Life Path Number 3: Meaning, Personality & Love Life

Have you ever found yourself lost while trying to ascertain what destiny has in store for you? 

You have probably wondered why certain things occur in your life that you find hard to explain.

Why does your job feel like a trap? Why do you get easily heartbroken?

Have you ever wondered if there was a layout to your life that you were not even aware of? You sometimes almost feel as if you’re living someone else’s life.

When I found out I’m a life path number 3, it really changed my life and opened me up to a new world. 

I realized who I am, my strengths and weaknesses, and what I came to this planet to do.

When you have read this article you will have an answer to the question:

Am I a Life path number 3 and what does that mean for me? 

Let’s dive in!

life path number 3

All About Life Path Number 3

What is a Life path number?

A life path number, also known as a destiny number, is a concept in numerology. It states that the numbers that make up your birthday hold a strong influence over your personality, dispositions, and your approach to different circumstances in your life.

Your life path number is not very different from your zodiac sign. Like Zodiac signs, certain life paths are known to be more compatible with other life paths. Just like how there’s much debate over which Zodiac sign is the best, there is also much debate as to which Life path is the best. You can easily ascertain your life path number with a few calculations.

Basically, you can get your life path number by adding the numbers serially till you get to a single digit.

For example, a person born on the 8th of July, 1987. First, we add all the numbers in the year together till we get a single-digit: 1+9+8+7=25. Then 2+5= 7, since all the remaining numbers are singular (the day and the month), we add them to the year.

Thus, 7 (from the year) + 7 (from the month) +8 (from the day) = 22. After, we add those digits together till we get a single number: 2+2=4.

Alternatively, if you are like me and you cannot be so easily tricked into doing math for free, you can calculate your Life path number for free here.

In the example given above, any person born on that day is on Life path number 4. This Life path is also known as “The Worker”. People on this life path tend to value structures, the claim discipline, and are strong advocates that health is wealth.

In total, there are nine life paths. If you are curious to find out more about your life path.

As you can see, a person’s life path is central to them finding their purpose. When a person is not on the right life path, they may feel out of sync with the universe if they don’t know that purpose is. Understanding your life path will ensure that you know more about your purpose.

When this happens, you will be able to tap into your core frequency. 

Your core frequency is the central plan of your life. Tapping into your core frequencies ensures that you get what the universe has in store for you more. You can find more info on how to tune into your core frequency on my youtube channel.

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What is Life path number 3?

Life path number 3 is the life path of people who possess a high tendency to be creative, exuberant, who love to express themselves. They tend to have an infectious joie de vivre (cheery enjoyment of life).

People who are on Life path number 3 are also known as threes. Threes have a very high level of creative energy. In addition to this immense energy, they are blessed with an innate ability to express their creative energy. 

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if you are on life path number 3:

1: You desire to experience a life filled with joy and wonder

It is usual for people to want a life of joy and wonder. Most people prefer to arrive at that point as a reward for living well, not a life goal.

For example, people on life path 4 would see a life filled with joy and wonder as a reward for working hard. But as a person on life path number 3, you take every opportunity to find excitement and wonder in every moment. 

You believe in focusing on the moment and letting other days figure themselves out.

2: You have an abundance of creative energy

Life path 3 is the life path of creativity. This life path is blessed with an abundance of energy for creativity.

You tend to hate the imagination of being trapped in a job, repeating the same task daily. You love to express yourself clearly.

For this reason, you are more likely to be drawn to a spontaneous vocation that requires creativity. You can be an artist, an actor, a writer, etc.

I love to create, I always have. I used to present my schoolwork in funny sketches, I love creating videos for my youtube channel and write blog posts.

However, you might express that creativity in another way, for example, art, baking, or photography.

girl painting 

3: You love to share happiness wherever you go

As a person on life path number 3, there’s nothing that gives you more joy fulfillment of purpose than sharing happiness with the world.

Life path number 3 is the life path of the artist. There is nothing artists crave more than admiration. As a three, you love to create happiness for people, and you love to bask in the admiration you get in return from people. 

Growing up, threes tend to be performers. They get in trouble with authority for being class clowns or class performers.

This trait makes it usual for threes to make fine comedians, musicians, and actors. People on life path number 3 tend to get very moody when their artistry is not well appreciated.

4: You possess an innate dislike for structure and responsibilities

You tend to dislike structure and responsibilities. You find them to be limiting in a world that can be so limitless.

When confronted with the challenge of saving for a rainy day, you think, why not spend the money now when you can always make more later?

When faced with the challenge of working in a working environment, you may think, work is tedious and uninteresting. Why can’t I be doing something fun?

These sentiments can cause you to clash with other life paths that value structure. You prefer to live in the moment expecting everything to be okay to being burdened with responsibility. 

I understand that you may sometimes feel trapped in your office and might want the freedom to work from home. Here are some benefits of working from home that I’ve highlighted for your pleasure.

Conversely, like me, you may want to quit your job altogether and start the life you have always dreamed of but don’t know the next steps to take. You can follow these steps on how to find your passions and monetize them. 

girl holding stones on beach

5: You have the ability to express yourself easily

Life path number 3 is reputed to be the most blessed at expressing themselves. You have a strong understanding of how to express yourself clearly.

This ability allows you to communicate with people easily. If you have the ability to communicate flexibly without compromising the meaning you sought to pass across.

For this reason, people on Life path number 3 can be good orators, coaches, and politicians.

However, many threes struggled with public speaking and clear communication in their youth. So if you don’t feel like you’re a good communicator, don’t worry, you will overcome it.

I used to be terrified of what people thought of me and voice my opinion in meetings and group settings.  

I had a very blocked throat chakra for a long time, but once I became aware of it I decided to heal it and not be scared of speaking my truth. 

I started a youtube channel and blog, despite all the negative voices in my head. And now people are surprised to hear I used to be the worst at communication and public speaking.

6: Your emotions are your most powerful weapon if you can harvest them

There is nothing that fuels creativity like emotion.

The introspection of Life path number 3 imbues it with a lot of emotion. This paradigm means that emotion is used often to fuel creativity. Thus, ensuring an endless cycle of creativity.

When a Three feels inspired, and they create, there is often another phase of creation.

If the creation is adored, they can use it as fuel to make themselves even better. When they are rejected, they may sulk for a while, after which they use those dark emotions as fuel to create better.

7: You tend to be a spender

As a person on life path number 3, you may possess a tendency to be very carefree with your finances. This often happens because you believe in living your life to the fullest and letting tomorrow worry about itself.

Fortunately, your life path is blessed with an abundance of creative energy.

 Thus, you will rarely ever lack. Due to your high levels of creativity, you have a seemingly endless wealth of ideas to choose from, which makes you a great entrepreneur.

girl holding money in her hand

8: You can provide sound advice due to your introspective nature

People on life path number 3 tend to be very introspective individuals. They love to provide an active listening ear. They also tend to mull over situations in their relationships. 

Due to this, they tend to have a good understanding of the relationship’s dynamics.

On the flip side, they may also be deep thinkers and “overanalysts” (guilty!). They may find it difficult to move past some issues easily. 

These factors make them very understanding lovers that are suitable for long term relationships. 

9: Threes are usually the object of other people’s fantasy

Threes are very charismatic people who have an air of positivity around them. They are blessed with an infectious aura.

They tend to easily affect people and make good politicians. They effortlessly express themselves in a way that people can not resist. This makes them an object of fascination.

People on the path of life number 3 are like light bulbs that can set other people’s life alight. Because of this, they are usually well sought after.

10: Very loyal and warmth eccentric and naive

Threes can be very charismatic. They have also been known to be very eccentric people with flair personalities. The exhibit traits of intense loyalty and radiate warmth to their lovers.

These traits are common to life path number 3 because they can be deeply introspective and empathetic. Their need to see the good in others can make them very naive when trying to process people’s actions towards them. It can take a long time, sometimes years, before they realize how they have been wronged in the past.

What Life path number is compatible with Life path number 3?

Individuality and expression are core pillar personalities of life path number 3. As a person on life path number 3, your volatile and creative tendencies means your life path is best suited to some life paths. Life path numbers 1, 5, and 7 are for you.

Life path number 1s can be too rigid sometimes. But, they make up for it by being your anchor to reality. Life path number 5s can also make lovely companions. They are on the path of adventure. This path is ideal cause it sates your thirst for wonder as a person on Life path number 3.

couple holding hands

What is love life like for a life path number 3?

To have a beautiful and fulfilling love life, you need to have a love life that allows you to be yourself without any inhibition whatsoever. 

You have a natural need to express yourself. You cannot help producing an outburst of optimism and creative energy everywhere you go.

You are intrigued by spontaneity, and monotony bores you easily. You are fascinated by the mystical, and mystical guidance appeals to you. Life path 3s find it easy to synchronize with people on life path 7. Life path 7 is known for its mysticism.

Also, You will also be happy in a relationship with a fellow spontaneous person. People on life path number 5 are perfect for this because of their spontaneity. They are adventurous and dauntless. They will ensure that your love life remains exciting. However, too much of this energy, perhaps from another person who is also on life path number 3, can be detrimental to you. 

Because of your introspection, you also understand the need to be grounded. Life path number 1 provides much-needed stability to your center. They seem to always find the best way to channel your creative energy. However, too much of this energy might make you feel like you’re being repressed. Without even knowing, you might be feeling suppressed. This comes out as frustrations at your partner. 

Understanding your life path gives you more information about what is best for you. It also provides deep insight into what principles you should value to attract blessings attributed to your life path, like your twin flame.

You can find more information on how to attract your twin flame here.

What is the personality of a Life path number 3?

The number three is a number that signifies unity in self and independence in numerology. Thus, people on life path three will have clashes with some other life path numbers because they prefer to remain independent. Your ability to express yourself is another core pillar of your personality as a three. You will always find a way to express yourself.

However, the mode of expression may vary from person to person. For instance, you may prefer performing in front of a crowd, while another three might prefer creating in private than posting on a platform that can be accessed by people.


Your life path number is a core aspect of you that determines your personality and temperament amongst other things. 

It is a number that can be calculated easily by adding the numbers of your birthday till you reach a single figure. You can also calculate your Life path number for free here.

Being a person on life path number 3 means that your life path is imbued with a high level of creativity that is key to your greatness.

Knowing your purpose and tapping into your core frequency is crucial if you want to reap all the unique benefits exclusive to your life path.

You are Introspective, creative, and expressive. While this is often a good thing, you have to be wary of dishing out too much criticism or being too dismissive of other people’s points of view.

Finally, in your love life and also in other parts of life, structures are the opposite of your style. But remember, just a bit could bring some balance to your life.

I believe that it is always important to maintain some balance in your life. I have some healthy tips on how to maintain balance in your life by unblocking your chakras.

Are you a life path number 3? Let me know in the comments!


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