Spiritual Awakening Test: What Stage Are You In (1-7)?

Are you searching for the meaning of life?

Are you wondering whether there is a higher power, for example, a God?

Are you questioning why things happen the way they do? Wondering why good people suffer and what is the meaning of death?

These are profound signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

As we begin to learn how to shift from 3D and 4D to 5D consciousness, more and more people are ”waking up” and questioning everything we’ve known to be true for millennia.

Self-awareness is an important aspect of spiritual awakening. Understanding what stage you are in helps you know what to do to move to the next and next step of the awakening journey.

In this article, I explain the seven steps of the spiritual awakening process. Hopefully, this guide will help you perform a personal spiritual awakening test to determine your stage.

No stage is better than others. Moving back and forth across the different stages is common, and this is OK. There is neither competition nor a finish line in this journey.

So, let’s jump in!

spiritual awakening stages

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

As a general rule, we all came from One Source and shall all return to this One Source eventually. Spiritual awakening is the process through which we return to the One Source/God/Soul. The awakening process is part of the Soul’s evolutionary journey toward your Higher Self. It entails your ego transcending your five-sensory self to become aware of your True Nature. Your True Nature is that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

So, what triggers a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakenings are deeply personal events, and everyone’s experience is different. Awakenings can happen spontaneously, seemingly without a cause or trigger.

But, it is common for certain events to ’wake you up’’ spiritually.

For example, the death of a loved one, a painful divorce or breakup, job loss, sudden financial problems, a health scare, being involved in a tragic accident or experiencing a painful relationship with a loved one can trigger a spiritual awakening.

These events can prompt you to question the very essence of life. You might long for a connection with a Higher Power or want to contact a spirit guide hoping that this connection will give you the answers you seek.

“Whether spontaneous or triggered by a profound event, spiritual awakening is characterized by pain and confusion between periods of bliss.”

But, ultimately, you will come to a place of surrender and a deep trust in the Universe, letting go of all worries, fears, pain, and confusion.

Now, let us look at the 7 stages of spiritual awakening. Please note that these stages are not strictly linear; you may go through some stages and not others—your journey is unique.

What I outline here is just a basic framework of what happens when you experience a spiritual awakening. Don’t feel bad or confused about experiencing some events and not others.

spiritual awakening test

Stage 1: Feeling sad, lost, and disconnected

When you are in the early stages of a spiritual awakening, you might feel sadness like you have never felt before.

You might feel like God has let you down, the world is crushing down on you, and no one understands you.

This phase is known as the Dark Night of the Soul.

It is natural to feel this deep sense of despair when something painful happens, such as when you lose a loved one, a job you cared about, your financial stability, or your health.

Your Soul is truly tormented!

During this phase, you may fall into depression or experience high stress levels. You might cry, feel unmotivated, or even develop chronic anxiety.

It is common for some people to even wish to die to end these feelings of despair and existential sadness.

You’ve hit rock bottom.

Although it might not feel like it, you are at the cusp of a great spiritual revival. Everything is happening for a reason and your own good.

Consider doing a moon reading at this stage to help you wake up to the meaning of your life.

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 2: Questioning your reality

During this stage of the spiritual awakening process, you start to question everything you’ve always known to be true.

You may battle with deep questions about your life purpose, the meaning behind the painful event you experienced, or whether there is a God or Higher Power.

In this stage, you may also question why some things happen, such as why good people suffer, where people go when they die, and whether death is final.

It is also common to wonder about your identity. For example, if you’ve gone through a divorce, you might question who you are outside the role of wife/husband or mother/father.

“You might question the overarching economic system if you’ve lost your job or suffered a major financial loss.”

You might wonder why such huge disparities exist between the so-called haves and the have-nots.

It is common for people in this stage to critically analyze some of their habits, wondering whether these behaviors, routines, or lifestyle is worthwhile.

You may still feel sad and depressed during this stage, but you are slowly crawling out of the darkness.

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 3: Seeking answers

In this stage, you will take steps toward finding answers to your deep questions. Seeking is part of your Soul’s evolutionary journey as you try to find your way Home.

You may look for answers online, in self-help and spiritual books, and from spiritual teachers. Some people even do a numerology test to understand their purpose in the Universe.

If you keep seeking, you will find that one resource leads to the other and the other. You might not find all the answers; some things might still need to be clarified, but you will start connecting the dots.

This is a very important stage in the journey of spiritual awakening. You will get glimpses into the Truth, but you must keep your mind open; the answers you seek are within you.

Spiritual teachers, books, and other resources are not the Truth; use these as your North Stars guiding you Home.

Some information and practices may not resonate with you, which is OK. Read as much as you can, ask questions, research, attend, and participate until you find what resonates with you—this is the Truth.

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 4: Finding answers

After a lot of searching, the answers will start coming. The Truth will begin to reveal itself.

During this stage, you will have many Aha moments. Things will begin to fall into place, i.e., you will begin understanding the meaning behind that painful event.

You will begin to find yourself again.

This phase is the beginning of the Death of the Ego because old patterns and ways of thinking will start falling away almost effortlessly.

You may give up some old habits. For example, many people going through a spiritual awakening adopt a healthier lifestyle and take better care of their body, which houses the Soul.

“The Death of The Ego means waking up to your Authentic Self that embodies unconditional love, alignment, peace, and surrender.”

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 5: Feeling disillusioned and lost

This stage might feel like returning to square one. It is quite similar to the Dark Night of the Soul phase.

Here, you might feel like you need more than the answers you have. You sense that something is missing and you do not belong. Be sure to find out the signs of a starseed awakening; these signs could manifest as part of your spiritual awakening journey.

At this stage, it is common to question some of the spiritual information and practices you’d picked up earlier.

Some spiritual gurus that resonated may no longer make sense, and you may dissociate with their teachings. You might also want to leave some of the spiritual communities you became part of.

During this phase, there is a pull to go deeper past superficial spirituality. You want to feel closer to God/Source/The Universe.

This stage can feel confusing because you thought you had found the answers or even finally found your tribe. But, it is now all coming apart again.

Don’t beat yourself up for returning to your rock bottom phase. As I mentioned, spiritual awakening is a complex process; often, it is winding and has numerous ups and downs.

The most important thing is to try and stay the course despite the disillusionment. Remember, the Truth is not outside; it is inside you.

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 6: Deeper searching and inner work

This next stage will demand a lot of your time and dedication. After feeling lost, your Soul is ready to launch into an intense period of searching.

Take your time here. It can take months, years, and decades to meet your Authentic Self and to build a spiritual practice that allows this Higher Self to thrive.

“Your Soul is evolving, and you are learning more about yourself and the Truth of who you are.”

You will go beyond basic spiritual practices and dip into practices such as Reiki, shadow work, inner child work, body, meditation, crystal healing, acupuncture, essential oils healing, advanced yoga, and many other healing techniques.

You might also become interested in concepts such as how to do detachment spells to break from your past.

Arriving at this stage is a pure miracle. You may still have the usual human experiences, such as pain, heartbreak, frustration, stress, and anxiety. But these will no longer consume you as much as they did in the early stages of your spiritual journey.

spiritual awakening stages

Stage 7: Awareness, Surrender, and Integration

The last stage of spiritual awakening is awareness. You will have a deeper knowledge of your own divinity, allowing you to live life more gracefully and confidently. 

You will be acutely aware of your patterns and recognize the connection between everything that happens.

This stage also involves surrender, which is letting go of the remaining false beliefs and ego structures that can rear their heads and return you to your disillusioned state. By releasing these past patterns, you can fully step into your power.

Integration entails applying everything you have learned in your spiritual journey.

Every aspect of your life, including how you interact with others, the food you eat, your friends, and your work, is guided by your spiritual Truth. I put together a video where I explain more about the stages of spiritual awakening. Check it out!

spiritual awakening stages


What are the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening?

Some common signs of spiritual awakening include noticing synchronicities, being more in tune with your intuition, and being self-aware. Others include noticing your behavioral patterns and letting of attachment to people, things, and places. Spiritual awakening also brings about inner peace, compassion, empathy, and a significant decrease in fear. Most people experience these signs gradually; after all, spiritual enlightenment and awakening is a process.

What happens after spiritual awakening?

Everyone experiences spiritual awakening differently, but eventually, you will experience constant inner peace, joy, wisdom, and grace. You will ”wake” up from your dream and ascend to a higher reality in which you have a better understanding of who you are, others, and the Universe. Spiritual enlightenment also puts you in a strong position to leverage the law of attraction and manifest many good things. Life will feel more in tune with the Flow of Life.

What does an enlightened person look like?

Physically, there is not much difference between an enlightened person and one who is not. The main difference is their mental and spiritual outlook. An enlightened person has a light, positive energy around them. Their empathy, compassion, and wisdom make them pleasant to be around. They are calm, optimistic, non-judgment, and less attached to material things than the average person.


Attaining spiritual awakening is a privilege and a great gift from the Universe/God/Source.

That said, awakening and enlightenment can be arduous processes. Don’t be surprised if you go through a depressive and sad phase.

But as you continue to understand your divinity and true nature, depression, frustration, and sadness will give in to peace, joy, love, compassion, and great wisdom.

The good news is that spiritual awakening is accessible. And as you can see from our spiritual awakening test guide, there is no bad or good phase in the process; your job is to conquer each phase gradually until you attain the highest form of enlightenment.

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Benaud D.J. Jones

    I most definitely have experienced a spiritual awakening of astronomical proportion; filled with spirit guides and daily opportunities for shadow work. This pre-planned journey that the creator has allowed me to co-create is in constant flux moving ever closer to revealing the glory of YHVH which led me to this now moment with the Creator, whom I love very much. I give thanks to The ALL for existing in love all at once in order to glorify the unspeakable name of God. May healing and unification back to the ONE be made available to All that is in perfect divine timing. Amen-Aho, and so it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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