What Is My Sprit Animal? The 5 Step Formula 2024

Your spirit animal is the physical manifestation of spiritual guidance.

The concept of spirit animals originated in Native American tradition.

Your spiritual guide reveals itself in the way which you are most likely to notice. Animals are a constant in most people’s lives, so it makes sense that we connect with the guide through an animal.

When you know the answer to the question “what is your spirit animal”, it inspires you. Your faith in the process of life becomes unwavering and you gain the confidence to move forwards.

There is a limitless supply of spiritual guidance available to you once you connect with your spirit animal.

But what is your spirit animal? And how do you find it? I’ll explain all of that by the end of this post.

People may dismiss the idea of a spirit animal, but guides can only present themselves when the individual is ready. The fact that you are reading this post means you have created space for spiritual guidance in your life.

That’s why I’ve written this detailed explanation on how to find out what is your spirit animal and how to follow their guidance.

Imagine self-doubt being permanently silenced by following the guidance of your spirit animal?

You would go forward fearlessly with absolute confidence in the process.

Some may think that if they had a spirit animal, they would be aware of it by now. In truth, spirituality is only available to those who have created a gap in their pre-conceived thought patterns.

I assure you, your spirit animal IS ready to be found! If you take in the information in this post, there’s no reason that you can’t identify your spirit animal and start to benefit from its guidance right away.

Let’s get into it!

What Is A Spirit Animal?

Your spirit animal is the physical incarnation of a spiritual guide, usually in the form of an animal.

This guide provides you with intuitive signs to help navigate your way through life.

It is thought that your spirit animal is always there, trying to guide you in the right direction. But in order to notice it, you must be ready and willing to have faith. Once it becomes apparent, you will see signs and guidance from your spirit animal regularly.

5 Steps To Find Your Spirit Animal

  1. Reflect on your connection to animals
  2. Meditate on the question
  3. Journal on the subject of animals
  4. State your intention to receive a sign
  5. Analyse your dreams

1. Reflect on your connection to animals

The easiest way to find your spirit animal is to analyse your past relationships with animals.

Is there a particular animal that stands out?

Maybe you remember a certain animal appearing at a pivotal time in your life. Or maybe the thought of a certain animal has caused you to feel happiness since childhood.

You may have to delve deeply into your past memories to become aware of a pattern emerging.

If you feel a strong pull towards an animal, it is likely that this is your spirit animal.

You may also find that certain numbers or patterns keep coming into your mind. These may be trying to guide you also.

Self-reflection is a great way to connect the dots which you may have missed when they were originally presented to you.

2. Meditate on the question

The practice of meditation turns our attention inward, and connects us to the oneness of all things.

It is also a very useful way to open ourselves up to the answers we seek. By stilling the mind, a space is created in which we can receive impulses, inspiration or answer to our questions.

This study shows that mediation can alleviate anxiety and stress, two emotions likely to block you from your spirit animal’s guidance.

Meditating on a question requires patience and a lack of self-judgement.

You may also find it beneficial to travel to parts of the world which are renowned for their spirituality.

There is no forcing involved, only allowing the answer to flow into your consciousness.

You can perform the act of meditation in any given situation, but for the purpose of finding your spirit animal it’s best to be sat down with your spine erect in a comfortable posture.

Become conscious of your breathing, and really feel the air entering and being expelled from your lungs.

Listen to the sounds which surround you, without labelling or judgement, just pure listening and observing.

Once you feel calm and relaxed, ask the question “What is my spirit animal?”

Go back to your breath or observing the sounds, and listen to the answers which are provided to you. At first, the mental commentary may continue, but if you repeat the process and ask the question again, you will eventually receive the answer.

This answer could come in the form of words. It could come in the form of an image or memory. It could come from a place which is beyond description – the spiritual plane.

Pay attention to your feelings. The mind will try to be active, but your deep rooted inner being will know when it has received the answer.

3. Journal on the subject of animals

Journaling is a great way to get your inner thoughts out into a coherent form.

A brief meditation before journaling will help to clear your mind and focus on the question at hand. Write down all of the connections you have to different animals, and how you feel when you think about them.

Putting your thoughts onto the paper will allow you to recognize patterns which emerge around certain animals.

You can then asses what you have written retrospectively, and it will be clear which animal you have written about the most. What are the feelings attached to that animal? Does a particular animal keep popping up on the page?

Once you feel that all of your thoughts have been expressed, analyse your writing to see if an answer presents itself.

4. State your intention to receive a sign

Intention is a powerful force. When we intend for something to happen, with no blocks or doubt, nothing can stop it from materialising in our physical reality.

By stating “I intend to discover my spirit animal” you let go of any resistance and allow the answer to come to you.

It is important to state your intention when your mind is free of any scepticism or negative feelings. Believe that the sign will come, and pay attention to it when it does.

You may notice a few cats in the street as you make your morning commute. You may see a robin perch on the same branch of a tree on consecutive days.

Your job is to simply receive the answer. Your intention will bring it to you with a clarity that can’t be ignored.

5. Analyse your dreams

Dreams are inexplicable phenomena which connect our non-physical self, to our physical self that we call “me”.

Many people have lost the connection to their dreams, and therefore don’t notice the intuitive messages they provide.

By thinking about your dreams often, and analysing them, you can notice the small details which may point to bigger messages regarding your life.

I’ve written a post on evening routines which gives you information on how to fully relax. This advice can help you to slip into the dream state.

Write down any details you remember from your dreams. Especially if they contain animals, as this may be the answer to your question. It may become apparent through your reoccurring dreams that you have a fox spirit animal, an owl spirit animal or a wolf spirit animal etc.


How does your spirit animal benefit you?

Imagine going through life with the certainty that you are on the right path. A spirit animal guides you in the direction which is best for you. You then shift your focus from fear of the unknown to a state of expecting good things to happen.

If you ignore the signs provided to you, you will stop receiving them. The spirit animal relies on your faith and attention to the patterns which emerge.

Can you have more than one spirit animal?

In short – yes! It is possible that different spirit animals can present themselves to you at certain periods of your life. The animal might differ, but the spiritual guide behind it is the same.

Inspiration will appear in whatever form you are ready for at that moment. It’s your job to be open to the gift of intuition that the spirit animals provide throughout your life’s journey.

How do you receive spiritual guidance?

Spiritual guidance can only come when there is a gap in the stream of thinking. Some call this presence, or awareness. Whatever the name, it is a state of pure being that isn’t tainted by unnecessary thoughts.

Some of the best ways to create a gap in the stream of thinking are:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Intense listening
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Psychedelic trips (in a safe, supervised environment)
  • Inner body awareness

Allowing yourself to receive guidance from your spiritual animal is really a case of accepting where you are in the present moment. When you surrender to the circumstances of your life, the mental commentary stops.

This gap in the mind-chattering is a perfect place for guidance to be presented to you.

When spirits are trying to guide you, there are certain signs which indicate this. You can watch this video I made on this subject for more information below:

How do I help others find their spirit animal?

Many people are simply not ready to find their spirit animal. If someone seems interested, it’s great to encourage them. If not, don’t force the issue, they will become aware if and when the time is right.

People’s zodiac sign can also give a clue about who their spirit animal is. Find out which zodiac sign is connected to which spirit animal here.


With the constant feeling of uncertainly in the modern world, it’s vital that we connect with the spiritual forces which can guide us through life.

The feeling of absolute certainty that knowing what your spirit animal is empowering.

Life in this physical body is too short to be spent motionless wondering which path to take.

When you follow your spirit animal, certain clarity appears in your life which removes the hindering self-doubt that society instills in us from an early age.

It allows you to trust the process and not get caught up in the finer details of decision making. You therefore save valuable time and effort which can be spent moving forward.

I hope that this post has helped you to answer the question “What is your spirit animal?” and that you can follow the inspiration it provides to improve your life in so many ways.

What is your spirit animal? Let me know in the comments!


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