30 Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration (Is This You?)

Do you think you’re experiencing physical symptoms of higher vibration but you’re not really sure?

Have you been having what appears to be a spiritual awakening?

If so, you’re undoubtedly aware that you’re in great hands.

Worldwide, there is a great awakening of consciousness. Vibrational energy is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

A lot of people are experiencing physical symptoms of higher vibration.

This encompasses both emotional and mental shifts, along with signs of vibrational energy field shifts in their bodies.

Some signs are not so fun, but many are good for you, and we shall explore them today.

Learn the physical symptoms of higher vibration. Physical changes are far more common than you may believe.

Let’s dive in!

physical symptoms of higher vibration

Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

Do you think you’re experiencing physical symptoms of higher vibration?  How do you know for sure?

What are the physical symptoms of higher vibration?

Some physical symptoms of a higher vibration include a lower tolerance for alcohol, your food cravings may change or disappear altogether, and your tone of voice may change too. Your sixth sense may become stronger, you may let go of old thinking patterns, and you might also start to take better care of yourself.

vibrations spiritual awakening

Spiritual vibrations and frequencies

“Everything in life is vibration.Everything has its own vibratory signature. Even our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are emitting vibrations.”

-Albert Einstein

The universe, according to the law of vibration, is made up of vibrating particles that are continually moving and producing energy.

You are a dynamic energy field.

Your body is made up of energy-producing particles that are constantly moving.

According to spiritual author Shannon Kaiser, the frequency of something is the pace or rate at which it vibrates, with the sole distinction between one object and another being the rate of vibration.

Many people may associate energy fields in the body with spirituality, but an area of vibrational medicine, also known as energy medicine, makes use of this as well.

Practitioners of energy medicine try to enhance your health by using the vibrational energy created by and around your body.

vibrations spiritual awakening

Signs of a low-vibration person

Persistent unhappiness or rage, slow thinking, chronic exhaustion, and apathy are all symptoms of low vibrational energy.

Diseases, unexplained pain or uncomfortable symptoms are also signs of low vibration.

Drama is something that low-vibe individuals enjoy. They invest in it, they participate in it, and they frequently create it.

These folks might be “friends, “coworkers, or even family members. Low-vibration people like talking about unpleasant things, bringing up the past and gossiping about others.

Here are 50 signs you’re suffering from low vibrational energy.

signs of high vibration

How to raise your vibration

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, humans have 60,000 to 70,000 ideas every day, with 90% of those thoughts repeating from the previous day. Positive thoughts create positive feelings and raise vibrations.

Surround yourself with good people, consume nutritious food, and add meditation or deep breathing techniques into your everyday life to boost your vibrations.

Check out this video about the 3 things to give up to raise your vibration instantly. 

30 Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

Below are the physical symptoms or signs of high vibration:

1: Alcohol is not so appealing anymore

As your energetic frequency rises, you may find that you no longer resonate with the energy of alcohol. They call it “spirits” for a reason, and those spirits are sneaky.

If you can’t manage alcohol like you used to, it might be due to your increased vibration.

The inability to tolerate alcohol is the 1st of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

assorted alcohol drinks

2: Your sixth sense is enhanced

The enhanced sixth sense is one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

You may discover that you are having more psychic experiences than ever before.

Common side effects include premonitions, psychic dreams, and other forms of ESP. You may become aware of “coincidences” and question whether they are signs from your spirit angels.

high vibration foods

3: Craving high vibration foods

One of the physical symptoms of a higher vibration is a change in food cravings.

You may crave useful and healthier foods as your energy frequency rises. Perhaps you’ll discover a healthier method of eating that works well for your body.

If you are keen to change your diet and elevate your frequency, check out these 30 best spiritual foods for spiritual awakening.

4: Your voice tone changes

Do you notice yourself getting more self-assured? Should you speak up more or less? What about different emotions that come to the surface and are mirrored in your voice?

Your speech tone may show vibrational changes. Your writing may alter if you are a writer. Your art may also evolve.

A shift in the tone of voice and writing are physical symptoms of higher vibration.

spiritual vibrations and frequencies

5: You feel a tingling sensation on your crown chakra

You may experience a feeling like pins and needles or a static electricity buildup at the top of your head.

This sensation is located in the Crown chakra, which is the seventh main chakra or energy center. 

This tingling feeling is one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

6: You look great

Naturally, when you feel better and vibrate higher, your appearance improves.

Your skin seems cleaner or smoother. You appear to be in better shape. 

Your increased vibration is undoubtedly contributing to your glow.

energy vibrations between people

7: Your style shifts

You may start dressing better to reflect your growth. You no longer feel comfortable wearing items that don’t suit you. 

However, you may be encouraged to wear prettier, more comfortable garments that reflect the magnificent being that you are.

On the other hand, as individuals awaken spiritually, they may care less about fashion than ever before. Fashion as a concern might become entirely outmoded.

8: Changes in body language and posture

How you hold yourself is another one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

Perhaps you stand a bit straighter or with greater confidence.

When you adjust, you may discover that your spiritual growth has improved your inner state, and this will reflect in your body language.

high vibration people

9: You feel lighter

When your energy transforms to a higher frequency, you may experience a surge of bright, strong energy from within you.

You will feel as though white light were emanating from your heart. Your grin broadens. Other individuals will sense the difference in your aura.

10: Energy shifts

Increased energy is frequently associated with a higher vibration.

You may experience a burst of physical and mental energy in the form of motivation.

As you feel compelled to eat healthier, move your body, and learn more about self-care, you may experience a shift from weariness and less-than-ideal health to better health.

high vibrational people

11: You are less stressed

You may experience a big reduction in stress once you’ve settled into your higher vibratory energy.

You may get a sense of calmness and peace, so you’re more tolerant and forgiving toward others. Definitely great physical symptoms of higher vibration.

This may also lead to lifestyle changes that promote more serenity and tranquility.

It’s important to clarify that the concept of “higher vibration” is often associated with spiritual or metaphysical contexts rather than a scientifically established phenomenon. In traditional terms, physical symptoms related to a positive or heightened state of being might include feelings of joy, calmness, or increased energy. However, connecting these sensations specifically to playing in an Ripper Casino is not supported by scientific evidence.

Engaging in activities like playing online casino games can evoke various emotions, and individuals may experience physiological responses such as increased heart rate or heightened excitement during moments of winning. However, it’s crucial to approach discussions about vibrational frequencies with a degree of skepticism, as these concepts often fall outside the realm of empirical science.

If you’re interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of playing casino games, it’s advisable to focus on responsible gaming practices, understanding the potential for both enjoyment and risk, and maintaining a healthy balance in your leisure activities.

12: Your third eye is open

When you maintain a high vibration for an extended length of time, your third eye may finally open.

This will improve your intuition and open up more senses. You will intuitively know and feel things, as well as sense the energy surrounding you.

You may begin to see auras, chakras, other people’s energy bodies, or how they appear in the astral world, or you may begin to see flashes of events that are likely to occur in the future.

close up of human eye

Check out this article about how to open your third eye chakra safely and fast.

13: You don’t find processed foods appealing

High-vibrational folks will become uneasy near something with a low frequency. If they remain in low vibrational surroundings for an extended period of time, their vibration will decrease.

This is especially true for what they eat and drink.

Because processed foods and drinks have a low vibration and are damaging to the body, high vibrational people will begin to reject anything processed and will no longer have unhealthy desires.

14: You almost never get sick

People who live in high vibration are rarely, if ever, sick.

This is because their chakras and auras are clean and balanced, and they only partake in good actions that keep their Divine protection high.

People with a high vibration are generally always healthy. This is one of the strongest physical symptoms of higher vibration.

silhouette of woman twirling on green fields

15: Your home is tidy and decluttered.

To sustain a high vibrational level for an extended length of time, the place they dwell must be clean both physically and spiritually.

The home of a high-vibration person is always clean and well-organized as they periodically cleanse their homes.

It has a great overall aesthetic, and the vibe within it is friendly. They may have pets, home plants, crystals, and symbols to assist them in keeping a happy atmosphere.

16: Your body remains calm in most situations

People with high vibrations remain calm and composed in all situations.

They do not become angry or disturbed since anger and grief are low-vibrating emotions that can no longer reach them.

Keeping your nervous system stable is one of the best physical symptoms of higher vibration.

energy vibrations between people

17: You have a spiritual routine

High-vibrational people keep their vibrations high by having a healthy spiritual regimen that they follow every day.

High-vibrational people will constantly follow a spiritual regimen to cleanse bad energy and attract positive ones.

Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, breathwork, or something similar.

18: You become more physically appealing

Physical attractiveness is one of the characteristics of high-vibration people.

I don’t want to come out as shallow, but high vibration makes individuals appear more appealing.

Beauty is a Divine gift, and as one’s vibration rises, so will their physical appearance.

woman in blue dress

19: Achieving your goals is easier

One characteristic of high vibration people is that they frequently achieve the majority of their objectives.

They are highly focused on their life’s purpose and are on the correct track, making it easier for them to attain their objectives.

When a person embarks on a course that is not suitable for them, the universe will send them signals.

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20: You are drawn to yoga

Yoga combines the mind-body advantages of breathing, meditation, and rhythmic movement into one practice.

Yoga has an impact on your vibrational energy.

Yoga has also been demonstrated to enhance blood sugar levels, assist in the rehabilitation of muscle and bone disorders, enhance cardiovascular health, and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

couple doing yoga

21: You develop an interest in reiki, therapeutic touch, and healing touch

These three are classified as energy therapies. This means that an energy therapist could enhance your health by moving the energy in your body called your biofields.

These therapies, which are often used in conjunction with other traditional medical treatments, have been used in cancer treatment for decades.

They are recommended by vibrational energy professionals for rectifying the flow of energy in and around your body.

22: You want to get out more

Get out into nature as often as you can to boost or reset your vibrational energy.

study on the benefits of nature, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, discovered that engaging with nature reduces blood pressure, lessens fatigue, lowers cortisol levels, and may reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

A walk in the woods or a picnic next to a high-energy waterfall will also likely raise your vibration. 

person freediving underwater

23: You meditate more

Meditation involves sitting or laying down comfortably in a quiet area, concentrating your attention on bodily sensations or a specific phrase or object, and allowing your reactions to evolve.

A study published in the International Journal of Yoga on the effects of “OM” chanting found that the vibrations created by the repetitive chanting of the phrase “OM” momentarily deactivate the amygdala and other brain areas involved in emotion processing.

In other words, meditation coupled with intentional chanting can help with quieting the nervous system, enabling you to be calmer, less stressed, and more objective in your day-to-day life.

24: You feel more gratitude

It is frequently advised that you take time to recognize and appreciate what is positive in your life as a means to boost your vibrations.

Feeling grateful is another one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

25: Your breathing improves

underwater photography of woman

Regular deep breathing is an effective way to rebalance your vibrational energy.

Regulated breathing helps lower your heart rate and activate the parts of your brain that control comfort, relaxation, emotional command, and well-being.

When your vibration is low, you forget how to breathe properly without even noticing.

One of the physical symptoms of higher vibration is being able to do deep breathing regularly.

26: People come to you

When it comes to high-vibration people, you will find that others always want their presence.

High-vibration individuals emit pleasant energy that makes other people feel good when they are in their company.

Being a people magnet is one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

high vibration relationship

27: You have a great level of empathy.

Another one of the physical symptoms of high vibration is empathy.

Empathy is a mental trait unique to those with high vibrations and have obtained a greater grasp of life.

A person with a high vibration will feel a lot of empathy for all living creatures.

Are you a spiritual empath? Find out the empath signs and traits, and take the test here.

28: People start asking you for advice

Living at high vibration brings with it a certain amount of knowledge, which allows you to make sound judgments in most situations and to be in tune with your intuition.

People around you will notice your wisdom; when they have a problem, they will seek your help for a different perspective.

This is one of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

woman holding umbrella

29: Small things make you feel good

People with high vibrations appreciate and enjoy life more.

You will see beauty in everything, even the most insignificant details, such as sunsets, the sound of rain, the fresh air they breathe, and the flavor of their coffee.

This is by far my favorite of the physical symptoms of higher vibration.

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30: You feel safe around people and others feel the same way

When a person has a naturally high vibration, even random people may sense it when they go close.

You will exude safety, unconditional love, and empowerment; others will pick up on this subconsciously.

couple on top of rocks


What is the highest vibrational emotion?

By far the most potent emotion for measuring a vibratory shift is gratitude. We generally express appreciation after we receive something, but when you express gratitude voluntarily, your body flips into receptive mode since the emotional signature of gratitude is positive.

What causes low vibration energy?

Negative emotions, disempowering attitudes and beliefs, bad health, and a lack of spiritual awareness all contribute to lower vibrations.

Is love a high vibrational energy?

Love is one of the highest vibrating states of being (the fourth highest level on Hawkins’ scale of awareness) and has the ability to lift you out of the deepest of ditches. When you open your heart to love, your energy will begin to fly.

physical symptoms of spiritual awakening


Raising your vibrations is like the opening of Pandora’s Box. Your eyes are open once the box is opened.

The building blocks of life are made up of energy.

When you raise your vibrations, you feel strange physical sensations, your appearance changes, and everything shifts.

It’s common to experience bodily symptoms when you raise your vibrational frequency.

You may call it a coincidence or use the word “science” to describe it another way, but your energy frequency is at the root of every change in your physical form.

You are gorgeous, joyful, and healthy because of your positive energy vibration.

Do you think you’re on a higher vibration? Which of the physical symptoms of higher vibration above resonated with you? Let me know in the comments!


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