42 Things to Do in Glastonbury – Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you planning on visiting Glastonbury?

If you’ve read the article about the top 60 most spiritual places in the world, Glastonbury definitely made it to the list.

Glastonbury is a beautiful town in Somerset, England.

They say that it is an energy vortex, making it even more interesting and exciting.

It can be frustrating if you don’t know what to do aside from the cliche ‘touristy’ things.

The Glastonbury Tor is magnificent and the Glastonbury festival is a blast but I promise you there’s more to Glastonbury than just that.

Having a list of things to do will help you make the most out of your visit. 

So you can spend more time having fun instead of getting confused!

In this article, I’m gonna show you the 42 magical things to do in Glastonbury.

Let’s dive in!

things to do in glastonbury

Things To Do in Glastonbury

When you’re going through a spiritual journey, your environment may not be a vibrational match to you anymore. 

I talk about this more in this video about why spiritual awakening can be lonely. 

The good news is, there are lots of spiritual places that you can go to all over the world.

If you decide that Europe is the place to be, Glastonbury might just be the place you’re looking for. 

Glastonbury is a town and civil parish in Somerset, England, located at a dry spot on the low-lying Somerset Levels.

What are the things to do in Glastonbury?

There are so many things you can do in this spiritual haven and if you plan it well enough, you’ll have the perfect Glastonbury experience.

It’s a small town so it’s easy to explore. But first, let me give you a brief introduction of Glastonbury.

What is Glastonbury known for?

When most people hear Glastonbury, the first thing that comes to their minds is the famous Glastonbury festival. 

Every year, some of the world’s largest and finest artists perform and people from all over the world come to visit the town to watch and have fun.

In the last festival, around 200,000 people attended with tickets selling out faster than you can say Glastonbury. 

Okay, I exaggerated a bit but you get the point. That festival is no joke.

Glastonbury is also known for its myths and legends such as the ones about Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur, as well as for being the spiritual centre dating back to the megalithic era.

glastonbury festival

Why is Glastonbury spiritual? 

People are drawn to this mystical location because of its rich history of spirituality and magical healing energies. 

For years, Glastonbury has been a pilgrimage site. It has been inhabited since Neolithic times.

It is home to sacred places such as the Glastonbury Tor and Glastonbury Abbey.

The Abbey Ruins, which is still respected as sacred grounds today, is home to Europe’s first Christian church.

pregnant woman in forest

Is Glastonbury worth visiting? 

Glastonbury is definitely worth visiting. It’s a town full of spirituality and legend unlike any other in England. 

Maybe your intuition is also telling you to go there. Who knows? You just might find your truest self on your journey. 

I recommend trying this free numerology report and soul reading if you want to discover more about your true self and your path.

42 Things To Do In Glastonbury

There are many activities you can do in Glastonbury. Here, I compiled a list of 42 things you can do so you can make the most out of your trip!

1: Glastonbury Festival

Without including the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, no list of things to do in and around Glastonbury would be complete. 

Due to the nationwide lockdown, this international music festival was postponed for two years. Hopefully, the 2022 Glastonbury Festival will be a memorable one!

glastonbury festival 2022

2: Explore the Glastonbury Abbey

This is a one-of-a-kind visitor attraction that combines history, spirit, and folklore. It has been said since medieval times that it’s where King Arthur is buried.

3: Climb the Glastonbury Tor

It is the town’s famous feature that is well-known across the world. It has long served as a spiritual magnet for many people.

Sometimes they hold a Glastonbury Witches Market here too so look out for announcements.

tor glastonbury
I could see Tor from my bedroom!

4: Watch live performances at the Strode Theatre

With the loosening of social distance restrictions, the theatre on neighboring Street is preparing to resume live performances.

There is a wide schedule of live events, films, and live satellite screenings, and the foyer has changing displays of work by local and regional artists.

5: Drink from the Chalice Well

This natural spring is located at the foot of Glastonbury Tor and is surrounded by magnificent gardens and orchards. Visitors may still drink the water, which is said to have healing effects.

Chalice Well
Chalice Well – we decorated it with flowers and did a solstice meditation

6: The Red Brick Building

It is a multi-purpose complex located between Glastonbury and Street that provides a diverse mix of live music events, exhibits, and activities such as dance and yoga classes.

7: Take your coffee game to the next level

There’s a new café on the High Street called Coffee Zero which serves CBD oil-infused beverages. For only £1.50, your regular coffee will be infused with CBD!

8: Visit the RSPB Ham Wall Nature Reserve 

If you wish to reconnect with nature, go to the RSPB Ham Wall Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels, which is approximately 4 kilometers west of Glastonbury.

Wildlife flourishes, from uncommon species such as otters to exquisite birds such as kingfishers.

9: Take the Glastonbury Treasure Trail

Keep the kids entertained while learning about Glastonbury by taking them on the Glastonbury Treasure Trail.

The trail path will take around two hours. You may be asked to you uncover clues on existing buildings, sculptures, and monuments to locate the “long-hidden treasure.”

10: Explore the Glastonbury Pilgrimage Walk

One of the best outdoor activities Glastonbury has to offer is the Pilgrimage walk.

“The trek from Wells Cathedral to Glastonbury Abbey is an excellent way to visit two ancient Somerset sites while also enjoying a lovely scenic walk.”

The journey takes 8 miles to walk with quiet rural lanes along a flat path and a minor climb at the end.

hiking Glastonbury

11: Shop at Glastonbury’s High Street

Because of its plethora of specialized gift stores, the high street is a popular tourist attraction. 

Some of the best clothing stores in Glastonbury can be found in High street.

You’d find anything from clothing and books to a wide range of other items. 

One of the witchy things to do in Glastonbury is to shop for mystical and intriguing items such as crystals and tarot cards.

Glastonbury shopping

12: Take a dip in the Greenbank Pool

A large renovation and maintenance project is currently ongoing to upgrade the 80-year-old pool, which has been a family favorite for decades. 

Visitors looking for an outside dip will have something to look forward to this 2022!

13: Visit the Clarks Village

Another haven if you wanna do shopping in Glastonbury. It’s home to a plethora of shopping outlet stores representing 90 different sought brands.

There is also an adventurous playpark for children, as well as several restaurants, cafés, and grab-and-go kiosks for a fast snack.

15: Dine in The Old Tannery Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant has received excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and Google and is located at the ground level of the Red Brick Building. 

It takes pleasure in helping the local economy by supporting local manufacturers and suppliers.

16: Light a candle on the Tomb of Dion Fortune

Violet Mary Firth, better known by her mystical name, Dion Fortune, is buried in Glastonbury’s town cemetery. 

She was a British occultist, magician, and novelist who was one of the early twentieth century’s most influential and prominent mystics, although her legacy is generally neglected.


17: Have a family day at the Wookey Hall Caves

Another great way to spend a day in Glastonbury is to visit the Wookey Hall Caves.

This complex of limestone caves is located several miles north of Glastonbury. 

It’s are jam-packed with attractions, including hundreds of brightly lighted cave systems, massive rock formations, adventure golf, animatronic dinosaurs, and more.

18: Discover the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard

Explore the spiritual and magical side of the town with a trip to the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard.

The shelves are loaded with stones, crystals, candles, potions, and even cauldrons and brooms. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll surely love this place!

19: Worship at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple

One of the spiritual things to do in Glastonbury is to worship at a temple.

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple was dedicated on Imbolc 2002 to the Goddess of the Sacred Isle of Avalon, which is inextricably linked to the town of Glastonbury, England.

The Temple is available to the public from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day. During opening hours, the temple is staffed by Avalon Priests and Priestesses.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple

20: Discover 19th century Somerset at the Rural Life Museum

Discover what life was like in rural Somerset throughout the nineteenth century.

 The modest but interesting museum is a five-minute walk from the Chalice Well. It offers many interactive displays and exhibits, as well as plenty of children’s activities.

21: Have a night out at The Mitre Inn

If you’re looking for things to do in Glastonbury at night, you may wanna try getting a drink or ten at one of their best pubs.

The Mitre Inn, which dates back to 1680, is one of Glastonbury’s oldest pubs. History also indicates that there may have been a tavern on the premises as early as the 6th century! 

They have a wonderful choice of cuisine, a ten-pin bowling precursor, and a well-stocked bar.

The Mitre Inn

22: Bring your dog to the Beckets Inn

If you’re looking for things to do in Glastonbury with dogs, then Beckects Inn is for you.

Beckets Inn is a pleasant pub in High Street with a beer garden in the summer, an open log fire in the winter, and a wide selection of locally produced cask beer.

The dog-friendly pub also features a pool table, three bars, and serves delicious home-cooked pub food.

23: Hangout at The Glastonbury Hotel, Bocabar

Bocabar is one of the best restaurants in Glastonbury. The lively cafe and bar serves locally produced meals, a wide selection of beer, wine, and cocktails and live music events. 

If you want to dig into a variety of meze meals for lunch or savor one of their Bocabugers for dinner, it’s the ideal setting for a morning coffee on their patio.

24: Eat clean at The Hundred Monkeys Cafe

The Hundred Monkeys Café on the High Street is the essence of West Country healthy living.

They have vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free alternatives, as well as organic, locally produced meat and vegetables. 

It’s open for breakfast and lunch during the week, and supper on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

25: Have a fancy dinner at the Goodfellows

If you want to celebrate, Goodfellows, which is located in neighboring Wells, is one of the most elegant restaurants in Glastonbury, CT.

Goodfellows is run by a former Michelin-starred chef and specializes in seafood, although there are also plenty of beef and vegetarian alternatives. 

26: Check out The Abbot’s Kitchen

The Abbot’s Kitchen, Glastonbury Abbey’s biggest remaining monastic structure, is a remarkable slice of Medieval history going back to the 1300s.

The Abbot’s Kitchen has survived because it was used as a meeting house by Glastonbury’s Quakers shortly after the Abbey was abolished.

27: Take a sip from the White Spring

Another natural spring originating from the depths of the Tor may be found across Well House Lane from the Chalice Well. 

“While the Chalice Well has a red color due to its iron concentration, the White Spring has a white tint due to its calcite.”

The White Spring is located in a “water temple,” which is actually a vaulted Victorian well house built to keep the water flowing following a cholera outbreak.

28: Ponder artifacts in the Glastonbury Tribunal

The Glastonbury Tribunal, which is managed by English Heritage, is a 15th-century merchant’s house with a little later Tudor exterior.

The main floor has a tourist information center, but upstairs is the Glastonbury Lake Museum, which is administered by the local antiquarian society.

29: Visit the George Hotel and Pilgrims’ Inn

The George Hotel and Pilgrims’ Inn was built circa 1439 to house pilgrims visiting Glastonbury Abbey.

Take a moment on High Street to see the exterior and its three levels of tiny, traceried windows topped with castellations.

30: Say a prayer at St. Margaret’s Chapel and Almshouses

The chapel, which once belonged to a hospital, dates from the early 14th century and is part of a complex of structures built roughly a century later.

You can enter one of the almshouses’ homes, which are modestly adorned as they would have been in the nineteenth century.

31: Learn about shoes in the Shoe Museum, Street

The Shoe Museum, which was established in 1950, covers the shoe brand, Clarks’, 200-year history and displays over 1,500 shoes.

You’ll see how shoemaking technology has evolved, as well as vintage posters and advertisements.

You’ll be taken on a tour of the history of footwear, beginning with the Romans.

32: Catch the West Country Carnivals

After Guy Fawkes Night, a parade of brightly illuminated themed floats visits villages all throughout the West Country.

Glastonbury (19 November) may be the most beautiful location to witness this sight. There’s usually live music and a group of garishly costumed dancers to accompany them.

33: Have coffee at one of their oldest cafes

Rainbows End Café, which is over 30 years old, is a family-run vegetarian and vegan café on High Street.

You can delve into their large salad bar, try their daily specials, and have their homemade cakes for dessert.

34: Have a tea party at The Abbey Tea rooms

This would not be a beautiful English countryside village without a classic tea place, and the Abbey Tea Rooms more than meet the mark. 

“It’s a truly English experience, from the classic linen tablecloths and beautiful china to the afternoon tea with scones.”

It’s situated facing the Glastonbury Abbey ruins.

35: Grab a bite at Burns The Bread

Just near Glastonbury Tor, Burns The Bread has been selling fresh-from-the-oven baked goodies to the Glastonbury faithful for over 30 years. 

They have some of the greatest calorific delicacies in town, ranging from pies to bread, cakes, biscuits, and pastries.

36: Enjoy coffee and arts at The Lazy Gecko Cafe

If you love art and coffee, The Lazy Gecko Café is for you. It’s a unique licensed café with eccentric artwork and decor.

It serves large breakfasts, burgers, and brunches, which are the polar opposite of the tea houses.

The Lazy Gecko Cafe

37: Get to know the legends

During your visit to Glastonbury, you will discover all of the answers and more.

With its location at the heart of so much English mythology, this is the ideal site to brush up on your knowledge and experiment with differentiating reality from fiction.

38: Go Hiking at Cheddar Gorge 

Not far from Glastonbury, things to do in somerset is to hike Cheddar Gorge!

“Set in the stunning Mendip Hills, don’t miss a stroll up the crest of this spectacular natural wonder.”

After the tiring hike, you can drop by at the Cheese Shop.

39: Join a Glastonbury witchcraft retreat

There are some witchcraft retreats being held in Glastonbury town. It’s for anybody who has felt a call in their heart to travel the path of Esoteric Healing. 

Maybe you’ve always been a witch in your heart, or maybe you’re just getting started with this holy way of being? You might get some answers after a retreat!

witchcraft Glastonbury

40: Try Vegan food at The Blue Note Cafe

The Blue Note Café, located in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, is vegan and vegetarian café. Their vegan burgers are to die for and I have to admit I had one every day on my trip!

They’re known for their reasonable rates, ample servings, and outstanding coffee. 

By the way, if you’re a vegan traveler, you might wanna check out this article I wrote about how to order vegan food on flights. 

41: Get pizza and chianti at Gigi’s Italian Restaurant

One of the best Italian restaurants in Glastonbury is Gigi’s Italian Restaurant. They have been serving great food for over 20 years. 

The menu is short, but it’s wonderfully structured and has very reasonable pricing.

Gigi's Italian Restaurant
Nothing beats authentic italian pizza

42: Walk around the streets of Glastonbury Town

This is one of the free things to do in Glastonbury!

Going on a hike, swimming, or drinking from wells are great and all but try to take a walk around and just take in the sight and smell of Glastonbury, England.

Glastonbury street art
Glastonbury street art


Will the Glastonbury lineup be the same in 2022?

The full lineup for Glastonbury Festival is yet to be released but so far, Diana Ross and Billie Eilish have already confirmed.

Why is Glastonbury called Avalon?

Glastonbury is sometimes called Avalon because it is known as the Isle of Avalon during ancient times. It is almost an island because it is fully surrounded by marshlands.

Is Glastonbury the heart chakra?

Glastonbury is thought to represent Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra, with the Ley Lines of St. Michael and Mary Magdalene passing across it.

These Ley Lines are claimed to be electromagnetic lines connecting sacred locations all across the world


Those are the things to do in Glastonbury this weekend or sometime in the future when you have the chance to go! 

I hope this list helps you create your own itinerary based on which activities resonate with you the most.

Make sure you have good travel insurance and if you’re worried about your budget, you can read this article about how to find cheap flights.

Do you know any weird things to do at Glastonbury? Or if you’ve never been there yet, which of the ones listed above excite you the most? Let me know in the comments!


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