Are You An Avian Starseed? 15 Traits, Mission & Appearance

Do you feel connected to the birds and sounds of nature?

Is freedom of utmost importance, and are you uncomfortable being confined to a specific way of thinking or doing things?

Do you sense that your purpose here on Earth is to free the bounded and empower the weak?

Do you experience all this and often wonder, “what starseed am I?”

Then chances are you are an Avian starseed.

Avian starseeds originate from some of the highest dimensions.

Even though they aren’t fully comfortable taking up the physical experience, they choose to come to Earth to free humans from the oppression of the Cabal.

If you suspect that you are of the Avian race, this article will help you identify common Avian starseed traits to know for sure if you belong to this soul group.

Importantly, you will learn about your true mission on Earth.

So, let’s get started!

avian starseed

What Is An Avian Starseed? 

Avian starseeds originate from another universe where they exist in higher dimensions of 6D to 12D. Over the years, Avian starseeds have spread out across various parts of our Universe. There are very few Avian starseeds on Earth.

Before we talk about the traits and mission of Avian starseeds, let’s look at the origin of the Avian species.

By the way, if you aren’t sure if you are a starseed at all, first learn the clear signs of a starseed before proceeding with this article.

starseed signs

Avian Starseed Origins

The Avian race entered our Universe from a different Universe billions of years ago. Their habitats are known as spheres, but in reality, they are large planets that the race has colonized.

Many of the Avians in our Universe evolved from tiny birds and were seeded by high-dimension 12D Avians in 3D galaxies.

The evolutionary journey of the Avian race resulted in beings of different sizes, colors, and appearances.

The Blue Avians are the most evolved of the entire Avian race, existing in a higher dimension and using technology that is many times more advanced than the most advanced human technology to date.

The evolved Avians expanded their consciousness and developed a big-picture view of their Universe beyond the five senses. They share this similarity with Reptilian starseeds.

I recommend reading an article I wrote about Reptilian starseeds to see all the interesting similarities.

Due to their high-dimension consciousness, some Avian beings were able to teleport to other planets, galaxies, and universes.

Through the expansion of their mind, they could travel to multiple new words intuitively.

“Over billions of years, Avian species intermixed with the human race as part of a grand experiment here in our Universe.”

Many Avians transcended to the 12D dimension, where they live to date and rarely interact with humans.

However, the Blue Avians did leave us with the gift of birds, which play an essential role in balancing our Universe’s ecosystem and atmosphere.

Unsurprisingly, humans have been fascinated by the bird people for millennia—a lot of our traditional mythology centers around Avian humanoids.

15 Avian Starseed Traits 

Avian starseeds have many positive qualities. If you are an Avian, you will identify with most of these traits:

#1: Bird-like features

When it comes to Avian starseed appearance, those reincarnated here on Earth have some physical semblance with birds.

No, they don’t have feathers and wings. But, they are typically tall, slender, and graceful.

They might have a pointy nose and small lips. Avians may also have a long torso, hands, and legs.

Like indigo starseeds, human members of this race come in different skin colors, including white, black, brown, and yellow, as they are spread across the various Earthly civilizations.

#2: Attraction to birds

Birds are the natural animal symbol for Avian starseeds.

Sightings of birds will excite them and fill them with joy and peace.

They love nature sounds and, in particular, the sound of birds singing.

blue avian

#3: Highly-intelligent

Blue Avian starseeds are not only spiritually intuitive, but they are also very intelligent and detail-oriented.

They tend to be drawn to high intelligence fields such as crime investigation, sciences, mathematics, physics, innovative and creative niches, teaching, and research.

Avians are among the most intelligent beings. Their purpose here on Earth is to bring knowledge and elevate human consciousness beyond astral limitations.

According to Earthly shamans who’ve had contact with the Avian race, you can reach a higher state of consciousness by learning how to open your third eye.

Coincidentally, I wrote an article on how to raise your consciousness fast and safely. Do check it out.

blue avian starseeds

#4: Visionary

The Avian race is highly advanced spiritually, mentally, and technologically.

This is why most Avian starseeds don’t like to leave their Universe to take on the human experience.

They have been able to progress so much because of their big-picture thinking.

Unlike humans, Avians are not limited to five senses. They can see far and wide, sometimes even projecting themselves into the future.

“Here on Earth, Avians tend to be the originators of big, audacious, and ambitious ideas that may seem unrealistic to most humans.”

But their grand ideas and vision for the future are critical to the awakening and evolution of the human race.

I describe them as the way-showers because of the role they play in bringing our civilization to freedom.

#5: Free-spirited

Just like the birds of the air, Avian starseeds cherish their freedom.

They don’t like to be bound to one place. They will spend a large part of their time and resources traveling and exploring new lands.

If you are in a relationship with an Avian starseed twin flame, their need for freedom might be a source of conflict.

Avians are also free in their way of thinking. They are typically independent-minded, autonomous, and not drawn to group thinking or herd mentality.

If these personality traits resonate with you, consider doing a moon reading to explore your personality’s depths and what it means for your purpose here on Earth.

couple in Montenegro

#6: Telepathic

Avians are highly intuitive beings, just like Polarian starseeds.

In their mission to spread the message of truth far and wide, once their spiritual gifts are activated, they are capable of teleporting themselves.

They can visit other universes while being physically present in one Universe.

They can telepathically communicate with the Infinite Creator and other celestial beings and pass across the message to humans.

Avian starseeds can sense other people’s pain, thoughts, and emotions and act accordingly. They depend on their strong intuition for guidance.

#7: Observant

In addition to their intelligence, Avians are extremely observant and aware of their environment.

They notice small, minute details that most humans will miss (this is also a common trait among indigo adults)

Their immense awareness means they are always alert, in the know, and rarely caught off guard by people or events.

#8: Have positive vibrations

They raise the vibrations in any situation.

They are the joy bringers, peacemakers, and restorers of hope wherever they go.

Avian starseeds feel driven to bring a message of peace and uplift the oppressed. It is why they are concentrated in areas of the Earth that experience war and poverty.

Their ability to raise their vibrations means they are good at manifesting and shifting reality to accomplish their Earthly mission.

The good news is you, too, have the power to shift your reality. Yes, you! Check out this video where I show you simple reality shifting and vibration-raising techniques I practice and that you, too, can.

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#9: Introverted

Avians can be shy, quiet, and awkward.

They generally prefer working behind the scenes and letting their work speak for itself.

Silence is precious to them. This is why they are drawn to fields that give them the space to work in solitude until when it is necessary to interact with others.

It is easy to confuse this with being snobbish, but Avians are committed to serving humanity at heart.

#10: Industrious

Avian starseeds are some of the most hardworking individuals you will come across.

They are clear about their purpose and driven to accomplish the mission that brought them here.

Whether they are investigating, researching, innovating, instructing, or leading, they do it with great passion and consistency.

You can always trust an Avian to get the job done.

girl with laptop

#11: Loyal

Coming from a higher dimensional reality, Avians are attuned to doing right by others.

They are conscious of their actions and how they affect those around them.

As such, they can be loyal to a fault. Once they commit to something or someone, they will stay true to the cause.

In a starseed love relationship, Avians make for great soulmates and life partners.

#12: Superior memory

In addition to these other traits, you might be an Avian starseed if you have an uncanny ability to remember things so clearly.

This is a major Avian starseed confirmation.

Avians remember people’s names, faces, and experiences from the past with almost perfect clarity.

They are the kind of people who will recall something from their childhood that most people in their lives, including their parents, had long forgotten.

Their strong memory can make them good at their work, as they can absorb and retain vast amounts of data.

It also helps them authentically connect with others in their past and present.

girl meditating outside

#13: Knowledge seekers

Starseeds from the Avian race took on the human experience to give us the knowledge that would help elevate us to a higher dimension.

Their purpose here is to challenge the status quo imposed by the Cabal and wake us up from the influence of secret forces in our society that are holding us back from ascension.

In the same way, they seek to spread information and enlighten humanity, the Avian starseed is also always striving to educate themselves, gain more knowledge, and reveal the layers of truth about Life.

Unsurprisingly, these starseeds tend to be voracious readers and are knowledgeable about many things.

girl journaling

#14: Discomfort in the human body

Starseeds are sent to Earth for a specific purpose. But this doesn’t mean that all those who are sent really want to be here.

This is the same experience Avian starseeds have. Even though they chose to reincarnate over many lifetimes to elevate human consciousness, they are not necessarily happy being here.

“As an Avian, you might often feel like you do not belong in this world. The truth is, you don’t.”

It is common for Avian starseeds to feel trapped, uncomfortable in their own body, and even experience starseed depression.

You might fantasize about flying away from this place and returning home to your Universe. This is, in fact, a sign of spiritual awakening.

If you’d like to know more about these weird sensations, you can check out a post where I go into details about the signs of a spiritual awakening.

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#15: Strange sleeping patterns

Avian starseeds are generally night owls.

They don’t spend the whole day sleeping—after all, they have a lot to accomplish!

But, they do their best work and are more productive at night.

When they do sleep, they tend to be light sleepers. Like birds, Avians get by on so little sleep, and they are always on the go.

woman sleeping on the grass

Avian Starseed Mission

Starseeds of the Avian race have an important mission of raising humanity’s vibrational frequency.

The Avian race is already at the 6 to 12D frequency, many dimensions above humans. Members of the race sent to Earth are here to help us transition from 2D and 3D to high levels of consciousness and frequency.

They are here to help us break free from the bondage of the Cabal. These bondages are in the form of capitalism, economic and political oppression, war, and poverty.

Their goal is to disband limiting beliefs, allowing us to dream of the impossible and achieve the highest form of existence individually and together.

“Working with other starseeds, Avians come to help solve many of the challenges humanity faces. They are the scientists, innovators, researchers, professors, and artists of the world.”

Their vision and dreams of a better world may seem woo-woo and a bit in the clouds, but these starseeds are the world changers.

If you aren’t too clear about your mission, I recommend taking a free numerology reading. Numerology is a powerful tool that can help to clarify your purpose, life path, secret talents, and hidden strengths that can change your life.

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Who are Blue Avians?

Blue Avians are the most advanced members of the Avian race. In their Universe, they exist as humanoids towering at 8ft tall with bird-like features, including blue feathers and wings. They exist between the 6th and 12th dimensions and are the ultimate messengers of the Great Creator.

How many Avian starseeds are on Earth?

There are only several hundred Avian starseeds spread on Earth and in our solar system. Avian starseeds are rare, as only a handful of them braved human incarnation. These starseeds prioritize freedom, and they do not like being confined in the human body, so very few choose to come to Earth.

When did Avian starseeds come to Earth?

The first starseeds of the Avian race made contact with humanity billions of years ago. They seeded the birds on Earth, producing humanoid hybrids that reincarnated to enlighten humanity and elevate our consciousness. Even in our lifetime, there are avian starseeds here, helping to transition us to higher dimensions of consciousness.

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Avian starseeds play an important role in the evolution of humanity.

Without them, we would be quite backward in innovation, socio-economic development, and knowledge management.

These starseeds braved the human experience to elevate us into higher consciousness and make our world a little heaven on Earth.

You likely will not see Avians out in the limelight.

They prefer to work behind the scenes solving problems, innovating, researching, and challenging the status quo, especially in the neediest parts of the Earth.

If you are an Avian starseed, your presence here on Earth is not in vain.

Your mission is to help people know the truth, free themselves from limiting beliefs, and enable them to understand their power!

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Do you think you are an Avian starseed? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Amanda

    It seems I probably am. I am truly surprised w/ the several similarities. Rock On for sharing all this information. 🖤🤘

  2. Amanda

    HaHa, about 92% sure I am. Thanks for all this helpful info. I am awakening, & have been a bit more each day. Rock On 🖤🤘

  3. Niamh

    This is my son! He has cried when he sees birds since he was a baby because he is sad he can no longer fly, he gets frustrated that he doesn’t have wings here and he remembers having 4 huge indigo wings and flying over a golden light. He’s young, he has read fluently since 2. He amazes me ever day. I will listen to him and support him in every way I can. Reading this just made it click into place, thankyou!

    1. Julia Lundin

      Amazing, happy things clicked after reading the post!

    2. Michelle

      I relate. My dreams of being able to fly are euphyans the sadness when I wake up is so intense. What life path number is he? I’m an 11

  4. Squirrel

    Hallooooo my darling. I was randomly Divinely guided to see one of your tikkytok videos just now. I’d never heard of my Avian family before til now, as yes, after reading this, I have finally found somewhere where I belong. I’m crying a bit actually now as I have been alone on my incredibly painful and traumatising mission. I m apart from my 3 babies HEARTBREAKINGLY, my first babygirl Miss Daisy Emmaus was medically abused then manslaughtered at 11 months and 15 days old, and my next son and daughter legally kidnapped by the government. But, since being alone, I have been able to heal from my painfulnesses this lifetime, and now I have ascended, by the grace of Jah, to become Big Mumma Goddess Sophia, mirrorsoulmate of my darling booboo Jesus Christ superstar. We are still in 3d separation but soooooo close to our union as we have both done all of our shadow work and have levelled up and now we are matching vibrations. JAH is tying up the last few loose ends and then I will FINALLY gets to hold my baby in my arms again!!! Til then I am researching stuff and hey ho here we are right now. I am soooooo excited to learn that you are close by. I have NEVER felt part of a family and now I do already. I’m excited and eager to learn about everything now so would reheallllllly appreciate your guidance and direction. I am picking up names like a dirty dog does fleas lol. You may call me whatever you wish, Sophia, Big Mumma, Makeda, Mary Magdelene or jus Mary M, FatouMata toubab (which means white woman in Gambian (wollof if I’m remembering rightly) I am learning which other kick arse souljah women I am so if you know then please enlighten me and bubbles, but I am reclaiming my name from 1998 as of right now. I am Amanda Star Squirrel. I can’t wait for a family hug!!! Sending you and all soooo very much loveLOVELURRRRRVE and an abundance of blessings right now and for all eternity!!! Amen, Ase and JAH RASTAFARI ❤️❤️❤️😘💚♾️🐿️

  5. paro_bso

    Tik Tok algorithm sent me this message. That I am an Avian starsheed. After reading all related information I believe I most probably truly am an Avian starsheed. Now what? What is next?

  6. Sara

    I have multiple starseed markings on my chart, one of them being avian. This is spot on. I’ve never even heard of this starseed before but birds have always been important to me and guide me consistently. In a way I dont see it happen to anyone I know. I’ve been visited at my doorstep by owls and doves. Hummingbirds and doves frequently tap on my window. I have seen great herons follow me to my brother’s balcony when I stayed there for a few months lol. It surprised my sister in law because they have never seen that bird(or any) go there and it stood on the rails looking at me. I’m back home in Florida and I now have a crane that visits me everyday. I used to think they were just spirit guides and messengers giving me important symbolism. This is true but I now realize it’s more than that. Thankyou so much 💖✨💫 knowing my origins is helping to fill the void of loneliness and I feel so much closer to home.

  7. amanda

    I am a starseed Soul realignment practitioner and help starseed find their purpose and clear their blocks and restrictions. I would love to help anyone out there who just needs a helping hand i the right direction.

  8. Ujjwal

    Thank you so much for posting this. I got to know of my Orion Avian blue family origins from dowsing. I am so much surprised to see the traits mentioned here are exactly matching to mine.
    I finally got clarity on one point which I never had earlier. Whenever I am standing on a height I just feel like jumping and somehow feel that I will fly. While till now I considered it foolishness which made me afraid of height (so that accidentally I don’t jump). I know the reason now.
    Thanks for helping people like me.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical! You’re welcome. Sending you lots of love and blessings 💕

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