Is Manifestation Bad? 3 Reasons It Can Be Dangerous

Are you trying to manifest something or attract something into your life?

Are you asking the question, “is manifestation bad?”

Manifestation gurus don’t talk about this, but manifesting can actually be dangerous if done in the wrong way.

So if you want to learn how to manifest something without risks and maybe you’re struggling with manifesting, then this article is for you.

Today I will discuss the following:

  • The three dangers of manifestation 
  • How you can achieve true happiness in your life
  • What you should never try to manifest

Most of these tips come from the book called “Sovereign Self” by Acharya Shunya, which summarizes the ancient scriptures of India, the Vedas.

Let’s dive in!

is manifestation bad

Why Manifestation Can be Bad

Spiritual manifestation started getting a buzz after the film, The Secret, came out in 2006. It was inspired by the book of the same name.

Around 2010, it has gained popularity on social media, with advocates including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.

Now, even popular celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Jim Carrey, and Lady Gaga swear by it.

Videos about manifesting techniques like the 369 manifestation method are going viral.

But is law of attraction real? And is manifestation bad or good? 

is manifestation bad

The Truth About Manifesting

What is manifestation

Before we answer the question: “is manifestation bad?”, we first have to tell you what manifesting is.

Manifesting is when you use the law of attraction to attract something into a life that you desire.

The Law of Attraction is one of the many laws of this universe, and you’re always manifesting.

That’s how you arrived in your current life circumstances.

There’s also karma and destiny involved but we’ll talk more about that later.

is manifestation bad

Is Manifestation Bad?

So in general, is manifestation bad?

Manifestation is not bad. But like everything in this world, it can have a bad side too.

People have been raving about how manifestation changed their lives and helped them achieve their desires.

But some people are also talking about their unpleasant experiences with it and how it can be dangerous.

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either.


Does manifesting work?

We are taught that our thoughts become things. That’s why the law of attraction gurus often talk about visualization.

The short answer is yes. More and more people are vouching for it as the reason for their success and change of life circumstances.

But it’s not that simple.

How many people you know have dreams to travel the world or become rich, have been visualizing for years, yet these have not become their reality?

That’s because not all people are doing it the right way. 

is manifestation bad

How to manifest

In order to learn how to do something the right way, you also must know the things that you shouldn’t do.

Yes, you can learn how to drive, but if you don’t know all the things you shouldn’t do on the road, you’re gonna have a problem. 

Similarly, you can try all the manifestation methods but if you’re doing something that shouldn’t be done, you’ll most likely fail.

So if you want to know how to do manifestation the right way, here are the three dangers of manifesting:

3 Dangers of Manifesting

1: Having an unrefined mind and beliefs 

girl with headache


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

-Carl Jung

Is manifestation bad? It is if you’re manifesting bad things in your life.

No matter how much you visualize in your meditations, look at your vision boards, and say your affirmations,

If you have a mind that’s easily anxious, depressed, and angry, then you’re going to attract negative circumstances into your life.

So if you have been struggling with meditating, this could be one reason. 

One way you can deal with this is to refine your mind and declutter it through meditation.

is manifestation bad

Having a daily meditation practice is so important for this.

Just type “manifestation meditation” on Youtube and you will find a lot of guided meditations for that purpose.

Also, journaling is a great way to identify your limiting beliefs.

You can get rid of those beliefs by writing down your thoughts because the first and most powerful step is always awareness.

Check out this article about how to do shadow work to bring awareness to these beliefs.

2: Chasing material wealth

girl holding moneyChasing material wealth does not equal happiness, and it binds you to constant Earth incarnations.

The manifestation gurus have become rich, teaching people how to manifest that Ferrari or that lottery ticket.

But if you want to advance on your spiritual path and become God-realized, then chasing material wealth will stop your progress.

It is our desires that the law of attraction gurus capitalize on. But it is these decision attachments that keep us bound to incarnate on Earth over and over again.

So if you want to become a free soul, to be able to decide where you reincarnate, on Earth or on higher plains, then you need to learn to find happiness within.

silhouette of girl in swing

You need to learn to be happy even if you’ve lost everything. Your loved ones, your money, your house, the job you identify with.

True happiness comes from within. It’s not tied to material wealth.

When you try to seize it, the universe might teach you a lesson.

For example, if you are addicted to gambling, then the universe might make sure that you lose everything and put you in big debt.

Then you’ll realize, that didn’t give you happiness after all.

sportscar on a bridge

Another danger of focusing on chasing material wealth is that when you have a red Ferrari, you’re going to want a Lamborghini.

You’re going to compare yourself to people who have more than you. You’re always going to want to chase the next big thing.

If it leads you into a materialistic frenzy that never gets satisfied, is manifestation bad? 

You already know the answer to that.

The ironic thing is, when you let go of your attachments, you’re going to attract things faster.

I think it was in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” where they drove past a retreat center.

The staff said to the yogi, “Oh my gosh, look at that retreat center. Wouldn’t that be amazing to buy?”

And then the yogi said, “Oh, don’t. Don’t show it to me. If I just look at it, I’m going to manifest it.”

And he did, and it became his most famous retreat center.

So don’t harass your google search engine with “how to manifest money” searches.

Instead, try to learn how to let go in order to become a magnet to your soul’s true desires.

3: Manifesting something that’s not for your highest good

couple watching tv in sofa

If you are manifesting desires that aren’t for your highest good, then you will meet resistance in your life.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to manifest and attract your ex back into your life.

You might’ve had a nasty breakup. Now you feel alone and you want to get back together.

But what if that is not for your highest good?

What if you are predestined to meet a soulmate or twin flame in this lifetime with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life?
 couple fighting

Then trying to attract your ex back into your life will be really dangerous.

The universe is going to do everything to keep you two apart. It’s going to be miserable.

You’re going to fight and all until you realize, “Oh, maybe this wasn’t the person for me.”

In this case, is manifestation bad?  

If you answered yes, you get the point. 

You’ll both be unhappy and this unhappiness will spread around you like wildfire.

sad woman

You have to let go of your ex and open yourself up to the possibility that there’s a different reality that’s better for the both of you.

When you’re trying to manifest, don’t be too specific because the universe might have a better plan for you.

When I first found out about manifestation, I tried to manifest a translation business.

I had professional experience in Swedish to English translation so I thought, “OK, this is the most reasonable business for me.” So I tried to manifest it.

It didn’t go well because it wasn’t my purpose. The universe had an even greater plan in mind for me;

woman staring into space

That is to be a content creator and share my special wisdom with the world.

I’m so happy that I followed the signs from the universe instead of trying to manifest a business that I didn’t even want.

Check out this article if you want to know how to find your purpose and get your free moon reading.

Sometimes you think you want something but your soul knows better.

When you want to manifest something, make sure that it’s coming from your soul and not your mind.

writing affirmations on notebook

You can still have affirmations. You just have to make sure that they’re not based on desires and attachments.

Here’s an article with 100 affirmations that I like to use.

Here’s one example:

I trust that no matter what happens in the external world, my true needs will be taken care of.

This affirmation is helping me trust the universe, which helps me advance on my spiritual path, and have the courage to act on the guidance I’m getting.

Instead of telling the universe that I want this specific thing, I am being more in the flow.

barefoot on sand

“What do I feel pulled towards?” I follow that pull. I follow the signs and synchronicities.

The reason why I was able to attract so much happiness in my life is that I know it’s not my ego that I’m following; It’s my higher self.

My higher self is always guiding me and so is your higher self.

Karma vs. Law of Attraction


A little bonus tip to watch out for is that the law of Karma overrides the law of attraction.

Karma is the law of what goes around, comes around. If you hurt someone, you will be hurt back.

Karma is not a punishment. It just means that your soul still has some lessons to learn.

Let’s say in a previous life, you had a lot of money and you used that for evil, to manipulate people.

In this lifetime, your karma might be that one day you’ll lose all your money.

money scattered on the floor

The good news is that if you learned the lesson before karma happens to you, it will be much milder.

For example, you had a drug ring and then you decided to stop this and start a charity instead. Then you’re going to lose much less.

The more you’re willing to learn your lessons, the more pleasant your life will be.

Advancing on your spiritual path actually helps you attract things faster. So trust that the universe has a plan for you.

Trust the universe, you gorgeous fella.


Is manifestation bad and is it a sin?

Unless you are manifesting something that would harm others in any way, manifestation is not a sin.

This is another popular question similar to “is manifestation bad?”. It’s actually normal to want to manifest things but make sure that you are not coming from a place of lack, envy, or insecurity.

How to start manifesting?

The best way to start manifesting is by understanding the law of attraction so that it works for you instead of against you.

For most people, watching the film “The Secret” is a great start as well as reading books like “The Law of Attraction” by Esther Hicks.

Here’s an article about how to use the law of attraction to make it your ally.

What is the best manifestation method?

Writing is one of the most powerful methods, but the best one is whichever triggers positive feelings in you the most.

There are so many techniques out there but they are just tools to help you get into the feeling. Try a bunch and see what works for you.

 Check out this article on how to use writing to manifest.

 woman doing ritual


So, is manifestation bad? The short answer is no. 

But it can be if you have a negative mind, if you are chasing material wealth, and if you are trying to manifest something that is not for your highest good. 

You have to learn to change the negative programming of your mind before you can attract good things to it.

You also have to learn that happiness comes from within.

Finally, you have to surrender to the fact that sometimes, what you want is not for your highest good. 

You must listen to the signs of the universe because they know what’s best for you.

stars in the night sky

If you wanna know what path you’re currently on, check out this free soul manifestation reading.

So, what do you think? Is manifestation bad? Let me know about your experience in the comments!


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