orion starseed

Are You An Orion Starseed? 10 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Discovering that you are a starseed can completely revolutionize your experience as a human being. Orion represents the tale of a brave hunter who was ultimately a victim of his own pride. After reading this comprehensive article, you’ll have the answer to the following questions: Am I an Orion Starseed, and if I am, what is my purpose?

Which is the best zodiac sign?

Which Is The Best Zodiac Sign? Ranked From Worst To Best

Zodiac signs provide us with great insight into our personalities. They are a useful tool for self-discovery and can help us to make the best decisions based on our nature. Of course, all twelve zodiac signs are amazing in their own right! However, for fun, I am going to rank them from worst to best and explain how I made my choices.

sirian starseed

Are You A Sirian Starseed? 10 Signs, Mission & Appearance

Are you a warrior spirit, yet gentle and sensitive? Do you love simplicity and want to live a simple and uncomplicated life? Then you could be a Sirian starseed. Once you have absorbed all of the information in this detailed article, you’ll not only know but feel the answer to the following questions: Am I a Sirian starseed? If so, what is my greater purpose here on planet earth?

pleiadian starseed

Are You A Pleiadian Starseed? 16 Signs, Mission & Appearance

There are currently billions of starseeds on Earth, from different constellations and galaxies around the Universe. However, most starseeds on Earth have their soul origin in the Pleiades. After reading this article you’ll know: Am I a Pleiadian starseed and why am I on Earth? 

how to unblock chakras

How To Unblock Chakras Fast: Balance Chakras For Beginners

A sense of balance and harmony will return to your everyday experience when the chakras are unblocked. The question is, how do you unblock your chakras? Done correctly, the process of unblocking your chakras should be simple and enjoyable. In this comprehensive guide you will learn exactly what you need to do.

lyran starseed

Are You A Lyran Starseed? 15 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Am I a Lyran starseed, and what is my purpose in the physical world? Lyrans are a rare starseed race that have existed long before the history books of this planet were first written. After reading the information in this article you will have the answer to this key question.

spirit animal

What Is Your Spirit Animal? How To Find Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal is the physical manifestation of spiritual guidance. Your spiritual guide reveals itself in the way which you are most likely to notice. Animals are a constant in most people’s lives, so it makes sense that we connect with the guide through an animal. In this post, you will learn how to find out what your spirit animal is.

woman smiling wearing flower crown

100 Affirmations For Self Love & Unshakable Confidence

Affirmations are a powerful way of changing your subconscious beliefs. Today you will learn 100 powerful affirmations for self-love and how to use them to develop unshakable self-love and confidence. The quiet confidence that make heads turn, without you having to say a WORD.

How To Open Your Third Eye Safely In 10 Steps

When you open your third eye chakra you reach a state of higher consciousness. It acts as a gateway to higher dimensions. You are able to lucid dream more often, can see auras, creativity flows as never before and people get drawn to your light like a magnet. The benefits of opening your third eye, located in your pineal gland, are endless. But how does one open and activate their third eye? That’s what you will learn today.

girl by a frozen lake

50 Signs You Are An Old Soul – Traits, Meaning & Quiz

Do you feel you are old beyond your years? Have you felt you don’t quite fit in and can’t relate to people your own age? Then you could be an old soul. In this article you will learn 50 signs that you are an old soul. If you agree with 20 or more of the signs then you are definitely an old soul.