Are You A Sirian Starseed? 10 Traits, Mission & Appearance

“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire cannot burn you. It only burns what you are not. ”– Mooji

Do you love animals, sometimes more than humans?

Are you a warrior spirit, yet gentle and sensitive?

Do you love simplicity and want to live a simple and uncomplicated life?

Then you could be a Sirian starseed.

When you become aware that you are a particular starseed, your life is never the same. 

Discovering this truth brings meaning and order to your thoughts.

Instead of feeling like a lost fragment in a daunting world, you begin to feel connected to everything and everyone around you. A deep-seated peacefulness replaces confusion.

Once you have absorbed the information in this detailed post, you’ll not only know but feel the answer to the following questions:

Am I a Sirian starseed? If so, what is my greater purpose here on planet earth?

Let’s dive in!

sirian starseed

Sirius And The Sirian Starseed

Before we get into everything you need to know about Sirian starseeds, let’s get clear on what a starseed actually is. 

What is a starseed?

The term starseed refers to souls, spirits, and conscious beings that have come from an alternate world to help planet earth in some specific way.

Their deep connectedness with the spiritual plane and access to ancient knowledge can inspire positive realizations amongst human beings.

It is through the process of self-realization, or awakening, that starseeds manifest their abilities in the physical form.

The re-connection with source energy makes it possible for them to carry out their purpose on Earth, which is to improve the experience of the planet and help humans to reconnect with their true essence.

If you feel curious about starseeds and want some guidance to figure out if you are one, you might find this video I recently made on the topic useful.

sirian star system

Who are the Sirian beings?

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world “ – Ramana Maharshi

With so much divide and uncertainty in the modern world, we require guidance from higher beings more than ever.

The evolution of our consciousness requires ancient wisdom from wise spiritual beings, whose experience of the universe can help to guide us through change and into a place of loving knowingness.

Sirians are conscious beings who connect with Earth from Sirius in the Salais star system.

Sirians are much older than the human race, and frequently send messages to humans to help them remember their purpose on earth.

Sirians are representatives of the countless spiritual beings who communicate with planet Earth from Salais, the ascended star system.

It is said that their incredible knowledge contributed to the seeding of the human race, known as “The Great Experiment.”

Sirians come in a variety of forms: some are feline-like beings, elemental beings, lion beings with wings, or blue-skinned beings.

Yet, in the physical realm of planet Earth, they closely resemble human beings.

Sirians are thought to operate on a higher vibrational frequency than the current frequency of planet Earth.

Many of the Sirian light beings are now focusing their energy on helping Earth’s transition.

Their mission is to raise the vibration and aid the beings of this planet in their quest to connect with source energy.    

On planet Earth, everything and everyone exists within the strict physical laws and limitations.

For this reason, Sirian starseeds appear very humanlike, as do all starseeds.

Although this may seem counteractive, in reality, humans are much more likely to relate to a being that appears similar to them.

Sirians are on this planet to help us re-discover the true nature of our existence.

The Sirians are aware of the interconnectedness of all beings within the universe.

Therefore, they know that the vibration of planet Earth has an impact on the vibration of every other aspect of the cosmos.

It’s for this reason that they see it necessary to inhabit a human form and help this planet re-connect with the spiritual plane.

girl with wings on a field

Common Sirian Starseed Traits & Signs

It’s time for the Sirian starseed test! Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you are a Sirian starseed.

If you are not sure about your strenghts and weaknesses, I recommend finding out your moon sign. I recommend this quick moon reading

1. You have a vivid imagination

Your imagination is a place that you commonly escape to.

This was especially strong when you were a child, but has carried on into your adult life.

Imagining new experiences, improvements that can be made, or mystical fantasy worlds are common in your experience.

Sirian starseeds have such vivid imaginations because the worlds they create in their mind are much like the star system that they originate from.

They often imagine even the finest details of a story or scenario, and this is a constant source of fascination throughout their lives.

smiling girl on the grass with flowers

2. You are intuitive

Sometimes you feel a strong pull towards something.

It’s hard to explain this sensation through words, but it feels like there is an internal force guiding you towards making a certain decision.

When you follow your intuition, good things occur.

When you rely solely on logic and other people’s opinions, you become disillusioned and the outcome is often negative.

The deep sense of intuition leads you to certain people, situations, or circumstances which manifest into something much larger and more powerful.

When you allow your internal compass to guide you, it brings you unbounded joy.

3. You prefer to be in the company of smaller groups

Large gatherings and friendship circles appeal very little to you.

Maybe you feel stressed in these situations, and find yourself searching for a quieter place.

Sirian starseeds are introspective, thoughtful beings.

Therefore, they would much prefer to be with a small group of people, discussing the deeper subjects of life and existence rather than participating in small talk and ego-driven conversations.

two girls talking

4. Your trust is hard-earned

You are wary of people’s motives. Although you are not judgmental of people, you do not give your trust away without good reason.

This may manifest itself in close relationships, with you being very selective of the people you allow yourself to open up to.

5. You come across as shy and reserved

Others view you as being quiet or shy. You are unlikely to be the center of attention, and would rather keep yourself to yourself in most situations.

This isn’t due to a lack of confidence, it is simply a result of your analytical way of observing what is going on around you and making sense of it all.

shy girl holding hat

6. You process everything internally

You feel deeply, although you may not show it externally.

Making a decision or forming an opinion is something you take very seriously. You spend time analyzing the meaning behind things.

Your quest for truth and meaning is reflected by your deep inner world, where you process information and experiences and try to extract wisdom or meaning from them.

Sirian starseeds often possess a strong introverted feeling that gifts them with the ability to get to the core of their life experiences.

7. You care deeply about protecting nature

The natural world is something you care deeply about.

You feel a strong sense of oneness between yourself and other species on planet earth, including animals and plant life forms.

This makes you very conscious of the effects that people’s actions have on the environment.

As a Sirian starseed, your ancient wisdom makes you very aware of the connections between everything.

The illusion of separateness seems bizarre to you.

This aspect of a Sirian’s nature is integral to the wellbeing of all nature on planet Earth.

Their strong pull towards treating nature with the care it deserves is inspiring to many and is a truly noble pursuit.

girl in nature

8. You are in touch with your creativity

Just like Andromedan starseeds, sirian starseeds are fascinated by the process of communicating with the creative forces of the universe.

You likely feel inspired to bring things into existence through the mediums of art, writing, poetry, music, or filmmaking.

Others are often amazed by your ability to learn these creative skills with relative ease.

This inert creativity is born out of Sirian’s role in the formative period of the human race, and the artistic nature of their own star system.

Plato once stated:

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”

In the same way, Sirians love for nature and existence, in general, is translated into the beautiful art forms that humans have discovered on planet Earth.

9. You take the road less traveled

Without trying, you seem to “go against the grain”.

People are likely to view you as being an alternative type of person, who rarely follows the crowd.

You express your personality through your appearance, sense of fashion, or eccentricity.

Sirian starseeds are aware that all life forms are essentially the same.

They know deep down that all things are an expression of the one consciousness that animates the world.

The law of polarity states that for there to be connections, there has to also be individuality.

For this reason, Sirians are likely to celebrate their own individuality and trust in their own decisions.

girl with sunglasses

10. You dislike being labeled or stereotyped

Sirian starseeds understand that “change” is simply another word for life.

They, therefore, detest labels that attempt to define a person or thing and resist natural change.

Sirian starseeds are hesitant to pigeon-hole anything, person, or experience because their deep ancient wisdom has allowed them to witness the change in many forms and situations.

This could cause Sirians to feel sad or depressed when people try to stereotype them.

You may feel that labels are a cause of separation and distract humans from their true connection.

You are aware that words are simply signposts pointing us towards a deeper realization.

This abandonment of stereotypes may confuse some people, but it is likely to inspire others to free themselves from the shackles of labels.

If you often feel disillusioned by trends, labels, and stereotypes, this may be a sign that you are an old soul. Old souls feel they don’t quite fit into the contemporary way of life.

starseed eyes


Do Sirian starseeds have an affinity to animals?

Sirian starseeds are intrinsically connected to whales and dolphins, as Sirius B is a water planet where they used to interact with these intelligent beings.

Just like lyran starseeds, sirian starseeds are also drawn to feline-like beings.

They often find themselves looking at animals and imagining them to be fantastical beings.

This is also reflected in Sirian’s imaginations, where lions with wings and elemental beings are commonly visualized.

A topic that is strongly linked to starseeds is spirit animals, which you can find out more about in one of my previous posts.

starseed signs

What is the appearance of Sirian starseeds?

Sirian starseeds not only have an affinity for cats, but tend to have cat-like physical features as well.

Other Sirian starseeds have more dog-like or mermaid-like physical characteristics. 

Just like with any starseed races though, don’t rule out that you are a Sirian starseed just because you don’t tick all the boxes, whether physical or personality traits.   

sirian starseed appearance

What is the Sirian starseed mission?

Simply put, Sirian starseeds have come to help planet Earth remember its divine purpose.

Due to Earth being in a strong transitional phase, Sirians are here to remind us to detach from the external events which may seem overwhelming and focus instead on our inner connection to all things. 

Sirian starseeds make exceptional “gurus”, healers or spiritual teachers once their starseed powers have been activated.

With that being said, they are unlikely to project their knowledge onto others unless they feel there is a window of opportunity where they can provide help.

For more information about your specific life path, I recommend this free numerology test.

How do I know for sure what my starseed soul origin is?

Check out the video below where I go through the signs of the most common starseed types. I also share the method I used to confirm my starseed origin. 


It’s common for Sirian starseeds to feel outcast from other people and the seemingly insane ways that people live today.

However, this feeling ultimately blossoms into acceptance and the need to search for ultimate truth.

Sirians are here on planet Earth to soften the grip of the ego-created drama that many people are caught up in.

They do this by staying true to their intuition, which comes from a place of such depth, and has been used for so many wonderful purposes throughout the universe.

If you’re interested in gaining more insights into your starseed and purpose on this planet, you can download my free guide here on how to find your purpose in 2 hours.

Check out other stareed types below to find out what resonates the most.

If more than one type resonates with you, it’s likely that you’ve had incarnations in all those star systems.

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Do you suspect that you are a Sirian starseed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



Julia Lundin

Julia Lundin

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Betty J Faulkenberry

    Very helpful in confirming that i am Sirian Starseed.

    1. Julia Lundin

      I’m so happy it gave you confirmation of your soul origin. Have a beautiful day starseed!

      1. Andrew

        Julia, I don’t know how to ask this without sounding incredulous and very vague but could you please describe the appearance of a Sirian? I promise if anything syncs up I will share my story with you. Thank you

        1. Alex

          Thank you

          1. Robert schneehagen

            You’re Analysis of star seeds Is overwhelming, I recently learned I might have a Sirian star seed connection, After reading your star seed traits I was blown away By the parallels I shared with this type, About ninety percent Of these traits Applied to me, So you’re either a really good guesser, Or I am in fact a Sirian star seed This information is incredible I can’t wait to find out more about This

      2. JANET

        Julia. I too came accross your site by chance. After reading your pages of, was not by chance. I BELIEVE I WAS GUIDED. I was meant, to meet myself. Real self. I have a deep love and respect for all nature. I rescue cats…dogs..birds…snails, worms….Love tree’s. I have a family of 8 ducks..16..homing pidgeons..doves..sparrows..all garden birds…and hedgehogs. I FEED ALL DAILY. I feel blessed and at peace most when surrounded by nature. I fit all traits you outlined. Thank you dear…I no longer see myself as crazy old cat lady. Eccentric old dear. Bless you.

    2. Connie S

      I to can identify with being a Sirian starseed. As a young teenager I read all the space books I could find in my local library. I have many traits listed. I was born in 1951. There are many changes taking place on Earth as we speak. Thank you for your thoughts. Each one of us has the ability to uplift mankind.

    3. D.Lavanya

      The above post confirmed that I am a Sirian starseed as I have a special affinity for cats. Destruction of nature and the environment is something I feel depressed about. I feel that as humans we should protect our planet and it’s habitat. So many life forms are extinct and their habitat’s destroyed due to man’s relentless quest for harnessing natural resources for meeting our endless needs.
      Trust humans will recognise the need for environmental protection .

    4. Rebecca

      So far I am leaning toward myself being a Sirius Starseed. Many similarities between me and them. I had a QHHT hypnosis session yesterday and I was under the ocean first as a mer-maid then as a very tall, very thin humanoid ET. I also had a very dear protective whale with me the entire time I was under the water. It was my guide.

  2. Gabriela

    Julia, I came across your websie by chance. Looking for symbols for a tatoo, I came accros Starseed symbols. The topic peaked my curiosity. While researching I came across yous articles, and let me just say after 40 years of looking, I finally found my answer. It is so amazing to have this feeling of …..huuuuummmmmm, I’m not crazy after all!!! So far it feels like I’m a Sirian Starseed child. Thank you for suddenly appering into my life.

  3. Kent

    Julia, I have recently discovered that I am a Starseed, but not sure where I came from. From reading above I think I am Sirian. I have a Shaman trained acupuncturist who identified me as a Starseed, after the session I read an article and display 15 of the 16 traits of a Starseed. At the beginning of the article there was a picture of space with a rainbow and while I was driving home the same rainbow appeared between two clouds. The following Sunday my daughter who does not believe in such things sent me a Father’s Day text saying I am the best dad In The Galaxy. To many coincidence in one week! Any advice to determine my origins would be helpful.

    Thank you


  4. Eric

    I actually seem to relate to aspects of almost all of them. The closest one seems to be Orion or Andromeda

  5. Siri Frø

    My first name is Siri, and my last name is Seed… Frø in norwegian….
    I relate in every word, in every world.

  6. Gail

    Hi honey I’m home 🤗 and you have no idea how lost I was. Feels like I’ve been in a deep sleep having a nightmare and I’ve been trying to wake up from. I’m glad to be home and happy to be awoken to my true purpose and calling. I am sirian starseed Gail!!!! Namaste 🙏

  7. Chester

    Julia, I loved the playfulnesses of your video! I believe I may have primarily the dominate traits of SIrian Starseed, and resonate with several others too, so I may have been incarcerated on several star systems before, and like there are multiple (mixed) races of human beings on earth, I believe I could have therefore multiple traits or Starseed characteristics too.

    Maybe it was me-?, but I didn’t see in the video presentation of/on Sirian Starseed characteristics other than what was written in the article, but maybe that’s why it was omitted-?

    My transformation throughout 2021 has been extremely chaotic at times for me, but nonetheless, it’s been eye opening and most revealing too! In one meditation session, I looked at my hands with my eyes closed and even in my mind heard myself asking as I looked at my hands with eyes closed – “Am I blue?”

    This year I’ve found I can intuitively tell if either by being around and talking to certain people, even by phone calls too, tell if they are also Starseed souls too. I can’t just blurt it out, but I sense it strongly, and the few I did say something to regarding what I sensed, some just hear it, or don’t quite know what to say or how to respond.

    I have been working on my soul mission or soul contract here, and actually have two others I identified as being those who will join me on this too. I eventually asked these two, and I it must be the universe telling me it’s good or true, or the divine message I received that it is good as both of these two after hearing my goal/mission decided without questioning either me, or themselves if it was real/good said YES 👍🏻!

    I hope others see your article, and your video, but if you could, please include Sirian Starseed in the video presentation too.

    Plus, I hope they read this long reply, and if your are reading it, you were meant to read it too …, nothing is by chance I’m learning …, you know who you are too … you’re Starseeds 💜🙏🏻💫✨🌟⭐️🌈

    Love 💜 and Light 🌈 to all,

    1. Roxanne

      I thought it was just me and I hadn’t been paying close enough attention but I didn’t hear the Sirian description in the video either. I came here to read more about it. Then I saw your comment. Lol I guess it wasn’t only me. I’m very glad I did read more because this Sirian description is pretty much me. Plus I was able to connect with you in a small way. 💞

  8. Julia

    I think I may have come from the watery world of Sirius B. I have dreamed of being a mermaid and breathing underwater. My spirit animal is an otter and a dragon. I am a poet. I resonated with your article and hope through continuing to channel the ‘Sirian Sounders’ and through guided meditation I will know for sure. Thanks.

  9. Aeron Lazar

    What I find when working with Sirian Starseed sis that they are extremely progress driven and usually very diligent, they have a good work ethics and are very future-progress orientated (just like you mention). I also find them quite serious and dedicated.

    1. Terri

      This is definitely me

  10. Babak

    Im an infj.
    Maybe im a sirian.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!


    A channeler told of my soul evolution and said ive been an sirian i am here to enforce virtues and help anyone to see what they may have not we nourish each other by so many ways i find life so beautiful i thank you for this article

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  12. Ellen

    Yes, Yes and Yes! I allmost tic all the boxes… Except for… I’m into all animals, but I’m allergic to cats to my regret… But, I have the green eyes of a cat.. A lot of hair like the mane of a lion… and even my toes are shaped like a big cat… :))..
    Greetingss from Belgium!

  13. Mary Louise Wolfe

    I may be a Star Seed? I definately sometimes have some clairevoyance. When I was a child I had melt-downs. Telling my family that I loved them. But that they were my “Earth” family and I wanted to be with my real family! One time we were at a public pool at Jones Beach. They stamped your palm and you would put your hand through this like ultra violet light to reveal the stamp. That you paid already and could re-enter through the turnstile. The light reminded me of spaceship that brought me here. I know sounds crazy. I also felt that way when I first saw E.T. It was sad for me! I called my mother , my “earth”. mother. She was always my greatest supporter throughout my life. So it hurt her feelings. My brother told me that they would drug me and send me away. So I stopped talking about it. Later I went to a psychic reader. She said I was a Star Seed. Said she felt like I should be the one doing her reading! A few weeks later I realized she was also a nurse working at my new place of employment! Quite a coincidence! I have had other experiences. I met Moshup when I was in Aquinnah when in my 30’s. Had other Native American Indian chief spirit encounters in Peabody Natural History Museum. He said he was there to protect the souls there. That I am supposed to protect animals and would learn more later. He did not seem happy that there were taxidermied animals were there and Geos and Chrystals under glass. He said I may not do what I was sent here for. Was not happy about it. I don’t know which type of Star Seed I . My Twin Flame I met when I was a teen. He a child. Also when we were both adults. He is 13Yrs younger. He was uninterested in even friendship when we met a few times as adults. Devestating. That was like Twenty yrs ago. He is married now. We were engaged in another lifetime. Deepl in love then. We were killed then. Upsetting no friendship or anything else in this life. With him. I’m glad can express this here.

  14. heba

    hi when I first got to the spiritual awaking it was several traumas at the same time .. I found out I’m a sirian princess and I’m learning how to sail my ship and help out as much
    I love the sea the planets the moon always wondered why wasi born there is a purpose what Is it until I was guided to deep spiritual awareness and starseed I have multiple ethirical wings which when I got the feeling I thought I’m crazy and going mad literally until iv grown multiple sets that even guide me through and help me more
    I’m so thankful for everything and thankful for your time on explaining and sharing

  15. Siri

    I dont know but in my dreams they say I am a star, from the of seven in a nother dimension . I Will go back home after this life …?

  16. Bo

    Yes, I’m Sirian and are related to the cat 🐈‍⬛ DNA.

  17. Bo

    Yes, I’m Sirian and I am related to the cat 🐈‍⬛ DNA.

  18. Gote Alexandra Himmelfreundpointner

    TY Julia, I knew all my life that I am what I am, a starseed, but to read and hear about it so open makes it more vivid. I am based atm close to Lund by chance or more likely because it was time to remember more of myself, the knowledge burried to survive on planet earth.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  19. Kita

    A few months ago, told a friend I was from the planet Sirius as I was always Queen of the Dogs and ALL dogs would come and sit in front of me, or run up to me to kiss my face out in public. Recently , I was praying for my boyfriend to feel Love and he called me from the beach to tell me a border collie came out of nowhere, slurped his face a few times and ran off. I definitely miss my home. ❤️🐶💥SIRIUS🅱️

  20. G.

    Heyyy people! Here is your flying eagle!!!!

    I had discovered it before and I had been studying this a lot and so many synchronicities in so many timelines and names places symbols meanings metaphors and I got it all! And I obviously match with all traits of personality!!!

    Much blessings to you all.. I LL be back very soon!

    1. Julia Lundin

      So happy to hear the article resonated 🙏❤️

  21. shaine

    this is all so new to me, but was shown to me in my birth chart reading. it makes so much sense and i thank you for writing this.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  22. Joni

    I relate to almost all of the traits of Sirius , blew mw away the first time a couple years ago, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good medium. Not to expensive , one that can work by phone I guess since I’m in Washington….. any referrals wud be soo appreciated,!!
    I’ve been looking for one for long time now I figured I wud ruin into one of etc by now! I wud really like to know for sure which starts I am, I also have other questions…. anyway thank you much and wish yall lots of lit up love!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! 😊
      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  23. kiki

    I found out after someone said I think your a sirian started, full stop. he said he was, and identified me as another. I thought it an insult, until he said he was too. I would never call myself anything, rather someone else pointing it out. I in my awkward way made him aware of some things, then we identified straight away, other sirian Starseeds we know. checked out the characteristics, fit to a tee, though I told him its just the new age language stuff for different personality types. I suggested we should try to change language and use a common symbol language for us all to wonder about and connect.

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