Best Meditation For Spiritual Awakening (9 Simple Steps)

Are you ready for a deeper spiritual awakening but wonder what spiritual awakening method is the most effective?

When you awaken spiritually, you find inner peace and contentment that is not reliant on external validation. 

You strengthen your psychic gifts, open up your third eye more and can manifest what you want into your reality easier. 

We’ve all heard about meditation styles like Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation etc, but which are the best for spiritual awakening?

You could use trial and error for years, OR learn the answer already today by reading this article! 

To find out the best meditation for spiritual awakening, I turned to Stephan Davies who is a channel of angels and divine beings.

He regularly channels for clients from all over the world and runs a blog, The Divine Connection, that covers all matters spiritual.

His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

Keep reading to find out Stephen’s best meditations for spiritual awakening. 

best meditation for spiritual awakening

Best Meditation for Spiritual Awakening

Before we get into the best meditation for spiritual awakening, what actually is spiritual awakening?

What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is something that’s talked about very commonly in new age spiritual circles, but some people misunderstand what spiritual awakening is.

The truth is:

There is more than one type of awakening.

It’s not a one-time thing that you do once and then it’s done. it doesn’t work that way.

Spiritual awakening is opening the heart, developing confidence in the true nature and clearly feeling the divine. 

Spiritual awakening is not just something that is either on or off, spiritual awakening is something that has different layers. 

So, to understand spiritual awakening is to understand happiness because happiness and awakening are actually the same thing!

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Here’s the deal:

When you awaken your spiritual consciousness you are more:

  • Joyful
  • Grounded
  • Balanced
  • Your life quality is better

“This is because when you awaken your spiritual mind, you are no longer so susceptible to negativity, fear and other forms of lower vibrational consciousness.”

Those who awaken their spiritual consciousness are more empowered. And not only that – they are more respected.

Because to be a truly divine, powerful, wonderful being means you have the kind of attributes that people adore. 

Now when I say people adore your attributes if you are spiritually awakened, I’m talking about two things – compassion and joy.

This is because when you’re awakened, you increase your compassion and you increase your joy.

Those are the basic powers that a spiritually awakened person has; compassion and joy. 

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Meditation and spiritual awakening

Now in order to understand those who awaken their spiritual, divine consciousness, you must understand this – meditation.

This is because meditation is completely essential to becoming enlightened or awakened, or even less susceptible to pain. 

Meditation is the key ingredient that we need in order to go deeper, in order to transcend, in order to lift and help our own minds. 

So today we’re going to do a simple meditation, but it’s not a less than powerful meditation. This is an extremely powerful meditation.

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Love and spiritual awakening

Before we start the actual meditation, let’s talk about this – love, because love is very important too. 

Those who awaken don’t always, necessarily become more loving, but sometimes they do and I will say this – there are two ways to awaken your spiritual mind.

One is through insight meditation which is seeing clearly your own nature and the nature of others.

That’s one way, the second way is focusing on love and compassion and opening the heart. 

We will do a meditation today on opening the heart and then we do a meditation on insight, the two things combined are extremely beneficial.

If you’re trying to get over a breakup or heartache, you can also combine the meditation with this powerful detachment ritual.

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Meditation on Compassion and Love

Now the first part of this meditation will be meditation on compassion, because compassion is very important. So, he’s how we do the meditation:

  1. Start by breathing deeply. Breathe in and out at least 6 or 7 times and really feel your beautiful heart opening. 
  2. Once you have breathed in and out 5 or 6 times, I want you to just imagine this: From the bottom of your heart down, a chord drops down through you, it goes out the base of your spine and it goes down into Mother Earth. All the way into the heart of Gaia, feel this chord grounding you to Gaia and then feel the energy of Gaia travels up the cord into your heart and begins to compassionately, gently, open the heart.

Just feel that for a moment. 

Now you have felt that, we’re going to start meditating on compassion. 

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  1. Imagine this – have you ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t cope? Where something was so difficult and painful that all you wanted was for it to end, all you wanted it was for it to be over? You just wanted to escape. I want you to bring to mind that situation and really remember the pain and the suffering you went through, remember that for a few minutes. 
  2. Now you feel that emotion, now want you to open your heart and think there are at least 20,000 or 100,000 people right now who are feeling that exact same thing. I want you to think of that and really get a sense that it’s really happening. 
  3. Now from that place you do this: You imagine as you say “I love you, I wish you happiness” you imagine that you’re sending the energy of compassion into those who are going through that experience. 
  4. Send and receive. Send out compassion, feel you are receiving love from them. Send out compassion, receive love. Do this as you breathe in and out, do this for about 5 or 6 minutes. 

In order to really go deep with this, you need to really feel the pain and suffering that you are very aware of and really understand that others are feeling that exact same emotion.

If you can do that, you open your heart, you release your selfish thoughts and you increase your well-being.

“Wellbeing and compassion are very closely linked.”

You can spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even 20 minutes doing this.

Just spend as long as you feel the meditation is strong, if the meditation starts to feel weak, then you should end it. 

Now in order to understand compassion, one must also understand divine consciousness, because divine consciousness is in fact your own mind, that’s who you are. 

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Meditation on Insight

Now we are going to do a simple meditation on understanding your own divine mind. This is some powerful stuff, but a very simple process:

  1. Breathe deeply and as you breathe in, imagine God’s energy fills your body. Imagine a beautiful, glowing sphere of light that comes down from God’s heart, just feel that for a few minutes. On the out-breath, imagine you’re releasing all pain, all difficulty, all trauma, all negativity. You release it and it disperses, it disappears. Breathe in God’s light, breath out pain and suffering, breath in God’s light, breath out pain and suffering. 
  2. Now you are in a high vibrational state. Now what we do is this: As you breathe in, imagine you feel your heart opens completely. Do that for a few minutes. 
  3. Now visualize in front of you a beautiful golden gate. This gate is God’s gate to the kingdom of God. 
  4. This gate represents God’s consciousness, God’s mind and now imagine your heart opens and you send from your heart, a beautiful waterfall of light. The waterfall of light reaches this gate and then the gate opens and you send this waterfall light through the gate. You imagine as you send the waterfall of light through the gate, it’s reaching God’s consciousness, it’s reaching the essence of God. 
  5. Now feel God sends you a beautiful waterfall of light which comes through the gate into your heart and you receive God’s energy. Receive God’s feelings, you receive God’s love, and feel as it goes deeply through your mind. 
  6. From this place I want you to just completely say this “Dear God, please open my heart, please enlighten me, please awaken my consciousness.” 
  7. Just feel your mind becoming spacious, your mind releasing doubts, your mind clearing totally. Feel it like clouds disappearing in the sky, your mind becomes spacious, vast and completely transparent. 
  8. As you enter this state, all you need to do is really, truly, just let go and if your thoughts keep going that’s fine. But your thoughts may stop, if your thoughts stop, just be at peace. This is God and you joining together. This is God and you harmonizing, creating and joining.
  9. Now stay in the space for 5 minutes, 6 minutes or 12 minutes, until you feel you’re ready to come back. 

Now you’ve done the meditation on compassion, you’ve done the meditation on spiritual awakening, how do you feel?

I hope you feel good. You should feel much, much happier. 


What happens spiritually when you meditate?

When you meditate you feel an inner stillness and peace. Your energy starts concentrating in your third eye, which can lead to inner visions. You can also get downloads from your higher self as your crown chakra expands. This can be wisdom or which steps to take on your life path.

If you want to be able to clearer downloads, check out this article about how to communicate with your spirit guides

What are the signs of deep meditation?

Some of the most common signs of deep meditation is that your thoughts slow down, you feel calm, and you can sit still for long without needing to scratch or change your posture. You might also find your limbs getting numb.

This is nothing to worry about (unless you’re feeling pins and needles, then you might want to switch your posture to allow more blood flow) but is actually a good sign that your meditation is deep. The same thing happens when you die. This is why many masters and saints talk about “dying while living”. 

How do I activate spiritual awakening?

The best way to activate spiritual awakening is meditation. Other things to try is daily grounding with your bare feet on the earth, yoga, and decluttering your space. Decluttering is a great way to clear the mind which is why monks clean the temple every day. 

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I hope you found this article helpful and that you know have found the best meditation for spiritual awakening for you.

You can repeat these meditations as often as you like.

It is especially beneficial to meditate on compassion every day. If you do this, your well-being will greatly increase.

As a next step, I recommend you check out Stephans article about the connection between religion and spirituality.

What’s your favorite type of meditation? Let me know in the comments!


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