your back.

32. You feel like life is giving you the wrong card

You think you live a miserable life because life is cruel and unfair.

In reality, it’s all about how you think and how you handle situations.

One of the signs of low vibrational energy is when you assume that the cards you were dealt were wrong and that others were just lucky.

33. You are always defensive

Whenever someone asks you a question, you may feel like you’re being attacked or someone is following you.

Your friends and family ask about your relationship and you immediately feel attacked because they really want to know.

As we’ve said before, the walls of people with low vibrations are frustratingly hard to break.

34. You can’t celebrate someone else’s success

People with low vibrations cannot celebrate the successes of others.

They try to be happy for them, but it kills them when their friends and family aren’t celebrating milestones.

Whether your friends are getting married or hosting another baby show, you have a hard time celebrating the successes of others.

35. You only want to be with people who have problems

Those who are struggling like to keep to people who remind them of themselves because they don’t have to be jealous of others’ successes and achievements.

You know they are in the same boat, so you prefer that company over any other.

36. You can be selfish

You may have heard others accuse you of your self-centered and selfish nature a few times.

Your fragile self-esteem and manipulative behavior can make you appear that way to others.

This is just one of the aspects that comes along with living with a low vibration.

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37. You are against everything

Whether it’s on Instagram, at a friend’s wedding, or even Valentine’s Day, you always seem to find something to resist.

This can happen to even the best of us, but people of lower vibrations express their hatred for something in a very obvious way.

38. You hate plans and goals

There’s a reason low-vibration people tend not to reach the definition of success, and it’s due to their lack of action.

Maybe they tried once and failed, so they refused to try again.

This may cause them to never make plans or goals because they don’t want to fail again.

39. You sabotage yourself

If there is one factor that people with low vibrations are most familiar with, it is their tendency to self-destruct.

They tend to have the wrong mindset, which hinders their growth and progress.

They get caught up in self-pity or focus on their own fears. This is perfectly normal at times but can also indicate a low vibration. 

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40. You assume that everyone pays attention only to your mistakes

A low-vibration person is quick to believe that people only care about their mistakes and only care about their mistakes. But in reality, this is far from the truth.

We are our worst critics, so this is typical thinking, but people who live low-vibrational lives are used to this type of thinking on a regular basis.

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41. You feel like the world owes you

You may feel miserable in life and feel that the world owes you for it. Often, you think the world is only slightly unfair to you, and no one else.

Realizing your power in determining your own reality, spiritual awakening is crucial.

If you need help with advancing your spiritual awakening, make sure to read this blog post on Best Meditation For Spiritual Awakening. 

42. You watch the news all the time

We all know that there are very few positives in the news.

But people with low vibrational energy are constantly watching the news and feeling the doom and gloom of their days.

Watching the news only lowers their vibrations further and causes them to view the world in a more pessimistic way.

43. ​​You control your emotions

You suppress emotions such as sadness, grief, betrayal, and even anger because you can hardly control them.

At the same time, these feelings also overwhelm you.

People with low vibrational energy tend to be easily irritated and keep their emotions to themselves.

44. You feel guilty

You constantly feel that you are not living your life the way you should.

Even if you have no reason to feel guilty, low vibrational energy makes you feel that way.

Whether it is guilt for not trying hard or guilt for negativity, it is something you’ll experience often.

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45. You hold a grudge

Forgiveness does not come to you if you have low vibrational energy. 

You will remain resentful and angry with a person until they pass away, or until they apologize and show sincerity.

46. You are always exhausted

People with low vibrational energy are always tired and exhausted in life.

On the other hand, people with high vibrations are always full of energy and have lots of gratitude, joy, and love.

47. You fail to see the beauty of life

If you have low vibrational energy, it may be a struggle to see the beauty of life, even when other people point out things that inspire or move you.

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48. You don’t like to keep fit

You’re not physically fit and can’t seem to find the energy to engage in regular workouts or sports.

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49. You lack empathy

You’re starting to feel like you don’t really care about what happens to you.

More so, it may be the case that you no longer feel as caring towards other people, lacking empathy.

50. You don’t forgive easily

Whether it’s forgiving others, or simply forgiving yourself, the act of forgiveness is one that is very difficult to carry out for you.


How do you release low vibrational energy?

There are 12 main ways you can help raise your vibration frequency. These are practicing gratitude, love, generosity, meditation and breathwork, forgiveness, eating high-vibrational food,  reducing or eliminating alcohol and toxins from your body, and thinking positive thoughts.

What happens when you have a low vibration?

When having low vibration, you experience certain physical symptoms. These symptoms are headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, skin problems, sleep disturbances, low libido, and frequent illnesses.  

What emotion is the highest vibration?

Gratitude is by far the most powerful emotion leading to a vibrational shift. We normally give thanks when we receive something, but if you feel gratitude for everything that you already have, then your body shifts into receptive mode since the emotional signature of gratitude are very positive.

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Even if you feel you possess signs of low vibration, all hope is not lost. There are things you can do to raise your vibration and create the life you want.

Meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, forgiveness, positive affirmations, and self-care are just a few ways you can get back on track and move out of your comfort zone.

Low-vibration living means seeing life through dark, dirty glasses instead of rose-tinted glasses. Or always seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full.

Low-vibration living may be an unconscious choice, but it is no less than a choice.

So, if you recognize any of the above signs, try to notice what is going on within you.

The next time you feel your vibration drop, ask yourself if your feeling is justified if you can leave it on its own, and if you can come up with a way to raise your vibration and shift yourself and your life for the better.

Do you suffer from low vibrational energy? Are you trying to relieve yourself from it? Let me know in the comments!


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