50 Capricorn Female Traits & Why She’s Amazing

Are you a female Capricorn trying to learn more about yourself?

Or maybe you have a very important Capricorn female in your life and want to learn more about Capricorn female traits so that you can understand her better?

This article will provide a very detailed guide of Capricorn female traits and why Capricorn females are one of the most awesome of the zodiac signs. (I might be a bit biased since I’m a Capricorn woman myself…)

After going through this article, you will understand Capricorn females better.

 Let’s dive in!

Capricorn female traits

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50 Capricorn Female Traits

Before we get into the signs… let’s get clear about who we are actually talking about. 

What is a Capricorn female?

Capricorn females, or female caps as they are also known, are women born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, one of the 12 Zodiac signs. The Capricorn sign is an earth sign that influences people born between December 22 – January 20.

There are many Capricorn female traits, but the most popular traits that Capricorn women are identified by are their strong sense of independence and pragmatism.

Unfortunately, these traits give them the notorious badge of being challenging to deal with.

That might be the first thing people notice, but those who are in a female Capricorn’s circle will tell you that they see her carefree and reckless sides often enough.

This is why it is important to consider all the elements that contribute to the beauty of this brilliant character. 

Capricorn females are one of the more studied zodiac signs. See how well they fare against other zodiac signs in this article where I rank ALL zodiac signs.

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Without further ado: Here are the 50 traits of Capricorn women that make them so unique and unstoppable:

1: She is realistic 

The female Capricorn is very realistic in her approach to situations, compared to other zodiac signs such as Aquarius, choosing to focus on the situation now rather than what COULD be.

2: She is ambitious 

The Capricorn woman can be very ambitious when she realizes the full extent of her abilities. She is persistent and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

3: She is persistent

Persistence is one of the hallmark Capricorn female traits. This trait flows through Capricorn females in every aspect of their lives.

Capricorns recognize their value very quickly and are ready to stick by whatever is valuable to them. It applies to property, goals, and people.

4: She is a realist

Capricorn females are very honest with themselves and others when assessing situations or appraising value. 

This earth sign is a very grounded one, so they tend to be in touch with reality.

5: She is sensitive

While the Capricorn female has a reputation for having a stony exterior, she retains a soft spot for those dear to her heart.

The Capricorn female can be very sensitive to criticism from friends or respected mentors and superiors. 

6: She is practical 

The female Capricorn likes to deal with what is right in front of her. She doesn’t bother with things that are not in her line of vision.

You will never find a Capricorn woman with her head in the clouds; she will have her feet firmly planted on the ground.

7: She has discipline

Discipline is a prominent Capricorn female trait. She is very organized and disciplined in the way that she execute her goals.

Capricorns are likely to run a very strict schedule. So, they hate lateness in others as they are not late themselves.

8: She’s jealous but trustworthy

Capricorn females are extremely trustworthy and loyal in a relationship. 

This can, in some instances, lead to jealousy and possessiveness in their love life, and they expect loyalty from their partners.

They do not trust easily, and a Capricorn female that has been burned will not soon forget it.

In other aspects of their life, though, they do not have much room for jealousy. A Capricorn female will fight to obtain what she deserves and defend what she sees as rightfully hers.

9: She’s highly confident 

Capricorn females are usually very confident and sure of their abilities.

They don’t believe in getting things handed to them on a platter; they’d rather learn and understand how to achieve their goal.

Capricorn females make good leaders because they do not back away from challenges.

10: She has an entrepreneurial spirit

Capricorn females have a strong entrepreneurial drive. You will find Capricorn females being very well-known in their fields.

They have all the tools they need to succeed. This includes an iron will and a passion for reaching the top of their profession.

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11: She has a steely determination

A typical Capricorn woman has the strength of character and determination to see anything through to the end. 

Once a Capricorn woman sets her sights on any goal, she keeps going until she meets it.

12: She’s a hard worker

One of the most apparent Capricorn female traits is hard work. They rate this trait very highly and look out for fellow hard workers when trying to make social connections.

13: She has high standards for herself and expects the same from her friends

The Capricorn females set high standards for their friends and themselves, and they discourage people from settling for less.

14: She is selective in picking friends 

Capricorn females can be introverts or extroverts. However, regardless of their personality type, they maintain a very tight circle of close friends who they value highly.

15: She is skeptical

Capricorn females are very skeptical and find it quite difficult to trust people. It takes quite a bit of effort to get a Capricorn woman to trust you, but when she does, it’s for keeps (unless you do something dumb!).

16: She’s loyal

Loyalty is a core Capricorn female trait. Capricorn females are loyal to a fault.

In relationships, their career, and any other part of their life, you’ll find them expressing strong loyalty despite overwhelming odds.

17: Her goal is to build a lasting relationship

Capricorn females seek to build long-lasting relationships grounded in loyalty and are not much for short-term flings. They are in it for the long run, and they expect the same from partners, friends, and colleagues alike.

18: She is decisive

The Capricorn woman is certain of what she wants. Once she’s sure she deserves what she desires, she’s not afraid to ask for it.

19: She’s efficient and organized

She will make every effort to give both emotional and financial support to her partner and children and keep them on track. She therefore rarely ends up codependant on others like a husband or caretaker.

When Capricorn females find love, they do so logically and cautiously. They will not want to be passive partners in relationships.

Instead, they will try to help and support their spouses.

20: She is a great team player 

Despite having a strong urge towards independence, Capricorn females make excellent team players and communicate very easily.

They hate to be on the losing team and will choose to take the back seat if that’s what it takes for the team to succeed.

21: She can be little sad

Capricorn females can have tendencies towards sadness which you can put down to their sometimes pessimistic nature. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not fun.

A Capricorn female can still get her groove on when things are on the up or when someone close to her shines a light on her gloomy mood.

22: She can be a little pessimistic

In many cases, the realistic tendencies of the Capricorn female may lean towards pessimism. This is because, from her point of view, it is better to deal with the worst possible scenario head-on.

By doing so, she can avoid disappointments better and plan more efficiently. Unfortunately, however, disappointments can happen regardless of how good a plan is in place.

When disappointment strikes, you can help yourself feel better by raising your vibrations.

23: She’s sometimes cynical about life

A Capricorn female perceives the world as a free for all with each person acting in their own interests. Because of this, they find it hard to believe people are acting altruistically.

However, if they see a situation where they benefit from a genuine act of kindness, it sticks with them for a long time. 

24: She has an earthy but ultra-feminine appearance

Capricorn females have a very grounded but also very elegant and feminine appearance. They look like they can get things done very efficiently and also look like a movie star while doing it.

24: She takes pride in how she looks

Capricorn females take very good care of their looks. Even when on a budget, a Capricorn woman will pick out the classiest pieces for her wardrobe.

She dresses conservatively, appropriately for the occasion, is full of grace, has flawless etiquette, and buckets of charisma.

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26: She’s a collector.

Because of a very clear understanding of the long-term value of objects and a love of items that stand the test of time, Capricorn females are frequently collectors.

I used to collect fossils and meteorite stones. Let me know in the comments what you collect or used to collect!

But eye-catching antiques are not the only objects they keep; they also keep well-loved items for a long time. You’re likely to find an out-of-place ladle or their grandma’s favorite cake tin in an otherwise modern kitchen. Which brings us to…

27: She’s an antique lover

Antiques hold their value extremely well, and this is one of the things that attract Capricorn females the most.

28: She doesn’t beat around the bush

Capricorn females tend to be very straightforward and honest with people, even at the risk of being curt. They are straight to the point, which can make others think they are abrupt.

29: She’s patient 

The Capricorn female is always playing the long game. She doesn’t give in to impulse easily and bides her time.

30: She’s responsible

Capricorn females shoulder a lot of responsibility naturally.

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31: She’s self-motivated

A powerful inner drive is a core Capricorn female trait. Capricorn females carry a turbo engine inside them that carries them all the way to their dreams.

32: She’s a romantic

Romance is not one of the more well-known Capricorn female traits. However, Capricorn females can be very romantic and are usually very deliberate about their relationships even though they can be shy or slow in expressing their emotions.

33: She tends to be sarcastic

Sarcasm is one of the more unpopular Capricorn female traits. Capricorn females tend to be a bit sharp with their dry sense of humor.

As a Capricorn female, this is a trait that you must be aware of and sometimes try to restrain so that you don’t hurt friends and loved ones or cause them to resent you.

34: She’s traditional

Capricorn females have a conventional approach to situations, often choosing to stick to the tried and tested ways of doing things.

35: She’s a serial monogamist

Capricorn females believe in having a lasting partner. This means they look that little bit harder and more carefully when finding “The One.”

36: She prefers straight talk

You have to be quite to the point with Capricorn females, as they are more likely to miss the subtlety in conversations.

I hate it when my boyfriend always tells me “it was implied in what I said”. Just give it to me straight! 

37: She likes to be in control

A Capricorn woman always wants to be in control of her own space, wherever that may be, at work or home.

38: She’s a history buff

Capricorn females are usually lovers of history and like watching movies set in the past as a way to escape.

39: She tends to be a hoarder

The unfortunate flip-side of their loyal side is that Capricorn females usually find it hard to let go of items that they treasure.

Left unchecked, it can mean a big build-up of clutter, which often lead them to go the opposite direction – minimalism.

40: She’s devoted 

Capricorn females are usually devoted to what they believe in. Thus they can be devoted workers or lovers and excellent supporters for a cause.

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41: Her job status is part of her identity

A Capricorn woman is proud of her job and sees it as a part of her, a defining parameter by which she measures herself.

That means she takes it hard if she suffers a setback or disappointment at work.

42: She’s a teacher’s pet

A female Capricorn feels rewarded when she’s given compliments by her significant other or boss. She enjoys praise and being told she’s done well.

43: She’s #boss

Because a Capricorn female always wants to be in control, starting her own business is ideal as it puts her in the driving seat. This is why I became a business owner.

44: She’s a survivor

Survival is one of the defining Capricorn female traits. The motto of the Capricorn woman is “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

She has faith in herself to grind through any problems that the world throws at her while remaining upbeat. 

45: She has foresight

The Capricorn female is very perceptive and is exceptionally gifted at analyzing problems and difficult situations.

46: She’s critical

Although Capricorn females are sensitive to criticism themselves, they’re not one to avoid dishing it out.

They criticize any issue because they believe in being honest with people about what they really think.

47: She’s suspicious

A Capricorn girl has a very pragmatic mentality which causes her to be suspicious about people around her.

As a result, her trust is very fragile, and when it is broken, it takes a lot of time and effort to mend it.

48: She can be unforgiving

Having a hard time forgiving wrongdoing is a common Capricorn female trait. 

49: She’s coordinated

The Capricorn female is a walking bundle of ability that is calm and collected in every move. She’s a long-term planner, and she likes to take her time.

If you Capricorn women want to improve your coordination, here are some helpful tips on the best evening routines for a productive tomorrow.

50: She’s stubborn

Female Capricorns can be very stubborn and adamant about the specific details in a project. They will not budge on issues unless they have been completely convinced and their reservation have been put to bed.



What Signs Are Compatible With Capricorn Females?

Capricorn females are idealistic and strong females with a well-structured life and career path. They also have a strong sense of what they want.

Signs that can create balance or work in alignment with defining Capricorn female traits like hard work and perseverance are the Capricorn female’s preferred choice. 

The most compatible Capricorn partner is Virgo. Virgos are great communicators that help the moody Capricorn talk through their feelings while Capricorn’s capable and stable nature settles Virgo’s anxiety.

Capricorn and Capricorn work well, too; if one Capricorn is a force of nature, two working together can change the world!

Finally, the stable and level-headed traits of Taurus make them a good match for Capricorn’s grounded nature.

What are Capricorns like sexually?

Female Capricorns confront sex how they confront anything else. They always have a standard in mind, and they try to hit it.

While it is often said that Capricorn females are not very passionate lovers, this is not always the case.

Capricorn females will go the extra mile to satisfy their partners.

Sometimes they may be willing to forgo their own pleasure in order to satisfy their partners if that is the goal that they have set out to accomplish.


Capricorn females are women who are born between December 22 – January 19. Capricorn is an earth sign, so Capricorn females are very grounded individuals who prefer stable and predictable routines. 

Capricorn female traits are strikingly similar to the traits of people living on life path number 4.

Life path number four is the life path of the worker. Get a full numerology reading today if you feel like you share certain traits with Capricorns, even if you are not a Capricorn yourself.

Capricorn females are ambitious, classy, and stable partners. These traits make them a perfect match for other zodiac signs like Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, and sometimes Pisces.

Finally, as a Capricorn female, there are certain Capricorn female traits that put you at loggerheads with people whether you are aware of this fact or not, and you should be wary of them. 

You can sometimes come across as curt and critical while being “honest.” Try to consider a more tactful approach.

Think about how to get in touch with your softer side more often when dealing with others.

Which of these traits resonate most with you and are you a Capricorn? Let me know in the comments!


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