Empath Signs: 50 Clear Traits of an Empath (2024)

Do you feel your emotions surpass you sometimes? 

Do you feel like you can get overwhelmed easily and can feel the emotions of everyone around you? 

Then you could be an empath. 

In this article you will learn about 50 signs showing that you are an empath. If you agree with half or more of these signs then you are definitely an empath.

So sit back and relax as we dive into the empath signs! 

empath signs

What Does It Mean To Be An Empath? 

When one can feel the emotions of those around them and the energy making up their environment very deeply, then they can be said to be an empath. 

There are certain behaviors, personality features and talents that are unique to individuals who feel increased empathy.

While some of the signs of being an empath are pleasant, others may feel more uncomfortable to resonate with. 

“One of the most beautiful but challenging traits of an empath is their honesty and willingness to understand their surroundings as much as possible.”

As an empath, it is important to address certain guidance and have the experience that will teach one to be in tune with their natural gift. 

empath quiz

50 Empath Signs Quiz – Are You One?

So now that you know what an empath is, how do you know if you are one? Read the signs below and take note of how many you are able to relate to. If you relate to more than 25 you are an empath!

1. You care deeply about others’ opinions 

As a person who considers other people’s feelings very deeply, you naturally tend to take their opinions about situations and events seriously, causing you to rethink your own opinion and even weighing in what decision you should actually take when you need to take one. 

2. You think before speaking 

You rethink certain words or actions as you anticipate how somebody else is going to respond or react, and try to adjust your statements in order to consider their feelings about a particular situation. 

3. You find it hard to say no

As an individual who feels others deeply, you have a difficult time setting up boundaries between you and your surroundings, as hurting them would inadvertently mean hurting yourself. 

4. You try as hard as possible to avoid disappointment 

You often find yourself working extra hard or exerting more effort than you should into a particular task in order to avoid seeing others be disappointed, and not necessarily taking into account your own feelings about the matter. 

girl working on laptop

5. You don’t chase after a goal to avoid judgment 

Even when you’ve set your heart on a particular vision or dream, and you know deep down that you should pursue it, something might be preventing you from taking the next step, such as failure of trying and receiving comments or judgement from those close to you. 

If you’re unsure of your soul’s purpose and its designated path, check out this soul reading. 

6. You require a lot of alone time

As much as you love other people and take their feelings very seriously, you cannot help but want to prioritize self-care time when all you do is focus on sustaining your own energy. 

In a world that is fast-paced and systematic, requiring lots of social time with other individuals, it’s difficult to find an amount of time that is dedicated to spending it with just yourself, allowing you to learn yourself better and harness your inner gift.

If you’re experiencing spiritual awakening, check out this video on why feeling lonely is normal and what you can do about it. 

7. You want to help others as much as you can 

You believe that the world thrives from people helping one another, but you feel that as much effort you put into helping make other peoples’ days better, you’re not doing enough, or that you simply don’t have sufficient money to accommodate that help. 

In such cases, it’s important to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, and that your contribution to the world is much more appreciated than you can imagine. 

8. You naturally heal others

You find that people often come to you for advice or help because you naturally exert energy that suggests you are able to heal others from aspects like trauma or confusion, whether that be by helping them recover from a bad experience or helping them make an important decision. 

This help comes from your ability to sense what others are feeling and helping them process those feelings accordingly. 

9. Relationships tend to feel overwhelming

As someone who feels emotions deeply, being in a relationship that naturally causes intimate emotions to arise, you may feel like it is overwhelming you in a way that you cannot possibly explain with words.

This is certainly something I have experienced in my own life (especially when I met my twin flame) and is perhaps one of the most classic empath signs. 

10. You crave connection 

Whether that be by having a deep conversation or being able to relate to someone deeply, you tend to want to connect with someone or something in order for you to feel seen and understood. 

As an empath, it’s natural to feel lonely as not everyone happens to feel each other’s feelings so profoundly, so real connection with someone who understands you is something you value and appreciate. 

couple in sunset

11. You notice synchronicities 

Where others may take note of certain occasions taking place as a result of thought patterns, you do.

These synchronicities may take the form of people, events or as simple as signs like numbers that assure you that you are not alone and the universe is constantly working to align with your intentions. 

If you’re unsure about the nature of your intentions and how the universe is working to help bring them to life, check out this free moon reading. 

12. You struggle to know your true self 

You understand that there are more layers to an individual than what sees the eye, such as labels, relationship statuses, or how wealthy one is, and this makes you want to explore your inner self deeper.

woman meditating on beach

13. Your surroundings alter your mood 

As much as you are able to avoid having circumstances in your environment affect how you feel, you cannot help but be triggered by the energy and emotions that take place in the space around you. 

14. You can’t cope with an office environment 

Working an office job is the worst scenario you can imagine yourself in since you cannot imagine absorbing stressful energy arising out of others.

You prefer working on your own, at your own time, and perhaps find yourself aspiring to become an entrepreneur who works according to their own schedule. 

This may also be due to the fact that you feel a lot older than you are. If you’re unsure about why you may feel this way, read this blog post to find out whether you are an old soul. 

15. You feel alienated around a lot of people

You find that being around a lot of people can drag your energy down, since it would mean absorbing a lot of different forms of energy all at the same time.

If you’re a person who feels overwhelmed from feeling other people’s energies when around them, then you’re most likely an empath. 

girl laying down on grass

16. You can feel somebody else’s energy when close to them 

You tend to absorb a lot of energy, so when that energy is close to you it finds a way to trigger you deeper than you’d think. 

17. You spend a lot of time by yourself 

You find yourself wanting to spend a lot of time by yourself, surrounded by nothing but your energy so that you are free from being influenced by the energies of your environment. 

18. You enjoy spending time in nature 

When you feel that your energy has been dragged down, you find no better place to find solace and recharge than nature. 

Whether it be taking a walk in your local park, or spending time marveling at the plants and creatures in a forest, you can’t help but view nature as a source of your healing. 

two girls by a lake

19. You struggle to carry out your purpose 

Even if you’re aware of your soul’s purpose, you may be facing certain challenges to the way in which you would like to see your vision realize, whether that be through self-doubt due to worrying about how others perceive you, or being too distracted by the world’s troubles to focus on your own goals. 

20. You are curious 

You tend to be amazed by the most common aspects of life, such as sights that people are used to seeing or ideas that dazzle you just by thinking about them.

You may be known to ask a lot of questions, some of which you eventually find that cannot be answered. 

21. You criticize yourself often 

As a person who is sensitive to others’ opinions of yourself, it’s easy to fall into the trap of judging yourself if you choose to see yourself through the perspective of someone else.

You may find yourself pushing yourself to do something you’re not interested in doing, simply for the sake of trying to improve yourself for somebody else’s approval. 

22. You seek love and intimacy

As someone who feels emotions on an extreme level, it would be natural that you seek to feel love, the strongest human emotion, on a regular basis.

This may be in terms of loving your family, your friends or a significant other, with whom you can be your vulnerable self. 

man kissing girlfriend on forehead

23. You avoid deep conversations with certain people 

You understand that your energy is sacred, so letting your guard down and showing your innermost emotions to people with whom you can’t seem to connect is something you try to avoid as best as you can. 

24. You’re scared of doing what you love 

In order not to give off the wrong impression or cause people to feel differently about you, you find it better to not do certain things even though they are exactly what you would like to be doing, given that you are more cautious about others’ emotions than your own. 

25. Your energy levels shift from very high to low 

You often find your moods switching from one extreme to another, such as feeling incredibly happy at one moment to feeling very sad at the next, and sometimes you may not necessarily know what caused that change in mood. 

26. You struggle with eating sometimes 

The ability to feel so much causes you to have a few issues while eating sometimes, as overthinking leads to inner pressure which can result in less enjoyment of eating or digestive issues. 

27. You feel pain in certain areas of your body

The emotions you feel are more than just mental states, developing into a feeling of pain or pressure in specific parts of your body, such as your heart.  

If you’re experiencing pain in your body as a result of being more in tune with your spiritual self, check out this blog post about the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.  

girl with headache

28. You experience weight loss or gain 

Overthinking has been shown to lead to a significant loss or gain in weight, so when you find yourself passing through a phase where you are overloaded with certain emotions, you notice a change in your body weight. 

29. You gain the trust of strangers 

When first talking to a stranger, you find that they open up to you faster than they normally would have, telling you secrets and revealing a side of themselves that they only do because they feel comfortable around you. 

30. You allow space for others to be themselves 

You are very good at allowing others to express themselves and be who they are around you, as they sense that you are able to empathize with them fully. 

31. You always feel guided by something bigger 

Your inner gift of feeling emotions in such an intense way leads you to tap into the spiritual world. 

Usually, this is a sign that you’ve unlocked your path to opening your third eye.

If you’re unsure whether you have opened your third eye or don’t believe you have opened it yet, make sure to check out this blog post about how to open your third eye safely and fast. 

girl meditating on mountain

32. You have a difficult time working with yourself

When you’re absorbed in others’ energy, it can be hard to focus on your own energy, even feeling alienated by yourself if you’ve spent a long time being out of touch with your true self.  

33. You have been in broken relationships

You find that most, if not all of your relationships have ended on a bad note as you may have been deceived or disillusioned by a partner. 

As an empath, it’s important to take note of the fact that there is someone who is a mirror of our soul who will understand us in the way we seek to be understood.

This person is known as a twin flame, and if you believe you’ve met yours, make sure to read this blog post about the signs showing you’ve met your twin flame. 

34. You attract people who talk about themselves a lot 

Given that you spend a lot of time being in tune with others’ energy, you tend to give off the impression that you’re comfortable with sharing less about yourself than others do, leading you to associate with people who more or less stick to talking about themselves.

35. You value deep conversations 

You are able to connect to anyone who is capable of showing their true emotions which allows you to process your own emotions in turn. The deeper a connection with someone is, the more you seem to unlock the mysteries of the world. 

best friends

36. You overfeel everything 

Now onto one of the biggest empath signs – overfeeling.

Just like overthinking, you find yourself feeling a surge of emotions especially when you find yourself in situations that are particularly difficult or stressful. 

37. You’ve struggled with anxiety or depression

Feeling too much means that you’ve had to struggle with your inner self, asking yourself why you feel so deeply and causing you to see yourself as different from others. 

Empaths have to deal with so much emotion that they feel stuck in a puddle of feelings, causing them to feel overwhelmed and develop feelings of anxiety or depression. 

38. You ignore your stress 

As an empath, you find that you’re pushing yourself too hard, often overworking or spending more time and effort than you can. 

39. You are very creative

Ever since you were a child, you have had a creative passion that allowed you to express your inner self as fully as possible, such as writing, painting, playing a musical instrument or simply creating something out of thin air. 

40. You feel drained by others’ energy 

When you’re placed in a situation where you need to face others’ energy, especially in close proximity, you feel that you can easily absorb their thoughts and feelings almost as if they were your own. 

41. You appreciate meditation 

As someone who is very sensitive to emotions, you seek to relieve yourself from them whenever you get the chance, and meditation is a very pleasant way of doing so. You don’t mind entering a very relaxed state and learning to tap into your inner self. 

42. You enjoy journaling 

You find that you can process your emotions really well when you write them down, as you’re putting them out there and allowing them to be felt and appreciated. 

journal with crystals

43. You are introspective

You spend a lot of time tapping into your inner thoughts and find yourself talking to yourself as if you were talking to somebody else, keeping track of your progress and supporting yourself when you need it the most. 

44. You feel incredibly connected to the vulnerable 

You feel especially drawn to animals, children or the elderly, who provide you with a dose of comfort in a world that appears to be all the more complicated and harsh. 

45. You prefer giving to receiving 

When it’s the holiday season or someone you love is celebrating a special day, you always prefer being the one who gives a gift rather than receiving one. 

46. You love music

The emotions that come along with listening to some of your favorite tunes are able to place you in a state of euphoria. 

As an empath, you appreciate the feelings that certain lyrics and melodies portray, which you find yourself revisiting often. 

girl playing guitar

47. You are very creative

The best ways to express yourself is through anything that involves creating something, such as art, innovation or writing. 

Your ability to feel intense emotions isn’t sufficiently explained by simply talking about it, so creativity allows you to capture your thoughts and perceptions of yourself and your surroundings as best as possible.

48. Your emotions exhaust you sometimes 

Despite appreciating your ability to feel emotions deeper than others, sometimes you can’t help but wish you didn’t feel so much so that you could have a break from all the stress, anxiety and pressure that come along with these emotions. 

49. You know what others feel even if they don’t show it 

You have a tendency to pick up on how others are feeling on a very intense level, without others having to make it obvious how they are feeling at that moment. 

50. You are very intuitive 

The last of the empath signs is that you are highly intuitive.

Your ability to sense other people’s feelings doesn’t end there. You are able to feel what people’s thoughts or reactions might be to a particular situation, which indicates your intuitive nature that is able to pick up on energy about to come to life. 

girl in forest


Are you born an empath?

Some babies come to the world with more sensitivity than others, which can be seen as soon as they come out of the womb. 

These babies are much more sensitive to light, smells, touch, movement, temperature, and sound, and so they appear to be empaths from the start.

What do empaths suffer from?

Empaths can get physically sick and experience anxiety, depression, chronic stress, professional burnout. 

Empaths also experience pain syndromes more often than people who are less empathetic.

What should empaths avoid?

Empaths can easily be triggered by noise, bright lights, phone calls, texts, emails, internet, television, or intense conversations, so they are better off with less of them. 

As an empath, it’s important to feel your own energy without anyone else around. You are being your own best friend, which is a way to nurture yourself. By decreasing external stimulation, it’s also easier to clear negativity.

girl looking at the sea


Being an empath is a beautiful and natural gift to have but it can also feel very overwhelming.

If one takes enough precaution not to trigger themselves and practice the gift of feeling the energy around them, it can be easier to let out and avoid external energy when it begins to present itself in an increased amount. 

Ultimately, being an empath is a blessing allowing one to experience the world in a very special and personal way, learning more about themselves and their soul’s purpose in the process. 

Are you an empath and which empath signs resonated? Let me know in the comments!


Angelina Der Arakelian

Angelina Der Arakelian

As an author and creative entrepreneur, Angelina loves using words to help people make sense of a place we call the Universe. She is the founder of Soul Craft, where she explores topics such as conscious creativity, energy and the law of attraction, all of which can be used to design one's own reality. Read more articles by Angelina here.

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  1. Kathrina

    Thanks its a very detailed list! ☺️ I resonate to almost all of them. I was struggling to confirm whether Im an empath or not for so long but Im always confused or say in denial as its not normal and honestly Ive very few friends to talk about this.

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  2. Federico

    So many signs that describe myself, so we can concluid that i´m a Empath! of course haha!

    Thank for clarifing my mind !


    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome, Fede! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  3. sanjay

    This is an excellent article. As am empath I resonate with so many of the traits you mentioned.

  4. Chita

    Wow, I’m an empath. This is shocking to me and validating at the same time. Now I know that I have been misinterpreted all my life. I have had many labels given to me by others. Being around even a small group of people exhausted me and now I know why. I now feel special (and no I’m not bragging or being boastful) and unique. In all my life (63 years) I have never met someone like me.

    1. Julia Lundin

      It was a game-changer for me to, discovering I’m an empath. I never understood before why I felt so drained around people!

  5. George Townsend

    This isn’t the first, and unfortunately probably not the last, time that I got on the internet and read a site reminding me that I am a full blown empath. It doesn’t help me with the major difficulties that I have experienced because of it, but does remind me why things affect me the way they do and validates the way I act and think. It has helped me understand myself, but, as the darker forces in this world have become bolder and have begun to reveal themselves more and more, the energy is palpable and feels like a constant weight and pressure that leaves me frozen. It is also a bit refreshing to see someone who is also an empath who can be pictured with a genuine smile. It leaves me with a bit of hopeful hope.

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