5D Ascension Symptoms – 31 Clear Signs You Are Ascending

Have you ever found your mind awakening and opening to the reality that there is more to life than you can perceive?

If this is true, then you may be undergoing 5D ascension symptoms.

 If you’re a lightworker or starseed, this is more likely to happen, as you incarnated here to guide humanity through the 5D shift. 

The feeling of ascension might cause you to feel worry, confusion, or dread.

If that is the case for you, don’t be afraid. It’s all part of the vibrational shift we’re going through now.

In this post, you will discover:

  • What is 5D ascension?
  • What are 5D ascension symptoms?
  • What are the physical, mental and spiritual 5D ascension symptoms?
  • What to do if you are going through this

5D Ascension SymptomsWhat is 5D Ascension?

The Earth is at the moment going through a historic shift in vibration, ascending from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. 

Our bodies are going through the same shift (some people sooner than others), which is leading to ascension symptoms as our DNA is being upgraded.  

This is because as spiritual beings, we operate on vibration, frequency, and energy levels.

So, to experience life on a divine energy frequency, you must go through a journey of spiritual awakening.

The 3D (third dimension) consciousness is the ‘physical’ world in which we live, known to everyone.

The 5D (fifth dimension) is the non-physical world, a level of consciousness that is only experienced by the spiritually awakened.

Ascension is the process of raising your vibration, shedding your ego, and gaining control of your future through an elevated level of consciousness.

Based on your birth chart, which is a calculation of your place of birth + time of birth + rising sign, you can determine your ascendant, also called rising sign.

Why do I need to know this, you may ask; simply put, your ascendant sign helps you figure out your purpose in life.

Learning more about your numerology is also an excellent way of finding your life path. Get a free numerology reading today to help get yourself on the right track.

What are the 5D Ascension Symptoms?

 The journey from 3D to 5D often takes a toll on both your body and mental health.

This is because, in the process of spiritual awakening, your senses are heightened to adjust to new frequencies.

Spiritually awakened people operate on energy vibrations that vary based on dimensions.

As you ascend to 5D consciousness, you’ll experience several changes – physically and emotionally; don’t be alarmed; this is normal!

Typically, for ascension to occur, you must have undergone some type of shadow work.

Nevertheless, there are experiences everyone on an awakening journey goes through! 5D ascension symptoms can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Here are 31 signs that show you’re ascending;

girl sleeping in sofa

Physical 5D Ascension Symptoms

1: You start to have body aches

 During 5D ascension, it is common to feel unusual aches in different parts of your body. Moving your body can feel like a chore.

When this occurs, you’re releasing blocked energy from your joints.

 Some people become physically sick, and others wake up with bruises that weren’t there the day before.

It’s all part of the purification process that allows your body to ascend to a higher frequency.

2: You may have sore joints

 Why do my knees ache when I didn’t perform any physical activity? Why do my arms feel heavy? Why is my neck stiff? 

If you find yourself asking these questions, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing ascension!

Do yoga to help loosen tight muscles so that energy can flow freely through you!

3: You may start to experience fatigue

 The process of ascension takes a toll on your body, so you’ll often feel tired. You might start to realize that you’re always sleepy and lightheaded.

You’re prone to inactivity due to your soul reaching for higher realms. Many people experience astral projection through sleeping.

When we’re asleep, our egos are dormant so our energy frequencies are heightened. This is the time for a “system reboot.”

4: You start to have frequent headaches

 Many people deal with migraines during their ascension. Your elevating consciousness can cause a sharp pain in your head.

The process of reaching for a higher dimension is stressful for the 3D human body. This stress can present as a constant headache.

Don’t worry, though; you’ll get through it.

5: You may notice toothaches

 Feeling toothaches after a dentist has issued you a clean bill of dental health can be a symptom of 5D ascension.

Teeth serve as a telepathic channel for energy frequency.

In the early stages of your awakening, energy passes through the weak and vulnerable parts of your body.

lyran starseed

6: You start to experience vision changes

 Some people find their vision changes during ascension.

Those with clear eyesight can develop blurry vision. The reverse is also true; a person with poor vision can get improved eyesight on their journey.

7: Tummy issues

 Irregular bowel movements can occur. You might also feel butterflies in your tummy or slight discomfort at intervals.

It’s an effect of the physical stress your body is going through while reaching for spiritual awakening.

8: Skin changes

In rare cases, people shed their old skins during ascension. This is common with lightworkers, who get smoother and brighter skin.

 New energy radiates from within and translates into a shining glow.

9: You can get clumsy

 Things fall from your hands more often than usual. Your knees might knock, and you could feel jittery.

This is a result of energy coursing through your body, making you nervous. 

 10: You may have sudden hot flashes

 You could feel a sudden feeling of warmth in your upper body, including your face, neck, and chest.

It occurs when energy is flowing through your body. You may feel cold immediately afterward.

Woman fanning herself

Emotional 5D Ascension Symptoms

11: Disorientation

 You feel confused about where you are. During ascension, people often zone out of reality for short periods.

It happens when your soul’s transition is clashing with your present 3D reality. Being in the third dimension becomes a chore.

The energy in 3D is in conflict with the serenity that comes with discovering your true self in 5D.

 12: Memory loss

There are gaps in your recollection of events due to you regularly zoning out. You realize that you have mental blackouts that occur at the time of your ascension.

Memory loss is an expected effect of being in more than one dimension at a time.

When you’re in 5D consciousness, your 3D reality pauses. So, it’s natural to experience a disconnect because of your transitions. 

13: Identity crisis

Going through changes physically and emotionally affects your mental health. You’ve likely lost your desire for the things that once excited you.

The vibrations around you now make you uncomfortable so, you make changes.

Your newly found traits and habits can be confusing when you suddenly acquire them at an older age.

Embrace the change because fighting it can be painful. Trust the process and make peace with your evolution.

14: Irritability

The cumulative effects of an identity crisis, disorientation, memory loss, etc., can cause irritability.

The feeling of losing your sense of self makes you on edge and quick to get angry, but it’s a common part of ascension.

15: Mood swings

When ascending to 5D, you may experience some manic episodes.

You might feel wildly happy one day and depressed the next. It’s like being on a rollercoaster.

shadow work

16: Anxiety

Panic attacks are common for people who are ascending based on the uncertainty they face in their journey. Forgetting everything you know and embracing a new reality is challenging.

Focus on your breathing; it helps with panic attacks.

Your ego is losing its hold on you and is afraid. You feel powerless and vulnerable because you’re leaving behind unnecessary old habits.

Don’t be afraid; once you’ve fully ascended to 5D, you’ll feel safer and at peace!

 17: Hyperactivity

 There’s a surge of energy at the peak of ascension. It can make many people hyperactive.

They pick up new tasks to occupy their racing minds. Ascension can make you restless!

This inability to focus comes from your spirit longing to be in the fifth dimension. Once you start getting comfortable in 5D, your energy levels will spike!

The increased and expanded cognition makes 3D consciousness a bore for you.

18: Change of life view

You feel a sense of dissatisfaction with life and an overwhelming desire for purpose. Your habits change as well – you can acquire new tastes in your diet.

Your interpersonal relationships also go through the wringer – either they get strained or strengthen.

 19: Creativity

Ascension awakens your inner creative juices.

You could develop an attraction to new colors based on their psychological meanings.

You acquire a superior insight into life, unlike the average human being.

20: Drawn to nature

People who are ascending feel drawn to nature. Being in places like parks, beaches, waterfalls, etc., appeals to them.

A new understanding of every living thing makes them feel at peace within the environment.

Many intuitively switch to a plant-based diet while becoming farmers or florists. There’s a sudden need to connect with nature.

girl on a fieldSpiritual 5D Ascension Symptoms

21: You will feel intense energy

In the process of adjusting to a higher frequency, your former character is tested against the person you’re becoming. 

This causes emotional and physical stress for the person ascending.

 It feels intense as you change your energetic frequency and adjust to a higher vibration level. The negativity that is attached to your ego gives way to love and light.

 With all the transformations occurring inside you, it is natural that you’d feel pressure!

22: You may experience hallucinations

In the fifth dimension, ascendants see and hear things that 3D human beings can’t. A common experience for ascendants is lucid dreaming.

Some people see light sparks in the corner of their eyes. You’re not going crazy; it’s just that your spiritual eye is now opened.

At this moment, you’re getting more in touch with your psychic awareness. Relax and let your ego go as you step into your true self.

23: You may have out of body experiences

You feel out of place, like you’re on the outside watching yourself. Also, during ascension, some people feel the presence of other heavenly bodies.

This comes with a self-awareness that tunes you to a higher spiritual frequency.

Out-of-body experiences are responsible for memory loss and forgetfulness.

That’s because you drift in and out of 3D consciousness. With time, it will balance out.

24: You understand synchronization

For spiritually awakened people, coincidences are significant occurrences.

Once you start noticing angel numbers like – 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 2:02, etc., your ego is going to sleep for your soul to rise.

 Waking up between the hours of 2:00 am and 4:00 am, is also a sign of ascension. It is called the “witching hour” or “cleansing and releasing” time.

25: You may start to have premonitions

You feel a sensation when things are about to happen. You become highly intuitive.

Please don’t ignore your feelings and intuition when they come.

Your sixth sense comes alive during ascension – tap into it!

Pleiadian starseed 26: Electrical zaps

When energy flows through you as you ascend, you can experience zaps of electricity. This depends on the type and strength of the energy because some are stronger than others.

27: You become more introspective

Looking inwards is a typical sign of 5D ascension. So, whenever you feel yourself looking inwards and meditating, it is a sign of spiritual awakening.

Take time to discover your new self and explore your emerging interests.

28: Unity consciousness

Ascension makes you appreciate the need for harmony in the world. Your spiritual consciousness is enlightened so, you seek to achieve peak human interaction.

29: Heightened sensitivity

Upon 5D ascension, your 6th sense is awakened. Your five sensory organs (smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste) work at their greatest capacity.

Your environment has a new effect on you, as you learn that everything has a vibration. As you shift into a higher frequency, some vibrations repel or attract you.

At this point, you can feel other people’s energies, so they may feel like you don’t want to be around a person when your auras don’t align!

 30: Energy bursts

You feel energy bursts at intervals especially, when your soul is actively ascending.

Strong auras can hit you smack in the face, while softer ones can cause a tingling sensation in your body.

starseed types

31: Disconnecting from reality

5D ascension makes you more spiritual. You disconnect from the 3D reality and have long episodes experiencing 5D.

You begin to feel homesick – as if you’re just an imposter here on Earth.

With time and practice, you’ll learn to merge both and live with consciousness in the 3D world.

What to do when undergoing 5D ascension symptoms?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t panic. Your body is adjusting to its new reality and elevated level of consciousness.

Here are some tips to help with your adjustment.

Drink lots of water: This advice may seem basic, but hydration is very good for your body. As you go through physical changes, you must keep your system hydrated.

Human beings are frequently dehydrated so, you need to drink as much water to keep your vital fluids topped up!

A balanced diet: Ascension stretches your physical limits. You need to eat nourishing meals to keep your body grounded.

Food has healing abilities that help you through this strenuous process. Try to include high vibrational food like vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Meditate: Practice yoga, take guided meditations, repeat positive mantras, exercise your body, etc.

You need to keep your body active and your mind centered. It will help maintain your awareness and stops you from drifting away from reality permanently.

Read: Just like you’re doing now, read and educate yourself when experiencing more severe ascension symptoms.

Learning from other people’s experiences will help you manage your process better.

life path 4


How long do the ascension symptoms last?

Ascension symptoms are highly individual, Some have almost no symptoms while others feel chronically sick.

Your experience is a rule of thumb intense at the beginning of your ascension, but it becomes easier with time.

How can I manage my ascension symptoms?

A plant-based nutritional diet is cleansing for your body and daily meditation is crucial. Also, read books and articles about others’ ascension to get inspiration.

Can I get sick during ascension?

Some symptoms present as sickness. You may experience flu, fatigue, poor eyesight, etc.

Make sure you’ve seen a doctor to ascertain you don’t have serious health issues, though.


When you ascend into the fifth dimension of consciousness, you operate on a more pure level and let your soul lead the way instead of the mind.

You realize that you’re responsible for your own well-being, so you protect it.

The above 5D ascension symptoms are just some of the signs to look out for. As you continue on your journey, you will assimilate and master the symptoms faster.

You may also discover new signs and share your experience for others to learn.

Do you suspect you’ve started your journey to 5D ascension? Let me know in the comments!

Julia Lundin helps spiritual seekers step into their purpose and freedom. As a thank you for reading, you get 50% off her books with coupon code BLOGREADER50 in the shop, for a limited time.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Terri Harris

    After reading this article, I believe I am in the middle of the journey. I just need to clean up my diet and exercise my body more and I should be okay. My husband doesn’t really believe in this, so I worry about him, but he may already be there because of just how he is and what attracted me to him in the first place. But he basically follows my lead and I think he will be fine and just come along without even knowing…if that’s possible.
    Thanks for your articles and website! ❤ I now have a place to explore for more answers.

  2. Mitchell Ellis

    I’m having what I perceive to be panic attacks. I’m also having memory loss that seems limited to geographical locations. In other words, places that I’ve been to several times don’t look familiar anymore. It’s weird. A restaurant that is my favorite place to eat for many years, I didn’t know how to get there. All other memory functions seem to be fine.
    The memory issues are better but I have small relapses after the “panic attacks”
    I have been having several of the symptoms you list here.
    I’ve been to a Neurologist and was told I’m perfect. She even asked why I was coming to see her because all the tests came out perfect. LOL Wow.

  3. Adam

    Wow. This blows my mind. At the end of last year, I came down with crazy dizziness and lightheadedness. It was accompanied by fatigue, anxiety, and depression just to name a few. Doctors ran numerous test CT scans MRI’s , X-rays, and blood work. Said there was nothing wrong with me physically. In the year leading up to this I have become extremely attracted to nature. I have felt the need to start meditating and become more aware of my thoughts. I started going to church but realized I feel like I am reading a different book than them. I have started going to Reiki sessions and reading about energy and meditation. I still have some of these symptoms. Today I found your site. Having 47 of the signs of a starseed! Then reading this page it is all makes sense that it is a 5D ascention . You have explained the whole last year of my life in two web pages.

  4. Tina

    Yes I think I am going through 5D . I have no energy and when I do it is spent really quickly and I am tired and want to nap a lot . My husband and I are not getting along at all he seems so negative I don’t want to be around him or any one else that is negative . I can not focus on my job at all . I have had flu like symptoms and they said was covid .

  5. Elaine

    My ears are ringing a lot my head tingles my heart palpitations turn the anxiety thinking I was having a heart attack but no I am a registered massage therapist with a Reiki practitioner dive into Buddha I’m meditating cleansing colonics I’m back on Super Foods and fruits and vegetables only thank you for your confirmation that I’m not losing my mind

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