Starseed Awakening: 8 Signs You’re Going Through One

Are you curious about starseed awakening?

Do you feel like your soul carries a deeper purpose in this world?

Do you often wonder about the meaning of life?

If your answer is positive to all these questions, then there’s a high chance you are going through a starseed awakening.

This post will look at 8 signs that indicate you are experiencing a powerful starseed awakening, and how you can use this realization to harness your starseed powers and gifts.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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What Is A Starseed?

A starseed is an empathetic and ethereal soul who originates from somewhere else in the Universe, such as a far-off planet, galaxy, solar system, and even dimension. 

There are currently 30 or more types of starseeds that are believed to exist, even though only 19 are recognized as true types on Earth. Still, an astonishing 5% of the world’s population only acknowledges what a starseed is in general.

A starseed comes to Earth to assist in the awakening of humanity and raising the vibrations of Earth, each doing it in their own unique way.

If you would like a definitive list of signs to find out if you are a starseed, you can check out this blog post on 50 Clear Starseed Signs & What To Do If You Are One.

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The Starseed Awakening

A starseed awakening is a strong prolonged sense of recalling the identity and purpose of your soul. Most of the time, the process starts with a sudden craving to learn something that lies beyond what you’ve been told.  

Often, you may feel like an outcast from the rest of society and feel that there are lot to discover about yourself in relation to the world around you.

You are invited to evaluate why you made the choices you made in life and consider answers to questions that can only be answered from first-hand experiences as a human being dealing with life.

As scary as this awakening feels at first, it is meant to prepare you to return back to your true origins as a starseed.

Throughout your starseed awakening, you will unearth your unique talents and gifts, begin to use them to shed positive light to the world, and avoid attracting energy that no longer serves you in your ultimate mission of becoming your truest self.

8 Signs You’re Going Through A Starseed Awakening  

  1. The universe starts sending you signs

When it comes to the meaning of life, you feel that there is more than what you’ve been told. As your vibration starts to shift, you begin coming across a number of signs from the universe.

Some of the signs you experience may include seeing angel numbers repetitively, finding coins randomly, and hearing meaningful words or lyrics right when you needed to hear them.

All of these signs make you feel as if you are being shown the way by a higher power. They make you feel calm and reassured as you put all your focus on the mission you came here for.

If you’d like to explore angel numbers that the universe may be sending you, such as 1111, make sure to check out this blog post on the deeper meaning of seeing 1111.

  1. You can remember different lifetimes and civilizations

Many starseeds have childhoods where they have a very strong sense of imagination and want to discover new worlds.

You may find great comfort and even familiarity while traveling through remote forests or treks across the high seas, almost as if you’ve been in those regions before. 

As much as you may doubt these feelings or visions, there’s a good chance that your recollections were more than just fantasies.

It’s very likely that you’re actually remembering memories that belonged to another lifetime or civilization from a very long time ago.

ancient building

  1. You have a strong sense of intuition

When it comes to taking a big life decision, you tend to go after your gut instinct.

You can sense people or events that other people typically cannot sense, and you can even predict what will happen before it happens. You have the gift of seeing beyond the physical world and tapping into the spiritual one.

If you’re seeking to better understand your intuition and the path it is trying to guide you through, you may want to check out this free individualized numerology report.

During your awakening as a starseed, you may welcome empathic skills, such as feeling the emotions of other people and studying your own.

  1. You have a fondness for ancient history, wisdom, and culture

You seem to have been fascinated by ancient cultures and wisdom ever since you can remember, including mythology and the wise words of ancient philosophers.  

As a starseed, there is a very big chance of you being an old soul. If you’d like to find out whether you are an old soul for sure, try watching this YouTube video 5 Signs You Are An Old Soul.

  1. You are interested in alternative modes of healing

You are interested in spiritual modes of healing oneself, including meditation, visualization, Reiki, holistic nutrition, and breathwork.

If you’re curious about how to meditate as a starseed undergoing an awakening, make sure to read this blog post on Best Meditation for Spiritual Awakening.

Opposing medicine in its traditional sense, you firmly believe in the power of nature to heal and maintain the health of you and the rest of humanity, both mentally and physically.

herbal medicine

  1. You love helping others

When it comes to helping others, you’re always in the midst of thinking of doing it. When your friend or loved one is feeling sad, they may find great comfort and solace in your positive presence and support, which you vibrate naturally and on a deep level.

The desire to help others is very much still with you as an adult, and you often find yourself being drawn roles or volunteering positions that help you do just that.

You feel good knowing that you are helping others live better lives, which plays a vital part in your starseed awakening journey.

Generally, you are fast to give advice anytime someone needs it, and being generous is simply a part of who you are. 

  1. You’ve always felt a sense of not belonging

No matter how long you’ve been on Earth, you feel as though something is missing.

This is why you may feel like you don’t originate from Earth, and that you are a stranger or outsider trying to navigate your way around the ways of our society.

You are driven by exploring the unknown, including new places and people.

As a starseed, you may also notice certain signs on your body that indicate that you are different from other humans. If you’d like to explore these signs in more details, make sure to read this blog post All About Starseed Markings on Body.

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  1. You feel determined to connect with other starseeds in your joint mission

As a starseed who is experiencing an awakening, you may feel inclined to connect with other like-minded starseeds who share the same mission of bringing about positivity and spiritual advancement to the world.  

You may also find yourself willing to communicate thoughts and ideas with others, as well as gain knowledge from other souls who understand you on a fundamental level.

If you’d like to explore your soul’s mission more deeply, be sure to try this free personalized moon reading. 


What are the physical symptoms of starseed awakening?

There are a number of physical symptoms you may experience during your starseed awakening, all meant to align you with your ultimate purpose. Some of these symptoms include becoming disoriented with your surroundings, feeling strange aches and pains, waking up in the early morning hours, especially around 3 am., having very vivid and spiritual dreams, higher sensory sensitivity, and the opening of your pineal gland, known as the third eye chakra. 

What is a starseed’s mission?

Your main mission as a starseed is to guide humanity towards Ascension. You can do this by using your special gifts and knowledge, such as art, writing, cooking, innovating, singing, or dancing.

Is there a starseed community?

Yes, there most definitely is! Given that we live in the age of the Internet, there are a number of groups you can join and be a part of online, especially on platforms such as Facebook and Meetup. All you need to do is search for them using the word “starseed”.

8 Steps Of A Starseed Awakening 

It may surprise you to know that, unlike a spiritual awakening, a starseed awakening is one that will trigger you to go through it completely, without being able to fall behind on it. 

Once you’ve surrendered yourself to an awakened perspective, you will find that it will either take some time to get used to it. or immediately grasp it. 

Here are the 8 main stages of a starseed awakening: 

Step #1 The Alienation

This is characterized by an intense feeling of alienation from the world. You may feel a strong sense of unhappiness when it comes to everything, feeling confused or lost.

You may start getting interested in bringing about change and get the feeling that you’re on Earth to serve a higher purpose, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is yet. 

Step #2 The Activation

After coming to terms with this new perspective, you may start coming across events and experiences that make you unearth your psychic abilities.

You may find yourself connecting more with the spiritual realm, as you realize your divine powers as a creator. 

Step #3 Self-Discovery

You will feel instances of remembrance and self-discovery, and experience feelings of either remembering past lives or starting your journey of discovering your true self. 

Eventually, you will want to discover more about yourself, your journey, and the reason you exist in this world.  

Step #4 Stepping Into Purpose

You will start going through an awakening of unleashing your full potential, tapping into the purpose you were meant to harness on Earth. life-force energy.

Step #5 The Identity Crisis

You begin to address and represent your divine self by coming to terms with your genuine self, challenging traditions, and overcoming negative forces and energy in your life. 

Experiencing a crisis of identity, you may find that who you once thought you were is not who you really are, and that it was merely a product of your past trauma, experience, and social upbringing.

Now, you realize you have the power to discover who you are and what you stand for by tuning into yourself.  

Step #6 The Void

Following your awakening, you may experience a void filling you up. This emptiness may come from being unable to pinpoint or find meaning in your purpose on Earth. As such, what started as an inspirational journey now feels like a road with no comprehensive end. 

You start to ask when your life will start to take a positive turn and if everything you’re currently going through will end up being worth it. As well as this, you wonder why you were selected to be responsible for such a mission.

Ultimately, the journey of life can be seen as a spiritual test, with the void acting as the space between complete joy and unhappiness. 

When experiencing the void, it’s normal to feel like you’ve completely let yourself abandon the spiritual world, but as with everything else in life, it is a matter of maintaining a balance between the spiritual world and the physical world. 

With so much advice going around today, it is normal for starseeds to feel lost and confused. 

At this point, you either keep going in your mission of uncovering your true self or let yourself return to the first step of starseed awakening. 

Step #7 The Healing Stage

After experiencing the void, it is time for healing, which includes you carrying out deep inner work, such as shadow work, child work, trauma healing, identity re-creation, and perspective changes. 

You also start prioritising self-care. Perhaps you start taking baths with essential oils and Himalayan salt to cleanse your aura, take up daily journaling, yoga or perhaps buy your first foot massager.

For most starseeds, this is precisely where they start to discover their spiritual gifts, feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the mission they were given to complete. 

Step #8 The Rebirth

The last step involves your rebirth, where you feel the utmost happiness and fulfillment by coming so far in your journey as a starseed. You feel a level of satisfaction that cannot be met by any results or material success.

Ultimately, you feel as though your soul’s purpose is one that is constantly created but not necessarily discovered.

By understanding this, you can’t help but see that your journey is much easier than you thought it would be, as you welcome synchronicity, miracles, and intense feelings of gratitude and appreciation in your life. 


Going through a starseed awakening can be very unsettling as it is an intense procedure you endure. It may feel as though you have gained access to this magical, alternate world that you long to discover yet have a limited ability to do so.   

As such, you become drawn to activities that foster your spiritual side, including meditation and energy work.

Still, you may feel a need to ground yourself in this world by spending time in nature and forming a balance between the spiritual and the physical worlds.

As you uncover your starseed identity as a starseed, make sure to tend to your physical, Earthly needs as well.

If you’d like to delve deeper into the various types of starseed and see which one you relate to the most, have a look through these blog posts below: 

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Do you think you are going through a starseed awakening? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Joseph

    My name is Joseph cornelison , about 4 months ago I had ah women come to my house with ah friend of mine, I had never met this woman before and she had come up to me and said that she’s here to awaken me!! I didn’t understand what she was talking about!! So she had begun telling me things about myself that I was completely unaware of and things that I needed to start doing!! Well ever since that day my whole life has changed and the things I’ve been experiencing are nothing that I can talk about to really anyone,so it’s been ah lonely awakening lol , but I’ve been doing a lot of research and it brought me to your website!! Very thankful to have come across this!!! But would love to get more knowledge and understanding of exactly what’s happening with me, kinda where I need to go with my purpose now!! Again i dont have anyone I can talk to ,I’ve tried but they thought I had lost my mind lol!!! But if you could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it!! Thank you

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    Hi my name is Sherry. I know that I have went through a spiritual awakening. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through but it is the best thing I have ever went through. I am so happy I went through it now. My problem is I don’t know anyone that I can talk to about it. I don’t know anyone who has been through it. It’s hard to tell people about it when they haven’t experienced it.

  3. Donna

    Yes I have never felt I belonged, have always believed in there is another entity in this life, people say I am crazy but still I believe and always will

  4. Donna

    Yes I have never felt I belonged, have always believed in there is another entity in this life.

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