How To Attract Your Twin Flame Fast In 3 Steps

Today, I will share with you how to manifest The One – your twin flame. If you’re an old soul, then it’s likely that you have a twin flame. 

Your twin flame is the other part of your soul and if you’re reading this, chances are your twin flame is incarnated on earth right now, and many people will meet their twin flame in this lifetime.

I will also share one thing that other love gurus or manifestation gurus talk about and recommend but this actually is really, really dangerous. And if you’re doing it, you need to drop it right now.

I will go over how I attracted my twin flame Stef in three steps and the mistakes I made so that you don’t have to go through them.

So if you want learn how to attract your twin flame fast then get a cup of tea and let’s dive in!

How To Attract Your Twin Flame In 3 Steps

I’ve been in a stable long-term relationship with my twin flame for over two years now, but it hasn’t always been this way.

I’ve been single for most of my life. I was traveling the world as a nomad. I thought being single was the best thing ever.

I hadn’t really had any long-term relationships before then, but now I’ve completely changed my mind about that.

I think being in a relationship is the best thing ever, especially when it’s your twin flame, because your twin flame is literally the other part of your soul. So you help each other grow.

You’re on the exact same vibration and it’s not a draining relationship. I am an introvert, so I very easily get drained. Even with my best friends.

After a while, I just feel I need to be alone. Now that I’m with my twin flame I never need to recharge, and I’ve never experienced that. I just want to be with him all the time.

So if this sounds like something you want to learn how to attract, then let’s get into the three steps to attracting your twin flame!

how to attract your twin flame

Before we start: 

Read this article first, if you are unsure of the difference between twin flames, soulmates and karmic connections.

Step 1 – Dump the list

It blows my mind that all these manifestation coaches and love gurus are preaching this. They tell you to write a list of all the qualities you want in your boyfriend, so that is what I did.

And that is what kept me from getting into a relationship because I had such a long list. And since nobody was able to tick all boxes, we ended up breaking up or usually never made it past the first date.

The dangerous thing was… I didn’t keep my eyes open for other types of people. 

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds like because we all have mental lists as well. For example, if you are of a certain religion, you might have a mental note that you want to find someone who is also of that religion.

You especially want to let go of these superficial things like a certain eye color or hair color, height or even religion.

These are superficial things that don’t really matter because it’s about the soul and not about the exterior.

So the first thing to write down is what you think is on that mental list. When you have looked for mates in the past, what have you been looking for?

See what they all have in common and write that down and then look through this list and ask yourself, is this from my soul or from my ego?

So let’s say for example, that you are very tall, but you want your boyfriend to be even taller, which is hard to find. Then that could be an ego issue, right?

Maybe you feel like you’re a bit insecure about your height, and you can’t date someone who is the same height or shorter than you.

While for example “he should be kind” is a soul thing because of course we want to have mutual respect for each other and we should all treat each other kindly of course.

Now, when I looked back on my list before meeting Stef, it was a lot of ego things on that list.

For example, money. I always said that it was because ambition has always been an important quality for me when looking for a boyfriend.

Ambitious people usually have money, but I think it was actually also that it would mean that I’d have to work less. So that was actually an ego issue.

Instead of focusing on: how can I make money? I was looking for a partner who could provide that.

And then socially, I was looking for someone who was extroverted and had a big social circle because I did not have a big social circle. I still don’t have.

And I thought this would be a good way for me to just slide into his social circle and not having to make that effort to make friends myself.

So really go through that list and see, okay, is this so he will complete me? Because you want to ALREADY be complete. And if you feel like you’re not complete, then work on that before you start looking for someone. One great way to get to know and accept yourself is doing a numerology reading, I recommend this free one.

girl writing a list

Practise self-love

That brings us to the next step, which is to love yourself – practicing self-love.

This is super important. I definitely did not love myself throughout my twenties.

I’m turning 30 next year, and it wasn’t actually until a few years ago that I truly started to love myself.

I always became a chameleon around other people and I tried to fit in and behave in the ways they behave.

And that made it very easy to connect with people, but short-term because eventually, they found out who I was and that I wasn’t who I pretended to be.

And then they would fall away from my life. So love yourself enough to set boundaries with other people and keep your standards high.

I’ve found the most effective way to practice self-love is through affirmations. So write down positive statements that you want to be true about yourself. It can be something simple like:

  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I deserve love
  • I am one of a kind
  • I give and receive love freely

And just read it to yourself, look into the mirror, into your own eyes and repeat the phrases two to three times.

If you’re finding it hard to convince yourself that the affirmations are true, I recommend doing shadow work to unearth what your limiting beliefs are and release them.

My favorite way of practicing self-love recently has been to take a step back from work and not be a workaholic and make more time towards self-care, like taking a long bath just with myself and some essential oils, maybe a bath bomb.

Massaging my feet, having a nice nourishing morning ritual. girl by the sea

Listen to the signs

The next step is to listen to the signs that the universe sends you and surrender to the journey.

The universe will actually lead you to The One, the person you are meant to be with in this life.

Believe it or not, but you made contracts with certain souls before you were born into this life and including the person you are destined to be with in this lifetime whether that is your twin flame or a soulmate.

You don’t actually have to go on all these dating apps and, and look around, the Universe will bring them to you.

Of course, you can’t just sit around on the couch, eating Ben and Jerry’s, you have to open yourself up to social opportunities by going to different events.

If you are aware of your personality code and know you’re more of an introvert like me then you can go on social media. I met Stef on Instagram.

He messaged me there and eventually, we decided to meet up in Spain. I remember his message. He asked if I’m also a digital nomad.

I looked at his profile and we had so much in common. Just like me, he is vegan, nomad and a blogger. And there was something about his eyes as well, they felt like home.

I know that sounds very silly, but feeling home in their eyes is actually a big sign that this is your twin flame. 


I hope you enjoyed this post on how to attract your twin flame.

Make sure to check out my Youtube channel Twin Flame Guides, if you want to learn more twin flame signs and how to manifest your twin flame.

If you want to find out if you have already met your twin flame, check out my article 50 Clear Twin Flame Signs.

Now that you’ve learned the 3 steps on how to attract your twin flame fast, let me know in the comments if you think that you have a twin flame, or what you’re doing to manifest your dream partner.


Julia Lundin

Julia Lundin

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  1. Sara

    Hi. What do you do if you met your twin flame but they are not talking to you. Hes blocked me everywhere over something ridiculous.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Sorry to hear that! This is your chance to do your inner work (inner child healing, shadow work, mirror work, affirmations etc). The more work you do on yourself, the faster you will attract your twin flame back

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