How To Contact A Spirit Guide (5 Easy Steps)

Do you want to know how to contact your spirit guides?

Perhaps to get some clarity about your soul mission or a challenge you’re going through?

A lot of people think they need to go to a psychic in order to do this. That they need to be clairvoyant or have special intuitive abilities.

But what if I tell you that you don’t need all that?

That you can contact a spirit guide on your own and from the comfort of your own room?

Do you want to be able to contact a spirit guide whenever you need their guidance?

Perhaps you’re in a tough situation where you don’t know what to do or you’re unsure of your path?

Yes, it’s possible! And I can show you how in this easy step-by-step guide. 

I will also give you the answers to your burning questions such as:

“Have we had them from birth or later on? How does that all work?”

All those answers will be clear to you and the even better news is, by the end of this article, you will already have learned how to contact a spirit guide. 

Let’s dive in!

how to contact a spirit guide

5 Steps To Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Learning how to contact a spirit guide is an amazing skill to learn.

Every time you find yourself in a tough spot or you’re unsure of some things, you know that you can always connect with the spiritual realm to ask for guidance. 

If you want to know how to contact a spirit guide, then keep reading. 

How do I contact a spirit guide?

There are different ways of channeling a spirit guide. You can go to a psychic medium or learn how to contact a spirit guide on your own.

That’s what I’m going to teach you today. But before you learn how to contact a spirit guide, let’s first get to know what a spirit guide is.

How many spirit guides do we have? Will we have the same spirit guides throughout our lives?


What are spirit guides?

There are so many resources out there about spirit guides. There are Youtube videos, articles, your talkative grandmother, and even spirit guide books.

There’s one about how to contact a spirit guide by Sylvia Brown called Contacting A Spirit Guide and another one is the ghostbusters book called Tobin’s Spirit Guide.

If you’re a fan of Disney, you may also be familiar with the Coco spirit guides in the famous Pixar animated film, Coco.

Enough chitchat Julia… what actually is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a non-physical being assigned to help you on your earth journey, achieve your sole mission and protect you and guide you through all your Earth life.

spirit guides names

Whatever and whoever they are, they may assist us with anything from the most basic decisions to life’s most difficult challenges if we learn to pay attention.

They would give us signs and messages and it’s important to listen to our spirit guides signs if we want to be on the right path for us. 

Maybe your spirit guides are trying to contact you right now and you haven’t been listening. Watch this video to know the signs that your guides are trying to contact you.

We don’t always know what is best for ourselves even if we think we do, because of how limited our knowledge is as immortal beings on earth.

Do you know why in spirituality, we always hear the words let go, surrender, or trust the universe?

Because the universe knows better than you and the more you resist it, the more your life becomes miserable.

Your spirit guides make sure that you listen to the will of the universe. As long as you listen, you will always be protected.

Remember that the earth is also filled with entities who have ill intentions and that’s why we need our spirit guides to protect us always. 

Without our spirit guides, we will be like doves thrown in a cage filled with wolves. 

bird flying in a foggy forest

How many spirit guides do we have?

The number of spirit guides you have will depend on your soul mission, and how big it is.

So let’s say that you have a soul mission to help save the world, like in the case of starseeds, for example. You’re going to need loads of spirit guides.

Starseeds are the galactic volunteers who are reincarnated on earth to assist humanity through the 5D ascension journey.

Are you wondering if you’re a Starseed? Check out this article about the 50 Starseed signs and what to do if you are one.

But if your mission is just to experience earth life because you were living on other planets before, then you might not pick a very ambitious mission. Most souls like this just want to get a feel for the planet first. 

It could also be that you haven’t experienced being human before.

Maybe you were a dog in your past life and now you get to experience being human for the first time.

Your mission is to just get to know how it works and learn stuff along the way. Then, you might only have one spirit guide.

willow tree angel figurine

Do we have the same spirit guides throughout our lives?

We have one spirit guide who is assigned to us and they are with us throughout our lives.

So from the womb until we die. Starseeds also have ascended masters and galactic races helping.

It also depends on where we are on our soul mission.

If you want to know exactly which Ascended Masters and galactic races are working with you now, I recommend checking out Opheana & Sikaal on Youtube.

They have an ascension consciousness reading and body energy reading. In one of them, you get to see exactly which ascended master and archangels are currently working with you, for example Archangel Michael or Mary Magdalene. 

I’ve been getting this reading once a year and it’s quite interesting to see how it changes depending on where I’m at in my life and my current mission.

shadow of man on rooftop

When you have received your reading and know which masters are working with you right now, read more about them online to find out their missions, and energy. That could give some clues about what it is you’re going through right now, mission-wise.

How To Contact A Spirit Guide

When I first had my spiritual awakening, I went to a psychic and asked, 

“How can I MYSELF connect to my spirit guides instead of having to go through a medium?”

She asked my guides and they said these five steps:

hand lighting a candle

1: Light a candle

The first step is to light a candle. This can be any type of candle. 

The first person to advise someone not to “play with fire” was most likely not a mother, but a Shaman who was well aware of the Fire Element’s beauty and wrath.

Fire plays an important part in Hindu practices. Fire is used in several rituals and is a symbol and a connection to their gods.

It is both the creator and destroyer of life and the Hindus recognize this fact through several of their rituals and practices.

For them, fire is one of five sacred elements of which all living creatures are comprised and is considered an eternal witness essential.

In the spiritual sense, fire represents creation, resurrection, purification, eternity, and even death.

It is both our inner light and a live representation of the Divine fire that burns within each soul.

This means that, like other elements, Fire has a physical and spiritual form.

orange flame

It is an energy source that must be used with caution and control or you may be scorched.

It is not very clear how, but fire helps us connect to the spiritual realm. It cleanses and clears the channels between earth and the higher realms.

That being said, lighting a candle is an important step on how to contact a spirit guide and making sure that the connections we get are clear. 

2: Set an intention

Step number two is to set an intention, for example, that you will be a clear channel and receive a clear message from your spirit guides.

Like I said in this article about how to reality shift faster, setting an intention is like riding a bicycle.

If you go without having established any goal or formed an idea of how you want things to go is like riding a bike with no direction.

Setting an objective before trying to do anything will help you construct a roadmap, making it more successful.

This is especially important in practicing how to contact a spirit guide. 

With the appropriate intentions driving you, you will most likely get more out of your channeling. 

woman meditating

3: Still your thoughts

Th most powerful way I know is through meditation.

Meditation helps us go to that place where time and space don’t exist. It helps take us out of the material world.

Meditation is a gateway to another realm, which is one of its many wonderful powers.

People even use meditation to activate the pineal gland, also called the third eye chakra.

Check out this article if you want to know how to activate your third eye chakra

When you enter a deep meditative state, your consciousness separates itself from your thoughts. Your identification with emotion, memory, time, and body gradually fades.

The ego self and everything you identify with fades and all that is left is the real you. You go into the state of ‘being’. 

milky way galaxy during night time

In this state, your soul is in a different dimension. In this dimension, you will also find your spirit guides. 

So take a few deep breaths, and do some meditation in whatever style you prefer.

Whether that is by feeling your breath or doing some mantra, anything that will still your mind.

4: Ask a question

Step number four is to ask a question to your spirit guide. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What is my soul mission?

What will happen to me this year?

What challenges will I go through?

How can I solve this challenge that I’m going through?

Anything under the sun. Absolutely anything that you need help with. 

Our spirit guides are always guiding us but asking them the right questions helps us work in harmony with them. 

It’s not only on things you’re unsure of that you could ask about. You could also ask for guidance or which path you’re supposed to take. 

contacting a spirit guide

Maybe even ask if you’re on the right track, if you are putting your energy into the right things, or if there could be something you’re missing. 

This free numerology reading can help you figure out where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and what you can do about it.

5: Have a notepad ready

Step number five is to have a notepad ready, so have it on the bedside next to your candle.

After you’ve asked a question, bring out your pen and then just write down whatever comes to mind, whatever pops into your mind.

This is called automatic writing or stream-of-consciousness writing as some people call it. 

Don’t think about it because the messages will not come from your rational mind but from a higher state of consciousness. 

spirit guides signs

So this is a form of channeling, actually. When you do this, be aware.

What do you feel?

It’s common to feel a touch or a presence around the head or the neck.

You may also get a feeling of happiness or like there’s some energy there in the room with you.

So just pay attention to that, relax, and…

Be consistent 

Do this a few times until it becomes easier and more habitual.

The first time you try it, it can feel a bit weird.  You might even feel like you’re a crazy person.

But eventually, those limiting beliefs get released and it becomes easier and easier. 

The messages that you get will also become clearer and clearer.

If your limiting beliefs get in the way too much, you can read about how affirmations can help you.


What is my spirit guide here for?

Your spirit guide is here to help you throughout your spiritual journey. Their purpose is to protect you and guide you towards the right path.

You can contact a spirit guide to help you with situations or decisions where you’re not sure what to do or just ask them to protect your energy.

Who are the ascended masters?

The ascended masters are the sages, saints, and mystics that have ascended from earth into the higher planes. They are the guides from the spiritual realms, assisting humanity throughout their own ascensions.

There are many ascendant masters and a few of them are Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, and Sanat Kumara.

Does everyone have a spirit guide?

Everyone has spirit guides and they’re different for each person. It depends on your mission who your spirit guide is and how many but ultimately, everyone has at least one spirit guide. 

Now, if you don’t know your soul mission, I recommend trying out this free moon reading.


So, how to contact a spirit guide?

You can contact a spirit guide in 5 simple steps:

Light a candle, set an intention, still your mind, ask a question, and have a notepad ready. Very simple, right? 

Mastering how to contact a spirit guide is such a powerful and useful skill because it can help you from the most mundane decisions to the most complex ones.

Sometimes, we think we’re so wise that we know exactly what we need to do.

Although it’s a great thing to believe in yourself, there is a great benefit that we get from asking questions.

Also, remember that the earth is filled with entities who have ill intentions and that’s why we need our spirit guides to protect us always. 

Now you’ve learned how to contact a spirit guide.

If you were to contact your spirit guide now, what question/s would you ask them? Let me know in the comments!


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