Which Zodiac Sign Is The Smartest? Learn If It’s You Here

Do you ever wonder why some people are smarter than others?

Well, we all have different levels of intelligence due to factors such as genetics and upbringing.

But, did you know that the zodiac sign you are born under can determine how smart you turn out to be?

Yes, that’s right!

By figuring out someone’s Sun sign, you can tell whether they are ”smarty-pants” or if they are gifted in other areas that don’t necessarily involve coming up with mind-blowing ideas or building world-changing companies.

So, which one is the smartest zodiac sign?

Learning about which Zodiac sign is the smartest is actually quite fun and lighthearted. Before we can reveal the smartest sign, remember that each sign is unique in its own way, and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, I will list some of the smartest zodiac signs with the smartest last. Read on to find out where you fall and have fun while at it.

Let’s get started!

which zodiac sign is the smartest

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Smartest?

As a general rule, an individual’s astrological sign can give you some insight into their personality. Whether someone is a Virgo, Cancer, Leo, or Sagittarius, this can tell whether they are fun-loving, attention-seeking, calm and kind, or proud.

So, what is a zodiac sign?

The Zodiac is a belt-shaped area of the sky extending about 8 degrees north or south of the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

There are 12 points on the astrological zodiac belt, each with its unique attributes and characteristics. Also known as Sun signs, the 12 zodiacs have been used since the Roman Era.

Your sign is determined by the Sun’s position on the zodiac belt on the day you were born. Modern astrology refers to your zodiac sign to explain your unique traits and personality.

If you want to learn more about the significance of the day and time you were born to find out your starseed origin, I recommend checking out an article I wrote about starseed birth charts and how to calculate yours.

So, now that you understand basic astronomy, let’s dive in and find out the smartest zodiac sign.

smartest zodiac sign 2022


Arians are hard-working, aggressive, and never take ‘no’ for an answer, making them a different kind of smart.

They may not be academic geniuses but their determination and grit are why I have included them in the smartest zodiac sign list.

You can be pushy and aggressive, but these traits have got you as far as you have come. For this reason, you make a good leader and team player, as you keep everyone focused on the ultimate goal.

Like Leos, Arians have a way with people. You may make for a successful salesperson and businessman because of your ability to get people to buy into your ideas, a sign of being street-smart.

smartest zodiac sign


Wondering who is the smartest zodiac sign in social settings? Leos are the best people attractors, making them rank high on social intelligence.

You are charismatic, fast-thinking, and aggressive. These traits might not make you the smartest zodiac sign at face value, but they help you be the great leader you are.

With their high social intelligence, Leos are good at making friends and finding their way into influential circles, whether in their professional industry, business, or politics.

Your charm is your intelligence. You tend to get what you want because you have a way with people. You can command people’s attention and talk your way out of any situation, making you come off as pretty clever.

leo smartest zodiac sign


A scale represents the Libra zodiac sign. This denotes that Librans are stable, balanced, and clear-headed, signs of great intelligence.

Librans may not be book-smart or have a smart mouth, but never underestimate their calmness and foresight.

Librans are not the type to overreact in any situation. They show their intelligence in the way they handle challenges.

A Libran will typically take their time to assess a situation and come up with the best solution. That said, Librans may not always be the best decision-makers.

You find it difficult to make decisions because you love people and want to please everyone. You want everyone to like you and always aim for a fair outcome, but this paralyzes you when it is time to pick a side.

smartest zodiac 2022


Sagittarians are the bookworms of all the zodiac signs.

You are knowledge-hungry and fascinated by higher education; you are easily one of the smartest zodiac sign in the world.

You can read and talk a lot about a topic you are passionate about. Your obsession with knowledge can make you dismiss others who may not share the same passion.

People see Sagittarians as snobbish and living in their own world due to their tendency to think they are always right.

That said, you are brilliant and analytical, making you a good problem-solver in crises.

Because of your inherent smarts and analytical mind, you make for a strong leader. However, your seriousness and focus can make you appear assertive and domineering.

You are better at lateral rather than direct thinking, making you a bit difficult to work with for people who prefer straightforward answers and solutions to problems.

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Do you wonder what is the most smartest zodiac sign academically?

Well, Capricorn is among the intelligent zodiac signs, especially when it comes to book-smarts.

You are hard-working, determined, driven, and motivated to get things done. This makes you an excellent employee, student, or even life partner.

Capricorns believe they can learn anything. If there is something you do not know, you fold your sleeves, and you get to work to learn everything you can about the topic.

You give your best to everything you start, whether this is a business, work project, or school work. You may not be the best at multitasking, but you always do what you say.

Capricorns do not give up easily, which is a sign of their intelligence; they go hard, making them excellent trainers, gym partners, and motivational speakers.

With their ability to learn quickly, work hard, and stay focused, a Capricorn is your best bet if you want to make anything happen.

smartest zodiac sign rankings


What sign is the smartest zodiac sign in terms of creativity? That would be Pisces!            

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac and imbibes the characteristics of the signs that come ahead.

Like Cancerians, Pisces have high emotional intelligence and make good advisors.

Your intelligence comes out in the form of your creative endeavors. You are extremely smart in areas such as music, theater, and the arts.

Pisces are idealistic, and your insights can seem a bit wooly in a world that values practicality over idealism.

They are the type to believe in the powerful law of attraction. If this is a concept you would like to learn more about, I wrote an article about the law of attraction that you should definitely check out.

Despite what others think, your ideas are unique and valuable, especially when it comes to solving some of our world’s biggest problems, including climate change, hunger, and war.

Despite your native intelligence, Pisces don’t always follow their own advice. Your artistic inclinations can sometimes make you a bit unstable and inconsistent.

Pieces, if you are feeling a bit scattered, I invite you to take a free soul reading to help you better identify obstacles that may be confusing and blocking your soul journey.

If you follow your own wisdom and seek stability, you will probably make a big impact on the world.

most smartest zodiac sign


Are Virgos the smartest zodiac sign still? Virgos are among the most brilliant signs.

They are perfectionists and high-achievers.

You are highly organized and use your wits to plan for very specific outcomes. It is no wonder Virgos seem to get anything they want—they plan and focus on the perfect outcome.

Their natural smarts make them excellent analysts. You are driven, practical, and detail-oriented, so people always trust you to get the work done.

Your intelligence comes through in the form of your dependability, proactive attitude, and the ability to think ahead. This makes you great at project planning and big-picture thinking.

Your extreme perfectionism can be a bit annoying. But this is what makes Virgos the most dependable of all zodiac signs.

Your preoccupation with minute details can make you come across as picky. You are street-smart, but you would rather take the long way and do good work than opt for quick fixes.

So, if you are wondering what is the smartest zodiac sign? Well, Virgos are among them for sure.

They may not have high emotional intelligence like Cancerians. But, you can always bet on Virgo’s practical smarts, a great trait for leading projects to success.

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most smartest zodiac sign


Cancerians easily make the list of who is the smartest zodiac sign.

You are more emotionally intelligent than you are book-smart. This makes you a great natural leader, especially in our volatile times.

As a Cancerian, your high emotional intelligence makes you empathetic and intuitive. You tend to make decisions that yield good outcomes for everyone involved.

You are good at solving conflicts and giving meaningful advice. Cancerians make for successful therapists, psychologists, counselors, and mediators.

Your high emotional intelligence may also make you really good at parenting. Where other parents struggle, you have the natural ability to navigate the challenges of raising children.

Just like a Pleiadian starseed, your intuition and understanding of people is a rare trait. Your friends and family consider you wise and look up to you for your insight, especially during difficult times.

Your emotional intelligence and empathy make you very protective of those you love and will do anything to make them comfortable.

smart zodiac sign


Scorpios come in a close second on the smartest zodiac signs rankings.

So, why is Scorpio the smartest zodiac sign?

Well, you have a calm and focused personality. People say you have a ‘poker face,’ which simply means you are serious and dedicated, great traits that make you as successful as you are.

Scorpios are skeptical of third-party information and conventional theories.

You challenge well-known, traditional concepts and question why things are the way they are. This is what makes you so brilliant!

You are naturally curious and want to find as much information as possible about different topics.

While other smart zodiac signs know a lot about one topic, Scorpios are well-informed about several topics.

Due to your intellectual independence and natural inclination for learning, you can make for an excellent leader.

Scorpio managers lead highly successful teams. Their leadership is based more on innovative knowledge and less on emotions and politics.

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smartest zodiac sign bookworm


There is almost universal agreement that Aquarians are the smartest zodiac sign of 2022.

You have in-born intelligence, and everyone knows you as the one who comes up with innovative ideas. You have a natural knack for solving problems others find too complex to handle.

Aquarians rely less on emotion and more on logic when making decisions. You are calm but believe strongly in your own ideas, so you might come off as arrogant.

As the smartest of all zodiacs, you have no qualms digging into piles of information and exploring a topic in depth to educate yourself. You do not depend on information passed on by others; you would rather find the facts yourself.

The only downside is that you can’t seem to stand people you consider less intelligent. Still, most people are drawn to your smarts despite your dismissive attitude.

 scorpio the smartest zodiac


Which signs are gifted?

Gemini is the most gifted zodiac sign. Geminis are fast learners and artistically inclined. It is common for a Gemini to be fluent in more than two languages and excel in the arts, whether music, theater, fine, or practical art. Pieces are also extremely creative—they are comfortable in front of audiences and are excellent performers. They also love it when their works of art are the center of attention.

smartest zodiacs

Which zodiac sign is good in studies?

Aries people are excellent in studies. They do well at school not because they are particularly smart but because they are ambitious, hard-working, and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. That said, any zodiac sign can be good in studies if you cultivate the right traits, such as being driven, goal-oriented, and organized.

smart zodiac signs

What zodiac signs are thinkers?

Leos are the most logical thinkers. They don’t take things too seriously, allowing them to make decisions fast. Leos base their decisions more on logic and facts than on emotions. They make for excellent professors and politicians. Pieces and Aquarians are also thinkers, but their thinking tends to be more philosophical than practical.

smart zodiac signs


Zodiac signs can be an exciting way to learn about your personality and understand the rationale behind your strengths and weaknesses.

As I have revealed in this article on the smartest zodiac sign ranked from lowest to highest, every zodiac sign demonstrates their own level of intelligence. Some signs are book-smart and gifted at studies, while others are emotionally and socially intelligent; it all depends on your definition of what smart means.

All in all, Aquarians and Scorpios are ranked as the smartest. Their intelligence comes effortlessly; they seem lucky enough to be born naturally smart.

I hope I have answered your question about which zodiac sign is the smartest. Remember, this is not an exact science, and you shouldn’t take my opinion about the most intelligent zodiac sign too seriously!

Which Zodiac sign are you, and do you agree with my review of the smartest signs? Let me know in the comments!


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