Are You A Blue Ray Starseed? 20 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Do you relate to the term Blue Ray starseed?    

Are you driven to transform chaos and tragedy into art and beauty? 

Do you feel inclined to help promote peace to humanity at large?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, there’s a good chance you are a Blue Ray starseed.

As a deep feeler and harmonizer, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint your origins and purpose as a Blue Ray.  

What differentiates Blue Rays from all other starseeds is that they’re not from a specific light system, galaxy or planet.

Instead, a Blue Ray’s energy is pure and can travel through various dimensions and time-space realities. Tapping into your identity as a Blue Ray starseed is essential to keeping harnessing the power stored within you.

If you’re wondering whether you are a Blue Ray starseed, this article will help you tell if you belong to this soul tribe for sure.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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What is a Blue Ray Starseed?

As a general rule, a Blue Ray starseed is a soul capable of traveling through different dimensions. To foster their soul’s growth, they sign a soul contract that allows them to experience energy or ‘life’ in a different location within the universe.

This means that a Blue Ray starseed’s presence on Earth is voluntary, as they usually wish to carry out a very personal soul mission that is stored in their DNA.

Usually, a Blue Ray starseed is part of a bigger soul family whose mission is encoded within its DNA too. That part of a starseed’s DNA is activated after they’ve awakened as a starseed on Earth.  

If you’d like to confirm whether you are starseed for sure, be sure to check out this blog post on 50 Clear Starseed Signs & What To Do If You Are One. 

Blue Ray Starseed Origins

A Blue Ray starseed’s soul originates from distant light systems, galaxies, and constellations.

Like the Indigos, Blue Rays are extra sensitive and empathic souls who come from various ascended planets and light realms to advance humanity’s genetic coding on Earth.

Otherwise known as the lost ray of the Light Worker, Blue Ray starseeds came to exist from the Blue Ray of Creation. 

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20 Blue Ray Starseed Traits

There are a number of signs that tell you that you’re a Blue Ray starseed, but they can be summarized in 20 main points.

It’s important to bear in mind that even if you can’t relate to some of these signs, you may still be a Blue Ray starseed.

  1. You feel satisfied with your existence on Earth

Unlike other types of starseeds, Blue Ray starseeds don’t usually feel homesick for a place other than Earth. On the contrary, they actually look up at the stars and feel fascinated by everything Earth has to offer with deep curiosity.

As a Blue Ray starseed, you know you can call anywhere in the universe home, and this world is your ultimate space to grow in and explore.

You may feel drawn to a specific planet, constellation, or galaxy, but this is only due to your last soul incarnation being in that place.

  1. You obstruct negative energy and low vibrations 

Blue Rays are some of the most sensitive and empathic starseeds to exist. They are quick to balance out negative energy and increase any lower vibrations that they may feel in and around them.

Their ability to deal with negative energy is one of their spiritual talents, even though it can be underestimated by the people close to them.   

If you’re a new soul on Earth, you might not be able to handle exterior energies and so may accidentally deem them your own, which may leave you feeling confused, anxious, or lost. 

  1. You connect with starseed children 

Blue Rays may be mistaken for Indigo Children, who are generational waves of Starseed. This is due to their aura possessing very vivid blue and purple colors. 

Even though you’re not an Indigo child, you may feel very attached to Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow starseed children because like them, you can be very sensitive, intuitive, and empathic.

Coming across these souls on Earth may cause you to awaken, as you feel that you’ve located part of you that was missing for a long time. 

They may be a part of your soul family and your meetings with them may have been very well fated to help you progress in your starseed journey. 

  1. You connect with animals 

All types of animals, including wild ones, tend to be drawn to you. You understand them just as much as they understand you, almost as if you were speaking to each other through your souls. 

The animals can feel that you are different and that you carry healing properties with you.

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  1. Your sign is water or air  

Your Zodiac sign as a Blue Ray starseed is very likely to be an earth or water sign, or you may have strong water and earth markings in your natal chart.

So if you’re a Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you may be a Blue Ray starseed. Your natal chart may have some Virgo markings as well.

If you’re curious about how your natal chart can influence your life’s path, make sure to watch this YouTube video on How To Find Your Life Purpose With ASTROLOGY

  1. You’re in tune with your divine feminine energy 

You seem to have always wanted to live a creative life that inspires you. You are also a fan of taking things slow and enjoying every moment for the delicate blessing that it is. 

In a world that mostly carries masculine energy, communication and self-expression are very important to you.

This is why the creative arts, alchemy, and other types of magical work all come easily to you.

If you don’t feel aligned with yourself, you may hesitate to express yourself, but this is normal and fades as you begin to reconnect with your true self. 

  1. You have a strong intuition   

You are a free spirit who has lots of psychic and intuitive abilities, including having a powerful gut feeling. 

  1. You had a conflicted childhood 

You may have been born into a spiritually unaware family that possessed negative beliefs, traumas, and other types of generational conflicts. 

Or, you may have had spiritually evolved parents but faced childhood trauma with bullying at school, the death of a loved one or facing abuse. 

All of these properties serve to allow you to break your family’s generational trauma, which you signed up for before coming to Earth as a Blue Ray starseed. 

If you’re struggling with healing yourself from past trauma and conflict, make sure to read this blog post on Burning the Past – A Detachment Spell for Cleansing Pain. 

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  1. You’ve been a problem solver since you were a child  

Due to your conflicted upbringing, you learned to heal and repair your wounds by yourself, whether that be wounds in family relationships or your understanding of yourself. 

You discovered that you had to depend on yourself from a young age and that being independent was key to solving most of the issues you face. 

  1. You strongly identify with spiritual terms such as lightworker, celestial being, and starborn 

You can’t help but feel a sense of alignment with the terms ‘lightworker’, ‘starborn’, ‘celestial being’, ‘Pleiadian’, ‘Sirian’, ‘Andromedan’, and ‘Lemurian’.

You feel very much a part of the world of esotericism and alchemy, as well as other more evolved races here on Earth.

As a Blue Ray starseed, you may have a particular fascination with Lemurians (forming Lemuria – the original paradise on Earth), as they are energetically aligned with you. 

  1. You feel that you originate from the stars 

When you look within yourself, you see that you’re merely a guest on this planet, only inhabiting it for a few decades. But this doesn’t scare you as you know that it’s a part of your consciousness’ mission.

You tend to appreciate the gift of life and feel even more amazed by it every day. 

After all, you realize that you’re composed of universal energy appearing in 3D format, ready to experience life in its fullness. 

If you’d like to dive deeper into the depths of your personality and mission here on Earth, make sure to check out this free moon reading that helps you discover your soul’s purpose. 

  1. Your skin and body are reactive to foods and skin products 

As a Blue Ray starseed, it’s very common for you to be on a special diet, where you only eat pure, whole, or healthy foods. 

You may experience certain allergies, intolerances, and rashes to particular foods, and the same goes for many skin products that may harm your skin. This is why you may feel that chemicals, noise, and electricity affect your energy balance. 

So focusing on fewer stimulants for your skin and body is your priority as a Blue Ray starseed. 

  1. You dream of peace  

The song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon may as well be your life’s anthem. You find that world peace and humanity living in harmony is part of your ultimate mission here on Earth. 

As such, you are often seen as the peacemaker amongst your friends and family members.  

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  1. You feel that you’re different from your biological family

Because of the spiritual gifts you possess as a Blue Ray starseed, you may notice yourself drifting further and further away from your family’s thoughts, intentions, and values. 

  1. You feel you have many gifts and abilities you haven’t yet discovered

No matter how many spiritual gifts you may carry, you always feel like there are attributes that you haven’t even unearthed yet. You feel that there are skills, talents and abilities that just need your attention for you to bring into fruition. 

  1. You are very persistent

You realize that whatever you set your whole focus and mind on is what you end up manifesting in real life. 

As a Blue Ray starseed, you know that thoughts are energy, and that persistence is always rewarded. 

If you are looking for ways to manifest things into your life through the Law of Attraction, be sure to look at this blog post on The Law of Attraction: Benefits & Tips To Make It Your Ally. 

  1. You feel very connected to water 

Your blue aura as a Blue Ray starseed means that you may feel extra connected to water bodies on Earth, such as the ocean, fresh springs, and lakes. 

  1. You set boundaries on who can access your spiritual gifts 

Knowing the power and influence of negative and unwanted energies, you’re able to hide your abilities and gifts from those who don’t have faith in the spiritual or divine world. 

You understand that people with negative energies surrounding the spiritual world are not ready to experience all it has to offer yet. 

  1. You feel like an old soul in a young body

This goes for most spiritually awakened souls, but as a Blue Ray starseed, you find that you can relate with past times, customs, and humans in general. 

It’s not that you are completely out of touch with modern life, but more so that you always feel like you’ve experienced life once, if not quite a few times before.  

If you feel like an old soul but still need to fully confirm if you are one, check out this blog post on 50 Clear Signs You Are An Old Soul. 

  1. You are more introverted than extroverted 

You tend to enjoy your company and consider yourself to be more reserved than most people around you. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re completely anti-social (on the contrary, you’re great at making friends if you want to), but that you’re more appreciative of the blessings solitude can bring. 

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Blue Ray Starseed Mission 

As a Blue Ray starseed, you are here to repair humanity’s damaged, mutated DNA and allow other Blue Ray starseeds to come here too. 

Your initial mission was to enter a family where you could fix the damaged DNA of your blood ancestry line by breaking generational conflict and drama, which serves to improve the DNA and raise the vibration of humanity and the planet at large. 

For a full reading of your soul’s purpose and what you came to do on Earth, make sure to explore this free individualized numerology report which uncovers the challenges on your journey and how you can overcome them. 


What are some physical symptoms of blue ray starseed awakening?

There are many physical symptoms of Blue Ray starseed awakening. These include brain fog, not being able to remember events and forgetfulness, awakening and activating your 3rd eye pineal gland, digestion issues, bloating, weight gain, sleepiness and seeking body cleansing through a healthy diet. 

What are some challenges faced by blue ray starseeds?

Blue Ray starseeds face a couple of challenges on Earth. These include trying to escape the mundanity of life on Earth by fantasizing about very vivid dream worlds and starting to lose touch with the “real” world and isolating from others due to feeling judged, absorbing negative energy from surroundings. 

How can blue ray starseeds heal?

One way to heal from wounds, anxiety, and stress is to use sound healing, positive affirmations, and journaling your thoughts. Blue Ray starseeds tend to give a lot of themselves, forgetting that it’s beneficial to heal by taking them back sometimes.


As a Blue Ray starseed, you’re never alone, even if it may feel like you have no one else to understand you sometimes. 

Your Blue Ray soul family is always trying to connect with you, slowly helping you in your mission to create a better world for all.

Just look up at the stars and you’ll know that you’re never truly alone.

When you realize you are a beacon for the wonderful intergalactic Blue Ray energy, you’ll be set back on track to completing the mission for which you came here. 

Most importantly, don’t be scared of channeling inwards and remembering your true self. You are here because you were meant to be, and all of life’s challenges are there because you can solve them.  

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Do you think you are a Blue Ray starseed? Let me know in the comments!


Angelina Der Arakelian

Angelina Der Arakelian

As an author and creative entrepreneur, Angelina loves using words to help people make sense of a place we call the Universe. She is the founder of Soul Craft, where she explores topics such as conscious creativity, energy and the law of attraction, all of which can be used to design one's own reality. Read more articles by Angelina here.

This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Jordan

    I’m Jordan, and as of today, Thursday January 19, 2023, I discovered that I am a blue ray starseed. It required 30 years on Gaia and the healing of my deficient body, detached mind, and debilitated spirit to reconnect with who I am, what I am, why I am, anf how I am in this existence. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom, Julia 🙂

  2. Rissa

    Ever since I was four years old during mid 1970s, I was aware of other dimensions, beings in other realms, past lifetimes and being different from my family members etc who appeared to be only aware of this third dimension perspective of what We physically see, hear, smell, feel and do. As an old Soul I intuitively knew not to tell Them about what I was experiencing because They wouldn’t understand Me or perhaps misdiagnose Me as being crazy minded..This set the tone for years of introverted solitude enjoying my own company whenever possible. The struggle was being misunderstood, loneliness in a crowded room scenario, being extremely sensitive/empathic sometimes, having to remain silent when I really needed to speak out some truth (Throat Chakra issue for some Blue Ray Starseed People?) and not knowing why I was absorbing negative energy from my environment and People around me?? A few years ago when I was studying the various Starseed types, I felt connected with all of them except Orion. Someone told Me that She felt a hunch that I may be an Indigo Warrior Child, but I felt there was something more to learn about Myself (Blue Ray Starseed People can be mistaken for Indigo Children). I noticed that I have intense esoteric experiences that many People only see in the movies! I have experienced a few battles with some military E.Ts and other beings who are not to be trusted because They have a low vibe predator energy that agitates Humans! In February 2023 I stumbled across some information about Blue Ray Starseed People and I was initially shocked at the mirror reflection and then realising that I have found the missing link that solves the mystery of who my Soul Tribe is! Thank You to all of You who have shared your knowledge and experiences.. Without Your input I would still be wondering why! Namaste!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Thanks for sharing your story! 😊 Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

    2. STAR Commander

      Hi Rissa, it’s interesting I was born in the early 70s and I to have had pretty much this similar path. I am understanding more about the intense esoteric experiences. Recently I was at a sweat lodge and speaking light language and taking on and processing the whole groups processes. As well as there was a negative entity person there. I connect well with Michael and always have since I was a kid, I was just not always aware. We have had a troubles but I am understanding more and more of the gifts even the chemical and light and noise sensitivity. I always been a very sensitive person. Especially spiritually and intuitive. I wish you well on your Journey soul friend. Love and light and life to you as we navigate into and through are missions.

    3. Zaza

      Hello Rissa , I’m currently 16 yo. And I had the awakening with my mom after 10 years of being drown in wrong beliefs and trauma , i Also feel I’m a highly sensitive person and I could feel the bad and the good energy so I need to protect myself more. And I need to work on myself more and more so we can heal gaia and all the humanity. Thank u for sharing these Info’s !

      1. Julia Lundin

        You’re welcome! Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

  3. Dragons hydra

    I am born during 1962 stelluim . i agree what you said about the military. And institution legacy duplications and issues from it at boundaries and the all is underneath their superiority …indoctrinated while triggers used . at front line .
    Starseed and divine feminine womb, birth space and protection and more access to what they need.

  4. Dianna

    Born in March 1964, on Friday the 13th… my Journey from Birth has been filled with challenges, emense Love of nature, all forms.. people, the need to share joy, heal and solve issues/problems any type. I’ve seen Spirit’s & my future since age 6.. I’m very empathic, feeling physical pains of others as well as emotions. I sense Spirit’s other than ancestral and ancestors… I knew I was Chosen for years, I am certain that I’m a Blue Ray Starseed..but I have a strong sense of being from the Acturian race.. thank you, … Love, Light & Healing to Gaia

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome 💜

  5. Brwtt

    I’m trying to find a community of blue rays:)
    Do you know of such a thing?
    I know I’m not alone on this planet for how big and beautiful it is:)
    Love for All

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