50 Signs You’re A Heyoka Empath

Is heyoka empath a familiar term for you?

Maybe you can’t figure out why your experiences and responses to life are so different.

Have you ever thought about whether you’ve lived before or why you might be more sensitive than most people?

Do you think that maybe you’re a heyoka empath?

This blog will show you the 50 things that make you a Heyoka empath.

I’m not just talking about a few head nods of understanding; I’m talking about a deep, spirit-confirming understanding of who you really are.

Let’s start your unique journey of empathy!

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Signs You’re A Heyoka Empath

People with empathic skills often see them as either a blessing or a burden, based on their point of view.

It can be hard to understand how other people feel, but being able to do so can heal others and even help us find our way through the world.

One type of psychic is a heyoka, who heals the world in a unique way.

Am I A Heyoka Empath?

You can tell you are a heyoka empath in 50 ways. If you joke around a lot, can tell when someone is lying, are sensitive to sounds and smells, and aren’t afraid to speak out against wrongdoing, then you might be one.

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What is an empath

Someone who is an empath can feel how other people are feeling. They can pick up on other people’s energy and thoughts.

You tend to feel what other people are feeling when you’re an empath. This could be too much for you, and you might want to hide from people sometimes!

Empaths may also be very sensitive to smells and sounds. It can be great to be an empath, but it can also be very hard.

Being so emotionally connected to other people is amazing, but it can also leave you feeling tired and stressed. A lot of empaths have nervousness.

If you are an empath, take care of yourself so that things don’t get too much for you.

If you want to know more about this, here’s a blog on the 50 clear traits of an empath.heyoka empath powers

Heyoka empath meaning

Heyoka is a word used by the Sioux that means “sacred joker.”

In Sioux society, the Heyoka is someone who does their own thing and heals others in the process.

Their skill is to make people see things differently, and they usually do this through comedy.

They have the most power of all the empaths. Their ability to see things clearly is out of this world, and they have an odd effect on other people.

What is the purpose of a Heyoka empath

The Heyoka acts in an opposing manner to others and is like a joker.

heyoka empath test

Heyoka empaths go against the norms by making others see things in a different way.

They see the world in a way that no one else does, and their actions change the energy of situations.

Heyoka empaths reflect others’ feelings and traits, and they are smart but also have a childlike side.

50 Signs You Are A Heyoka Empath

heyoka empath traits

1: Your empathic skills are humorous

There is one thing that sets them apart from other empaths. They have a sharp sense of humor.

The Heyoka Empath can make anybody laugh, and this can be therapeutic for others.

2: You reflect the emotions of others around you

One of the most obvious signs that you are a Heyoka Empath is that you mimic the emotions of individuals around you.

For example, if you are in the presence of someone who is in a bad mood, you begin to absorb it. If they are optimistic, you tend to emulate them.

heyoka female

3: You’re a free spirit

One of the Heyoka Empath traits is being free-spirited. They do not fit in with society. They stand out and are unbothered about not fitting in.

They question conventions, societal viewpoints, and even strongly held personal convictions. 

4: Other people’s emotions are projected upon you

People often reflect their feelings on you because you mirror their feelings.

It can be annoying for some but bringing these feelings to the surface can aid in healing.

The Heyoka Empath reveals our shadows to help us accept them and heal.

heyoka powers

5: You heal others

You have a unique ability to reflect and echo what other people feel in unusually lighthearted and funny ways.

This helps them gain deep insights and heal by upsetting their patterns and going against what most people expect.

It also helps you build transformative, healing relationships with the people you connect with.

7: You sometimes feel the extra need to rest

They say rest is productive and yes, as a heyoka empath, you need to be reminded that you need rest to be able to work on yourself.

You need to love yourself first so you can show up your best for others.

Here are 100 affirmations for self-love to help you bring in more love for yourself.

heyoka spirit

8: You prefer time alone to recharge

One of the most telling signs that you’re a Heyoka Empath is that you need time alone to recharge.

You prefer your alone time since you have so much on your plate. In fact, you may occasionally fantasize about escaping.

9: You are brutally honest at times.

Heyoka Empaths are not insensitive, they are just honest.

But the truth is not for everyone so some may feel offended by your honesty at times. 

heyoka thunder beings

10: You sense what others are going to say

Do you sometimes get a sense of what someone is about to say before someone says it? If you’re a Heyoka Empath, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

It’s uncanny how many times it’s happened to you. This is actually a Heyoka thing.

11: Your inner child is alive

Being a Heyoka Empath means that you stay in touch with your inner child.

This helps you see the world with awe, curiosity, and endless creativity, which makes your relationships with others healing and joyful.

12: You think outside the box

If you’re a Heyoka Empath, you are a natural-born creative. You think outside the box.

man lying under boxes

13: You see the world differently

While others are drawing within the lines, you’re so far outside of them that you can’t remember where they were.

It’s not that you’re trying to be unique; you simply are. It’s just how you perceive the world. It manifests as intrinsic inventiveness.

14: You can sense others’ emotions from afar

One of the Heyoka Empath powers is that you can sense other people’s emotions even when you’re not in their presence.

Even if you haven’t spoken to your ex in months, you wake up in the morning knowing that they are having a horrible day.

15: You can send healing energy

Even if they don’t ask, you’ve got energy  of healing to send to people. You just feel in your gut.

heyoka empath "depression"

16: Your emotions are unstable

Some people might say that your feelings are all over the place.  How the Heyokas handle their feelings is very important to them. One great way to do this is to meditate.

If you think you are one, I recommend reading this blog post on the best meditation for spiritual awakening.

17: You may be struggling to find balance

Being aware of feelings and going with them is hard for the Heyoka Empath. They need to set healthy limits, take care of themselves, and keep their emotions in check.heyoka empath awakening

18: You are immune to peer pressure

The Heyoka Empath doesn’t really care what other people think. You don’t give a d*mn what other people think of you because it doesn’t matter anyway.

19: It can be very intense being you

You’ve never been afraid to be different. You’re not even trying. Your attitude is what makes you who you are, and you’re happy with that.

If you want to explore deeper into the depths of your personality, I recommend trying this free moon reading.

20: You sense when someone is lying

As a Heyoka empath, you are almost like a human lie detector. You can easily sense when someone is not being honest.

21: You care deeply

If you are a Heyoka empath, you care passionately about everyone. 

Heyoka empath relationships are amazing because when an empath falls in love, they care extremely.

22: You want to heal strangers

Like Heyoka Empaths, you, they have a special desire to help everyone, even strangers.

You feel a strong desire to help anyone who is hurting, which is a reflection of their natural calling to be healing forces in the world.

heyoka empath symbol

23: You sense when someone isn’t being true to themselves

You will know when someone isn’t being honest with you, and you will probably tell them about it. Although you have an open mind, you can’t stand people who aren’t honest.

24: You are resilient

If you are a Heyoka empath, you don’t mind when life goes up and down.

You embrace darkness as well as the light.

25: You embrace all emotions

Being a Heyoka empath means you always put yourself into every situation and feel everything you feel, because you know that it all makes for a great life.

26: You are courageous

Being brave is one of the most important traits of a Heyoka. You always show amazing power and bravery when things get hard.

27: You’re not afraid to stand up for your beliefs

If you are a Heyoka empath, you don’t mind getting into tough situations. You’ll stand up to a strong person, speak out against injustice, or push your own limits.

woman biting gray nails

28: Your words can be sharp

People who are Heyoka aren’t afraid to speak out against any wrongdoing they see.

Because of this, you often say hurtful things that affect the people around you.

29: You ask the difficult questions

People who have the Heyoka talent are known to make people think and they often ask tough questions that can make people angry.

You are good at going into great detail about things and showing yourself in ways that can change things for the better because of this.

30: You’re a problem-solver

Heyokas are also great at solving problems; they can see through the talk on the surface to get to the real issues that might be causing problems.

31: You’re not afraid to say what others are afraid to say

People who are Heyoka empaths can say things that other people are afraid to say.

Consequently, the things you say usually have a big impact on those around you and last for a long time.

woman holding megaphone

32: You can make any situation light with humor

People who are Heyoka empaths are known for being funny. People often see you finding the funny side of even the worst scenarios.

This is why going out with a heyoka empath can be very healing.

33: You provoke chaos

As a Heyoka Empath, part of your job is to cause chaos on purpose in a way that makes people think.

You can bring about change by questioning social norms, beliefs, and unusual situations.

You do this by pushing people out of their comfort zones and encouraging growth.

34: You push people out of their comfort zones

So, this strange knack for jolting people out of their comfort zones could be one of the signs that you are a Heyoka psychic.

35: You read between the lines

You can decipher meanings that aren’t said directly or on hidden signals or red flags that other people might miss.

calm body of water

36: You are a sanctuary to people

If you are a Heyoka sensitive, you want to make other people feel safe and comforted during hard times.

You are very good at providing a safe place to escape the storms of life, whether it’s through mental support or practical help.

37: It is confirmed by a gifted expert

You can tell if you’re a Heyoka empath by the signs I show, but one of the best ways is to talk to a psychic advisor.

If you don’t have the means to seek the counsel of a gifted expert, this free numerology reading may also provide you with insights into your soul’s purpose.

38: You know the right words to say

Most likely, the words just come out of your mouth and you can tell that they change the person you’re talking to.

paintbrush dipping in paint

39: You love art

If you feel drawn to healing activities like singing, writing, making music, or anything else along those lines, even if it doesn’t make you money, it could mean that you are a Heyoka empath.

If this resonates with you, I recommend reading this article on how to monetize your passion.

40: You radiate an aura of safety

You make people feel safe and secure, so they feel like they can talk about their troubles without fear of being judged.

For the most part, you let people live their lives and find peace in the midst of chaos.

black and white picture of treestree

If you think you’re an empath and you’re wondering which career to take on, here’s a video on the 5 best careers for empaths that you may find interesting. 


How many Heyoka empaths are there?

We don’t know how many Heyoka empaths there are, but we do know that they are pretty uncommon.

What is a dark empath?

Dark empaths are dangerous because they use their empathy to control other people, even if they seem like a good person at first.

What is a super empath?

A super empath is just what it sounds like: an empath who has turned up the volume all the way.

heyoke empath signs


You are a Heyoka empath if many of these signs hit home for you. Be proud of who you are and enjoy it!

People may sometimes feel stunned by how unique you are. Your ability to show someone’s true self is truly great, but some people may find it hard to deal with.

If you are a Heyoka psychic, on the other hand, you were born to help other people.

When you do something in a unique way, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

You can help other people heal and get back on track by mirroring back to them what is holding them back.

You’re funny and smart, which makes everything better, so be proud of that wonderful skill.

Do you think you are an Heyoka empath? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Violet

    Wow thank you that just explained my whole life and why things happened to me in my life I am 52 and just now discovering what and who I am and thanks to this I now know I am fully Heyoka and now have something to be proud of myself for all these years

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  2. Nitra from Los Angeles

    I am very much a Heyoka Empath. My boyfriend who is an Omega Male told me almost 2 years ago. I am also bi polar. I’m such a complicated person and never knew why. This has been the most detailed and helpful reading of all the ones I’ve encountered. Thank you so much!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! 😊

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