21 Clear Signs Your Third Eye is Already Open

Many people in the spiritual community are obsessed with opening their third eye.
They are trying different meditations, supplements and psychedelics to activate it.
But what if I told you your third eye might already be open?

Maybe you’ve been feeling some light pressure between your eyebrows, you’ve been having vivid dreams, or even an out-of-body experience? 

They say that your third eye makes you more in tune with your intuition and it opens the door to your psychic and telepathic abilities.

Some also say negative things about it such as that it’s scary and dangerous. 

It could be frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t have much knowledge about it. But if you do, it could be one of the most exciting experiences.

Do you think your third eye has been activated but you’re not really sure?

In this article, I will tell you what the third eye chakra is, the signs your third eye is already open, and what happens when it is.

Let’s dive in!

signs your third eye is already open

The Truth About the Third Eye

There are lots of third eye horror stories out there and that’s why a lot of people get scared, but the third eye is not scary at all. It just helps connect us to source and to our spirit guides. 

Learning how to open your third eye for spirit communication is one of our most profound innate abilities. It is very useful if you nurture and practice it. 

There are lots of signs your third eye chakra is already open. We will discuss all of that but first, it’s important to know the truth about the third eye chakra (if your only source is Tiktok, you’re definitely missing out).

how to open your third eye

What is the third eye chakra?

The Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third-Eye Chakra, is the center of awareness, consciousness, and intuition. It is positioned in the middle of your head, between your brows. 

“The third eye sees into the future. When it’s activated, awareness rises and we transcend to a higher plane. It drives us to transcend earthly desires and distractions.”

When a chakra is underactive, it indicates that it is having a blockage or the energy is not flowing.

When this chakra is blocked, you lose your imagination, feel disoriented, and feel fearful about the world around you. 

If you want to have a better awareness of your surroundings and improve your intuition, it is vital that you open and balance your third eye chakra.

third eye meaning

What does it mean when your third eye is open? 

When the third eye chakra is healed and awakened, you feel guided, intuitive, and free.

“When the third eye is open, you can have clairvoyance, visions, and extrasensory perception.”

Messages are sent to you from higher consciousness or the spiritual realm via your subconscious. Without an open third eye, you will remain oblivious to these messages. 

The third eye opens the portal to the subconscious, allowing you to speak with and receive messages and information from higher consciousness and other planes of awareness.

This information or knowledge is given to you for the benefit of your personal and spiritual progress, as well as others’.

Third eye awakening allows us to see our own blind spots and comprehend ourselves. 

Before we can use the third eye to see beyond time and space, we must first use it to view ourselves.

third eye meditation

How to open your third eye safely? 

There are many ways to unlock the third eye. One option is to seek the services of a skilled and highly trained energy healer who will assist you in unblocking the chakras.  

Another option is to use meditation and visualization techniques. Here’s a third eye meditation guide you can try at home or anywhere. 

Like most things, opening your third eye can also be dangerous if done wrong.

That’s why I recommend that you read this step-by-step guide on how to open the third eye fast and safely

Ready to learn the signs your third eye is already open? Let’s go!

21 Signs Your Third Eye is Already Open

When your third eye opens, you will know. If you’re reading this, chances are it already is. 

To help you know for sure, here are some of the common third eye chakra opening symptoms.

how to open your third eye fast

1: Pressure between your eyebrows

The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows in what is also known as the ‘pineal gland’. 

When your third eye is activated, energy flows into it causing some tingling sensation or pressure in that area.

third eye chakra

2: Headaches

This is one of the most common physical symptoms of third eye opening because it’s located near the crown chakra

Energy flows from your pineal gland through the back of your head and this increase in energy may result in frequent headaches.

3: Sharpened intuition

You may notice your intuition getting stronger and more accurate. Maybe you declined a sale because the energy didn’t feel right and then a way better offer came?

Or maybe you felt got a weird vibe from someone and then that person turned out to be a traitor.

third eye opening symptoms

4: Having vivid dreams

Have your dreams been more clear lately? Maybe they seem to contain messages too?

It could be about something in your past that needs to get resolved or healed to help you move forward.

The third eye lets you access your subconscious mind and use it for healing.

5: Lucid dreaming

Originally, traditional Tibetan dream yoga was a prequel to lucid dreaming.

You may think that it’s just a dream but it’s actually a different reality.

Buddhist monks are adamant that spirituality is the core of lucid dreaming because it brought the two worlds together.

third eye chakra meditation

6: Being more conscious of what you eat

An open third eye can make you more sensitive to all the energies surrounding you, even the energies of the things you eat. 

You may even start to not feel good after eating meat because you feel its pain within your body and you may feel drawn to eating more whole, nutritious foods.

7: Developing more empathy

When your third eye awakens, you start to see that we are all one and that everyone is just doing their best based on their level of consciousness.

When someone does something, you understand where they’re coming from instead of reacting or judging them.

hands formed into a heart

8: Seeing shapes and colors when you close your eyes

When we close our eyes, usually we just see darkness. When the third eye is open, you may see colors and shapes.

Since it’s the eye that can see past the material realm, the colors and shapes may be orbs from the spiritual realm or excess energy from your pineal gland.

9: You notice synchronicities

There have always been synchronicities in our lives but people who aren’t awakened usually don’t notice them. 

Maybe you’ve been seeing an animal over and over again or you’ve been seeing angel numbers a little too often?

If you’re interested in angel numbers, you can read about the deeper meaning of angel numbers 12 12 and 1111, and 444.


10: Sensitivity to light and sounds

You may be turned off by places with bright lights or very loud music. You may also begin to hear things you never would’ve noticed before. 

This is because your senses are becoming more in tune with both the physical and spiritual realm. 

11: Lack of fear

There are so many fears that come along with the material realm because of how fleeting life seems here.

When your third eye opens, you become aware of the presence of multiple realities and that we don’t exist in only one. All of a sudden, it’s not so scary anymore. 

self awakening

12: A feeling of freedom

Just like the disappearance of fears, you may also feel a sense of freedom. Freedom from the desires of the ego and the realization that everything just is.

13: Gradual and continual change

You may begin to notice that your life is gradually changing. Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. 

When your sixth chakra awakens, your perspective changes. Because of this, your outer reality changes too.

14: You gain telepathic abilities

This is one of the most exciting signs your third eye is already open. 

You may begin to notice that you seem to know what’s going on in someone’s mind and then they confirm it through their actions. 

You may also feel it when someone’s thinking about you and over time, you may even learn how to send telepathic messages.

15: You become clairvoyant

While the physical eye sees the past and present, the third eye sees the future. You may begin to see visions of events before they occur or get warning signs about a place or event.

girl doing tarot

16: Seeking a higher life purpose

As you are more connected with the source, you also become aware of your higher purpose. 

With your third eye open, you are more in tune with your guides and they will push you towards the right direction as long as you listen. 

17: Seeing beyond the obvious

You see through things that people normally wouldn’t notice. For example, you can spot lies or sense the real intention of someone that other people would not have noticed.

18: Increased creativity

We have two brains, the creative brain and the logical brain. Society favors logical thinking more than creative thinking and because of this, most people have dulled their creativity. 

An active sixth chakra helps you get back with your creativity.

woman drawing

19: Astral projection

Astral projection is a more advanced sign of an open third eye. 

As I have mentioned, there are multiple realities. Being able to have this out-of-body experience means you have the ability to shift realities and go to the astral plane. 

This is an amazing experience but it could be dangerous if not done right. Here’s a complete guide on how to astral project so you may do it in a safe way.

20: Your mind gets less connected to the ego

You become hyper-aware when your ego is in charge or if it’s your true self.

You will notice if you do the things you do because it makes your true self happy or if it’s merely an egoic desire. 

21: Opening to a perception beyond duality

When your third eye is open, you go beyond.

You become present in both the spiritual realm and the material realm.

You become in tune with both your logical and intuitive abilities. 

hand throwing a globe


Can your third eye open by itself?

Yes, it is possible that your third eye opens without you trying to open it. For some people, it usually comes along during their spiritual journey. 

How long does it take to open your third eye?

There is no set time frame on how long it takes. Some people take a few days, weeks, or even years. Be patient and don’t try to force it.

How to close your third eye?

If you think that the vivid dreams and psychic abilities are too much for you, you can close your third eye by doing a third eye meditation. Visualize your third eye transferring its energy towards the other chakras and eventually closing.

monk looking at sunrise


Well, those are the 21 signs your third eye is already open. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something from it.

There are lots of information out there about what happens when you open your third eye. 

A lot of them might scare you, but when you know the truth, all those fears will melt away. You will realize how amazing it actually is.

Having an active third eye chakra not only opens your eyes to new perceptions of the world, it also helps you see within yourself. 

You can use this to access your subconscious, to shine a light on your shadows, and commence a healing.

If you want to know more about yourself, I recommend taking this free numerology report and this free soul reading. 

Getting to know oneself is a lifelong journey and the more you know, the better you will be at fulfilling your higher purpose.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms or signs your third eye is already open? I’d love to hear about your third eye opening experience in the comments!

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Breech Mae

Breech Mae

Breech is a freelance creative whose passion lies in writing about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the metaphysical realm. She combines her experiences and research to share knowledge about these concepts.

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Pat

    My son saw my Third eye open above my right eye! It scared him! Has anyone else seen this?

  2. emma

    I randomly came across this page and found all these signs relateable! But I’m not even a teenager yet, and I’m almost scared of what this may mean since I have only experienced everything except the opening of a third eye, and the angel numbers. If anyone has any answers, please let me know!

  3. Maria

    Not sure if mine is open but maybe is not that strong or if open then closes. The reason I say that is because. I am sensible to light and sounds and i have headaches. Sometimes I see rainbow colors were there a light or I see shadows. Not all the time.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  4. Albert Baird

    Very informative. I have many of those symptoms.
    What is bothering is the internal throbbing of the third area during meditation, and there is a distinct pressure connection like a cord between the third eye area and the forward motion of my hands that I have to repeat for three or nine times before something in me changes to a different motion of my arms.

  5. Chad

    It’s crazy when I was 4 or 5 I remember being upstairs in my room it was like I was sleeping but fully awake I was in a crib next to the window. I looked out the window and I seen a bunch of eyes looking at me big and small then one giant eye appeared and open looking directly at me, my family has been into witchcraft and I do believe my eye was open along time ago because I can see energy coming off of people, I’ve had connections with spirits, dreams are vivid almost real, sometimes half my body is hot and the other half it’s cold, I here high pitched ringing more often over the past few years… not sure if im going crazy or what ,when I close my eyes I see flashes of light and its almost like I’m moving threw my mind at high speed is the best way to describe it

  6. Connie

    After reading this, I’m not alone, I’ve been wanting to tell someone my experiences for years but in my head i get scared cause there look at me different I’m WITCH are came off WEIRD. For years i have Dreams where GOD will send me message are dreams that aware me, I’ve Dreamt I can’t remember until I’m walking into my daily life, and I’ve remembered that I Dreamt this before. I can sense bad vibes from someone and when I close my eyes, I see light and sometimes rainbow

  7. MG

    I have vivid sometimes recurring dreams,I’ve been dreaming all my days and im 50,lot’s of empathy and im a Christian,your 3rd eye is connected to the sacred secretion,you can learn about that topic on YouTube

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