Are You A Martian Starseed? 15 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Are you fascinated by Mars, the so-called Red planet?

Does the idea of traveling to Mars excite you more than anything else?

Do you find yourself dreaming or fantasizing about exploring Mars and the possibility of life on the planet?

Do you also spend a lot of time researching the history and future of the Red planet?

If you answered yes, then you might be a Martian starseed.

Not much is known about the Martians. They are as mysterious as Mars, the planet they are believed to have originated.

What is certain is that they, like many other starseed types, come to Earth to help with the evolution and advancement of the human race.

As a Martian, you might feel a strong compulsion to aid human civilization to explore your former home and even start a new civilization there.

I wrote this article to help you find out if you are truly a Martian starseed.

In the following sections, I will briefly explain the origins of Martians, outline their most common traits, and remind you of your purpose here on the Earthly dimension.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in and learn more about Martian starseeds!

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Are You A Martian Starseed?

Martians are some of the most mysterious starseeds.

Not much is known or written about them, but it is believed that they originated from Mars. They came to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago when Mars became inhabitable.

The scarce information about Martians is peculiar given the immense interest humans have in the planet Mars.

What is a Martian Starseed?

A Martian starseed is a person on earth whose soul origin is Mars. As a general rule, Martian starseeds feel an intense affiliation to Mars; after all, this is their home.

Not many Earthlings care much about Mars. To most of us, this is a far-off planet that has nothing to do with our day-to-day survival. But, if you find yourself taking a keen interest in the Red planet and even wishing to travel there, this is a tell-tale sign that you are a Martian starseed.

It helps to learn more about other starseeds and find any similarities you may share with them. Luckily, I wrote an article about the ten types of starseeds that you can check out.

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Martian Starseed Origins

Martians are believed to have come to Earth thousands of years ago, having originated from Mars.

Today, humans are increasingly interested in the Red Planet, with many speculating that there is a possibility of life there.

But, there is still no scientific evidence that Mars can sustainably support life in its current state.

Martian starseeds once inhabited Mars before the conditions became too unbearable to support life.

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“Even though the surface of Mars seems quite similar to that of Earth, Martians who came from there are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually more advanced than the humans on Earth.”

Martian starseed people came to Earth to aid in the advancement and evolution of our civilization.

It is believed that their mission is to help humans successfully explore Mars and possibly begin a new civilization there.

Now that we understand the origin of Martians let us look at the common traits that define the starseeds.

15 Martian Starseed Traits

As I mentioned earlier, Martians are quite a mysterious breed of starseeds.

Although we humans know a lot about other starseeds, our knowledge of Martian starseeds is quite limited.

That said, certain distinguishable traits characterize Martians. You might be a Martian starseed if:

#1: You feel a strong connection to Mars

Although many of us Earth people don’t spend our time thinking about Mars; the story is different for Martians.

If you feel like Earth is not really your home and have a strong longing to travel to Mars, you could be a Martian starseed.

Even though humans claim there is no evidence of life on Mars, you know that this is your original home and even aspire to return there one day.

If you feel out of alignment with the world, consider taking a soul reading. Soul readings can help you clarify your purpose and overcome obstacles that may hinder you from achieving your highest potential.

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#2: You have memories of being on a red planet

Not only do you feel connected to Mars, but you may also have had dreams about being on the planet.

Your dreams may be vivid, almost like a real experience of being on the Red planet.

You can recall the sights and smells of everything you saw in your dreams when you wake up.

It is common for you to feel deep nostalgia and homesickness for your home planet, even during waking hours.

You sometimes have visions of the surface of Mars, but explaining this experience to others can be difficult.


#3: You feel drawn to water

We all know the importance of water.

But quite frankly, very few of us really slow down to ponder this essential liquid and even give gratitude for it. Not Martians, though.

This starseed type feels a deeper appreciation for water. Maybe because they remember that water shortages led to the gradual decline of their planet Mars.

As a Martian, you might feel particularly strongly about conserving water and avoiding unnecessary wastage. This is a major starseed confirmation.

Check out this article I wrote about signs of a starseed and what you can do if you are one.

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#4: You are attracted to the fire element

In addition to being drawn to the water element, fire also has a special place in your heart.

It is common for Mars people to consider fire as their spiritual symbol. You may even wear tattoos and other bodily elements depicting this.

Your affiliation to fire might be due to the fiery red hue Mars gives off when observed from Earth.

girl sitting next to a bonfire

#5: You are interested in human colonization of Mars

Martians may have exited their planet, but they believe they will go back home someday.

These starseeds believe that the colonization of Mars by the human race is inevitable.

Martians may be fascinated by space exploration celebrities such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, looking up to them as way-makers aiding Martians to return home.

#6: You have a strong desire to advance the human race

Like most other starseeds, you believe you came to Earth to fulfill a deeper purpose.

As a being who had to leave their home, perhaps tragically, you feel the need to protect others from this kind of suffering.

Like Andromedan starseeds, Martians may seek to advance the human race by playing a leading role in alleviating wars and poverty. These elements make people leave their homes against their will.

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#7: You feel out of place on Earth

This is also a common trait that Martians share with other starseeds.

Even though you live on Earth, you are not of this Earth, and you feel this way every day.

“It might feel like people don’t understand you, your cause, and your purpose.”

This is because Earthlings may not be as interested as you are in things like the colonization of Mars, space exploration, or the urgent preservation of water.

This might sometimes cause starseed depression.

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#8: Red is one of your favorite colors

You hail from the Red Planet, so it is no surprise that red is your favorite color. This is a big Martian starseed code.

The color red conveys love, power, seduction, and even anger.

You may display any of these emotions at one point, but depending on your personality, one might be more dominant than the other.

#9: You are highly intelligent

As a Martian, your IQ might be higher than the average because you originate from a different dimension.

Even though Mars and Earth bear some semblance, it would be safe to say that Martians exist in a higher dimension and are intellectually advanced.

This is a trait Martian starseeds share with indigo starseeds or indigo adults.

girl with glasses in a field

#10: You are charismatic

Martians are naturally influential and convincing because of their strong affiliation to social, economic, and political causes.

You may come off as likable, and people will be drawn to your pleasant personality and intelligence.

You may not be the loudest or most extroverted person in the room. But, people will look up to you for your leadership skills and transformative and innovative ideas.

Your genuine interest in others and their cause makes it possible for you to fulfill your purpose to advance the human race by alleviating political and social-economic suffering.

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#11: You are entrepreneurial and innovative

In their quest to help advance the human race, Martians pursue entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.

Typically, you will be drawn to social enterprises that benefit local communities.

“Technological ventures such as those involving space exploration will be of interest to you, and where possible, you will invest your hard-earned money there.”

Your career choices will be in technology, travel, politics, international development, astronomy, and community leadership.

#12: You tend to hold strong political beliefs

Let’s admit it, the exploration and possible future colonization of Mars by the human race is as much a political issue as it is a social and economic one.

Talking about political issues, I made a video where I discuss some of the major 2022 world predictions. Do check it out if this sounds like something you’d be interested in. 

Aside from having a deep interest in the colonization of Mars, Martians may also demonstrate a strong affiliation to certain political courses.

Martians may feel particularly affiliated with refugees who have had to leave their homes due to political causes such as war, persecution, and poverty.

As a Martian starseed, you may feel that your purpose is to help the human race evolve beyond the low-level vibrational frequencies of war and poverty.

This is a trait you share with Reptilian starseeds. I encourage you to read more about these Reptilian starseeds in this blog post.

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#13: You have a strong desire to travel and explore

Like other starseeds such as Avians and Reptilians, Martians traveled a long distance to come to Earth.

After their planet became inhabitable, they searched long and hard for a place they would call their second home.

Still, many who consider themselves Martian starseeds say that Earth still doesn’t feel like home. For this reason, they have a strong desire to travel and explore new lands.

Perhaps in search of a home that feels similar to their Red planet, Martian starseeds find themselves never settling in one place for too long.

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#14: You have commitment problems

Martians are free-spirited and prefer to experience many different interests.

The fact that they kind of tragically had to leave their original home because it became inhabitable left them with some residual trauma.

Their experience of losing everything dear to them may make them hesitant to commit to anything or anyone.

As such, Martians may move from one relationship to another, trying to avoid any long-term, monogamous setup as they fear being abandoned or losing the person they commit to.

If you struggle with love relationships, I recommend taking a moon reading. With a moon reading, you can better understand your personality and how best to relate with others in your starseed love relationships.

#15: You have reddish skin or hair

Whichever starseed you may be, it is important to know how to find your starseed markings.

Not all Redheads are Martians, but Martian starseeds are more likely to have naturally reddish hair.

Remember, Mars is a red planet due to the huge amounts of iron on the planet’s surface.

After millions of years of exposure to red iron, it is natural for inhabitants of Mars to take on a reddish hue, whether in their skin or hair color.

You might also have other reddish blemishes, such as freckles or rosacea.

These conditions are manageable and are not a threat to your wellbeing. But sometimes, they can make some Martians feel awkward.

This explains why some Martians feel out of place and may prefer to be away from the limelight.

If all this sounds interesting, why not read more about starseed markings that differentiate the various starseeds.

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Martian Starseed Mission

Martian starseeds reincarnated on Earth to aid in the evolution and advancement of the human race.

One of their greatest missions is to help humans search for the possibility of life on Mars.

Martians aspire to return home to their Red planet and hope that the human race will eventually colonize Mars and begin a new civilization there.

As of now, the possibility of life on Mars is unknown. But, hopefully, in the future, and with the help and guidance of Martian starseeds, the human race will find answers.


Are Martian starseeds real?

Martian starseeds are as real as the many other starseeds that have visited Earth. It may not always be easy to differentiate a Martian from the rest of the people. But, if you are a starseed, you will know deep down that you are different, and in the case of Martians, you will feel a special connection with the planet Mars.

Will Martian starseeds take over Earth?

Martian starseeds did not come to colonize or destroy Earth. They traveled long distances over thousands of years to come to Earth to aid with the evolution and advancement of the human race. Martians are not involved in destructive practices. Instead, they are affiliated with progressive causes in technology, innovation, space exploration, international development, and politics.

Are Martians red?

Martian starseeds are not red beings. Some Martians may have naturally red hair or reddish marks like freckles, but they are not entirely red from head to toe. They look like normal human beings.

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The human race has taken great interest in the planet Mars.

There is no solid evidence of life on the Red planet. But, it is possible that life existed here billions of years ago, and Martian starseeds embody this possibility.

Just as not much is known about life on Mars, we know very little about Martian starseeds.

However, what is for sure is that these special starseeds have a deep connection with Mars.

And, they may play an important role in helping the human race explore the Red Planet and perhaps conquer it one day.

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Do you think you are a Martian starseed? Let me know in the comments!


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