Indigo Child Traits: 21 Telltale Signs You Are One

Are you an old soul who has your sights set on revolutionalizing the world for the coming generations?

Do you often feel empowered with a strong desire to change the world?

You probably feel like you can hear a higher power urging you to keep true to your purpose. 

If this sounds a lot like you, it’s likely that you are an indigo child because these are core indigo child traits. 

You may have felt out of place, and you’re looking for the best place to satisfy your curiosity.

In this article, you will find a deeper understanding of what it means to be an indigo child. Yow will also learn how best to use your gifts and what pitfalls to avoid on your journey.

Let’s dive in!

indigo child traits

22 Indigo Child Traits

Before we get into the traits of an indigo child, it’s helpful to know what an indigo child actually is. 

What Is An Indigo Child?

Indigo children are a special group of human beings that are incredibly gifted. They are defined by their powerful drive to change the world. 

Indigos are easily identified by a distinct indigo color in their aura.

The concept of indigo children was first proposed in the ’70s. 

The biggest users of this term were Nancy Ann Tappe, Lee Caroll, and Jan Tober. Nancy Ann Tappe first coined the term when she discovered the emergence of a new set of children that produced an indigo aura, a color that she hadn’t seen before.

By nature, most indigo children are old souls. In addition, indigo children are blessed with psychic abilities, and they have a unique perspective on the world.

As a result, they strive to overturn some norms that they view as flawed.

Indigo children are also gifted and have incredibly high IQs, outstanding intuition, and self-confidence.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that their assertiveness can lead them to be resistant to authority and exhibit disruptive traits.

Very often, Indigo children are misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD as children.

What Are Indigo Child Traits?

Indigo child traits are certain characteristics that have been observed when studying indigo children. Many of these traits are unique to indigo children, while some may not apply to specific individuals.

Before you dive into the 22 signs, I therefore highly recommend you get a free numerology reading, if you’re not already sure what your strengths and weaknesses are. Comprehensive numerology will reveal other details about you, like your soul urge and your life path number.

Psychic reading

So are you an indigo child? See if any of the following 22 signs resonate:

1: You feel motivated spiritually

You are a person born and driven to do work that makes the world a better place, improves lives, and elevates people to a higher level of consciousness.

You’ve been this way from a young age and have always felt like you’ve established a connection with something spiritually deep.

2: You have an ancient spirit

You probably found it hard to relate with people your age during childhood, and you feel drawn to older people and ideas your age circle couldn’t comprehend.

This is not the same as having many lives, as you can be an ancient spirit/old soul without having lived thousands of lives.

You are wiser and more mature than people your age. You are intellectual and very spiritually inclined.

3: You are easily bored

You tend to get bored very easily. As a result of your eager and curious mind, you are imaginative and unconventional.

Routine and stereotypes become a problem for you. You also tend to struggle with depression sometimes.

4: You’re sure of the reason for your existence

You are very confident in yourself and know that you were brought to this world for a reason. 

You know that the purpose of your existence is to bring about positive change to the people around you and the world at large.

5: You are independent-minded

You form your opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition. You challenge ideas and beliefs as none is too sensitive or sacred to analyze.

You inquire into traditional or religious beliefs, test them against experience, and tend to draw your own conclusions.

6: You are a stubborn rebel

As a stubborn rebel, you don’t conform to other people’s ideas of how things should be. Growing up, you might have been told you were naughty, disobedient, headstrong, unyielding, etc.

This is only natural as you don’t like being controlled by what other people or society thinks.

At work, you like to be in roles that grant you control over your time and allow you to work from home.

7: Your intuition is strong

Your intuition is very strong, and you’re absolutely convinced that the right thing to do is what you’re thinking.

You’re assured in your abilities to make the right decision, and often, how you feel about something or someone turns out to be right.

8: You’re skeptical towards authority 

You are one to question authority as a result of your skeptical nature. You don’t just succumb to the influence of those with higher authority.

As a result, indigo children are often labeled as rebellious, and so they get into trouble quite often.

9: You want to challenge the status quo

One indigo child trait that is very obvious is the desire to alter the accepted wisdom in a bid to make everything better. 

You are rarely satisfied with things as they are, and so you always seek improvement.

10: You’re all about the truth

Truth is a very important virtue to you because that is what you stand for. You have the ability to tell when someone is being truthful and when someone is telling lies or hiding the truth.

You honor truth above all, and even though it hurts sometimes, you’d rather cope with it than believe lies. You always seek the truth and live by it.


11: You are creative

Creativity is a very important indigo child trait.

To be truly remarkable in a world ruled by conformity often requires a bright spark of creativity.

This spark may have many parts or elements, and whatever way it appears, its final goal is to offer the world your unique perspective.

12: You are a change maker

You feel a divine urge to create change in the existing status quo, especially when the status quo tends towards injustice and unfairness.

You try to find a way to use your massive gifts to create better systems, societies, and business models.

13: You often feel alone and different

You are likely to feel out of place among your colleagues. This is because you recognize that your mind runs along a different path to theirs.

So, you may be guilty of sometimes drifting away to work on your plans or goals. Unfortunately, this may give you the appearance of a loner or rebel.

14: You are headstrong

Being quite headstrong, for lack of a better word, is one of the most noticeable indigo child traits. 

Indigo children are usually aware of the indigo soul mission. This makes them strongly challenge the norm if their mission tells them it’s wrong.

15: You are passionate and focused

Indigo children are incredibly passionate about achieving their goals. This is because your goals are bigger than you.

As an indigo child, you are called to a purpose that is larger than everything you are. So, you cannot afford to lose sight of your goals.

16: You’re idealistic

As a product of the highly creative mind that you’ve been given, you can see the path set out for you very clearly. This can cause you to set very high standards for yourself.

While this is a good trait to have as an indigo child, it is also important to take care and not put too much pressure on yourself or others around you. 

Remember to cut yourself some slack from time to time.

17: You have psychic abilities

As an indigo child, you may notice that you have been blessed with rare gifts even as a child.

You seem to understand people almost too well at times, even when they have provided very limited information about themselves. 

This is because indigo children often display special gifts like empathy, telepathy, or clairvoyance

You can learn more about how to better utilize these gifts by studying your numerology.

18: You have a strong connection with nature and animals

While indigo children are known for being obstinate and rebellious sometimes, it is interesting that quite a number of them are nature lovers.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are empaths. As an indigo child, you’re likely to feel more at home in nature. 

19: You’re drawn towards spirituality over religion

Indigo children are usually drawn to spirituality over religion. Often that’s because religion and religious settings can be very pretentious with external worship and dogma.

Meanwhile, spirituality is all about finding God within and discover your divinity.

20: You try to teach your ideas

As an indigo child, you discover that you have a persistent urge to guide others towards the idea that drives you.

You motivate and teach others to change the world with you.

Many indigo children are teachers in different capacities because it is a role that suits them and helps them fulfill their life goals efficiently.

Woman teaching

21: You are deeply introspective

Indigo children are very curious and introspective. They question the way things are and why they are like that.

They ask deep, thought-provoking questions about life and the state of living, such as

“In the grand scheme of things, how important are we?”


“Why is there poverty when there is enough to survive on?”

The Life Mission Of Indigo Children

The life mission of indigo children is to make the world a better place. On a very deep level, every indigo child knows that this is their mission.

Ignoring this mission can make you feel empty and heavy like you have a hole in your heart.

Although you may not readily admit this, you tend to feel a deep resentment towards people who make it difficult for you to reach your dreams. So, you find you have to set up boundaries so that these obstacles are prevented.


Are there different types of Indigos?

Yes, there are. Nancy Tappe identified four different types of indigos. These are humanist, artist, conceptualist, and catalyst.

Despite having some different indigo child traits, all indigo children feel an urge to make things better for humanity.

What do Indigo Children struggle with?

The nature of indigo children is very unique. 

Stubbornness, distrust of the norm, and unconventional approaches to situations are core indigo child traits.

The traits often put them at loggerheads with people who do not understand their nature and their quest for change. So they are wrongly labeled as rebels who cause trouble for no reason.


Indigo children are a group of special children identified by Nancy Ann Tappe in the ’70s.  Indigo children are so named because of a distinct indigo tint in their aura.

There are a number of indigo child traits by which indigo children are identified. Key indigo child traits include a strong will, a very intuitive mind, and an urge to improve the preexisting condition in any area within their influence.  

At their core, indigo children are wired to improve life for humanity.

Unfortunately, some other indigo child traits cause indigo children to undergo periods of turmoil, especially in their childhood and adolescence. 

Indigo children are headstrong, and they have a persistent urge to try things out differently. These traits often put indigo children at odds with established authority. 

True to their nature, though, they find a way around it.

Finally, indigo children are a blessing to the world. Although they might come in conflict with others because of their nature, they must learn to take it on the chin.

This allows them to move forward because the key indigo child traits that they exhibit are the keys to their dreams.

Do you recognise indigo child traits within yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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    EYE AM so happy to see i am not alone it has been confirmed as of yesterday that eye indeed am an Indigo child, even more interesting that i was born in 1977…..

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