50 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms and Signs

Are you in search of happiness and longer-lasting inner peace?

Do you feel like there is more to life than the pursuit of money, fame, and a comfortable lifestyle?

Do you long for a deeper connection with a Higher Power?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might be at the cusp of a spiritual awakening!

Spiritual awakening or enlightenment is a beautiful, empowering, and freeing experience.

But, it can also be punctuated by periods of depression, confusion and loneliness. Yet, to get to the light, you must walk through the dark shadows.

If you want to learn more about the spiritual awakening symptoms and signs, I am glad you stopped by. In this article, I explain some experiences you might have when you become spiritually awakened.

Some might be a bit weird, but most spiritual awakening symptoms will be blissful and grounding.

So, let’s get into the spiritual awakening symptoms!

spiritual awakening symptoms

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

As a general rule, spiritual awakening is a process of ”waking up” from ego-based living and lack of awareness about your True Self to a state of a deeper knowing of your divinity and connection to all there is. When you become spiritually awakened, you don’t become perfect or holier than others. But, you leave behind limiting beliefs, attachment, and unhealthy habits to pursue a more aligned, inspired, optimistic, and compassionate life that reflects the Divine Source.

What causes a spiritual awakening?

Did you know that all of us must undergo a spiritual awakening at some point in this or other lifetimes?

“Spiritual awakening is the Soul’s journey to Self-Realization and back to the Source. We came from the Source, and we must eventually return to the Source.”

The causes of spiritual awakening are varied. Some common events that can trigger the process include:

  • A tragic accident
  • A powerful outdoor event such as mountain climbing triggers an unusual feeling of connection with the Universe
  • The death of a loved one
  • A painful breakup or divorce
  • A job loss
  • Financial difficulties

Often, what we humans see as ”negative events” push us into deep soul-searching, the beginning of a spiritual awakening. Check out one of these videos, where I talk more about the stages of spiritual awakening.

Now, let’s look at the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

50 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms and Signs

Many signs indicate that you are going through a spiritual awakening. These can be emotional, mental, and physical.

What I list here are just the most common signs most people experience. You may not experience all of them, and this is OK! You are on your own path, and everyone’s journey of spiritual enlightenment is unique.

Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for. See which ones you resonate the most with:

  1. You long for meaning

You might have everything you need but sense something is still amiss. You desire to find your purpose and why you are here at this particular time. You long for a feeling of internal fulfillment, an inner drive that will give you a reason to live.

Consider doing a moon reading as a great first step toward discovering your purpose.

  1. You begin to question everything

Everything you know to be true no longer makes sense. You may have been told and subsequently believed that poor people are lazy or people of a certain religion will go to hell. The scales fall off your eyes, and you start seeing falsehoods in such beliefs.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You no longer connect with the people in your life

Spiritual enlightenment may cause you to lose the people in your old life. They may no longer understand you, and you may no longer feel aligned with their lifestyle, values, or outlook.

It’s not that they are bad people, but you realize you are on completely different paths and frequencies.

  1. You are tired of your old habits

You become more critical of your day-to-day habits and notice those that no longer serve you.

You suddenly gain the courage to let go of behaviors, patterns, and routines that do not support your complete well-being.

  1. You adopt a healthier lifestyle

As you let go of your old habits, you feel motivated to adopt new ones. It is common to transition to vegetarianism or veganism when you become spiritually awakened.

You might choose more nutritious foods, be more mindful, and minimize food wastage.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You feel more empathy and compassion for all

You understand others’ plight at a deeper level. You genuinely feel bad about others’ suffering and are more willing to extend a helping hand when you can.

Your compassion is not just for humans but all living things, including plants and all animals, wild and domestic.

If this sign resonates, chances are you are an empath. Do this empath quiz here to find out if you are one.

  1. You are less judgmental

You are more open-minded about things and people who are different than you. You are no longer quick to point fingers, put others down, discriminate, or jump to conclusions.

You seek to understand the Truth and realize that life is neither linear nor black and white; there are plenty of gray areas in between.  

  1. You feel connected to all there is

The concept of duality no longer makes sense. There is no you vs. them. You begin to understand that everyone and everything is connected, and we all originate from a single Source.

You no longer see yourself as separate but as an integral part of the Whole.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You no longer feel attached to material possessions

Money, cars, houses, clothes, and furniture, are no longer as important as they once were. You may still require these things for basic survival, but the need to have them and accumulate more is no longer there.

You begin to see the fallacy of consumerism and embark on a minimalist lifestyle. 

  1. You worry less about the future

Society has conditioned us to feel anxious about the future. Nothing is wrong with planning, but there is a problem if fear drives your actions.

Spiritual awakening dissolves this fear because you feel aligned with the Universe and begin understanding your power to create your reality.

  1. You make peace with the past

The past can be difficult to let go of. But spiritual awakening allows you to transcend your ego to realize the past does not define you.

You can acknowledge it, but you can also learn how to burn the past, break detachment, cleanse the pain and create a new reality.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You are more forgiving

You forgive others without letting them walk over or take advantage of you. You understand that forgiveness is about your peace and growth.

You begin to understand that you can forgive others and still let them go.

  1. You are more self-compassionate

You begin to embrace yourself and love yourself for who you are. You show yourself grace and are quick to forgive yourself. You are less critical of yourself, despite all your flaws.

You talk to and about yourself in a positive, loving way. You easily give yourself a second chance.

  1. You are hungry for spiritual knowledge

You spend time, energy, and resources seeking spiritual knowledge.

You read more self-help, psychology, and spiritual books and use your judgment to find the Truth and identify what resonates.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You no longer feel the need for arguments

You are so at peace with yourself that you are not compelled to engage in meaningless arguments.

You do not try to convert others or force them to see the Truth. You easily agree to disagree with those with whom you are not on the same page. You let others be.

  1. You feel a deeper sense of gratitude

You express gratitude for everything, even the seemingly ‘negative’ stuff.

You begin to have a deep realization of how blessed you are to be alive every single day. You are so thankful for everything you have.

  1. You are more optimistic

You increasingly see the glass as half full, and there is a lingering joy around you.

You feel motivated and capable of creating your reality. You understand your power to attract anything you want.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You have deep peace of mind

Inner peace is a powerful sign of spiritual awakening.

Despite your external circumstances, you feel an unshakable peace in your heart. A peace that surpasses all understanding.

  1. You are more in tune with your intuition

You listen more keenly to your inner voice and allow it to guide you. Your intuition has helped you avoid dangerous situations and make crucial decisions.

A strong intuition will also guide you in manifesting anything you want.

  1. You enjoy your own company

You are no longer afraid of being alone, knowing that aloneness is not the same as loneliness. You crave quiet time and enjoy moments when it is just you and yourself.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You want to quit your job

Fear no longer holds you back, and you are ready to leave your job. You desire more freedom, time, and flexibility to pursue your true passion.

  1. You feel connected with nature

Trees are not just trees; the sunset is more than just a daily event. You are in awe of nature and become deeply in tune with it.

  1. You pick up other people’s energy

You become more energetically sensitive and can detect what another person is all about by their energy. This sensitivity helps you know whom to avoid and whom to embrace.

But being sensitive also means that you might experience other people’s suffering as your own, potentially resulting in depression and disillusionment with the world.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You want to make a positive impact on the world

You are tired of being a mere spectator. You sense that you are here for a higher purpose, such as getting justice for the minority or ensuring that the poor have safety nets. You may be driven to participate in politics to try and change the world.

  1. You abandon your old religion

Your previous religious practices no longer resonate.

Your past religion doesn’t provide the answers you seek and instead instills fear, judgment, and anxiety, so you quit it and pursue spiritual knowledge on your own without the confines of a religion.

  1. You become interested in spiritual practices

In addition to seeking knowledge, you become open to practices such as yoga, Qigong, inner child work, shadow work, prayer, and crystal healing.

I also recommend that you learn deep spiritual meditation to help you clarify your life purpose.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You begin to understand your divinity

You realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It becomes clear that you are the personification of God.

  1. You begin to trust the Universe more

You surrender to the Universe and open yourself up to its ageless wisdom and guidance. You believe the Universe has your back and is constantly responding to you.

  1. You understand unconditional love

When you embark on a spiritual journey, you willingly understand the concept of unconditional love. You begin to see that love is all there is because you are connected to everything and everyone.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You notice synchronicities

You no longer brush off weird happenings as mere coincidences.

You begin to realize that nothing is coincidental; rather, you attract everything that happens, and everything happens according to the Divine Plan.

  1. You are more self-aware

Self-awareness is about noticing your patterns and questioning why these are happening, for example, why am I angry?

Why do I find myself in the middle of drama?

By being self-aware, you heal yourself constantly and align with the Highest Good.

  1. You no longer fear death

You begin to understand that death is just consciousness transcending the physical body. You are no longer afraid of this event or its inevitability.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You begin living authentically

You no longer feel the need to conform to societal or cultural norms. You do not engage in law-breaking activities but begin to rebel against the norm.

For example, you might tattoo your body or cut your hair to find yourself.

  1. You are flourishing

You feel a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction.

This feeling is reflected in all aspects of your life, including relationships, marriage, friendship, professional life, and health.

  1. Your dreams are more vivid

You begin to recall your dreams. You also start to find the meaning of your dreams and their connection to your spiritual journey.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You become more ambitious

You gain the courage to pursue goals you previously thought impossible.

You and others may be surprised by your new courage and accomplishments.

  1. You let go of the need for validation

Needing others to love you back, support you, or validate you no longer matters. You also do not feel the need to explain yourself to others.

  1. You begin to slow down and reflect

The old you would be bogged down by guilt for taking time off to reflect and refresh.

Now, you see that guilt and shame are limiting beliefs, and slowing down is a powerful form of self-love.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. Your values and priorities change

Whereas in the past, you were fixated on your looks, fame, money, and success, a spiritual awakening may shift your priorities to higher spiritual values such as wellness, justice, Truth, and beauty.

  1. You can sense negativity

You are no longer blinded to people’s behaviors and cycles.

You can easily detect when someone is lying, gaslighting, or manipulating you so you can remove yourself from that space.

  1. You attract your teachers

The Universe will send you people or put you in places that allow you to meet the right people to help you on your spiritual path.

You will recognize your teachers when you meet them.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You experience strange bodily symptoms

You may have physical symptoms such as depression, brain fog, and fatigue, especially at the beginning of your awakening.

The upside is you are shedding your old self!

  1. Small talk tires you

The old you may have been fine with small talk and gossip. A spiritual awakening makes you lose interest in small talk and avoid the negativity that comes with gossiping.

  1. You gain a different perspective on time

You begin to realize that time is just an illusion. Also, you understand that there is no finish line, and everyone’s path is unfolding differently.

You surrender to the concept of Divine Timing.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You have epiphanies about your past

Events from your past, especially from your childhood, become clearer, and you begin to see how they affected you throughout your life.

This is part of healing and letting go of your trauma.

  1. Your reactions are more measured

You no longer respond with anger or frustration when things do not go your way.

You feel surprisingly calm, in the flow, and grounded because you trust the Universe.

  1. You are suddenly very emotional

You experience raw emotions. For example, you may cry or easily get overwhelmed by emotions.

This release is part of your healing and rebalancing of your masculine and feminine energies.

spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

  1. You sleep more or less

Your sleep patterns may change drastically.

You may experience sleep disturbances because of all the transformation, or you might need more sleep to rebuild after shedding your old self.

  1. You feel like you are grieving

You feel like you have lost someone dear and are sad and lonely. This feeling is normal. You are mourning the ”death” of your old self and moving from people who were once in your life.

I recommend that you do a numerology test to help you better understand how to cope with the challenges ahead of you.

  1. You have out-of-body experiences

Sometimes you have glimpses of your life outside your body. This experience is part of transcending your ego and is similar to reality shifting.

man levitating over a field


How long does a spiritual awakening last?

Spiritual awakening is a lifelong journey. Once it begins, it never ends. However, you will go in and out of the different phases of awakening and experience different symptoms throughout your journey. Embrace the ups and downs of the journey; everything is happening for the Highest Good.

Why did I have a spiritual awakening?

Your Soul decided to embark on the journey back to the Source. Many events can trigger an awakening. But, why the awakening happened is that you can heal and begin discovering your True Nature and spread the good news through acts of kindness.

What is the dark night of the soul symptoms?

The dark night of the Soul is an early stage in the spiritual enlightenment journey. During this phase, you may experience a loss of purpose, hopelessness, unsupported, and a sense of personal failure. Fortunately, the fog eventually lifts, and you begin to find meaning. 


A spiritual awakening can feel like bliss one moment and confusion and raw emotions the next. But this journey is completely necessary for Soul’s evolution.

Practice self-love and compassion to cope with the sometimes strange spiritual awakening symptoms and signs. Commit to giving yourself grace.

Meditation, prayer, inner child work, and crystal healing can also help you better understand the ebbs and flows of your spiritual journey.

Have you experienced any of these spiritual awakening symptoms? Let me know in the comments!


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