33 Reality Shifting Methods: The Ultimate List 2024

Have you ever wished to transcend your current reality and experience other realities?

If you suspect that the Universe is infinitely expansive and that there must be realities other than our current physical reality, you are right!

Reality shifting is one of the best ways to expand your consciousness and use the power of imagination to go beyond your current reality to your desired reality.

Personally, I have tried several shifting realities methods with great success. In this article, I explain how to shift realities fast.

I recommend starting with simple reality-shifting methods for beginners before moving to the advanced ones.

So, let’s get into the reality shifting methods!

reality shifting methods

What Is Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting involves prompting your consciousness to move from the current reality (CR) to your desired reality (DR). Your DR can be anything you can imagine, and you will experience it as real as your CR. Shifting is a quantum journey such that your body remains in the physical reality, but your consciousness leaves your physical plane to explore multiple realities of your choice.

Tips for successful reality shifting

Regardless of the desired reality-shifting methods you use, there are several steps you should take to mentally and physically prepare yourself.

Here are the crucial things I do before attempting to move from this current reality to a desired reality:

  • Eliminate any stressors, such as pending chores, that might prevent you from focusing. Get yourself to a point where you are mentally settled.
  • Find a quiet place, preferably your bedroom, where you can perform the reality shifting. Ensure that your bedroom is clean, organized, well-ventilated, and comfortable. Comfort is very important for successful shifting.
  • Perform relaxing exercises such as meditation, yoga, or listening to soothing music. To shift faster, I strongly recommend learning how to meditate for spiritual awakening.
  • Drink enough water and nutritious food to avoid distractions from thirst or hunger.
  • Write down what you want to experience in your desired reality. Include the people you want to see, the things you want to do, and the places you want to go.

Let’s now learn more about reality-shifting techniques you can easily perform.

reality shifting technique

  1. The Julia Method

I love the Julia method because it is super easy, powerful, and believable (I might be a bit biased because it’s Julia’s name…).

To prepare to shift to your DR, start with a short meditation session. I recommend listening to binaural or theta beats in your earphones to sharpen your focus as you meditate.

Next, lie on a comfortable bed and spread your limbs like a starfish. Relax your body and close your eyes. You may continue listening to the focus music.

While in this position, start visualizing your DR while saying I am affirmations, for example, “I am living my best life in Bali,” “I am a successful writer traveling the world’’ “I am meeting my fans who love me.”

Continue with the affirmations, and you will find yourself in your desired reality when you open your eyes.

julia reality shifting method

  1. The Estelle Method

If you love music and connect with the world through tones and rhythms, the Estelle method would be the best method to shift realities for beginners.

Choose music that makes you feel sensual and close to someone you know, e.g., a lover, partner, or anyone you really love that you’d like to get close to in your DR.

As you listen to the music on your earphones, imagine dancing with the person. Take in their skin’s scent, looks, and feel, and notice all the emotions.

Soon, a door will open, and you will be led ”home” where you fall into a void. Open your subconscious mind and experience the deep love you crave in your DR.

estelle reality shifting method

  1. The Raven Method

The Raven method is one of the easiest reality shifting sleep methods.

With this method, all you need to do is lie in a comfortable bed and relax your body. You can spread out your limbs like a starfish, but this is unnecessary.

With your eyes closed, start counting down from 100, focusing on your breathing and visualizing your DR the entire time.

After some time, you may start seeing red or white as you enter your DR. Stay in the same position and enjoy your new reality for as long as you want.

raven reality shifting method

  1. The Pillow Method

Pillow method shifting entails visualizing your DR and reinforcing it with a written script.

Write everything you want to see, do, feel and experience in your DR. The more detailed the script, the easier it will be to shift.

Place this list under your pillow and sleep on it for 8 hours. I like drifting off to sleep, saying affirmations, and listening to theta tracks.

Your script is a conduit between your CR and DR, helping you shift into a new consciousness.

pillow reality shifting method

  1. The Blanket Method

The blanket method involves sleeping comfortably and then completely covering yourself with a blanket.

Close your eyes and listen to your favorite binaural beats. Cuddling underneath the blanket recreates a void into which you will fall after a few minutes.

Obviously, you should avoid this method if you are claustrophobic.

blanket reality shifting method

  1. The Lucid Dreaming Method

The lucid dream shifting method is a bit advanced because you must first learn how to lucid dream.

I strongly recommend this technique as it helps you stay in your DR for longer. Check out this video on how to shift reality through lucid dreaming and other ancient techniques.

In a nutshell, lucid dreaming lets you control your subconscious mind and the visions you see in your dream.

In one of your lucid dreams, find a portal or a door and step into it. The portal will transport you to your desired reality.

In your desired reality, you can manifest anything you direct your subconscious mind to see, feel, and do.

Speaking of portals, understanding your occult angel number is also a powerful way to open portals to a new reality. Check out this free numerology report to discover more about your angel number.

lucid reality shifting method

  1. The Coraline Method

This method is named after a character in Neil Gaiman’s book and film, Coraline.

Start by lying down and visualizing your CR room. Visualize a key close by and see yourself getting out of bed, picking up the key, and opening a door in the wall behind which is a portal.

Visualize yourself walking through the portal and opening another door to your DR. Walk into this new world and take in the sights.

coraline reality shifting method

  1. The Train Method

For the train method, you need to practice the power of positive thinking and accompany this with shifting meditation.

Sit in a comfortable meditative position. Close your eyes and slowly breath in and out to calm your body and mind.

Now, imagine sitting on a train heading to your DR. Say shifting affirmations such as “I am so close to arriving at my desired reality,” “Shifting is real” “I am grateful the universe is driving me to shift.”

Keep your thoughts positive and feel deep gratitude to ensure that you head in the right direction.

train reality shifting method

  1. The Falling Method

The falling reality shifting method requires a bit of imagination, but it works pretty well.

So, visualize yourself in an empty hall filled with a beautiful, heavenly aura. Locate a door and open it slowly.

Imagine hearing the Universe/God/Source gently calling your name. Fall through the door and trust your Higher Self to guide you.

As you free fall, feel all the feels. Allow the wind to blow through your hair and caress your skin. Feel the peace, joy, and calmness.

You can break your fall whenever you are ready. Then, you will locate a door leading you to your DR. Open it and enjoy everything you have manifested.

falling reality shifting method

  1. The Mirror Method

The mirror method is an excellent reality shifting technique if you want to manifest your dream body. Of course, you should still eat healthily and exercise for your ideal body.

This method is also quite advanced and needs superior visualization skills.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a dark room with a beam of light directed at you as you stare at a small mirror straight ahead.

Slowly walk toward the mirror, watching your reflection in the mirror. The reflection is of the body or person you want to be.

Place your hand on the mirror while your perfect self does the same on the other side. Feel the connection between the CR and perfect self; imagine being pulled through the mirror and into your DR.

mirror reality shifting method

  1. The Sunni Method

The Sunni method is one of my favorite sleeping methods for shifting realities because you can also use it to manifest in the physical world, for example, if you want to manifest money and wealth effortlessly.

This technique tricks your mind into believing you already have what you want. So, it starts with visualizing your desired reality, then shifting and reinforcing the process with shifting affirmations.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to drive a certain car. Lie comfortably, close your eyes, and visualize yourself cruising the streets in your dream car.

Believe that the car, streets, and surrounding environment are real. Then, say shifting affirmations to transport yourself into your DR.

sunni reality shifting method

  1. The Alice in Wonderland Method

The Alice in Wonderland story can actually help you to shift to your DR!

Lie down, close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Now imagine yourself sitting with your back against a tree. Visualize someone running up to you, and you get up and start running after them. Following them, you enter a rabbit hole leading to your DR.

Open the rabbit hole doorway to enter your desired reality.

alice reality shifting method

  1. The Hogwarts Method

You will probably resonate with the Hogwarts method if you are a Harry Porter fan.

If you’ve always imagined living at the wizarding school, you can do so through reality shifting methods such as the mirror, raven, or pillow techniques.

The only difference this time is that you would visualize yourself living in Hogwarts.

It helps to say shifting affirmations related to the wizarding school, for example, “I am shifting to Hogwarts,” ”I live in my DR in Hogwarts,” ”I know I shifted to Hogwarts.”

hogwarts reality shifting method

  1. The Intent Method

The intent method is an excellent shifting realities method for beginners.

All you need to do is tell your mind that you intend to shift to your desired reality. Of course, you must know what you want your desired reality to look like.

To supercharge your shift, try the intention method during the full moon. The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and marks the height of vibrational energy.

If you are new to the spiritual impact of the lunar cycle, start with this free moon reading. Understanding the cycle will also help you set more powerful intentions to transport you to your DR.

Try the shifting realities intention method right before you are about to sleep.

Say, “I intend to wake up in my desired reality,’’ then go to sleep. You will wake up in your DR.

intent reality shifting method

  1. The ADHD Method

This method is known as ADHD, but anyone can do it, even if they do not have ADHD.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to lie down. Listen to an 8D track on your earphones to help you focus and relax.

Start counting upward to 100. You can insert shifting affirmations as you count. When you feel the signs and symptoms of shifting, open your eyes and experience your DR.

By the way, many DR signs are similar to the physical signs of spiritual awakening. You can read more about these signs of spiritual awakening in a blog post I recently wrote.

adhd reality shifting method

  1. The Eleven Method

The Eleven shifting method is based on the TV series Stranger Things.

For this technique, tie a cloth over your eyes and lie on a comfortable surface. Listen to focus music and visualize yourself walking up to your DR self.

Imagine yourself merging with your DR self. Feel the sensation and watch yourself drift to sleep. Then, open your eyes to find yourself in your desired reality.

eleven reality shifting method

  1. The Piano Method

The piano shifting method is powerful because it engages all your senses.

Imagine yourself in a room full of people. You walk toward a piano in the middle of the room with a bright light directed at you.

 Visualize the whispers and silences in the room. You stand up and walk toward a door when you are done playing. Open the door and enter a room filled with bright white light.

Then, open your eyes to enter your DR.

piano reality shifting method

  1. The Eye Method

Use eye movement to shift to your desired reality.

Find a quiet room and lie down with your eyes closed. Count upward to 100 while imagining everything you want to see, do, and feel in your DR.

When you get to 100, roll your closed eyes back and forth. Continuing to say the shifting affirmations, slowly open your eyes to step into your desired reality.

eye reality shifting method

  1. The Hug Method

Is there someone with whom you would love to connect? The hug shifting method can help transport you to your DR, where you will meet the person you long for.

Lie down and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in your DR bedroom, and just as you wake up, the person you adore enters the room, and you hug each other.

Visualize spending quality time together and then parting ways with a sweet goodbye. Imagine your DR self returning to bed and drifting to deep sleep.

To return to this DR, say shifting affirmations in your CR and fall asleep. You will wake up in your DR and be with the person you want.

Try stating your intentions when you are sleepy to enter your DR faster. By the way, I wrote a detailed article on how to shift your reality faster. Check it out if this is something you’d like to learn.

hug reality shifting method

  1. The Valentino Method

The Valentino method is another great technique for meeting someone special in your desired reality.

Start by writing a note to the person you want to meet in your DR. Meditate on this note for 10-15 minutes, taking in the essence of what you have written.

Next, lie in a comfortable position, close your eyes and recite shifting affirmations. Visualize your DR room, where you will meet your special person.

When you wake up, you will find yourself in your desired reality.

valentino reality shifting method

  1. The Cinn Method

The Cinn is one of the best meditation methods for shifting realities through affirmations.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position listening to a subliminal audio track to help you relax and focus. Try to let go of all thoughts bothering you.

Start counting upward to 100, slowly breathing in and out. After every ten numbers, say shifting affirmations related to your DR.

Repeat your affirmations when you count to 100 until you feel the signs of shifting. Then, you can open your eyes to enter your DR.

cinn reality shifting method

  1. The Elevator Method

If your current reality is not ideal and things are going too well, you can use the Elevator Method to change your reality.

I also recommend doing a soul reading to understand how your past lives affect your current reality. You can use what resonates to guide you in your present life.

So, get into a comfortable position and close your eyes to get started with the elevator method. Visualize yourself entering an elevator.

As the elevator goes past each floor, envision various realities. Take time on each floor, taking in the sights and savoring the feelings.

Visualize your energy levels rising as you go past each floor.

Exit the elevator when you feel you’ve gone up far enough and you start to experience shifting symptoms. When you step out of the elevator, you will step into your DR.

elevator reality shifting method

  1. The 5 Senses Method

If you are new to visualizing, the 5 Senses Method is among the best method to shift realities for beginners.        

Lie or sit comfortably and pay attention to your CR. Engage all your five senses to focus on your surroundings.

Close your eyes and continue holding the image of your CR in your mind. Try again if it doesn’t work the first time.

Practicing to visualize your CR will help you manifest your DR easily.

Turn on a subliminal audio track, lie down and close your eyes. Start counting from 1 upward, saying affirmations in between counting.

Imagine your DR—feel, taste, see, smell, and hear everything you want to manifest, just as you did with your CR. You will be in your DR when you open your eyes.

senses reality shifting method

  1. The In Your Arms Method

As you might have already guessed, this shifting method is quite similar to the hug method.

Lie on your stomach and hug a pillow under your body. The pillow represents the special person you want to meet in your DR.

Close your eyes and picture yourself hugging this special person, convincing yourself that you really are hugging them.

Say shifting affirmations and count down from 100 until you notice the shifting symptoms. When this happens, you will wake up in your DR.

in your arms reality shifting method

  1. The Melt Method

With this reality shifting melt method, start by sitting or lying in a comfortable position in a quiet room. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your DR.

As you count from 100 downward, picture your body melting into your DR.

Open your eyes and wake up in your new reality.

melting reality shifting method

  1. The Staircase Method

Climb up a staircase to get to your desired reality.

Lie down on your bed with your eyes closed. Picture yourself in a large room with a staircase.

Walk up the stairs thinking about your current reality. Keep walking until you reach the top of the stairs, where you will find a large door.

Open and walk through the door. Behind the door, you will find another staircase taking you down. Descend the stairs until you get to the bottom, where there is a door.

Visualize opening the door and stepping into your desired reality.

staircase reality shifting method

  1. Swirly Eye Method

This method involves altering your vision a bit to achieve your desired reality.

Start by lying down on your bed. Close your eyes and relax your muscles.

Now start counting down from 100 as you slowly rub each of your eyes alternately. After a while, you will see a line helping you create a portal.

Imagine going through the portal. You can also use visualization and recite shifting affirmations in between counting to get to your desired reality.

You may need to continue slowly rubbing your eyes until your energy brings you to the portal.

swirly eyes reality shifting method

  1. The Rope Method

The rope method entails visualizing a rope that leads to your DR.

Lie in a flat, comfortable bed and close your eyes. Start visualizing your desired reality and then say shifting affirmations to help you move to your DR.

When you start feeling symptoms of shifting, picture yourself climbing up a rope. You will find a portal when you reach the top of the rope. Walk through the portal to get to your DR.

Imagine meeting your DR self and merging with them to become one. Now fall asleep, and you will find yourself in your desired reality when you open your eyes.

rope reality shifting method

  1. The Heartbeat Method

Use a heartbeat sound to shift your reality. Find a heartbeat track on YouTube, then lie in bed while listening to the sound.

Imagine sleeping on the chest of someone special from your DR, listening to their heartbeat.

Recite shifting affirmations as you fall asleep. When you open your eyes, you will enter your desired reality.

heartbeat reality shifting method

  1. The Tea Party Method

The Tea Party Method is one of the best reality shifting methods for beginners. It involves imagining yourself having tea with your DR self.

Lie down and close your eyes. Then, visualize yourself in a room enjoying tea with your DR. When you are done, picture yourself telling you’re DR self that it is time to return home.

Imagine hugging them and saying goodbye. Then, visualize yourself transferring your consciousness to the DR self. When you open your eyes, you will wake up in your DR.

teaparty reality shifting method 

  1. Ballroom Method

Imagine your CR in a formal outfit walking into a ballroom full of people in your DR. Say shifting affirmations to help you transition to your DR.

Picture someone from your DR asking you to dance. After the dance is over at exactly midnight, they tell you ‘’See you soon.”

Leave the room and climb onto a carriage. Visualize the carriage transporting you to your desired reality. Fall asleep, and you will find yourself in your DR when you wake up.

ballroom reality shifting method

  1. Cloud Method

Picture yourself on a soft, peaceful, soothing cloud in the sky. Imagine your DR self flying next to you, holding your hands, and telling you that you are now going home.

Close your eyes and fall asleep. When you wake up, your CR and DR self will have merged, and you will have arrived at your desired reality.

cloud reality shifting method

  1. TV Method

Visualize yourself watching TV to transport yourself to your DR.

Start by lying on a comfortable bed. Imagine sitting on a couch watching TV.

You flip through the channels until you arrive at your DR. Imagine yourself going through the TV to your desired reality.

When you go to sleep, you will wake up in your DR.

TV reality shifting method


What happens when you shift reality?

When you shift realities, you use the power of imagination to guide your consciousness beyond physical reality. Time doesn’t exist on a linear scale as we know it in our physical reality. Rather, when you shift, your current and desired realities co-exist.

How long can you stay in a shifted reality?

However long you want to stay in your shifted or desired reality is up to you. You can move from your current to your desired reality and vice versa as often as you wish. If you want to stay in your desired reality for a specific period, you can specify this in your script or affirmations.

How does shifting feel like?

You will notice unique signs and symptoms when you are about to shift. Common signs include feeling fuzzy, experiencing a spinning sensation, feeling like you are falling, experiencing weightlessness, seeing flashes of light, and hearing voices from your DR.


Your current reality is just one of the infinite realities out there. The good news is that you can experience any reality you desire!

As you can see, there are many ways to access your DR. There is no one-size-fits-all method. Try different techniques to see which one works best for you.

Have you tried shifting realities? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. CRyStAl lOtuS

    Hope you are well, Juilla.

    It’s your fellow Andromedan starseed from the Spirit Quest blog, think will just refer to myself as Crystal Lotus.

    Wonderful site and resources here! I tried the ala Julia (starfish) method just flat while balancing the fluorite crystal on my heart space (been my buddy along with a cat’s eye crystal for past 1y+) and it worked nicely! I listened to sensual love music before starting and then transitioned to Crystal Lotus music representing the 7 chakras and that fired things up! I even included my cat in the visualization as a light body meowster and my furry angel kewpie’s presence seemed to help. I imagined myself as a lightbody, melting into a large pool of water under a night canopy of stars and merging with my TF in the water though he is not physically with me bc of being at polar opposites spiritually though feel he supports me on a deep level (just hard to be together bc of family, karma, his ego, very complex issues of abuse that I try to transmute with prayer and practice). I did this to help heal my heart and bring the TF energy to the collective that helps with ascension as realization of heirogamic union IS the pinnacle of the TF experience (although it’s heightened when complete in yourself first!).

    I was pure white light and he was black and blue with little stars scattered throughout his light body that seemed to be fluid with the night but also had circuitry that concerned me bc thougt it was ai. I tried to merge with him with love by placing my forehead on his though became his colors and when I tried to turn back to light couldn’t and so stopped the dream. I also dreamt a nice house in a picturesque sunny field/meadow for me and my folks (though was trying to imagine a cool spot atop mountains on a big piece of fertile land to grow aeroponically. I will inclide animals in it next time along with a catio! I spend half time with them to spread the light and half time at my office to work and spirit quest currently.

    I enjoyed the visuals though yet to comprehend the message and will recommend your cool site on my blog too. : )

    I am also making a new entry, “A Lightwoker’s Journey” on the blog today that I hope will bring inspiration to those starting like me. I’m a Chinese lady nearly 50 now and wish I had learned sooner though needed all these amazing and terrifying experiences to be ready too I feel.

    Please share my site with anyone beginning on the lightworker path too that could learn from my experiences and check out and pick up some funky art on the Spirit Quest Arts store when it’s ready and please share too (a sticker for your laptop or mug?!, cool shirt?)! I’m realigning the network again and fixing the tech as it has been disconnected and hacked for the information I try to discover and share. I feel this is a signal I am on the right path though if they are that concerned and afraid others will know the truth too!

    I hope you prosper in your endeavors in every way and that everyone is positively impacted by the light, truth and wisdom jewels on your site too!

    Warm regards,
    Crystal Lotus

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