8 Kundalini Awakening Stages & Signs You’re Experiencing It

Have you ever felt a sudden burst of energy within you?

Like the gentle voice of a guide pointing you to the path of enlightenment?

It might be a bit confusing at first, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

This post is here to help you understand this powerful force, the Kundalini awakening stages and help you understand if it’s Kundalini or something else.

Now, let’s dive in!

Kundalini awakening stages

How To Awaken Your Kundalini

Before we get into the Kundalini awakening stages, it’s helpful to know what Kundalini actually is.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a form of feminine energy located at the base of the spine, and when you awaken it, it brings about spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.

At the beginning of the host’s life, the Kundalini is usually inactive and awaiting its awakening.

The Kundalini takes the shape of a snake, so it stays coiled and unmoving until it feels a call to action; that is known as the awakening.

The nature of Kundalini goes far beyond its mere definition, so you might need a more thorough explanation.

What is kundalini awakening?

Kundalini Awakening is a profound spiritual experience. This experience causes us to transform in all parts of our life – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

When Kundalini is freed, it flows up from the spine, where the root chakra is also located. Then it travels up through the seven chakras of the body until it reaches the head.

As the Kundalini moves through the different chakras, it achieves a different level of awakening at each, as well as a mystical experience, until it gets to its final stop.

When it gets to the crown chakra, Sahasrara, it unites with it. This unity triggers a high awareness of your true nature and life purpose. 

This is known as The Awakening.

The Kundalini Awakening is a form of divine compass that helps us through life. It helps to give us a sense of direction, so we don’t follow life paths that aren’t meant for us. 

People whose Kundalini energies are awakened are usually more creative, inspired, and insightful. It helps us be better versions of ourselves by causing us to do more.


Kundalini awakening requires moving your focus from vain and earthly things. To awaken your Kundalini, you need to also connect to your spiritual senses. 

You awaken your Kundalini energy through meditative practices, and so you should practice it regularly.

If you want to give yourself a boost, you can also try raising your vibration and reciting affirmations to yourself regularly.

8 Kundalini Awakening Stages

For some, the Kundalini awakening stages may be quite an experience. While some people move through each stage smoothly, others may find it a little frightening.

Classifying the Kundalini awakening stages isn’t straightforward because scholars disagree about how the stages should be divided.

However, regardless of how the Kundalini awakening stages are split, the experiences are explained in a similar way.

Here are 8 Kundalini awakening stages:

1: Turbulence/trauma

Turbulence and trauma are the first signs that you are going through the Kundalini awakening stages.

Because the Kundalini awakening is a spiritual experience that needs a pure vessel, you’ll need to start by cleansing your mind and body.

As this happens, you might experience emotional and physical ascension symptoms in your body.

For instance, you may start to experience aches and pains or a fever. There might also be an emotional impact like depression and anxiety.

Other traumatic events like an out-of-body experience, or a near-death experience, are also common at this stage.

These descriptions might sound alarming, and you’re worrying that awakening will be no picnic, but that’s because it’s all new to you.

As you’re going through it, try to remember it’s just a phase, and it will pass. You got this!

Girl with head on her knees

2: Falling apart

Another of the unsettling Kundalini awakening stages is when you start to feel like things are coming apart. At this point, you may feel like the whole world is crumbling around you.

 You will start to feel dissatisfaction with your life as it is and start to want more. Things you used to do that brought satisfaction are no longer enough.

Situations and events that you used to enjoy will lose their appeal and become bland.

You will start to feel that you want more and this is a good thing. Your craving for more will drive you to explore new possibilities and become more. 

All of this will likely lead to you changing things up a little. For example, your views about certain topics might change, along with how you dress and who you choose to hang out with. 

3: Healing

After the falling apart stage, things will start to improve. You were worried we’d never get here, right?

Now is the time when you’ll start to feel regenerated and renewed. That’s great because it means you’re healing.

Negative feelings will start to seep out of you. For instance, bitterness and lack of forgiveness will become a thing of the past.

In essence, you will stop holding on to past hurts and start to heal from the inside out. As this healing progresses, you’ll start to feel like a new person.

4: Liberation

Naturally, the healing stage will make you feel light and unburdened. It will begin the next stage – liberation.

You will feel peace and freedom. You will feel peace within yourself and will be at peace with the world.

Within you, there will be this sense of freedom, almost like you’re free of handcuffs you’d worn all your life.

It will feel almost magical, and you’ll know it has something to do with the universe.

Girl looking free in the sun

5: Synchronicity

This Kundalini awakening stage is absolutely vital. It’s at this stage that things will start to fall in place. 

All the scattered pieces of the puzzle will start to come together and make sense. You will find that naturally, you gravitate towards people and things that you need.

You enter into beneficial relationships even though you might not know why you need them when they begin.

But somewhere along the line, it will come to you. 

6: Unlearning

Gradually, there will come the need for you to start unlearning. To truly renew yourself, you need to discard parts of your knowledge and break certain habits.

This Kundalini awakening stage is essential because you’ll start seeing things in a different light and from a different perspective than you’re used to.

With unlearning comes curiosity. You will want to know who you really are and get rid of the identity imposed on you by others – society, family, and even yourself.

You’ll also start to feel a constant flow of energy in your head. It will make you question all the beliefs and behaviors that you have. You will unlearn a lot of things and start afresh.

7: Connection to divinity

The work you’ve done in the unlearning stage makes you vulnerable and allows you to trust the divine energy will take care of you.

At this stage, you’ll have to stop depending on your own human strength.

Then you start to let go of earthly flaws like the judgment of fellow humans, dissatisfaction, constant comparisons, and so on.

Because you’re unburdened by the cares of this world, it becomes easy for you to connect to the divine.

There’s a reassuring bliss that comes with this connection. You will no longer bother about things you used to worry about.

Woman meditating in the grass

8: Realization

With the sense of divinity in you, you start to have a deep sense of who you are.

You start to realize your potential. Your soul is awake now, and so you can understand that life is more than the things you see.

Some will regard this as an epiphany of a sort.

Kundalini Awakening Signs To Look Out For

In order to be sure that what you’re going through is really the awakening, it is understandable that you’ll want to watch out for the signs.

Although there are no specific signs, some Kundalini awakening signs are hard to miss during the Kundalini awakening stages. 

These signs are mentioned by people most of the time, so you can say that they’re the more common ones.

Also, these signs may overlap each other. What this means is that you may experience these signs one after the other. 

These signs include but are not limited to:

1: Unrest 

With the awakening comes a certain degree of restlessness. You will start to feel like things are getting turbulent and disturbing.

And then, uneasiness sets in.

It will start to feel like things aren’t going the way they should, as if something is amiss. But you won’t be able to put your finger on it.

For some, it might get so disturbing that it becomes hard to sleep. This is one of the easier signs to spot.

 If you’re someone that usually doesn’t get restless and you go through this, it’s a possibility that you’re experiencing the Kundalini awakening stages.

girl hiking

2: Sense of direction

Another thing about the awakening is that you tend to know more. You will start to have a clear picture of what you want out of life and how you can go about achieving it.

If and when you hit a dead-end, you’ll notice that you don’t stay stuck for too long. You’ll always think of a way through.

You also notice that you’re becoming more proactive. If you are ever unsure about what next steps to take, those doubts will fizzle out quickly.

You will feel supernaturally inspired to make huge, life-altering decisions. And these decisions will bring about significant changes in your life.

3: Insight

You will find that all your senses are awake. You’ll have a deeper connection not only to your mind but also to things around you.

It is common to feel unusually attuned to the workings of the universe during the Kundalini awakening stages.

Because your senses are now working on maximum, you will feel connected to the universe on a profound level. It will almost feel like you’re one with it.

A wonderful part of this experience is that universe will try to communicate with you in return.

It may do this through lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, or by making you feel intense grief for nature and all suffering beings.

This will make you change your outlook on everything and deepen your understanding of life. If you’re feeling this it is likely one of the Kundalini awakening signs. 

4: Introspection

Because the awakening is a divine experience, you will notice yourself start to detach from vanity and other shallow things.

You will start to look inward and begin to examine your thoughts, feelings, actions, and opinions. You’ll also be more invested in how they affect others.

Instead of freely dishing your opinions out to others all the time, you become introspective with your thoughts.

You will also find that you become more of an observer, a watcher between worlds.

A woman painting

5: Creativity

The awakening will expose a part of you that you may not have known was there; your creative side.

This exposure will cause you to release your thoughts to wander where they wish and be more in tune with your imagination.

You will feel a pull to explore the creative side of your nature by exploring things like art, music, and decorating.

There’s a powerful flow of energy to your mind because the universe recognizes that’s where we are most powerful.

After all, we create our own reality with the power of our thoughts.


How do I trigger my Kundalini awakening?

For some people, emotional distress marks the beginning of the Kundalini awakening stages. This might not necessarily apply to everyone, though.

There are so many different variations of these triggers that you cannot possibly categorize them. 

They include everything from drugs, to regression, to physical exertion, emotional traumas like depression, and anything else you could think of. 

For some people, the trigger might even be meditation.

So, you should know that everyone’s trigger and experience is peculiar to them.

Is Kundalini awakening a bad thing?

No, in and of itself, the Kundalini awakening is not a bad thing. Everything depends on how you choose to handle it, as this is what makes it good or bad for you.

In some instances, people who have experienced Kundalini awakening may feel somewhat different or superior to people who are yet to experience it. 

It’s important not to let this feeling affect how you see or treat other people, though.

The fact that you’ve begun your awakening before another person does not make you spiritually superior to them. 

How rare is kundalini awakening?

Kundalini awakening is very rare and most people who experience Kundalini awakening symptoms are not experiencing a full awakening, but rather a beginning of the Kundalini movement in the body.

However, full Kundalini awakenings or moving into the more advanced kundalini awakening stages are becoming more common, as our bodies and mother Earth are shifting into the Fifth Dimension. 


Ultimately, there’s no clear-cut list of the signs that mean you’re experiencing Kundalini awakening. It’s important that you realize that the list of signs has no limits whatsoever.

Some people might tick all the boxes described above.

For others, it might be an identity crisis, ego death, emotional upheaval, thirst for spiritual growth, seeing or feeling energy. The list goes on and on.

Because everyone’s experience is different, so will be the signs they recognize as part of awakening.

One thing that usually stands out, though, is the physical and emotional reactions in your body.

There are huge numbers of signs which may be different from one person to another. However, you should expect that at least one of these signs will be there for everybody.

The Kundalini awakening stages also differ from person to person, but they usually touch every aspect of your being; mental, emotional, and spiritual.

For instance, there’s the stage of mental clarity. This stage improves your knowledge and intuition to some extent.

There’s also the stage where you feel energy surges. The important thing here is simply to align with whatever your body desires at this point.

There are heightened emotional outbursts. You may find that you’re at the mercy of your feelings more often than normal.

You just need to accept that everyone experiences the awakening in their own unique way.

To better understand how your personality could affect your awakening, check your personalized numerology chart.

Remember, don’t rely too much on anyone’s experience, and believe yours will pan out the same way. It will be as unique as you are.

Let your signs and experience be your own and not borrowed.

Do you think you’re going through a Kundalini awakening? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Irene

    Yes on every level, but diff variation. The strange part is that I have never meditated, or made a conscious attempt to be involved in spirituality and to have a sudden understanding about things in this universe with no explanation.

  2. Jay

    Hi thanks for the available information. my experiences include vibrating when meditating I feel a type of dropping where I feel/see, this experience is hard to explain but I do have a type of vision but it is more a emotion based experience/connection. These can be long or short, time is different. when wearing my watch my bpm has been at its lowest of 25 but undulates. . I use to write down experiences. one I wrote down was . The mind is one universe look into your ones mind to look out to the universe.
    Now when awake from sleep I have a feeling of electricity in me and strong buzzing in my ears and more than often feel in ecstasy. I feel connected but do not see
    Day to Day I can relate to most of the signs above. I think the worst are a feeling of dread and the unknowing of what happens next things are changing. thanks for putting this information out there many thanks!

  3. Carlton

    As a wounded combat vet i have experienced extreme vivid horrific nightmares. this one in particular i am hunted by the very evil soldiers set upon the earth. in my dream i am trying to evade this very evil taliban soldier in the desert. It feels like there is no escape. no hiding. the emotions are very vivid and real. The dog will wake me as I am stuck in this dream but it feels like an out of body experience.

    two side notes: when my grandfather was going to die 3 days before my grandmother visited me in my dream and reassured that all will fine. I new what would happen , that he would pass but everyone would think i am crazy if i told them he was leaving. there was also another incident that when my father was going to have a surgery on his stomach. I knew it would not end well, I instructed him to tell my other siblings that I will not attend the funeral because I came out to see him while he was alive prior to his passing. Now he was just having a stomach surgery and I was told he aspirated in the night and passed. not quite sure what that really means but I do know I had to see him urgently when he told me he was having surgery. I do remember closing my eyes and not looking why my eyes but feeling inwardly to see if it was necessary to go see him. then I had that strong desire after i opened my eyes.

    when i was between 5-10 I used sleep and witness my out of body experieriences in the room I slept. I would fly around the room look down at my bed and see my brother and I sleeping. It was so much fun to fly around that room. I also still remember to this day telling myself to not leave this room. It was dangerous because i risk not finding my way back to my body. I knew that as long as I was flying around my room and having fun doing that I wouldnt get lost and still get to play with my new skill.

    I have had a premonition, among others, that i would have come true latter in life. when I was 8-14 I would always have this recurring dream . I dreamt that i was sitting at a wave pool on a white chair looking at the sign behind the water. It was a picture of waves with writing. I look around and see that it is very bright out and everyone is in the water. I didnt know who else was there with me no time frame or time period. now I fast forward ta couple years ago. I am a wounded warrior at age 53 at this time. I take my sons to six flags with my service dog. about 2-3 hours go by and I feel like i have been here before. mind you this is like my 8-12 time there. its in phoenix az. This time its nagging at me why is this picture i am seeing so familiar. I realize that the dream I used to have as a young child over and over and finally went away. Now, has woke my up. Irealize that what I see through my eyes this picture with the brightness and noise are the same I am elated but at a loss of why is this so significant to me my soul. why did I pick this moment in time to select to remember before I even lived it all those years ago? I still don’t know the answer to this question. yet it has come to pass now. I did call my wife once I realized that this dream is unfolding as I sit in my lawn chair looking over the gigantic wave pool. As a matter of fact we didnt have wave pools in 76-82 Or I never saw one that I can remember. correct me if I am wrong on the advent of wave pools but my area didnt have one.

    I am left with these vivid dreams of lava flows moving through the city streets. my loved ones are separated from me and i need to rescue them… not only my wife and kids but all these civilians. they and I are being chased or hunted down and i am trying to advise them by yelling across the divide to keep going and i will find a way to save them. I am very determined to accomplish this so much so that I am hiding my feelings of despair as I guide them forward to keep thep far enough ahead of those that would do harm to them and this futility of lava flows eveywhere cutting us off from one another. this is a future that hasnt com to pass its was in my dreams as a youngster i believer but most definitely i have had this dream through my adult life. I know its real and will come true or has been in my future. I know this sound nuts. I have never even told some of this stuff to my wife and she is a student of energy and all the stuff you witch drs are privy too. I say that in a loving way. I would tell someone about these type of vivid dreams that usually come true down the road and they look at me with the LOOK.

    I have had buzzing in my ears since combat. hence tinnitus. but as read through your site I saw that it was also a symptom of the awakening. I am wondering now if its more this chakra thing these days. I have been looking for more answers to my own enlightenment lately. Yet I have been preparing for the worst to come. I have been prepping not just for me and my family but others as well. Its a strong rfeling that no matter what I do I feel like i am behind schedule for the event that will take place i the future. So I have been preparing to serve others in this, my, future with food medicine and security. I cant seem to stop , it nags at me. Why is that everyone else lives a normal life while I prepare for this possible future.

    So all in all I have said many things here that i was hoping one of you may be able to enlighten me what the heck is going on with me, my future and my past.

    oh I do remember 1 other thing … I remember that prior to being born I can still see this picture to… I was hovering above earth and choosing where to be born. i still remember seeing th earth from a distance. then i was flying down towards earth to start my life. Sounds crazy. No this wasn’t a dream. I was as vivid as your experience you are seeing through your eyes that is reading this now.

    I was hoping for guidance or maybe you would tell me I was plain batty and wicked nuts. Either way it may validate my feelings that it is true or somewhat true.

  4. nan

    thank you for the information..i went through the 500 hour yoga teacher training at the Himalayan Institute. i noticed after 200 hours of training i started noticing a pulsing of my spine whenever i would sit in class..it would actually move my body slightly forward and back. i asked my instructors why and nobody had an explanation..there was no pain or discomfort and i asked my friend if she could see my body pulsing..i was just curious if you might have an idea…thank you

    1. Julia Lundin

      That DEFINITELY sounds like the kundalini energy. Especially since you were doing yoga every day!

  5. Jeffrey Jones

    I have been undergoing this Profound change over the past couple of months. For me i actually experienced a psychotic break with reality and for a period of several weeks much of what I did and where I traveled are a mysterious fog with moments of lucidity or rather moments i remember lucidly. The events are slowly making themselves known through a single word spoken perhaps someone will trigger e remembered event. I find myself isolated now having decided to end my marriage of 19 years 11 months. I am at peace with this loss knowing it to be the only way i or my beautiful wife will ever know and embrace our truest selves. It still hurts. I experience intense very intense grief for the suffering of humanity. My friends do not understand. The common call is for me to enter behavioral health unit for awhile, which i have planned to do. But i fear losing what i have accidentally found in this Kundalini Awakening. Now i am unsure. I need some guidance..

  6. Jo

    Hey guys,

    My kundalini popped out after ice baths, breathing and one way to a church to say goodbye to grandma.. I broke out of tears..couldn’t speak in front of the police who got me after hours in just boxers walking barefoot in snow and swimming in a very cold lake.. no words for questions like why are you doing this, how do you get here etc. I was just following nature at this part of time… they put me on medication plus clinic,but my body was so full of energy, they were like smarties.. 4 years after now, horrible times like homeless, lost most of my family, car, long relationship, work. Everything. I even had a crib and was outside with the homeless to feel those pains and be outside working on my health.. after my ego showed me and the outer world the ugliest sides of my old self, I went to dark depression soul months, where I finally stopped every addiction that I had to let it all out.. I’m a new man with no prison in my head nd heart anymore.. very lonely in a way but that road was so much worth, instead of driving and pushing careers or following people’s opinion YOU MUST take the meds forever and so on…:D love you all.. hopefully the kundal family is getting bigger

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