Top 60 Most Spiritual Places In The World To Travel (2024)

Do you want to go on a spiritual journey but don’t know where?

Perhaps you want to find yourself, meditate and feel the strong energy in ancient sites or just felt inspired after watching Eat Pray Love?

This article got you covered.

I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of the most spiritual places to travel in the world, sorted by continent, so I decided to create one myself.

most spiritual places in the world

What Is a Spiritual Journey?

A spiritual journey is the process of a person going on a quest to get a deeper understanding of themselves and what they believe in, when it comes to God and how the Universe works. It’s both an internal and external journey.

Usually, you will feel an urge to go to a certain place that doesn’t go away, like Machu Picchu or the Camino de Santiago trail.

Or simply an urge to leave your hometown and embark on a big adventure.

It can be a true comfort zone challenge, but it’s important that you listen to your intuition and gather the courage to do it.

The Most Spiritual Places To Travel In The World

Without further ado, here are the top 60 most spiritual travel destinations on Earth:

The most spiritual places to travel in Europe

One thing I love about living in Europe is that there are so many different cultures on the same continent, all rich in history.

It’s not uncommon to find flights and train tickets for less than a restaurant dinner!

So if you’re embarking on a spiritual journey in Europe, you might as well tick off several on a trip.

You can find cheap flight tickets at Kiwi and train tickets at RailEurope.

So, why is Europe one of the most spiritual places in the world? Let’s explore!

  • Glastonbury, England

    Glastonbury is an energy vortex, said to be one of the seven earth chakras (spiritual energy centers) with the ley lines of St. Michael and Mary Magdalene crossing over it. The town has several ancient sites, such as Glastonbury Tor, connected to the legend of King Arthur, and the Glastonbury Abbey.

most powerful spiritual places on earth
  • Es Vedrà, Ibiza, Spain

    Legend has it that this unhabituated limestone island close to Ibiza is the third most magnetic place on Earth after The North Pole and The Bermudas.

  • This small mystical island has many myths surrounding it, such as that it was used to build the pyramids in Egypt, that it’s the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis etc. Take a boat from Ibiza, explore and meditate.

  • Monastery of St. Naum, Macedonia – Legend says that if you can hear saint Naum’s heartbeat when you press your ear against his tomb, it means you’re a good, pure soul. Thankfully, and to my surprise, I did hear what sounded like a heartbeat! The energy is so powerful here, both I and my friend started crying when we came in here.

  • Lourdes, France

    Lourdes is one of the most famous healing shrines in the world. 1858, a servant saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, and over the next month, she was seen 17 times. Every year millions of pilgrims come here in hopes of healing miracles.

  • Camino de Santiago, Spain

    Camino de Santiago of the most famous trails in the world, leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. Every year thousands of people walk this beautiful trail to find themselves. There are several different trails you can take, however the French Way, starting in St Jean Pied de Port, and the Primitive Way, starting in Oviedo, in Spain and the most popular.

top 10 most spiritual places in the world
  • Sandunóvskie Baths, Moscow

    Cleanse your spirit and body in one of Moscow’s most significant baths. Remember to remove all your clothes, as it’s believed the bad spirits could lurk in your clothes. Use a venik (besom) briskly all over your body, for the true Russian experience.

  • Assisi, Italy

    Assisi is a small picturesque UNESCO world heritage town and the birthplace of two saints – St. Francis and St. Clare. Pilgrims have come here ever since the 13th century. Make sure to check out the incredible Basilica di San Francesco.

  • Mt Athos, Greece

    A holy mountain with one of the oldest monastic communities in the world with 20 monasteries and around 2000 monks. Unfortunately, women are not allowed here (not even female animals!), as it is believed it will distract the monks.

  • The Bosnian pyramids, Bosnia

    This is a controversial one, as some people believe this is just a hill. However many experts and scientific research say that not only are the Bosnian pyramids real pyramids, but also the biggest healing place in the world. The source of electromagnetic energy is located at a depth of 2,440 meters. There is a total of five pyramids discovered – Sun, Moon, Earth, dragon, and Love. The Sun’s Pyramid is the highest in the world – it’s 220 meters tall, making it the tallest pyramid in the world.

  • Stonehenge, United Kingdom

    If you’ve never heard about the megalithic monument Stonehenge in England, then you have literally been living under a stone. Stonehenge is considered to be the most architecturally advanced, prehistoric stone circle on the globe. Although the purpose is still unknown by archeologists, it’s a powerful energy place definitely worth visiting, especially during the solstice celebrations.

most spiritual places in europe
  • Hill of Tara, Ireland

    Hill of Tara in Boyne Valley is one of the most important sacred sites in Ireland, with around 30 man-made monuments all over the hill. It was the seat if the High King from the Iron Age through to the Norman Invasion, but has been an important place even before that. I visited the hill of Tara when I was living in Dublin 2014, and although we don’t know much about this place, I can say it has a very powerful energy.

  • Snaefellsjokull Glacier, Iceland

    This 1466 m tall volcano and glacier in the west of Iceland is said to be an energy vortex and one of the seven Earth chakras, on the same ley line as Mt Shasta and the Keops Pyramid in Egypt.

  • Mont-Saint-Michel, France

    Beautiful Abbey on a small island in France. It was built in the 8th century after Aubert, a local bishop was visited by Archangel Michael in a dream. It’s crowned by a gilded statue of Michael slaying a dragon, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. 

  • The Callanish Stones, Scotland

    Did you know Scotland also has a Stonehenge? This historical monument of standing stones, also called “The Stonehenge of the North”, resembles Stonehenge and has just as a mysterious past, and has been featured in many Hollywood movies.

  • The Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

    This beautiful mountain range is believed to have very powerful natural energy, one of the strongest energy fields in the world. People who camp here often have vivid lucid dreams.

  • Sanctuary of Apollo, Greece

    Delphi, the center of worship for the God Apollo, is not just another Greek ruin. This archaeological site has for a long time been a spiritual and religious center and was in ancient Greece called “the navel of the world”, or the place where heaven and Earth meet.

Top spiritual places to travel in Asia

Asia is a gold mine when it comes to sacred sites. Beautiful temples and places or worship are everywhere you turn your head. It was a bit of a challenge to narrow down the list, but here are the top high-energy spiritual places I can recommend in Asia.

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    Cambodia’s most iconic temple complex, The 7th Wonder of the World Angkor Wat is a must-visit on your next Asia trip. This enormous monument was initially a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu, but eventually became the meditation headquarters for Buddhist monks.

most healing places in the world
  • Varanasi, India

    The spiritual capital of India and the oldest living city in the world, dating back to 2,000 BCE. This city situated in the Ganges valley is considered by Hindus to be the holiest of the seven sacred cities. Make sure to check out the Vishwanath temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Mt Batur, Bali

    Bali is a spiritual traveler’s dream – beautiful temples, yoga retreats and incense in the air.

    One spiritual experience you might not have heard about is trekking Mt Batur, Bali’s next biggest volcano. The Batur Sunrise Trek is a day trip that you don’t want to miss.

    I went here last year after my psychic told me I would get an activation at a volcano in East Bali. So I sat on a bench on the summit on the volcano, cleared my mind and started meditating. As the sun came out, I saw glitter dancing around everywhere, and it was coming from my inner eye. I also felt a pins and needles kind of sensation, with blood going from my arms to my hands. It was so beautiful to meditate at this powerful energy place, and I recommend you to do the same!

most spiritually energetic places in the world
  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia

    Mecca is the holiest city in Islam and is situated in the Ṣirāt Mountains. The founder of Islam, Muhammed, was born here and every year thousands of pilgrims come here from all around the world. It is to this holy city that Muslims turn several times a day when they pray.

  • Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

    This white unique temple, 5 km from Chiang Rai, is a must-visit on your next Thailand trip. Why white? The color white is supposed to symbolize the purity of the Buddha.

miracle healing places in the world
  • Bethlehem, Israel

    A town south of Jerusalem which is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.

  • Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

    A 2243 m tall holy mountain situated in central Sri Lanka. For over a millennium the peak has been a place of pilgrimage for Christian, Muslim, Hindus and Buddhist Sri Lankans, and is traditionally climbed at sunrise. Hindus say it belongs to Shiva and Christians and Muslim says it’s Adam’s footprint, left when first setting foot on Earth after having been cast out of paradise.

  • The Western Wall, Jerusalem

    This wall in Israel is considered the most important site for Jewish people.  It’s a place for prayer and religious and national gatherings. 

  • The Dead Sea, IsraeL

    The “Salty Sea” is actually a huge lake. At 400 m below sea level, it marks the lowest point on earth. It is also famous for being a biblical site and for its healing powers.

  • 88 Temple Circuit, Japan

    Want to combine hiking with culture? Then maybe Japan’s most famous pilgrimage route is for you. A 1200 km loop around the island of Shikoku with 88 temples.

  • Bodh Gaya, India

    This village in the state of Bihar is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. It is believed that this is the place where Buddha Shakyamuni sat under a tree and reached enlightenment.

  • Borobudur, Indonesia

    The oldest Buddhist monument in the world, constructed around 750-850 AD, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Java. This huge, mandala-shaped temple was a hidden gem for centuries until it was discovered in 1814. Its name is translated as “the Buddhist temple on the mountain”.

  • Mt Everest, Nepal

    The highest mountain in the world at an elevation of 6400 m above sea level. I went here on my spiritual journey in 2018, when I had just taken the decision to leave the rat race and become a digital nomad. I did a 12 day Mt Everest Base Camp (5380 m) hike and it was so beautiful (and safe!). I felt so connected to nature, it truly was a spiritual high. I recommend going in February, as it’s off-season and fewer people, so it becomes more of a spiritual experience.

  • Mt. Kailash, Tibet

    A spectacular holy mountain in west Tibet, and the most sacred places in Tibet. This 6638 m tall mountain is believed to be the center of the universe and the birthplace of the world. The pilgrimage hike is traditionally done clockwise and is called Kora. It’s a difficult trek but is believed to take you closer to enlightenment, which is not a bad promise.

  • Auroville, India

    Auroville is an experimental village near Pondicherry, striving to be a utopia free of government, religion, and money. The most important building in the town is the huge golden globe Matrimandir, a place for individual silent concentration. It’s beautiful and has incredible energy. I stayed in Sadhana Forest, a vegan eco-community, where I volunteered to plant trees and cooking.

  • Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

    Bhutan is a tiny mystical country between Tibet and India. It’s most sacred site and famous landmark is this Buddhist monastery, located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley. The hike to Tiger’s Nest takes around 3-4 hours. Bear in mind that Bhutan can only be visited on a pre-arranged tour, such as this one.

The most spiritual places to travel in South America

When you think about spiritual destinations in South America, your first thought is probably Machu Picchu.

I absolutely loved Machu Picchu and it definitely lived up to the hype.

However, South America has so much more to offer to the spiritual traveler. Read on to discover where to go on a spiritual journey to South America.

  • Machu Picchu, Peru

    The impressive Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in the slopes of Andes is one of the most famous sacred sites in the world, and rightfully so. I cannot describe with words the feeling I felt as I finally saw it with my own eyes after m several days of hiking. Make sure to take some time to meditate at this high energy place. There are several routes leading up to Machu Picchu, but I chose the Inca Jungle Trek, as it’s scenic and full of fun adventures like river rafting and zip lining.

  • Nazca Lines, Peru

    These mysterious ancient geoglyphs depicting animals and plants are etched into the Peruvian desert are so huge that they can only be seen in the sky. Who created them, why and how? Take a flight tour or take a look from the viewing tour (limited view).

  • The Ancient City of Tiwanaku, Bolivia

    This ancient city close to Lake Titicaca is a must-visit when you’re in Bolivia. It’s speculated it was built by aliens. It’s a mystery how they managed to make such precise and perfect cuts. Also, some blocks weigh over 50 tons! There is a gate called “Puerta del Sol” that is speculated to have been a dimensional gate.

  • Sacred Valley, Peru

    A valley in the Andes with many historic ruins, colorful markets, spiritual retreats, and breath-taking landscapes.

  • Easter Island’s Moais, Chile

    An island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean west of Chile, famous for their tall mysterious stone statues called Moai.

  • Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

    The world’s highest lake (3810 above sea level!) and a powerful energy vortex due to the two ley lines intersecting at the lake. I was surprised to see tribes living on the lake, on man-made islands made of hay!

  • Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Peru

    I have been here and can confirm that this mountain is rainbow-colored! This magical holy mountain is believed to be the deity of Cusco and is a site of worship and offerings. It can be visited as a day trip from Cusco. You can walk or take a horse to the top. I decided on the horse ride since the high altitude (5200 m!) makes the hike quite demanding.

  • Amazon Rainforest

    When I went on my first spiritual journey, I did ayahuasca in Peru, a powerful psychedelic that opens your mind and heals trauma. If you’re planning on to taking an Ayahuasca trip, then I highly recommend you do it the traditional way with shamans in the Amazon, the birthplace of Ayahuasca. I did a 5 day retreat with 3 ayahuasca ceremonies at Dreamglade, a short ride from Iquitos and really enjoyed my experience.

  • Bahá’í Temple, Chile

    A futuristic temple in the foothills of the Andes in Chile, that uses light for its spiritual and design inspiration.

  • The lost city, Colombia

    The Lost City, also called “the new Machu Picchu” is a popular multi-day trekking destination in the Colombian jungle, starting from the city Santa Marta.

  • Cusco, Peru

    Cute, spiritual town. This is your starting point if you’re going to Machu Picchu, but I highly recommend you spend at least 5 days in this charming town. You can take a day trip to Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, find spiritual retreats and cute shops, take photos with cute llamas and see other ruins.

Top spiritual places to travel in North America

You might not associate North America with sacred sites, but this continent is actually one of the most spiritual places to travel in the world as it’s packed with high-energy places you don’t want to miss. 

  • Sedona, Arizona, USA

    This beautiful red rock town in the US is a major energy vortex and one of the best places in the world for UFO spotting. You’ll also find an abundance of yoga and meditation retreats as well as crystal shops.

  • Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii, USA

    Haleakalā is the World’s largest dormant volcano and means the “house of the Sun”. According to, “The Haleakala Volcano on Maui matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of our hearts and the natural state of Earth.” Local folklore says that the demigod Maui lassoed the sun from the volcano’s top. Go for a sunrise hike for the ultimate Haleakalā experience.

  • The pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

    The holy Aztec city and pyramid complex Teotihuacan (‘the place where the gods were created’) is situated north-east of Mexico City, and has long been a place of mysteries.  It’s one of the most sacred, spiritually charged places in the world.

  • Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Manitou Lake, also called Canada’s “Dead Sea”, is known for its healing powers since it’s so rich in minerals that it’s almost impossible to sink. Tribes came here from all over Canada to heal themselves in its water. Medicine men believed it was a gift from spirit and therefore called it Manitou, which means “Lake of Good Spirit”.

  • Mount Shasta, California, USA

    This mountain has one of the strongest energy vortexes in Northern America and the most sacred site in California. It’s said to be the root chakra of the Earth.

  • ECETI Ranch, USA

    ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is a ranch close to the majestic Mt Adams, with frequent UFO and Bigfoot sightings. On their website it says:

    “The aim of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is to help with public awareness of the E.T reality and to assist people with connecting to positive otherworldly beings. “

    I first heard about this magical ranch on the youtube channel Edge of Wonder, and have wanted to go there ever since.

  • Salem, Massachusetts (witch city), USA

    Salem is famous for its connection to the Witch Trials of 1692, and is known as America’s Witch City. Learn magic from Salem witches or take a witch walking tour and learn more about the town’s occult past.

Top spiritual places to travel in Oceania

This beautiful continent in the South Pacific Ocean might not have many historical and religious monuments, but plenty of stunning natural high energy places.

Ayers Rock is maybe the first one that comes to mind, but there are some other spots you definitely don’t want to miss.

  • Uluru, Australia

    Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is not only Australia’s most famous landmark but is also said to be the solar plexus chakra of the world. The Aborigines consider this 346 metres high hill to be deeply sacred and magical.

  • Cape Reinga, New Zealand

    The northernmost point of New Zealand and the most significant spiritual place for Māori. According to Māori mythology, the spirits of their recently passed loved ones leave from this point on their journey to the afterlife.

  • Byron Bay, Australia 

    Byron Bay is known as the spiritual and healing capital of Australia. There are always plenty of spiritual events going on, such as Byron Spirit Festival.

  • The Pinnacles, Australia

    I went here on a day trip when I was doing an exchange semester in Perth and it literally felt like I was on another planet. All you can see is desert and thousands of limestone pillars. A fun fact is that for thousands of years, this has been a sacred place for indigenous women where they gathered to camp, give birth and hold ceremonies.

Top spiritual places to travel in Africa

Africa, home of the mysterious Great pyramids of Giza, is a continent that will not disappoint you if you’re on a spiritual journey.

However, Egypt is not the only country in Africa with a rich spiritual heritage. Read on to discover some hidden magical gems on this beautiful continent.

  • Mount Sinai, Egypt

    This 2 285 m tall mountain in Egypt is where the prophet Moses was given the ten commandments by God.

  • The Seven Saints of Marrakech

    Ever since the 17th century, Moroccans have come here to visit these seven Sufi mystics in hopes the saints could heal their ailments and fulfill wishes. The saints include Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, Qadi Ayyad, Sidi Bel Abbas, Sidi Suleiman Al Jazuli, Sidi Abdel Aziz, Sidi Abdullah Ghazouani, and Imam Souhaili.

  • Table Mountain, Cape Town

    Table Mountain in Cape Town is not only a popular tourist spot, but it’s also considered to be one of the world’s chakras, namely the Earth chakra. but a Great place to go for a mindful walk or meditate and soak in the spiritual energy.

  • Yamoussoukro Basilica, Ivory Coast

    Also called The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, this is the world’s largest church and perhaps one of the most beautiful. And believe it or not – it’s situated in an African coconut plantation.

  • The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

    Eleven stunning rock-cut churches in the holy town Lalibela. The biggest monolithic temples in the world and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legends say an angel came and asked Lalibela to build the churches. It’s claimed it took 24 years to build the churches, which archaeologists claim are impossible – how were the buildings carved using the simple tools used in the Middle Ages, and how were the stones carried away?

  • Luxor, Egypt

    This historical and old city in Egypt is often called the world’s greatest open-air museum. Luxor (or Thebes as the ancient city was called), was the capital of Egypt during the Dynasty of the New King Kingdom. Some of the most important landmarks are the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple. A must-visit on your Egypt trip.

  • The Egyptian Pyramids, Egypt

    The most famous pyramids in the world and one of the most impressive man-made structures in the world. The purpose of the pyramids is still a mystery. Mainstream historians claim they were tombs for the pharaohs and their queens. However, not a single body has been found.

    Nikola Tesla believes they were used as power plants with unlimited energy. If you want to read more about the unbiased history of the pyramids, I can highly recommend reading Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock.


Should you go solo or in a group?

The first option is to go on a spiritual journey solo. I have travelled solo for years as a backpackers in my early twenties and are still doing it now as a digital nomad.

Many people are scared of travelling alone, but my favourite trips have been solo trips.

You are more open to meeting new people then and I’ve made friends for life this way. Just make sure you have a good travel insurance.

The second and safer option is to join a group tour. Make sure it’s a trustworthy tour company like TourRadar or Viator, as tour company scams are common.

If you have a tight budget, you can join a volunteer or work exchange program.

Worldpackers has hundreds of placements around the world where you get accommodation and sometimes food for free in exchange for some volunteer work.

girl hiking

What’s a spiritual vortex?

Spiritual vortexes are spots where the earth’s energy is extra strong due to ley lines or energy fields crossing. Glastonbury, Mt Shasta and Sedona are some of the strongest spiritual vortexes in the world.

Where is the most religious place in the world?

There are many religious hotspots in the world, some important ones are Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem in Israel and Tibet.


There you go, the top 60 most spiritual places to travel in the world. I hope you have found some inspiration for your spiritual journey. 

Do you think I missed any destination? Have you been to any of the places listed? Let me know in the comments!


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