How To Open Your Third Eye Safely & Fast In 10 Steps

When you open your third eye chakra you reach a state of higher consciousness.

It acts as a gateway to higher dimensions.

There are many benefits of opening your third eye, located in your pineal gland:

You are able to lucid dream more often, can see auras, creativity flows as never before and people get drawn to your light like a magnet.

Since the third eye is one of our highest chakras, it also means your other chakras become more aligned and your body becomes healthier.

But how does one open and activate their third eye? That’s what you will learn today.

Opening your third eye might sound dangerous and it could be if you do it in the wrong way.

That’s why I have created a step-by-step guide on how to open your third eye safely.

You will also learn what NOT to do.

Opening your third eye is one of the most difficult achievements in spirituality, and requires patience.

But trust me, it IS possible if you follow the 10 steps and it’s worth it if you want to reach a higher level of consciousness.

If you read and implement all the steps carefully, your third eye will open BY ITSELF without having to FORCE it open, which can be very dangerous.

Let’s dive in!

what happens when you open your third eye

How To Open Your Third Eye In 10 Easy Steps

You will now discover the 10 step formula I used to open my third eye (I have also included a powerful bonus tip, so stay tuned!).

However, before we dive into the steps to your third eye awakening, it’s helpful to know what your third eye actually is. 

What is the third eye?

The third eye, also called the Ajna chakra, is believed to be the seat of your soul and is located in your pineal gland. You can find it between your eyebrows and is therefore also referred to as the brow chakra.

It’s the sixth primary chakra in our body and is associated with intuition, the future and out-of-body experiences.

Before you dive into the steps, I recommend you check out my article 21 Clear Signs Your Third Eye Is Already Open if you suspect your third eye is open. 

Without further ado, let’s get into how to open your third eye, step 1!

Step 1. Cut Out Fluoride

You will not be able to open your third eye if your pineal gland is calcified.

How do you know if your pineal gland is calcified?

Well, unfortunately, the majority of people over 17 have pineal glands that are heavily calcified.

So much so that they show up as a lump of calcium during an MRI.

What is the biggest cause of pineal gland calcification?

You guessed it:


The first step is therefore to cut out as much fluoride as you can from your life.

Use a water filter to remove fluoride from your drinking water and a fluoride-free toothpaste.

I have been doing this for a year now and my teeth are as healthy as usual. I use Himalaya, Botanique, Whitening Complete Care Toothpaste.

You should also reduce sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives as these also lead to calcification of the pineal gland.

toothbrush and toothpaste

Step 2. Meditate On The Third Eye

Meditation activates the pineal gland, especially if you concentrate on your third eye and meditate in the dark.

Meditating in complete darkness is a very effective method to stimulate the pineal gland, which is why monks have been doing it for thousands of years.

How to meditate on the third eye

  1. Close the curtains and make sure the room is dark and quiet.
  2. Put on a meditation timer (I use Insight Timer). Put it on 10 – 90 min.
  3. Chant “OM”, also known as the sound of the universe, three times.
  4. Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  5. Focus your attention in between your eyebrows behind the eyes.
  6. Clear your thoughts and sit still. If thoughts come up, just observe and let them drift away.
  7. When the time is out, gently massage your limbs and slowly open your eyes.

It’s totally normal if your limbs feel numb. That’s actually a great sign, as it means the energy is going up to your third eye center.

You can also repeat a mantra silently in your head when you meditate.

how to open your third eye

Step 3. Use Essential Oils

I LOVE essential oils as they not only are great for balancing your chakras, but they also smell amazing.

Essential oils basically plant extracts from leaves, flowers and bark and fruit.

There are many essential oils that help balance and heal the third eye:

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Parsley
  • Jasmine
  • Pine

My favourite is lavender. It relaxes me instantly and I love putting a few drops in the bath and on my pillowcase before sleep.

It’s also nice to inhale before meditation to relax an overactive mind.

You can learn more about essential oils for the third eye here:

Step 4. Bring Out The Crystals

Crystal healing is a very effective way of balancing your third eye chakra.

Crystals and gemstones in the purple/violet/indigo palette are especially effective.

Here are some good crystals and gemstones for the third eye:

  • amethyst
  • Iolite
  • purple violet tourmaline
  • rhodonite
  • sodalite

My favorite is amethyst, which is also one of the more affordable and most common crystals you can find in a crystal store.

I also find it one of the most beautiful crystals.

Amethyst links the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, which allows the Universe energy to flow freely through your crown to your third eye and lower chakras.

Place it between your eyebrows during meditation or when you nap.

To learn more about amethyst, check out my article 10 Cheapest Crystals For Beginners.

Step 5. Use Detoxifying Supplements

There are many supplements that help detoxify, boost and decalcify the pineal gland, which will help opening your third eye.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Turmeric (take it with black pepper so it can be fully absorbed by the body!)
  • Colloidal silver
  • Chlorophyll-rich superfoods like chlorella, spirulina and kelp
  • Ginseng
  • Wheatgrass
  • Hydrilla Verticillata
  • Hemp extract (see picture below)

If you can only choose one then I recommend one rich in iodine, such as kelp, as iodine helps remove sodium fluoride via urine.

These are also loaded with vitamins and minerals and your body will love you for taking these.

third eye supplements

Step 6. Eat Foods That Decalcify The Third Eye

Taking supplements is a very effective way of detoxing your pineal gland, however if you have a diet consisting of Big Macs, Skittles and Pringles then they won’t have much of an effect.

You need to every day eat fresh and alive foods.

Stay away from heavy foods like junk food, meat and other animal products.

Reducing these foods will raise your vibrations and help you meditate more deeply.

That’s why most yoga centers serve a vegetarian diet.

Some foods that are especially detoxifying for the pineal gland:

  • watermelon
  • cilantro
  • raw cacao
  • honey
  • noni juice
  • bananas
  • coconut oil
  • seaweed (did someone say sushi?)

For more ways to decalcify your pineal gland, check out my video:

 Step 7. Practise Earthing

Is it just me who LOVE going barefoot? Well, that’s a reason why it feels so good, it’s actually really good for your body (and third eye!).

Hold on Julia, what on Earth is earthing exactly?

Earthing, also called grounding, means connecting to the earth, physically and spiritually.

This Earthing review study shows that grounding affects the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells. How cool is that!

How does this help opening your third eye?

Here’s the deal:

As you are activating your third eye, it’s CRUCIAL to stay grounded.

If you are not grounded, your third eye can become overactive. This can give you nasty third eye opening symptoms and make you feel spacey.

It can make you lose contact with reality, which can be very stressful.

You may also experience symptoms like:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • vision problems
  • bad sleep
  • nausea
  • paranoia
  • seizures
  • headaches

So what are some ways to ground yourself?

Doing yoga or meditation on the ground is a great way, or simply walking barefoot in nature while being present in the now.

barefoot girl

Step 8. Do Yoga For The Third Eye

Yoga helps your chi or life energy move more freely throughout your body, including to your third eye.

There are also some specific yoga poses that help balance and activate your third eye, like:

Step 9. Listen To Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a form of sound wave therapy that affects your brain waves.

According to Psychology Today:

Binaural beats are a technique of combining two slightly different sound frequencies to create the perception of a single new frequency tone.

Listening to frequency 528hz and The Solfeggio Frequency 963hz is a powerful method to opening your third eye. Listen to it while you are meditating or sleeping.

It’s important that you use headphones to really affect your brain waves.

Step 10. Step Into Your Purpose

What does stepping into your purpose have to do with opening your third eye?

This step is actually crucial. Here’s the deal:

As you continue ascending higher and higher, your third eye will naturally open.

In order to continue ascending higher you need to step into your purpose.

Being stuck in a dead-end job that doesn’t feel meaningful lowers your vibrations. Your work needs to be soul-aligned.

The more you step into your mission and what you came to Earth to do, the more help you will get from the Universe, and more of your gifts will get activated.

These gifts are not only your talents but also your psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, which stems from the third eye.

How do you know what your purpose is?

Think about what you would do with your time if you had all money in the world.

Another thing you can ask yourself is:

What frustrates me most about the world?

  • That there is poverty?
  • That we are destroying the environment?
  • Animal cruelty?
  • The junk food culture?
  • The lack of spirituality in the world?

The reason why you feel so strongly about it could mean that you are here to help change it for the better.

If you are unsure of what your purpose is but are strapped for time, you can download my free guide How To Find Your Purpose In 2 Hours here.

how to open third eye

Powerful Bonus Tip

And now for the powerful third eye opening bonus tip, you might not have heard elsewhere: Raise your vibrations. 

“Vibrations and energy are all there is.”

– Every physicist ever

Raising your vibrations will improve your health, including opening your third eye. It also helps you manifest other things in your life faster.

How do you raise your vibrations?

I could literally cover a book on this topic.

So I did…

Introducing my new e-book Raise Your Frequency to Attract Your Dream Life.

You will learn:

  • How and why you should create a ‘positive energy immersion’ environment in your house and life, and what a HUGE difference it will make to how you feel (negative thoughts literally can’t survive in these conditions)
  • Learn the specific hour of the day where it’s CRITICAL that you don’t consume negative messages, so you can instead visualise what you WANT, and ACTUALLY attract it
  • How diet effects your vibrations and the best foods to eat that will raise your vibration so you can feel better, perform better and attract your twin
  • The best 5 best type of exercises for raising your frequency and manifestation powers
  • How you can ground yourself naturally to remove dangerous ‘free radicals’ from your body, so you can feel better and reduce inflammation in your body

You can read more about the e-book here.


Can opening your third eye be dangerous?

Yes, opening your third eye can be dangerous if it’s done in an unsafe and forced manner, before you are ready. You can see entities and hear sounds that are not from this reality, even feel something is touching you, which can be scary and drive you crazy.

Many people have opened their third eye before they were ready, as a consequence of taking a psychedelic such as magic mushrooms and ayahuasca (more on this in the question below).

dangers opening your third eye

What is the fastest way of activating your third eye?

The fastest way of activating your third eye is by taking a large dose of a psychedelic. However, this can be very dangerous and can cause negative entity attachment. By taking a plant medicine/psychedelic, such as ayahuasca, you get a glimpse of how it’s like having your third eye open… on steroids.

It’s a very intense trip. I tried it 4 years ago at a 5 day ayahuasca retreat at Dreamglade, Peru. It was a very profound experience. I had an ego death that woke me up to the fact that I’m not my body, it’s just a shell. We are spiritual beings living a human experience.

I mostly saw geometric patterns and before going to sleep I saw spirits watching me.

I don’t recommend using psychedelics as it is risky to open up your energy field like that.

However, if you are thinking about taking ayahuasca then watch my video on my experience and some safety precautions you can take:

What are the signs of third eye opening?

Some signs that your third eye is opening is pressure or tingling between the eyebrows and on the forehead, increased foresight and seeing lights when your eyes are closed. Many people also report colours appearing more vivid and increased intuition.

For me it started with pressure on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Usually this would happen during meditation, when I’m relaxed in the evening or during full moon and eclipses.

Every time this happens I recommend you stop whatever you are doing and just sit down quietly in meditation and surrender.

Another sign I noticed is that my mind slowly was becoming less attached to my ego.

It doesn’t disappear completely, but it becomes easier to keep it in check. Instead of being a slave to my ego like most of us are, my soul was more in control.

third eye opening


Opening your third eye is not an easy task and takes time. However, if you implement these 10 habits into your life every week, your third eye WILL open.

I hope you enjoyed this post about how to open your third eye.

There are so many articles out there on how to open your third eye fast, as people love quick fixes.

But hopefully, now you can see that this is not something that should be forced (if you want to keep your sanity). So if you have a friend who wants to open their third eye safely, you can share this article with them. 

Are you trying to open your third eye and how is it going? Let me know in the comments!


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