Office Work Is Dead: 50 Work From Home Benefits

Do you feel pulled towards working from home?

Maybe you’re more efficient working away from the stress and constant stimulation of the workplace.

Or perhaps recent events in the world have forced you to consider working from home.

By the end of this article, you will know all about the various work from home benefits.

work from home benefits

What does working from home mean?

Working from home, or remote working, is when you come to an agreement with your employer to allow you to do your job from your place of residence or another setting like a coffee shop.

Or perhaps you work from yourself which means you can work from the comfort of your own home.

For those of us who don’t enjoy being around lots of people when trying to focus on the task in hand, it provides an effective alternative.

remote work

How do I know if I should work from home?

If you feel overwhelmed in your office or workplace, and find it easier to concentrate in solitude, working from home is probably a good choice for you.

If you are employed, it might be worth suggesting the idea to your employer and if they seem apprehensive, suggest trialing the idea for a week or two to prove that you will be more productive.

With the current state of the world and people being encouraged to spend more time at home, it’s likely that they would be more open to the idea than perhaps they would have been previously.

If you genuinely feel that it would be better for you and your productivity, then go for it!

It’s time to dig into the top 50 work from home benefits which will give you some inspiration.

work from home

Top 50 Works from Home Benefits

  • Improved work-life balance

Your work-life balance improves as you have more time and energy to dedicate to your professional and personal life.

  •  Choose your location

My favourite work from home benefit is that you have the choice of working wherever you like, as long as you have an internet connection and any other equipment you need to do your job.

A morning spent in a coffee shop, or a week spent in a camper van – the possibilities are endless!

  • No more morning commute!

One of the biggest work from home benefits is the lack of a morning commute. It can be a hectic, unpleasant way to start your day especially if you are crammed onto public transport with all of the gloomy faces.

  • Avoid workplace politics

It’s easy to get dragged into the politics of a workplace, but a benefit of working from home is that you get to avoid this negativity altogether. It doesn’t even cross your mind anymore!

  • Less distractions

Obviously, there are usually many distractions at home. But if you set up your personal workspace to be minimalistic, you will find that there are fewer distractions than in the office. When your setting is familiar, your mind is less likely to be interrupted by distractive stimuli.

  • More time with loved ones

Another great work from home benefit is the extra time if frees up for seeing your loved ones. Maybe you have a pet who will be keeping you company on your tea breaks.

Being in the house will bring you closer to those you care about the most, especially if you normally have busy schedules.

mum and daughter

  • Less stress

Busy workplaces can be very stressful for both our mind and bodies. Over time, stress eats away at your wellbeing and is very detrimental to our mindset. When you work from home, you reduce the potential for stress significantly.

  • More energy

Do you feel like there are things you’d like to accomplish but after a long day at work you lose the energy and enthusiasm? The time and energy saved by working from home can be used for being productive or enjoying leisure time without feeling drained.

  • Money-saving

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  • Less time spent getting ready

One of my favorite work from home benefits is that you can be in your pajamas all day! You don’t need to wear a uniform or spend valuable time making yourself look presentable.

  • Get into healthy routines

According to studies, people who work from home report less stress, more happiness and more chance of staying in their current jobs. This is due largely to the fact that it allows you to get into healthy habits which are harder to maintain in an external work environment.

  • Sustainability impact

Simply put, the less people travelling to work mean less emissions and more sustainability.

  • Customize your office

We generally work better in a comfortable, familiar environment. Working from home allows you to design the office space of your dreams and maximize your efficiency.

home office

  • Choose your workplace

Choice is empowering. There’s nothing worse than being in a negative situation and feeling helpless. When you work from home, you are able to choose your workplace every day.

  • Less small talk

Working in an office means you will inevitably get dragged into small talk with your co-workers. There’s nothing wrong with making work friends, but this can be a distraction and make your work take longer than it needs to.

  • No unnecessary pressure

Pressure can be a good motivator for some, but for others it can make us feel overwhelmed. When you remove the social pressure of the workplace, you can relax and do your work in a clear state of mind.

  • Positive feelings

Your home is a place that you have designed to make yourself feel positive. All of the fond memories that your home brings you will improve your positivity throughout the day.

  • Exercise more regularly

It’s hard to find the discipline required to work out before an early start or after a full day in the office. When you work at home, one of the benefits is that you can exercise on your breaks and keep your body active.

girl doing yoga

  • Listen to the music of your choice

Instead of being sidetracked by the constant hum of an office, working from home lets you listen to your favourite music while you go about your tasks.

  • No more Monday morning dread

We’ve all had that feeling of dread on a Sunday night, when the weekend has gone too fast and the Monday morning commute looms over us. When you work from home, this dread disappears.

  • Less vehicle miles

If you drive to work, the mileage can soon add up. This increases the price of insurance and is more likely to cause wear and tear to your vehicle. Working from home reduces your driving mileage greatly.

  • Surround yourself with nature

How does working by the window with trees and flower in the background sound? Being around nature has a calming effect on our minds, and so improves our quality of work.

  • Reset when you need to

It can be difficult to get some quiet time in a busy workplace to reset your mind. If your work ethic starts to become depleted at home, you can get quiet for a minute and then try again with renewed energy.

  • Get a pet

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a dog but would struggle to give it the necessary attention when working away from home.

  • Learn new skills

Another noteworthy work from home benefit is that you can spend your breaks practicing an instrument or learning a new skill.

  • Learn more

Our minds absorb information more effectively when we are not stressed, rushed or distracted, three major side effects of the workplace.

  • Work at your own speed

When you work from home, you may find that you are able to get things completed much faster. This makes you feel more in control of your time and schedule.

  • Drink more water!

It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated in the high pressure environment of an office. Working from home allows you to keep refilling your glass whenever you feel the need.

  • Tend to the housework

There’s nothing worse than leaving for work knowing that there’s a pile of housework that needs doing when you return. When you work from home, you can take care of it gradually throughout the day.

  • More time to work on your side hustle

Maybe you have a project you’d like to work on, but don’t have the energy reserves to consistently make progress. Working from home allows you to spend more time building up your side hustle.

  • Find it easier to wind down in the evenings

Without the bright lights of the traffic on your way home and the stressful evening journey, you will find it easier to wind down at night time.

  • Learn about how you work best

Everyone is suited to different environments which bring out the best of their abilities. By working from home, you can try new methods of working and learn about what works best for you.

  • Eat as much fruit as you like

Instead of snacking on the chocolates that your co-worker just offered you, working from home means you can keep healthy food like fruits nearby to keep you refreshed.

  • Get up and walk around

It’s being widely recorgnized that sitting in one position for long periods of time can be extremely harmful to our posture and overall wellbeing. A work from home benefit is that you can get up and move your body for a moment.

  • Think more clearly

Brain-fog is an inevitable side effect of tiredness and low-mood. In your own space, you feel refreshed and there is certain clarity to your thinking.

  • Set your own temperature

How hot or cool your office is will impact your productivity greatly. At home, you can find the perfect temperature to keep you alert and comfortable.

  • Less potential for spreading viruses

With the world becoming more conscious of the dangers of virus spreading, one proven way to avoid this is by reducing the amount of people using public spaces.

  • You can’t be dragged into gossip

Some colleagues seem to enjoy the drama of the workplace, and it’s easy to get unwillingly dragged into a gossiping session. Not at home though!

  • Be more productive in less time

We’re always looking for the next productivity hack, but what if it was as simple as working from home? This frees up so much energy so you can get your work done quicker. I also suggest you have a stack of nootropics at home when you really need to get into the flow and get a lot done. 

  • Recover from colds quicker

The common cold isn’t seen as a valid excuse not to go to  the workplace, but sometimes this can make you feel worse and elongate the recovery period. Being at home with a warm cup of tea and working at your own pace is more likely to help you get back to 100% sooner.

  • Get a comfortable chair

I’ve mentioned the dangers of sitting for long periods, but your choice of chair is also very important to your health. At home, you can choose your favorite chair to keep your posture strong throughout the day.

  • Finish earlier

Another work from home benefit is that when your work is done, you are done…

  • Meditate during breaks

Even a one minute meditation can work wonders on your energy, mood and effectiveness.

girl meditating

  • Do more yoga

If you stood up and did a downward dog in the middle of an office, you’d probably get some concerned looks. At home though, you can take quick breaks to stretch out your muscles and stay flexible.

  • More leisure time after work

The lack of travel means you can make plans with friends straight after “clocking out”.

  • No more social anxiety

If you’re a confident, outgoing person, this doesn’t really apply to you. But for those who dread having to face many people each day, being alone removes all of the social pressure.

  • Sit in the garden on your break

If you have a garden space or a nearby park, one of the best ways to reinvigorate yourself is by getting some fresh air and vitamin D. It’s much easier to do this when you work from home.

  • Less need for caffeine

It’s easy to slip into the habit of relying on caffeine to get you through the day. Working from home should help you to reduce your intake as you won’t need to get up as early in the morning.

  • Take your time making lunch

Instead of rushing to a nearby shop for food, you can spend your midday break preparing a healthy lunch.

  • Enjoy your own company

When we spend time alone, we get to know ourselves better. Self-awareness is a result of being content in our own company.

What jobs allow me to work from home?

In theory, any job which doesn’t require you to be in a certain location can be done from home. You can find some ideas in the video below where I outline jobs that can be done from anywhere.

  Hopefully, this work from home benefits list has inspired you to take the leap and start your remote adventure.

Have you ever worked from home and if not, would you want to? Let me know in the comments!


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