What is My Spirit Animal by Birthday: Astrologist Weighs In

Have you ever wondered which animal shares the same spirit as you?

There is a reason we refer to people we most relate to as our spirit animals.

Certain animals shares the same spirit, or power, that each one of us own, depending on the date of our birth.

Much like determining your Personality Code, finding out the exact animal you share a spirit with then allows you to explore and cultivate the powers harnessed by that spirit.

Within Native American culture, there are a number of spirit animals, each linked to a separate zodiac sign.

According to indigenous practices, your spirit animal is an animal that is assigned to your date of birth, and reflects your inner character. Your spirit animal is the translator of your spiritual energy and deep inner desire.

To discover your spirit animal by birthday, a helpful tool is your zodiac sign, which would imply your date of birth.

Once you’ve read through this essential guide, you’ll be aware of what your spirit animal could be.

You’ll find out the answers to the following questions:

What is my spirit animal by birthday? Which powers do I possess according to my spirit animal, and how do I develop them into their full potential?

Let’s get started!

my spirit animal by birthday

Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Spirit Animal by Birthday

Before we get into the different zodiac signs and their spirit animal, it’s helpful to know the origin of spirit animals.

The origins of spirit animals

“A positive effect of working with your power animal is that you’ll develop a greater appreciation not only for that species, but also extend that care and respect to the animal kingdom as a whole.”

– Dr. Steve D. Farmer, astrologist and shamanic practitioner.

The concept of animals is widely known within the Western Zodiac, but they are different to spirit animals.

They were first introduced by the Native Americans, and are connected to the Western zodiac signs to produce spiritual elements and insights.

Spirit animals are considered to be guides. Their role is to advise each zodiac sign to consider certain characteristics that go against their zodiac nature.

Alternatively, they may highlight the sign’s natural features.

Without further ado, let’s find out your spirit animal by birthday!

Aries – Hawk

If you’re an Aries, you’re a fire sign that is associated with features such as passion, independence, and loyalty.

These characteristics are embodied by the hawk, also known as the falcon.

Hawks are natural-born leaders, which means that you may be working as the messenger in a group or family.

You are a natural leader in groups, but tend to work better on your own, due to your innate curiosity.

A disadvantage of hawks is that they may sometimes be seen as arrogant or egotistical. But that is only because their confidence takes priority in every aspect of their lives. Initiative is a hawk’s calling.

Despite its protective features, the hawk is extremely down to earth.

As a hawk, you value your relationships above anything else.

Passionate and adventurous, hawks are also adaptable and open to new ideas.

spirit animal by month

Taurus – Beaver

As a Taurus, your zodiac sign is usually linked to the bull. But as a beaver, you are a small but mighty animal who can adapt and surpass any hurdle that comes your way.

“Beavers are naturally strategic, resourceful, and very witty. They can also be very intelligent.”

Having plenty of time and patience, you make one of the most important workers in any field.

However, a downside of beavers is that they may sometimes turn people off with their persistent attitude.

As a beaver, you should pay attention to not give impressions of being over-demanding, or possessive.

Most importantly though, as a beaver you are compassionate, loyal, resourceful, and generous, especially as a friend or a lover

taurus spirit animal

Gemini – Deer

As a Gemini, you are known to be someone who brings together a multitude of personality, challenges, and fun, which makes your spirit animal the deer.

Energetic, witty, and smart, you’re not afraid of making a fool of yourself, as long as it gets a roaring laugh from their audience.

You’re a fantastic conversationalist, enjoy being social, and love spending time with others.

As a deer, you should be careful not to give in to your vanity, especially when it comes to love.

In this case, your spirit animal advises you to stick to your amazing charisma and personality to attract people towards you.

gemini spirit animal

Cancer – Woodpecker

As a water sign, Cancers deeply relate to the woodpecker’s nurturing aspect.

As a Cancer, you make an excellent parent, mentor or caregiver since you have a deep sense of home rooted inside you since birth.

Caring, empathetic, great listeners, woodpeckers are great caregivers and are very resourceful.

You may be known as frugal to those who know you, but you’re also capable of creating something out of nothing.

As a caution, the spirit animal advises you to control angry, jealous, or possessive attitudes, even though these feelings rarely arise out of you due to your incredibly compassionate nature.

cancer spirit animal

Leo – Salmon

As a Leo, you are known to swim against any current that may be thrown at you, which relates to a salmon.

Salmons are vital in leading the way before them and guide others accordingly.

Salmons are deeply connected to Leo as they are both powerful leaders.

Using its charismatic and contagious energy, the salmon usually draws people effortlessly.

As a salmon, you may have a tendency of appearing overly confident, but those close to you know that you can have your own self-doubts.

Overall, the salmon is loyal, stable, and giving.

When it comes to love, salmons can be overly emotional, especially if romantic feelings are not reciprocated.

leo spirit animal

Virgo – Bear

As a Virgo, you are observant, independent, and a bit of a perfectionist, just like the bear.

Organized and hardworking, you are incredibly intelligent.

Bears may not be known as cuddly creatures, but like you, they have a huge heart and sometimes can be so generous that they will offer everything they have for those they love.

The bear is also known for being impatient and having quite the temper if pushed hard enough, but this is only at their worst, when they’ve been hurt or disappointed.

Bears are also very modest, shy, and can live very minimally if need be.

virgo spirit animal

Libra – Raven

Libra, the sign of the scales, is all about equality and balance. Similarly, the raven is known as a peace-loving creature.

The raven is incredibly intelligent and charming, known for their incredible balance of beauty inside and outside.

You are the perfect mediator in any group, as you are diplomatic, making you a great listener and advice-giver.

You’ve got plenty of energy and are incredibly easygoing in all your relationships.

Inside, you are romantic, patient, and caring.

When a raven is not their usually charming selves, they can be brash, demanding, rude, and even vindictive.

But overall, the raven is very nurturing and loves to give their time and hearts to those around them.

libra spirit animal

Scorpio – Snake

Just like Scorpios, the snake is mysterious, secretive, and even appears ‘darker’ than most other signs.

Snakes are very intuitive and are usually very spiritual in nature, or at least drawn to the paranormal, or the unknown.

Many born under this sign are so drawn to the spiritual realm that they may even devote their lives to the study or leadership of this area.

“What many fail to see about the snake is that they are incredibly passionate, especially in matters of the heart, or even career.”

They are also very funny and helpful if they trust you enough to be 100% themselves around you.

The snake, at their worst, can be violent, disobedient, and even have a multitude of mood swings that can drive anyone crazy.

But at their best, they really are incredible beings that are loyal and loving to those around them.

scorpio spirit animal

Sagittarius – Owl

As an owl, you are driven, energetic, passionate, and also quite hard to nail down to one specific type.

You tend to be seen as impulsive, driven by your emotions.

But you are incredibly easygoing and value your friendships over anything else.

As a downside, owls can be seen as reckless, insincere, or even selfish, but this is only because they crave an environment where they can be nurtured, protected, and loved.

Most importantly, owls thrive in most areas of work, but excel as teachers, artists, or any occupation that allows them to use their hands.

sagittarius spirit animal

Capricorn – Goose

Like Capricorns, geese have the tendency to be lonely, but this is only because being alone gives them the opportunity to unlock their full potential. 

As a goose, you are ambitious, hardworking, and driven. You don’t tend to be driven by those around you; instead, you set your own ideals.

Sometimes, you can be your worst enemy. You must be careful not to create obsessive behaviors or addictive traits.

Overall, you can sway from both worlds quite effortlessly. As a goose, you’re passionate, funny, and generous in terms of time and talent. 

capricorn spirit animal

Aquarius – Otter

As an otter, you are playful, creative, and intelligent.

You are confident and don’t tend to listen to what anyone else tells you.

However, you are extremely approachable and tend to make friends from different walks of life. You also have an incredible imagination and nurturing qualities.

When it comes to love, you can be picky, but when you find the right one, they’re fully devoted.

At their worst, otters can completely isolate themselves from friends or family. But in the right environment, you make the perfect friend or companion.

aquarius spirit animal

Pisces – Wolf

As dreamers among the zodiac signs, wolves are immensely generous and compassionate.

The only downside to wolves is that they can become obsessive when it comes to friends or family members.

But in the right environment, they are incredibly nurturing, gentle, and loving.

You are independent and are comfortable being alone, but at the end of the day, being a part of a pack means that you want to be a part of a group, family, or community.

Your focus in life is to not only find true love, but to nurture it for a lifetime, aiming to make your relationship work and grow.

pisces spirit animal

Your spirit animal isn’t just the specific animal

Each spirit animal is closely associated with a specific zodiac sign, which helps make your spiritual journey smoother by offering you guidance and support.

However, as Dr. Steve D. Farmer puts it:

“The source of power for your animal spirit guide isn’t just a single animal, but the entire species. For instance, if your power animal is bear, it’s not just any particular bear, but an animal spirit guide that’s representative of the entire species of bears.”

It is fairly accepted that each zodiac sign is linked to a particular spirit animal, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the sign is limited to that animal.

By possessing attributes of an animal species, your perception of your potential isn’t limited to that of just one creature.

Your spirit animal isn’t the only way your spirit guides connect with you. For more information, check out this video on spirit guide signs here:


What is the rarest spirit animal?

One of the rarest spirit animals is the owl. So if an owl appears before your eyes in real life, it is not a coincidence but a divine sign from the Universe. 

White owls especially are a significant sign. I have written a whole article about what it means to see a white owl here.

How do you find your spirit animal?

If you keep seeing the same animal it could be your spirit animal guide. They could appear anywhere but they are especially common to appear in dreams and real life. 

For more information on how to find your spirit animal, check out this 5 step formula for finding your spirit animal.

What animal represents luck?

The ladybug is an animal that is considered good luck to see in many cultures. The deer is seen as a symbol of luck in China as their word for deer “lu” means income. They believe seeing a deer means you will live a healthy and long life.


Discovering your spirit animal can alter your perception of life. By identifying the weaknesses that stood in your way, you can reach your full potential.

You also realize that certain strengths were given to you so that you can utilize them to achieve your goals.

Your spirit animal and their species guide you according to your zodiac sign so that the road to finding your purpose will become as clear as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this article about spirit animal by birthday, and now I’m dying to hear:

What is your spirit animal? Let me know in the comments!


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