Brutally Honest SafetyWing Review: Best Nomad Insurance 2021?

Looking for the best insurance for digital nomads? Then you’ve probably stumbled upon the company SafetyWing.

SafetyWing is an affordable and flexible international travel and medical insurance, specifically made for digital nomads and long-term travelers.

I have been using SafetyWing as my travel insurance for over 6 months now and I thought I would tell you my experience and give you my honest opinion.

In this SafetyWing review, I will cover the most common questions about the insurance like:

  • How much does the insurance cost?
  • How does the payment process work?
  • What is covered and what is NOT covered?
  • Is it the right insurance for YOU?
  • How does it compare to their competitor World Nomads?

Let’s dive in!

We all want to be able to enjoy ourselves when traveling and not have to worry about possible accidents and illnesses. Still, another voice in our head whispers:

Is travel insurance worth the cost?

Let’s face it, it’s a boring cost we rather not pay…

Until something ACTUALLY happens.

I used to never really care about travel insurance and think “I’m young, fit and healthy, and when I get sick it’s usually just a cold. I don’t need insurance.”

When I was in Singapore, the last day on my trip to Asia, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the right side of my belly. It gradually got worse and when I couldn’t bear it any longer I went to the hospital. Turned out my right ovary was in danger and the doctors recommended emergency surgery.

My chin dropped when they told me how much it would cost: 4500 USD, minimum.

That would have cost me my entire savings so I decided to not do it, fly home to Sweden and do the operation there. It survived thankfully, but there was a risk it would cause internal bleeding on the plane, and if that happened they would’ve needed to land the plane, which would be a debt I would never be able to pack in my whole life.

So learn from my mistake, ALWAYS make sure you have proper travel insurance that can cover unexpected costs. You want to be able to enjoy yourself while traveling!

SafetyWing Review

With SafetyWing you can travel anywhere in the world outside of your home country, with the exception of Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. So unless you’re planning a trip to any of these countries you’re good to go.

I chose SafetyWing because:

  • You don’t need to provide a list of countries you’re going to visit. I have no idea where in the world I will be in 2 months! With SafetyWing I can keep my travel plans flexible
  • Hassle-free application and use – I find most insurance websites difficult to navigate and with many hidden costs. With SafetyWing you know exactly what you’re getting it’s super easy to apply. Compared to other insurance companies I would even call it sexy. I never thought I would say that about insurance, but here we are.
  • They cover many sports, like hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, and even bungee jumping! A must for me since me and my boyfriend love hiking and he is a bit of a daredevil.
  • It’s affordable, the cheapest insurance I’ve found so far with complete global travel and medical insurance coverage (World Nomad’s $120/month insurance is a bit over my budget).
Cappadocia, a must-visit in Turkey!

SafetyWing price and coupon codes

So how much does SafetyWing cost?

SafetyWing costs monthly cost is around (as of Feb 2020):

10 – 39 years old: 37 USD

40 – 49 years old: 60 USD

50 – 59 years old: 94 USD

60 – 69 years old: 128 USD

If you are traveling to the US the price will be higher. They have an easy-to-use price calculator on their website that calculates exactly how much you will need to pay depending on how many days you want to be covered and if you want to travel in the US or not:

Why is safetywing so cheap?

Firstly, there are no middlemen, they sell directly to customers so no need to pay agents. Also, they focus on the most important coverages to keep costs low. So unless you one day wake up seeing a tail growing from your tailbone, you’ll probably be fine.

Right now we’re not aware of any coupon codes for this product, although you should bookmark this page and check back later because we update it every now and then. Right now, the best place to get it is right here.

How does the payment work?

You can choose to pay on a subscription basis that renews every 28 days until you cancel, or you can set an end date:

You can choose if you want to set an end date or not, and if you want coverage for travelling to the US. You will see what the cost will be to the right.

Is SafetyWing legit?

Yes, SafetyWing is a legit company that you can trust and is not a scam. Don’t worry. I know you’re concerned, their website looks very different from their competitors and it’s quite a new company. I hadn’t heard about them before I made friends with one of their employees in Bali.

It might be a new company, but it’s a member of the Tokio Marine HCC, which is on of the biggest and most experienced insurance companies in the world.

What is covered with SafetyWing?

For being such a cheap travel insurance, SafetyWing covers surprisingly many situations and for quite a large sum of money. The overall maximum limit is $250,000, which is not bad for the low price.

Here are the highlights of what the insurance covers:

  • Sports, including adventure sports like water skiing, zip lining, and trekking up to 4,500 m (see the full list on their website)
  • Lost checked luggage (Up to $3,000; $500 per item)
  • Emergency medical expenses ($250,000 limit)
  • Emergency dental coverage ($1000 limit)
  • Travel delay (up to $100 a day)
  • Terrorism (Up to $50,000)
  • Replacement accommodation after natural disaster (Up to $100 a day)
  • Political evacuation (Up to $10,000 lifetime maximum)
  • Death ($50,000)

You’re even covered in your own home country! You can stay up to 30 days at home for each 90 days of coverage. If you’re from the US, you are covered for 15 days for every 90 days of coverage.

One child per person is also included if they are under 10 years old.

Trekking in the Everest region, Nepal

What is NOT covered with SafetyWing?

  • Routine checkups and preventative care
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Professional sport activities
  • High risk sports

Not surprisingly preventive care and dangerous sports are not included.

Theft of electronics is not included, which is a shame since most digital nomads are traveling with many electronic equipments like laptops and cameras. However, I’ve read they will soon be introducing an add-on for this, which I definitely will add.

Is SafetyWing the travel right insurance for me?

SafetyWing might be my top choice, but is it for you?

SafetyWing is for you if:

  • You travel longer than 4 weeks, as a digital nomad, remote worker, backpacker or avid globetrotter. If you only go on a few short trips per year your home insurance may be enough.
  • You are older than 18
  • You are an expat, living somewhere else than your home country
  • You are currently outside of your home country and need travel and insurance

SafetyWing may NOT be the best option for you if:

  • You’re very into high-risk sports like climbing over 4,500 meter, base jumping etc
  • You have very expensive equipment with you
  • You’re only going for a week’s holiday
  • You’re a professional athlete and are going to compete abroad

safetywing alternatives

SafetyWing’s biggest competitor is the nomad travel and medical insurance World Nomads. Just like SafetyWing, this is a flexible, easy-to-use, affordable insurance made specifically with digital nomads in mind. However, there are a few differences between the two.

Let’s take a look:

SafetyWing is the clear winner when it comes to starting price. However, bear in mind that if you are 50+ the price is roughly the same, so then you might as well go with World Nomads more extensive cover.

World Nomad has two plans, Standard and the more pricier but more extensive plan Explorer. The later is a good option if you’re into extreme sports as it covers a wider range of sports than SafetyWing.

Another difference, not mention in the table, is that World Nomad has been around for a decade, while SafetyWing is a relatively new company. So if you value longer experience than World Nomads might be better.

One thing I love about SafetyWing is that you can automatically renew every month up to 364 days. This is something you cannot do with World Nomads insurance.

Being a young nomad who is not a fan of extreme sports, SafetyWing felt like the obvious choice for me.

What are people saying about SafetyWing?

I did some research to find out what other SafetyWing customers are saying, and if there was any negative feedback. The majority are happy with the product, like this customer:

However, I found a few less happy customers. This one is complaining about slow processing:

The person below is complaining about the price. It’s true that if you are 60+ there might be cheaper alternatives.

Conclusion – Is SafetyWing the best insurance for digital nomads?

The short answer is YES. I believe SafetyWing the best travel and medical insurance for digital nomads. It’s super affordable, no hidden fees, sexy design and great medical and travel coverage. It includes coverage in your home country and your child is covered for free!

If you’re already on the road you don’t need to go home for processing, you can sign up quickly and easy. However, if you do a lot of extreme sports or are 50+ then World Nomads sounds like better value.

I hope my SafetyWing review was helpful. Click here to read more about SafetyWing on their website.

Which travel insurance are you using and how do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

This was written by Julia Lundin, an ex-Google employee turned nomad with the mission to help spiritual seekers awaken their power, create a life of freedom and step into their purpose and passion. 

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