50 Signs You Have A Spiritual Connection With Someone

Have you ever wondered if you share a spiritual connection with someone?

Do you think about this person constantly and can’t seem to get them off your mind?

Do you feel so connected to another person without knowing why?

Is the feeling you get around this person one that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before?

You may be happy to know that you aren’t the only one asking these questions.

This article will help you locate the signs that you are connected to someone on a spiritual level.

Without further ado, here are 50 signs that you have a spiritual connection with somebody.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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What is a spiritual connection?

A spiritual connection is a feeling that there is something bigger than you and your individual experiences, meanings, or beliefs. A person who enters your life to help you see this is someone you share a spiritual connection with.

What is a spiritual connection between two people?

A spiritual connection between two people is a unique bond that transcends physical and mental realms.

This type of connection is similar to telepathic communication which allows two people to be aware of each other’s presence.

Spiritually connected relationships are expressed in a language that only the two parties involved can understand.

What is the spiritual connection of love?

Spiritual love refers to love rooted in a spiritual connection that helps one find meaning and purpose in life.

This spiritual love serves many purposes.

Sometimes, it is meant to accompany us through life, while other times it is here to teach us specific lessons.

 A twin flame is a name given to such a deep spiritual love connection with someone else.

If you haven’t yet found yours, be sure to check out my YouTube video on How I Found My Twin Flame (& How You Can Too). 

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50 Signs You Have A Spiritual Connection With Someone

1. Your instincts confirm it for you

One sign (and perhaps the most obvious one right away) is when your instincts tell you that this is the person you should have a spiritual connection with.

There doesn’t have to be a reason behind this connection. It may feel like there is no reason. You just can’t explain the connection.

If you have to explain it to someone, you may be at a loss for words because there is no way to explain it logically.

In the past, there may have been logical reasons for choosing a partner.

Maybe you felt compatible with your goals, or maybe your family chose them for you.

But not this time. This time, there simply is no explanation for why you chose them – you just love them for who they are.

2. You have similarities

Having nothing in common doesn’t mean you don’t have a spiritual connection, but it does help strengthen that connection.

It can be difficult to connect with someone through intuition alone.

Relationships need a strong foundation on which to take chances, and one way to build that foundation is by discovering common ground.

Similarities can be anything from your movie tastes to how you drink your coffee.

Little things like this spread the word and make it easy to start great conversations together.

3. You can laugh together

Laughter is an important component of building healthy relationships. It shows that you enjoy each other’s company and are not bored.

If you can laugh together and share the same sense of humor, it’s a sign that you’re connected spiritually with someone.

For instance, if one person enjoys dark humor and the other does not, it may be difficult to laugh together because the other person’s jokes may not make sense or may be offensive.

As long as you have a spiritual connection with someone, it doesn’t matter.

You feel like you’re on the same wavelength when it comes to wit and humor, and you can easily get along with each other.

4. A medium confirms it for you

Talking to a real psychic makes things clearer.

But how do you find a reliable psychic? Avoiding fakes is very important in this day and age.

Finding a caring and knowledgeable psychic helps you determine whether you’re dealing with someone you’re spiritually connected with.

A true psychic will not only tell you where you are with that person but will also reveal all of your love potential.

5. Your conversations flow naturally

If the conversation doesn’t feel forced or awkward, it’s another sign of emotional connection.

Sometimes when you’re talking to someone, you feel like you’ve run out of things to say, which can be uncomfortable.

You feel awkward and like you have to constantly think about the next topic.

But this isn’t the case when you have a spiritual connection with the person you are talking to.

You feel like you have so much to talk about and you can’t contain your excitement.

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6. You are comfortable with each other

When it comes to the relationship, you just “get it” and you both feel that way.

When you’re with other people, you may feel uneasy about what they’re thinking about or continue to make the conversation look interesting.

This is pretty common, but it’s tiring.

With the right people, everything flows naturally.

They’re not offensive to each other. All your fears, worries, and anxieties will disappear as you feel safe and stress-free.

With them, you feel content with comfortable silence, so you don’t feel the need to constantly fill in gaps in your conversation.

7. You feel free around them

Liberation is about getting rid of everything that is going on around you that makes you feel like you need to put up barriers.

With them, you feel like you can finally breathe.

This is the feeling of having a spiritual connection with someone.

You feel like they are your breath of fresh air and you are allowed to be free around them.

You don’t feel trapped or restricted by them. It doesn’t feel like a ball and chain.

All you feel is freedom and release, which is very important for your personal growth.

8. You feel like you’ve known them forever

When you feel a closeness that comes from knowing someone for a long time, it’s a sign that you’re emotionally connected to this person.

You don’t feel like you’re meeting them for the first time.

You feel like you’re reconnecting with someone you’ve known for so long but were distant.

If you feel like you recognize them, even if you haven’t met them physically the first time, they may be soulmates from a previous life.

You feel this affinity because together you have accumulated energies from other lives. So you feel like you already know them.

Your soul has traveled with you since you were created.

9. You recognize them

If you have a spiritual connection with someone, that person may be your soulmate.

You can end up wasting a lot of time and energy when you’re with someone who isn’t compatible with you.

Finding “that person” is not easy. But when you do, you feel that you recognize them beyond space and time, and they feel like home to you.

If you’re wondering about whether or not you’ve met your soulmate, make sure to check out my blog post on 50 Clear Soulmate Signs. 

10. You have deep and meaningful conversations with them

The quality of your conversations may feel like something different, something new that you’ve never experienced before.

You may feel like you have nothing to hide from each other and your conversation has no boundaries.

You may feel like you’re not creeping up on “acceptable” topics for conversation.

If you feel like you can talk to them about big things like faith, politics, philosophy, or even the meaning of life, chances are you have a spiritual connection with that person.

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11. You respect each other

With them, there is no rudeness whatsoever.

You respect each other’s life choices and always take part in active listening which plays a big role in respecting each other.

This healthy communication provides knowledge of each other’s boundaries and limitations, giving you a better understanding of what the other person needs.

12. You protect each other

If we can naturally look out for each other, as if we are looking for an extension of ourselves, then we can have a spiritual connection with that person.

Even if you just met, you may feel the need to protect the other person. It’s like a natural instinct to look out for that person no matter what and make sure nothing bad happens to them.

It feels good to be cared for, so the best way to handle this situation is to accept that you are loved and protected, as you love and protect them just as much.

13. You are attracted to each other

You may feel an unexplainable attraction to each other.

You may be in the same place at the same time even though you had no plans to meet, or you see them in a crowded room and feel like you’re being pulled toward them.

This string may be the spiritual connection that binds you together.

That undeniable attraction you feel is something that they can feel too. It’s something that can’t be ignored.

14. Both are on a spiritual journey

Another way to know if you are spiritually connected with someone is to see if you are both making progress on your spiritual journey.

15. You keep seeing the same numbers

You may keep looking at the same numbers at the clock very often. 

Or you keep seeing the same number on your sign, door, or phone.

More than being just a coincidence, there’s a good chance that the universe is sending you a message.

Numbers don’t lie when you share a spiritual connection with someone.

If you’re curious about the angel numbers you keep encountering such as 1111, be sure to read my blog post on decoding the Deeper Meaning of Seeing 1111. 

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16. You are your true self with them

It’s easy to give in to social pressure to act a certain way or think a certain way.

When you’re around other people, you may feel obliged to wear a mask to hide your true self because you’re afraid of being judged.

A sign that you are spiritually connected to someone is when you are able to remove these masks in front of others.

You are comfortable with each other and accept each other for who you are.

You don’t feel the need to change because you know that person won’t judge you.

It’s about being honest and authentic about who you are and with the right person, opening up and feeling vulnerable doesn’t feel like a challenge.

You feel you can be yourself with them.

17. You grow together

When you encourage each other to grow, you will find that the spiritual connection is real.

You don’t feel like this person is holding you back. You feel like they are pushing you to level up.

If you’re wondering about how to progress in your spiritual awakening and unlock your Third Eye, be sure to read my blog post on How To Open Your Third Eye Safely and Fast. 

They help you find ways to improve yourself and vice versa.

You find your purpose together. You may have wandered aimlessly before, but now you feel the need to be better and be who you want to be.

18. Your morals and values are aligned

Another sign that you are spiritually connected to someone is your shared morals and values.

That doesn’t mean everything has to be in common.

You can disagree on small things, but it’s more important to agree on big things.

You may feel like you’re on the same page in terms of thinking and what’s important to you.

19. You trust them

It’s natural to not trust strangers completely. Of course, they are strangers.

However, in the case of this person, it may feel like all doubts are flying out the window and blindly trustworthy.

It’s not a common feeling to trust someone completely, especially if you’ve had trust issues in the past.

Still, you have an undeniable desire to trust that person completely because you are connected spiritually.

Your instincts are telling you that you can open up with this person.

If you are truly connected, then there is nothing wrong with that.

20. You feel their energy around you

There are many things we don’t understand about the Universe.

But more and more people are firm believers in the power of energy – the energy we emit from ourselves affects those around us.

This energy comes from within us, our thoughts and soul.

So if you feel strange energies around you, it’s probably because someone is thinking of you.

Your thoughts represent the energies you feel.

When these thoughts are positive, you will feel an overall positive aura that embodies everything you are experiencing and makes everything seem brighter and lighter.

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21. You live separate lives

When your relationship doesn’t feel like the only one in your life, it’s a good sign that you’re spiritually connected to someone.

Some people get insecure when their partner carves out a relationship to move on with their life, but that’s not the case with a spiritual connection.

You know how to stay away and not get too attached. You have your own hobbies and circle of friends.

Most importantly, you are both safe about this.

You don’t feel like your partner is leaving you or that they don’t love you anymore, and you understand each other wholeheartedly.

If you’re curious about why you are facing certain experiences in life and how to advance your love life, feel free to check out this free personalized moon reading. 

22. Time flies when around them

Talking to someone with whom you have a spiritual connection can sometimes feel like time has stopped.

Suddenly there is no other place and hours go by. Time flies because you enjoy being with them so much.

23. You have similar goals

When you’re walking the same path in life, that’s another sign that you’re spiritually connected to someone.

You are not compatible if you have different mindsets, or if one is much less ambitious than the other.

Maintaining a relationship that does not have the same goals in life can be difficult, especially if it is a serious relationship.

You don’t have to have exactly the same goals.

You don’t have to be interested in medicine or want to work abroad.

But what matters is that you agree on your life plan, such as whether to marry, whether to include children in the equation, who will work and so on.

For a better understanding of your life’s purpose, be sure to check out this free personalized numerology report. 

24. You communicate in silence

It’s very frustrating when someone doesn’t understand you, so this is very useful when you don’t have to verbalize everything just to understand.

But when it comes to the person you are spiritually connected with, this isn’t the case.

Like telepathy, you can understand each other’s feelings and thoughts without saying anything.

You can know when something is wrong and if the other person is happy. It’s like connecting with their emotions.

Neither of you has to say anything – you can simply communicate with your minds.

25. You feel very happy with them

You’ve never felt this kind of happiness before, or maybe you’ve had very taste in the past. Either way, now that you’ve made a spiritual connection with someone, you may feel a joy you’ve never experienced before.

You feel like something changed and you’re full of joy now. They make you so happy that you can step back and think about them and smile, even when you’re not physically with them.

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26. You feel connected to each other’s thoughts

As we said earlier, telepathy allows you to read each other’s minds and that’s how you are connected.

When one of you says something, the other is already thinking it.

It’s like being in sync with each other on a whole new level.

27. You are physically attracted to each other

Of course, part of the spiritual connection has to be physical.

Another sign that you are spiritually connected to someone is if you are physically attracted to each other apart from your mental and emotional attraction.

But intimacy isn’t just about sex.

It can also mean physical affection or pure attraction.

All of this adds up to create a physical attraction between the two of you, reinforcing an already strong spiritual connection.

28. You heal each other

If you can help each other carry on without asking for repayment of any kind, that’s a good sign that you’re spiritually connecting with someone.

But such true support is not always common.

While it’s true that part of finding your one true partner is healing your past, you can also ask for help. It’s okay if other people need to help you.

If you feel they have a healing effect on you, it may be because they do.

If you’re seeking ways to heal yourself from the past, make sure to check out my blog post on Burning the Past – A Detachment Spell for Cleansing Pain. 

29. You challenge each other

This part is not always convenient. The person you have a spiritual connection with may be the one who pushes you out of your comfort zone for your own growth. Your ideals can be challenged, which can cause discomfort.

It’s not a pleasant experience because it makes you aware of your likes and dislikes, but you need to know these things in order to heal and improve yourself.

As such, you will start your journey with someone who will catch you, so know that it will be worth it in the end.

30. You feel familiarity in mundane moments

An experience with them doesn’t have to be special to be meaningful and memorable.

Even just laughing together or going shopping together can create a sense of closeness.

It doesn’t matter what you do. It’s who you are with and who you are spiritually connected to that can mean a lot to you.

31.  You are a better version of yourself with them

Your partner doesn’t necessarily complete you. They are there to inspire you to perfect yourself.

As we said, encouraging each other to grow is an important part of a healthy spiritual connection.

When you’re with someone special, your world becomes brighter and your thoughts more positive.

It’s like someone flipped a switch and now you can see what you need to do more clearly.

When that special person turns your switch on, it can be a spiritual encounter you didn’t know you needed.

32. You’d do anything for each other

For whatever you may need, they are here for you – no questions asked.

You would do anything to give each other what you need, as long as it is healthy and harmless to everyone.

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33. You always support each other

If either of you is going through something, you know that you have each other’s back.

Support for your partner can come in many ways, big and small, such as running errands for them or suggesting a career change.  

What’s special about a spiritual connection is what you can do for each other in whatever way you need to.

Some people try to help without actually helping.

This is not the case in spiritually connected relationships because communication is so open.

You just know what the other person needs, as if you felt it yourself.

34. You appreciate each other

A great sign that you are spiritually connected to someone is not taking each other for granted and regularly thanking them for the little things.

Did they clean up after your pet?

You make sure to thank them and let them know how much you appreciate them and their help.

35. Your zodiac sign confirms it for you

It’s so cool to determine your spiritual connection with someone based on astrology.

Your zodiac sign absolutely helps you figure out if the Universe wants you to be with someone.

Astrology affects the compatibility of two people in terms of communication, love, emotions, gender, personality, and so on.

36. You feel like the Universe is speaking to you about them

It may feel like the Universe is plotting to bring you two together.

You suddenly get random thoughts about them, even if the thoughts are very different from what you were thinking.

This could mean that the Universe is telling you that this is a spiritual connection that should not be ignored.

It throws all the signs at your face and all you have to do is notice them and accept what the Universe is trying to tell you.

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37. You love each other unconditionally

After all, one of the best signs that you are spiritually connected to someone is when you love each other without thinking of repayment.

You love each other and don’t let each other believe that you love each other for a specific reason.

38. You feel deep peace and comfort when you’re with them

When two people experience a spiritual connection, it often begins with peace and quiet.

This does not mean that you can feel their energy and feel their calmness when you are around them, but you will experience it within yourself.

This may also be the result of love and affection. Being around that person can make you calm and peaceful, due to the chemicals released in your body when you fall in love.

39.  They inspire you to be a better person

If you suddenly want to change your life for the better after meeting someone, it is a strong indication that you have a spiritual connection with them.

It doesn’t matter if they are related to you or not.

If you feel like you should be a better person around them, that’s a sign you’re on the same page.

Of course, they love you for who you are, but you still feel encouraged by them to pursue your best self.

40.  A counselor confirms it for you

Talking to a talented relationship advisor help clarify things for you, giving you the guidance you need in life, such as who to be with, and if you share a spiritual connection with someone.

41. Being around them sharpens your senses

If you suddenly start smelling and tasting things more profoundly when you’re with someone, it’s a sign that you have a spiritual connection with that person.

It doesn’t mean that you suddenly become a superhero, but your senses are sharper than usual with this person.

Also, you may be able to feel smells and sensations that you have never felt before.

This can be anything from scents in the air to the emotions of people nearby.

42. Their presence calms you down and makes you feel at ease

If you feel that nothing on Earth can hurt you when you are by this person’s side, it indicates that you have a spiritual connection with that person.

This doesn’t give you the ability to magically disappear while dodging the dangers of the world, but it makes you feel very safe and protected.

It could also be a sign that being with them makes you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time.

With them, you feel that everything fits together and there should be no real reason to worry.

43. They will always support you 

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, will feel safe and secure with them, emotionally and physically.

They reassure you that they’ll always stick by your side, especially during situations where you feel threatened or disillusioned.

At the end of the day, they help you tackle your anxiety, low confidence, and other emotional issues.

44. They know certain things about yourself without needing explanation or evidence

When you realize that you know something about someone you just met that you probably can’t, it shows that you have a spiritual connection with them.

It doesn’t have to be big and grand, but something as simple as knowing what their favorite color is.

You find that they also know intimate things about you, and this could be from noticing how you dress, speak, and relate to other people.

45. They bring out the best in you and your abilities, even if it’s challenging for you

When you suddenly feel confident and can do things you wouldn’t normally do, it’s a sign that you have an emotional connection with that person.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be anything big or ambitious.

It could be as simple as being able to speak in front of a large group of people without stuttering or being nervous.

It could also be a sign that you’re feeling more creative and inspired when you’re with that person.

When two people connect on a spiritual level, they can accomplish anything that they set out to do.

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46. You feel like your souls are talking without words

If you feel that you can communicate with someone with whom you have a spiritual connection without uttering words, that is a sign that you are connected.

This could be a sign of telepathy between the two of you. Or it could be that you feel so close and connected that he feels like a person.

This is amazingly beautiful, but it can also be a little scary.

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, you can read and feel their emotions, thoughts, and desires.

This can sometimes make things a little more complicated, but it can also be a lot of fun.

47.  Something inside you says it should be in your life

If you have a hunch that this person should be in your life, it’s a sign that you have a spiritual connection with them.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be romantically involved with them.

It is possible that you are both meant to be friends or in some sort of mentor/mentee relationship.

This sensation can come on suddenly, or it can come on slowly, slowly.

They just know they are destined to be a part of your life.

You may not really know why, but sometimes you feel attracted to them and feel a deep need to be around them.

This is your intuition telling you that you need to be with this person.

48. You feel like something is guiding and protecting you in their presence

If you feel a force or power guiding and protecting you in the presence of this person, it indicates that you have a spiritual connection with them.

This does not mean that you have some kind of guardian angel watching over you, but that there is some kind of psychic energy between the two of you.

This may be love energy, or you may feel connected to a higher power. Whatever it is, you know you have something there.

49. You respect each other

You should respect this person and they should respect you too.

This is the key to any kind of spiritual connection. If you don’t respect them, you won’t have a spiritual connection.

It is important that the two of you are open and respectful of each other.

If you can learn to respect your partner, you can create a very strong spiritual connection with them.

50. You feel at peace with them

You should feel at peace when you are with this person.

This indicates that there is some kind of connection between the two and that there is an energy that binds them together.

When your mind is calm, it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You should feel free and happy when you are with them.

The truth is, when you are with someone who is connected to you on a soul level, your soul ultimately feels relaxed and at peace.

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What type of spiritual connections are there?

There are different types of spiritual connections that you may experience. These spiritual connections range from soul partners, soul ties, past-life soul mates, karmic soul mates, romantic soul mates, twin flames, companion soul mates, soul families and soul groups.

How do you spiritually connect with someone you love?

There are many ways you can spiritually connect with someone. These involve giving more eye contact, setting aside “us time” each day, exploring what spiritual lessons your partner is teaching you, touching more, having meaningful conversations, finding ways to laugh together, openly communicating your feelings, and practicing self-love.

What is it called when you connect with someone spiritually?

Having a spiritual connection is also known as having a spiritual relationship. It has less to do with sex, and more to do with the way you both experiences harmony, empathy, and peace, as your emotions originate from deep within you, both physically and mentally.


Now you know how to determine if you have a spiritual connection with someone.

The above signs shed some light on your spiritual connection with someone, but it’s important to note that the signs don’t always mean you should be with this person.

As you can see there are many ways to determine if you and this person are truly connected on a spiritual level.

If there’s still something you’d like to know more about, or clarify, talking to an advisor or taking a soul reading can help tremendously.

After knowing the signs of spiritual connection, you can treat your special person with extra care and value them for the important role you both play in each other’s lives.

Have you experienced a spiritual connection with someone? Can you identify with any of the signs above? Let me know in the comments below!


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