Ultimate Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation (for Beginners)

The full moon symbolizes beginnings and is a time of heightened energy. 

Beginnings can help you gauge your progress so far and help you focus on moving towards a new chapter.

Performing a full moon ritual for manifestation has many benefits, but the reason you are here is probably to help you speed up the fruition of your dreams and desires.

This article provides a detailed and comprehensive guide for beginners interested in learning more about full moon rituals and how to use the powerful full moon energy to attract your dream life.

Let’s dive in!

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How to Carry Out a Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Before we get into how to actually do a full moon ritual, let’s look into what it actually is. 

What Is a full moon ritual for manifestation?

Since ancient times, many civilisations around the world have revered the moon for its beauty, mystery, and magic. Full moon rituals for manifestation are carried out in the moonlight of a full moon to manifest the things we want as we move into the new month.

The moon is a significant source of natural energy for many cultures around the world. For this reason, the moon is sometimes worshipped as a god (Tsukuyomi in Japan, and Mani of the Germanic tribes) or goddess (Selene in Greece, and Ratih in Indonesia).

Full moon rituals for manifestation are nothing new; they were practised by the ancient Egyptians and the Celtic druids as far back as 300 BCE. Full moon rituals are not just used for manifestations, though; they can also be used for energy cleaning and protection.

Full moon rituals don’t need to be complicated. In essence, it’s a ritual that involves carefully outlining what your wishes for the future are and channelling the moon to make them come true.

Full Moon Ritual for manifestation - Supplies

What do you need for a full moon manifestation ritual?

As previously mentioned, full moon rituals for manifestation are not very difficult or expensive to carry out. You can easily carry out a full moon ritual with simple objects you can find in and around your home.

What you do need is faith and genuine belief in the ritual for it to be successful. That’s why preparing for a full moon ritual, both mentally and physically, is sacred and just as important as the ritual itself.

To carry out a full moon ritual for manifestation, you’ll need:

  • An object to write with such as a pen, pencil, piece of charcoal, or chalk
  • A few candles
  • A box or jar
  • Anything you can make a small fire with. A Box of matches, for instance
  • A piece of paper or material that you can make inscriptions on

The 3 Phases of a Manifestation Full Moon Ritual

A full moon ritual for manifestation is carried out in three phases;

  1. Preparation
  2. The ritual itself
  3. Post-ritual maintenance

As earlier stated these steps are equally important and must have carried out with a mind that is calm and spiritually attuned.

Without further ado, we are going into proper details of how to accurately execute each step for the optimum results.

1: Preparation

Preparing your mind for the ritual in advance is essential. For the ritual to be successful, you have to clear your mind of all negative thoughts and distractions.

Ideally, you should enter into a meditative state when you are about to start the ritual. You need to focus your mind solely on the things that you wish to manifest. 

You can meditate in lots of different ways, and there is no right or wrong way. If you like to keep things simple, you can find a quiet part of your house, sit and calmly meditate.

If you feel your meditation needs a boost, you can meditate in the bath. Draw a warm bath and preferably add some lavender-infused bath products with soft music playing in the background.

Whichever way you choose to perform your meditation is fine; it’s totally up to you.

What is vital is to envision what you wish to manifest as clearly as possible and put your mind in a coordinated state.

After your mind is prepared, decide on the site for the ritual. Ideally, this should be somewhere from which the full moon will be visible, and the light from the moon can shine on.

For this reason, it is common to perform the ritual outside the house. But, you can carry out the ritual anywhere provided that these conditionals are met.

girl meditating in the grass

2: The Ritual

Before you start, you must clear your space of all negative vibrations.

Then you can begin the ritual by lighting the candle and putting your mind in a state where the only thing on your mind is the wishes you want to manifest.

Give yourself a moment to think about your wishes. Ask yourself:

“Why do I want this to happen”

“What would I like to put a stop to?”

It is also essential to consider the unintended consequences of this ritual. For instance, if you want to bring abundance into your life, you may be shocked to find out that manifesting money can actually cause you to lose money.

There will be challenges along the way sent to test your progress, so you must be properly prepared to conquer these milestones.

Another important step when trying to manifest is doing your shadow work.

We have inbuilt inhibitions that may prevent us from progressing, and you need to identify and do the work required to clear these inhibitions. If you are unsure of what to do, you can get help from guides and other spiritual aids to help you on your journey.

Additionally, you could also benefit from a free numerology reading. It can help you to identify critical flaws that you need to address as well as guide you towards key traits to your life path that you are yet to manifest.

With a clear vision in mind, write down what you want to manifest and put it in your box or jar.

Next, place it outside under the moonlight.

The following morning, put the list in a place where you are likely to come across it.

girl doing tarot reading with candles

3: Post-ritual Maintenance

After performing the ritual, you should go through your list at least once every day. You do this to ensure that you keep your wish clearly in your mind and stay accountable to yourself. 

What you put out into the universe is what comes back to you.

So, if you put your manifestations out there, they will come true.

Remember to believe in the ritual and stay positive. You are appealing to a higher power, which means that sometimes you may not fully grasp the reasons that certain things are happening in your life.

Try to keep a positive attitude, keep believing and trust that it is all simply a part of the process.

Furthermore, try to be good and do good. In the universe, everything that goes around comes around.

If you’re trying to manifest your wishes, you have to try to maintain a positive spiritual balance.


Does a Full Moon Bring Good Luck?

Whether the full moon brings good luck or not is a subject of debate. In some cultures, a full moon is a sign of good luck, and in others, it is seen as a sign of bad luck.

While each side of the debate has its own merits, the only widely accepted truth is that the moon is an abundant source of natural energy whose rhythmic patterns have guided mankind for eons.

What Should You Do Spiritually During a Full Moon?

Because of the moon’s abundant spiritual energy, channeling its power on a full moon is straightforward, even for beginners. You simply need to believe in the power of the moon and set clear intentions for the goal you have in mind to achieve.

You can channel the power of a full moon towards a variety of things, such as manifestation and cleansing.

What Should You Put in a Full Moon Bath? 

A full moon bath is a “mini ritual” to celebrate your alignment to the moon’s cycles as well as nature.

To take a full moon bath you’ll need:

  • Bath salts (Himalayan sea salt or Epsom salt are ideal)
  • Essential oils (castor or lavender oils are good choices)
  • The essence of fruits (orange peel, coconut oil or pomegranate juice)
  • Energy crystals and gemstones depending on what you want to manifest. Rose quartz for manifesting love and amethyst for manifesting psychic powers for example

Full moon bath

How do I manifest using paper and pen?

Scripting is a fun and easy way to manifest what you want fast. Check out my blog post How To Manifest Using Paper And Pen.


The rhythmic patterns of the lunar phases have guided mankind and nature for eons. Many animals are influenced by the moon’s activities and, in fact, nearly 70% of mammals are nocturnal.

 The moon is also linked to other elements of the natural world. For example, the size of tidal waves in the sea seems to vary based on the moon’s distance from the Earth.

Because of the moon’s undeniable influence on life and nature in general, various cultures have deified this old lady and have benefited from her abundant energy.

Full moon rituals for manifestation channel this natural energy to make your wishes come true. The rituals are quite straightforward and not expensive, so they are ideal for beginners.

To enhance your manifesting, exploring your numerology can offer groundbreaking truths that can help you identify specific traits that you need to manifest.

Post manifestation maintenance is just as essential as the ritual itself

Keep your manifestations close and reflect on them regularly throughout the day.

What are you trying to manifest? Let me know in the comments!


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