31 Mind-blowing Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Feeling sick? It might not be the Taco Bell feast you had last night, but physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

Maybe you’ve recently embarked on a spiritual journey. 

You’ve been reading books about spirituality, uncovering your shadows, healing past traumas. Then suddenly, you start feeling some uncomfortable sensations you’ve never felt before. 

Are you wondering why you’re experiencing these sensations? 

Do you want to know if these are signs of spiritual awakening? 

Spiritual awakenings can be painful but there’s a way to make it more bearable and understanding why they happen is the first step.

In this article, I’m gonna shine some light on all your confusion.

I will help you determine if those symptoms are signs of your spiritual awakening, why you’re experiencing them, and how you can better deal with them. 

Let’s dive in!

physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the process of elevating your consciousness. This usually happens after a dark period in your life. It’s when we transcend our ego and begin to realize that happiness comes from within and time and fear are just illusions.

It starts with a feeling of wanting to leave a job, a toxic relationship, or wanting to move to a new place.

If you feel this urge to leave but you don’t know where to go, here are some of the most spiritual places you can travel to

“It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.”

-Adrienne Rich     

spiritual awakening symptoms

31 Major Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening can be a spontaneous experience. It usually comes after a deep bout of depression or a traumatic event.

Going on this journey is a very liberating experience and not everyone experiences it in their lifetime.

“You will begin to see through all the illusions in this world and strip off all the masks that you’ve been wearing solely for the validation of society.”

You will begin to live your life through your truest expressions and you will be more connected to your intuition.

The bliss that you will gain from this is indeed astounding but this transformation process isn’t just a calm, beautiful experience. It can also be so intense that you begin to feel it in your physical body.

spiritual awakening anxiety

What are the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

There are lots of uncomfortable stories of spiritual awakenings. If you’re experiencing something similar, know that you are not alone. 

Spiritual awakening is your ultimate transformation from darkness to spiritual enlightenment.

So it’s normal that you may experience some uncomfortable symptoms.

 Why does spiritual awakening happen? 

Spiritual awakening happens because we are spiritual beings having human experiences and we are put here on earth with a purpose.

That purpose is to evolve, to know the true meaning of happiness, to live more consciously and with more compassion.

Without spiritual awakening, we will continue to live a life chasing material rewards and live a life based on fear and anxiety. We will keep believing that the world is scarce and take the present moment for granted.

5th dimension body changes

Why is spiritual awakening so painful

Spiritual awakening involves the purging of everything that doesn’t match the higher self that you are about to evolve into.

It includes breaking out of illusions you’ve based most of your identity on and these changes might be too much for the mind to grasp.

“As you rise into higher frequencies, apart from the pain of losing people who are no longer a vibrational match, your body may try its best to resist all these unfamiliar changes you’re experiencing.”

Here are some of the common spiritual awakening symptoms one experiences during a spiritual awakening.

Please note that these could also be symptoms of an underlying medical condition and in those cases, it’s important to seek medical help.

Without further ado, here are the major physical symptoms of spiritual awakening!

higher consciousness symptoms

1: Body shivering or trembling

Our bodies are filled with chakras that activate once we go through a spiritual ascension or awakening.

These give off energy that may be too much for your body to handle causing you to shiver or tremble.

2: Vertigo

You are rebalancing in many aspects and elevating to a higher frequency.

Your inner ears may be sensitive to this causing you to feel off-balance or experience vertigo.

vertigo spiritual awakening

3: Feeling drawn to metaphysical things

You may feel drawn to metaphysics and spiritual practices like reiki, meditation, and yoga.

This is because these are great tools to help you with your spiritual awakening and your guides want you to know that. 

4: Throbbing or other sensations on the top of your head

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head. This is the chakra that connects us to the source so the sensations you feel may be a sign that your crown chakra is activating. 

I often feel this during full moons and eclipses. 

5: Buzzing in the ears

As you begin to tune in to a different frequency, a higher vibrational one, you may begin to hear buzzing in your ears.

This is also a sign that your senses are getting more heightened and receptive. 

6: Feeling more empathy and compassion

You may begin to feel more intensely the energies of people around you so it’s easy to feel drained in social situations.

You also begin to love purely, without expecting anything in return.

7: Feeling at peace with the darkness

You begin to feel a sense of peace and you are no longer afraid of the darkness.

You see that fear is only created by the egoic self and darkness is a vital part of your spiritual awakening.

8: Heat on hands and feet

In Hinduism, hand postures known as “mudras” are supposed to aid in the transfer of higher energies while the feet symbolize balance and grounding in the physical realm.

9: Tingling sensation between eyebrows

This might be one of the most common physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and something I often experience during meditation.

The space in between your eyebrows is where your third eye chakra is located, also known as “the seat of the intuition”.

Tingling may mean that it’s starting to activate and your intuition is becoming stronger. If you want to know how to fully activate it, read this article “How to Open Your Third Eye Safely”.

third eye awakening

10: Vivid dreams

This is a sign that you’re connecting to universal consciousness and you’re starting to ascend to a higher dimension.

We’re all more receptive to these in our most relaxed states such as while meditating or sleeping. 

If you want to know how to control and experience your dreams, you may read about lucid dreaming here.

11: Headaches

This could happen especially when there is a surge in energy such as during full moons. This is due to you being more connected with the energies in your surroundings. 

I recommend that you do a full moon ritual to help you channel this intense energy into making positive changes in your life.

12: Skin irritation

Spiritual awakening includes the purging of everything that isn’t good for your higher self.

This may be a sign that your body is trying to get rid of cellular toxins and they’re coming out through the skin. 

13: Symptoms of virus or infection

Spiritual awakening illness is more common than you think. Symptoms of a virus or infection that cannot be explained may just be your body trying to adjust to this new energy flowing inside you.

During a spiritual awakening, the lower density energies are removed from within you.

14: Insomnia

The intense energies activating in our bodies may be too strong that our bodies begin to need less sleep.

Our brains’ subconscious gets reprogrammed or rewired best while we’re sleeping which may cause you to wake up multiple times during the night.


15: Increased sensitivity

As you become more present and aware, all your senses get heightened causing you to feel more sensitive to lights, sounds, smell, taste, and touch.

You may begin to hear sounds you would’ve not heard before, notice details in your surroundings you never noticed before, and more.

16: Depression or anxiety

We are creatures of habits and our brains hate everything unfamiliar.

When everything we’ve ever known turns out to be false, our brains activate a fight or flight response. This causes us to experience a spiritual awakening depression, or anxiety.

sad girl in bath

17: Awareness of negative habits

You might not think this belongs on a post about physical symptoms of spiritual awakening, but since it’s something both me and many of my lightworker friends have experienced, I thought it was important to mention. 

And that is that you become hyper-aware of the negative habits in your life and feel a strong desire to change them.

It’s your spirit guides leading you to a path towards becoming your higher self. 

18: Feeling disconnected from everyone

As your frequency changes, you will lose a lot of people that aren’t a match to your vibration.

This has to happen because if they stayed in your life, their energies might disrupt your awakening process. 

feeling disconnected from everyone spiritual awakening

19: Bloating or water retention in the lower body

Your consciousness gets elevated to higher levels. Your body is trying to recalibrate and ground itself causing you to feel heaviness on your lower body.

You may even gain weight but it’s usually just water weight and they will go away eventually.

20: Pain and aches

Pain comes from resistance.

It’s normal for your physical body to try to resist all these energy transformations happening inside you and that’s why you may experience some pain or aches in certain areas of your body.

girl with back pain

21: Personality changes

You may notice that you don’t like the same things as before, you don’t look at things or treat people the same way because your ego-self is being stripped and your authentic self is taking charge.

To help guide you towards becoming your truest self, this free numerology report can help you uncover your hidden talents, strengths, and deepest desires.

22: Feeling the need to purge

One of the biggest physical symptoms of spiritual awakening is that you feel the need to do a detox for your body, step away from toxic relationships, leave the job that makes you feel like a zombie, or move away from a place that’s draining you. 

These are all spiritual purging symptoms. You may crave solitude to protect your energy as you go through your self-awakening process.

24: Experiencing jerks or rapid eye movements

There may be times you feel parts of your body jerk or like you couldn’t control the movement of your eyes.

This is because of all the intense energies inside you, chakras activating, and negative energies trying to flow out.

25: Feeling irritated with small talk

You no longer have tolerance for shallow talk. You talk to people from this higher state of spiritual consciousness and you feel it when people aren’t on the same frequency.

When you talk to someone on the same levels of consciousness, it feels like you’re talking to their soul.

26: You see through the illusions

It’s as if your eyes got sharper and developed a deeper dimension. You see through the illusions in society that you’ve never noticed before.

You’re no longer a prison to the material world and you begin to see that you are not what you own nor who society says you are. 

27: Heightened intuition

Intuitive abilities are innate to us humans but because of society, we’ve come to distrust our own intuitions and trust whatever society tells us instead.

When your intuition heightens, you become more open to receiving secret messages or signs from your guides.

girl dancing in full moon

28: Feeling angry

A lot of people may be confused if they feel strong emotions such as anger during spiritual awakening especially when they’ve been suppressing them. However, doing so allows those negative energies to be stuck in our bodies causing us to feel sick.

Letting yourself feel those emotions without judging them is healthier. Feeling all those emotions is a part of being human.

“Being awakened doesn’t mean we never feel the negative ones. It means that we acknowledge and observe them without judgment instead of reacting to them.”

29: Food intolerances

Every cell in our bodies is intelligent. They know what’s good for us and what isn’t.

Some foods you used to love before, your body seems to reject.

You may get cravings for foods you didn’t like before.

This is because you’re getting more in tune with this inner intelligence.

30: Fatigue

One of the most common physical signs of spiritual awakening is fatigue.

This usually happens after you feel all the intense symptoms.

Your body has gone through a lot and now it needs time to rest and recalibrate. Don’t worry, this feeling of exhaustion won’t last. 

31: Feeling great

This is the best symptom of all. After your body has recalibrated, you just feel so good and so light.

You’re now in a high vibrational state and the heaviness from your formerly dense body has vanished. 

self awakening


How do I deal with spiritual awakening symptoms?

You just have to accept that they’re part of your awakening process. Remember that what resists persists so just let them be. Doing some yoga may help alleviate the pain and aches that you’re feeling. 

Physical symptoms of spiritual awakening are not fun stuff, but it’s necessary to purge what doesn’t serve you so be grateful when it happens.

spiritual purging symptoms

How long does spiritual awakening last?

A spiritual awakening is not a linear path with a finish line. It’s a lifetime commitment. As long as you commit to your higher self, no matter how crazy your path gets, the important thing is that your overall trajectory would be upwards.

What happens after a spiritual awakening?

You become enlightened, you begin to live your life as your most authentic self, and you operate on a higher level of consciousness. Your task now is to do everything you can to nourish your soul and maintain that level of consciousness.

Consistent meditation is one of the best ways to do this. You can try this free 30 Days Meditation Challenge here.

awakening experience


Most people think that a spiritual awakening experience is calm and beautiful but it can be coupled with strange, uncomfortable physical symptoms as well.

Knowing that these are all parts of your journey will help eliminate the fears you associate with them so you could just let them be and trust that you will come out of the other side blissful and whole. 

These are just common physical symptoms of spiritual awakening because the energies we use during this period of transformation are usually too intense for our bodies to handle.

Don’t let these hinder you from reaching the final stages of spiritual awakening.

If you want more personalized guidance on your ascension journey, you can find vetted healers and psychics with my partner Keen.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Which of these symptoms have you been experiencing? Let’s have a conversation going below!


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Breech is a freelance creative whose passion lies in writing about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the metaphysical realm. She combines her experiences and research to share knowledge about these concepts. Read more articles by Breech here.

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  1. Stacey

    I feel like I’m going to burst into tears for silly or no reasons at all. It’s embarrassing & makes others uncomfortable which makes me uncomfortable.

    1. Ariana

      That’s healing, dear. Releasing of pain and tension. Plus, welcome sensitivity. 🙂

  2. Ariana

    Thank you! <3 In the last 10 years I had my two 20-day "pre-enlightenments" + two long dark nights… in this, the third, energy healing – yes, most of the above symptoms but THANK YOU for intolerance for the small talk, fatigue, and anger… it seemed to me that somehow, after dilligent and people-pleasing decades, I'm becoming a lazy and rude person… Maybe just self-confident. The reading says: a free soul 😉

    1. Angel

      This! Exactly what I thought to myself when I read the small talk/fatigue/anger!

  3. KristyLove

    Greetings Author,

    This helped me in unexplainable ways. Oh, how thankful I am to have searched, “are headaches a part of spiritual activation/awakening”. I’ve been going through several of the mentioned symptoms (it’s been a great deal too). I’m 41 & to face childhood traumas at this age as part of my commitment to fully embrace all things higher (ascension) has not been easy.

    Unlearning everything prior has become my definition of “rebirth”. Nonetheless, I will remain fully committed to the rising of self; within lies a whole new world. Again, I’m thankful & grateful for this read; you helped me.


    A Healing Soul

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

      1. Lakshmi

        I am understanding most of them.thsnks for explaining the reasons very well and the measures to be taken. At one point my anger was very much heightened that it was creating troubles for me at office. I felt as if someone inside me is demanding me to be my true self irrespective of what others might think. One symptom i have which you have not mentioned here is extraordinary sense of humour,i see almost every situation has a space for humor and i use it to lighten the work environment and people live it. This is strange because I was very introverted earlier and this almost uncontrollable urge to laugh is embarrassing to me ,but people seem to enjoy though. I am being brutally honest in conversations and doing it through sense of humour is playing to my advantage sometimes. But i dont feel comfortable being center of attraction though.any pointers on this heightened sense of humour

        1. Lakshmi

          Correcting few typos

          1.,I am undergoing most of the symptoms.
          2. One symptom i have which you have not mentioned here is extraordinary sense of humour,i see almost every situation has a space for humor and i use it to lighten the work environment and people LOVE it

          1. T L Love

            I think that is a great call out – the humor!! During my journey, I’ve reflected on how I believe the “entertainment” industry has somewhat plagued much of society, in a way that we often laugh at the “wrong” things, however laughter is so needed for the soul & it’s one of my favorite things to do and this journey has shown me just how hilarious life and the god of the universe truly is! …without having to laugh at the “wrong” things. I absolutely love laughter and life is beautifully humorous!

            1. Julia Lundin

              Yes laughter and fun is such a simple way to raise our vibrations, isn’t it!

          2. Heith

            Thank you very much ❤️

          3. Annie

            OMG I’m just letting this go thru me I could be in an exorcist movie lol I’m like Steve Martin and Lilly Tomlin in one body AND I’m laughing so hard at it I look like I’m possessed – (now they’re cracking my neck as I type – sometimes it hurts but I just hate waiting for anything and I’ve been in pain my whole life so bring it on and let’s get going!) LET’S WAKE OUR PEOPLE UP!

    2. Maria

      I know that this is an old post, and I probably will feel silly later for being so compelled to comment 5 months later, I just had to tell you that you’re reply spoke to me deeply. I am 39, but feel so young, curious and awestruck all at the same time; especially when I realize how grateful I am for even the most brutal but crucial parts of my life.

      You have woven a thread golden of light through my existence. Thank you so very much.

  4. Maria

    I feel bloated and got strange weight around my waist. Don’t like the feeling. It feels like I had too much food and don’t feel like socializing. How can I ease that feeling?

    1. Annie

      I stopped fighting it and didn’t eat if I wasn’t hungry and sometimes I was SO hungry all day but for just fruit and beans and tonight I’m having Brussel sprouts I used to hate them and I can’t wait but yah – the bloating sucks – I think of these awful symptoms as nothing more than symptoms you’d have after an exhaustive surgery – bloating – confusion – odd pains – just trust the doctors and nurses in your soul group – you’re doing great (and avoid people till you are stronger … I’m just permitting right now – I have NO desire to interact with anyone other than whatever this is.) ALL THE GOOD EMOJIS …. WEEEEEE here we go ….

  5. Zoey

    Hello spiritual community

    I’m very new to all of this but was able to accept that I’m an empath a few years ago. This explained a lot and of course filled in many blank spots for me. Nevertheless, in my studies and my path to self-discovery, I never thought that I fit any of the criteria for being a healer however I’ve had a few very unsettling experiences lately that make me feel a bit differently.

    Bare with me as I try to paint a picture…

    Apparently it’s always been second nature for me to have my protective walls up (without even knowing) so I don’t typically have to deal with a lot of unwanted energies, etc. With that said, I’ve had a few experiences as of late that feel, none other than, what I assume a jolt or a surge of energy being injected into my feet/legs or.. shooting out of my feet. This last experience happen while in a dead sleep, and I shot out of bed, into a standing position at the side of my bed. Forced myself to go back to sleep
    and about 30 minutes later, same thing happened again. Both times, it hit me like a panic attack but I was keenly aware that what anxiety/emotion I was feeling was NOT mine. These experiences always follow either hanging out with or talking on the phone with a very specific family member and in a emotional type crisis.

    These experiences have not been pleasant and unfortunately painful..

    Has anyone experienced anything like this??

    Does anyone think that I’ve unfortunately overlooked the healer aspect of my empathic abilities or was recently awaken as a healer?

    I really need help and am desperate for answers.

    1. Elizabeth

      I too have had very similar experiences. They always prove to be true but I never know what exactly will unfold until it unfolds in real-time, earthside time. All I can do is brace myself.
      I try to tune in and accept the gift so that I can become sharper. It’s hard work.

    2. Annie

      I haven’t experienced that as I have a feeling I WAS that family member and not so very long ago … take a deep breath and return to your physical body if you’re not ready – you have all the time you need – don’t rush it but don’t concentrate on fear – we are all here talking about really odd stuff that would scare anyone not going thru it so hang in there and this too shall pass AND IT’S A REALLY GREAT THING so hang on and smile – I’m streaming Jeshua … it’s a blast!

  6. Robb

    I don’t know who can help I don’t feel awakened my body buzzes all over all the time I always hear ringing no one else hears and feel the vibrations everywhere as frequencies change if I close my eyes I see the sound in vivid colors and all three of those occur simultaneously but it feels amazing I’m just trying to find out what is happening if I touch anyone with my eyes close I see inside of them and feel any pain they feel and it seems I absorb the pain they don’t hurt but I do then after a while I feel better any suggestions would be cool this has been happening for a long time but has intensified recently I know it sounds rediculus so maybe I’m nuts

    1. Gina

      Do some meditating and ask for guidance from your Angels and spirit guides. look into reiki attunement because it sounds like you would make a wonderful healer! If you are seeing colors and hearing sounds, you are very gifted. look into auras and clairaudience and clairvoyance as well. Sounds like you are an empath as well.
      Your not crazy! just a special person!

  7. anna

    wow this resonated with me so much! I”m a few years into riding the waves of awakening. I’ve had a ton of physical symptoms, slowly starting to release the resistance and try to just SURRENDER! haha =) it’s tough but so rewarding.

    thank you!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  8. Jeanly

    Now i understand why!?!Almost all of the sign I’m having it right now. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. Symptoms starts last year. And now almost 2 months I didn’t go to my work, I just feel that I want to GO somewhere else like SPACE or other PLANET and live there peacefully.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for your comment! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

      1. Sandy

        Thank you so much. I feel exhausted , like my body wants stillness and silence. It’s a relief to know it is normal part of awakening!

    2. Gina

      maybe you are a star seed!

  9. Sissi

    Thank you Julia. I understand myself much better now. I will keep working on releasing anything that’s holding me back to fully awaken. I send you love, gratitude and blessings. Namaste.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  10. Milan

    I recently had a very strong awakening Wich scared me completely. I felt lifted up, looking down on my body and there was a swirling sense of energy in my legs, wrists, arms, head and heart. I actually thought I was having anxiety attack but smth kept me from not panicking. I had to keep breathing – i was in meditation Wich I’ve been doing for years. But this sensation was absolutely mind-blowing.. i feel very light on my feet and like i can’t really balance well. I hope this gets calibrated in time… Background is that I’ve had a year with jobless, divorce, two movings, and a breakup recently. I guess there is just so much stress in my system. Right now i feel like I am exposing my wound to the world, like i have no protection against my inner world. It’s raw and beautiful but also feels very vulnerable and strange …

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for sharing your story! 😊 Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  11. Chris

    Hi there. I’m very new to this but I had a healing session overseas last week and have been unwell, dizzy/vomiting/vertigo for around four days. Also heightened emotions – strange to find myself getting emotional during movies where previously I never would. My symptoms are slowly subsiding but my mind feels really light. Im cautiously excited about how I feel but am wondering if I should find a local healer to continue the process or can I find my own way? I must admit the extent of my symptoms (really unwell) did shock me but I guess it means there was a lot to resolve within myself. Would love your perspective.

  12. Deborah

    It is a relief to know that the symptoms I’ve been experiencing are a result of spiritual awakening. My mind creates thoughts and feeling that I’ve been attached to or addicted to my whole life. It seems constant but my higher mind is fully aware of them and labels them so there’s this chatter in my head constantly. If I slip into worry my higher mind says to me ‘that’s just worry , stay in the moment.’ Or if I’m feeling anger or resentment in the moment my higher brain takes me to a moment in childhood or even a past life experience where I’ve felt like that and tells me you need to release that. As well as various physical symptoms, skin rashes, feeling like I need to vomit or purge, pressure at my third eye like it’s about to burst.

  13. DM

    Some of these symptoms might be from dark entites that are already attached to you becoming uneasy about your spiritual growth. Once your light grows, dark entities will leave but you might attract others as well, entities of higher vibrations, but still dark. It’s important to maintain your core and continue forward. Spiritual awakening can be quite unsettling at times. Connecting with your Divinity (Higher Self, for some people) will help a lot. Also, lower the ego. The ego coupled with spiritual awakening can attract more darkness. We’re not special for going through this, we’re just at a different stage. A level that some people have reached already, others not yet. Everyone goes through this eventually in this life or another life.

    1. Julia Lundin

      So true, well said!

    2. Marco

      Why do the angels or what have U keep trying to make me think I died and that I don’t belong here and that there is something I have to do to get to heaven…

  14. T L Love

    Love that I came across this and all of the insightful comments!
    I’ve been on my journey for a little bit now and as I work thru my anxiety, uncomfortable physical symptoms tend to really raise my anxiety. As I try to fully let go of fear, there seems to always be something new. But I refuse to “worry”.
    However, certain physical symptoms can trigger worry or anxiety. Currently (about the last couple weeks) I’ve felt this throbbing in the top of my head and temple area. It’s not painful at all as I had suffered from headaches most of my life and this is not what I would call an “ache”.
    It’s like a throbbing or pulsating.
    I’m glad the post touched on it but also wondering about others’ personal experiences with any type of feelings or sensations in the head. Anyone?

  15. Kim

    Thank you so much for posting this. I mostly love my spiritual journey that began in the summer of 2021. It’s been amazing and I feel so blessed and grateful. The highs are incredible and the lows really suck. The physical symptoms have really caught me off guard though. I pretty much have had or am having all the ones you listed. Thanks for sharing…. I’m not alone! Xo

  16. Shay J

    Ummm, didn’t know this was happening but yeah… 28 of the 31 I’ve experienced in the past 6 months.

    Disturbing symptoms I’ve came across or it might be linked to 2 sleep paralysis episodes I had at my old apartment.

    1) Low pressure zone, where ever I go anyone within a 20ft radius instantly dry coughs, or rubs their ears, scalp, nose, neck, or eyes. (Brought it up to only a few people and they all had a disturbed look on their face)
    2) based on the position of my body, wind will rage aggressively in my direction. (Multiple witnesses)
    3) when driving at night 1/20 street lights will randomly go out as my vehicle approaches or passes them. (Multiple witnesses)

    My hypothesis’s for those 3 symptoms is either
    1)in my old apartment one of the AC units was idk sounds crazy.. possessed.
    When I had my 2 episodes of sleep paralysis there, it felt as a electrical entity was holding me down by my ankles. A month or so afterwards I started getting randomly shocked when I was in my bed.

    -So my old phone case had a strong magnet on the back; for the mount in my car. When I say strong, I’m not kidding.
    -I went through a phase of quitting cigarettes and substituted with juuls
    (For those who don’t know the charging system had a relatively strong magnet at the base of the device) also would have occasionally 2 devices in my pocket at once.
    -wireless earbuds/playing music too loud
    (Same as the juul for charging)
    I think a combination of having all three on my body when in bed; mixed with tossing and turning. Oh and stress. And the claustrophobic sense of being trapped in my room because my roommate wouldn’t play with his dog/take her for long walks. I did, so she wouldn’t leave me alone if my bedroom door was open.

    Idk what to do…
    I actually own/wear a 3rd eye pinecone & have experimented a good amount of psychedelics in my life. Also refuse to drink tap water/fluoride toothpaste.

    So this could be an awakening like listed above.. but I don’t know what to do.. I can keep composure in public/around other people. But when I’m by myself I feel a constant urge to twist and turn.. this symptom might be due to a spinal/neck injury. TMJ. Or PTSD.

    Should I seek a psychiatrist or neurologist?
    I haven’t listed the feeling of all my nerve endings being twisted up in places they shouldn’t. If I do yoga, some of these will return to normal placement, usually followed by loud a crackling/crack noise. (Witnessed by father/sister/best friend)

    As I’m typing this my right eye is irritated and idk what to do… I don’t have health insurance and I don’t have any money..

    Is this all in my head due to extreme stress/anxiety. Or should I maybe seek out a priest?

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone would get back to me. Thank you

  17. Saif

    I have a question, how many stages of spiritual enlightenment are there? I had major mental problems for many months and weakness and felt a sense of disconnection from people, almost the whole time.

    I also had anxiety all the time. With the first 2 stages I have been feeling spiritually dead a lot at times even though I was trying to develop a spiritual awakening.

  18. Mante

    Thank you so much for this post.

    I have been experiencing all these symptoms for few months now, its truly challenging. One night I woke up suddenly knowing that i feel super dizzy, its like i was on a boat, I had a panic attack and next morning my body felt strange, as if i was scared of myself, since that night, i been experiencing high vibrations in my body ( especially one night when i was aware of the vibrations) which felt like i was taken away by someone by this hight vibration/energy, its so hard to explain but something was happening to my body.Since then i been reading alot of books about spirtual world and listening to NDE made me feel awakened, i feel like a different person , i feel all these terrible physical symptoms but at the same time I am kind to people , i want to help without receiving anything in return, i want to move and live in nature, i want the world to be a better place, i think alot about human life and afterlife and our purpose on this earth, I see angels trying to connect with me through numerology, I know all the meanings I know their messages I know they are here and I am aware what is happening, I am however sometimes feel like I would like to feel normal again, without feeling any physical symptoms that are most disturbing. I have faith that this will pass and I will be happiest soul on this planet <3 I wish there was a group we could all connect and share our experiences, I would feel less alone in this journey 🙂 bless all and thank you again for this post ! xxxxx

    1. Roberta Block-Hempfling

      First and foremost you’re definitely not alone! Your story resonates with the beginning of my own journey four years ago. I have also, just recently, begged, cried and prayed for my old self be returned to me and off this spiritual path. To no avail. Once you’re chosen, it cannot be undone. The best thing I can reccomend for you to start doing for some relief is pray. Pray coming from the deepest parts of your heart for enlightenment, direction, and support. Then sit quietly with your eyes closed and wait for the answers. Pay attention to the signs your body will give you, tingles, throbbing, heat etc. These are all answers! Then ask questions as you feel them and you will be guided. It may take practice but make sure you set aside some quiet time everyday to do this and eventually you’ll open the lines of communication with your guides, Angel’s, God etc. There’s a special reason/job you’ve been chosen to do and it’s your responsibility to grow and find out what it is. I’m here for you with any questions or feel free to reach out so you’re not alone. You would be helping me too!

  19. Leah

    I had my spiritual awakening 4.5 years ago. I went through the bliss stage where I just felt so connected to the Divine. But the past two months I have been going through something dark, I just have lost interest in work my body feels so heavy, I have been feeling some type of electrical charge going on in my head. I burst out in tears out of no where but then I’ll laugh. I have to make myself get out of bed and take a shower. To get everyday things done at home. I just want to curl up in bed and seclude myself away from the world.

  20. Gregory Hines

    Having insomnia, anger outburst, the strong recognition that a deep sweeping of resentments is required. Along w this a feeling of rebirth and reconnection, renewed hope, It’s a lot! Thank you for your article and the shares. In this together right now is well wonderful. So much brighter! Yay team!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome! 😊
      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  21. Lisa Stewart

    From Thursday to yesterday. I felt so sick that I actually did a covid test. I typically suffer from allergies so it is hard to determine if my headaches, clogged ears and pressure are from that or allergies. But no medication would help. Today is a better day. I feel I was transcending, or maybe wishful thinking on my part. I believe this started 2021. In the past 6 months I have had several bouts where it feels as if I have the flu, chills, headache severe pressure in my E.T. tube. I am going to have to note if they are happening around the full moon. Ty for this article

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  22. Lacey

    OMG yes! Every one of them applies to me. Also more emotionally sensitive. If I hear of a story of an animal being mistreated to the point of death my soul gets so grieved. I always felt sad about it before, but NOW I almost lose a piece of myself when it comes to beings like animals, children, the elderly, or disabled people suffering.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing Lacey! Do you have any suggestions for future videos? Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  23. IAMIAM

    All n more but faith keeps me Going with Jesus all is possible

  24. Kevin Hyman

    Hi, my name Kevin. I love your posts breech (is it) but it gets deeper.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you! 😊💜

  25. Rye Saavedra

    Thank you for sharing your insightful perspective on the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. It takes a brave soul to embark on the journey of spiritual awakening, and your words remind us that it is not an easy path. However, the ultimate purpose of this journey is to evolve in all aspects of our being, to truly understand the meaning of happiness, and to live our lives with greater awareness and compassion. The pain and discomfort we experience along the way are reminders that we are shedding old layers of ourselves and making space for new growth. It is through this process that we gain clarity and wisdom, and ultimately find a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose in our lives. So let us embrace the challenges of our spiritual awakening, knowing that they are all part of the journey towards greater self-awareness and inner peace.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  26. Jas

    It was amazing to read such a wonderful post! Most of the symptoms mentioned here were being experienced but did not make sense to me because of perceived imagery of spiritual awakening as a state of total calm and quietness! Now, every bout of anger, panic and pain make sense fully! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article and so many uplifting comments by other seekers, especially one by Roberta Block Hempfling ! Be blessed, All!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      You’re welcome 💜

  27. Jas Shokar

    It was amazing to read such a wonderful post! Most of the symptoms mentioned here were being experienced but did not make sense to me because of perceived imagery of spiritual awakening as a state of total calm and quietness! Now, every bout of anger, panic and pain make sense fully! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article and so many uplifting comments by other seekers, especially one by Roberta Block Hempfling ! Be blessed, All!!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thank you for your kind words. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕🙏

  28. Robert

    Spirituality is a broad and subjective concept that encompasses a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. It often involves exploring questions about the meaning of life, the nature of existence, and the purpose of our existence. Different cultures, belief systems, and philosophies have their own interpretations of spirituality. For some, it is linked to organized religion and faith in a higher power or deity. For others, it may be more secular, focusing on inner peace, mindfulness, and a sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

  29. Jamie

    Designed to foster open and respectful conversations about spirituality. It should be used with sensitivity, and the information gathered should be used to support the individual’s holistic well-being. Additionally, the questions can be adapted or expanded based on the specific context and the preferences of the person being assessed.

  30. Tammis Kennedy

    Theres a huge universal and vibrational shift going on, known as Khali Yuga in ancient Hinduism, it’s a rebalancing. It is defined by dysfunction, disease, departure, war, and is vibrational in nature. It is affecting sensitives, healers, indigenous peoples, meditators the most and energy will shift to affect larger groups of people as it shifts. Guides have explained to me that it’s a time when the lowest amount of cosmic light is coning in, but light is steadily overtaking darkness to bring cleansing, it is Karmic in nature. I have experienced extreme dizziness, nausea, body aches, rashes , fatigue, nightmares, and a host of similar testimonies on this blog. Dark energies are attacking light and light workers, because they are being lowered into darker places and being eliminated. The lack of compassion and anger , rage, dishonesty, crime we are witnessing is due to a cosmic lack of light, but we are shifting to a higher place, it will be difficult for a while .Because the symptoms and discomfort in your bodies is vibrational, the best way to deter it now is to move the vibrations out, driving in a car helps because when you physically move the vibrations are thwarted, I also twirl, spin, walk, and found the most helpful tool to be an electric tooth brush, used as a hand tool, massage areas like lips, nostrils and ears, vibrations come thru openings in your body. Put cotton in your ears to plug them. Massage your crown area on head, the vibrations and lower entities are hostile and can cause brain dysfunction, blurred vision, confusion; they are mentalists. think of a hypnotist putting negative emotions, thoughts and depression in your mind, they can ” freeze you ” physically. Lower energies are hostile and manipulative, if you have guides; evaluate the information they bring. Young people are vulnerable who are attracted to lower energies; they are being influenced to commit crimes. Animals are acting unusual and are vulnerable as they feel these energies. Instead of being quiet, meditating, or listening to calmer music, listen to music that gets you moving, movement is a way to move them out. As we shift into more cosmic light, higher beings and people who are open to light will experience renewed energies and improvement in all areas of life, and lower minded people will be sickened physically. Society is vulnerable to disease now, protect yourself with this awareness, I’m still wearing a mask mostly when I go out, and even gloves, as my guides have asked me too. Know that Angelic beings, healers, have reincarnated at this time to help transfer LIGHT into the world, and are here to overcome darkness, mostly know darkness cannot defeat or overcome the Light. I also use electric body massagers and they are helpful to remove lower vibrations. Be patient, vibrational rates are quickening as they overcome slower vibrations.Our bodies and all things are Vibrations.

  31. Carole

    I’ve been feeling many of these symptoms since my spiritual awakening. In the last couple of months, I’ve had painful physical symptoms, and currently, the left of my neck is hurting so much as if I have strep throat on that side. I normally see that these pains have a purpose for me, as I continuously grow in my spiritual journey. But I do tend to feel depressive and so sad at times when dealing with the pain of my body. I have most all of the symptoms you mention Breech. It has been amazing to finally feeling more authentic and true in my 40s, to connect with others going through similarly or on their way. I’ve had a life with a lot of traumas and have always struggled to stay here. But this spiritual journey has awakened me surely, to God and Jesus, my angels, spirit guides. I feel other people’s energies too much as I always have. I will continue on now knowing that there is a higher purpose in life for us. Namaste friends.

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