Shifting Vibrations 2024 Review: Does It Actually Work?

Do you imagine what it would feel like not to worry about money?

You surely thought about that, because we all do.

Most people struggle with money, but why are there millionaires while others are poor?

What do the elites, billionaires, and ancient cultures know about manifesting unlimited money that you don’t?

It is possible to check your bank account and see hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars!

There is no need to worry about work, debts, rent, and so many other things.

The ancient Egyptians showed us that manifesting money is only a matter of vibration.

You can live the life you want by shifting to a higher vibration.

shifting vibrations

That is what Shifting Vibrations apparently shows us.

It is a unique collection of audio tracks that shift your vibration while you listen to them.

They trigger wealth manifestation effortlessly since the tracks have Golden Ratio abundance manifestation frequencies.

You only need to listen to them for five minutes a day. Soon, you will feel the effects.

And the more you listen to them, the more abundance you will attract.

This way, you could manifest money and anything you could think of. Or does it?

Can shifting vibrations really help you unlock your wealth manifestation superpower?

Let’s dive in!

shifting vibrations

Shifting Vibrations Review

They say Shifting Vibrations can give you the push you need to change, whether you are going through everyday problems or getting ready for an amazing trip.

Is it really the start of a new, exciting experience?

Can you really shift to a place where these kinds of world conflicts lessen? Where can you keep making exciting plans for tomorrow?

Shifting Vibrations Purpose

But how does it work? Is all of this even possible?

Yes, it is!

Think of the universe as pure energy.

nikola tesla quotes

Nikola Tesla said If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

So, everything in the universe is energy. Every particle is in constant vibration at higher or lower frequencies.

And not only physical stuff but also our thoughts and feelings are energy.

As the Kybalion states:

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

So, yes, you and your thoughts are energy.

These principles are what the ancient Egyptians knew.

Today, elites and billionaires use this information to get richer. So, why wouldn’t you?

man in a suit looking at his mirror reflection

The thing is, elites also use this knowledge to control you.

One day, they decided to change the default musical pitch in music from 432 Hz to 440 Hz.

What does that mean?

Shifting Vibration and Frequency

432 Hz is the natural ‘harmonic’ golden ratio frequency found on Earth.

It makes you feel safe and in harmony with the universe, like everything is okay.

That is why we feel so pleasant when we listen to the sounds of nature.

The ancient Egyptians built giant pyramids that amplified this frequency. The Pharaohs had more wealth than most billionaires today!

Have you felt financial stress? Did you know it was here by design?

Woman getting stressed in front of her work desk

It occurs because 440 Hz is the money-blocking frequency. It causes chaos in the vibrations of our bodies.

Check out this blog for the signs you’re suffering from low vibrational frequency.

And add to this the fact that internet networks like 5G multiply this money-blocking frequency.

EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) have negative consequences. They damage human cells and DNA.

But beyond that, they damage your aura and your energetic vibration.

What Shifting Vibrations does is shift your frequency from the unpleasant 440 Hz to the harmonious 432 Hz.

It restores balance to your body, mind, and energy. This way, you will activate the flow of abundance in your life.

egyptian frequency

Shifting Vibrations Company Review

Shifting Vibrations is a collection of audio tracks with Golden Ratio abundance manifestation frequencies.

They activate your abundance switch, making you attract money effortlessly.

In other words, it opens the floodgates of abundance by shifting your vibration.

If you listen to these audio tracks daily, you will change your vibration, ending financial stress.

How do subliminal messages work?

Some files contain subliminal messages to reprogram your subconscious thoughts and limiting beliefs.

They are positive affirmations, like “I am wealthy.” If you listen to this affirmation frequently, you will start to believe it and act as if.

woman looking at herself in the mirror

However, we have limiting beliefs. If we hear this affirmation, we will immediately block it.

For example, you will think it will not work because you are struggling financially.

But when you cannot hear the audio (subliminal messages), it will work on your subconscious mind without you noticing.

That means there is no chance you will block that positive affirmation.

Does Shifting Vibrations help with Astral Projection?

This collection contains tracks for experiencing lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Besides, it has audio tracks designed for deep meditation.

You will feel the instant effect!

astral projection

Shifting Vibrations Price and Discount Codes

The whole collection costs $97, but there is a special discount to get it for only $37.

It includes professional audio tracks, and you can listen at any time.

⦁ Track 1: Egyptian Golden Ratio For Abundance 432 Hz
⦁ Track 2: The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz (Retrain Limiting Beliefs)
⦁ Track 3 (WITH SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES): ‘Shaman Beats’ 71-79hz Raise Your Vibrations
⦁ Track 4 (WITH SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES): ‘Lucid Oddysee’ 207-215hz
⦁ Track 5: ‘Golden Ratio Experience’ 396hz
⦁ Track 6: ‘New Horizons’ Astral Experience
⦁ PDF Instructions
⦁ VIDEO LESSON: An HD Video Lesson

woman calling on the telephone

We are unaware of any coupon codes for this product. Nevertheless, you should bookmark this page and check back later. We update it frequently. Right now, the best place to get it is right here.

According to their website, Shifting Vibrations has a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get a refund if you do not like the audio tracks for any reason.

However, make sure to contact them before the 60 days are up.

To get a refund, you can contact the manufacturer of the Shifting Vibrations team at


How does the “Shifting Vibrations” collection work?

shifting vibrations collection

This collection works by making your brain vibrate at a higher rate.

When you listen frequently, your body will get used to this energy.

Soon, you will begin to vibrate at that same rate without listening to the audio tracks.

This state of mind helps you to manifest your dreams and attract abundance.

You only need to listen to this collection for five minutes a day. You will feel the results.

You can also listen to them while going to bed.

The creator of Shifting Vibrations recommends sticking to only one audio track. Then, see how it goes.

You do not need to use headphones. However, they will give you the best results, especially if they are noise-canceling.

Will Shifting Vibrations help me to manifest?

shifting vibrations manifestation

Yes! As any beginner in manifestation, you may know that raising your vibration is vital.

A higher frequency aligns you with the harmony of nature. You begin to co-create with the universe.

This collection aids in manifesting not only wealth but also anything you want.

Will Shifting Vibrations help me to experience astral projection and lucid dreaming?

astral projection and lucid dreaming

Yes! Some files in this collection help to experience astral projection and lucid dreaming.

These two practices also require a high vibration to happen.

Professionals designed these audio tracks to make you vibrate at the right frequency.

You may need to listen to the audio files frequently for them to work.

You can listen to these audio tracks before bed. However, listening during the day will prepare your body and mind for these practices.

How long does it take for the audio tracks to work?

shifting vibrations audio tracks

You can immediately feel the effects. However, achieving the desired results may take a few days or weeks.

The time may vary depending on two factors: your current energetic frequency and how often you listen to the audio tracks.

If you are vibrating at a low rate, you will take longer to tune into higher frequencies.

Some symptoms of low vibration include negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety, stress, and feeling tired all the time.

But if you listen to these audio tracks for longer, your body will adapt faster.

shifting vibrations collection

What does the Shifting Vibration collection include?

It includes 6 audio tracks + PDF instructions, and a video guide.

Track 1:

Egyptian Golden Ratio For Abundance 432 Hz: helps you train your subconscious mind to adopt more positive beliefs and manifest abundance.

Track 2:

The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz (Retrain Limiting Beliefs): builds layers of positive belief in your mind. This helps you believe that you can manifest abundance and wealth very easily.

Track 3 (with subliminal messages):

‘Shaman Beats’ 71-79hz Raise Your Vibrations: Modeled on the deep trance state Shamans and tribesmen achieved over the centuries Aids in deep meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or deep, intense focus. 

pink headphones on a pink table

Track 4 (with subliminal messages):

‘Lucid Oddysee’ 207-215hz: enhances dreams’ vividness and lucidity.

Track 5:

‘Golden Ratio Experience’ 396hz: helps you ground yourself, manifest faster, heal, raise your vibrations, and grow stronger.

Track 6:

‘New Horizons’ Astral Experience: deep meditation, astral projection, and other dimensions. Activates the pineal gland/third eye much faster than other methods.

PDF Instructions

An HD Video Lesson

You can access all of this content immediately after your purchase.

What are people saying about Shifting Vibrations?

frequency and vibrations

This online review summarizes the benefits of Shifting Vibrations. Besides, it emphasizes how listening to it frequently gives you faster results.

It also mentions how it reprograms negative thinking and helps you attract abundance and prosperity.

shifting vibrations testimony

This website summarizes the positive effects of Shifting Vibrations. It indicates how these audio tracks stimulate the pineal gland. Besides, this website mentions how it boosts manifestation.

shifting vibrations review

Alex K describes the immediate effect of listening to these audios. They are relaxing and great to fall asleep. Try them to reprogram your subconscious mind.

shifting vibrations testimonial

This comment by Allie shows the Shifting Collection is helpful for mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga. They are not only calming but also energizing. Try them if you want to quiet your mind.

shifting vibrations comments

Marianna emphasizes the effectiveness of Shifting Vibrations. They help with astral projection, meditation, manifestation, and spiritual work. She likes the audio tracks because they are binaural.


So, is Shifting Vibrations worth it?

YES, Shifting Vibrations is an easy, accessible way to raise your vibration effortlessly.

Shifting Vibrations includes professionally recorded audio tracks designed to help you raise your consciousness and manifest.

They are not only for attracting abundance but also for making you feel balanced.

This collection can help you with anything related to spiritual work. Yoga, astral projection, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, manifestation, and more!

You can listen to the free samples on their official website. Besides, the 60-day money-back guarantee provides a risk-free opportunity to evaluate its effectiveness.

Are you ready to experience the power of Shifting Vibrations? Check out the Shifting Vibrations website.


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