How to Shift Realities 101: 3 Powerful Methods (Stop Listening to TikTok!)

Would you like to learn to completely shift your reality and is it even possible?

YES, it is definitely possible and today I will show you exactly how to shift realities.

Reality shifting has become a HUGE sensation on the social media app TikTok.

However, today I will not go into the viral, questionable reality shifting methods mentioned on TikTok, such as the Julia method (I approve of the name though.) 

I will teach you three really powerful reality shifting methods that have been used for centuries and have been proven to work.

There are even studies behind these techniques and the last method will actually shift your current reality and it can be permanent (if you want it to be).

I know that shifting your reality can seem quite “out there”.

“We’ve been taught that this is the only reality that there is, and that keeps us bound to this specific reality.”

However, once we started opening up our minds to the possibility that there might be other realities out there, that’s when we truly can start to shift our reality. 

This is something ANYONE can do. It doesn’t matter what your gender, religion, race or social status is.

The methods I will share today are also super safe, so you don’t have to worry about going crazy, dying etc. 

In fact, it can only BENEFIT your life, whether you want to escape the daily grind for a while, or you just want to enhance it and become the creator and master of your life.

So without further ado, let’s get into the three methods to shift your reality fast!

Let’s dive in!

how to shift realities

How To Shift Realities

Before we get into the three powerful reality shifting techniques, let’s first quickly get clear on what reality shifting is.

What is Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting means moving your consciousness, your soul, from one reality to another reality. There are several ways to achieve this, and mastering these techniques takes time, but is definitely possible. 

Now let’s get into the three powerful reality shifting methods. Either watch this video or scroll down to discover them.

The first step is to get clear on what reality it is what you actually want to shift to.

If you want to get to know yourself better I recommend doing this free numerology reading

Ready to shift to your dream reality? Let’s go!

Method 1: Lucid Dreaming

shifting methods

The first reality shifting method is the ancient practice of lucid dreaming.

Tibetan Buddhists call this dream yoga and this basically means you awaken during your dreams, which allows you to control them and experience anything you desire. 

According to the author David Icke, we live in a hologram and our dreams are just as real as our “real” life. 

Think about it – when you are in a dream – doesn’t feel real? You can use your senses just as well as when are awake.

It’s firstly when you wake up in your bed you realize it wasn’t actually real. 

I love this method because we are sleeping a third of our lives, and most of us are just wasting this precious time.

So by learning how to lucid dream we can take advantage of our sleep state to learn new things, do things we can’t do in real like, such as flying or eating our way out of a cave made of ice cream (my favourite dream) without gaining weight! 

There is nothing you can’t do and no consequences!

Lucid dreaming is a very powerful, reality-shifting method because it’s instant. You can instantly shift the environment around you.

You want to fly to Barbados? Just decide to!

You want to eat a chocolate cake? Suddenly it’s there in front of you!

chocolate cake

How to lucid dream like a boss

How does this reality-shifting method work? Luckily my boyfriend, founder of How To Lucid, is one of the biggest lucid dreaming experts in the world.

He has taught me a lot about how it works and the secrets to lucid dream quickly.

Step 1: Meditate before sleep

Start by meditating for a minimum of 5-10 minutes before sleep.

This will make you more present when you dream, increasing the chance of waking up in your dream.

how to shift reality for beginners

Step 2: Have a strong intention before you go to bed.

Say to yourself that you will lucid dream tonight. Also, state what you will do in the dream. For example:

I will lucid dream tonight. I will be flying and feeling the wind in my hair.

Step 3: Be consistent

Do this every single night, just before you go to sleep. Eventually, you will start to wake up in your dreams.

The first few times you will get very excited or scared, and wake yourself up.

So when you realize your dreaming, take a few deep breaths looking down in the ground until you are calm and ready to explore your dream world.

A bonus tip if you really are serious about this, is to wake up two hours before you usually wake up, stay awake for half an hour, state your intention again, and then fall back asleep.

This is a very powerful method to induce this dreaming. It also helps to be very present throughout the day. You can even ask yourself throughout the day:

Am I dreaming now?

Ask yourself that now and pinch your arm. 

Look around yourself and your surroundings and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. If you see something out of the ordinary, a toothbrush on the grass for example, say to yourself: Oh, that’s weird!

The reason why you want to do that is that in your dreams, weird things happen ALL the time.

You might see a pink elephant and you won’t even question it!

If you start questioning things during your normal day, you will start questioning things in your dream as well.

Next time you see a pink elephant or something else absurd in your dream, you realize you are awake and can start reality shifting and do whatever you want in that dream.

The first thing I love to do when I’m discovering I’m lucid in a dream is to fly.

reality shifting for beginners

Method 2: Astral Projection

The second method to reality shift is through astral projection. This is not a dream – it’s an out-of-body experience, meaning your astral body leaving your physical body! 

You can actually see your body laying there while you’re sleeping and you can fly through different dimensions.

This can happen spontaneously, during illness or a near-death experience for example.

My boyfriend had experienced this when he got into a car crash and could see his body below. 

This might sound a bit scary – what if you can’t come back to your body? But don’t worry, your soul is still connected through the so called silver cord, which only breaks at the time of death.

This is more advanced than lucid dreaming and it can take quite a while until you can get the hang of it.

You can find tons of guided Astral projection meditations and binaural beats on YouTube. 

How to astral project

1. Get relaxed

You need to be fully relaxed and have a clear mind. This is why the mornings, when you have just woken up, is the perfect time for astral projection. Make sure it’s dark and quiet in the room, close your eyes and lie down.

You can hold a quartz crystal to help induce the astral projection and protect you from negative energies. Just make sure it’s cleansed before you start.

2. Do a body scan

Start from your toes and slowly going up to the head, tensing and relaxing each muscle group one by one. Then focus your mind on your breath.

3. Reach a hypnotic state

Get realxed to the point where you drift close to sleep, but your mind is still awake. Let your mind wander to one of your body parts, like a toe and visualize it. Now visualize it moving, curling and uncurling.

4. Visualize the whole body moving

Now visualize your whole foot moving, your whole leg, and eventually your whole body is moving in your mind.

5. Enter a state of vibration

At this stage, you should start feeling waves of vibrations. Try to stay calm when this happens, as you otherwise could lose your progress. The vibrations are your astral body preparing to move from your physical body.

6. Move your soul from your body with the power of your mind

Now comes the fun part – imagine you are standing up, walk across the room and look at your body lying in the bed. If you can see it there, you have succeeded!

7. Move your body to come back

Re-enter your body and gently move your physical toes and fingers to regain full consciousness.

Make sure most of your chakras are unblocked to increase your chances of astral projection. I have a whole blog article on how to unblock your chakras here

Method 3: Manifestation

girl meditating outside

The third method of reality shifting you are already doing at every moment, and is manifestation.

“With your thoughts and beliefs, you are constantly shifting your reality, but you’re doing it unconsciously. The trick is to make it conscious. Use the law of attraction in your favor to attract what you want.”

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, you will attract negative things in your life.

If you’re always worrying you will get a parking ticket then you will get lots of them!

I have used the law of attraction to get at my dream job. You can read how I manifested a Google job here.

I then used law of attraction again to become a digital nomad because I ended up hating my job at Google, but that’s a whole other story

How to use manifestation to shift realities

Step 1: Create a dream board

What I did in both of these cases was, first of all, to create a dream board.

Save pictures on the internet of things you want to bring into your life.

Let’s say you want to move somewhere, you want a certain house, or find the love of your life. Find pictures that represent that and put that on your dream board.

You can print it out or have it as your laptop wallpaper. So every time you open your laptop, you will see this vision board, and slowly but surely, this will start to come true.

I learned about dream boards from my sister. One day she looked back at one of her old dream boards and she saw that she had actually achieved every single thing on that board, without realizing it.

girl painting

Step 2: Create affirmations

Another really powerful technique is to use affirmations – simply write positive statements that you want to be true like:

  • I am a money magnet
  • I love myself
  • I am attractive
  • I am happy

Step 3: Be consistent

Repeat the mantras to yourself in the mirror every single day. Eventually, your reality will shift to your desired one. 


Is reality shifting safe?

Shifting realities is safe as long as you shift to a reality where you feel safe and sound. If you shift to a reality where you feel fear or danger, don’t stay there. Remember that you can always come back and that there is not possible to get stuck in the new reality. You are in full control.

How long does it take to shift realities?

Reality shifting can take days, weeks, or even months, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed the first times you try. It all depends on your mind and body, as they need to be completely relaxed. You also have to believe you can do it, otherwise, it will never happen. 

Can you shift realities during the day?

Yes, you can shift realities any time of the day, but most people find success reality shifting during the second half of the night. Meditation before shifting can help you shift during the day. 


I hope you enjoyed this article about how to shift realities. Now I would LOVE to hear:

What reality do you want to shift to? Let me know in the comments!


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