20 Clear Warning Signs From Angels (Watch Out For These)

Have you ever wondered what warning signs from angels are like?

Have you had unusual coincidences or felt that something was trying to speak with you? 

Maybe you’ve suddenly received a weird intuition.

If this is the case, you may be receiving warning signs from angels.

Angels are strong supernatural entities that always watch over us and attempt to assist us on our journey.

They may send us signs in the form of a sudden intuition or a random idea that comes to mind.

Depending on our circumstances, these signs might be gentle reminders or serious warnings.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most prevalent warning signs from angels and how to interpret them.

Let’s dive in!

20 clear warning signs from angels

Warning Signs from Angels

Your angels are not here to confuse or make your life difficult; rather, they are here to encourage and assist you in finding a better way. The purpose of warning signals is to guide you.

What are the clear warning signs from angels?

As a general rule, anyone can receive warning signs from angels; you just have to be receptive, keeping your heart and mind open. Angel warning signs may come in the form of a dream, hearing a voice in your head, or seeing a number. Sometimes it’s more subtle, like a gut sensation or goosebumps.

angel signs meaning

Angel signs meaning

Angels are all around us, ready to provide us with wisdom and help.

However, many of us fail to pay attention to the subtle messages they send to steer us in the right direction.

By focusing on these signs and symbols, you’ll learn how to detect and comprehend celestial guidance and make confident decisions.

How to ask your angels for a sign

You can ask the universe, specifically your angels, for a sign.

To learn how to speak to your celestial guides, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to ask the universe for something.

222 angel number warning

Signs an angel is protecting you

Our angels will keep sending us signs until we start paying attention.

If you want to be more receptive to angelic guidance, start by learning how to open your third eye to move to higher states of consciousness.

According to a 2019 study published on PubMed, decalcifying your pineal gland by going on a fluoride-free diet has many mental, physiological, and physical benefits.

Check out this video for more tips on how to decalcify your pineal gland to open your third eye.

Synchronicities are one of the best signs that an angel is protecting you.

But synchronicities are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more warning signs from angels that we will talk about here.

Have you heard about the powerful love angel number? Check out what 444 means in love.

angel signs numbers

20 Warning Signs from Angels

Here are 20 warning signs from angels:

1: Hearing angels speak 

When you’re at the cusp of making a critical decision, it’s typical to hear a voice in your mind.

This voice frequently challenges your judgment, making you wonder if you are making the right decision.

Sometimes the voice may tell you not to do something. For example, you may perceive messages such as, “Don’t do it!” “Stop!” “Take caution!” or “Consider again. Don’t go that route.”

These warning signs from angels have the potential to save your life.

2: Unexpected warnings

People about to experience or who have experienced major disasters describe feeling unwell the day before or minutes before the incident.

There have been reports of passengers becoming ill right before boarding an aircraft and refusing to board.

signs that angels are around you

They later found that the plane crashed due to mechanical issues. If they had boarded the plane, things may have gone very wrong for them.

These were warning signs from angels trying to keep them safe.

3: Repeating patterns and angel numbers

It is common to see numerical patterns when angels are communicating with you.

Angel numbers can have several meanings.

For example, here’s what the angel number 12 12 means and symbolizes

The more frequently these numbers appear, the more powerful the underlying message.

angel signs and symbols

For example, 777 implies that you’re exceptionally lucky, while 9999 signals that now is the ideal moment to take the action you’ve been putting off.

If you want more clarity about what a certain angel number means for your life, check out this free numerology reading.

4: Uneasy sensations and intuition

A University of New South Wales study demonstrated just how much unconscious intuition may influence and even improve our decision-making.

For example, say you are coming home late at night and about to cross a dark road when you hear an unsettling voice.

Your instincts are warning you not to go. You feel shivers. Goosebumps appear on the back of your neck.

You feel a tightness in your gut. Or maybe you come into the room and just feel something horrible is going to happen.

It is always safer to follow your instincts.

angel signs and symbols

5: Technological errors

Unexpected technological issues are warning signs from angels.

You were late because your alarm did not go off.

You were driving down the highway when your automobile broke down, leading you to miss a trip or an appointment.

Your light switch won’t turn on, and you discover seconds later that there was a wiring issue that might have resulted in a massive fire.

Many people believe these technological hitches happened because your angels were attempting to keep you from a dangerous situation.

6: Misplacing your belongings

You misplaced your keys on the most critical day, leading you to be late. You swear you know where you left them, but they’ve mysteriously vanished.

Or how about the time you couldn’t find the work you needed to submit that day, causing you to fail or be reprimanded?

woman working in the call center

Consider what your angels could be preventing you from doing. What exactly are they attempting to help you learn? 

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Your angels may be preventing you from getting into a horrible situation.

7: Premonitions and dreams

Neuroscientist and author Sidarta Ribeiro notes that throughout history, dreams have been used as instruments for exploring the future.

Dreams serve as entry points for people seeking assistance, wisdom, and insight.

Because they cannot be seen in the actual world, angels communicate with you through dreams before a tragedy occurs.

Angels prefer to communicate with you when you are sleeping since your mind is relaxed and receptive to spiritual voices.

woman hugging knees on bed

8: Delays

You were late for your train. You were late for your bus. Your flight has been rescheduled.

You’re stuck in traffic for an hour on your way to work. The green light came on only 5 seconds late.

Your angels may use these delay tactics to get you to slow down and be more mindful.

These can be annoying occurrences, but consider them to be loving guidance. Consider them as an opportunity to reflect on what you can improve.

9: Warnings via other individuals

Warning signs from angels could be sent to you through your soul friends and relatives.

Consider the comments of those who advise you on what you should and should not do. Consider these signals to be lessons from your angels.

Check out this article I wrote about the clear signs of a true soul friend. A soul friend is actually a gift from the Universe, and they are in your life for a unique reason!

10: Unexpected chills


Have you ever had goosebumps pop out of nowhere or experienced an unexplainable physical tremor?

This might indicate that the angels are close and are very active in their attempts to connect with you.

Chills, like many other symptoms, should cause you to pay closer attention to what you’re seeing or thinking.

A chilling sensation might also indicate that you’re on the right track.

For example, if you’re interviewing for several jobs and feel goosebumps, this might be a warning sign from angels that the employer is not the right fit.

11: Ear ringing

Hearing angels is not like hearing a real person talk to you. Rather, celestial guidance may come to you in the form of a ringing sound in your ear.

Take note of what you’re thinking. If you suddenly hear a ringing sound in your ear, this could be a sign that your guardian angels affirm your ideas and thoughts.

girl covering ear

Angels may be attempting to “underline” a certain concept you are thinking about. Of course, if you have repeated ringing in your ears, you should consult a doctor.

12: Lights flashing

Warning signs from angels can also take the shape of bursts of light or shimmering waves of light.

These can be brilliant white or colorful, and you’ll usually notice them out of the corner of your eye rather than in the center of your vision.

Some experts believe that the hue of light you see might reveal information about what the angel or angels are attempting to communicate to you.

Orange, for instance, is supposed to represent optimism or positivity, green, an increase in power, and blue or purple, an indication that you need to rest.

woman emerging from water covering her eyes

13: Having the sensation that you’re not alone

Unsurprisingly, one of the warning signs from angels is a general sense of not being alone.

Some people claim to be most conscious of this at night when they feel a presence comforting them to sleep.

You may also have this sensation when under stress, a sense that someone is walking with you and supporting you.

Angels are more likely to send you this sign if you are feeling misunderstood, rejected, or alienated. You are never completely alone.

14: Dragonflies and butterflies

Angels on Earth are frequently associated with the natural environment.

This is true not only for the weather but also for animal sightings.

If butterflies or dragonflies appear to be drawn to you, or if you encounter them in large numbers, it might mean that angels are around and actively looking out for your best interests.

woman with butterfly on her hand

Meanwhile, if you want to draw angels’ guidance, collecting products with butterfly and dragonfly images might help.

These beautiful animals are messengers who are inextricably linked to the energy of celestial guardians.

15: Illnesses that come on suddenly

Several tales from 9/11 victims’ relatives state that their loved ones awoke with acute ailments.

According to one tale, a guy awoke with severe vertigo. Despite his wife’s request that he stay at home and relax, he ignored his symptoms and went to work nonetheless.

Similar instances have been recounted by individuals who skipped work that day after waking up feeling ill and choosing to remain home.

16: That uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach

Your solar plexus is located in your gut or stomach. This energy center is most tuned to the mental realm and is frequently where you perceive warning signs and intuition.

person holding stomach

The gut is highly sensitive, and warning signs from angels can be nausea, tightness, butterflies, and pain. Pay attention to what is going on as soon as any of these things occur.

For example, if you feel queasy whenever you are around a specific individual, it is an indication that something is wrong; you should be alert and take action.

17: You frequently drop and shatter items

Don’t put all the blame on your clumsiness. Accidentally dropping items could be warning signs from angels.

It could be that someone close to you needs your urgent help. When you drop and shatter a cup, the universe could be urging you to slow down for a while and reach out to your loved ones. 

Try to determine who might need your help at the moment and do what you can to assist them.

woman holding umbrella

18: Your vacation gets cancelled

If you want to go to your favorite place and your vacation suddenly falls through, don’t be discouraged; this has happened for your own benefit.

Thank your guardian angels for protecting you. It could be that you were not supposed to be at that location at that time.

Keep your mind open. At the right time, your vacation plans will materialize perfectly.

19: Animal sightings

Animals may convey warning signs from angels.

Maybe you regularly notice a certain animal. For some, this is a bird that roosts on your window sill every day or a cat that comes to your house every day.

Maybe you seem to attract crows, or maybe you always have ladybugs on your clothing.

All of these incidents point to an angel watching over you and looking out for your best interests.

blue and brown bird

20: Messages with meaning

An unexpected surge of insightful communications is another typical clue that angels are with you.

A book may open to just the correct page to deliver the type of counsel you want; you may observe recurring slogans in ads, or you may hear others repeating encouraging remarks.

Angels may bring these crucial messages to the forefront, allowing you to see and hear exactly what will help you develop and go forward in life.

You can also directly request such communications from angels when you are dealing with a particularly difficult dilemma.

If you think you’ve received a message from the universe, check out this free personalized moon reading to help you understand the meaning behind the message and true purpose in life based on your zodiac sign.

scenic view of night sky


What does seeing a rainbow symbolize?

Rainbows represent good fortune, wellness, happiness, and health and might signal a favorable shift in vibration and energy, according to renowned psychic Deborah Graham.

What are the bad angel numbers?

Angel number 722 is not a good number. The angels are warning you that your health is in jeopardy. The number 6161 means that you are in a relationship with the wrong person and must leave before it is too late.

What is the 1111 angel number warning?

When you see 1111, it implies you’re on the correct course and have a lot of help from your spirit team. If you disregard these messages, you may miss out on opportunities.

Check out this blog for a more in-depth discussion on the deeper meaning of seeing 1111 everywhere.

20 clear warning signs from angels


Don’t be alarmed if your angels send you a warning sign! Take a moment to reflect.

It certainly is a divine gift from the angels. Act promptly if there is a sign of impending danger. Stop what you’re doing and take a closer look inside.

Your angels are not here to confuse or make your life difficult; rather, they are here to encourage and assist you in finding a better way.

The purpose of warning signals is to notify you.

With present-moment awareness, you may pick up on tiny signals as well as huge warning signs from your angels to keep you out of harm’s way and on the greatest and safest path for you.

Trying to grasp what your angels are saying to you may be an exciting but difficult journey.

I hope this post helps you to identify some of the signals and symbols that have been sent your way.

Pay attention to the signs and be open to receiving messages from your angels.

You can do anything you set your mind to with the love and assistance of your angels and the power of the Law of Attraction.

Do you think you’re getting warning signs from angels? What do you think it means? Let me know in the comments!


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    Hi breech Mae
    I get told via a thought that comes out if no where.
    Recent one being in January 23
    “ there may be a cancerous lump ‘
    Was the message
    My cat Harry passed away on June 23 from a brain tumour

    I’ve had several messages to do with people that will be passing away.

    Although one may think these are negative context

    I find this helpful as it prepares me well in advance of these things happening .

    Not sure which message criteria I would be put into fir these messages .

    Love and light x


  2. Cynthia Waters

    I am definitely getting messages 24/7 I can see hundreds of my guardian Angels. They sent me a visual message in the form of a slow motion movie. They used the moon and clouds. I have the video still on my phone. I took several screenshots from it and I can look at the screenshot and it starts to bring up my spirits and deceased family members faces. I seen several pictures of my family members and some friends. Last night I seen my own face in a sunblock screen on my porch. It showed me blowing smoke from my mouth. I do vape and I have COPD and heart disease. I can’t pull up the right answer anywhere. Could you please help me to understand all the meanings of this?I have had very hard times in the past year and a half. With cyber stalker, everyone didn’t believe me until my sister seen true proof of it. I had shadow people and same thing from everyone. Your seeing things that aren’t real you need to go to mental health your crazy loosing your mind… those shadows were my guardian Angels. I’m thinking that they seen how terrified I was so they manifested. I feel comfort and love and peace. They follow me everywhere. I can see them at night with my naked eye, I hear them, they are several inside with me in my home.

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